Get REAL, Get HONEST and Get to TRUTH

Let’s get real first.

Next – get honest.

Life for most of us is far from honest if we are being honest.
Somehow, somewhere along the road we started to be dishonest.

For the purposes of this blog dishonest and lying are the same. 

When did lying become normal because we ALL KNOW Lying is not normal.

How come we all love kids who just say it as it is with no holding back.
They speak Truth and we feel open, expanded and go wow wow.

Well once upon a time, we were those young children, so where did we lose the plot?
At what point do we stop speaking the truth?
WHY do we subscribe to this dis-honesty business?
When did we start living a life of dis-honesty?
How great is the quality of our sleep if we are lying in the day?
How does our body really feel when we are lying?
Are we aware that we have become great liars as adults?
WHY are we uncomfortable around people who are consistently dishonest?

Would it be fair to say that we would like to think that we are honest people most of the time?

Could it be possible that we have moments of honesty in certain areas of our lives?
Could it be possible that to be honest all the time would be hard work?
Could it be possible that to get real would mean being more honest and that feels uncomfortable?
Could it be possible that being real is scary as you may not be popular?
Could it be possible that being super real and honest means you would stand out?
Could it be possible that being honest would mean no more nicey nice?
Could it be possible that we don’t fancy the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with being real?

We all want Truth in our life because it is natural and we can feel it is the only thing that has survived over time.

Truth is who we are and Truth is where we come from.

Truth is constant and consistent. Truth is easy and simple. Truth is Real.

How dis-honest have we as a society become if we choose to ignore our own body?
The very own vehicle that is with us from day one until our last breath.

How dis-honest have we become that we celebrate Christmas because it suits us but is not the religion we choose to follow?

How dis-honest have we become that we say “Happy New Year” on auto pilot mode without feeling the pain and misery we have that we live with everyday that is not ‘happy’?

How dis-honest have we become that we say Yes when we actually mean No?

How dis-honest have we become that our fear dictates to us that it is ok to not speak our Truth?

How dis-honest have we become that we ACCEPT dis-honesty as a normal way of life?

How dis-honest have we become that we do not question anything when we know and can feel it is not the Truth?

Where is our moral compass and how often do we ignore it?

To get to Truth we need to start with Honesty.

Honesty is the first step to Truth.

What if we started to get real and be honest about how we feel?
What if we started to get honest so we could get to deep honesty one day?
What if our life started to flow because we are being honest everyday?
What if we started to be honest about how our body feels?
What if we made a choice to honour what we feel and not push it down?
What if we gave ourselves permission to express what we feel?

If we start to become honest about what is really going on in our lives, then we have the choice to make changes that support us and this may inspire others to do the same.

Truth was something I was searching for and I could not get to it because I had not opened the door to honesty. I was living a lie and I had to admit and accept that first. Then I started to get real about what was really going on in my life and things changed, so I got to open the door to Deep Honesty.

Being deeply honest has led me to Truth. It is a daily practice that works and is easy.

I was a master of lying and today I claim that I stand for Truth and I walk the talk and Live Truth to the best of my ability every day. My commitment to Truth is unwavering.
No perfection needed.

FOR THE RECORD – you are no longer popular if you choose to live Truth.

“It is time to get real.
It is time to get truthful.
And, this can only happen if we are willing to make the choices that will allow it.
And hence, we need to connect to our inner-most, for the outer has failed us, and our bodies and our planet are the living proof of this failure.”
Serge Benhayon, Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy ‘The Sayings’, p.228

With deep Appreciation to Serge Benhayon for this inspiring quote that Truth is possible for us all equally and the first step is to Get Real. This man lives and breathes ABSOLUTE TRUTH 24/7. Fact.

Dear World,

Nothing is working in our world that is making simple sense.

Instead of blaming this that and the other, would it be wise to start to



So we can GET TO TRUTH?





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  1. Another Truth-Full blog from a person I know to live truth in every area of life.

    I also had been searching for truth… but I could not get to truth while I was trying to skip/avoid the honesty step. A simple yet revealing concept.

    I had not been getting ‘real’ or honest about my part in everything… since I started getting ‘real’ and developing honesty in every area, with the inspiration and support of Simple Living Global and Universal Medicine, I have been coming back to truth/re-discovering truth inside me.

    Truth was here all along; Truth is Universal, it belongs to every one of us.
    Truth is far deeper, more beautiful, Loving and powerful than being nice & popular… and lost, sick and in constant struggle. The world is in desperate need for honesty and the Truth that honesty can give us access to.

    Where is our responsibility? Why wait?

    1. Great what you say here Jo about you trying to skip or avoid the honesty step.
      Very revealing indeed.
      Important what you share also about not getting real or honest about your part in everything and again this comes down to RESPONSIBILITY. Once we have that word as part of our daily living we are well on the way to being real which then takes us to the Honesty department.
      TRUTH holds a quality that is strong, steady and unwavering. Whereas lies and living dishonestly feels like a shaky and unstable vibration. Been there, done that so hence why I can write the blog and make a comment like this.

  2. I thought I wanted the truth in all parts of my life. But with support from Simple Living Global and Universal Medicine, I came to understand that my truth was more about what the outside world was doing rather then what I was doing.

    Honesty is a much more personal word, it required me to go deeper and ask questions that I did not consider before, like “If I truly care for myself why do I drink alcohol?”
    When I started to ask more honest questions, then I was able to be more open to what the real truth is and if we truly ask for truth then we will be supported to find it, and deep down that is what we all are looking for.

    1. Thank You for sharing Ken. I feel asking questions needs to be a normal part of our life if we are to truly evolve as a race of beings here on earth.
      Lets face it there is so much dishonesty and the majority of us are not real and the ugly thing is most people feel this even if they say nothing. We clock it when dishonesty is in our face and obvious but our body feels even the slight dishonesty or call it lie, be it from ourself or others.
      The thing is we get away with it and its the norm because most of us choose to live this way. Note – it is always a choice.
      From lived experience I can say as the author of this blog and founder of this website that being real, being honest to the best of my ability and Living Truth day in and day out holds a quality that brings a deep settlement in my body. You get to sleep without any tension or racy head and there are heaps of benefits on top of that.
      You become less popular as you no longer do nice or nod and agree.

  3. When we have a dishonesty going on that we are living Michael then it filters out in other areas of our life.
    Get Real and Get Honest is like giving ourselves permission to no longer accept those small lies which stack up as you know.
    My take is that when we are not consistent everyday in the honesty department then we get drained even if we are not aware of it. Not living naturally means we have dishonesty going on somewhere in our life or in every area.

