Why Do We Get Sick?

Do we ever stop and ask this question?

Has this ever been on the front page or any page of a newspaper?

Why not?

What do we define as ‘sick’?
Dictionary definition – affected by physical or mental illness

If the dictionary says it then this must be what being sick is. Correct?
When was the meaning defined and by who?
Has anyone considered adding emotional illness?

Do our emotions affect us and do they have an affect on our physical and mental state?

What happens to our physiology? – the stuff inside us that is all living organisms doing their job to keep us alive and well. Well of course science knows this and so does the medical world and this is why we have such great conventional medicine to keep us going.

This is exactly what the point is to keep us going.
But going where and with what quality?

Quality changes the equation totally because once that word is in there, we cannot ignore it.

Why is it that we keep looking for new drugs and keep on going without anyone really truly stopping and saying ‘what is the root cause of why I am sick’.

Is it possible that if we know something as simple as eating bread is bloating us, we choose to ignore this tiny sign that our body is saying ‘no thanks mate, this is not what I want inside me’ and we carry on as it is a habit, familiar, don’t know what else to replace it with or can’t be bothered?

Over time, could that bloated bread belly get worse but it goes un-noticed as something else is now going on that has taken our focus away from the belly department?

Now we might start getting the odd headache and of course we all have done it – get the tablets and if we are strict with our beliefs that ‘I can get through this as I never take tablets’ (we all know plenty of people who do that) –  we are in some way finding our own solution. Of course if nothing changes, this could mean we are not stopping to look at why we might have got the headache in the first place and chances are things will get worse.

  • More tablets?
  • Visit to the GP?
  • Try an even stronger coffee?
  • Google it?
  • Find an app?
  • Let our minds run riot by telling us that we now have some deadly brain disease?

Whatever our way, the point is we have a solution to continue to function as function is the goal.
We have this mild inconvenience and we want it to go away. But what if it doesn’t?

OR even worse –

What if it comes back at a later date but ten times worse than the last headache we thought was chronic?

Could this be what the world calls a migraine?

Now that’s really serious isn’t it?

This could mean lots of time off work and maximum inconvenience now and that would mean serious medication like the latest advanced painkillers and they just get stronger and stronger to suppress the symptoms.

Suppress means what? The dictionary says:

  1. forcibly put an end to
  2. prevent from being expressed

The word force means that it is not natural but who cares about natural when that head is pounding and pumping and we really can’t think straight.


We get the headaches so often we try out this alternative natural stuff everyone is trying out, even though we don’t really believe it’s going to work for us.

Note – there are now headache tablets available for children, so the pharmaceuticals are really supporting us to forcibly put an end to our expression.

Hello – how crazy is that?

Yet we do not question it.

Surely as a truly responsible parent we would avoid at all costs a pill for a child OR could we as a parent use it as a solution, so we can cope and not look at the root cause of why our youngster needs to take a headache tablet? There sure were no pills to pop in my days – a telling off and bed was the answer.

On the note of children –

  • Are we responsible for them having too much sugar in their diet?
  • What about letting them do excess TV everyday?
  • Or any screen time now that we are in the 21st century?
  • Is this a way for us not to meet them and engage with them?
  • Does this stop us building a true relationship with them?
  • Does this avoiding them help us get through the day?
  • Does this stop us building a true relationship with them?
  • Does this expose the way they truly feel about our parenting?
  • Is a young child feeling pressure of not being able to really say what they feel and this leads to a dis-harmony inside their little body, which leads to what they would call a head-ache?
  • Where is the real ache?
  • Is it in their head or did it start in the heart, which shut down as no one had time to sit and listen?
  • Could it be possible the child has given up already on life and there is nothing really inspiring them to be their true real self?
  • Possible?
  • How does this child then cope as a teenager?
  • What is this teenager going to be as an adult?
  • When are we going to stop and realise, that child is tomorrow’s adult population?

Are these the questions that need to be asked and addressed before we reach for the next pill?

Point 2 in the dictionary says prevent from being expressed
what does that actually mean in simple language?

Does that mean that something inside us wants to come out – a feeling and we do not express it for whatever reason and this is what causes the imbalance that may start as tiny pain or tension located in a certain part of our head which we choose to ignore until the pain is shouting at us?

