Dear World

We are no longer a new website as we have been going since January 2016.

This website is for humanity.
So we are presenting to the people, about the people, for the people and on behalf of the people.

Our weekly blogs are our commitment and we have remained constant and steady and have no intention of taking a holiday.

We have a Responsibility to present the Truth because we know there is another way to live that is simple and we will continue to deliver this Truth with no hidden agenda.

Just incase anyone has not noticed, things are getting worse on our Earth and some of the statistics on our blogs here confirm this.

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We can sit around and Blame anything and everyone or we can make a choice to change our Priority in life and swap Perfect life for Real life. If we start to ask Questions then there is a chance for things to change. Doing nothing and holding back our Expression means no change.

This website is not short of content and there is much being presented to bring awareness to any reader and offer a moment of reflection about what on earth is really going on and WHY.

If for any reason this website is not your cup of tea or you do not like the vibration it presents, please click the x to close the screen and move on.

If you do find it helpful, please leave a comment, share it on social media or let others know who may benefit.

Simple Living Global is here for one purpose –
to present another way to live that UNITES us all EQUALLY and puts RESPONSIBILITY back at the core of every choice.


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