Living a See Through Life


Who wants to live a SEE through life?
What is this TRANSPARENCY business all about?
Who benefits?
What is this saying?
What would life be like if we were all TRANSPARENT?

Why do we feel so uncomfortable at the thought of living a SEE through life?
Why do we live so guarded and protected?
Why do we want to hide?
What is it that we want to hide?

When I was advised to buy a ‘time capsule’ for my work, I realised that absolutely everything that I had on my computer was going to be recorded and stored in this thing.

Every bit of information was being clocked and there is no chance of erasing it.

This blog was inspired after considering life where everything is see through – in other words it is all out in the open and nothing is ever hidden.

So what would life be like if we KNOW every single thing is recorded and we cannot get away from that fact?

So let us put this to our life –

How does it really feel to KNOW absolutely everything we think, say or do is being recorded?
What is it that we would do or not do if this was true?
How would we behave if we felt this happening?

What does it mean to us to KNOW that everything is logged, tracked and registered?
What if we are accountable for all our thoughts, expressions and actions?
How would it feel if we knew that we are not really getting away with anything?

What would we start to change if we knew our actions and thoughts cannot be erased?

Would we start to take RESPONSIBILITY for how we live our life, if we knew it was being recorded?

Would we pay attention if we knew our life was all recorded and cannot be erased?

Consider having every single thought recorded in our ‘time capsule’, which holds enough data for our entire lifetime.

Consider every private moment where we think nobody knows what we are up to but actually it is being clocked and you cannot erase it.

What IF the ‘time capsule’ does not take a day off in the calendar just because it is your birthday?

What IF the ‘time capsule’ just does its job and you cannot buy your way out of it?

What IF the ‘time capsule’ takes note of all your thoughts, what you say and what you do?

What IF the ‘time capsule’ does not judge or have any opinion – it just is?

Is this scary or what?
What IF this is true?

What IF we don’t have to be scared of anything being recorded?
What IF this is not about living a clean goody goody perfect life?

What IF this is simply about taking RESPONSIBILITY for the choices we are making?
What IF this is about being accountable for ALL of our choices?
What IF this is about making mistakes, learning and moving on?
What IF this is about making sure we live same same in all areas of our lives?

What IF living a life that is SEE THROUGH is easy, simple and real?

What IF the time capsule knows you have made the mistake BUT it also records that you have changed by making another choice?

What IF the new choices support your evolution?

Could it be possible that to live a SEE THROUGH LIFE is what we all want deep down?

Our world today ACCEPTS anything we think say or do unless it is against the law.
It is only then that we are held accountable for our actions.

What IF the time capsule benefits all of humanity?
What IF the time capsule gets you thinking about the footprint you leave?
What IF the time capsule supports you to be more aware?
What IF the time capsule helps you to not poison the world with ugly stuff?
What IF the time capsule is about taking RESPONSIBILITY in a real way?
What IF the time capsule is saying that it is about ALL areas of our lives?
What IF the time capsule is not about perfection or getting it right?

This time capsule business sure makes us stop and think about how on earth we are living.

Before we press the send on a text or email – would it be wise to stop and pause and ask – would we send this if we knew it was being recorded in our time capsule and it cannot be erased?

Could it be possible that if we have nothing to hide and are on our way to TRUTH then we will love what is being presented here?

Could it be possible LIVING A SEE THROUGH LIFE supports our evolution?

Could it be possible that if we lived like a baby who simply moves by impulse and not anything in their head, we too can be open and transparent as adults?

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Comments 24

  1. Whenever I am not being truthful in an interaction with a person, it has an effect on me. Even if it is a tiny thing that I think I can get away with. Deep down I know that it is wrong.

    If I consider that everything that I do or think has an effect on everything, which it does, then it creates an enormous Responsibility to live my life the the best way that I can, and also to ask
    “How can I live my life with more Responsibility?”

    Simple-Living Global is presenting a way of living that has supported me to take more Responsibility in my life.
    This has not only changed my life – it has helped other people to take take more responsibility in there lives. This is how we change our world.

    1. You are right Ken about the fact that we do know when we are not being truthfull with another even if it is a small thing. Deep down we all know the clear and distinct difference between right and wrong. Truth and not Truth.
      This word RESPONSIBILITY keeps coming up weaving through like a thread on this website in most of the blogs.
      Lets get real, most if not all of us have a past and have not done things that we know were not the truth. ‘So what’ we could say.
      What we know is that we cannot erase our past but we can make a difference now that leaves a new imprint that does not harm us or others. Step by step making new choices with RESPONSIBILITY confirms change and that means evolution. We get to move on from whatever it was that we know was not Truth.

  2. After feeling unsafe and judged in first & second grade I developed a ‘sneaky wanting to hide’ feeling. I developed a compulsive reaction of trying to cover up mistakes or anything others might judge as silly or bad.

