LYING is Not Normal

When did lying become normal?

When did we become masters at lying?

Who are we lying to?

What are we lying about?

When did we invent lying?

We all know that we were not born lying, so when did it all start to go wrong?

Why does our society accept lying as normal?

Why is our world accepting Lying as normal?

Check out the film “The Invention of Lying” great movie which makes fun out of living without lying.

Is it possible to live in a world where there is no lying?

The film “The Invention of Lying” is set in an alternative reality where people do not lie and everything that is said is the Absolute Truth. In this world people make blunt statements. The fact there is no lying means that there is a movie industry that has no fiction and is based on lecture-style historical readings and adverts that are just as truthful as the people are.

The dictionary tells us that Lying means “not telling the Truth”

  • At what age do we stop telling the Truth?
  • Why are young children naturally speaking Truth?
  • Why do our kids tell the Truth even if we don’t want to hear it?
  • When do we allow our children to think lying is ok?

Are we really getting away with lying?

Why are we afraid to speak the Truth ALL the time?

We all know, speaking the Truth and standing by what you know and can feel is Truth, can make you unpopular or even get people spreading lies about you. This of course makes NO sense but the Truth is, this is how our world currently operates.

Lying has become acceptable and we all just think it is normal and it is like we have lost our moral compass, which deep inside us Knows what is Truth and what is Not.

Could this ‘lying is normal’ leave us to feel unsettled in our body?
Could it be possible that lying is unnatural so in some way it disturbs our body?
Could it be possible that our breathing changes when we are lying?
Could it be possible that we know we are lying but just can’t stop?

Not being honest – which is simply lying, leaves a tension inside my body and speaking the Truth makes me feel real and I feel expanded when I breathe.

Lying does not work
Lying changes everything
Lying means chest feels hard
Lying means head hurts
Lying means being on alert
Lying means someone may know
Lying means fooling ourselves and others
Lying means heart beats faster
Lying means eating foods to stop the anxiousness
Lying means no true rest inside us
Lying means hiding
Lying means avoiding certain people
Lying means even more lies to keep going
Lying means hurting ourselves, our families, our communities and the world

Lying cannot be sustained, as it is not natural.







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  1. When I read this blog I get a clear sense that the writer is someone who knows clearly what Truth is and lives this. It is true, when we lie it does affect our breathing. When I tell the Truth and at least am honest with myself, the effects on my breathing are palpable. I am able to breath much more deeply. Life would be very different if we lived without lying.

  2. Bang on Shevon Simon about the writer. A radar for Truth would be a way to describe how I am when it comes to saying it as it is and yes you don’t get big in the popularity department but hey ho I get to breathe as you say more deeply.
    Imagine our world without lying like the film was showing and yet we brush it off as a comedy and not real. But why is it that we don’t stop and think for one moment that lying really is not normal but it suits us and so we do it. How about we get to admit that – surely that is a start in the honesty department.

    1. I have just re-read this blog and started reading the comments and have noted what you have said here Simple Living Global about the film ‘The Invention of Lying’ being a comedy. It is correct that we have accepted lies as a normal part of everyday life, to the point where it can be laughed about on film.

      We all know how it feels when we lie or when others lie to us, it is deeply harming and yet we just brush it off, laugh it off, or pretend that it is not happening.

      What if as the author of this blog says – Truth is Normal, Truth is Real and Truth is Natural?

  3. Perfect timing to read this blog as our family just had a chat, standing in the kitchen, as you do…. about how honest we are with each other. This came about because we felt some tensions during the day between us and decided that we wanted to get more real about our relationships. It’s not like we intentionally went about lying to one another but we have been holding back speaking the truth all of the time and hence a dishonesty had crept in and become normal. This blog will support our family to look at this at even a deeper level.

    1. This holding back business is a killer and great you can at least bring it out in the open here Sally when you mention your family. How many of us are upfront, honest and open in every way with our family members? Are they the people we are supposed to trust and yet most of us feel we are judged or whatever and we hold back because of what may came at us if we do say it as it is.
      This is where kids come into their own as they really don’t give a hoot who thinks what and there is no game playing going on. No wonder we find children so refreshing.
      So at what point do our young children start lying and where do they get it from?

