Getting Away with It

What on earth does that mean?
Getting away with what?

Who is getting away with it?
Where in life are we getting away with it?
How are we getting away with it?

What are we as individuals getting away with?
What are our partners getting away with?
What are our kids getting away with?
What are our teenagers getting away with?
What are our neighbours getting away with?

What are our politicians getting away with?
What are our media getting away with?
What are our anonymous names getting away with?
What are our cyber bullies getting away with?
What are our Internet trolls getting away with?

What are our stalkers getting away with?
What are our gamblers getting away with?
What are our drug dealers getting away with?
What are our sex trafficking industry getting away with?
What are our millions of paedophiles getting away with?

What are our prisoners getting away with?
What are our soccer teams getting away with?
What are our celebrities getting away with?
What are our banks getting away with?

What are our pharmaceuticals getting away with?
What are our giant oil companies getting away with?
What are our corporations getting away with?
What are our supermarkets getting away with?

What are our food industry giants getting away with?
What are our tech world getting away with?
What are our countries getting away with?


What affect does this have on our planet?

Let’s get real, how many of us even consider or think about how our daily choices may be contributing to mother earth?

We may like to think we are getting away with it but WHAT IF we are not?

What if our body knows what is right and what is not instantly?
What if our body registers the ill choice we have just made?
What if we are not getting away with anything inside our body?

What if we all have a moral compass deep inside us that knows what is Truth and what is not?

What if our head would like to tell us something but we do know different?
What if we have become mini masters at distorting the truth to suit us?
What if we ignore stuff because it is convenient for us?
What if we like the buzz of getting away with something?

What if we forget in the moment that we are hurting another?
What if we know getting away with it is harming us too?
What if we are hooked on living this ‘getting away with it’ lifestyle?
What if we keep repeating more of this and it becomes our foundation?

What if our ‘getting away with it’ is stacking up and it gives rise to a tension in our body?

What if we do know something we are doing is simply not feeling true?

What if we just keep doing what we do and are getting away with it?

What if we never choose to stop this behaviour unless we get caught?

What if the Laws of Karma are Universal Laws that exist?

Do we then change?
Do we really change or go back to old ways?

What if we never get caught?
What if we are never held accountable for our actions?

How can we change if this is just how we live?

Could it be possible that change would mean taking RESPONSIBILITY?

Could it be possible change would mean being accountable for our actions?

Could it be possible change would bring up fear of moving forward in a true way?

Could it be possible change would be uncomfortable as we would be exposed?

Could it be possible change would mean addressing our ingrained behaviours?

Could it be possible change would mean stepping up?

Could it be possible change would mean showing the world there is another way?

Could it be possible change would bring evolution?

Could it be possible that we simply do not want change as that would mean we can no longer blame anyone or anything?

How does a tiny baby know what is right and what is not before talking?
To keep it simple a baby would cry if we shouted at it.
So here is the confirmation that we know inside us a feeling that tells us what is true and what is not. That means we do have a marker inside us – that moral compass – even before we speak.

So when we tell a lie and think it is normal that we are getting away with something who are we


Do we really believe we are Getting Away with It?

Dear World

Could it be possible that getting away with anything that we know is not the Truth is simply confirming we are not choosing to take Responsibility?

We get away with shouting at our kids because we are bigger and taller.
We get away with feeding our children foods that harm their body.

We get away with leaving our babies in the car when it is super-hot outside.
We get away with leaving our young children in the house while we pop to the shops.
We get away with selling our children to traffickers.
We get away with abusing children as we hold a position of authority in society.

We get away with domestic violence as our partner never bothers to report it.
We get away with porn as we hold a regular job and have a family.
We get away with drug dealing as it’s quick bucks without having to do a proper job.
We get away with petty crime as it is easy and it’s a way of life.
We get away with doing dodgy deals as they are small compared to big crimes.

We get away with things because we know people in positions of power.
We get away with using money to lobby political parties for our own agenda.
We get away with giving back handers for our personal gains.
We get away with a life of crime as that is all we know.
We get away with pretending we don’t work so we get more state benefit.

We get away with lying everyday as everyone else is doing the same.
We get away with looking like we got a great life but we have not.
We get away with making things complicated to keep our minds busy.
We get away with controlling others but making it look like we are being nice.

