Is There Another Way?

What is working?
Is there another way?
Take a look at our news headlines daily and it is clear and evident that nothing is working.

Our Education system is failing as we see more and more problems with our youth.
The Justice system is not delivering true rehabilitation as re-offending is on the increase.
Our health system is not coping because there is even more illness and disease.
GP surgeries need even longer hours to support us with our daily issues.
Hospital Accident & Emergency departments are working non-stop.
The Welfare and Social Care systems are struggling to deliver what is needed.

So what is changing and are we as a race of beings really doing anything about all this mess? We are a part of it even if we choose to ignore, deny or negate this fact.

I am no academic or medical professional. I am an ordinary law abiding citizen who happens to question things and has ‘lived’ a life so I have what we call ‘life experience’.

When will we stop blaming the government, the systems, our parents and other countries for our own issues?

Could it be possible that what is really missing is the real Personal Responsibility and Accountability so that we as individuals can make a change and then that change can and will affect others?

Is this too far fetched, out there, utopian or just too simple for our complicated mind?

Could it be possible for any one of us regardless of our age to start taking responsibility for how we are choosing to live every day?

Is it possible that if we made choices to not harm our body and take care of ourselves then we can make a difference and this will have an effect on society?

Think about it – if we make a choice to take care of ourselves and take responsibility for what we eat, how we sleep, how we walk, talk to others and live every day, then this new way of living will without any doubt have an effect on our medical system. There will be fewer trips to the GP or hospital because we are using ‘common sense medicine’ and if we do need to go, then at least we are going with a body that is taking Responsibility.

Is it possible that if children were met for who they are and not expecting anything from them, that they would grow up knowing who they are and less likely to turn to the harmful substances or other forms of distraction to numb their deep hurts?

Has anyone ever studied, really studied a young criminal whilst in his police cell on his first arrest or prison sentence? What was his childhood like growing up? Where did it go wrong and what does this young person know about the word Responsibility? How can we ensure that this statistic of crime does not spend his whole adult life inside an institution which society pays for?

If we really take Responsibility and Accountability seriously then is it possible to reform our current welfare system? I know from personal experience that I was trapped on welfare and could not see a way out. I lived in constant fear of not having my personal needs taken care of and relied on the state for my weekly handouts, which in truth did not allow me to live, as there was not enough money after paying the bills.

When do we stop blaming the politicians and all the decisions they make and start to take full responsibility for All our choices?

It may sound like something way off but I am living proof that we as an individual can make a difference if we commit to living in a way that is sensible. This means making sure we do not harm our self and being accountable for all our choices and this is Self Responsibility. So if something goes wrong, we do not go to blame but instead look at what choices led to that situation, event or incident.

Personal accountability stops blame and this is the way forward if we are to see real change in a world that is spinning out of control.

I was a statistic and part of the problems listed above but today thanks to the life and work of Serge Benhayon, I have found another way to live that takes the burden off our governments, hospitals, welfare and social care systems and places it ALL back in our hands to deal with and it makes simple sense.

We as an individual have the power to make a difference and it starts with small steps. We are the microcosm and how we choose to live everyday affects the macrocosm – our world.

YES – there is another way to Live.
This website is dedicated to presenting this way of Living that unites us ALL EQUALLY.

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Comments 75

  1. This is so refreshing. I look forward to reading more writings on this site, as you certainly know what you’re talking about. We do need to start questioning how we re living, as the way things are simply is not right.

    1. Yes I agree Shevon ‘we do need to start questioning how we are living’ because we all know things are not really improving and advancing as this blog clearly states. The thing is if we don’t question anything then in some way we are just bopping along and accepting things and this is the real problem.
      You say you are looking forward to more writings on this site – well I can say there is a blog up every week and there will be other news too as we grow and evolve.

  2. I celebrate this website as a way to share the very tangible support of ‘a way to live that makes sense to the heart and to us as a whole’.

    When I look back on my life before working with Simple Living UK I realize how far I have come. I had always found it a struggle to take care of myself and felt demoralized and devastatingly discouraged. It is a shock to me now, to recall all the ways I neglected my body, did not self nurture, over-rode what I knew in my heart was true and yet did not ‘see’ how these daily ways contributed to my dysfunctional life and degraded sense of well being. I can say with absolute confidence that the changes I have made with the Back to Basics Program is what my body was crying out for and what now supports me to lead my life in a more and more true, full and loving way.

    1. This simple living back to basics stuff makes sense and the thing is our body likes being taken care of and is not bored if things are routine day in and day out. We tend to keep the basics going for babies and young children and then at some point we lose the plot and start disregarding the body and wonder why we have things like exhaustion going on and this is the start of other things going wrong inside our body.
      I love what you say Jo that this website ‘makes sense to the heart’ because it sure does.