  4. I have come back to this blog as I have been reflecting on the following sentence from it – ‘Why are we afraid to speak the Truth ALL the time?’ I know that I speak more truth to some people than others and I have thought about this as some people I can be more honest or even truthful with as I do not get any full on reactions back from them, but I hold back speaking the Truth ALL of the time because I fear others reactions more than I honour saying what I feel to be true.

    1. This is huge what you say here Sally about fearing the reactions of others more than honouring what you feel is true and just saying it.
      How many people do that?
      I reckon most of the world but imagine that bottled up stuff inside your body.
      Where does it go?
      How does our body respond with us holding back day in and day out?
      Does this behaviour then become a pattern?
      Does this fear control our movements – in other words how we are around certain people?

  5. It’s a monumental thing isn’t it – the fact that we have allowed truth to be swept way under the carpet in favour of lying. Considering how many lies I actually tell – this is crazy. Now I don’t go around lying but I have realised that I choose a way of being to avoid telling or expressing the truth. Is my body moving in a way that is true? This is a big lie and I am not the only one. It means that my many actions, words, thoughts are in fact supporting me to not express the truth always. My responsibility is to tell the truth 100% of the time.

    1. You make some great points here Lee. Yes we each have a Responsibility to tell the Truth all of the time but in reality for most that is way way too much.
      Interesting what you say about you don’t go around lying but you have realised that you avoid telling the Truth. What a game we play eh?
      The thing is our world is not supporting us to be honest, up front and truthfull all of the time and this is why we need more people to start getting honest so we can eventually get to Truth.
      Lying leaves us feeling unsettled in our body and this of course has an affect on our rest and sleep quality. Like it or not that is the Truth and we can deny, defend, ignore or negate this simple fact but deep down we all know it makes simple sense.

  6. This is definitely the Truth. How many illnesses and diseases would not exist if we were at least honest with ourselves and each other?

    1. I know what you are saying here Shevon. There is a dishonesty that we are living and then when things are not right in our body, we want it fixed pronto please but have little or no time to at least stop and feel what choices are being made that could have possibly led to that situation, incident, accident, illness, dis-ease or whatever it is we don’t want.
      Even an argument leaves us in a state in our body that is not the natural quality we are and so our breathing is altered. Lying alters our breathing and there is no one who could dispute that fact.

  7. I am catching myself more and more when I do not say the truth, and asking myself why? I am feeling how much better I feel when I say my truth and not what people want to hear. Thank you Serge Benhayon for helping me understand that when we lie we hurt ourselves and deprive the receiver of the lie, our true love.

    1. Great point you make here Ken Elmer about how we actually hurt ourselves when we lie. This is so true and yet somehow it seems normal and feels ok.
      I always say we were not born lying so how and when did we start and then keep going?
      Everyone loves kids who just come out with truth and no holding back and its like fresh air in our lives. Funny how we don’t seem to think that as we become teenagers and adults.

  8. truth is nourishing for the body, truth is medicine – great blog, bringing to the fore a much needed conversation about lying and dishonesty that is rife in our world today. I know when I am being dishonest I don’t feel well, I feel tense, hot, and bothered, when I am honest and open to learn I feel nourished and refreshed.

    1. You are right Jane Keep – Truth is medicine for us and what a great medicine as we never have to feel tight and congested inside our body which is what lying always brings.
      Our body is actually assaulted but we don’t see that, think that or feel that and continue on our merry way as most people see it as ‘normal’.
      Gosh our standards are so way off as a society where lying has become the norm.
      This blog and comments from Simple Living Global is not saying or suggesting any form of perfectionism or trying hard, it is simply saying Truth is worth living and lying is most certainly not normal for our body to cope with.

  9. This blog so clearly shows that honesty & lying are huge issues for us all. I spent most of my life thinking of myself as an ‘honest’ person but this in itself was a dishonest thought! I know how hard I have worked to ‘protect’ people from the Truth, to not say something that might ‘hurt their feelings’, bring discomfort to the surface or cause them to react or defend themselves by thinking ill of me.