Has anyone ever said this to us or even asked if this is possible?

Why are we told that we are addicted to pharmaceutical drugs like headache tablets?
Who has done the research?
Who has paid for the research?
Is it the drug company?
Or is it the people who no longer want to be forced or prevented from expressing?

Is it time that we started to take a closer look at what we can do for ourselves in the way we choose to live everyday?

Could our emotional state have a big affect on our sickness levels and yet we have no way of knowing because we simply lack the awareness?
  • Who are we to suddenly become an expert or a doctor?
  • What gives us that authority?
  • We grow up to respect and listen to what the medical professionals tell us – correct?
  • What if our doctor doesn’t look like a bundle of vitality and a picture of true health?
  • What if all the above is inside us asking these questions and we are choosing to ignore them by not being open to what could be possible?
  • Could this lead to frustration and then a headache comes on?

  • What if there was another way?
  • What if our true real medicine is how we choose to live our life everyday?
  • What if just saying what we feel and not holding back would mean we can express?
  • What if we paid more attention to how we feel before and after we eat?
  • What if we started listening to our body?
  • What if our life choices could be our real medicine?
  • What would happen if we started to go to bed early everyday?
  • What would happen if we went for a walk everyday?
  • What would happen if we spoke the truth about how we really feel?
  • What would happen if we really paid attention to our body?
  • What would happen if we knew why we actually got sick in the first place?
  • What would happen to the multi trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry?
  • How would our medical systems be if we as individuals started taking Responsibility?
  • How would businesses be if less time off was now the norm? Hello!
  • How would the government be if sickness was not on the rise?
  • How would our world be without sickness or a bloated bread belly?

Could it be possible that we all know deep down that we can start to take Self Responsibility for how we live and reduce the burden on the medical system that is currently exhausted and not able to cope with the demand we are putting on them because of the way we choose to live our life on a daily basis? Our life is medicine, so is it time to really study and examine how we are living our life?

Or is it too un-comfortable to change now because we love the comfortable life we have created?

Without sounding utopian or being out there in airy fairy land – is it not time that we ALL stopped and asked why on earth are we subscribing to something we all know does not feel right or true but we keep on going. I for one have now dedicated my life to ensuring that I keep expressing and not holding back what I know does work and this is the start of many many articles that will one day be published to confirm – there is another way.


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Comments 36

  1. I appreciate the questions raised in this article.

    I myself have felt for a long time that there must be a cause for every symptom and illness and that most often it has more to do with emotions or not feeling safe to be who we are.

    1. Thanks Jo – it is important to raise questions so it gets us thinking, contemplating and pondering what on earth is actually going on.
      All blogs on this website will be presenting another way to live that is possible.
      Emotions have a huge part to play in why we get sick and taking on other peoples stuff can also make us sick as I have found out years ago.
      Think about it – our body has the answers for our stuff but if we take on others peoples emotions then our body is not equipped as it does not have the answers for another body if you get what I mean.

  2. Yes , Its time to wake up! Start asking real questions! What is going on ! We need to do something DIFFERENT than what we have been doing forever! This Blog is a step in the right direction!

    1. Thank You Kenneth Elmer – I agree this blog ‘is a step in the right direction’.
      If we do not ask questions then we got fat chance of anything ever changing and so what these blogs are here for is to at least question and open up for discussion topics that are not really making national news headlines.
      Not all of us got the education we may have wanted and without going into this and that why, it is time that we used the internet as a platform to write and share what we may know that could benefit others. That is really what these blogs are about.
      Real questions so we get real and not fluff around blaming or thinking things are ok when we deep down know they are Not.
      More awareness is now needed so that we can get real about what on earth is going on and why.

  3. The way the world is going countries are becoming bankrupt and one of the reasons I feel is that humanity needs to start to realize that we are all responsible for every choice we make because that is where the living of our life comes from. Yes, we can make unloving choices and use drugs, alcohol etc. but who is it that chooses these things, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t harm the vehicle they drive, so why harm our bodies, the only thing we have to live in?