  3. There is another way to live and be in this world. I discovered this new way when my body stopped me with cancer, and then I was given the opportunity to review my life and what I had chosen and created. The first step on the cross-over of this new way of living is ‘honesty’. When I got honest with what I had created myself, the next step followed which was taking responsibility. Everything changed in my life especially the quality of my life, when I took responsibility.

    1. Love it Jacqueline McFadden the way you say the ‘first step on the cross-over’ is honesty. I write about this in the Back to Basics book and call it ‘The Bridge’ and honesty is one of the key steps on the bridge and without it you will never get to deep honesty which leads to Truth. We all want the Truth but without getting really honest we cannot get there.

    1. Glad you are inspired Nicholas Bason.
      Yes Simple Living Global is about helping everyone and not a certain group of people.
      We are not about gender, colour, race or religion here – just people and it does not matter who they are. In order to offer this way of being and living, those contributing have to be open and non judgemental and it does come with a great Responsibility. This means taking full responsibility for all the choices you make and so there is zero blame about anything that happens as you know it comes down to your choices.

  4. I agree things are in a mess and by ignoring the mess things will never change. It seems that at the moment the solutions we put forward re the prison and health service are just band aids, and are temporary fixes at best. I look forward to re-visiting this website as I am sure it will have much to offer every member of society regardless of the life situations they find themselves in.

    1. I agree with you Julie Matson that solutions are just quick fixes and band aids and so in the long term things do not really change and that means no evolution if we are speaking truthfully here.
      You are right when you say this website has ‘much to offer every member of society regardless of the life situations they find themselves in’ as this is exactly what our aim is.
      We are all blessed with modern technology allowing us to write posts like this that hold meaning and value for the benefit of All.

  5. Yes! Taking responsibility for ourselves and all that we do is critical. I can change the world by making truly loving choices in my life.

    1. Each of us do make a difference even if we may not always think it. You are right Ken Elmer you can change the world by making truly loving choices in your life and then that affects us all. Might not always see it or even feel it but if we remain consistent then it is a given that the tides will turn.

  6. I love this Bina! The whole site is so solid, deeply loving and very real. The way you embrace the world is something that I am sure inspires many to be more of the love that they are as well. I know I have been!

    1. Thank You Kate Chorley and I don’t know you but I can feel that you have been inspired.
      What I have come to realise is that how you live day in and day out is what people actually feel and so it is no surprise when you say the site is ‘so solid, deeply loving and very real’.
      In our world today, I would say that I live a life that is super solid, deeply loving and very real. This is a huge change if you knew my whacky past which was the total opposite.

  7. Taking back responsibility for ourselves – so important. Blaming others for our situation doesn’t absolve us. Making different choices as to how we live makes a huge difference to our health and wellbeing and our quality of life. I know this from personal experience. It all starts with the individual – us – me. Looking forward to reading more blogs.

    1. Thank you Sue Queenborough for your comment and I agree it is important not to blame others for our situation but instead to take full responsibility for our choices.
      Lifestyle choices seems to be something that is now being talked about more and more and so this website will deliver weekly blogs presenting another way to live that has been ‘tried and tested’ – in other words lived. What better way to say something that has been lived. I feel that holds a type of quality that others can actually feel and be inspired or say ‘no thank you, not my cup of tea’ and that is ok too.
      There is no hard sell going on this website or wishing to get numbers up and getting famous. Just steady delivery of what we feel may be of interest to people from all walks of life and who knows, some just maybe inspired to actually take the steps and make those lifestyle changes. It all comes back to choice.

  8. What a beautifully powerful and truth-full article , I am totally inspired to look at more in this web site, thank you Simple Living Global. I have worked as a practitioner in the health field for 30 years and so many clients I have treated in the past just want to get rid of their pain and ‘ get fixed ‘ rather than really look at how they are living and treating their bodies. The people that have truly taken responsibility for themselves and the choices they make and start being more caring of themselves and more gentle with themselves have slowly returned to a natural vitality and well- being. No matter what your age or how injured or diseased you are returning to a naturally self caring and self loving way works.

    1. Great that you are inspired Kate Greenaway by this website and this is the start of many more powerfull and truth-full articles that will be posted every week. We have heaps to deliver because as you say in your comment there is another way that works and your clients are your living proof.
      We cannot negate real life stories and what people experience. They call this ‘anecdotal evidence’ and the world of statistics needs more of this stuff and less of the laboratory, placebo, double blind testing or whatever else they do in closed conditions that are not normal and natural. I reckon people do pay attention when it is a true story – I know I do.

  9. Blaming others leaves us as the victims, it is very disempowering.
    It’s so important to take responsibility for all that we experience. I know how much lighter I feel when I don’t demand or need things to be a certain way in order for me to behave in a way I feel good about.