We get away with driving up a one-way street as it’s the middle of the night.
We get away with parking outside someone’s drive because it suits us.
We get away with double the highway speed limit as no cops in sight.
We get away with jumping the lights as we left home late.

We get away with our daily fix of marijuana as some say it’s medicinal.
We get away with our drug addiction as the other way feels too much.
We get away with a poison called alcohol as it is not classed as a drug.
We get away caffeine in our tea, coffee and energy drinks to keep going.

We get away with not cooking food as takeaway and pre-pack food is just there.
We get away with over eating because we just love to indulge in food.
We get away with jumbo size soda as we don’t know what’s in it.
We get away with copious amounts of sugar as we heard it gives us energy.
We get away with eating giant bars of chocolate as that’s the new size.

We get away with maxing our credit cards because they let us.
We get away with living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget.
We get away with Botox but we know we just keep wanting more.
We get away with plastic surgery to fix us from the outside.

We get away with dragging our exhausted body around every day.
We get away with the worry of our personal health as the medical system is there.
We get away with never wanting change as we like our fixed way of living.
We get away with blaming this, that and the other.

We get away with being ignorant about World Health Days.
We get away with not doing what we need to when we have Diabetes.
We get away with lying so we get to jump the hospital waiting list.

We get away with smoking in a no-smoking environment, as no one is there.
We get away with our stress levels rising as there are solutions out there.
We get away with cursing and judging whoever we want.

We get away with sending irresponsible texts and emails.
We get away with heaps of stuff on social media because we simply can.
We get away with phishing and spamming because no one stops us.

We get away with extra marital affairs as we don’t what to see what is wrong.
We get away with having sex in the office because we hold a position of power.

We get away with damaging other people’s property.
We get away with venting our anger onto others.
We get away with spitting on our streets.
We get away with swearing at others all the time.

We get away with the tension we feel everyday in our body with our solutions.
We get away with cruising in life and avoiding people who challenge us.
We get away with making life about ourselves and our family and forget the world.
We get away with treating our pets with absolute cruelty.

Let’s get real and start with some honesty.

Most of us tend to continue on the same track even if it is not natural because it gives us something.
Would it be true to say that it allows us to continue making choices that suit us and make us feel comfortable?

Could it be because we are simply not ready for all this RESPONSIBILITY grown up stuff that stops us living our familiar life?

Could this mean that if we started to take Responsibility for all our choices, we would be accountable for all our thoughts, actions and deeds?

With very few real true role models around, where people are living another way and their core values are –

Caring for self and others
Commitment to Life

we just want to give up and find a way to cope and ‘getting away with it’ becomes our normal, unless it is something against the law and we get caught.

Next –

What about the stuff that is not extreme like an abusive relationship behind closed doors?

Everything looks super normal as we have a good job, nice car, tick the boxes and wear a mask saying we are a decent member or society. The chances of ever getting caught are slim as it is not the obvious place to go.

So what actually changes?
Does the root cause of our behaviour get addressed?
Do we ever get to feel the real consequences of our actions?

We all know that we have a duty and a responsibility not to harm others.
But what if we are not equipped to do this simply because we are harming ourselves on a daily basis and are not even aware of it?

Have we bothered to stop long enough to consider how we treat our body every single day?

Do we honestly rest and sleep enough to bring balance to our body?
Do we eat foods that will not alter our moods?
Do we drink to not make us racy and push us beyond our natural limits?
Do we drink enough water which we all know is needed?
Do we walk every day without any reason other than to support our body?

Could it be possible that if we started to take true Responsibility for our body and made that our focus, things would change?

Could it be possible that taking deep care of ourselves would mean we cannot harm another?

Could it be possible that this way of living means we no longer need to ‘get away with’ anything?

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Comments 31

  1. This blog makes me realize just how much we have all been part of creating a society that accepts the “getting away with it” mentality as normal…

    I have done my share of getting away with it but I do know I have not, in truth, gotten away with any of it.

    The very thought or feeling of ‘getting away with it’ has to come from the knowing we all have inside that we are doing something that is not part of the true
    quality and essence that we are.

    1. You are right Jo – this is a ‘mentality’ so to speak that most of us have regarding this getting away with it stuff. Most of us if we are honest and stuck our hands up could say we have done our share but as you say In Truth we have not really got away with any of it.

