About Simple Living Global

Simple Living Global started as Simple Living UK back in 2007.

In 2016 we changed our name to Simple Living Global as our work was for the whole world.

Our aim from day dot was to raise awareness about what is really going on in our world.

Most of us are not clear about how to live human life and whether our lifestyle choices are supporting our true health and well-being.

With the rise in illness and disease worldwide – we could all agree that something is clearly not right in the way we are living.

We have advanced so much as a race of beings and yet we are not on the front foot or getting any closer as to WHY and HOW we are at the point of bankrupting our health systems across the globe.

On that note –
Simple Living Global carry out the research and then deliver the facts and stats in simple everyday language, so there is nothing complicated on much needed topics.

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We have no intention of trying to convince anyone to make change.
We just say it as it is, with no hidden agenda or wanting something.

We are deeply committed to presenting Another Way to Live that is easy and accessible for ALL, regardless of status or background.

What we do know is that living with a daily tension and un-settlement inside our body is not a natural way of living.

Simple Living Global present a very real and practical way of living that is basic, simple and makes sense.

We feel that taking RESPONSIBILITY for our choices every day is the real and true way forward for humanity.


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Based on the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

About Back to Basics

Back to Basics is a unique program developed by Simple Living Global.

It has been tried and tested and that means it has been lived and it works.

Back to Basics brings in a practical way of living that supports the body and develops our mind to focus on the task at hand.

Learners are equipped with how to deal with daily life, regardless of what is presented and no matter what comes their way.

Easy everyday practical tasks are presented with an understanding as to WHY they are of benefit, how they work and the value and importance of remaining consistent.

The theme that runs through our Back to Basics Program is RESPONSIBILITY.


About Bina Pattel

Bina Pattel

Bina Pattel is the founder of Simple Living Global.

After 20 years in the UK Financial Services’ Industry, Bina started to question life and the purpose of why we are here and what that means.

In 2007, Bina started presenting to the general public a Simple Living Foundation Course, which was about practical ways to live every day.

With the success of these courses, the Simple Living Global Back to Basics Program was developed and has served many people from all walks of life.

It would be true to say that Bina Pattel is an expert in the field of wellness | wellbeing as she herself lives a life that is supported by a very strong and steady Foundation of deep Self-Care and self-awareness.

With over 280 articles published online, Bina Pattel has made her mark as a prolific writer of our time.

As a presenter and consultant, Bina feels an honest approach is needed when dealing with any client or organisation.

Her clients include company CEOs, executives, managers, general workers, the unemployed, drug addicts and prisoners.

Bina Pattel is known for her no nonsense manner and common sense approach which is what touches people. She has a natural ability to communicate and connect with people at all levels. With plenty of humour, she never fails to get the point across – delivering the Truth in any given situation.

This woman is not impressed by what another does or what status they hold in society or how intelligent they are seen to be.

Her unwavering commitment to life and dedication to supporting others is deeply inspiring and felt by many.

She is well known in her local community and has done voluntary work for 12 years.

She knows that she can reach her “brothers inside” in a unique way and to date, that continues to inspire her work in the field of true rehabilitation for inmates worldwide.

“In every moment, we each have a Responsibility to choose what we want to align to and it is then that we get to see and feel the consequences of that choice.

We are all here to learn at Earth School, so it would be a wise move to stop giving ourselves a hard time, re-set the start button and have another go.

We are forever learning, so we can choose to learn the lesson, keep moving and wait for the next lesson. We can make that a choice – a quality that supports us or harms us.

Making consistent choices that are responsible for our own health and wellness, benefits our communities and our society in the long-term.”
Bina Pattel


Teaching in Lifelong Learning Sector QCF
Level 4 – Teaching Certificate

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Affiliate Member

Community Mental Health & Psychiatry
Level 4

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counselling
Level 4

Advanced Psychotherapy
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Depression Management
Level 3

Professional Stress Consultant
Level 3

Diet and Nutrition Advisor
Level 3

Anatomy & Physiology
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Advanced Level Psychology

Qualitative Research Methodology

Financial Planning Certificate
Chartered Insurance Institute

Mental Health Awareness Training
Metropolitan Police

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