    Small steps and asking questions does make a difference. No perfection needed and no gold stars or fireworks if you get real, get honest and get to Truth. It is what we all need to be doing, yet very few in our world choose to live in this way. It comes with that word that seems to be like a thread weaving into all blogs on this website RESPONSIBILITY.

  4. It is interesting how so many of us say we want truth but so few of us do the work required to get to truth. It starts with the body and as you say if we are not honest about our body and the impact of our choices on it then what chance do we have to get from honesty to truth? I used to for example say that I loved potatoes. However every time I ate them I would develop a pain in my stomach. This went on for years until one day I got honest and realized that I simply could no longer eat potatoes. Eventually I got to the truth of the matter, which was that I used potatoes to dull down my awareness of what was going on around me.

    1. Your first sentence Elizabeth Dolan is monumental. Think about it we say one thing and wonder why things don’t change when we don’t bother to action it.
      If we do want truth in our life as most of us deep down do, then we need to do our bit and that is the ‘work required to get to truth’ as you say.
      Just starting with some honesty and questioning is going to put us on the right track. Your potato example is great and it comes with that word RESPONSIBILITY.

    2. Elizabeth this is so true! If offered, I wonder if we’d take an honesty pill so we didn’t have to put the work in. Imagine if we were all like the lawyer guy in that film Liar Liar, who couldn’t lie, because his son wished it so. Only in this life there is no honesty pill, we have to choose it. And your potato example shows the honesty starts with ourselves before we even get to truth in our interactions with others. Reading that very real example helps break down the pictures of what honesty is and I am learning that it goes far beyond what most of us are taught growing up in the boy-who-cried-wolf-style stories. I’m learning that being true to yourself is at the foundation of it all. Some of us have got so caught up in ideologies, norms and what we think we are supposed to be/be doing, that a big part of this ‘work’ you speak of is, I’m finding, about asking ourselves what is true and being prepared to ditch the stuff WE FEEL is not, regardless of how that makes others feel. For example, when I gave up alcohol, my friends tried the peer pressure thing, saying they wanted the old JS back. There was no going back for me, though, because I had the assurance in my body of what I knew was true for me. There are other things I’m looking at now that are a little tougher.
      Like why do I overwork?
      Why do I pander to my children?
      Why do I rush when I’m taking care of me?
      Getting really honest WITH MYSELF about these things is, I know, the way to shift them at their core, in an enduring and real way that new year’s resolutions simply cannot deliver.

  5. When I was growing up I began to see that grown-ups did not do what they said. I did not feel that was ok. How could I trust anything that a person says? I felt that saying something is easy but it is worthless if you do not follow through on it.

    When I heard Serge Benhayon say that do not believe anything I say unless you can feel it to be true for you, I was intrigued. Maybe this was a way to know if someone was lying?

    I had observed that a baby could have a very different response to different people, without that person saying anything. Animals do this too. So something else was going on. They were feeling something that goes beyond words.

    Everyone can feel these things, but because of our dependence on words we do trust our feelings any more.

    I am now choosing to feel the fact that I feel everything all the time and what I feel is important and it is the truth for me at that moment. This choice feels so right. It is what I have been missing all my life.

  6. Michael, I totally get what you are saying here. It’s so easy to go along with the ‘norms’, hey? And what this blogs says is so TRUE: “FOR THE RECORD – you are no longer popular if you choose to live Truth”. I have started to look in those dusty corners and get honest and it’s not pretty in there, I can tell you that. It’s not like I’m going around outright lying to people, though there has been plenty of that in my past. No, but I’m realising there is much more to being honest that not outright lying, as this blog presents. I am learning that Truth is a step way beyond and it’s a big one. I’m on my way with baby steps, such as seeing where I’m pandering to people and where I’m playing small or where I’m overriding how I feel because ‘things need to get done’ etc. There is still a way to go. For example, I’m less into Christmas as each year passes (will this be the year I finally get honest about how pointlessness it truly is?), but in the dry cleaner the other day, a lady was talking about how she HAS TO have an inflatable snowman for her son even though she doesn’t want one, and I didn’t tell her I thought it was a load of twaddle and that SHE is the mother, she doesn’t HAVE to do anything. Why not? Well the truth is I could read what was going on with her and I knew she would react to me if I said what needed to be said so I didn’t, I held back. Ouch. As soon as I was out of the shop, I could feel it in my body (gross, cringing). I even contemplated going back in. And just today, I got flummoxed when an old friend asked me if I’d ‘become a bible basher’. Well no, I’m not someone who bashes bibles, but I have a strong and building connection with the divine and it supports me beyond measure so why didn’t I lay that out for her? So the TRUE answer to all these questions is YES:
    “Could it be possible that being super real and honest means you would stand out?
    Could it be possible that being honest would mean no more nicey nice?
    Could it be possible that we don’t fancy the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with being real?”
    But the clear answer is also that I want the Truth and to get to that takes work. So onwards we go.

  7. The observation about people saying ‘happy new year’ on auto pilot is huge, and particularly topical today, on 1 January. It brings to mind 2 things:

    (1) We have an opportunity every day, all day, to actually FEEL WHAT WE FEEL, but how many of us let ourselves do that and make space for it? What would happen if we did? How would our lives change if we were honest about how we feel?

    (2) What are we comparing against when we say ‘happy’? Someone messaged me today saying ‘hope this year will be as good or even better than last year’. Is this part of the problem? That our truth is pegged to the status quo; to what we are currently living. What if there is more – so much more? How will we know if we don’t make the enquiry?

  8. Ken, you hit the nail on the head here. How many adults set the rules for kids but don’t follow them? Don’t swear, tell the truth, be gentle, don’t drink or do drugs, don’t shout, don’t sulk, eat your greens. What exactly are we role modelling, expecting our kids to do as we say but not as we do? We’re kidding ourselves if we think they don’t know; you and I are testament to that. And if they know and watch our inconsistency, what are they learning? It reminds me of the shocking statistics on cyber abuse: 1 in 2 people surveyed by the anti-cyber abuse organisation ALLRISESAYNOTO CYBERABUSE.COM say they have experienced some form of cyber abuse. 1 in 2 of us! And there are 3 billion people online. 62% of those surveyed were over 18. So if most cyber abuse is experienced by adults and cyber abuse is on the rise, what are we teaching the kids? We’re telling them not to abuse online, but where are the role models if all the adults are doing it or not saying no to it? Our individual actions have a bigger impact than we might want to admit.