    1. I love what you say here about being in our right mind we would not harm the vehicle we drive so why harm our bodies? Dear World – this is a great question.
      I was in the hospital today with my mother and I was blown away by the state of where people are at and how dependent we have become on the health service and in some way the demands we put on them. I know as I was one of them when I was trapped in the social welfare cycle. I saw no way out and my consistent loveless and dis-regarding choices kept the whole thing going. I wanted the health service to fix me and my body was a mess but not once did I even think my choices got me there and my new choices will get me out.
      This only happened once I met a man called Serge Benhayon, who for the record is the real deal, has the answers and knows whats what.
      I owe it to him why I am no longer sick and he knows what that word RESPONSIBILITY means inside out and upside down and back to front – he lives it.
      The great thing is he wants nothing from me ever. All I know is my job is to LIVE IT and then share it and that is why this website will present with consistency everything that has been lived. Nothing more and nothing less is needed.

  4. Everything you raise here Bina makes so much sense and reminds me of speaking with a nurse in a hospital while I was getting a test done the other day. The nurse was expressing her frustration at working in the health care industry. She described how people keep coming in wanting to get fixed up but not being willing to actually make the day-to-day changes needed for them to actually be well. She cited a study on cardiovascular patients where a group of post-surgery patients were split in half—one half were give a pill and lifestyle recommendations and the other were just given the lifestyle recommendations. According to the nurse, the heart surgery patients who weren’t give the pill actually did better. Why? Because they stuck to the lifestyle recommendations where as the ones on the pills figured they didn’t have to because the pill would take care of it.

    Without taking responsibility for taking care of themselves they got sick again.

    1. What you are saying here Marian is huge.
      What this study is showing us is how we rely on something outside of us – in this case a pill to do it for us. That way we do not have to take responsibility and make those daily lifestyle choices which will change everything.
      Something that just came to mind was at a birthday party where some of my rellies, who had not seen me for ages asked was it a book or diet or something else that I was subscribing to as they wanted it for their wives. I looked alive, lost a load of weight and was not exhausted.

    2. Marian this is really interesting and perhaps not surprising, given the low level of responsibility and the high levels of comfort most of us are living.

      I have heard insights into the UK nursing profession from a dear friend. She was an A&E nurse for a long time, passionate about helping people on the front line. The hours got longer, the pay got smaller, the pressure increased, the number of patients rocketed, the doctors’ patience and respect shrunk, the appreciation for what she was bringing disappeared and it became a game of survival.

      People would come into A&E for crazy things. She had one guy who had digestive problems and called an ambulance because he got himself covered in his own waste. Various people came in for help when sex games had gone wrong. People regularly staggered in with no issue except drunkenness. Then there were the people who had ignored problems over a period of time and then became a medical statistic – in-growing toenails that became gangrenous, untreated kidney problems that eventually needed surgery and a hospital bed instead of out-patient support and lifestyle changes. The list goes on.

      She regularly got ill herself with colds and the like and realised the whole thing was hurting her health. So she gave up and became a medical rep for a pharmaceutical company.

      There is much for us all to look at here.

  5. These are important questions, Bina. Especially in regards of our children. To stop, sit down and listen to what they have to say – is very crucial. I know this in regards of my child and I know this from my own childhood experience. As children we are still naturally tender and if this tenderness is not nurtured and valued, we suffer with our whole body and mind. The same is valid for adults but as adults we have many ways to suppress to feel our tenderness.

    1. Great comment Sonja Ebbinghaus and you are speaking as a mother of the value and importance of listening to what a child has to say. I agree and we tend to not give this our dedication, commitment, focus and attention because we have a belief, an ideal or a picture of how we think we should be or what our children should be.
      The thing is we cannot blame parents as they did not have this quality when they were children because their parents did not have this either. So the cycle continues until now.
      Once you read this blog you are no longer in the dark. The light is on and you can no longer ignore all this stuff.
      Blogs like this that get you thinking, pondering and questioning, so you do not have to stay in the old pattern, feel like you need to give up because what is being presented is another way. Not everyones cup of tea because it requires that word most of us do not like – RESPONSIBILITY.

