USA State Prisons

On June 20, 2022, I had the opportunity to see Bina Pattel in action.

First of all, I have seen many great and compelling speakers, and I can say without reservation I have never seen an individual who could engage and hold the attention of an audience like Bina. Not to mention the audience in question were incarcerated individuals. Allow me to be clear, despite what the general public believes about those that are incarcerated, if they wanted to leave they certainly could have. This was a non-issue from the opening moments of Bina’s presentation. She has a way of grasping the attention of a group in a way I have never previously witnessed. Clearly her material was very well researched and thought out. She had an appropriate answer to any question posed to her, on topic or not.

Finally, I can’t imagine there is anyone out there that could do a one hour presentation on “breathing”, all the while keeping the topic fresh and meaningful. I can’t recommend Bina and her team highly enough, whether it be to present before a group of five, or five thousand.


This was a great challenge – to force out all preconceived beliefs deeply embedded. But trying to address those the way I have, I have to wonder has the education helped me or drew me more away and into my head.

This way of living – teaching me to live purposeful and walk in presence brought me to the truest medicine I do need to re-rehabilitate – Love me so I can love others better. Thank you so very much with genuine and humble gratitude for this opportunity.

JR – AGE 30

It feels real good inside to know there are people like you out there who understand us and care what happens to us.

Being in your class I felt human again, not just an inmate with a CDCR # but a person treated with love and respect and have value to my community. I would love to work with you now or in the future to help other brothers and sisters.

Thank you again for coming all the way from the UK…
Keep doing what you are doing, you are making a big difference.

PS – AGE 34

I have been dealing with sciatica pain in my right leg and nothing I have done has worked for lessening my pain. But while I was doing the breathing exercise, I forgot about my pain “completely.”

Thank you for taking the time out of your lives to come into the prison and help us.

JG – AGE 36

Great programme.
No thoughts. No worries. No distractions.
Extremely peaceful.


AA – AGE 47

I really enjoyed the things we were taught today and can see the benefits it will have in my life as I continue to learn and apply the techniques we were shown.

Self-love is everything and I believe that it is the focus of what we are being shown – how to be more in tune with yourself, so you can love who you are and then others also.

Please come back.

RR – AGE 47

I enjoyed the breathing technique. I was absolutely present in the moment – loving, appreciating and caring for myself. Thank you.

WJ – AGE 55

When I did the breathing exercise, I felt like no one else was in the room. Afterwards, I felt awake and I have been sitting on my chair for almost 3 hours. My anxiety was still there but not nearly as it was when I first walked in.

I believe in Bina Pattel. She is genuine and exhibits/demonstrates her wisdom because what she teaches is through her experience.

SS – AGE 42

UK Prisons

I recognise the energy and commitment you have brought to developing this programme and to working with offenders. Your care and dedication is clear to see—and the positive and powerful testimonies do demonstrate that you have helped people to change their lives.


I have read your whole Back to Basics program document. Its Brilliant.

I honestly think our prison would be mad not to take this up.

I really like the detail in managing the classes/specifics etc., within the prison environment – managing difficult behaviour and working within prison constraints.

Personally, I would say most of the civilian staff and agencies working here already would not be aware of or have considered most of the issues you address (e.g., the role count being potentially wrong and delaying a class and how you would work with this, page 28, working with security/officers as needed etc.,).

I also have a very clear vision now of how the sessions would ‘look’ and fit within the prison environment.

It is really great – got me inspired again just reading it!

This program covers every aspect needed for rehabilitation inside prison and then through the gate into the community.

HMP – 23 Years Service

From attending the Simple Living Global class, I have learnt how to slow down.

I felt Bina she did not judge me, stereo type me, talk down to me or tell me what I want to hear.
She was clear on the boundaries on both sides.
She is Always committed and consistent. If she says she is going to come, she does.
She will never pass without a smile, or hello or good morning.
She helps me to believe in myself.

Bina has helped me to see how Angry I was and tense. Why I was so angry, how my past poor coping strategies contributed to all of my offending and how my impulsive and false beliefs and instant gratification was still affecting me today.
She has taught me some Simple Living techniques to connect with myself and to be gentle.

She has helped me to take more Responsibility for my actions and to be committed to using problem solving skills and live the here and now, not crying about the past or rushing into the future.

I no longer feel inadequate in the presence of females or authority.

This is my Truth.


When I attended the Simple Living Foundation Workshops in July 2010, I was at a very low point in my life and I did not want to admit that to myself.

I had an uncontrolled thyroid condition that was so serious the consultant was talking about removing it.

I was suffering from chronic exhaustion and was angry with life itself.

What was presented in the workshop and thereafter has transformed my life.

Bina Pattel presented that taking time to care for yourself was key to living a life with truth and vitality.

I no longer smoke or drink alcohol.
I have lost over 3 stone in weight.
My thyroid condition has totally reversed.
I do not take medication anymore.
No more hospital appointments.
I do not have chronic exhaustion.
I am not angry with life anymore.