    1. You are right Felicity – blaming others does leave us as the victim and it then makes us powerless. Of course this means we do not have to take any responsibility and this is where we get stuck. Being irresponsible changes nothing and keeps our world where it is and lets face it we all know it is a mess.
      What comes to mind is a great blog about blame – well worth reading.

  10. I am someone that works in a system which is a mess. Quite often the word Responsibility is used in such a loose way. Everyone blames each other and no one wants to admit how bad things are. I was one of them up until 5 years ago. This blog is direct and people should take note of the quality of the words.

    1. I like what you say here Priscilla about using the word Responsibility in a ‘loose way’. To live with Responsibility day in and day out takes commitment, consistency and real honesty. These three ingredients are the recipe for making some lasting changes, putting an end to blame and getting to the main course – Responsibility.
      As the saying goes ‘actions speak louder than words’ and ‘the proof is in the pudding’.
      So that is the dessert – pun intended.

  11. I love it – ‘common sense medicine’ make sense! And I love that we can completely change responsibility and accountability – and it is in our hands, on our watch at this time. If we sit around and wait for the medical system, or other systems to change we may wait for lifetimes. It is up to us – and it starts with deepening our own relationship with responsibility every day.

    1. I agree Jane – it is in our hands and this ends the waiting game or blaming game. Lets face it – that is what it is, a game and who is winning and who is losing?
      No point waiting around when we hold the trump card and can call the shots.
      I was the Queen of blaming and playing victim and with it came the drama, judging others and living in comparison. Gosh what an ugly miserable life.
      Choices – thats it. Make new choices every single day and things will change. Choices that do not hurt you or harm you in any way. Choices that are deeply self caring and self loving and this means you will not harm another. Treating your dustbin with the same respect as you would your favourite jumper. You get what I mean.

  12. When I read this blog it is as if someone has opened the door in a stuffy smoke-filled room and lots of lovely clean fresh air has started flooding in!! Keep it coming!!

    1. Thank You Jonathan Cooke for your comment and YES we will keep the blogs coming like clean fresh air every week and we have plenty lined up ready to upload.
      The topics are of general interest and not intended for any type of reader or anything like that. Just stuff that makes sense and things people may or may not be aware of.
      We are also looking to add statistics where we can, so we get to feel the enormity of some of the problems we actually have in the world today.

    1. Yes I agree Susan Lee this stuff does make sense and this is why this website is committed and dedicated to presenting more blogs offering the reader something to think about, ponder on and feel. The theme throughout is saying – could it be possible there is another way to live and be in this world that will not harm us, others or our planet. That is really the bottom line here.

  13. For a long time the word responsibility represented burden, I held an image of what it looked like, it was mature, weighty and by the book, it was something that would magically appear with age, through my job or having children. How misguided I was, for what this blog plants at our door is 100% true, responsibility is at the core of every choice we make throughout our day, there is no age limit, no on/off switch it is as vital & constant as our breath, placing it ALL back in our hands is the common sense way forth.

    1. Excellent comment Lucinda Bathurst. I totally agree TRUE RESPONSIBILITY is not an on/off switch and it is placing it ALL as you say ‘back in our hands’.
      This is the thing, most of us want to run from that word because it means we have to start being accountable for the choices we make. So it throws blame out and it means you have to say ‘bugger that was my doing, that happened because of my choices’.
      The great news is by taking Responsibility things not only change for us but others notice and are inspired. I am living proof of that fact. Here is an example –
      OK so my family and friends laughed at me for many years about going to bed early. Funny how they have all stopped doing that now and whilst some of them may continue to choose to not go to bed early they can clearly see in me, the benefits of just that simple RESPONSIBLE choice to support my body has brought to my life.

  14. This is a great blog Bina.
    No frills, just concise and direct.
    Responsibility is a word that is usually bandied around with an air of frivolity but taking ‘TRUE’ responsibilty takes a lot of courage and a continous deep level of commitment – something I know you have bucket loads of Bina. Thank you for bringing this website out, and YES, with ‘True Responsibilty’, there will always be another way.

    1. I agree Tim Bowyer – “with ‘True Responsibility’ there will always be another way”.
      Also as you say Tim, we use words loosely but when we start to live it, as in my case then it does require a ‘continuous deep level of commitment’.
      So what does this commitment look like in everyday life? Let me give you a quick snapshot here so anyone reading gets the picture –
      You wake up and before you even get out of bed, you check how you are feeling and without being deeply honest – forget it as you are only fooling yourself.
      I done that, been there and you go no where and what a waste of time.
      Say you are feeling racy as you are thinking about your day ahead, then you need to question why and not just override it with your head.
      Even jumping out of bed in a rush affects our blood pressure and yet very few of us are aware of this and so it sets the day up. The choice to eat and drink whatever it is we do first thing has an affect on the rest of our day. Not eating or drinking also has an effect.
      So this is all about Responsibility and it is only when we look at these everyday little simple choices, will we ever get any true change.