  6. Great point you make here Michael about what is ‘familiar and comfortable’ as this is what it is. We get comfortable even if things are not feeling right and because it is so familiar, we just keep doing it over and over again. Its like we just don’t stop.
    I was a classic case when I was overworking with absolutely no regard for my body and resting was for lazy people. I paid the price with a tumour and major surgery and then had to literally learn how to take care of my self and this body which I now value as something precious and not a thing that gets pushed around, ignored and neglected.
    It is after this big deal in my life which was 8 years ago that I have made an effort and commitment to sharing with others that there is another way to live.

  7. We are bombarded with lotions, potions and gurus who claim they have solutions to our health. When the reality is until we deal with our root cause as to why we get sick nothing changes. I fully embrace western medicine as it has helped me tremendously over the years. Roll back 5 years ago I used to work long hours irrespective of how sick I was. Constant colds, flu, migraines the list was endless. And why I used work to override how I really felt which was exhausted and angry with life. I actually believed I was healthy because I could sustain long hours. Fast forward to present what has changed. To put it simply I STOPPED and that allowed me to admit Truthfully to myself I was not in a good place. I now go to bed early and support myself with the right foods and REST if my body is Tired. I work up to 70 hours most weeks but I am able to put STOP MOMENTS in my day that give me down time so it allows me to work without feeling overwhelm. Such as going for a walk and taking gentle breaths at my desk and eating my lunch in a quiet space. In addition when I am not feeling well and I need to Rest I do. I could not live without my daily rituals (there are many more) now it is part of me like it is to someone having their morning cuppa. It is time we put the effort into taking care of ourselves because we focus on the outer stuff and not the inner.

    1. Great comment Priscilla and the first sentence is a laugh out loud as it is crazy but true.
      I agree with you that western medicine is helping but we as individuals need to take RESPONSIBILITY in the way we are choosing to live and if we got kids then we have an even greater RESPONSIBILITY.
      Taking deep care of ourself can start with small steps like going to bed early consistently. Once we make a commitment and stick to it then benefits to our body are priceless. We all know that quality sleep means a stronger immune system and we can add a load more to that list which includes more clarity and focus in our day. When we are rested we get more things done and we are equipped to deal with whatever is presented. For many of us our foods choices tend to be different when we are not sleep deprived.

  8. You have hit the nail on the head Bina, when you ask “what is the root cause of why I am sick”. For most of my life, whenever I was ill, my first reaction would be to stop the pain, relieve the ache, suppress the symptoms. Of course, me getting sick was never my fault, never a consequence of how I was living, so not once did I ask myself, ‘what is the root cause of why am I sick’. Firstly, it was never in my awarenes to ask thatsort of question because I had to have someone or something else to blame for why I was ill, like food, the weather, the stress at work, etc. Secondly, and more importantly, I wasnt prepared to take that level of responsibility for myself. So, a few years later, along comes Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presenting to me that illness and disease doesn’t come to me, it comes from me. It comes from me due to how I live my life on a daily basis. This was a huge revelation for me because not only did it allow me to take responsibility for all my choices but also knowing that if I have any form of illness or disease, it would be through my making and therefore if I make it, I can unmake it. Another revelation that came to me was how it is so empowering when we do truly take reponsibility for our choices. We use medicine to make us feel better, but if we lived a life that took true responsibility for all of our choices we wouldnt need any medicine because living that way WOULD be our medicine.

    1. Great what you share here Tim and probably most of us would agree that not once do we ever question or ask if we had a hand in us getting sick in the first place. How we might be living, the choices we are making that got our body to the point where something is wrong and it hurts, aches or is calling for our attention.
      Blame – thats big in our world and it takes away any RESPONSIBILITY.
      Knowing illness and any dis-ease comes from us changes everything. We suddenly cannot go around blaming anything and everything. Instead it gives us a stop moment to really honestly ask how are we living on a daily basis as you say.
      I totally agree with you that living a life of true RESPONSIBILITY is medicine.
      All our choices are good medicine or bad medicine.

  9. The points that you make about our children and the questions that you are asking us are serious. Headaches tablets for children! I didn’t even know they existed.

    Whilst painkillers are needed sometimes if we are in a lot of pain, relying on them is a solution – a kind of patch up job that just masks what’s going on underneath.

