Are We Being Fooled?

Dear World

Is this question worth asking – are we being fooled?

What exactly does it mean to be fooled?

Are we aware of where we might be being fooled?

Are we willing to at least consider we might be fooled?

What is it about us that allows being fooled to be ok?

Does it suit our lifestyle to be fooled everyday?

Do we care that we may just be fooled about many things?

Are we concerned that being fooled is big bucks for others?

Are we ready to look at some areas of life, that this blog is presenting that may confirm we are being fooled?

Who is having the last laugh at our expense?

How is being fooled affecting our true health and well-being?

What is the dictionary telling us about this word?
What is Google spelling out to us about the word fooled?

Trick or deceive (someone); dupe.
Act in a joking, frivolous, or teasing way.
Google (1)

A person who behaves in a silly way without thinking.
Cambridge Dictionary (2)

Fool is used to describe an action or person that is not at all sensible and shows a lack of good judgement.
Collins English Dictionary – COBUILD

A person who is made to appear ridiculous.
To act or play (with) irresponsibly or aimlessly.
To squander; fritter.
Collins English Dictionary – British

A person with little or no judgement, common sense, wisdom, etc;
Silly or stupid person; simpleton.
Collins English Dictionary – American (3)

a weak-minded or idiotic person.
To jest; pretend; make believe. (4)

a person who enjoys something very much.
to speak or act in a way that is not serious.
to spend time in an aimless way.
to play with or handle something carelessly.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary (5)

History for Fool
In Latin, the word follis meant ‘bag’.
In the late stage of Latin that developed into French, follis also took on the meaning ‘person without sense,’ whose head seemed, like a bag, to be full of nothing but air.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary (5)

Fool – a person who acts unwisely.
A person who is duped or imposed upon.
Jester or clown

Trick, deceive or dupe.
Act in a joking or frivolous way.
Foolish or silly.
Concise Oxford English Dictionary (6)


Are we confused now with all these different variations about the word Fool?
Are we being duped or deceived here?
Are we being tricked with these words that are not making simple sense?
Are we make-believing or pretending in anyway?
Are we weak and irresponsible when it comes to reading words?

Is our mind being fooled around with, as there are so many different meanings?

Have we lost our common sense and good judgement with all these other words telling us it means one word?

Are we being fooled by the very word itself as we cannot agree on it?

WHY do we have so many different meanings for one word?

Is this a clear sign that we are being fooled when it comes to words?
Is this an indication that we as a world, are not united when it comes to words?

Could we agree that in this world today, we have lots of meanings for one word and this in itself is telling us something is not right?

How can we ever agree and unite on something, if we all have different versions of what it is we are saying because the word itself has so many different meanings?

Is this a sign why things in our world don’t add up and we are in such a mess?

Are we ready to explore this being fooled stuff by asking questions?

Dear World

Are we being fooled when we see things that make us want it now?

Are we being fooled because we keep seeking more and more from the outside world to keep going?

Are we being fooled by the supermarket strategies that just want us to spend more than we need to?

Are we being fooled with our daily cereal packets which we all know are full of sugar?

Are we being fooled when we have giant sweet shops in shopping malls ready to keep us and our kids entertained?

Are we being fooled when we grab the bargains in a frenzy to save some bucks?

Are we being fooled when research is funded by an industry that is not going to expose itself?

Are we being fooled because our world does not rely on independent research that is not biased in anyway?

Are we being fooled when we think we can drink Responsibly, a scientifically proven poison, called Alcohol?

Are we being fooled because we just keep waiting for more research studies instead of using our common sense?

Are we being fooled when our pharmacy sells Ibuprofen for babies aged 3 months?

Are we being fooled with the drug store having paracetamols for toddlers and young children at the counter?

Are we being fooled by social media as we seem to think it is just a playground?

Are we being fooled by the dark web world that exists and is big business?

Are we being fooled when we follow the latest Diet that is promising us a drop in dress size in one weekend?

Are we being fooled when our shops sell us a small dress size that is not really that size but it makes us feel better?

Are we being fooled when we read a No Sugar label on diet products but they are replaced with chemicals that replicate the effects of sugar?

Are we being fooled with all the varieties of weight loss products that tell us they are going to work?

Are we being fooled with all the vitamins, minerals and supplements that are going to help us, so we do not have to make any changes?

Are we being fooled with all the medications we take thinking they are the answer to our ills and we can carry on doing what we keep doing, with no changes?