Bina presents practical tips that are simple and easy to apply in everyday life. Bina showed me basic tips such as opening and closing the door gently.  This was a challenge for me as I always slammed doors.  It took 6 months and now I never slam doors.  She also supported me with my sleep pattern, which was erratic to say the least.  I started with going to bed an hour early and then built on this.  Her program helped me understand that without sleep I could not function, let alone look after myself.  Fast forward to today, I go to bed early every day.  Bina’s basic tips are simple and do not require a lot of time.  In fact, the tips I have picked up are a daily part of my life and have become the norm.  I have been supported with so much more, which has allowed me to Live in a nurturing and loving way.

I can truthfully say that without that first workshop I would not be where I am today.

Bina is an inspiration to me and others and what she presents is the REAL DEAL.


Learning to self-care is the start of the rehabilitation, which can only lead to self-responsibility, which can only lead to a stop in re-offending.


Bina, I respect your no-nonsense practical advice. You are generous, kind, loyal and I greatly Appreciate you and the inmates that have come into contact with you would all feel the same. You have inspired a generation of prisoners to love and care for themselves and their communities.



I have known Bina Pattel for over 25 years.  During this time, she has guided me both personally and professionally.  As a new Team Lead, I was not fully prepared to handle all the personnel and management-related responsibilities in my new position. I was supervising over 40 people on various projects across the world – USA, Brazil, Philippines, Argentina, South Africa, Singapore, France.

Bina helped me to understand and work with people of different backgrounds and personalities at various levels.  She also guided me through the annual performance appraisal process for my team.  Bina helped me identify the criteria and questions to utilize in order to fairly evaluate each team member.  This ensured that each team member was given an objective and constructive performance evaluation, which I was able to support with examples of their work results.

Bina has reinforced the importance of having a solid foundation, by being a living example, so that I can deal with the things that throw me off and occur in my life.  She has a stillness and calmness that seems to transfer over to me after I talk with her.  I continue to learn from Bina as I build my foundation – she is steady as a rock, always consistent, and reminds me to “Get on With It”.


Having had the experience of working with Bina Pattel in work settings, I have seen first-hand that the Simple Living Global ‘Back to Basics’ program is instrumental in dramatically increasing employee engagement and productivity, improving internal and external communication, and reducing stress levels at all levels.

Ms. Pattel is phenomenal at building relationships with employees who she has never met in person, and her relationships are based on the highest integrity, true respect, caring, and commitment to helping others. What makes Ms. Pattel unique in her approach to well-being support is the fact that what she presents to others is how she lives everyday with consistency and commitment. I have had the pleasure of witnessing huge changes in my co-workers – from the president and executive team, to department managers to non-management staff – just after one session with her. More than one participant has said that, ‘for the first time someone truly understands me’ and ‘I trust her completely.’

What she brings to workplaces and to people from all walks of life is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I recommend her to anyone who wants to make lasting changes in their lives.


Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Drug & Alcohol Rehab never got to the root of my underlying issue which caused the addictions. Simple Living Global does and this is the first time in my life that I feel I have got to the core of my addictive behaviour and have the tools to clear this. Bina Pattel walks the walk, talks the talk and Lives the life I know I have the potential to Be.


There are some people who just stand out in this world and Bina Pattel is one of them.  

She says it how it is, no matter who she’s talking to and she walks the walk, not just talks the talk.  

Her real-life, practical approach and her lived integrity are what set her apart and what caused me to trust her on sight.

Have a single conversation with her and you will understand exactly what I mean – it’s like there are a bunch of extra dimensions to her you can’t even see, but you can definitely feel.  

There are no taboo subjects, no judgement and no dusty corners.  There is just a deeply caring woman, living Truth and calling others to their equal potential in that.  

I have lost track of the number of ah-ha moments I’ve had with Bina.  Those moments have moved a load of unnecessary baggage out of the way, helping me stay light and focused on what’s important.  The appreciation I have for Bina’s consistent support, the Truth she presents and for the game-changing content on the Simple Living Global website, content I come back to time and time again, is immeasurable.


I regularly come to the Simple Living Global website for a sense check on the world today. The articles on this site are straight to the point, make absolute sense, are exceptionally well researched, and cut through with precision, to get to the point of any given topic.

We would all do well to read these articles. More so this site is the real deal, as Bina Pattel walks the talk, and lives and breathes what she writes about.

I have known Bina Pattel for 15+ years and her dedication to humanity and her care for others is relentless. She is steady, consistent and very real and practical.

Bina has worked in many different environments with people from all walks of life and understands the many pressures and strains of modern society. She is a woman of her word – reliable and someone you can trust.

This is no heady intellectual website professing to offer solutions. This is a website bursting full of integrity and honesty, offering a much-needed breath of fresh air.