    The most challenging people for me to be Real & honest with turn out to be my beloved family! A surprise as I always thought we were so close, loving and supportive; but the areas where we have not been direct with each other have caused issues to widen and I’m sure can only be understood and resolved by us wanting to see what we have not wanted to say.

  10. This is the thing Jo – many of us think we are honest and its ok to live with deep dis-honesty as its the new normal.
    Honesty gets you to Truth one day and Living Truth is very refreshing to say the least. It is not about perfection but it means you get to address everything and get to a point where you leave no stone unturned. This is where I am at in my life, hence I can write a blog about the subject.
    Being truthfull is very challenging for most and you certainly don’t get to be popular. This website is not popular but as we have no goals, images, pictures about how we want things to be, we can live with it in the KNOWING that one day others will read and feel it is presenting another way. A way that is stating Lying is not normal.

  11. I watched the movie suggested here the other day -“The Invention of Lying”. I realised in watching the film where everybody says literally what they are thinking and or feeling with complete honesty how far away we are from living this globally. In fact our warped reality as it is would view us as being mean, disrespectful, selfish etc etc. So I could recognize that the whole world is living a lie and we are a millions miles away from telling the truth. Thanks to this website and the support of a practitioner that lives truth I have started being honest and at times being able to be deeply honest with myself and others. This begins to break down all the lying that is considered normal so that I will be able to feel the truth of things soon enough.

    1. You are right Sally – this film does confirm how way off we are living globally and our warped reality. Yes its official almost everyone is living a lie and a million miles away from telling the truth. When lying is the accepted norm you go along with it and this familiar way that gets entrenched in our behaviour then when someone comes along with the simple Truth, they are usually not liked and most certainly not popular.
      If we start with honesty about what is not actually working in our lives we are taking the first step to Truth.

  12. This blog so clearly shows that honesty & lying are huge issues for us all.

    I spent most of my life thinking of myself as an ‘honest’ person but this it’self was a dishonest thought! I know how hard I have worked to ‘protect’ people from the Truth, to not say something that might ‘hurt their feelings’, bring discomfort to the surface or cause them to react or defend themselves by thinking ill of me. This is not honesty… and I can feel how honesty is what this world is aching for.

    1. I would say that it is Truth, not honesty that this world is aching for Jo.
      Real raw and uncut Truth is what the world wants. This is all I have wanted my whole life and then when I met Serge Benhayon who never holds back from expressing and presenting Truth, it inspired me.
      This website is a claim that Truth can be lived and then shared with others. Being nice so that we don’t hurt others is not the Truth and it actually harms.
      We are doing a dis-service by not telling someone whatever it is that needs to be said that would support them to evolve. Holding back means they will not get it and we each have a responsibility to say what we feel. Honouring what we feel by expressing it means our body benefits as it is not holding the tension of the unexpressed feeling.

  13. Speaking the truth is really quite simple, so why do most of us find it so hard to do? Speaking for myself, I used to lie quite a lot. Most of the time it would be to not upset or hurt someone else which, in truth, meant I was really protecting myself from being hurt back or I would lie so as to not get into trouble. The former reason is quite insidious. Growing up we are so programmed to be nice, to not hurt anyone’s feelings, to not speak the truth for fear of upsetting someone. This stunting of expression gets us nowhere and actually makes things worse. Since attending the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine, I have been inspired to tell the truth and not let how other people react deter me from doing so. Its amazing how much your confidence grows when you don’t hold back the truth. The truth is ‘truth’ can be very liberating.

    1. I agree Tim that the Truth is very liberating and if offers us the space to be more of who we truly are and there is a consistent joy that comes with that.
      I am living proof and those who know me would agree I am a radar for Truth. I can smell it and I know it as I live Truth to the best of my ability day in and day out. No perfection or any nonsense like that. Inspired by Serge Benhayon who lives Absolute Truth like no other I have ever come across.
      It is my commitment to Truth that allows me the space to write blogs like this consistently.
      Holding back is not something I know how to do and so what if you are not popular. At least you get to sleep without any tension in your body and no headaches.
      I love what you say – ‘this stunting of expression gets us nowhere and actually makes things worse’.