  9. Love the realness of this blog. Lying and dishonesty covers so much in life and I have found there can be different levels of dishonesty one beneath another, that I may not be aware of but as I work with this much is changing. I have certainly done nicey nice, saying things to not make waves, not speaking up when I felt from my body I had something to say. I have realised the effect this has on my body, and on others, and the responsibility I hold in expressing truthfully, rather than trying to fit in through dishonesty. How different my body feels when I do this, I feel so much lighter with much more energy, my body doesn’t feel congested, I don’t run over in my mind the things I want to say. Being honest and speaking my truth brings change , not just to my health and well being but to others too.

    1. Thank you Ruth Ketnor – I agree there is a realness to this blog and this real theme extends to the whole of this website.
      The author lives a quality that is very earthy and very real and this comes through in the writing and leaves no doubt in the reader that honesty is the way to go.
      That nicey nice stuff that you talk about is ugly and it hurts us and is a complete dis-service to another. No one gets the real deal and we all go around and around in circles playing the nice game and offering no evolution so what is the point?
      As you say being honest and speaking the truth does bring change.

  10. One would think that being real, honest and truthful is easy, but the body is indeed the marker of all truth, showing humanity that it is not as easy as we would like it to be. The health condition of humanity is proof that there is something very wrong in the way we live, and that we are not as real, honest and truthful with ourselves as we could be, and inately are. For myself, as time goes by I do become more and more aware of myself, my feelings and the choices I make, – and how they affect me. Not very long ago I reached another level of my honesty in admitting that I was angry with myself, and had been for many, many years. Not so coincidently my neck has been hurting for many, many years, and it really is that simple, to put two and two together. I have made the wrong choices for myself when it comes to relationships (among a few other things), and I have completely ignored myself and my feelings saying loudly no. My irresponsibility has to go SOMEwhere.. There’s only one way to go from here, and that is deeper. Thank you, Bina, for expressing so truthfully.

    1. Great comment – thank you Nathalie Sterk.
      The bit that sticks out is near the end where you talk about the irresponsible choices that you make “has to go SOMEwhere…”
      This is huge if we just stop and press the pause button for a moment.
      So we all do things that are a oops, ugly choice, harmful, not truly supporting etc.,
      We then have our own way of dealing with it – in other words pretending it didn’t happen, ignoring the feeling that comes up, numbing what we feel, denying what we feel or whatever behaviour it is that we have learned to cope with an ‘irresponsible’ choice.
      But what if the undealt with feeling does go somewhere?
      What if no amount of pretending, ignoring, denying or numbing changes that fact?
      What if an addiction of shopping, porn, gambling, overeating, overworking or self medicating in any form actually buries these feelings even deeper?
      What if those feelings bring dis-harmony to our natural state of being?
      What if our body is not in joy because we have stuff undealt with?
      What if our body does not like the stuffed down, swallowing unexpressed hurts?
      WHAT IF – our body is copping it all and one day Boom – it shows us those stacked up irresponsible choices in the form of a dis-ease in the body?
      All this is well worth at least considering because nothing seems to be working right now and things are getting worse. If that seems a bit too much, there are plenty of blogs on this website confirming our world is not in a great place.

  11. I was just reading that the world as a whole is becoming more corrupt, aka dishonest, as shown by the latest ‘Corruption Perceptions Index’ published by Transparency International. They do a survey annually, analysing corruption levels globally, focused on the public sector in each country, and this latest one shows more countries declining on their previous score than improving. For autocratic regimes, this is perhaps predictable, but for democracies, what on earth is going on? The UK stayed steady at number 10 scoring 81 out of a possible 100. The US dropped 2 points to 74. Top scoring were New Zealand and Denmark with 90, Australia came in at 79.

    Why aren’t these advanced democracies scoring 100? Why aren’t our governments jumping on these scores in alarm, to address them? Why aren’t journalists all over this?

    Could it be because a little bit of dishonesty is seen as okay, as the norm? Is it because we are comparing ‘down’ rather than holding absolute Truth as our benchmark?

  12. On the subject of honesty, how is it possible that companies known for doing dishonest things become super successful? I read that a car manufacturer known and fined for going to great lengths to avoid following the rules, just had a bumper year on sales.

    Where are we at that we can read about such scandals, such deep dishonesty, and DO NOTHING about it or in fact say YES to it by buying the product? Isn’t this showing us something?

    I also read that a big telecom had a surge in sales after a data breach scandal that hit the press. Apparently, people were not reading the news properly so instead of taking in the details of why the company was in the press and rejecting it, they just saw the brand more and so it was top of mind when they next came to buy a phone.

    Doesn’t this say a lot too? How much attention do we put to the brands behind our products? How much do we care about the integrity behind the things we use every day? Where is our own honesty in this and how far are we prepared to take it? Only as far as it won’t be inconvenient? Or all the way?

  13. Dear World
    Would it be true to say that we have become a society that finds it easy to deny, ignore and hide from what we know and can feel is the Absolute Truth.
    Is it because it suits us?
    Is it because we are so invested in living a lie?
    Is it because it keeps us comfortable in our uncomfortableness?
    is it because it does not challenge us in anyway?
    Is it because everyone else is doing it so why be different?
    Is it because we want things easy and hunky dory?
    Is it because we don’t want to admit we all have the power to bring about real change?

    If we start with a dose of Absolute honesty and choose to ponder on these questions, could that be the start to get us back on track – the real road to Absolute TRUTH?

  14. A few years ago I would be squirming and uncomfortable but… I love this blog.

    With the first big waves of getting-more-honest-with-myself behind me… I know that it is the very stuff I have not wanted to face about myself and my choices that held me back and caused more suffering than what I was afraid of.

    Getting real and honest and getting to the Truth is something I work on every day, sometimes it is hard but what is amazing is that there is always more to see and realize and more beauty to uncover and open up to… in myself and the world.

    Every comment posted here is so beautiful to me…
    Many people I have recently met have been expressing how little honesty there is around and I know the power of inspiration when we see someone just being themselves, being honest and speaking truth.

    I miss who we ‘really’ are and I know that by getting honest we can get to the true intimacy and connection that I feel we all, ironically, ache for beneath the quick fixes and surface nicenesses we use that don’t allow us to to live the quality and depth of life we can live.

  15. I read your comment above yesterday Simple Living Global and took time ponder on your questions. I would say Yes to every single one. In the last few years I have been a lot more honest with myself looking at the way I live, the choices I am making and why. Although it seemed very challenging at the beginning I would not change doing this for anything with how I feel today and I will not stop. The joy I feel with this is the joy I know we all have within waiting to be expressed, connected to… back on track, as you say.

