Our Car

What If Our Car Was Our Body?

How would we respect it?
How would we listen to it?
How would we view it?
How would we take care of it?
How would we pay attention to it?
How would we communicate with it?
How would we open the doors?
How would we close the doors?
How would we keep it tidy?
How would we clean it?
How would we maintain it?
How would we check in with it?
How would we appreciate it?

What if our car was talking to us about what is going on in our life?
What if the way we drive is telling us about the way we live our life?

What if we are always angry and frustrated at others when we are driving?
What if we have a habit of swearing and shouting when we are out driving?
What if we have the odd beer or glass of wine and think we are ok to drive?
What if we do drugs and have been getting away with it when it comes to driving?
What if we think we are above the law when it comes to rules on the road?
What if we always have the foot on the gas and drive fast for no reason?
What if we get the flat tyre because we are feeling flat and exhausted?
What if the flat tyre is saying we are refusing to keep going in the flow?
What if we are flat as we have no air left to move on to the next phase in life?

What if the gears are out – could it be because our life needs to change gear?

Could it be because we are stuck in first gear and it’s time to move to second?
Could it be we are refusing to move gear as we do not want to move on in life?

Next – do we stop and consider asking questions when something goes wrong with the engine?

Do we have the time and space to ponder on WHY this has happened or are we hell bent on getting it fixed so we can get back into the driving seat?

Do we ever wonder that our engine is like the internal organs of our body?

Do we ever think that if our engine is off sync then something might be out with the harmony of our internal organs – the engine of our body – the things that make it work?

What if the engine is not working because we are not flowing in life?

What if our car is showing us a direct reflection of the way we are treating our body?

Next – how do we approach our car before we open the doors?

How do we open the doors?

Do we open and shut the doors depending on our mood?

Are we aware of the loud bang every time we shut the doors?

Is slamming the doors our preferred way for our car?

What if the door slamming was a force that travelled back up our arm and the jarring was actually felt by our delicate heart?

What if our body hardens to take the loud hit when we bang our car doors?

Next – how do we actually drive our car?
Do we give the utmost consideration to others on the road?
Do we drive with little regard and focus, which is simply care-less?
Do we only think about getting from A to B and not bothered about anything else?

Do we not want to be aware that how we drive may affect others?
Do we drive to impress others with our skills?
Do we drive to check out and be in la la land?
Do we drive thinking about this, that and the other?
Do we drive on a mission to get to the other place?
Do we drive with fear, thinking we are going to have an accident?
Do we drive indecisive, dithering and over cautious adding more confusion on our roads?

Next – how clean is our car?
Do we treat it with the utmost care and decency?
Do we treat our car like our body by trashing it?
Do we use our car like a dumping ground?
Do we litter our car with anything and everything?

Do we have a dirty car that we never bother cleaning?
Do we clear out the rubbish after every road trip?
Do we pay attention to the detail in our car?
Do we give our car a regular wash and dry?
Do we have a car that is really clean but a home that is not?

Do we have a super fresh sparkling clean car and pay lots of attention to keeping it shiny but we have no time for our body?
In other words, we do not treat our body with the respect it deserves.

What if the stuff we leave in our car – that we can’t be bothered to deal with is the same type of stuff we have in our life – call it issues that we are not dealing with?

What if our dirty car was simply a mirror of the parts of our life that we ignore and neglect?

What if our car was precious and valued and deeply appreciated?
In other words, what if we treated our body and our car the same, giving them both the utmost attention to detail, love and care that they deserve – consistently.

What would happen and how would that look and feel in our lives?

Dear World,

What if our car is telling us something about our own body and to ignore it simply confirms that it is easier to not know that there is any connection because if this were true, then we would need to look at that word RESPONSIBILITY?

In other words, we would need to take full Responsibility for the choices we are making in every moment.

Could it be that Simple?