  14. We need to start somewhere and so we start by being honest.
    This is an example I use with clients –
    What in our life do we know that is not working – being Honest is the start point.
    Next we go to Deep Honesty – time to go deeper and knock out even more of the stuff we know is not working in our life but we are comfortable with it or just want to hold on.
    It is only after we do deep honesty that we can get to Truth.
    Even truth can be our own version, a made up version or re-interpretation as it suits us.
    Absolute truth is where you look at everything with no stone left unturned. No perfection and no force needed. Just getting real and staying open that there is always more.
    I know one person in this world right now who lives Absolute pure Truth day in and day out and that is Serge Benhayon. I have observed him for 11 years and he is the real deal when it comes to TRUTH. In fact he has set a new marker for that word.

  15. There is no middle ground to truth or lying, it is or it isn’t, if it’s not truth it’s a lie. Truth is taking responsibility whereas lying is irresponsible. Truth benefits not only ourselves and those we are truthful with, it benefits the whole of mankind because of the energy it is expressed in. Lying is the exact opposite energy and is detrimental to the whole of mankind. Truth is expressed from love, and loving expression is the only way to get mankind out of the lying mess it is in, so every single loving expression no matter how small, contributes to more truthful way of living.

    1. Yes indeed Christopher Murphy – there is no middle ground when it comes to lying and truth. It is or it is not. Simple really.
      Both come with a quality and one harms and there is no getting away from that immutable fact.
      What we all forget is that even those tiny white lies as we call them hold a vibration that harms so why bother as it serves no one and retards our evolution. Makes no sense at all.
      Truth expands our very being and it gives others permission to do the same.

  16. Yikes, another door opened to Truth. I had to correct myself this week when I said something had taken longer than it had. I realised after I’d said it that I’d exaggerated for dramatic effect: to make something sound bigger and harder than it had been. I mean, it had been big and hard enough as it was so there was zero need to exaggerate, but somehow the exaggeration was right there in my head (from a desire for recognition, looking back) and it came out of my mouth. Yuk. Integrity is something I respect in myself and in others and that ‘little’ lie was completely contrary to that. Reading this blog and looking back, I can confirm this to be COMPLETELY TRUE: “lying is unnatural so in some way it disturbs our body”. It DOES disturb the body, it DID disturb my body. It felt horrible: kind of shaky and racy. And I have told bigger lies than that in my life for sure, so imagine the impact they had. Wow, what a realisation that is: that beyond all the other bad stuff about lying, it also has a negative physical effect on the body. That would be a great scientific research project to shine a light for the general population on the impact of lying on our physicality. It would, I’m sure, make many of us think about what comes out of our mouths every day. And in fact, beyond the impact it has on our own bodies, what about the impact it has on the one being lied to. If it affects us, is it such a stretch to consider it may also have a physical effect on the person being lied to?

    1. Quite funny that we can catch ourself as you have done JS about lying to get an effect. Sounds crazy but how many of us live like this and think it is normal.
      Just because the majority of our world is lying, it is far from normal but we have made it look normal because of the mass.
      You are living proof that lying disturbs our body. Most of us may not choose to be aware but if we started to be honest we may just realise when we are next lying.

      Great if one day there is a scientific project about the negative physical effect on the body when we are lying. This blog is not about trying to be perfect but it does ask us to stop and consider how we are living and why we think lying is normal no matter how small the lie maybe.

  17. “When do we allow our children to think lying is ok?” – what a great question. My experience of kids is they actually know when something is amiss: they can usually tell when something is a lie. I reckon where we go wrong is where WE lie and that confuses their natural knowing and/or has them thinking lying is normal. Just look at the Santa Claus thing. I’ve committed to my kids I wont lie to them and that includes not taking the easy way out on discipline at Christmas time – no “Santa wont come if you’re naughty” stuff in our house. They’ve always known it’s a fictional character – a man in fancy dress. And there’s no money from the tooth fairy either. Bah humbug some might say. I say it feels entirely wrong. If I lie to them about that stuff and they believe me, where does that leave us and how will they be able to ‘read’ me or anyone else if I convince them something false is true? It may seem small, but for me this is important.