    I saw on the back of a persons work jacket yesterday morning ‘ safety in mind ‘ it felt very relevant to this blog and what I was pondering on. It reminded me how much I used to go into my head to sort things out, work things out, when life challenged me in any way, to get away from the uncomfortableness I felt of not taking repsonsibility… not living the truth, that is with us all, and how we all can do this. But this I found to be such a lie as this took me away from my body where I feel the truth and live the truth from. If I am not with my body I will not get to feel truth, so it was safe to go into my head.. further away from my inner knowing and feeling from my heart and body. I can still do this but so much less and feel so clearly now the lack of connection with my body when I do and therefore the truth and I have the choice to change it.

  16. Of course, most people will say they are honest and truthful, because in truth, no-one wants to think of themselves as dishonest or untruthful.

    And for the most part, to a degree, most of us are honest and truthful.

    But to be totally and truly honest and truthful takes commitment and the dreaded R word – RESPONSIBILITY.

    I know for me, from where I was a few years ago to where I am at now, my honesty and truthfulness has improved a great deal, but I also know there are areas in my life where I could bring more honesty and truthfulness.

    For instance:

    I could be more honest with expressing how I am feeling.
    I could be more honest in asking for help and not thinking I am the only one who can do the job.
    I could be more honest when I need to rest more.
    I could be more honest in what foods my body doesn’t need.

    The list is not exhaustive but the message is clear – there is always room for more honesty and truthfulness.

    As the author of this blog says, all we need to do to get to truth and honesty is to ‘Get Real’ and be honest as to where we are really at.

  17. In my past I tried a lot of ‘self-help’ stuff.
    I definitely wanted someone to ‘fix’ me and so I was not taking responsibility…
    so of course I found those who did not ask me to truly take accountability for myself.

    Until I got real fed up and started asking for the Truth in a big way I did not find those who, by their lived integrity, would ask me to get honest and really look at how I lived, at my choices and their consequences.

    Until Universal Medicine and Simple Living Global, no one had shown me, by living it, how important it is to get honest about my part in life and how powerful it can be when I get ruthlessly honest and allow myself to ‘feel’ what I have been choosing and from there to make the changes I want from the inside out.

  18. When I was hurting from physical and emotional pain, it took a lot of honesty to take responsibility for it. I felt that I had lived my life in a good way, why was I hurting so much?

    So I ignored my bodys signals and just went on doing what I was doing, not wanting to look honestly at what was really going on. Eventually my body physically stopped me, (I could barely walk up stairs) and the doctors could not find anything wrong with me.

    At that point I surrendered and said I really want to know what is going on. This was a level of honesty that I needed to get to in order to start my true healing process.

    It is crazy the level of discomfort I went through just to avoid wanting to get truly honest about how I was living my life.

    If we honestly ask for the truth, we will find it. There is so much support waiting for us.

  19. I was just thinking how much this world is a lie and how we live lies and think its ok.

    The word dishonest feels like a mild diluted version of the word Lie.

    I grew up hating lies and the hypocrisy that went with the culture and religion and then my reactions led me to the spiritual new age nonsense so even more lies. What an utter waste of 40+ years.

    I realise now that I was searching for Truth and longing for something that made sense about life on earth and beyond.
    In 2005 I attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and I did not like this man or what he had to say. Twelve years later I know exactly why.

    He was real to the core and every word that comes from this man is Absolute Truth and I have learned heaps from his teachings. We each hold Truth in our body so it is well worth using our body as the marker of truth, a compass to guide us in life.

  20. An article in the Express, 3rd December 2017, talks about ‘New laws could see scientists face criminal charges for research fraud.’

    Under new laws being considered by MP’s, scientists who carry out fraudulent medical research would face criminal charges.

    The proposal is among a raft of measures to tackle drug company fraud being examined by a commons committee.

    Members have been told that misleading claims about the effectiveness of drugs have led to patients dying.

    Whistle-blowers have also received death threats.

    The all party committee has received testimony claiming prominent academics are paid large sums of money to publish false data.

    A consultant cardiologist who submitted evidence to the report said: “If someone was to falsify data about aircraft performance and planes started crashing, they would likely face a criminal prosecution. But falsifying data about drugs is highly unlikely to lead to a sanction, even if it kills people. The real scandal is the extent of this problem is covered up by senior people in the profession and major institutions. Regulators deal with it ineffectively even when people repeatedly offend but they do not seem to understand misconduct can lead to deaths of patients. It’s absolutely outrageous.”

    The consultant cardiologist, who is based at Royal Stoke University Hospital, started investigating misconduct 35 years ago when a drug firm offered him a bribe to falsify research on a drug with life-threatening side effects.

    If these claims of misconduct going back 35 years are true, then the scale of deceit is breath-taking.

    It seems incredulous that these companies have been allowed to get away with this behaviour for so long.

    As stated earlier in this article, it is fair to assume that any company falsifying information that could potentially cause the deaths of others would, and should, be prosecuted.

    So why the failure to prosecute in these cases?

    In truth, how long have these drug companies been acting in this way?

    How long have these drug companies been making profit more important than human lives?

    Is it possible that if a company acts in this way, it is safe to assume that ‘Getting Real, Getting Honest and Getting to Truth is the last thing on their agenda?

  21. What would happen if for one week, our world stopped using coffee, sugar, cigarettes, and alcohol?

    If we honestly looked at this scenario, does it tell us what we are basing our lives around?

    Is the world that we created, that is so dependent on these substances, really what we want?

    Simple Living Global is presenting a way of living that makes sense. It has allowed me to live in such a way, were I really do not need any of these substances to feel ok. Many other people are having the same results.

    That next question to be honest about is – Would the world be better off without all these substances?

  22. We have probably one of the worst weeks here in the UK with snow storms and it got me thinking how we go into auto pilot and try and do ‘business as usual’.

    I often have wondered, surely Mother Earth is communicating something specific to us in this part of the world and it is time to take note.

    The other thing is for me to get real and honest and that means use the snow to do a complete STOP and be STILL and feel what is really important and what is not. What can wait and how much activity do I carry out whilst we have these weather conditions.

    To be sensible and practical, work needs to be done but all the peripheral nonsense is not needed and I just realised that when I cancelled my hair appointment.
    ‘Get real’ is what I said to myself. It is hardly important and not a priority right now.

    The thought of missing a step, falling or hurting myself all because I wanted my hair done, on a day where it is like a blizzard out there makes no sense to me.

    What this means is that space has opened up to do other things and there is always plenty to get on with.

    I noticed my breathing was steady and I felt very expanded and no tension. To me that is a sign my body is saying thanks for not trying to attempt a journey that could easily be avoided. If we all did this, would things be different right now?

    Is this a sign of taking real Responsibility?

    Forcing things to be the same and paying zero attention in extreme weather is not getting us very far. Our hospital admissions are high during this time and we each have a responsibility to not add to those numbers.

