Crazy Days

Hello World,

WHY are we having crazy days in our lives?

How many of us have these crazy days?

How many of us suffer with crazy days?

How many of us are sick of crazy days?

How many of us love our crazy days?

How many of us want less crazy days this year?

How many of us want a way out from crazy days?

WHY do we have crazy days in our lives?

WHY do we crave a stop to crazy days?

WHY did last year end with plenty of crazy days?

WHY is New Year always a Crazy Day as we never go to bed?

WHY are we surprised our New Year goes into crazy days mode?

WHY do Crazy days, lead to a Crazy lifestyle that we can’t stop?

WHY do we feel off track and out of sorts on our crazy days?

WHY do our crazy days always leave us feeling exhausted?

WHY do our crazy days leave us feeling anxious?

WHY do our crazy days give us big fat headaches?

WHY do our crazy days alter our moods so badly?

WHY do our crazy days feel like we are spinning?

WHY do we have no time for anyone on crazy days?

WHY do our crazy days give us zero proper Sleep?

WHY do our crazy days make us do even more crazy things?

WHY do we always Regret our crazy days’ nonsense behaviour?

WHY do our crazy days make us eat Fast Food, Junk Food?

WHY do our crazy days make us always eat more Chocolate?

WHY do we up our Vices and do more bad stuff, on crazy days?

WHY do we think up crazy Diets to try out, on our crazy days?

WHY do crazy days feel like we are being Fooled in our minds?

WHY do we lash out at our Family when we have a crazy day?

WHY do we think Lying is Normal, when we are having a crazy day?

WHY do crazy days stop us being Honest about what is going on?

WHY do we feel we have seriously Lost the Plot on our crazy days?

WHY do our crazy days stop us in our tracks and we find our self,
Sitting on the Fence watching the world go by and doing bugger all?

WHY do our crazy days make us do Hot Talk, which we know is utter twaddle and a total waste of time?

WHY do we argue with characters on TV when we have a crazy day?

WHY do we keep checking our Social Media, way more than usual on our crazy days?

WHY do we have that Chronic Fatigue feeling after a few crazy days?

WHY do we need extra Coffee shots to keep us buzzing, on crazy days?

WHY do we need our Tobacco, Pot or Alcohol at the end of a crazy day to unwind, chillax and forget the madness of the day?

WHY do we think Our Car needs a good old thrashing with our Careless driving, on a crazy day?

WHY do we create so much complication on our crazy days, when we know Simple always works?

WHY do things feel like they are going backwards on crazy days?

WHY do we find we are making more Mistakes on our crazy days?

WHY do we always Forget Something important on a crazy day?

WHY do our Priorities on a crazy day not get any focus or attention?

WHY do we always choose the wrong Footwear on a crazy day?

WHY do we find it easy to have a Double Life on a crazy day?

WHY do we hate our crazy days but keep having More and More?

WHY do we shop till we drop and then shop more with our Champagne Lifestyle or Lemonade Money on crazy days?

WHY do we do even more ‘Just Incase’ things on our crazy days?

WHY do we dream of Happiness on all our crazy days?

WHY do we feel like Giving up on Life on crazy days?

WHY are we quick to find Solutions to our problems and think we have nailed it, when we are way off the mark with our crazy day nonsense?

WHY does it feel like someone else is running the show in our mind on crazy days?

WHY are we quick to Blame this that and the other on our crazy days?

WHY are we so Careless about everything on our crazy days?

WHY are we Swearing and Shouting at others and the objects in the house that never talk back to us, on crazy days?

WHY are there just too many crazy days in D E C E M B E R for us?

WHY are we always Bored with our life, the day before a crazy day?

WHY are we always dreaming of the Perfect Life on our crazy days?

WHY are we playing Video Games all day, when we know there is work to be done, but we say “hey ho – it’s a crazy day”?

WHY are we always Overdoing everything on our crazy days?

WHY is being Gentle nowhere on our radar on a crazy day?

WHY is our Blood Pressure super high on our crazy days?

WHY is our Heart not pulsing like it should on crazy days?

WHY is the word Truth nowhere in our day on a crazy day?

WHY is respect for planet Earth not a consideration on crazy days?

WHY is there nothing Intelligent1 about our Intelligence2 if we stopped and observed our behaviour, on a crazy day?

WHY does it seem like we Get Away with things on our crazy days?

WHY does it feel like our Life is in the Fast Lane on a crazy day?

WHY are we not thinking carefully about our Wellness on a crazy day?