  15. Love reading your blog and checking out your website Bina. Made me remember when I was living on the benefit, no job, no hope for the future, single mum, poor me, just living week to week and it really made me appreciate that I now live another way. There really is another way and I love it.

    1. Thank you for your comment Rosie Bason. I know that ‘poor me’ syndrome as I was one of them and I know plenty of others. I call it ‘victim mode’ and it is a trap but what many are not aware of is that you can get out of it.
      I always say we created our ill choices that got us there in the first place and now we can make new choices that will ensure things change.
      The truth is we are not victims but when we are, we tend to attract people to confirm where we are at and that feeds the whole cycle or trap. Call it what you want and again from my own lived experience I know making RESPONSIBLE choices changes everything.
      This website is a game changer and here to stay for the long haul. We are here to offer another way of being and living that simply works.

  16. A powerful blog, asking a lot of very important questions. I agree in that instead of blaming governments, parents and systems we need to take responsibility for our lives and in how we are living. This is what will create a ripple affect, this is, if we ALL live this, is what will make the change. I completely agree it currently seems that nearly all of us are going the wrong way and have been for a very long time and from what I am seeing this is getting worse. So YES. Definietly time to go the right way and time for change.

    1. I agree Vicky – it is time for change and yes things are getting worse so asking important questions as this blog does is what is now needed.
      Self Responsibility is something not all of us want as it really means we have to admit that our choices are creating whatever it is that is going on in our life – the good, the bad and the ugly.
      However, I do not agree with you when you say ‘if we ALL live this’ simply because not everyone is open, willing and ready to make the choices for true change. Some have pressed the delay button for whatever reason and that is their choice.
      What I know is that each and every single one of us can make a difference by taking Responsibility for all our choices and if lived day in and day out, this will inspire others.
      Waiting for the world to change stopped me in the past taking responsibility and so I became part of the mess I see in our world. Today I feel the world we have created and know that I am living in a way that is not adding to that mess. I trust you get what I am saying.

  17. Exactly, we can’t blame anyone- it’s so liberating to not be caught up in this one. I used to blame my parents for everything, but I chose to stop doing that and it’s been a huge blessing in my life- I have never looked back, and letting go of being a victim has given me nothing but pure joy.

    1. Gosh Felicity your comment reminded me of my entire life up until 10 years ago – I blamed my parents for absolutely everything and my life remained a mess and yes I was of course mrs victim and I had given up on life.
      Thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I was presented another way to live that was possible and slowly slowly, step by step I got to heal my deep buried hurts and take RESPONSIBILITY for my choices.
      Today I have the most amazing relationship with both my elderly parents and I can feel the love they have for me and its real. I understand them and where they are at. I accept the choices they have made and the life they have. I no longer need them to change and I have no hidden agenda when I meet them. Fact.

  18. That is so true what you share here Kate,
    So many people do want people to take away the issue and its symptoms , but don’t want to deal with it themselves.
    I totally agree that when we deal with the issue, it’s so empowering and feels great in the body to not be drained by all that has happened and the way we reacted to it.
    It’s no wonder people feel amazing when they are free of the burdens irresponsibility actually brings.

    1. Good point Felicity – our irresponsible choices actually brings burden so it makes total sense to start taking Responsibility and the bonus is we can stop playing the blame game. We get to be the writer, director and producer of our own movie and we put the characters where we want – in other words we call the shots, so there is no blaming whatsoever. We create everything and we have a hand in it so how can we then blame the systems, the government or our parents. Our choices got us here and our new choices will change everything. It all comes down to the quality of our choices.

  19. We live in tight structures, little cages of images how we should live, feel, think, behave, dress or what supposed make us happy. We are not treated as individuals instead we are like puppets pulled by the strings without realising it.
    All those rules we are trying to follow created no room for freedom and creativity, it kills our real self and makes it impossible to find our purpose in life.
    I feel there is going to be a lot of explanation on stuff that is no longer Clear and obvious drowned in everyday life.
    And I just want to say – Thank You for writing this blog.

    1. You make some great points here Kasia – thank you.
      I have to agree it is like we are ‘puppets pulled by the strings without realising it’.
      The space is not there to be who we truly are and we cannot really blame anyone as this blog is saying. It is for us to have understanding first and foremost.
      If our parents knew how to truly meet a child and honour how they felt, then things would have been very different.
      But the real raw fact for most is our parents had no clue as their parents had no idea and so it goes on and on.
      Now that this blog is out there in the world we can all say OK that happened but I can make new choices and change and no longer blame anything or anyone. I am living proof that this is possible and I am therefore a living science well worth studying simply because there is another way to be and live in this world and we don’t have to suffer or have dips of up and down everyday.