    The other thing I got in the ‘get real’ was I did not need to go shopping for extra food but got creative in the kitchen and food was great with what I did have, so it again confirms, all this extra stuff we do when in truth we need to be asking – is it really needed.

    ADD to this taking more rest and early sleep this will support me for working and travelling tomorrow, which will be ok as I am equipped because I have planned and not just left it all to chance or last minute. Not my style.

  23. Most of us know that what we read in the media may not be the Truth.

    When we read about a celebrity and their private life, there is some truth because if the main story was a lie, the newspapers would not get away with it.

    Have we ever read the celebrity saying “life would be a lot easier if we were truthful with each other” but we know that this famous person does not live that in their own daily life because it has been exposed more than once by the media?

    They then give their noble advice to politicians but where do we start?

    Is it time we all started to get real and make our first step about being super honest in all our communication and that means we need to live honesty day in and day out?

    No more little tiny lies, white lies and getting away with it as it seems small?

    Imagine Absolute honesty in our private life as a pre-requisite for anyone employed to work for the public and that includes many, not just politicians.

  24. My kids are so often a great reflection of honesty.

    They find it easy to connect to truth when they make poor choices.

    You can see them feeling their mistake and tuning into the impact it had. And they can express that with honesty.

    It’s like they can hold themselves clear of their past choices in that moment and simply look at what happened, without trying to justify.

    There is much to learn from this.

  25. I was talking to someone yesterday about the politics of workplaces.

    He told me about his brother’s place of work – a massive company – and how the workforce had been under enormous strain with the threat of redundancies hanging over them.

    Except, it turned out that no redundancies were necessary. The redundancy proposal had been created by a divisional head, because he wanted to get his favourites into positions of power and get rid of others from the organisation to make way for him and his gang.

    So called ’empire building’, except this time, instead of it being about positioning, behind closed doors, it was much more brazen, with a workforce downsizing used as the front.

    This had been going on for months and the truth finally came out. The big bosses smelled something fishy, looked further into the proposals and discovered what was really going on. The divisional head got fired. The workforce was told the redundancies were off.

    This story struck me as a great example of the lengths to which people will go for power and how disconnected we can become from Truth and from humanity when we are in this state.

    What was happening for that divisional head that he needed the power in the first place? And where did the slippery slope really begin for him? Surely the dishonesty must have been there way, way back for such a level of political-game-playing to be even on his radar and involving such human collateral damage.

    And what about the dishonestly of the cronies? Those who were in on the strategy and enabling from the wings, for their own gain? And all those who had shown the divisional head over the years that dishonesty pays. What is their role and responsibility in all this?

    What can we all learn here?

    1. I love what you share here JS especially about the ‘cronies’ who just went along with it.

      How often do we just go along with things because there is some kind of self-interest for us?

      I like the point that you say too that it ‘had shown the divisional head over the years that dishonesty pays’.

      This is such an interesting point as all of our behaviours are reflecting something to others – whether we are aware of it or not – something that I am constantly being reminded of.

      I would say that what I am learning here from reading your comment is that it is dangerous to just go along with something when it will be the downfall of others, even if we are not directly the one making the decision.

      It is very easy to hide behind another’s coat tails and say that we did not do anything, but by not saying anything or going along with things that we know are wrong, we are doing as much or even more harm.

  26. I am learning how bad this dis-honesty is. It can actually ruin lives and relationships. I know that when we are being dishonest we think that we are getting away with it, but people do know what is true and what is not.

    I know that I actually feel fuzzy and disturbed when someone is being dishonest with me.

    In learning about being honest I have found that the key starting place is being honest with myself. This supports me to detect more easily if another is being dis-honest.

    I had a recent situation where someone said that they would tell a lie to another about our interaction and I had to ask them to tell the person the truth as I felt so disturbed. The thing is in this situation it would actually support the person to hear the truth, even if they may not like it or they kick up a fuss. It felt like the person who was going to be dis-honest would be cushioned and the person on the receiving end would not be faced with the stark reality of their situation.

    To be honest is a true blessing as at least it allows others to know where they stand.

  27. At a business dinner last night, the conversation turned to what is needed inside corporate environments to truly support people.

    Many ideas where discussed, but a palpable shift happened when the conversation got personal and honest. The ‘solutions’ stopped and true reflection began.

    You could feel people go quieter, sit back in their chairs a little, contemplative. When they came back out to speak, it was from a different place.

    It was from their lived experience.
    From what they see.
    From what they know inside.

    It is clear to me that connecting to that is where the wisdom happens and from where true change can begin.

  28. I am inspired by how honest my kids are.

    Just this week my eldest said he knew his belly-ache was from eating a particular cake. He said he knew before he ate it that it would make him feel sick. But he ate it because he wanted the taste.

    He also said he felt tired and his body was heavy and he knows it is because he is not getting enough sleep.

    I wonder what would happen if we were all that honest.

    Would it be a strong foundation from which to look at what might not be working in our lives?


    The Telegraph – 28 November 2018

    Silk stockings and bath oils will no longer be funded by the NHS under plans to save £17 million a year.

    GPs will be stopped from prescribing homeopathy, gluten free pizzas, cakes and biscuits because these items are ineffective or deemed low priority.

    In total, ending funding for such items saves the NHS £68 million a year.

    Research in 2017 found wearing silk clothing did not help children suffering from moderate to severe eczema.

    Another study found no clinical evidence to support the use of emollient bath additives for standard management of the condition in childhood.

    Do we agree with the Head of NHS who is asking for changes to save money?

    Can we join the dots here and ask why would we be using tax payers money to fund cakes and biscuits, which will be full of sugar as a main ingredient and at the same time deal with an obesity epidemic that is spiralling out of control in this country?

    It makes no sense.

    Time to wake up and get real and get honest.

    WHAT IF –

    We took a micro look at this and apply it to our own individual life.
    We have a budget and it has to work, so we do not go into debt.
    We need to learn how to prioritise and not waste any money.
    We would benefit if we started taking some real responsibility.
    That means being responsible for the choices we make.

    Eating pizza because we cannot tolerate gluten is not going to change anything.

    What is needed is for us to start cooking healthy meals and abstain from foods that give us little, if any nutrition, as this is not the answer long term.

    We have a responsibility to our budget.

    That means fast foods, junk foods and sugar filled foods are out.

    Thinking and knowing that how we manage this budget has a ripple effect means we get real about our Responsibility.

    In other words – what we do with our budget affects the whole – everyone.

    Starting with honesty will mean we admit that bath oils and silk stockings are not working and we cannot spend unnecessary monies on such items.

    Once the honesty kicks in, we then go deeper and start to have Absolute Honesty and can expect real lasting changes.