  18. This is a great blog Simple Living Global, reading down your list of the effects lying can have I know I have experienced quite a few of them. I feel clearly in my body when I am not honest with myself or others … I feel smaller like I’m hiding, my throat feels tight.. because I have not spoken my truth, my body generally feels heavier… and I feel this can not only affect me but everyone else.

    Even those things that may not seem like a lie, like am I pushing myself to go faster rather than going at the pace that feels balanced for my body, because I want to get something done or did I eat that certain food for nutrition or to stop me feeling something, to dull me down ? .. they impact my body and how I am with others and the connection I could have with others if I am in Truth.

    I can feel the Truth of this website and it’s blogs and I look forward to reading them all.

  19. I was born to tell the Truth and somewhere along the line I wanted to fit in, be nice and go with the mass, so I stopped being Truthful and got into lying. Big lie or small white lie – all lies in my book.

    What is the point of lying. It is slippery dodgy ground and leaves you feeling jittery and you are constantly watching your back or plotting what to say next because you started with a lie. What an utter waste of time if you ask me.

    I love the TRUTH and I am known for speaking my TRUTH. I am not afraid and I don’t need to be popular or nice anymore. I find it easy to consistently live with Truth in my life and I know it has inspired many and I also know some who sense this in me, run for the hills or avoid me and that’s ok too.

    I will not stop when it comes to TRUTH. Our world is full of lies and it’s high time some of us who are ready stand up for TRUTH, so that we can reflect that there is another way to live and you get a great night’s sleep as you don’t go to bed with tension from the lying stuff.

  20. BBC Radio 4 had a presentation called The Truth About Children Who Lie back in August 2016. Phillipa Perry – author and psychotherapist was saying that strict parenting was creating an atmosphere whereby the child does not feel safe telling the Truth. Not allowing youngsters to feel they can be honest was why parents were being deceived.

    Her comments were supported by a research study from Victoria Talwar of McGill University in Canada who developed an experiment on children lying.

    Hello – if we just stop and stick our common sense hat on, is this making simple sense?

    If our kids are not able to express themselves for whatever reason to those, who let’s face it are their role models, then what exactly are we raising?

    Is this why lying has become so normal in our world today?
    OR could we go as far as to say, if we are living a lie in anyway, shape or form, then chances are we become lying role models for our young children, teenagers and the rest of the world and so it goes on and on until someone writes a blog like this to say

  21. A big part of the sadness I have been feeling is about getting honest about the fact that I have been living a lie most of my life.

    When I was a young child I decided to give up on what I knew was right. To perform in a way that the outside world said was the way to be.

    In order to live like that I had to constantly push that inner me down that is always there trying to surface. This is why I have been so exhausted all my life. It takes a lot of energy to live a lie.

    With support from Simple Living Global and the Back to Basics program I am starting to live my life again, allowing my amazingness to come out again.

    Now I can live in a way that will show people, especially children that it is ok to live themselves, that lying is giving up on all the wisdom that we all hold in our bodies.

  22. We are living so far away from the Truth, that lying has become normal.

    If we checked ourselves in any one day and were honest, most of us would be able to identify how much we lie. From the seemingly ‘small white lies’ of not telling our partner where we are going, to saying we are fine when we are not – they are all lies. Whilst we might believe that we are doing no harm with this, this is not correct. Every time that we lie, we are actually adding a disturbance to our bodies and could it be possible that this is one reason why we get sick?

    I recently read a newspaper article stating that sometimes doctors should lie to their patients. It shares the story of a man with dementia and his wife and how his wife at one point was delighted as she thought her husband still recognised her from his body movements. When she asked the doctor for reassurance that no matter how bad things were her husband would always know that she was there by his side, the doctor replied yes, he would, knowing that this was not the truth. His view was ‘what good would the truth have done?’

    What if telling the truth would have brought a deeper understanding to this gentleman’s wife of what was happening physiologically rather than allowing her to stay in illusion?

    It may have meant that she felt pain – but could that pain be necessary as a part of the healing and grieving process?

    By trying to stop people from feeling hurt by telling lies, are we stopping their evolution?