    If we raise our children with just solutions, rather than supporting them to get to the root of the problem, they will inevitably go into adulthood seeking more band aids and ways to mask any discomfort.

    Reading this blog, the answer is so simple – express what’s inside. Express our feelings and what we truly want to say.

    Going back to the example of children, as adults we are only able to support them in their full expression if we are also supporting and encouraging ourselves to say and express what we really feel.

    1. What you are saying here makes sense Shevon. Painkillers and other medicine is most needed but if we are repeating this then it is high time to ask WHY.
      If we are not willing to ask what is causing us to need more of the same stuff then in some way we are not really wanting to change and looking for the patch up job as you say.
      When we get our act together by expressing what we feel we give others permission to do the same and that includes our kids, community and the world.

  10. I have a diagnosis of fibroids and as I prepare for surgery I often think of this blog and especially this line –

    ‘What if just saying what you feel and not holding back would mean you can express?’

    and then I read this today –

    ‘Does that mean that something inside us wants to come out – a feeling and we do not express it for whatever reason and this is what causes the imbalance that may start as tiny pain or tension located in a certain part of your head which you ignore until the pain is shouting at you?’


    ‘What would happen if you spoke the truth about how your really feel?’

    With the pain I experience during my periods I know for a fact that not expressing what I feel in each moment is the root cause of the period pain and the fibroids. When I say expressing it’s not just talking but just expressing what I naturally feel as I move through life e.g. if I feel to hug another – is that honoured or do I ignore and suppress it in the worry of what others might think?

    It’s interesting that the medical profession has no understanding at this stage of the cause of period pain and fibroids, but with what is shared in this blog I am sure that if studies were carried out on all women with these conditions and their lifestyles we would find that not saying and expressing what we feel would be a running theme.

    ‘What would happen to the multi-trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry’, if supporting women to express what they feel was part of a woman’s treatment plan for any gynaecological problems?

    Thank you Simple Living Global for writing this blog and all of the blogs on this website as they are really giving us the answers to how we can change our lives.

    Next read for me will be – Expression is Everything http://simplelivingglobal.com/expression-is-everything/

  11. I consider myself to be healthy, but reading this blog, I’m seeing there is much more. One question in particular jumped out at me: ” What if just saying what you feel and not holding back would mean you can express?”. The idea that not saying how you feel can cause actual harm to your body is pretty big. Being ‘nice’ was considered hugely important in my family for all sorts of good reasons, but reading this blog I’m presented with a different perspective. Being ‘nice’ usually means not saying how you really feel, which means every time I’m nice I’m holding something back. If that’s true, it blasts out of the water all those ‘good reasons’ to be nice. Time to look at this more closely, methinks.

    1. Many people consider themselves healthy Jenifer and they have their own images, pictures and beliefs. But what truly constitutes great health and should we be addressing vitality levels? By that I mean are we working long hours in nervous tension or are we deeply settled in our body and have the space and energy levels without reaching for stimulants to keep us going.
      On the point about being nice – this is huge for so many of us. You say it ‘usually means not saying how you really feel’ and this is true from my experience. It sucks, it hurts, it serves no one and it is deeply harmful to our precious body. Why on earth bother to do it and the other person gets the false you as the real you is being nice and no one benefits. Now thats bad medicine.

  12. When I lived in the UK I frequently suffered from colds, chest infections anything upper respiratory. I didn’t even think I was the cause of these frequent infections. I didn’t even connect it that I was working out 6 days week and not only holding back expression, but clamped it.

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of GP’s waiting room and still not, sometimes to wait for nearly 1-2 hours is painful enough but I go if I need their support.

    As already mentioned by Tim, through the presentations of Universal Medicine by Serge Benhayon, I am taking more responsibility and accountability for my own health. I know when there are signs and symptoms, my body is releasing and if support is needed from medication I will take it otherwise I will support my body and nurture it.

    On the note of children and sugar consumption on the increase. One Christmas Eve morning I watched a family member give 2 pieces of toast, a glass of zero sugar drink, custard and finished it off with chocolates, the child was 5 years of age and it was only 7am! And the parents wondered why she vomited later on.