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Comments 15

  1. There are many things I would not do in my car or to my car – yet, do I treat my body the same way? I keep my car well maintained, full of petrol, clean, tidy, shiny, bright, it is insured, taxed etc and I am super careful when I drive it. Why would I not do exactly the same to my body and treat it with that amount of care consistently so? As when I do take super care of my body – just like the car, my body runs well, and feels great.

  2. Our cars are a great reflection of our bodies. Both incredibly complex things that do amazing things that we all basically take for granted, untill they stop doing what we want.

    And considering how complex they are they, they really do not require alot of maintenance to keep them going.

    The key is the consistency of the maintenance. Because if you forget to do something, it can cost you big time in the future.

    Simple Living Global’s Back to Basics program is a great maintenance manual for the human body. I have been following the recommendations for 7 years and it has totally rebuilt my body. I look like I have had a new paint job, a thorough cleaning in and out, new brakes (definitely needed those), new suspension to support me, and tuned up my engine and electrical system.

    The difference between the body and a car is that our bodies have infinitely more intelligence, in ways we can not yet comprehend. But if we take simple basic care of ourselves this amazing intelligence just happens. It is what our bodies were designed to do.

  3. Such a great analogy for life.

    Whenever I make a decision in the car that requires fast acceleration, I notice a change in my body: adrenaline and a heart rate increase. This can be very slight, but it’s un-ignorable.

    It prompts me to question whether that manoeuvre was actually needed or if I was pushing, rushing or being impatient.

    I usually find that the way I’ve moved the car is a direct reflection of what’s going on for my body and my mind – it’s much more than just what’s going on in the road.

  4. 5 years ago I made some big changes in my life through changing my choices in life to loving caring ones of commitment, inspired by the teachings of Serge Benhayon.. part of which was moving house and area. I had had a long term illness which from my changes I was stepping out of. On the way home from viewing a potential new home my gear box and my clutch broke, my car was a write off. A week or so later I bought another car, this car has never let me down, it is super reliable. This was such a great reflection to me of the change in myself I had made as I moved out of my illness to have a healthy reliable body.

    My car requires small work occasionally and from what is needed it is always showing me what needs addressing or confirming what has changed.

    I always thank my car after a journey whether short or long and likewise I am appreciating my body for how it always serves and guides me.

  5. Very much appreciating this blog and the enquiry it offers.

    “What if the stuff we leave in our car – that we can’t be bothered to deal with is the same type of stuff we have in our life – call it issues that we are not dealing with?”

    I really don’t like it when my car is dirty – inside or out – it just feels wrong. Yet clogging up the boot is a different matter.

    I will regularly put stuff for the charity shop in the boot, as I want to get it out of the house straight away, but it might take me a few weeks to get round to dropping it off so it’s languishing in the car, heavy and waiting.

    Reading the above makes me realise I’ve done an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thing on it, but what’s really happening is I’m delaying finishing the job.

    Great to see that so clearly.

  6. I have noticed how easy it is to feel drained after driving for long periods.

    I have experimented with why this is and found that the more I ‘check out’ and drive on auto-pilot whilst thinking about other things, the more drained I feel.

    But if I stay super-switched on while driving, that doesn’t happen – aware of the road and all that’s around me, aware of my hands on the wheel, aware of my feet on the pedals, aware of all my mirrors etc; not letting my mind wander.

    What a simple way to increase your safety on the road and look after your energy levels at the same time.

  7. I got caught speeding earlier this year and had to attend a speed awareness course. I knew instantly that this was a call for me to slow down, having not listened to the messages earlier on about this this was my big one which I could not deny. I took heed and slowed my pace, got out of the drive I was in, rushing about.

    This has been hugely beneficial to my awareness with how I am in life and the impact it would be having on everyone else. It has also allowed me to connect more deeply to my stillness within and bring this to the life rather than my rush.

    I learnt a lot from the speed awareness course, why the speed limits are set.. the stopping time they allow, and why sticking to them saves lives and prevents unnecessary accidents. Interesting the reflection this offers..