Are we being fooled with substitutes for dairy free and gluten free, just so we can still eat the stuff?

Are we being fooled with super expensive face creams that contain the magic ingredient to make us youthful?

Are we being fooled with all the concealers now available to cover our dark under eye circles?

Are we being fooled when we buy all the gadgets and gimmicks that are supposedly going to take away our stress and anxiety?

Are we being fooled with the latest vaping gadget which claims to stop us smoking cigarettes?

Are we being fooled by the Tobacco industry after knowing for 150 years that it is killing the human frame?

Are we being fooled when we read something that suits us like Marijuana is ok for recreational use, when we know it is a mind altering dangerous drug?

Are we being fooled by the sounds we take in daily like the music we choose?

Are we being fooled by some movies we choose to watch that then play havoc on our mind?

Are we being fooled when we read books that entrench us further into negative thinking that we can feel are harmfull?

Are we being fooled by the tiny small print that we are required to sign on documents before we can go any further?

Are we being fooled as we seem to rely on old text, that is way out of date in the name of Justice?

Are we being fooled in any way, by those we regard as academic and who know more than we do about a subject?

Are we being fooled by listening to those we think are in positions of power as ‘they know best’?

Are we being fooled when we follow the latest celebrity lifestyle but we only know bits of their life that the media tell us and we don’t really know them at all?

Are we being fooled when we keep Listening to Other People who somehow make Lying look normal?

Are we being fooled when we subscribe to a belief that has been passed down to us from our parents?

Are we being fooled when someone we know is ill and we stop living our life to be in sympathy with them?

Are we being fooled when we run around others because they have become victims in life?

Are we being fooled when it comes to our government policies and strategies?

Are we being fooled by legislation that can be totally different in another country?

Are we being fooled by our current systems in this world, that seem to lack the word RESPONSIBILITY?

Are we being fooled in job interviews when we KNOW the job has already been given to someone on the inside but they have to go through the process, like they are advertising?

Are we being fooled by the news headlines that somehow miss out on important news in other areas of our world?

Are we being fooled by all the days in our calendar that aim to make us send cards for every occasion we can think of?

Are we being fooled by these World days that seems to not really make any difference as things are getting worse?

Are we being fooled about the current state of the world?
Are we being fooled about the ill going on in our world today?
Are we being fooled when it comes to corruption in our world?

Are we being fooled with out of date statistics that may not be telling us the WHOLE TRUTH of what is really going on?

Are we being fooled simply because we as a world have not yet reached a ONE-UNIFIED TRUTH when it comes to the meaning of words?

Are we being fooled as we have not yet united when it comes to the word Religion?

Are we being fooled when drugs like Caffeine remains a legal substance?

Are we being fooled when sugar is not recognised as a drug?

Are we being fooled when our Fast Food giants are becoming a trillion-dollar industry?

Are we being fooled when our $80,800,000,000 sleep aids market has no signs of getting to the root cause of our Global Sleep Epidemic?

Are we being fooled because we have not made TRUTH our Priority?

Are we being fooled because we simply cannot see if there Is Another Way?

Are we being fooled when it comes to eating foods that truly support our body?

Are we being fooled when the medics have no answers for Cold Hands but common sense does?

Are we being fooled with the Heartburn pills that are just a band aid?

Are we being fooled because we do not keep asking Questions?

Are we being fooled when it comes to Chocolate because it suits us?

Are we being fooled but we cannot admit that we have Lost the Plot?

Are we being fooled because we have not got Real and Honest?

Are we being fooled with the latest gadgets because we do not want life Simple?

Are we being fooled with how we educate our kids without true Expression?

Are we being fooled when they say there is no cure for Chronic Fatigue?

Are we being fooled thinking Gossip, Judgement and Cursing doesn’t affect us?

Are we being fooled by the credit card world to continue living our Champagne Lifestyle with Lemonade Money?

Are we being fooled because we have made Lying Normal in our life?

Are we being fooled because Slavery, now called Trafficking in Persons is still going on and is even worse than the old days?

Are we being fooled when it comes to War because we don’t know half of what is going on in our world, like the drug wars?

Are we being fooled in the name of Sport, when there is scientific evidence about the harm to our players?

Are we being fooled when it comes to our Youth and what they are getting up to?

Are we being fooled by the drug Amphetamine and the long-term dangers for those choosing to take this in life?

Are we being fooled or even stunned by doctors committing Suicide and why is this on the rise in every country?

