Drinking Water

The following is taken from our Back to Basics Program

How many of us hate drinking water?

How many of us actually love drinking water?

Why do most of us find water

    • Flat
    • Bland
    • Boring
    • Plain
    • Dead
    • Tasteless

Our bodies cannot live without water – FACT

Can we be honest and say the following are NOT water

    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • Alcohol
    • Fruit Juices
    • Fizzy Drinks
    • Energy Drinks

Water is the main ingredient but the body gets the caffeine, sugar or alcohol and that is where the problem starts…

Water is essential for our body as our cells can be hydrated and our organs, including our brain can function.

Our human body is complex and there is a lot going on inside of us that we may not be aware of.

Drinking plain and simple water and making sure we stay hydrated throughout the day is essential for our health and there are many benefits.

Water is free so what is our excuse?

What would happen if we started our morning with a cup or two of hot water?

How many of us would gag at the very thought of drinking plain water first thing?

What if we had a go and made it part of our everyday morning routine?

Think about a plant or fresh flowers – how long would they look alive without any water?

What if common sense medicine is telling us to drink more water as it supports us in so many ways?

What if we need a hot drink and change the taste and try any of the following which are caffeine free

Slice of Lemon | Peppermint | Chamomile

Life without water is not possible so it makes sense to drink water as part of our daily Simple Living


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  1. Thank you for this essential blog.

    For many years, I drank little water because I didn’t like the taste.

    These were the years that I was a cigarette smoker and I didn’t like drinking water then because the taste of water wasn’t strong enough to mask the unpleasant taste of cigarettes that was ever present in my mouth.

    So, instead of water, I used to drink excessive amounts of drinks with strong tastes such as coffee, diet colas and fruit flavoured squashes.

    Since quitting, I have seen that one of the many, many benefits of ceasing to smoke cigarettes is that water tastes great!

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