      The thing is once we read this blog, we cannot un-read what we have read and we cannot un-feel what we have felt so our moral compass inside us gets a reminder.
      Of course we can continue with our old way or we can at least stop and consider –
      How on earth does this serve us and our world if we are trying to get away with something?
      Who benefits really if we are being totally honest?

  2. This blog really cuts to the chase. It somehow manages to land that the small ‘thinking you are getting away with its’ are absolutely equal to the large. It’s the same quality. It’s so easy to say to yourself ‘well, I’m not doing anything REALLY bad’ or ‘everybody else is doing it’ or ‘I’m doing better than most’ or ‘I’m coasting along quite nicely thank you’. And then you read this blog and it pulls you back to the truth. Calls you to more.

    1. Thank You Jenifer for confirming this blog ‘really cuts to the chase’ and this is what is needed if we are to ever become a race of beings that take that word RESPONSIBILITY to the heart of anything and everything and start to live that word in our everyday life.

      When we know that we are accountable for all our choices maybe then we will realise that getting away with anything is not the Truth but simply a delay in our own evolution.

    2. Excuses, excuses it is amazing how our minds can rationalise away what we know is wrong. The “everybody else is doing it” is one that I have used. Does it make it all right just because other people are doing it? Will anything change if I just go along with the crowd and ignore the fact that what I am doing is wrong?

      Responsibility is the key.
      If I take true responsibility for my own life it will make a difference because I am showing the world another way to live.

  3. My brain thinks that I can get away with things but my body does not get away with anything. Does this make any sense? How can that happen?

    My brain says that I can have a beer and it will be all right, but my body knows that it does not want any alcohol and I know that my body is right because alcohol is a poison.

    So I am a working at listening to my body, because that is where my true intelligence lies. Very challenging because that is not what I was taught in life, but slowly I am remembering my body and it feels amazing.

    1. Great you mention Ken about how our ‘body does not get away with anything.’
      We would all like to think it does as it suits us and your example of alcohol is a classic one. We all know Alcohol is a scientific proven poison and we only need to read the blog on this website to have it confirmed –

      How on earth do we think that drinking poison because it is ‘legal’ is not affecting our body. The bit that always is a great reminder is that alcohol gets to the brain because it can get through the blood brain barrier.
      This is huge if we just stop and pause for a moment. Our body is designed in such a divine way that it has something that protects the brain by not allowing substances to enter. Yet a poison we think is socially acceptable gets through and affects our brain.
      We can champion it or do whatever we want but there is no getting away that alcohol and other drugs alter our mind and that means our body is no longer in its natural state of being.

      As you say Ken – listening to your body is well worth it as that is where our true intelligence is.
      Is is any wonder we have such rise in illness and disease throughout our world?


    This is a BBC news article last month about what is going wrong with the UK prison system.

    What sticks out that can be related to the title of this blog, is a drugs problem called NPS – New Psychoactive Substances.
    Sold under names such as Spice and Black Mamba, by 2013 these synthetic cannabis compounds had become a major problem.

    Despite the dangers, these synthetic drugs are popular because they are hard to detect using conventional drug testing methods and they provide a diversion to the boredom and frustration of prison life. The drugs are a source of income for criminal gangs whose illicit use of phones and drones, combined with the help of a number of corrupt staff, has helped the trade thrive behind bars.

    So if you click the link you can watch a video of a drone deliver drugs and mobile phones to a London prison.

    So who is getting away with what?
    Can we work it out and is it that simple?
    What is this telling us about the ‘getting away with it’?

    Who makes this synthetic stuff?
    Where is the source of this coming from?
    What are they actually getting away with?
    How many people are involved in this illicit spice industry?
    What is this costing human life while we think we are getting away with it?

    Do we ever stop and ask what on earth are we really getting away with in life?

    If we are honest – are our prisoners taking drugs because of boredom and frustration or could there be something more?

    WHY does anyone need to take a mind altering substance that takes them away from their natural inner most self?

    WHY does anyone think they are getting away with anything?