Are we being fooled by our need to hold on and not Let Go, Let Go?

Are we being fooled because we have the tendency to Sit on the Fence and Do Nothing when we know we need to Do Something?

Are we being fooled in our minds and is it worth considering that this may lead to ill Mental Health?

Are we being fooled because we do not choose to live a See Through Life?

Are we being fooled by Internet trolls out there who prey on us because we cannot discern?

Are we being fooled by all the Dodgy Emails that could be stopped if we took action?

Are we being fooled with Video Gaming – the latest electronic sports which is addictive?

Are we being fooled by our check out mode when it comes to TV watching?

Are we being fooled by a false heart full of emotions that stops us connecting to our real Heart deep inside us?

Are we being fooled because we are not aware that our lifestyle choices play a big part in Diabetes?

Are we being fooled when it comes to understanding WHY Kidney Disease is on the rise and what we could actually do about it through daily lifestyle choices?

Are we being fooled because we keep chasing this Perfect Life that is an image in our mind?

Are we being fooled with our Living in the Fast Lane lifestyle that is creating even more stress?

Are we being fooled when it comes to DECEMBER, Christmas and New Year?

Are we being fooled when it comes to the Common Cold and our need to get the latest fast remedy to get us back to life before the cold?

Are we being fooled, know it, but think we are Getting Away with It?

Are we being fooled by the what the word Intelligence1 actually is?

Are we being fooled by aligning to the current Intelligence2 in our world?

Are we being fooled because never seem to get over our Mistakes?

Are we being fooled as we are living in such an Illusion with Social Media?

Are we being fooled with modern day syndromes, like Just Incase Syndrome?

Are we being fooled with most of us choosing to live a Double Life?

Are we being fooled by our own Hot Talk which then tries to fool others?

Are we being fooled by All the Solutions, Solutions that our world keeps coming up with for answers to our problems?

Are we being fooled by our own Vices and Secrets that play havoc daily?

Are we being fooled as we do not have enough knowledge about new drugs on our streets and prisons like Spice?

Are we being fooled because our world keeps supplying our demand for More, More More?

Are we being fooled because we are not reading websites like this?

Simple Living Global is presenting another way that empowers us to get real and be honest and start by asking questions.


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Comments 19

  1. When we moved to California last year, I was amazed at how often I smelled marijuana smoke, it was everywhere.

    On January 1, 2018 marijuana will be a legal drug in California.

    Is this a good thing? Does anybody really think that legalizing marijuana will help our drug problems?

    Are we being fooled because it is easier than taking responsibility for what is really going on in the world?

    We are amazing intelligent beings. We have to consciously choose to not be aware, in order to ignore what this website is presenting, because it is happening all around us.

    Do we shy away from truth that we see, because it makes us uncomfortable?

    How uncomfortable do we need to get before we wake up?

  2. Just reading some notes I made which were about me saying how I got fooled by the Christmas Day Syndrome.

    I was so into this one day that I got swept away with the whole illusion. I call it this because for me that is what it was.

    What a fool I was writing over 300 cards which were gold and glitzy and big. That way they would stand out from the rest, as my need to get noticed and recognised by people I had no time for all year was important. What a load of twaddle is what I say now.

    What is interesting is the classic lie I put in each card “lets meet up in the New Year”. Well that never happened so I was fooling them and myself and it got really boring.

    Good news is all that is in the past and I am no fool now.
    In fact, I would say that I do my best to discern what I know is truth and what is not.

    No longer does anything in this world of ours impress me, but there are people who inspire me and that is what matters, as they live a life with integrity and responsibility that speaks volumes to me.

    Being fooled is what none of us want, but how many of us are being played with on a daily basis. This is well worth considering.

  3. How many times have I been fooled by gimmicks, words, people the list goes on. We live in a society where almost everything has a selling point to suck people into buying something or listening to someone who makes big claims.

    I know I was totally addicted to the spiritual world for many years.
    Looking back it was my way of finding comfort in something as I felt I was missing something in my life. The reality was it was an illusion and not Real at all. Fast forward to present day and I can honestly say I am not easily fooled no more.

    This blog really sets the scene and gives us an understanding of how easy it is to get sucked in.
    But as the author of this blog rightly points out that getting real and honest and asking questions is definitely a step forward to Truth I say.

  4. So I’m reading this ‘Are We Being Fooled?’ article and I’m thinking:

    – are we wanting to be fooled?

    No one likes to be taken for a fool, and yet it feels like, in many ways, we are quite happy with the wool-pulled-over-our-eyes status quo.