    People are not taking responsibility and want everyone else to fix it for them. Don’t get me wrong I was once doing this but once I became friends with the word ‘responsibility & accountability’, I am observing the changes with in my own health.

  13. Great what you say here Shushila about how you ‘became friends with the words RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY’.
    These words are scary and require us to make a stop and wake up and take note that we each need to do our bit and whether we do or not, we are accountable for the choices we make every single day. We do not like that as it means we cannot blame anyone or anything. These words are a game changer if we want to make true changes in our life.

    Next – the parents feeding a child what you mention for a christmas eve breakfast speaks volumes. What comes to mind is how Responsible is our behaviour when it comes to our children?

  14. This blog ought to be read by all and would be parents – a wake up call as to what’s going on globally. If it isn’t fast foods, fast entertainments, social media, its our unhealthy toxic emotions harming us and our children. We are not curing anything faster with fast technology.

    Isn’t it time we reverted to the old ways where common sense was common.

  15. A study published in February by think-tank 2020health has shown that “fear of finding out” is the reason 75% of people put it off.
    Dr. Max – NHS Psychiatrist reports in the national newspaper – Daily Mail on 11/2/2017 saying “the coping mechanism at play here is denial. In the short term it might allow us to avoid something anxiety provoking, but in the long term it can result in far bigger problems”.
    He goes on to say that there is a psychological explanation where there is a constant conflict between two parts of our mind – the reptillian brain and the neocortex.
    The reptillian brain is involved in our basic, primal needs. It results in short term thinking and is only interested in satisfying its basic desires. It is irrational and impulsive and does not worry about long-term consequences.
    The neocortex is the rational part of our mind that sets us apart from animals and enables us to understand cause and effect.
    So when we bury our head in the sand and overide the sensible neocortex which knows that not knowing something, does not make it go away. In other words get to the GP and get it checked out.

    What Simple Living Global is presenting is the next step. Go and get it checked out which is step one, then take a stop momement and ponder on WHY we got to that point in the first place. In other words how are we choosing to live that may have contributed to where we end up, with the sickness, illness, symptom or dis-ease in our body.

  16. Very interesting to read about the 2 parts of the brain, the constant conflict between them and how this comes into the choices were making.

    When I have asked people have you been to the doctor re a health issue or symptom they say oh no it’s ok, it’s not that bad or it’ll go away on it’s own, I have done this. The fear of finding out makes sense of these excuses to not go, but if it is viewed as something to work with, as an indicator of our choices, and there’s something we can do about it by questioning the way we’ve been living it could be something to be empowered and supported by whilst receiving medical help during this.

    75% is many many people putting off going the doctor. Is this the reason why our illness and diseases are worsening, becoming more extreme, needing stronger medication… with growing statistics? because we don’t go and don’t ask ourselves why do we have these illnesses.

    From my experience ‘the next step’ is definitely worth taking, I have had long term health problems turn round and stop. I am healthy, my energy levels vastly improved and I am enjoying life.

  17. Reading your blog again brought my attention to our children, expressing and medication. When I was a young a child, around five or six, I had very bad stomach pains that would have me doubled up, I was given tablets to take. I always understood them to be painkillers, it was only in recent years I found out they were sedatives. In my teens I was given medicines again for bad stomach pains, anti spasmodics, anti inflammatories and painkillers and took them for several years. I am sure this was a big contribution to my feeling tired and exhausted all the time.

    In recent years choosing to live differently, taking great care of myself, listening to my body, going gluten, dairy, caffeine and sugar free, addressing my emotional reactions and expressing much more my body has become healthy.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for this blog and website, for asking questions.. and showing us There Is Another Way.

  18. I have recently been on daily visits to the hospital and what I see is how we as a nation depend so much on the medical world to sort us out because we are sick.

    Without this medical intervention most who end up in hospital would not be alive so we have to thank the advancements made in medicine.

    But is there more we can do as individuals?

    I had an organ removed following 3 decades of completely dis-regarding my body and I noticed the momentum I was living stayed with me after surgery. What I mean by momentum is I had this racy pacy lifestyle and even though I was very ill, I had a brain running at a 1000 miles per hour and even with a blood transfusion going, I had a mobile phone in my other hand trying to book clients in.

