God is Our Employer

We work for God

We are custodians of this organisation

We are known to the world as Simple Living Global

Our company policy is –

Take full RESPONSIBILITY for all the choices made

Be ACCOUNTABLE for all these choices

Commit to serving people without the need for recognition

Decisions are to be made for and on behalf of humanity

The company must remain transparent at all times

INTEGRITY to be lived in all areas of life

Mistakes are to be seen as learning lessons

Focus only on what is needed – nothing more and nothing less

People will come and people will go – have no attachments

Have no expectations or demands on anyone

There is to be no pressure, drive or force as this will not work

Live by example, so others can and will be inspired

Develop a quality that is consistent, so the world can see there is another way

Bring order and clarity in the daily routine to support the business

Keep asking for greater awareness and understanding

Meet everyone for who they truly are and not what they do or don’t do

Accept others and where they choose to stand in relationship to their evolution

Discern what is needed to truly serve humanity, not self

Keep things SIMPLE – always

If things do not flow, stop and see it as a sign

Trust that there is a timing for everything

Allow things to unfold in their natural rhythm and order

No need for advertising and marketing

Those who are ready will be magnetically pulled

Know that this business is supported and there is a true purpose

Know that the whole universe will constellate to provide whatever is needed

Have fun, keep things light

Make success about people and evolution

Put People Before Profit



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