    What if how we live and manage our own individual budgets could be a template for the bigger budget like the NHS, be it on a much larger scale?

    The UK has long been known as a ‘nanny state’.

    This news story confirms that and also we can expect changes as the old irresponsible way of living is no longer in fashion.

  30. If there was a blog on this website called “Citizen Journalism” this comment would go on there but as there is not one – I feel this is the best title.

    Local diner – two men having a business meeting.
    2 large coffees and they feel they have the right, without asking to take another table for two so they have more desk space for a laptop.

    I happen to sit next to them and the loud voices made me first want to move. Then I thought “get real” as this blog says. Moving would be in reaction, so why not just order my tea and get reading my research, which is what I came to get on with.
    Soon I forgot about the loud voices and it had no trigger in me.

    Next – I stopped to appreciate this place and looked around at how busy it was and it was not lunch time. Then I listened to the conversation and to be “honest” I was shocked to hear what was being said. To laser it the business meeting was the sales director of a company hiring the other guy who was sales and supposedly an expert on the internet.

    Their plan was to hire expertise through various websites but with a gross level of dishonesty. They were discussing, plotting and planning in detail, how this would be done and how they would get their “targets”.

    The goal was to have £100 million in 10 years. They were willing to do what it takes and they had discovered dodgy websites where they can recruit people to serve their needs and then get rid of them.

    They were clear about opening many different companies and plans to avoid and dodge whatever they can to get to their goal.

    They had discussed names of some people that they would lure out of retirement, just to use their expertise and how they would then get rid of them.

    It was like I was listening to a movie, as surely this cannot be going on in real life.

    Next – what really caught my eye was the very loud salesman who had a constant non stop jitter in one leg . To me it felt like a very nervous disposition, so to speak, covered up with the over confident loud voice and it was well off my real, honest, truth meter.

    The other man had his suitcase and his accent and dress told me he was from another part of the country, turning up for a meeting, before checking into his hotel.

    What I observed in him was a face that was very bright red with boils and the red rash was all over.

    I know that our face and our body are showing us something about the choices we are making.

    In my days of when I had boils and a rash it was certainly to do with my lifestyle at the time and today it is polar opposite.

    The point in all this for me is – how on earth have we got to this point?

    Having a meeting in a family owned small eaterie and taking up a spare table, which meant others could not take those seats. This to me is about common decency and respect.

    There was an arrogance I feel as they had no intention of ordering any food, so it was a cheap way of taking up a few hours and paying no city fee for hiring a meeting room.

    The next thing that was very clear was how loud they were talking about how they were going to deceive and trick people to work for them.

    This spoke volumes to me and the message I got was SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT

    Whether we talk business in public or behind closed doors – do we need to operate a transparency policy?

    In other words, taking note that others could listen in and are we conducting our business with the utmost decency, respect for all and integrity.

    In this particular case, what about us all around the cafe who could hear every word?

    Does it send the message to us that business dealings can have elements of corruption in the name of financial gain?

    Is this a confirmation of the microcosm of what goes on in business?

    Where is the responsibility and more to the point where is the Truth?

    Has anyone ever considered the law of cause and effect – Karma?

    Our world has moved so far away from the words integrity, responsibility, accountability and TRUTH.

    I walked away knowing that this was not a co incidence that I sat and heard all this in my local diner.

    I cannot change the world of business but I can report by way of expression as I have in this comment and continue to conduct my own business with the utmost integrity, which I have done from day dot to the best of my ability.

    Dear World

    Something to consider and ponder on – how would our world be and what would it look like if money was no longer a currency for exchange?

    In other words, we trade and we do not get paid. We need something we get it but without the money.

    This may be far fetched, way off and whacky, but what if that is what it will take for our human race one day to return to simply living in true brotherhood and that means we are all one and the same and that means ALL EQUAL.

  31. Post

    Talking to a young receptionist yesterday about her hair or shall I say wig.

    I haven’t done any research yet into wigs but no doubt there will be a blog on this website one day about Hair.

    For now – just from lived experience I can say wigs are more popular than before.
    I have noticed so many school girls of african descent with long straight hair like some of the celebs on social media. It is a big business and I only just found out how expensive it is.

    School girls don’t work so it is clear the parents are paying and endorsing this as normal.
    At what cost ?

    I am not just talking about money here, which is a few hundred pounds.

    We need to get real as I said to this beautifull young woman with lovely eyes.

    She told me it is a cap with the hair sewn in that she removes at night.

    Back to cost – it’s very tight and uncomfortable so she removes it at night.

    The hair is dark long perfect and it comes from a woman in Peru.

    I said next you will want false eyelashes, which is also very popular in her culture.

    Well she does wear them going out but not for work yet.

    How long before she will get the thoughts of needing to wear false eyelashes everyday?

    Then comes the false nails – again very popular in her culture.
    This is a lot of money and a lot of time and effort to keep up the un-real look.

    Who for, what for and WHY?

    I told her about her natural beauty and how this is enough, but we lose ourselves when we start on that bandwagon of wanting to look different for whatever reason.

    Not easy when the pressures from outside of ourselves is everywhere to be seen.

    I recall being her age and secretly wanting to save for plastic surgery because my first husband would criticise my ugly face so I wanted a face lift.

    Well I did eventually Get Real because I started with the Get Honest thing and now I can say I have got to the Truth.
    Never ever will I wear a wig, wear false eyelashes or get false nails.

    I simply cannot see the point – the purpose – when it requires high maintenance, effort and money that needs constantly topping up.

    Back to the false wig woman – how many of us have the confidence to say it as it is to someone they hardly know and not be concerned with the backlash or response?
    Well I am one known for this.

    What I have come to realise is that not speaking up does a dis-service to another if we genuinely have something to say. I was in no way judging her but I was enquiring what was behind this need to wear a false wig at such a young age.

    She did thank me and said to Get Real made sense.

    I also wonder how the girl or woman in Peru felt to have all her long hair sold and how did it leave her feeling?

    Everything is everything because everything matters, even if we don’t like to think that.

  32. If there was a blog called Food or Eating, this comment would have been posted there.

    However, it is relevant for this blog as it is about getting real and honest so that we can get to the Truth.

    In the UK, weekend newspapers have a similar style – they all have supplements that seem to grow and fill us up with all kinds of reading material.

    Sport is big and so is Travel and TV Viewing. Food, recipes and the latest trend diets are always featured and it never stops. Our insatiable appetite for more and more is delivered and supplied to us and keeps us enchanted and entertained throughout our weekends.

    The purpose of this comment is because I read a famous veggie chef and a relative giving us recipes and with the vegan bandwagon being a big current trend the masses are jumping on, it is probably what we are asking for.