    I was driven to the point that I could not stop and it is this momentum that needed to be arrested. This took time but it started with questions questions and then day by day taking small steps to change the wayward behaviour that led me to get so ill in the first place. That was 2008.

    Interesting to note that I have not needed any GP or hospital visit since and this confirms the anecdotal evidence that how we choose to live everyday is our medicine.
    For those who think this is a one off, miracle or a load of twaddle, it may just be worth tracking the author of this website in years to come.

  19. Are we scared or worried when we read news headlines that say “The End of Antibiotics”

    The health chief medical officer is saying we will have to treat sick with fresh air and sunshine.

    The UK is on the brink of a ‘post-antibiotic’ era.
    WHY? Because we are losing the battle against drug-resistance infections.

    New strains are not responding to a normal course of antibiotics so doctors have resorted to using two combined drugs.

    Some are saying that GPs are partly to blame for handing out antibiotics.

    Could there be more here that we are not perhaps considering?

    Is it time to think outside the box?
    Is it that our bodies are breaking down because of how we are choosing to live?
    Is it because we are no longer able to keep up with what our bodies are communicating?
    Is it because drugs are coming AFTER the bug and we are playing catch up?
    Is it because our lifestyle choices are changing so fast we cannot keep up with new strains?

    Are we going down the road where no antibiotics in the world is going to make a difference to us?
    Are we ready to ask more questions and get to the root cause of WHY we need antibiotics?
    Are we ready to be honest and ask WHY on earth are we getting sick and is there another way?

  20. This would be great to have ‘ why do we get sick? ‘ on the front of every news paper, a call to stop and reflect for a moment and bring this to our awareness. With the growing statistics, increasing severity, and more difficult to treat illnesses and disease on the rise what a service this would be to have this as a frontline news heading.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for putting this question out to humanity.. we need it and we need to start asking ourselves this question. This website offers so much with insight, lived experience and practical ways we can help our selves. If our health is in our choices, and in our hands.. is it time we now started to look at this.. take responsibility and bring the change we so want?

  21. When I used to get sick I would try all sorts of lotions, potions and pills but none of them worked so it is no surprise to that NHS England are going to ban GPs prescribing homeopathic remedies. The Chief Executive Simon Stevens is quoted as saying that homeopathy is ‘at best a placebo’. (Allen, V., Ban on GPs Prescribing Homeopathic Remedies, Daily Mail, 22nd July 2017)

    Why are placebos so ‘effective’ at improving symptoms?

    If we can be given a fake pill that has no active substance to treat a condition and see improvements, does this mean that there is more going on in the creation and healing of illness and disease than we have thus far accepted?

    Do we have a hand in curing our ills as well as creating them?

    It certainly makes sense for money not to be wasted on drug treatments that are ineffective, when there are other more sustainable and cost effective ways.

    I have found that through being honest with myself and being willing to see the things that I have been doing to cause sickness – e.g overworking, not speaking up, beating myself up with negative thoughts and changing that to making self-loving choices like resting more and stopping work earlier knowing that I am enough and that doing more does not confirm my worth, these responsible choices have enabled the tides to turn and my ill health has improved.

  22. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/hsph-in-the-news/purpose-in-life-healthy-aging/

    A new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, published in JAMA Psychiatry on 16 August 2017 is saying that having a PURPOSE IN LIFE may play an important role in helping people maintain physical function as they age.

    The authors of this study say “People with higher purpose are more proactive in taking care of their health, have better impulse control and engage in healthier activities.”

    So what exactly is purpose would be a great question to start with?

    We could then say – who actually defines what purpose is for us?

    What is our own version or take on what purpose is?

    Does that fit in with our current lifestyle choices or are we seeing a bigger picture?

    What I mean is, do we have our own convenient suitable truth about what purpose is because we can look busy and ‘healthy’ by making a few lifestyle choices that tick the boxes BUT is that true and absolute purpose?

    Could it be possible that this is a great sign and confirmation from a study and we are now at least going to consider this but could there be more?