  23. I just read a news story online and I started thinking about the media and how much we get squewed reporting.

    By that I mean we never get the full facts of what has actually gone on. It’s like a favoured part of the story is presented to the public but I can always tell when something is missing as things just don’t add up.

    I work in an industry where I interview people to find out information about their circumstances.

    A lot of questions are asked and the key factor is asking the right questions so that you can gather the information.

    What I find is that when someone is not telling the Truth something inside of me feels unsettled. Things just don’t add up and make sense and I notice myself asking more and more questions.

    We all know when we are not getting the full picture and so the question is do we just switch off and accept that as Normal or do we accept that Lying is Not Normal as this blog by Simple Living Global is presenting?

  24. Metro News – 22 August 2018

    Insurance fraud is detected every minute across Britain.

    562,000 scams in 2017

    449,000 were dishonest insurance applications, where people lied or withheld information to get cheaper cover.

    Motor insurance made up the bulk of dishonest applications, with typical lies including the nature of the applicant’s job and driving record.

    Fraudulent motor insurance claims value is £775 million.

    This industry spends £250 million on measures to tackle fraud.

    So what is going on here?

    WHY is this happening?

    WHY are we thinking we can get away with this type of behaviour ?

    Do we simply think others are lying, so we jump on the bandwagon and see this as normal?

    Do we ever stop and consider what would happen if we got caught making a false claim?

    Are we simply too into our I, me, myself and see the big insurers as money making and think we can do this as we are not robbing an old lady on the street?

    Do we live a lie in our daily life and so making a false claim is just an extension of that way of living?

    Has society accepted lying as normal, as politicians and those big kahunas in powerful positions do it, so why can’t we?

    What is it about money that brings out something in us that goes to the ill quality of lying?

    Where is our moral compass and do we need to renew and review this important aspect of life, so we can inspire others that there is another way without the need for lying?

    What will it take for us as a race of beings to realise that LYING IS NOT NORMAL?

    It is us who has made it so normal in our world and then we get to hear these types of stories as the confirmation that it actually is real.

  25. I totally agree that lying is not normal, as the title of this blog says.

    Recently I have been thinking about business and the way that we treat customers.

    Very often I come across a lack of transparency and openness in organisations.

    Why do we tell our customers only half truths about what is happening?

    Why do we choose not to be honest with our customers?

    I have been a customer of many businesses and I have worked for many companies and what I value is being told the Truth and to be honest, so do our customers.

    I remember speaking with a customer once, somewhere that I worked and they were complaining that the communication was very poor. I explained to her why and the difficulties that we were experiencing and she really understood, but what she did not like and this was the thing that upset her the most was not being informed. She raised a very good point of, at least a letter could be sent explaining the difficulties we were experiencing.

    Do we feel ashamed of exposing what is going on in our businesses and this is why we are not transparent?

    Or is it because we do not want things to change?

    I know for a fact that in this industry that I am talking about, many customers would end up resolving their own situations if they knew the Truth of what was available, but because a particular image is sold of what can be delivered, customers hanker after that and then feel disappointed when the organisation is unable to deliver.

    Perhaps if we were more honest and upfront with our customers, this would put much less of a strain on resources and would actually empower people to get on with what they need to.

  26. Daily Mail – 1 September 2018

    Student Essay Cheats on the Rise

    The number of students paying someone else to write their university essays has surged.

    Since 2014 – 15.7% of undergraduates have admitted cheating by using ‘essay mills’.

    Essay mills offer custom made essays for a fee.

    This BBC News article says more

    In 2016, The Times unearthed that there had been 50,000 cases of cheating in UK universities over the previous three years – 17,000 per year.

    In 2014, a study from Saudi Arabia found that 22% of students reported having paid someone to write an essay.

    Why does this corruption exist?

    Is it because students are struggling or because we can’t be bothered to put in the work required?

    Or could it be that a university degree is seen as such a prized possession, that we will do whatever it takes, at any cost to get one – even if that means lying and cheating?

    What type of ‘qualified’ person do we get at the end of a university degree if the work submitted has not been their own?

    Are they someone that will be trusted?

    Will they be any good at their profession or even having the skills to practice?