  5. It’s interesting to take a moment and consider what ‘getting away with it’ actually means. As is said here do we really get away with anything? Everything we do, think, say is observed by our body, our body does not miss a thing and everything we do, say, think is ‘registered’ in our body – like our very own library of every moment in our lives stored right under our nose. We think (I know I do) that we can sweep something under the carpet, bury, deny, ignore but where do we think it goes as there is no carpet to sweep it under…and like the carpet the ‘stuff’ is still underneath as in its stored in our body. We then wonder why we feel so ill or tired or anxious for example, but if we looked back at our daily living choices there it is…our every action is there stored in our body for better or worse as our own momentums always come back to bite us.

    A real example of that for me was waking up 17 years ago with burn out unable to get out of bed having had 20 years of working excessive hours, little care for my own health, continually exhausted – my body gave me my seeming ‘getting away with it’ ‘package of 20 years of self abuse and there I was in bed too sick to move having to deal with the way I had lived. I didn’t get away with anything.

    1. You make some great points here Jane Keep and it sure makes sense.
      Our body is like a library or call it a big time machine that clocks every single thing we think, say and do and there is no getting away from that immutable fact even if we would like to think this is mumbo jumbo talk.

      Your health example could be applied to what is currently going on in our world.
      We stack up all the stuff we have been getting away with and then boom – one day the body shows us loud and clear and we get a wake up call which we call accident, illness or disease.
      How we are living every single day, really is what makes the difference and we if think or know we are getting away with something at the expense of our body, we are not.
      It is not about perfection or trying hard – it is about being realistic and sensible in our daily choices and using that word RESPONSIBILITY that will be the game changer.

  6. On considering ‘getting away with it’ I have ‘don’t care’ moments where in the busyness of life I push through and make out like there are rules for some which don’t apply to me as I can ‘get around them’.
    For instance I moved to London last year, and got two parking tickets in quick succession, both times because I was rushing, I thought parking in a no go area would be okay for a few minutes, and that I would ‘get away with it’, but each time I got a parking ticket, one for parking for three minutes – so I have been looking at this thing about ‘getting away with it’ and realising we don’t get away with it, as, like it or not, a ‘boomerang’ comes back and hits us whether immediately or some time after.
    Its like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off… and we feel the tension of it (as I felt very tense when I parked wrongly) so even in that we don’t get away with it.

  7. There seems to be a level of corruption in all parts of human life.
    Why do we think that that is just the way it is?
    Is the rising level of violence and disease in the world a symptom of this problem?
    I have felt frustrated in the past, with this lack of integrity, and frustrated that I did not know what to do about it.
    Making tougher laws, make people feel better but this does not seem to solve the problem.

    Is it possible that if everyone was truly responsible for there actions there would no need for laws and police?
    I feel that taking responsibility for our own lives is the first step in making a change in the world.

  8. This blog was truly amazing. It really got me thinking about how we get away with stuff. And how I get away with stuff.

    1. How cool Jacob that you at age six are thinking about how we all ‘get away with stuff’.

      I can remember being six and feeling sneaky about some things like crying to get the attention I felt I needed from mom or pretending I fell asleep in the car so dad would cary me into the house and put me in my bed because I loved when he did that… but why did I feel the need to pretend and to lie?

  9. I have chronic tension in my body. It is much better because of the intensive self care I have been doing and I have very little stress in my life life now because I am not taking things on like I used too and have simplified my life.

    So why is the tension still there?
    I feel it is partially because all my life I have ignored the messages that my body has been sending me to stop.
    I have always pushed beyond what my body could lovingly do.
    Why did I do this? It was because I felt the work I was doing was more important than taking care of myself.
    That getting the job done was what was important. I got this belief from everybody around me.

    Is the state of our world today because of our disregard of all the messages that our bodies and our earth are sending us?
    Like my body’s chronic tension, are all the increasing levels of illness a message that we can not get away with anything?

  10. I have chronic tension in my body. It is much better because of the intensive self care I have been doing and I have very little stress in my life life now because I am not taking things on like I used too and have simplified my life.

    So why is the tension still there?
    I feel it is partially because all my life I have ignored the messages that my body has been sending me to stop.
    I have always pushed beyond what my body could lovingly do.
    Why did I do this? It was because I felt the work I was doing was more important than taking care of myself.
    That getting the job done was what was important. I got this belief from everybody around me.