  20. Superb website. Common sense medicine and simple small steps lead to huge changes, this has been my experience, it is life changing. Responsibility is nothing to be scared of, it is liberating and empowering and allows us to make different choices.

    1. Great what you say Ruth that ‘simple small steps lead to huge changes’. I agree and as long as we remain open to developing and learning more about our body and how to take great care of it, our life will change in every area. We each have a Responsibility and this is very empowering as you say. It means we are the writer, producer, director and actor in our own movie – so we call the shots and we see it being played out. Don’t like it – simple really – rewrite the script, which means make new choices that are Responsible and feel the change.

  21. I have not seen it called out like this on any other website in the world. There is so much here for us all to look at – we have all, the world over become invested in blame so that there is always someone else to pin things on. Reading this and feeling how I have contributed in the same way makes me aware of the fact that the momentum of these choices – is so great that it appears to most that there is no choice! Which perpetuates and feeds the lie that someone else has to deal with everything.
    Taking no responsibility and not choosing to be accountable for a large chunk of my life resulted in a way of living that was stressful, not loving and desperate. And yet for the most part I would blame and continue to blame everyone around me for how I was feeling and what was happening.
    The crazy part is that all the other people in my life were all doing the same – so that was the continuous reflection. Not any more thanks to also meeting Serge Benhayon and now having even more support available in this website. Something that I can constantly refer back to – to get a reality check on where I am at and what is going on. Real living – simple living.

  22. Reading your comment Lee reminded me of a great blog about a Culture of Blame –

    We all have this habit of blaming something, anything outside of us for what is going on inside us. Simple example – we feel angry we instantly look at what it is we could blame. Rarely do we stop and pause and honour our feelings and not just dismiss them.

    Not taking Responsibility and being accountable for all our choices is what the problem is and I was one of them and so I am coming from lived experience here and not just waffling on about something.

    I lived my life blaming as it made it easy and I could sit on the fence, whinge, whine and moan and then wonder why life was a misery and the deep agony inside would be there every morning. This was over 10 years ago and now every single day I feel alive and ready for life no matter what comes my way. Holding steady is my normal now.

  23. This website is a wake up call for humanity.
    The purpose is to simply bring awareness and its like fresh air as there is not much out there on the world wide web that is consistently presenting something that is simple and makes sense.
    There is heaps now on this fairly new site to ponder on and have discussions at the dinner table or anywhere.

    It really is time to stop the blame game and take full responsibility and it is only then that our life will change and inspire others.

  24. This makes so much sense. And it’s confidence-inspiring to read about the power of starting small and steady. Big intentions are easy to blow out of the water, e.g. where you promise yourself you are going to go to the gym 5 times a week and then you miss a day and the wheels completely fall off. But starting with a couple of basics (or even a single thing like going to bed early) and sticking to them, builds a strong foundation for bigger changes later. Imagine if the whole of the UK did that for 1 month – I wonder what the impact would be on the NHS for example. Really appreciating this blog – it’s redefining responsibility in such a way that we can all understand and start to experiment and embrace.

  25. Great Jenifer Swallow that you find this blog makes so much sense. There is power in starting small and keeping steady. Consistency is the key so even if we do just one thing and focus on that until we feel it is locked into our foundation that will inspire us to then start another thing that supports our daily living.
    Our blog in April about Building your Foundation offers you some great tips and why it is super important to have a sound foundation so you are equipped to deal with anything that is presented in your everyday life. Here is the link –

    Just imagine one country doing this foundation stuff for a month as you say – what impact would it have on the country’s health system.
    Yes this blog is ‘redefining responsibility in such a way that we can all understand’.
    Keeping things simple and bring it Back to Basics really does have a place in our world.
    Its like we need to go back and unlearn some of our complicated nonsense and replace it with simple basic stuff that truly works.

  26. There really is another way to Live and it’s very real and practical with a full commitment to life. This is why things are in a mess – because of the way that we are LIV-ING. It’s not more knowledge that we need, or rewards or accolades it is a way of LIVING that is deeply honouring and respectful of who we are and this I have found, is felt from within. The only way that we can start to make that change is through making small and consistent changes. As one who has made significant changes this way, it really does work.

  27. There IS another way to live, I am becoming a living proof too, I still have a way to go yet, but that’s ok, but I am taking responsibility. Before I was being the victim of life and making it everyones else’s problem when I was just if not more accountable for the problem.