    There is nothing wrong with seeking support if we need it, but clearly there is a market for these essay mills, otherwise they would not exist.

    Would it be more honest to say that we can’t complete the course, or that we are having difficulties, rather than cheating?

  27. I often think of this blog when I come across lies, as it is true lying is not normal.

    If we take this one question posed by Simple Living Global –

    ‘We all know that we were not born lying, so when did it all start to go wrong?’

    and considered this honestly, I am sure most if not all of us would agree that this is true.

    We are not born lying, so what happens for it to become so normal and a way of life?

    Is it so that we can just get through life with minimal disruption, or so we can get what we want out of life?

    At work, over many years I have heard clients say that telling the truth gets you nowhere and does not get you want you want, but what if telling the truth is not about getting what we want?

    What if when we tell the truth, no matter what the outcome is, it is whatever it needs to be and it has not been manipulated by us for our needs?

    What if when we lie and withhold information, it is to protect ourselves and it does not really consider the consequences to others?

    What if by lying we are interfering with the bigger picture of what needs to take place for the benefit of ALL?

  28. Daily Mail – 10 November 2018

    A ‘Pinocchio effect’ which sees people’s noses get colder when they are lying could work better than a lie detector, scientists say.

    Recording the temperature of someone’s face can detect if they are fibbing with 85% accuracy, the researchers found. That is because the top of the nose is sensitive to someone’s emotional state and lying is a stressful activity.

    Researchers worked with 60 students who undertook tasks while being filmed by a temperature sensitive camera. One task was to make a telephone call in which they told a lie, such as saying they had seen a celebrity. Among the liars 85% saw their nose temperature fall.

    Another clue, seen in 6 out of 10 was an increase in forehead temperature because of the mental effort in planning a lie. These temperature changes were absent in people who made honest calls…The researchers put their method’s accuracy at 10% higher than a lie detector test.

    So here we have scientific confirmation that lying is not normal if we look at all of the unnatural body changes that happen when we tell a lie.

    Have we ever observed another’s nose when they are lying to see what is going on?

    Do we take notice of their whole body and their movements or even observe our own when we tell a lie?

    What if our whole life is a lie – are we actually considering what effect this is happening on our entire body?

  29. Lying is our very normal now and there is no hiding about it any more.

    News story today about a famous rapper that started off wanting to be big but did not have the money. He rented a huge luxury car, known for apparently “inspiring greatness and this motor car is an everlasting expression of the exceptional” – well that is what a quick internet search tells us.

    He said he was faking it until he made it and of course, according to the world he has made it today. Back in the days he was out to “convince people” and motivate himself to reach the top of the music industry.

    Whilst he does not recommend that we put ourselves in financial trouble for material things, he realised it was just his way of extreme manifesting. He needed to see it, feel it and believe he could have anything he wanted.

    This is great as he puts in a disclaimer making sure we do not get into a financial debt situation for material gain. But in honesty, those that follow this guy are not going to even read or listen to that bit of advice. We will just hone in on what is possible and if it means hiring a limousine to make us look and feel wealthy, whilst inside we shudder with our internal poverty, it matters not as we are going to go for it, because we can and our idol out there done it and made it and that is how we define success.

    We could say he lied and blagged and was winging it and we call that faking it until we make it. Most of us accept that and in fact champion it as it sounds so great and it could be made into a movie (no doubt it already is) … humble beginnings to superstar mega rich world wide status and everything that goes with that.

    The point is – not all of us will be able to sustain that way of ‘winging it’ when it comes to life.

    Our new lying is so normal that we have lost the real and true model of what it is to live human life on earth. No one sits down long enough to question anything or have real and meaning-full conversations when we can see, sense and feel something is clearly not right in this world we have created.

    We have become a world of followers but what exactly are we following and if it was so real, great and amazing – how come we are feeling tension and un-settlement inside our body everyday? Time we started questioning everything before jumping on any bandwagon.

  30. A woman gets arrested in the UK on her way back from the Carribean in 2019 before the world pandemic restrictions.

    Few points to note –

    • Drinking heavily on the flight and said the 2 packages of cocaine with a street value of £80,000 were slipped into her bag before or during the flight.