    Is the state of our world today because of our disregard of all the messages that our bodies and our earth are sending us?
    Like my body’s chronic tension, are all the increasing levels of illness a message that we can not get away with anything?

  11. Another blog that made me cringe – a few things on the list I have done in the past and got away with it. The alcohol was one of them and a biggie when I used to live in the UK. I used to drink and drive…… I got caught once and when the police man was talking to me he commented he could smell alcohol, I pointed to the other passengers in the car and said they had been drinking. Before he could breathalyse me he got called away to another emergency and left. If I had been caught the repercussions would have affected many things including my occupation as a health professional – how irresponsible.

    As much as I am not proud of my past I did not want to be accountable for my decisions or actions, I was too busy thinking I was having fun but all that time it never fulfilled what ever was missing in my life.

    I don’t drink any more not because I have suddenly woken up and thought I won’t be getting away with it anymore, but my body was signalling more and more and not letting me get away with it. I have no regrets in stopping drinking except I wished I had stopped so much earlier, there’s so much of my life wasted on alcohol.

  12. What a thought, Ken: that the only reason we need laws (and all the costs and complexity they bring) is that we don’t live responsibly. And where is each of us in that?

    I very occasionally used to drive the wrong way down a small one-way road near our house. I did it in the early hours when no one was around. I did it if it was convenient for me. I did it because ‘it’s not hurting anyone and I won’t get caught’.

    What was going on there? Where was my responsibility?

    Not to mention I’m a lawyer!

    I stopped doing it when someone told me they categorily would not because it was against the law. It was an awesome reflection for me and one that has stuck because of the conviction (not judgement) with which it was presented.

    As soon as we’d discussed it, I remembered the tension in my body when I did it. My body had told me it didn’t feel right and I had chosen to ignore that (and cop the tension as a result).

    So I’m wanting to know: what are my other ‘getting away with its’? Can I be honest about them?

    Can WE?

  13. After reading this blog, the logical conclusion is that most of us have been ‘Getting Away With It’ for a very long time.

    This is a great expose of how we think that what we do in our everyday lives has no effect on others or our planet that we inhabit.

    Even those little white lies that are seen as harmless have an effect.

    For instance, if someone does something to annoy me and they can see I am annoyed and ask me if I am alright and I say “I’m fine”, because I didn’t express how I felt at that time, the issue I have stays in my body and over time these little white lies build up to the point when they explode over something very trivial.

    So if the little white lies can have such an effect on us, what about the big lies?

    What about things like greed, corruption, people trafficking, illegal drug producers, unscrupulous landlords, etc, etc?

    How do they ‘Get Away With It’?

    What if they live their whole lives and are never held accountable?

    Do they really ‘Get Away With It’?

    If we are open to the possibility of re-incarnation and karma, is it possible then, that what we think we have got away with in this life will follow us into our next life to be held accountable?

    If it is possible, then, in truth, we really do not GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING.

  14. What happens to us when we get older and try to get away with things? When we are a young child we want to experience everything. Why would we want to get away with anything? It’s a crazy concept.

    I feel it is all about not wanting to take responsibility. So why do we not want to take responsibility for our actions?

    I am understanding the importance of asking questions and then letting answers just come to me, not trying to figure out the answer. This is a skill I unlearned in school. A skill I was born with.

    I will get back to you with the answer to all my questions.

  15. Thoughts cross my mind, like they do most of us and we may or may not clock them.

    All I know is that I feel every single move I make is being watched and noted, even if I think I am getting away with it. I say it is my soul.
    I will not get caught, certainly not be going to prison and I have no intention of ever doing anything that would land me in hot water.

    I am not a goody goody, trying to be nice but secretly do things. I am the total opposite.

    I am open, upfront, honest, law abiding, do my best every day without the need for perfection and just have this inner compass, a radar that says ‘NO you simply will not get away with it so don’t even bother’.

    In other words, I live Truth, walk that Truth and claim that Truth to the best of my ability. No mincing of words and no double standards. When I open my mouth and connect to another or present what I live, there is no dodgy jitters inside me because I know I am open and not trying to get away with anything. All transparent.

    I do say to myself is there anything that I am doing that I am ashamed of or concerned if I get caught and the answer is No.

