Tell ‘em Straight

Dear World

Time to straighten up the world as it really is all over the place and we all got a job to do – so LET’S GET ON WITH IT !

This short blog is saying it is time we just Say It as It Is.
We no longer need to hold back and squirm or pull away.
Just go for it and tell ‘em straight.

There is no point diluting what you know needs to be said and no point watering it down, as you don’t want to tell ‘em straight – that benefits none of us.

Tell ‘em straight means no matter who or what is in front of you, if you feel there is something to say and it is no nonsense straight forward talking – JUST SAY IT.

It could be a partner, the kids, the neighbour, the shop keeper, the supermarket security guard, the boss, the friend, the colleague at work, the board room CEO or the prisoner in the next cell – tell ‘em straight.

What is the point of not saying what needs to be said and choosing to say nothing?

What would be the purpose of calculating or trying to strategise what to say and how to say it and when?

What if there is now an immediacy needed when we engage and talk to others, so we all get what is needed to move on?

What if we actually are supporting others when we tell ‘em straight, as they know where we are coming from?

What if our tell ‘em straight talking offers a new standard in our relationships and work places?

What if the very thing you have got to say would make a Real difference?

What if your tell ‘em straight talking was super important and exactly what the other needed to hear?

What if you are simply a messenger for others when you just tell ‘em straight?

What if our whole outlook on life would be very different if we just tell ‘em straight?

What if we made the commitment to tell ‘em straight at every opportunity?

What if others would respect us if the dilly dallying nicey nice was replaced with the tell ‘em straight style?

What if we actually started liking ourselves more and respecting ourselves for doing the tell ‘em straight talking?

What if our new tell ‘em straight style made us more Real and we started feeling more confident about speaking up?

What if we practice this “tell ‘em straight”?
In other words, we would just say what we mean and not worry or get bothered about their reactions.

What if our tell ‘em straight helped us to not create so much tension in our body, which comes from holding back?

What if we posted online with our tell ‘em straight writing instead of the fluff and puff of past days?

What if we started writing Emails with our tell ‘em straight costume on?

What if we develop Another Way of living everyday by using this “tell ‘em straight” as part of our normal Expression?

In other words, we take small steps and do straight talking, no nonsense with those close to us and allow this to develop and expand into other areas of life which includes work and our Neighbourhood and Community.

What if others do appreciate those that tell ‘em straight, as they know exactly where they stand and it ain’t such a bad thing?

What if we have the power to touch others deeply if we tell ‘em straight?


It is important to be aware that tell ‘em straight is not venting or using our underlying tone to sound like it’s straight talk but it is not. No No.

Tell ‘em straight is not coming with any agenda or intention other than to be as open and HONEST as we can in that given moment.

A great example here are young children before they start getting into observing their parents and older siblings and going into pleasing or rebelling.

The kids that just Say It as It Is – they are not affected in anyway about the outcome or what may happen. They just tell us all straight. There are no narrow ways about them – just full on open-ness and a natural-ness that lights us up, as we feel where they are coming from.

This little 3 minute read is not to be underestimated.

If we stopped the Gossip and circulating chitta chatta that goes around and is pointless and has no purpose and replaced it with tell ‘em straight style talking, we would no doubt see much needed Change in our world.

This blog is written by a tell ‘em straight woman that is not here to get likes or followers. Just here to Say It as It Is with a no nonsense approach, because our world is starved of this type of Communication.

The key is to not be coming from a place of hurt, reaction or lashing out. Tell ‘em straight is – you know what is needed in that moment, you got the answer or the message – so say it straight.

Nothing more and nothing less is needed.

Job done.




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  1. I just got out of my car and was on a local high street and saw a young woman looking very distressed. In my usual style, I just say it as it is and asked what’s going on and her response was she has no money as she left her purse at home.
    OK – not a problem was my first response. What did she want money for?
    Turned out it was to get her nails done before work.

    Well I told her straight if it was genuine and needed I most certainly would give her money but not for false nails. Then we got talking about her false eyelashes and her reason was it saves time putting make up on in the morning. Really?

    The amount of baloney people come up with. Asking those in a hair salon it turns out the eyelashes are so long and in the way they have bad sleep every night as they cannot turn on their side, but it’s worth it as during the day they look good. Really?

    That was a relevant digression – back to the distressed young woman. I told her about my life and the acne for decades and excess weight and then my age today and yes I felt amazing even without make up or hair done properly. I said those thick heavy fake lashes come at a cost and she nodded and so does the false nails. I asked her was she hiding or masking something underneath and boom, she just burst into tears. I carry tissues always and handed some over and allowed her to just sob. She then told me she just buried a young man who had suicided and was part of her family (not blood).

    This is serious and what was very noticeable was the instant change. Her eyes had a kind of depth that was not there before. When I met her the eyes were vacant, like she was empty and dis-connected. Her body was settled and not in an anxious state like when I first saw her. She did say she felt so much better and took my card to contact me. Whether she does or doesn’t matters not. What matters is I did not hold back even though it would appear that this was a stranger and we don’t go up and start talking when we don’t know someone.

    I was presented (put into this situation) right time, right place and this was a call.

    I responded without any hesitation and gave it my all. Not once did I care or think about my husband having to wait around in the car or shop or that our own errands to action would be delayed because of this conversation.

    Most of us don’t realise that what we have to say may be exactly what another needs to hear or just our presence in that moment may be just what they need. If I didn’t walk up to this woman that I had never seen before and said “What’s up” how would her day be, as we know she was holding on to some emotion that needed to come out.

    Tell ’em straight as the title of this blog says. Why hold back – I didn’t and look what happened to this woman who was at the receiving end of a suicide.

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