    But what if we burst that bubble and have a good look for the truth?

    I suspect we won’t like what we see, but if we look, we at least have a fresh chance to decide how to move forward – fooled or free.

  5. Great questions posed in this blog. I love the question about common sense, as many things in life simply do not make sense, yet we go with them as the seem ‘normal’ – but who decides what is ‘normal’ – just because the masses do something it does not mean it is true, or makes sense.

    In recent years I have become more curious about life once again, having spent many decades numbed and not really looking at what was going on around me. Nowadays when I am out in the world, or reading something on the internet I use my ‘commonsenseometer’ to check in – does this make sense? is this really going on? why is it this way? does it have to be this way? what is the choice here?

  6. Does it make any sense that the U.S. government is supporting farmers that grow tobacco?

    Tobacco is costing the government billions in medicare and medicaid payment.

    How do things like this happen?

    1. You are right, Ken, it does not make sense that the U.S. government is supporting farmers that grow tobacco.

      You have made a very good point, but I would like to add that if the U.S. government is supporting farmers that grow tobacco, they are making a fool of themselves and the farmers.

      Lots of people know that smoking is not good for you and it’s like the U.S. government doesn’t know it.

      Or are they “making hay while the sun shines”?

  7. I also observe in the press and social media that some days alcohol is said to be good for us, other days it is said it is not good for us, some days coffee is said to be good for us, other days it is said it is not good for us, some times dairy is said to be good for us, other reports say dairy is not good for us.
    How many contradictory and confusing bits of information and news are there out there that just don’t make sense?
    Is it possible that we actually choose one piece of news or social media report over another to suit our own lifestyle e.g. so we can justify why we do what we do?

  8. I like the ‘stop’ moment this blog offers – in that we may be being fooled by something e.g. by the sugar industry that promotes sugar is good for you, or the dairy industry that promotes that dairy is the only way to get calcium – but deep down we actually already know that certain foods or lifestyle choices affect our body. So is it that we are being fooled? when we are choosing to fool ourselves? If we choose to be open, and honest, and aware – no food industry or otherwise can fool us.

  9. I am noticing how I can believe something, just because I saw it on the internet. Why do I tend to believe something just because somebody wrote it down?

    How does the media get away with saying basically anything they want these days?
    A new diet or drug is advertised, and people are ready to jump right in. No questions asked.

    The media can do what it wants, because we read and believe it. We determine what is printed.

    It comes down to us, the public, believing and sometimes acting on what we read, with out any discernment.

    It is our responsibility to not give our power away to anyone. We have an inborn intelligence to know what is true, and we are being foolish to give it away.

    1. This is true for me too, Ken.

      Perhaps we will come to thank fake news eventually, as it will precipitate the end of us giving our power away to the media.

      I have noticed an awareness in myself these days, of needing to tune up my discernment to the max. Discernment with everything – with what I read online and whatever else I hear and experience.

      ‘Resilience’ is a buzz word in parenting and education circles at the moment – the focus is on helping kids build resilience for what they will face in the future.

      Helping kids build and hone their ‘discernment’ would be a much wiser focus.

  10. I realise that I used to feel uncomfortable when things were said and they didn’t make sense – but I didn’t really honour that feeling in the past.

    Nowadays sometimes when people are speaking or I am reading articles I have a ‘marker’ or sensitivity when I can’t actually understand what is being said or written. That indicator often tells me that there is a lack of transparency, or something is being hidden and not disclosed. We all have that ‘marker’ in our body and the more we choose to discern and be aware the more we can discern whether what is being said or presented is true or not.
    This I am learning is the counter to ‘being fooled’.

  11. If we do not question what is being said, it is easy to be fooled.

    Every word has a true meaning, words were developed in order to convey a concept that already existed.

    When we hear or read something, and it does not make sense, even if the words seem to work, maybe it is because the words are being used in a way that does not reflect there true meaning, and we can feel it.

    We can only be fooled if we allow ourselves to ignore the truth that we can always feel.

  12. I am a radar for manipulative advertising. I am always pointing this out to my family.

    Mascara adverts with an asterisk at the bottom telling you the model is wearing false eye-lashes.

    Skin cream ads with perfect, air-brushed faces.

    Claims such as ‘seems as if you have stopped the ageing process’ – ‘seems as if’ but of course not actually.

    It’s all just one big game and we know it.