  16. I am working for a company that is trying to do as little as possible to serve their clients. Only fixing something when they are forced to do it.

    They have been doing it for a long time, and they think they are getting away with it.

    But I am noticing that things are not going well now that I am working there. I feel that all the stuff they have gotten away with is catching up with them.

    Is it because I am bringing a level of integrity in all the work that I do for this company, that is helping to expose all the rot?

    I am not special. I am just doing my work with the care and responsibility that these people that I am serving deserve.

    This has helped me understand the power we have to change something that is not working, just by taking responsibility for our own life and actions.

    We all have this power to change the world if we choose to live the responsibility that we feel.

  17. So here we have some hot news from Australia just out in the last hour.

    A building company accused of owing tradesmen millions fails to have hijacked website shut down.

    As always there is speculation and we the public seem to go for media sensationalism.
    The questions we need to all be asking is how much truth is in all of this?

    The judge is saying the company has failed to show why many of the site’s claims were false.

    If we just stop at this point – WHY on earth would anyone or any company want to make false claims online about this or that?
    What is the purpose and how does it serve?

    Are our days of ‘getting away with it’ over?
    Are things coming to the surface a lot sooner?
    Have we noticed how fast things are happening?

    Is it high time we all started conducting our private and business life with the utmost decency and integrity as this is the true way to live life on Earth?

    The other thing to always bear in mind when we observe stuff like this is how would things be if money was not in the equation?
    It seems to be that money is the motivating factor when it comes down to stories like this.

  18. I am applying for jobs, and in the past I have changed my resume to suit the job. Is this because I want the job and I do not want to say anything that will put it in jeopardy?

    I am deciding that I am going to say the truth, the best I can, and then let what happens happen. This makes so much sense. Then I do not have the feeling that I am getting away with something.

    I am presenting me, that is the best qualification to get me the right job.

    Life would be much simpler if we were not trying to get away with things. Just doing what feels true.

  19. Living in London you get to see how precious parking space is and how some people would do anything to be able to park where they know they should not in hope of getting away with it.

    Reading the newspaper on the train yesterday, there’s a business owner with a flashy lamborghini sports car displaying a disabled badge trying to get away with it.

    WHY is it that we feel we can do this and to make things worse when we do get caught the excuses and lies just keep coming and sound so way off, you could not make them up. We seem to be masters at creating lies when we get caught.

    I am not advocating being goody goody but if we are using a disabled badge that is not ours – just like I saw someone on the high street in the last hour – then we need to be asking where on earth is our moral compass and WHY do we think getting away with it is ok?

    We seem to have a lack of Responsibility in certain areas of our lives and is it high time we started questioning WHY instead of continuing until we do get caught?

    Are we really getting away with it or as this blog is saying is our Soul clocking every single movement even those behind closed doors when we really think no one is looking or watching over us?

    If we think about it – is it worth the embarrassment, financial loss and all the other stuff that goes with getting caught? What is the purpose?

    If something suits us like parking with a dodgy permit, are we really surprised when we get caught or are we loving living life in the danger zone?

  20. Walking home today I noticed a huge car parked quite dangerously on double yellow lines right on a corner from the high street. Owner got out and was off and I done a double take as I know the only people who get away with parking there are disabled badge.

    Even blind freddy would notice this person was in no way disabled but was taking advantage of this ‘free ride’ because they can. You stick this bit of paper on your dash board and bingo passport to irresponsible parking with no thought or consideration to anyone. No surprise the next car was a super duper mercedes with seats so low it would be impossible to get out of this car if you were physically disabled in anyway. Yep – the owner is not disabled.

    The point here is relating to the title of this blog about Getting away with it.
    What allows people to think it is totally ok to abuse the system?
    WHY does our system allow for this and WHY is there so much division when it comes to things like parking permits.

    My elderly father aged 84, with a recent stroke, brain injury and advanced glaucoma in both eyes was refused a disabled parking permit. The man does not drive but it is useful in London as everywhere is no parking zones even at the doctor’s surgery or hospital.

    We need to get real and to do that we need a good dose of honesty.

    Things are simply not the same same across the board and this is a classic example of how our systems do not collaborate and work with a one-unified Truth.

    Is it any surprise why our world is so divided and separated when this stuff is going on at a street level?