    • On social benefits

    • Trip funded with £2,000 from Bingo winnings

    • First claim – gone to Carribean for a simple holiday
    • Second claim – father was ill so had to visit him

    • Told National Crime Agency officers she had a holiday romance the previous year and was choosing to return to the destination to take her promotional pictures, but got shunned by former lover and decided to fly back home.

    • Day of arrest – 2 mobile phones, 2 chargers, 72% purity cocaine heavily wrapped found inside the handbag.

    Prosecutor said her job was in the sphere of female domination. She was a dominatrix in the sex industry. She was advised that to increase earning potential, she should obtain photos for her profile of her in a flashy lifestyle, typically at locations like swimming pools. Her claim was – it was this reason she travelled to a Caribbean island.

    She is accused of telling a series of lies to the officers and did not explain the true reason for her trip.

    The trial continues as the Crown says she was short of money and brought the drugs into the UK as a courier and would be paid for this. Of course, she denies this and so the trial continues.

    This news story sounds like it has all been fabricated and belongs in a fiction section at the local library. But it is not. This is real life and this is going on and let us not be surprised as this is what border force agencies and the police authorities deal with day in and day out.

    Time we got real and basic with our honesty. LYING IS SO NORMAL NOW and what is even worse – we waste tax payers monies to go through the courts and continue trials like this one, when a big dose of common sense and absolute honesty would give us the answer.

    We have a justice system that means we have to take on what a liar says and then prove them wrong with the so-called evidence. Meanwhile there are thousands upon thousands of crimes going on that require police attention that may not get dealt with while the focus is on cases such as these.

    Another thing worth noting is the points mentioned above. Income is being made as a dominatrix and the person is on social benefits. The charges are for the possession of cocaine and nothing else, so where will this end up?

    Society is paying for this because sentencing means the social benefits that come from the public purse are diverted to another cost – prison. There are no winners and that is something we all need to be reminded of.

    How on earth does a person end up lying and then lying some more and our systems and laws do all the ‘right’ things to bring so-called truth?

    WHY have we stopped good old fashion common sense and that innate compass we all have that confirms to us beyond words when someone is lying?

  31. The Guardian – 18 February 2022

    A famous French luxury goods maker is now opening 3 new leather goods factories to keep up with demand for a particular style of handbag costing £5,000 or more.

    They currently employ 4,300 leather workers and have opened a school to train more craftspeople to increase speed and production. They hire over 400 artisans each year.

    The demand had jumped during the pandemic as “soaring stock markets have left the world’s richest people with a lot more disposable income.”

    These particular handbags have become ‘must-have’ collectibles for the rich and famous. Some own hundreds of the most sought after designs.

    Some rare handbags have been popular at auction and selling for £300,000.

    It takes 15 hours to create a bag of this kind and there is often a long waiting list for the bags.

    Overall sales rose for the company to €2.38 billion in 3 months, with American and Chinese shoppers driving strong growth.

    Dear World

    What is it about handbags that we want and desire?
    Does the price tag have much to do with our choice?

    Are these handbags just collectibles for the rich and famous or do they have demand from ordinary women wanting the ‘designer label’?

    Does social media postings and those glossy magazines add to our need for a ‘must-have’ handbag, regardless of whether it is in our budget?

    Do those that buy these handbags dream of the rich and famous life for themselves?

    How many of us live a lie as long as we get that latest designer must have handbag?

    Do we let things go or dismiss important things that need addressing in our money life because the need to have the latest item from the handbag world means more to us?

    Do we have this tendency to hold back on basics like food, just so we can have the handbag that was once just an image on a screen?

    Do we suddenly feel enriched and expanded once we get it or are we left with an empty void inside us, as the handbag did not deliver the feeling we wanted to last?

    Whatever it is that drives us to buy a super expensive handbag is worth questioning and exploring.

    For most women, it could be a phase and for others it could be a lifelong way of living beyond our means just to the ‘image’ so we can show off to others what we own?

    So what do we really own or does it ‘own’ us on some level, when we subscribe to a ‘must-have’ and in this case a handbag or multiple designer handbags?

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