    Even very little things could make me feel very bad; I realize that I was in constant judgement of myself.

    As I work on seeing things as ‘learnings’ and bringing understandings to ‘why’ I chose something I then don’t feel good about afterward, I know I am taking responsibility and this removes the anxiety around my ‘mistakes/learnings’.

    As the author says here it is about knowing I am accountable for everything I think, do and express.

    It is empowering to have nothing to hide; even my less than perfect aspects can be seen/known and as long as I am devoted to working on being loving and truthful I know I am contributing something valuable even as I learn and grow in this way.

    1. What is interesting about your comment Jo is how young we are when we start a behaviour pattern that is crushing us to say the least. We stop being real and truthful to ourselves because of the fear of others judging us. Feeling bad about anything and everything becomes our ‘norm’ as in your case.
      It is very empowering to be accountable for your thoughts, what you do and how you express in every way. It knocks out blame and brings in that word most of us don’t really like RESPONSIBILITY.
      Our world would benefit greatly if more of us start to live this word and not just in some areas but make effort to bring it to all areas of our life.

      1. Crushing indeed. Fear of judgement growing up was a big thing for me and had an enduring effect.

        I can see how the blame comes in, too – I would prefer anyone and anything got the blame so I could hide and feel better about my own actions/intentions.

        I’m finding it takes honesty, humility and understanding to look to yourself first and take responsibility, but it’s absolutely worth it. For example, our dishwasher door is broken and it would be easy to blame the person who was using it when it broke or the kids for ‘playing’ with it. But if I’m honest, not one of us in the house has been consistently gentle with that door, including me so then the fact of the broken door becomes a learning for all of us. It’s then a question not of who did what, but it’s about what we are going to do next – how are we going to be responsible with our movements and care for our home more deeply?

  3. I love the playful way that this article reminds me that absolutely every choice we make leaves a foot print. I absolutely know this about my own choices because whenever I pay attention I find that I can feel the after taste in my body, I can tell if it was a loving choice or not. And I know this is also true for others because not only can I feel the impact of the choices people make around me, but I notice at times I am even aware that there is an inconsistency going on e.g. I may hear something but also get a sense of an opposite message which is not so obvious to my regular 5 senses.
    So every one of my choices can be felt and makes its mark. Wow this is a level of responsibility most of us find difficult to face, especially if like me you have had years of seeing any mistake as a sign of not being worthy or enough. Yet this article also beautifully points out that rather than it being about avoiding mistakes, it is about the choice of being accountable and responsible, and to lovingly learn from the mistake and move on. That is what counts. Mistakes do not need to be hidden. We can be open and see-through with them and all of us can in this way also learn from one another. How lovely is that.

    1. Thank You Golnaz as this is another comment talking about the permission we can give ourself when we make a mistake to see it as a learning and move on.
      What this article is really saying is that we are accountable for what we put out into this world – as you call it a ‘foot print’.
      This brings in a level of RESPONSIBILITY ‘most of us find difficult to face’ as you say.

      But what if we just start with one small step and get consistent with that before we commit to something else. For example, we know we are super exhausted and edgy most of the time and our caffeine and sugar levels are high. So we could make a choice of going to bed early and working on that by making it more and more consistent until we get to the stage where it is not negotiable. In other words our body is so strong and almost talks back to us and says “bed now” and you put that before any other night time nonsense that was part of your past.
      You would feel more steady, less racy and more open to ‘whats next’. You may even notice you are craving less sugar and caffeine and feel to introduce home cooked food into your diet.
      This is how the Back to Basics Program presents. Slow steps so you can build a true sound foundation.

    2. That is beautiful Golnaz; “Mistakes do not need to be hidden. We can be open and see-through with them and all of us can in this way also learn from one another. ”

      Just imagine raising children, living this way as an example of how to learn and grow. It is from ‘mistakes’ that we can learn so much if we are open and gentle with ourselves about it.

      Instead of destroying myself (self abusing from inside), over every little thing I can choose to be a good friend to myself and just learn. A night and day different way.

  4. The feeling I have reading this blog is of freedom: freedom from blame, freedom from judgement, freedom from seeing mistakes as failure, freedom from yesterday’s choices. The possibility that the only thing that matters is what you choose next is incredible. It means there’s no need for a big project plan for your life or an unattainable picture of what good looks like. It can simply be about ‘what’s next’. Simply that: what choice will I make next?… and the invitation for that to be a choice in responsibility.

    1. Great Jenifer that you can feel the freedom that this blog is presenting. It says so what if mistakes are made – time to let go of whatever you are holding onto in the form of images and pictures, call it ideals and beliefs all coming from your head. Time to get on with it now and it is the new choices that will knock out the past nonsense. We all know we can’t change our past but we can stamp it out with new stuff that is coming from RESPONSIBILITY.
      The new way means we don’t have to concern ourselves because we know we are living with the integrity and responsibility now that is not harming ourself or others to the best of our ability. It is never ever about perfection, trying to get it right or any other nonsense like that. It is simply making choices from this moment onwards that we know are coming from our Truth.