    There is so much having a car offers in way of reflection on how we live.

    1. I got caught speeding a couple of years ago and attended a speed awareness course. It really got me thinking about the ripple effect of the way I was driving. Any carelessness not only affects me or my car, it could affect the lives of others too. It was a real wake up call.

  8. How do we approach our car before we open the doors?

    I like this question and am going to apply it to the next few days and see what it reveals, how much am I with my body or thinking ahead for where I am going. What momentum am I walking to the car in.. how have I been living up to that moment, loving , caring, present, stillness?.. which I take to my car. How present I have been in all I have done to this point.. what quality am I bringing to my car and journey..

  9. I love how our car is a reflection of us – I can drive my car one day and it feels smooth, and steady and another day and it feels jerky and clunky – which is a reflection of the way I am feeling and of my movements. Similarly for the way my home feels – it can feel together, flowing and on track or untidy, out of flow and off track – again a reflection of how I am feeling and a reminder to me of how I am moving in life. Everything in life is a potential reflection for us to learn from – if we choose to observe and be aware as we go about our day.

  10. I had a dream about leaving a car parked with the engine running and when I came back to it the breaks wouldn’t work.

    I was telling my kids about the dream and one of them said ‘it’s telling you to stop rushing’.

    Strong symbolism indeed.

  11. What a great blog. We MOT, insure and service our car yearly but do we have the same commitment when it comes to taking care of our body? Our car and even our home is a reflection of how we Live.

    I have a friend who has a state of the art car but when you look inside it is filthy and messy. Could it be that we pay attention to what we THINK we need to but IGNORE what we Really should be paying attention too!

    Our body is like an engine, if we do not take care of it, it will crash and burn out.
    This blog is spot on!

  12. Thanks for this top blog Simple Living Global.

    It’s amazing the lengths most of us willingly go to, to ensure our cars are looked after the way they should be from correct fuel, regular servicing, regular maintenance, cleaning, MOT, tax and insurance.

    And even more so when the car is new.

    But giving our bodies that same respect and dedication is somewhat harder to comprehend and even harder to maintain on a consistent basis.

    It’s quite ironic really in that the care we give our cars is not the same as we give ourselves considering that our car can be changed when it starts to look shabby, starts to break down or just starts to look old but our bodies are with us our entire life.

    If something goes wrong with our car and the car is a way of showing our bodies a reflection of how we are living – is it possible that everything that happens to us, in every area of our lives, is also a reflection of how we are living?

  13. I am not a regular driver as I prefer public transport as I get to meet people, observe what is going on and see the world. This is a choice, but living in London with so much transport around, it is not hard.

    However, a car works for the launderette run as there is plenty of washing that I use the jumbo dryers for. This week even in the short journey, I noticed how people drive rough on the roads, not paying due care and attention. Driving fast on tiny side streets is dangerous to say the least.

    So if our car was our body, then how are we moving it as we are in the driving seat?

    The other thing that I am big into, is keeping it clean and tidy at all times.
    I make sure everything is cleared out after any journey, big or small and the tissue box is not on empty, the blanket on the back seat is folded and the water bottles are not half used in the passenger seat doors. ALL this is part of the normal maintenance.

    I then let my husband know that the car needs cleaning, as after any motorway trip it seems to hit the dirt and needs a good bath. I do not get involved with this bit.

    Finally, I use a cushion and a soft blanket to support me and this is regularly cleaned too.

    ALL of the above are part of the deep self care that I have for me in daily life, so it makes sense to have the same for my car. I see no difference between the car and the house or my office or workplace.

    Everything gets the pukka treatment as it makes sense to me.

  14. What if as Simple Living Global are asking, our car is showing us a direct reflection of the way we treat our bodies?

    How would our relationship with our body and our cars be different if we considered this?

    I feel that this is a super important question to ask as we may then stop trashing our cars and seeing them as a piece of machinery to get us from a to b, but take much more care and due regard and in turn treat our bodies with much more respect.

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