    And yet there are rules – get too blatant and the advertising standards regulator will stop you. Keep it subtle, and we can all keep up the charade.

    1. Yes Jenifer, I feel advertisements and marketing are getting to be just a way to fool consumers. It is like anything goes as long as you sell the product.

      If you really read most ads you can see that what they are presenting is not at all what you first thought. They have become an incredible way of getting you to want something that they are selling even if you do not want it.

      Why is this happening?

      Because it works. We are falling for the ads. They would not advertise like that if it did not make them money.

  13. Great time of year to be asking this question – are we being fooled?:

    * Christmas and New Year – we can go wild in what we eat, drink, for instance, thinking it won’t matter, yet there is a cumulative effect. And for the UK its just before the coldest part of the winter when our body needs extra care and attention – so if we think we get away with it we don’t, it leaves our body down just when it needs the most care.
    *New Years resolutions – as of 1st January – we put our ‘wish list’ together of what we want to change, which can be done in the energy of regret, or shame for how we have been the last year, or in the energy of wanting to fix e.g. lose any weight we put on over the Christmas period. We see on TV/social media lots of ‘get fit for summer’ or ‘lose weight for a bikini holiday’ promises if we do this or that. But are we really honest with ourselves about what our body actually needs?

    A super great time to ask ourselves the question ‘are we being fooled?’ and to invite our body to discern what is true or not for us in the coming weeks, and months to follow.

  14. Am I being fooled when I feel I am hungry, but I just ate and my stomach is full?

    Yes, I have been fooled many times in my life, doing things that make no sense but I do them anyways thinking I can get away with it.

    So how can I do things that make no sense?

    Can my brain make me do things that are not good for me?

    Yes, I think everybody would agree that the brain can fool the body into doing stupid things.

    So that means that the brain and the body are sort of two separate things.

    Maybe it is time to start listening to the body, since the world we have created with our brains is not working very well.

  15. We are so used to being fooled, we just take it for granted.

    And thats how things get crazy, when we just settle and go along with it.

    It is like we have to fool ourselves because if we felt the truth that we are responsible for all the insanity in the world, it would be too much.

    So, start small, take control of our own lives, live and demand truth and no more foolishness.

  16. Daily Mail – 30 December 2017

    This news story is telling us that Travel firms are fooling people into paying hundreds of pounds over the odds for holidays.

    An investigation by Which? Travel has found that companies use fake ‘hurry deals’ to pressure people into making bookings. Some may be breaking the law with adverts portraying a deal as a time-limited bargain when it is not.

    Which? have reported its findings to Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority.

    Academics from University College London have found that the psychological tricks used by travel websites to sell expensive hotels, flights and insurance do have an effect.

    “The marketing tricks tap into ‘social proofing’ which is effectively taking advantage of people’s herd mentality.
    Copying the herd helps us make quick decisions and can be a very sensible thing to do if we do not have time to make an independent decision under pressure. But these ways of thinking can sometimes lead us astray – or allow us to be led astray.
    Consumers are bombarded with these kinds of marketing tactics every time we go on line and the study clearly shows that they work.”
    Dr. Joe Gladstone

    As a world we are great at pointing the finger and blaming, but could we ask some valid questions in situations like this?

    WHY are marketing strategies getting away with this type of marketing in the first place?
    WHY are the victims not really victims if they are making a choice, albeit under pressure?
    WHY are people booking a holiday with little time and following the pack herd lot?
    WHY are we falling for flags online that keep feeding our fears that we lose if we don’t buy now?
    WHY do we need to follow others even though deep down we know it’s not us?
    WHY do we even think that what others are saying and doing is true and will work for us?
    WHY are we not living in a way that knocks out this doubting stuff and we get real and sensible with every single online and offline choice?

    What if we are being fooled because we are not choosing to connect to our inner most feelings inside us, which can guide us to what we know is the Truth and not the Truth?

    What if this way of marketing is only working because we keep falling for it over and over again? In other words, they supply because on some level we are demanding it.

    WHY do we keep falling for this and hate the very thought of being fooled and duped yet again, because we could not discern in that moment and now it has cost us?

    Would it be worth pondering on why we follow the herd and it leads us astray?

    Would it be worth digging deep and asking even more questions and finding out why we have no time to make independent decisions because we are under pressure?

    Would it be worth living in a way so we are not caught out or fooled?

    Can this blog, this website and the hundreds of questions it keeps asking through blogs and comments, help us to be empowered, so the following and fooling stops once and for all?

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