It is that time of the year again.

Last month, another year coming to close.

Work commitment slowing down fast.

Happy Holidays for many of us.

The season to be merry and jolly.

Get the fairy lights out.

Buy a real Christmas tree.

Spend more money on the latest colour baubles.

Start cranking up the entertainment our mind needs.

Finding lavish treats for all and sundry including the pets.

Get into gift giving mode even if it is beyond our budget.

Let’s just shop till we drop and please everyone we know.

Start plotting and planning for the sales in the stores.

Go nuts at the supermarket as if there is a food famine.

Eat anything we fancy and think about the consequences later.

Buy the jumbo tins of sweets, chocolates and toffee to stock up.

Consume even more alcohol as everyone else is doing it.

Add alcohol to our cooking recipes as the cooking shows tell us.

Go on a diet that is going to give us the perfect body in 2 weeks.

Let’s not worry about the things we have done and not done.

Forget the year we had and go full throttle this month.

Make it a year to never forget by doing crazy things.

Buy the TV guides and plan way in advance what to watch.

Get through the Christmas movie channels to keep us dreaming.

Indulge in our deepest fantasies and take action at the crimbo party.

Party Party and try out more whacky stuff to keep us up all night.

Do the daring things we can get away with as it’s ok this time of year.

See if we can top the previous year with our whacky behaviour.

Do something big that will get us noticed and recognised by others.

Make out we only live once so we have permission to be insane.

Feel regret about another year wasted, which adds to our depression.

Reflect on the awfull year and up the daily tipple of alcohol.

Be nice to others because this is the season.

Go over the top with the cleaning as the rellies are coming over soon.

Pretend we are super human and stay up all night, every night.

Stay up all night writing cards to all those we never bother speaking to all year round.

Write cards with words that are just what we put every single year.

Buy gift wrapping likes it’s going out of season as it all looks good.

Rush around as this is the last month of this year and it’s about to end.

Keep lying to the kids about being “good” if they want Santa to deliver their wish list.

Hang up the Christmas stockings and carry on with the illusion.

Make out we really care by giving a can or two in the supermarket charity box.

Avoid the crowds and get hooked on the Internet and over shop.

Stay up every night on social media, so we look like we are normal.

Fight the chronic cold and cough we have that is spoiling our festive mood, with even more medicine but no rest.

Forget about the stonking cold we have and distract ourselves with booking next year’s holiday.

Escape on holiday to avoid the family once again this season.

Don’t worry about the weather or what effect it might have on our body.

Act fast by trying to complete our annual “to do” list.

What is it about us that looks at a month and acts differently?

What are we missing in our lives that we need so much stimulation?

What is our understanding of the last month in our calendar year?

What if this annual cycle around the sun is giving us a message we have not yet considered, as we are way too busy with the above list?

Dear World

Are we getting any closer to living our natural state and are we concerned that things are not great right now on our planet?

Would it be wise to at least stop and take stock of our year thus far?

Would it be of great benefit if we got honest and asked some questions?

Would it be of value if we contemplated on our year so far and the mistakes that we have made and the lessons we have learnt?

Would it be supportive to reflect on our year and the steps we have taken to make some real changes that are not harming us in anyway?

Is it high time we started to discard anything that does not work for us?

Is it time to bring closure and end what is not true for our well-being?

Could it be possible that making sensible choices that support us in daily life is the answer?

In other words, once we build a strong foundation, we become full up and the outside stuff no longer is something we seek to keep us going?

Could it be that Simple?

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Comments 8

  1. I have been struck this year by how many people in my life have an incredibly thorough list of all the things they want to take advantage of holiday sales to buy.

    At first I thought maybe I was missing out or being irresponsible by not doing the same thing but the reality is that for me personally there is not much I need, and what I do need I would rather take my time to buy rather than indulging in a frenzy. And for gifts for others – the same.

    It feels to me much more loving to give and to receive gifts not purchased in a frenetic rush or from a sense of checking things off the list but rather of care and consideration and calm.

    When I think about what I value most this time of year it is that especially in New York people are much nicer to each other, much warmer.

    What would it take to make that last all year?

  2. I always call December the “crazy month”. I stopped celebrating Christmas over 25 years ago. Even then I found it exhausting, expensive and pressured. My family and friends have got so used to me not buying cards and presents over the years most of them have stopped too.