    There is another way to live, do you remain the victim of life or do you make choices to becoming responsible for life – I know which one I prefer.

  28. It seems that everywhere I go people are starting to ask “What on earth is going on?”… and this web site personalizes the question so we can get to the answers ourselves.

    Simple Living Global is ruthlessly Truthful about what is not working for humanity and is devoted to presenting tangible practices that work to turn our selves around and head back to who we truly are.

    I and hundreds of others can attest to the effectiveness of deepening self honesty and applying Truth to every day life.

  29. I have been surrounded by a handful of staff struggling with change implemented by New South Wales Health. A necessitated change for the safety of our mothers and babies, yet not perceived by all staff.

    I am constantly bombarded with negativity and staff ‘dump/vent’ on me and walk away with zero responsibility written over their face.

    In the end I had to put a stop to it, when they started to dump/vent, I would pose the same question ‘what are you going to do about it’? and bring to their attention their behaviours or actions. I may have a senior role but it is no excuse and staff have to take personal responsibility at some point, if they can’t make the decision then a work environment where lives are at stake, will make the choice for them.

  30. So this blog is over a year old talking about the state of our world and then looking at the next 65 blogs on this website, it is true to say that things have got worse and something is seriously wrong.

    Are we aware there is another way or do we think we just have to accept things as they are and bop along with whatever life dishes out to us?

    I for one cannot settle and rest knowing that I do live another way and my job is to inspire others, but not by ramming it down their throats or trying to convince or convert. Instead I simply go about my daily business, but have a habit of not holding back, staying open to everyone I meet and doing my best not to judge or react to others.

    My main focus is of course to make sure I take the RESPONSIBILITY TO take deep care of myself to the best of my ability and know that I am here to learn lessons so no need to give myself a hard time when things go hairy.

  31. According to recent UK statistics, there has been a 20% year on year increase in spending at pubs, 16% more in restaurants and 13% on entertainment like the cinema. The press analysis of this is that as shoppers, we have reached what is being called ‘peak stuff’. We have so many possessions that there is nothing left to buy. Hence the market for ‘experiences’ is booming.

    What are these statistics showing us about…

    … how we spend our time?

    … how we spend our money?

    … what is important to us?

    … the level of responsibility we are wanting and living?

    … the purpose we have in life?

  32. I felt to re-visit this blog over a year after I commented. I have said this on a few blogs the author has published that BLAMING OTHERS for our own choices is not TAKING RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL. How can we move forward when we spend a huge amount of time “spitting feathers” as I call it and blaming people and situations for our own behaviour. The time and energy we use behaving like this, why not turn it around and STOP and FEEL why we are not taking Responsibility for our own Behaviour. The world would be a more Harmonious place if this was to be!

    I spent decades being Angry and constantly blaming others for when things went wrong. Could it be that when we communicate with people, that we Feel what is being said BEFORE we REACT, rather than LOSE IT and find an easy way out (Cope out) when things are not going the way you want them to go. I for one can be honest here and say I have done this many, many times. And so the onslaught on your body begins. We all know how our body Feels when we get angry. It feels Awful and so we eat the wrong foods and our sleep pattern is affected and so on. I know in the past my Anger has affected people and I did not take responsibility at all for my behaviour.

    The author has supported me for many years and has given me a Deep understanding about Responsibility. As she points out Taking Deep Care of Yourself is Key.
    I have been working on this the last few years and for me it is not about being Perfect. But it is about taking Responsibility with the way I move in my daily life; such as going to bed early, moving in a way that does not Feel Forceful therefore impacts on my body, eating the right foods that support my body and being Open with Everyone at all levels etc.

    Re-visiting this blog has given me a deeper meaning of Responsibility and a message to the World “this blog should not be ignored”.

  33. On the bus today and I got talking to Dolly and she told me it was her birthday.

    I asked her what was her secret for looking amazing at the age of 84 with strong hair and teeth and a body that looked a lot younger.

    She said going to bed early everyday and walking daily was important as well as drinking lots of water. She also wanted me to know that she stays up to date with the times and she had skinny jeans and told me to always invest in good footwear with no compromise.

    What I found interesting was how open hearted she was with no holding back and it was deeply felt.

    I wonder if this is WHY she was youthful as her expression of engaging with people was there from day dot and she was being herself and she was comfortable with that and not seeking to be anything more or less.

    So is this another way to live and look amazing in our 80’s?

  34. Is it possible that every one of us who is safe from mutilation (FGM), sexual abuse, extortion and rape and who has the physical freedom to be who we are, hold a responsibility to not hide our beauty or play small in our own life?

    Is it possible that as women we hold a responsibility to re-claim our femaleness in-full, knowing that we can show the world who women truly are by how we live, how we move in our bodies and how we carry ourselves through life?

