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Dear World

Simple Living Global delivered a blog called REAL TALKING a year ago.

This is well worth reading and re-reading as there is much being said about the Talk stuff.

Here is the link –

The following blog is an expansion on Real Talking and invites the reader to take the first step when it comes to Honest communication.

Hello World

Are we ready to get Real and get really Honest

Real and Honest are the ingredients needed for this Recipe called SAY IT AS IT IS.

What does it actually mean to Say it as it is

Think about young children and it is easy

Have we noticed our kids just Say it as it is

It is like they have no sensors and no agenda and nothing stops them expressing exactly what they want to say and it just comes out.

There is no calculation needed, no working it out and controlling what comes out of that mouth.

Most of us just love it when our child just happens to Say it as it is.

We find it refreshing, uplifting, inspiring, real, amazing, funny, beautifull and the rest…

So why on earth have we stopped doing that

What is the internal dialogue that caps that

What is going on in our head that blocks it

What is our intent when we don’t Say it as it is

What if we started to practice this ‘Say it as it is’

What if we observe our children to see their movements, so we can learn to Say it as it is.

What if we are really the same as children but somewhere along the life road we made the choice to stop the “Say it as it is” thing.

Have we conditioned ourselves into making sure we never say it as it is because we know it may cause problems and Complications.

Do we hold back from saying it as it is because we think it might hurt other people.

Do we worry about the backlash if we just Say it as it is to friends and family.

Do we get concerned in our workplace when we feel to just Say it as it is.

Do we have a job and security to think about so to Say it as it is never seems straight forward.

Do we hate saying it as it is because it is the Truth and others might stop talking to us.

Do we avoid saying it as it is because we just want to be nice and liked by others.

Do we feel a tension inside our hearts when we want to Say it as it is but never do.

Do we have lots of thoughts feeding our heads when we just want to Say it as it is.

Do we plan in our minds what we think we want to say instead of Say it as it is.

Do we feel bombarded with scenarios of the consequences if we simply Say it as it is.

Do we procrastinate when we know it is needed to just Say it as it is.

Do we mince our words and talk jibber jabber instead of just Say it as it is.

Do we go around the houses and never get to the point when all we had to do is Say it as it is.

Do we consistently play games with others instead of Say it as it is.

Do we put the invisible tape on our mouths as we are afraid to Say it as it is, because we really don’t want to offend anyone as we are too nice.

Do we grit our teeth and feel our body harden when we want to Say it as it is but just don’t.

Do we feel our body pulsing with frustration at yet another missed ‘Say it as it is’ moment.

Do we find ourselves getting Sick when we simply do not Say it as it is.

Dear World

What if we were taught from day dot to use immediacy of Truth.

In other words, we immediately verbalise what we see and feel.

What if our world and its brothers – that means all of us would benefit if we just Say it as it is.

What if there is purpose and meaning when we simply Say it as it is.

What if our world is missing this Real and Honest expression within us that is natural when we just Say it as it is.

What if speaking instant Truth would help us all to evolve and re-turn to who we truly are.

What if it is time to just SAY IT AS IT IS because our body is telling us so.

Could it be that Simple?


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  1. I have come to realise that in my world and that means my everyday life, there is no holding back and I really do not care who it is I am talking to as I just Say it as it Is.

    My style is no mincing words or trying to sound like this or that.

    I get to meet all sorts of people and I find it interesting how people are sometimes uncomfortable in their own skins to just let the tongue loose and Say it as it is.

    I find to Say it as it is like fresh air. It’s clear and not foggy if that makes sense.

    When I start conversations people light up, their shoulders drop and the guard comes down and off they go sharing and talking with the ‘Say it as it is’ style.

    It is like the thing is catching on because that is how I am and they have permission to be the same, which is connect to who they truly are and simply express from there – nothing more and nothing less.

    This is not about sounding a certain way or like another but simply our own truth being voiced without any hidden agenda or laced with this or that.

    I reckon most people like the ‘Say it as it is’ and those who don’t may have their reasons, but in my world I see no point wasting a nanosecond talking jibber when straight talk – Say it as it is most certainly is needed in any situation.

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing blog.

    The title of this blog is ‘Say It As It Is’ but, rather ironically, having just read it, I have been left gobsmacked by one question contained in the blog.

    The question, ‘What if it is time to just SAY IT AS IT IS because our body is telling us so. Could it be that simple?’, is possibly the most profound thing about honest communication that I have ever read.

  3. Waiting for a bus I was staring inside this cake shop which had a unique selling point – egg free.

    It got me thinking how on earth do they have so many cakes – all with fresh cream, every size you could think of and then the individual ones incase it was not for a special occasion.

    Well in that area there are certain types of cultures that want the cake but not the egg as they are vegetarians. So the demand is there.

    Old man, very well spoken stands next to me and he was endorsing this shop and in my usual style of Say It as It is – I delivered with no holding back.

    Yes I can understand that this shop exists simply because there is a demand.

    WHY I would never eat fresh cream or go near that amount of sugar was my next statement and on we went with this conversation.

    What I have noticed happens in our world is when another claims what they want to say, we tend to nod, agree or go along with it for whatever reason, but in my world of operating I see no point or purpose in doing so.

    Why not just Say It as It is as chances are we give another the opportunity to maybe consider another way or another angle to something that they may not be aware of until that moment?

    Not saying it as it really is serves no one if you ask me and what is the worst that could happen if we just said it as it really was?

    Kids do that all the time and we find it sweet, endearing and inspiring so why did we stop when we became grown ups?

    Makes no sense to me.

  4. Thank you for this marvellous blog.

    I have been very aware recently that there have been occasions in my life recently when I have held back from saying it as it is.

    When I ponder these instances of not saying it is it is, I can see that I have held back from speaking honestly because of fear: fear of rejection, fear of conflict, fear of disapproval, fear of losing something that I have in the world.

    So, ultimately, it seems to me that I do not say it how it is at times because of attachments, or investments, I have in the world. By holding back like this, I am choosing the status quo in the world over what’s true for me – put more succinctly, I’m choosing the world over truth.

    That makes me feel terrible when I look at it because, by not speaking out, I am, depending on the context, either effectively supporting and sanctioning the status quo in the world in order that my comfort or self-interest is maintained, or resisting my own growth and evolution by remaining within my comfort zone for fear of what might happen if I put my head above the parapet.

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