    For me Christmas does not change the way I live. I still work and live as I would any other day. Is it time we take a step back and see the harm one day of the year does to our body and wellbeing? The over indulgence and the dis-regard we have for our body this time of the year is actually crazy.

    Why is it come January, the gyms are full to capacity and the need to diet increases four fold.
    Could it be telling us something that this is not normal. I think so.

    This blog is a great reminder to us all!

  3. I have in the past done many of the things you describe here around Christmas time to the extent that I have got ill, and actually been ill over the whole of Christmas and New Year – one year I had flu for the whole ‘festive period’ which I spent in bed. I have in the past also found that by January, after a busy December, I am so exhausted my body isn’t equipped to stay steady through the cold Winter months.

    Nowadays what I love is having a steady rhythm all year round – so that health and wellbeing, care and regard, staying steady, remain no matter what month or what time of year it is.

    The things that do change from month to month or season to season though are:
    *wrapping up warmer in winter months
    *eating food that nourishes the body at different times of the year (e.g. my body doesn’t favour salads on cold winter days)
    *resting more if my body needs it in the darker winter months – that doesn’t mean not working, more it means things like going to bed earlier
    *warming my clothes on a radiator ready for me to get dressed in the winter
    *using a different moisturiser for my face in the summer and in the winter based on either the cold air and protecting the skin, or based on the UV rays from the sun.

  4. Has anyone noticed ALL the magazines and newspaper supplements full of festive ways to celebrate with food and alcohol as the main focus.

    It was the first weekend and our weekend newspaper magazine was full of colourfull giant sized photos of different ways to cook up for Christmas. Things were way off the scale than ever before to grab us and get indulging earlier than ever before.

    For those who are wanting this stuff but overworked and exhausted, no doubt there will be a solution and for others like myself in the past, I would find a way to make these amazing dishes and delights full of fat and sugar all for one day or maybe two.

    I found that making them and scoffing it whilst cooking, put me off most of it and my stomach would always ache as it simply was not used to such indulging ingredients.

    December seems to be now a run up to the big day and everything is well under way right from the start, whereas in the past there was usually a gap and things were not in full swing till mid December.
    Christmas music is in every restaurant, cafe, diner and shop or supermarket.

    How does this affect us if we are honest and I wonder if there is some truth in a recent study I read – see link

    Does it affect our brain and that means our mental health?


    1. What also strikes me is a constant momentum of ‘celebration’ days/dates/festivals – so Christmas as Bina says starts from November – then the January sales/push to booking a summer holiday, before we know it Valentines day kicks in, then Mothers Day, then Easter, then Fathers day, then summer holidays, then Halloween, then Bonfire night which takes us neatly into the Christmas run up… an endless set of distractions that can cost a lot of money, and take up a lot of time.

      Not to say bah humbug don’t celebrate, more to be clear that we can enjoy every day, we can be playful every day no matter what, there is always something to appreciate, and joy is always around us if we so choose to connect to it.

  5. Its interesting as to the words used at this time of year – ‘merry’ ‘jolly’ ‘festive’ and so on – but what do these actually mean? are they words that once had a truth but we are living so far from that truth – or are they words we have invented to justify the way we live during these times of year?

  6. What a blog!

    I have to admit to laughing out loud in recognition at some of this. Guilty as charged, over the years.

    What really hits home is this:

    “Is it time to bring closure and end what is not true for our well-being?”

    What an opportunity December offers if we use it to focus on the lessons of the year and on letting go of all that is not serving us.

  7. Just reading some old notes I made about Christmas and how I was looking forward to December as it was like a licence to indulge and overdo things, because that’s what everyone else was doing. No responsibility when it comes to maxing up the credit cards or worrying about the consequences.

    I know there was always tension inside me as I dreaded the New Year coming with everyone depressed, no money and cold weather to add to the misery.

    The month of December was also a frenzy, when it came to my uncontrolled excitement and wild behaviour leading up to this one day. I noticed shops were doing January sales in December and that I was getting bargains. Getting hooked into that stuff was a game that got me totally sucked in for years and looking back and reflecting now, I realise there was no purpose in my life. I was empty and the void needed filling up and my answer was shopping and indulging in alcohol and fancy food.

    Now everyday is the same and no calendar month or special day is any different. Having a focus and direction in life that feels true and has a purpose does make us content. I am living proof of that fact after choosing this way of living for over a decade.

    The bonus is you never feel flat or excited, but strong and steady and there is Joy every single day, even in the small stuff and that blows happy days out as they are not sustainable, if we are being honest.

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