  5. Making mistakes is part of life as our life is about learning.
    This is what supports our evolution but somewhere along the line we think about perfection and have pictures and images of how we want to be and when we stuff up we either give up, hide or beat ourselves up and all this stops us evolving in truth.

    These pictures that are all in our head also gives rise to an incongruence.
    In other words where we want to be, which is the image we carry is not actually where we are in real life living.
    This ‘gap’ so to speak disturbs us and this can be the start of ill mental health as our view of life changes and we feel exhausted and overwhelmed and have no idea where to start to make the steps for real change.

    There is plenty out there but little that truly support us to get to the root issue and move forward, in other words truly evolve.

  6. What IF this is about being accountable for ALL of our choices?” If we are accountable for ALL of our choices then there is no need for blame, no need to make excuses, no need for regret. We simply take responsibility for what we have chosen and then with tenderness and love towards ourselves we can make more loving choices. This way accountability becomes fun and a deeply loving process.

    1. Great point you make here Elizabeth of how we need to have a different approach with accountability. We tend to cut slack for children so why not for us?
      WHY do we need to get the stick out and be hard on ourself at anytime?
      Our body hardens when we criticise, blame another or whatever it is we are doing to avoid taking full responsibility for our ugly choices that may have consequences we don’t like. So from lived experience, I can say that we can choose to see it as a learning and we are all learning.
      If we bang on about it, stay in the stress and reaction of it or keep the drama going then we can be sure nothing is going to change. In others words there is no real evolution.
      It starts with being gentle and caring and loving towards ourself in everyday first and foremost and then we can develop that approach for when things go belly up and we make a boo boo. I say its high time to look at what happened, dig a bit deeper than usual and ask the WHY questions. Keep asking and this is where change happens fast.

  7. I was working on a carpentry project and I made a mistake. In the past I would have just fixed it and moved on. But because I had I good relationship with my client , I chose to tell her about it.

    The conversation was amazing. We talked about how both of us try to hide our mistakes and why we did it. And how a mistake could be a wonderful thing if we are open to seeing it differently.

    This “mistake” allowed us to deepen our friendship and heal some old hurts about “doing things wrong”.

    If I can bE open when things happen and not judge them, it creates an opportunity for magic to happen!

  8. Another great blog Simple Living Global.

    I feel if people took the time to read this blog it will make them wriggle and worm, this is exposure of the real kind for man kind.

    How would the world be if we had absolute transparency? Corruption, poverty, lies, food industry and many other things will be out in the open. It can only be done with the important decision to be responsible and be seen.

    I felt to share one personal experience I kept hidden (there are more to be outed), crying in front of staff members with the fear that I would be considered weak. It was interesting how on two separate occasions both staff responded in the same way, quick to hug me and yet underneath it felt they wanted to stop me crying in fear their own mountain of hurts would emerge from deep within.

    I still have more to reveal but my time capsule can record I am changing by making another choice – It is never too late to take that first step to responsibility.

  9. To not be judged or judge myself for the choices I make certainly allows me to feel it’s ok to make mistakes, then I can learn from them and choose to make different ones. I get to see things on a larger scale that as you say all my choices effect Humanity. I love the clarity the time capsule brings to this understanding.

  10. How transparent are our businesses when they put tiny tiny print to tell us where their meat is from but the logo and famous brand tells us it is British.
    Is it any wonder we have people making so much noise that it ends up in the media as a hot story saying the meat is from the Far East.
    WHY are we not upfront in disclosing something like this?
    Are we really getting away with anything?
    Is this what breeds distrust amongst consumers?
    Does this tar everyone with the same brush – like all businesses are up to this when in Truth they are not?
    WHO benefits and who stands to gain from this type of business?
    If we took money out of the equation – what would our businesses be doing?
    be lived and this would be the see through life of a future business?

  11. Great blog Simple Living Global on what could possibly be the ultimate form of responsibility and accountability.

    How many times have we done things because we know no-one is watching and we know we can get away with it?

    I am not talking about committing a criminal offence but ‘small’ things like:

    Throwing litter on the floor or out of the car window
    Leaving the shopping trolley other than in the designated places
    Taking stationery from work because “it’s a big company and they can afford it”
    Leaving communal tasks for someone else because we cant be bothered to do it
    Having certain thoughts about someone and then saying something completely different to that person

    There are plenty of examples like these, that, if every thing we do say or think, was kept on file for all time, I am sure we would think twice about doing or saying something.

    And what IF, everything that we do, say or think has a consequence?

    What IF all of our thoughts and actions affected our lives in some way, good or bad?