    What struck me was the bit under the headlines in large font about this new cookbook
    “…on the joy of being greedy and why their indulgent recipes have been designed for people, who simply like to eat – carnivores or not.”

    Firstly, what message is this really conveying if we are going to be real and honest here?

    Who writes this stuff and what audience will align and subscribe to it?
    In other words, which one of us is going to buy it and is it going to appeal to the masses, the majority of us out there?

    Have we got the word JOY in its true meaning and essence of the word or is this just a flippant ok to say word because its linked to food and anything goes?

    Is there a form of reductionism when we choose words to send a message to the masses, in this case newspaper journalism?

    Am I going off on one or is there something worth considering here if we stop for one moment and take an honest look at what is actually being expressed?

    We could call this one person’s opinion and that is ok.

    On that note, does the vibration of the two words really go hand in hand and are the quality of those two words Joy and Greedy totally opposite?

    Dictionary definition aside, greedy we all know is about excessive, selfish desire and wanting more – so how on earth does that get to be in the same sentence as Joy?

    What I know as a prolific writer is that Joy is not a word that can be linked or even associated with the word Greedy.

    My understanding of Joy comes from something I have lived and experienced and it most certainly is not about being happy and this is something I have written about on the Happiness blog on this website.

    Back to this quote – WHY do we need indulgent recipes which are geared to those who just like to eat?

    Are we sending the correct message across here and what would the chief of the National Health system have to say when in the same week, he is banging on to the country about our obesity epidemic which is now spiralling out of control?

    Do we as citizens care whether something that we read is real and honest or do we just continue “business as usual” and that means say nothing, do nothing and hope it has nothing that will affect our status quo?

    Will we buy the book simply because we like the sound of having some joy in our lives and we get permission to be greedy with food?

    Are we being fooled with words or do we seek this type of stuff as it really suits us because it does not require us to be honest about where we are at in life or what responsibility we are taking with our lifestyle choices?

    My reason for posting this comment is because once upon a time, I would have loved to see these words, as Joy was a word I was chasing and wanting but never seemed to get it.

    Food and indulgence were my norm and my husband was morbidly obese which had something to do with the fact that we both just loved to eat. Food was such a big deal and eating and thinking about recipes and shopping for food and dining out was really our biggest and most important focus.

    However, we have had a monumental shift in lifestyle choices and with it came a word that is always hanging out with us – RESPONSIBILITY.
    It is not about being perfect, trying to look like a halo head or part of some cult or weirdo behaviour. No.

    How we choose to live now and have done so consistently for the past 15 years is take some Responsibility when it comes to Expression.
    That means knowing everything we do and say matters and there are knock on effects and consequences to consider.

    So on that note, we started with the get real hat on and then promoted ourselves to the honesty hat. A real dose of honesty every single day is like medicine that has to be taken because it allows us to take Responsibility.

    Being honest every day and not skirting around, fluffing it or winging it, things started to change and our whole life today is completely different to the greedy indulgent filled empty moments of the past.

    The absolute honesty that we have gotten to has allowed us to live Truth to the best of our ability every day and this in itself speaks volumes.

    That means saying it as it is, no holding back when we need to express something, no matter who it is and learning from our mistakes instead of beating ourselves up.

    Truth is a big deal and I don’t take it lightly. I have a directness that is refreshing because it is full of Truth. I am willing to stand for Truth and don’t have any issue in expressing that in any given moment. Those who know me would testify that this is how I operate.

    So on a final note – is it time our writers who send messages to the masses need to be real and honest before they bang out the next article with whatever message they think we want to hear?

    How else are we ever going to get to Truth if we have not got the get real and get honest hat on to start with?

  33. There is not a blog on this website called “Time to Wake Up”.

    Next best or shall we say appropriate, is this blog called GET REAL, Get Honest and get to Truth.

    For this comment, let’s just stick to the first two words – Get Real.

    Yes Dear World, we better Get Real, as things are happening fast and its under our noses, so we are now going to find it more difficult to ignore or hope it will just go away.

    This is just about everything here that is not right in our world.

    A few current news stories worth mentioning here as they are small, we could even call them ‘insignificant’ or not worthy of even reporting as not much to say.

    As far as Simple Living Global goes, they don’t find the small stuff unworthy of a comment and reporting – if we feel there is a purpose, we just say it as it is.

    Here we go…

    2 teenagers admitted stealing official stuff and selling it online for a big football match.
    Of course, they go to a big famous social media platform, arrange their dodgy deals and meet up in a supermarket – but it went wrong. The police stepped in and arrested them.

    So here we have the young criminal mind up to no good, we could say and leave it at that. Thank you very much for such a boring story – who on earth is interested in this stuff, as it is our new normal and we have dodgy dealings going on everywhere, so what’s news about this?

    Well – why don’t we just think about this for a moment.
    These guys have no business – that means zilch, zero, none, nil profit if WE, yes you heard correctly, WE did not make the demand.
    In other words, the public are looking for ways to not pay for a legitimate football match ticket and so they seek out the dodgy stuff and bet your bottom dollar, there is always, always, always a supplier not that far away, ready to accommodate us.

    No point standing tall, making out we are honest citizens, when we grab the chance of a cheap ticket on finals day at the big cup match. We lose our common sense, we forget we have an inner moral compass and that decency we hold, has just gone out of the window.

    So are we ready world to admit that we are the ones that allow these dodgy characters to profit? As much as we may hate hearing that, it is not enough. We are the ones seeking out cheap this and cheap that, without seriously tracing our footsteps back as to WHY we need to be a part of the dodgy world. We give these guys a job by simply saying YES – we will buy your unbelievable priced tickets for cup final day. Again to repeat and make sure the point is made – suppliers have no business without the demand – the customers.

    Next – another totally different news story.
    Big city jewellers being robbed again and the way it is done sounds better than a movie script. How do they pull it off and how on earth do they come up with such sophisticated movements that plan such finite detail and know exactly what to do and not do with utter precision and timing?

    We need to wake up and get real (once again).

    This is happening so let’s start with NOT pretending we have no idea this is going on close by, or in our town, city or country. It is happening and these people are smart and most of us would not see them as criminals and suspects of unlawfull behaviour.

    Questions to ALL of us who are not part of this type of behaviour –
    How come these guys are so creative in their planning and methodology?
    How come they are on the ‘front foot’ which means they are ahead of the game?
    How come all the so-called intelligence we have is still not getting us ahead?

    Are we ready to acknowledge that crimes of all sorts are going on from the petty stuff to the big drug cartels, where no one dare goes, let alone speak about it?

