God is Our Employer

For the record – we work for God

We are the custodians of this organisation

We have a company policy –

Take full RESPONSIBILITY for all choices made

Operate the business with full Transparency

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to Truth

Commit to serving others without recognition

Connect and meet others without hidden agendas

Decisions are to be made that serve everyone

Bring same integrity lived in your personal life

Do not accept any form of abuse that harms

Learn from mistakes made and see it as lessons

Focus on what it needed in any given moment

Have no attachments to what people may choose

Have no expectations or demands on anyone

Ensure there is no drive or force behind the work

Develop a quality that others get to observe and feel

Be a reflection for others of what is possible at work

Live the standards you know and let others see this

Bring order and flow into the everyday routine at work

Keep asking for deeper awareness and understanding

Accept where others choose to stand and don’t judge them

Never allow complications – always keep things SIMPLE

Trust in the knowing that there is a timing for everything

Give space before making new choices for the business

Allow things to unfold in their natural rhythm and order

Know that the business has purpose and is supported

Know that the whole universe will constellate and provide

Make the success of the business about people and evolution

Enjoy working – have fun and always keep things light

Always Put People Before Profit



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