    Could it be possible that common sense would tell us that the reason we do something will have an impact on the greater whole and we are part of that whole?

    Could it be possible that most of us will do something in order to get identification, recognition and acceptance from others?

    Could it be possible that this type of purpose has an undercurrent that may not be so obvious, but comes from an internal drive to be more and do more?

    Could it be possible that true purpose is a quality that can be felt even if most negate, deny or ignore it at first?

    Could it be possible that our true purpose in life is to BE all that we truly are?

    Could it be possible that when we have true purpose in life, our particles move differently inside us?

    Could it be possible that in future all of us will know and live a true purpose, that holds a vibration that unites us ALL Equally and this is when our world will really see the much needed changes we so need right now on earth?

    Could it be possible that by living true and absolute purpose, we will not get sick and not living it is the answer to WHY we get sick in the first place?

  23. An article in the Daily Mail, 10th June 2017, talks about how herbal or plant remedies are NOT a side-effect free alternative.

    Natural remedies may not be the gentle alternative we imagine after it was reported that a man became psychotic after drinking tea made from St John’s Wort, a plant extract popular for its anti-depressant properties.

    People think it’s a better alternative to prescription medicines. However, just because something is from a plant, doesn’t mean it’s harmless.

    A plant with medicinal benefits contains an active compound that interacts with the body just as regular medicines do. But because plant extracts aren’t regulated in the same way, there’s no way of knowing the concentration of the active compound.

    Add to that, ‘natural’ medicines might be contaminated with dangerous chemicals in the plant.

    Modern medicine owes a debt to plants – heart medication ‘digoxin’ comes from the foxglove for instance – but we have modified and improved on them.

    This should be a wake-up call for people who think that just because something is natural and has helped others, it doesn’t mean that it will help everyone.

    But even in those it does seem to help…is it truly helping or is it simply just relieving the symptoms?

    Is it truly healing or is it just burying the issue?

    Another plant that is ‘natural’ and used for its ‘medicinal’ properties is Marijuana.

    Marijuana is well documented as being very harmful, so how can it be justified being used as medicine?

    We seem to have fallen for this word ‘natural’ and the fact that because it is natural, it must be good for us.

    Until we start to look at the root cause of our illnesses and diseases and not look for a ‘quick fix’ to relieve ourselves, we will always be subject to someone’s interpretation of whether natural products are good for us.

  24. Thank you for this powerful blog which raises many, many vitally important issues at a time when the world seems to be getting sicker and good health seems to be about the ability to keep going, regardless of the quality of the keeping going.

    Surely, one of the markers of true health is the ability to live from a natural vitality that is not propped up by some sort of stimulant – caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol etc?

    Reading this post, what hit me first was that I have quite forgotten what it feels like to be truly healthy. I am now nearly fifty but I have probably haven’t enjoyed a day of true good health since I was a child because since around the age of 14 I have used some kind of stimulant such as caffeine, sugar, nicotine and alcohol (not now) to either wake me up or to get me through the day. That is not being healthy.

    As I ponder this, what also strikes me is that most of the people that I know are not truly healthy as most of them use something to keep going – coffee, tea, glass of wine, a pint, slice of cake, biscuits…the list goes on.

    The only people I know who are truly healthy are the ones who have been inspired to learn to listen to their bodies. As I consider this fact, I feel very appreciative that I do know such truly inspirational people who I can look to and learn from – like the author of this blog.

  25. I used to get sick all the time, I would say things like, it’s the season for it or I must be run down or it’s been going around. All these things to avoid what was really going on in my life then.
    I am by no means perfect now but I have taken responsibility in some areas of my life that mean I seem to get colds and flus very rarely. I can only remember having one in the last three years. It is simple things like committing to not eating any gluten or dairy, to be more responsible for my emotional state and seeking support by way of sessions on a regular basis.

  26. When I was young I would regularly get tonsillitis.

    It happened especially when I was under pressure with my studies.

    Eventually I had my tonsils out, but what if there was more to it than that?

    What if I was not expressing what was going on inside for me?

    What if the pressure I was feeling needed to be released in some way?

    Looking back, I can see the pattern and what was playing out.

    What if there is always more to getting sick than we are currently exploring with science?

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