    Can we consider that there is another way to live that is about committing to being who we are and deeply feeling our humanity when so many are unable to?

    Could it be as simple as understanding and taking responsibility for ‘what-on-Earth-is-going-on’ by getting deeply honest with our selves and doing what it takes to heal?

    Could this be the alternative to war after war, plague after plague?

    Could this be ‘The Way’ we have not, on the whole, tried as humanity?

  35. Almost everybody on the planet is being bad and if they don’t stop this the world will be producing people that will become bad and if we don’t stop this then loads of people will go to the bad plane.

    Then we can’t get back onto the good plane.

  36. There is 100% definitely another way. I spent years trying to find that, until I came across Simple Living Global who very much helped me to understand and apply a different way of living.

    Should going to bed early be the norm?
    Should moving in a gentle way be the norm?
    Should respecting each other and not shouting to get a point across be the norm?
    Should respecting and taking care of our planet be the norm?
    The list is endless.

    The world is suffering but there definitely is another way.

    A great blog!

  37. I can really relate to much of this. The call within to take responsibility for how one lives on a daily basis strikes a massive chord with me.

    For much of my life I have struggled with unemployment, financial lack, depression, lack of confidence, loneliness, seeking to escape and a feeling of being lost and directionless in life. Reading this blog, I realise that so much of what I have subjected myself to has been a consequence of me not taking responsibility for my life, in all areas, on a consistent, daily basis.

    I know I have to take responsibility for everything – there is no other way or otherwise I am giving my power away. The one topic I would like to touch on now is the subject of my thoughts and thinking. I can see that I have created a prison for myself in many areas of life by repeatedly giving up in the face of negative thoughts such as “I can’t”, “it’s too hard”, “it’s impossible” when I made attempts to move beyond my comfort and apathy zones. Plus this negative thinking would inevitably always be followed by me beating myself up. I never appreciated myself and I all too often did the exact opposite.

    It has taken me a long time to realise that I can take responsibility for my thoughts and it is imperative to consider their source, feel them out and not surrender to my own negativity so that it becomes the programming that runs my behaviour. I now know that taking responsibility for my thoughts consistently will make all the difference.

    It is so heartening to be reminded in this blog, by someone who speaks the Truth so directly, that it is never too late, regardless of one’s age, to take responsibility and hold oneself accountable. I know absolutely that by doing this I can make positive changes for myself in every area of my life and this will positively affect those around me.

    This is a priceless blog which has endless applications because to change anything one must take responsibility and hold oneself accountable.
    The alternative is to give our power away, to live in apathy and change then becomes impossible, leaving us likely to repeat the misery and struggle of the past.

    1. Raja what you say here is incredibly honest and can only inspire others to be as honest. And you are correct in saying, it is never too late.
      It is great you have the self awareness of what is really going on.

      Small steps to Truth I say!

  38. This really is a brilliant website. I spend quite a lot of my time on the internet researching and to be honest I have not come across anything else like it.

    This website is: fresh, provides us with a reality check and has a very high standard from the presentation of the website to the way the articles are written.

    This website is an encyclopaedia of information on life. A library well worth its place on the world wide web. All websites, in my view, should meet this standard.

  39. I had a really interesting conversation with a taxi driver recently. His family had come to the UK in the 1970s from Uganda, during the time of Idi Amin.

    He shared how over the years he has seen our focus on the UK shift in what is important – from caring for each other to self indulgence. He said he has seen trust degrade over time and people care more about material things now, than spending time together.

    He drives for politicians and has rich clients. He sees how they appreciate the care he takes and that they can learn to trust again because they can trust him.

    His grandfather told him ‘if something needs doing, do it well with all your care’ and this is what he lives by.

    He says he doesn’t see this much in life but he would like us all to try it and see if it works – he believes it will change everything for all of us.

    And he says he knows it will all be alright. We will all be fine. We just have to take care of each other ‘because we are all together in this’.

    What awesome wisdom. I for one will be heeding it.

  40. I was talking to a friend in Estonia and she was sharing how there is very little religion there. Instead, she said, people love astrology. Apparently, Estonians are so ‘in to’ it that it is even on the daily news.

    She said it is because ‘if you don’t have religion, you need something else… you need something to live by’.

    This made me reflect:

    Do we innately feel there is more?

    Are we looking for meaning to this life – to try to make sense of it all?

    Do we long for wisdom and guidance to help us through?

    Do we sense there is more wisdom available than that we currently access?

    This website is certainly a great source of wisdom.
    We would all benefit from excerpts being read out on the daily news.

  41. In the Paris Louvre people crush in to see the Mona Lisa, or La Joconde, as they call her in France.

    Getting to the front is a battle for many and people push and shove, everyone wants their selfie.