What if it is a choice to have a Crazy Day or not and it comes back to that word – RESPONSIBILITY?

What if we started taking real responsibility for the daily choices we are making and start to turn the tides to end our life of crazy days?

Could it be that simple?

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Comments 8

  1. Thank you once again Simple Living Global for another very real and relatable blog.

    I know that when I used to have crazy days, I used to want to just give up and slump into them.

    However more recently I have noticed that my attitude has changed. These days what I find is that rather than giving up, I stay focused on what I know supports me to stay committed.

    For example, I may be at work and it may be very hectic with lots of things happening and being asked of me. In my approach firstly I remind myself to be gentle and not go hard or into a drive to meet the demands.

    Whilst doing things gently, I focus on what I need to do for the task at hand and place my attention on that, rather than getting caught up in any emotions that may be flying around. I find that this supports me to keep steady and unemotional.

    Yesterday was one such day and what I also found supportive was meeting a friend for a walk at the end of my working day. We didn’t talk about the day, but just the movement of the walk and connecting with another helped me to let go of the tension I was carrying.

    However it doesn’t stop there, whatever support systems I choose, I also find that it is important for me to review afterwards whether I had contributed to the day being crazy and whether there was anything I could do differently next time. This I find is a key part of taking responsibility.

  2. I have used the term crazy days when I do not want to take responsibility for what is going on in my life. It is like life is so crazy that there is nothing I can do about what is happening.

    I have to remember that everything in my life is my creation. When I look at it like that it is much easier to stop and make more responsible choices.

    Suppose this crazy world, that we have created, is because of our individual choices?

    This website has been presenting some of the crazy things that are going on in the world. How crazy does it have to get before we wake up?

    It is time to take responsibility for all the craziness we have created.

  3. This blog is so on the button with its insights and humour. And its timing.

    Shouting at inanimate objects. Thrashing the car. Losing stuff. Choosing the wrong footwear…

    There is such truth here.

    And why indeed?

    Why do we have these crazy days? Do they just ‘happen’ or do we have a part to play?

    I had a particularly crazy day early this week, with everything coming at me at work. It was like ‘drinking from the firehose’, as they say.

    But the truth is I get to choose. To choose whether to drink. To choose how to respond.

    If I drop my focus, I can get carried by the momentum. If I stay steady in my rhythm and make conscious choices, with focus, I do not.

    I’m finding time and again that Simple Living works. It just takes some practice.

    1. I love this..simple living really does work, and does take practice. Practice to let go of all the complication and distractions and craziness we’ve added to our lives, but never really needed to.

      What I am finding is that connecting to my body – feeling me, feeling what is there to be done next – provides a space and a steadiness that no amount of outside external distraction can compete with. I still (quite often) lose myself in work, and sometimes in emotions, although far less so, and for far less time, because I don’t get that sense of solid contentment that I feel when I’m connected to what I can feel, and moving from there, not caught up in an external whirlwind.

  4. This blog is a must read.

    I know I have said in the past “today was crazy”. But I have come to realise over the past 7 years it does not have to be. From the way we get up in the morning, to the way we go to bed can have a profound positive affect in the way we live daily.

    Today has been a really busy day and I am writing this from work. But to me I do not class this as a Crazy Day.
    For me it has been a productive day without the need to push myself. Things can get done but equally over doing it does not have to be.

  5. Sometimes I have crazy days.

    I get all shouty and run away and eat rubbish food.

    Mamma and Daddy and my brother have crazy days too.

    How can we stop having crazy days?

    Could I stop reading so many books and get more sleep and stop eating rubbish food in the mornings?

  6. I feel that everyone would agree that the world is a crazier place now then it was 20 years ago.

    So the question is, Is our world on the right track?
    Is it time to stop and re assess?
    Why are things so out of control?
    Is it time to do something really different?

    This website that has been giving us updates on the state of our world, is also presenting the possibility that how we are living is the cause of all our problems. And if we make simple common sense changes in our lives, it can have a huge effect on our own lives, and the world.

    Simple Living Global’s, Back to Basics Program has supported me and many other people in all walks of life to make changes in their life, by making more loving choices.

    I feel 10 years younger. Have more energy. I Am less reactive to life.
    I am 66 years old and I am ready for whatever life has to offer me!

  7. I was talking to someone yesterday and it was clear to see how they feed off craziness. Life is peppered with drama.

    It made me realise how much we create ourselves. And it made me question what it would be like to live without all these creations – to live without issues and drama and reactions.

    Is that possible? I feel it is and I am experimenting with this.

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