    And if we are open to re-incarnation, what IF our thoughts and actions in this life had an affect on our next lives?

    Is this what is known as KARMA?

    Is this not the ultimate form of RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY?

  12. When I was growing up, there were many things that was told I needed to do. What I understand now from raising my own children is just telling them what they need to do, really does not work.

    If I had understood as a child that everything that I do has an effect on me and the rest of humanity, I may have taken it more seriously.

    Of course my parents did really understand why we needed to do all this stuff, so it was hard to really take them seriously.

    This blog explains why living my life with integrity is so critical. How I live, has a huge effect on everyone in my life.

  13. We are born with a way of living truth that is totally natural. There are no thoughts of not speaking and living your life the way that feels right.

    Somewhere along the way, we feel that it is ok or more important to ignore this feeling – that we have to live in a way that is a lie.

    I have been understanding that I have been living my life, so I did not have to feel this devastation of giving up on what my whole body was telling me, is the only way to be.

    It is the main reason why I have been exhausted most of my life.

    With support from Simple Living Global, basically taking true care of myself, I am allowing myself to feel this devastation, which has uncovered this natural ability to just be myself.

    This totally simple and obvious process has turned my life around.

    The best thing I can do in this world is just be me! All of me!

  14. What a great blog. I spent majority of my life “hiding behind a curtain” so to speak. I didnt want people to see the Real me. With the support from Simple Living Global it has taken a long while to learn to be myself. Of course this is still a work in progress, but what I do know that taking Responsibility for my life is key.

    If you look out into the world rarely do you come across total transparency in everyday life. I know only a few that live their life like this.

    For example if you look at supermarkets they are not concerned with ensuring we are encouraged to eat the right foods and not eat sugar or drink alchohol – No it is all about Profit margins and if they are going to be the top retailer of the year. The same goes for anything that has a sales pitch.

    Humanity has a way to go with Transparency but this blog is a start and is a great discussion point.

  15. We now live in a world where digital information is very highly sought after by the criminal element and data breaches are becoming easy targets

    I recently read an article about a well-known taxi app firm that was facing investigation by governments around the world following the revelations that it concealed a massive data breach last year.

    Some 57 million customers and drivers had their personal information compromised in October 2016, but rather than report the security breach, this company paid the hackers $100,000 to destroy the data and keep quiet about the hack.

    Is it possible that a massive breach like this was never going to be contained?

    Throughout history there have always been scandals and revelations that have come out about companies and people on a regular basis but in the last two to three years, the revelations of wrongdoing, greed, corruption, abuse, seems to have taken on a new level…Why is that?

    Are companies and individuals making more mistakes?

    Is the digital age making it easier for people to find out things?

    Are we becoming more aware of what is going on under our noses?

    Or is there something else?

    Why is so much that is not truth, being exposed?

    Is it possible that the laws of the universe are working so much faster now?

    Is it possible that anything we do that is not transparent will be exposed?

    This company chose not to live a see through life but to make itself more important than its customers and drivers.

    When we choose to not live a see through life, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  16. I cannot say that I live a completely see through life as sometimes I know there are things that I feel uncomfortable about and don’t say.

    Also I notice that there are times when I could be more open and not defensive and that defence puts up a barrier, even if it is for a split second between me and another.

    I know a number of people that do live a see through life and although you don’t know the details about their life, they are ‘see through’ in the sense that they are not hiding any of themselves in emotions like shame and guilt or trying to keep away from people. They are just open in their expression and interaction with others.

    I know that this has a very positive affect on me as I find it refreshing and I always feel inspired when I notice this. I also feel at ease with a sense that this person is not going to hurt me.

    Imagine the ripple effect if we all lived a see through life?

  17. Thank you for this amazing blog.

    On first reading, I reacted strongly to the suggestion of the possibility that everything I think, say and do is being recorded.

    I started to recall thoughts and deeds from my life that I still feel some shame about. I thought to myself that these are things that I don’t want anyone to know about. Ever.

    After recalling a seemingly flood of regrets, I realised that I was effectively beating myself up and going nowhere fast. So, I paused to ask myself, “What’s the opportunity here?”

    It came to me that there was an opportunity being presented to take greater responsibility for my thoughts and actions and to live from now on in a way that would generate less regret.

    It felt liberating to consider the possibility that by living as if everything was both transparent and being recorded, I would probably cut out a lot of nonsense from my life.

    I then had an idea of a practical way in which I might help myself. I have put up a sign on my wall, by my desk, that states “Everything is being recorded”.

    Through the use of this reminder so far today, I have already realised that, by living as if everything is being recorded, I will surely be increasing my awareness.

    This is because, already today, I have enjoyed far more moments of self-awareness and self-observation than I normally do. I have also found myself cutting wayward thinking more frequently than I normally do. That’s great, isn’t it? What a brilliant sign!

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