    We made many friends during our time in that crush, by helping those at the front get back out and guiding those next in line through to take their place.

    We made ropes with our arms to guide people out and a path opened up through the centre.

    There was an order and a flow available, and we were all together in that.

    People started connecting. People started smiling and talking. A whole different vibe descended – ‘every man for himself’ was gone.

    Then a push came from the sides and the back as new folks sought to crush into the space that had opened up.

    It didn’t matter. We had shown and experienced that there is another way.

    One we can all access.

  42. Reading through this website, I have noted that there are a number of blogs that I have not commented on. This could easily be brushed off as there not being enough time, as there are many blogs on here, but I have decided to ask myself some questions about this as I feel that it is communicating something to me.

    I have noted that the ones where I have not put comments on are ones where I have to be more honest – honest in terms of sharing how I live. I recognise that at times this will be expose areas that I have not committed to but also areas where I have made great changes that are important to acknowledge.

    So going forward I have made the commitment to revisit those blogs that I have not commented on.

    This is a very healing website and it is offering us all another way to live and this is why I choose to comment.

    Questioning where I comment and why is also part of the healing I feel that this website offers, as without looking at this aspect I could continue to comment where I feel comfortable, missing out on opportunities to question other aspects of life and miss out on great opportunities to grow and shift my perspective.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for this AMAZING website – an astonishing tool for global change.

  43. Man, I love this website, it really does sit you up in your chair and get your attention. This might sound weird but as I was reading this, I felt like I wanted to give a public talk on the subjects you so amazingly explored, seriously felt like I could use this blog as my notes to do a mind-blowing presentation. Love it, love it, love it!

  44. This website is Real proof that there is Another Way.

    The blogs are Simple yet Real and have True Purpose.
    What I mean by this is anyone who reads the blogs will see, the words are not hyped up and facts are not based on lies;
    but facts based on Real Life.

  45. Talking to a cab driver in New York this week, he had an interesting view on life.

    He said he sees so much as a cab driver and how angry and self obsessed we all are. But he also sees much goodness. He said that is where we should focus – how to bring more of that out; how to live a life of respect and decency, all of us together.

    He is supporting 2 teenage sons, one with severe learning disabilities. You could feel he is a wise and caring father, supporting his kids to be kind and responsible, to the best of his and their ability.

    He stood out for me as a role model, though he didn’t feel it until I told him.

    There are many people who do their best to walk a true path, listening to their inner wisdom. That is much needed, and to be appreciated.

  46. At the end of this blog this line sticks out for me –
    ‘We as an individual have the power to make a difference and it starts with small steps.’

    I have been practicing this to the best of my ability and I can claim and confirm it is a game changer.

    Yesterday in the community I see Martha at the checkout in the supermarket wanting to talk to me. Not easy with a line of people, but she asks if I would wait.

    I always have time for people as I no longer live my life racing around and rushing.

    She said every time she sees me I am smiling. Can I help her because she just knows I have something that could. At this point she has no idea or knows nothing about what I do or don’t do.

    We get talking and I knew exactly what to say and inspire her to read the blog on this website co-written with a lung specialist. She was blown away and asked if she could come and see me at my clinic to discuss further.

    Of course I told her how I had personally healed the very issue she has after 4 decades.

    This to me is the power – that we can all make a difference when we LIVE the truth and walk our talk in every way, without perfection of course.

    I then realised walking home with my shopping bag, how many people’s lives I touch everyday in my community and beyond.

    Well worth a stop moment of deep Appreciation.

  47. I saw someone give up their seat for a pregnant woman on the train this week.

    What was particularly striking about it was not only that the person even noticed the lady would be grateful for a seat, but the grace with which it was done.

    With our heads in our devices or the free newspaper, so many of us don’t even look around on the train around these days. But this person was sitting, fully aware – open to what was around him.

    When the lady with the bump got on, he quietly took great delight in offering up his chair. You could see she felt the support of this stranger, as well as relief at not having to stand up or ask for a seat.

    And it changed the whole vibe in the carriage. People opened up. Amiable interactions happened amongst others. The heaviness that had been there before was gone. Shoulders dropped. People smiled.

    It was a reminder to me that we love community. It is our natural state to be connected with those around us, whether we know them or not.

  48. Talking to a taxi driver this week, he shared how the black cab community in London is getting more cohesive as a result of the city’s experiences of terrorism.

    They have an online environment where they now post live everything they are seeing in the city, from traffic issues to crime.

    He described how they are the front line in London, getting and sharing information faster than the police and he can see how they can serve the city in that role.

    It also felt like they are watching out for each other more than before.

    It was great to hear him come to the conclusion as we talked, that there is a way out of the fear and mistrust and that we can stay connected and each play our part.

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