    Try telling elderly parents that different councils have different rules, even though they are only a few miles apart. They simply lack the understanding as to WHY our systems operate as they do because it makes no sense.

  21. With all the current media news about this famous person, politician, celebrity or whoever getting exposed for something they have done, it is telling us what this blog is presenting – we are not really getting away with anything.

    Transparency is now needed more than ever and we need to start living a life that is consistently aligned to Truth, with no perfection but making it real.

    Deep down we all know what is Truth and what is not. We all know when we abuse another in anyway but we may choose to ignore our moral compass inside us as it suits us to have fun, indulge in what we want in that moment, get our needs met or whatever it is we do for our own personal gain.

    What if there is a Law of Oneness – a correction where things have to be called out and exposed for what they are?

    What if we will never get away with anything that harms?
    What if all our secrets and vices are going to come out one day?
    What if our double life is being watched and observed by others?

    What if we started to live a see through life, so we do not need to ever watch our back or live in a constant state of anxiousness, as if we are doing something wrong and just do not want to be caught in the act, so to speak?

    What if we started to read blogs on this website like these? –

    Double Life –
    Secrets and Vices –
    See Through Life –
    Tell the Truth –

  22. The taxi driver meeting me at the airport changed the designated pick up location. It turned out this was because he did not want to pay the £4 for picking up a customer there.

    He had driven in when the car park gate was open and had hoped to be able to get away with driving out without paying.

    He said later he had done this loads of times.

    This time the trick did not work and he ended up arguing with the controller on the intercom.

    He got out by tailing another car, which was a dangerous manoeuvre. The controller shouted as he passed that he had the driver’s number plate.

    We talked about getting away with it and whether that is ever really possible.

    We talked about the impact on the controller of having to deal with that situation.

    It was clear to see the fury inside him at the game being up, and from starting to consider how much the game might actually damage both ourselves and others.

  23. I have lived most of my life producing my own electricity, for our home with a solar electric system. I was very aware of how much electricity we used because I was responsible for providing it and I truly valued the amazingness of what electricity can do.

    When I finally started paying an electric bill, I was astonished how cheap electricity was.

    I never understood why people left their lights on for no reason, but when I saw that you could leave a light on all night and it only cost 5 cents, I understood why.

    So just because electricity is so cheap, are we getting away with using as much as we want?

    People living in the USA generally pay less for energy [fuel for their cars, and electricity}, than most in the world.
    Does this make any sense when the USA, [5 % of the worlds population] uses 24% of the energy used on earth?

    Is money the reason that dictates our level of responsibility?
    Is it a measure of what is important in life?

    Is this a world wide issue, choices being made around money, rather then what is best for humanity?

  24. Reading a news story in the Metro on the train yesterday, about a police officer who led a double life and was growing and selling Cannabis. Apparently, he got the idea from a TV crime drama.

    Why I chose to put this comment on this blog was because he has been caught.

    So his double life has come to an end and he is not “getting away with it” any longer.

    WHY do we think we are getting away with it and WHY do we up the stakes as this ‘bad cop’, as they call him was doing?

    It is like we lose sense of reality and become something we are not by nature and get carried away to the point, we cannot stop unless we are stopped, as in this case.

    I wonder how many more are out there doing what this man was doing, who think they are going to continue “getting away with it”.

    What if Transparency is the name of the game?

    What if we need to start taking Responsibility for our choices or we may just land up where we never thought we would, like jail?

    Those of us who do dodgy stuff and are getting away with it, must be living with a constant tension, knowing deep down what is right and wrong.

    We were not born criminals and we were not raised to do things to “get away with it”.

    Would it be a wise choice to stop our dodgy movements, get back on track and stay on track, so we never need to ever look over our shoulder again, worrying if we might just get caught?

    Well worth considering, if you ask me.

  25. Yesterday, there was a man on a motorbike who rode on the pavement. When he was on the pavement he was making a really loud ‘MMRRRRRRRR’ sound with his engine.

    He was also going the wrong way up a one way street. I think this is why he was on the pavement.

    It was very weird and scary and I think he was trying to get away with it.

    If the police saw, I’m not sure they would care, because that very same day there was a big car jam with lots of beeping and danger to the people walking around and there were police there and they didn’t sort it out.

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