    No virus, pandemic, global lockdown, restrictions or enforcement is going to stop them. In fact, they are in it for profit and for them business continues to grow and nothing is going to stop that. They are not human when it comes to doing what they need to do to meet the demand (what we the customer/consumer wants). Continue reading for more on this…

    One thing they have not counted on is REAL change.

    First we need to Get Real and this will then lead us to Get Honest.
    This would help and we can then make changes, if we are willing to see this game being played and it is like we are the puppets.

    Time we got off the game and stop lining the pockets of these dodgy characters. Another important point worth noting is there is much violence and abuse that goes with criminal activity – something we may find a bit unsavoury to swallow. In other words, we may not want to digest that bit of information as let’s face it, we just want the football match ticket or the cocaine at rock bottom price and sod the consequences that follow or happened to get it to us.

    People trafficking – let’s get real (pun intended, for the purpose of this blog title) is Modern Day Slavery. Yes Dear World, no change just a new name. Oh and by the way we have more slavery now worldwide, than back in those days that we get from history books and those movies out there.

    Why is the writer digressing to slavery you may ask?
    Well are we ready to get real that there is a link here – slavery plays a part in a lot of illegal activity and so does violence and sexual abuse of the abhorrent kind.

    Time to stop pretending, wake up and smell the ills we have created in society and notice it really is everywhere and it is getting worse.

    And finally, we ought to pay attention to our own personal life, how we are choosing to live and at what degree of integrity are we upholding everything about us and our life? That means are we living a double life or are we open and real enough, so that others can feel that we are not like the many, who choose to go out and seek dodgy stuff like football cup final tickets, drugs or plan the next diamond robbery?

    For the record – both are true life stories about sports tickets and diamond thieves.
    No names needed as that is not the point of this comment.

  34. It is official and we do all know this.

    Our celebrities have a great influence on the masses and that means most of us.
    Add to this they get the publicity and widespread attention from newspapers, magazines, social media and every other avenue that wants to market their products endorsed by these superstars.

    Even the average daytime TV presenters have followings in the millions. Yes they do.

    I was reading about a breakfast TV host and they also happen to present sports and much more in their busy life. So when they endorse crystals and tell us they got them from a lunar mentor and just because they don’t howl at the moon but do other non sensical things that the spiritual new age brigade endorse, does not make this real and truth-full for our health, wellbeing and evolution.

    Making claims what crystals do, makes some of us want to run out and buy those big pink or purple stones, as we have seen the photograph of the stones, featured in the picture perfect newspaper spread. But what if all these things they do are not true or actually have no meaning or purpose?

    I for one am talking from real life, lived experience. Been in it, done it and aware of what it is all about now. Back then I was so caught up in the spiritual world that I completely lost myself and it was a kind of permission to be different from main stream religion, having tried many and none of them ever giving me a settlement to the inner tension I lived with on a daily basis.

    This celebrity and many others I read about are not all what we may think. It is best if we look at the whole and not what we want to see in the fairytale world of perfection.

    We never bother to stop and question anything and just merrily think if they endorse big fat pink crystals then there must be some kind of healing, warmth, and friendship in them. Dear World, if we are lonely and looking for friendship, there is no object or a pink stone that is going to give it to us. This is just real life straight talk, wake up and get real.

    Time we stopped deluding ourselves and jumping on the bandwagon of others with no discernment or understanding of what is going on.

    It took me years to find another way to live and when I did I made sure I spoke up when things were not right and I still do that now. We have a world where we can call out stuff, so I see that as a job, a duty to humanity to share what I know is the truth. Not all will agree and that is totally ok but having lived through the pink crystal era and those cards that were going to tell me what I wanted to hear was going to happen in my life, left me even more lost and void of any form of truth.

    I am a living testimony of what it is to be living a human life that is polar opposite to how we have been educated and raised. No longer am I lost, dis-illusioned or chasing dreams and feeling insecure with agony and misery when I wake up. No no no.

    I am looking and feeling younger than my actual age and I have vitality and fitness levels that I never imagined were possible, let alone consistent. And I have Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to thank for that. Once I listened to what they presented, it made sense and I applied the practical aspects and bingo, here I am today – a strong and solid presence in the world, unafraid of the future and what it brings, not driven by any goals and ambitions and walking the talk, as they say with no holding back. Just an open heart and living in a transparent way, reflecting to others, without apology that I have a great life and they too can access the same if they so choose. This website alone is living proof – a testimony of living another way that truly works and is sustainable.

    It is high time we all got real and honest, so we can get to truth instead of following celebs and other influencers and getting lost in our life.

  35. Birmingham Mail – 25 October 2021

    Shoppers in the city centre are reacting to the Halloween installation of a creature appearing with bright blue, green and red tentacles, which are moving and dangling over the famous shopping centre’s rooftop.

    This is to celebrate Halloween and it will remain in place all week to coincide with the shopping centres “scary and immersive experience”.

    Residents are saying it is freaking them out and children are terrified. Others liked it and apparently it helped them get in the “Halloween spirit”.

    A spokesman for the centre is asking the public to get their cameras ready to capture the evidence of the monsters appearing day and night as the Halloween season is celebrated.

    Metro News, page 8 today reporting about a mother saying her 4 year old girl is “petrified and freaked out” and “the shopping centre need to re-think this”.

    This is one mother and we ought to get real as there will be a lot more in the same situation.

    Same newspaper on the opposite page 9, huge advert from a supermarket, with scary skeletons, ghouls and creatures reminding us it’s Halloween on 31 October.

    We could say this is just fun and whats the big deal or we could start to question everything and not dismiss things and introduce a form of reductionism.

    Have any of us considered the cost of all of this in monetary terms?
    Regardless of whether it is public money, private investments or other types of funding, let us be sensible and respect-full when it comes to spending money.

    What is the purpose and does it grow the people? In other words, do all of humanity benefit and get to evolve because of what we are doing and if not, let’s take the mothers words “..we need to rethink this”.

    For those reading this outside of the UK, it is well known that Birmingham needs more funding in many areas of social care and health. There are areas within the city that are in deep need of money to deal with the problems faced by unemployment, high rates of crime and drugs.

    How would the shopping centre bosses be viewed if they used the one day tentacles budget and resources on helping to fund areas of the city that are desperate and in need of money.
    Could a wise move like that be of benefit to ALL of us in the long term?

    Worth considering when we are paid in top positions to make decisions on behalf of the public and that includes children.

    The children of today will be the adult generations of the future. Let us never forgot that.

    It is in our interest to ensure we raise kids with good old fashion values and common sense, which means we need to get real and get honest.

    And finally, what if these kids that have become scared end up with mental health issues – is that not an additional cost to society, that we could easily avoid after reading this comment?

    High time we all got real and honest, so one day we can get to Truth on all matters in human life.

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