Tell the TRUTH Day

What on earth is Tell the Truth Day all about?

Is anyone really interested?
What does TRUTH actually mean to us?

Do we all know what TRUTH is?

WHY is it that most of us hold back from speaking the TRUTH?

WHY do we seem to have different versions of what TRUTH is?

WHY do some of us have suitable TRUTHS that suit us?

WHY do we all have convenient TRUTHS for our lifestyle?

Can we agree on something before we call it a TRUTH?

Do we think telling the TRUTH for one day will change us?
Do we think we can achieve TRUTH in our world today?
Do we feel that our world is not telling the TRUTH?

Do we stop and ask WHY our world is not FULL of TRUTH?

Do we ever think us as individuals not telling the TRUTH every day affects our world?

Do we notice we don’t like those who keep banging on about the TRUTH?

Do we clock that those who choose to LIVE a LIFE of TRUTH are not our cup of tea?

Do we get furious when we know others are doing their best to live the TRUTH and we are not?

Do we avoid people who walk and talk the TRUTH and are content calling things out that are not TRUTH?

Concise Oxford English Dictionary –

The quality or state of being true.
That which is true as opposed to false.
A fact or belief that is accepted as true.

In accordance with fact of reality.
Rightly or strictly so called; genuine: true love.
Real or actual.
Accurate or exact.
Accurately conforming to a standard or expectation.
Loyal or faithful.

Collins English Dictionary –


1. the quality of being true, genuine, actual or factual.
2. something that is true as opposed to false.
3. a proven or verified principle or statement; fact.
4. a system of concepts purporting to represent some aspect of the world.
5. fidelity to a required standard of law.
6. faithful reproduction or portrayal.
7. an obvious fact; truism; platitude.
8. honesty, reliability or veracity.
9. accuracy, as in the setting, adjustment, or position of something, such as a mechanical instrument.
10. the state or quality of being faithful; allegiance.


1. not false, fictional or illusionary;
factual or factually accurate;
conforming with reality.

2. being of real or natural origin; genuine; not synthetic.

3. a) unswervingly faithful and loyal to friends, a cause, etc.,

b) (as collective noun; preceded by the).

4. faithful to a particular concept of truth, esp. of religious truth.
5. conforming to a required standard, law or pattern.
6. exactly in tune.
7. (of a compass bearing) according to the earth’s geographical rather than magnetic poles.
8. biology
conforming to the typical structure of a designated type.
9. physics
not apparent or relative; taking into account all complicating factors.

10. not true
11. true to life

12. correct alignment (especially in the phrases in true, out of true).

13. truthfully; rightly.

14. precisely or unswervingly.

15. biology
without variation from the ancestral type.

16. to adjust so as to make true. (2)


Is anyone lost reading all these definitions?
Is anyone confused now about what TRUTH means?

Are we aware that this is only 2 different sources?
Are we any wiser after knowing all this knowledge?

Is it making any sense to us on the street?

What on earth are they on about when it comes to this word?

What if TRUTH is simply a word and we have a meaning for it that is out of date?

Who is writing all this stuff and putting it out there?
Who is telling us all these different versions for TRUTH?
Who is really behind these words of what TRUTH is?

Do we know there are heaps more giving their version?
Do some of us know what these words actually mean?

Have we lost the TRUTH of the meaning of words in their essence?
Have we lost the quality of what this word means in TRUTH?
Have we deviated from the very essence of the word TRUTH?

WHY do we just accept these words and never question it?
WHY have we got so many versions of TRUTH?

Would it be wise to know what is NOT TRUTH?

Can we join the dots and say that something is not making sense?

Are those who come up with all this stuff actually walking, talking and Living the TRUTH?

Google and you will find a few sites talking about Tell the Truth Day.

Imagine a world where nobody lies, says anything misleading, or does anything dishonest.
Tell the Truth Day aims to achieve this for just one day – presumably to allow people the rest of the year to get over insult, hurt and the result of truths which perhaps should have remained un-said! (3)

WHY do we need to imagine a world where nobody lies?
WHY do we have dis-honesty in our life every day?
WHY are we aiming to have a TRUTH day just for one day?
WHY do we need a year to get over anything?
WHY should any TRUTH remain unsaid?

Fun Holiday – Tell the Truth Day

July 7 is Tell the Truth Day, a day dedicated to honesty and the rejection of manipulation and lying.
The unofficial holiday encourages people to always tell the truth, even if it is often times inconvenient and hard.
Honesty and truthfulness are virtues that are emphasized by all world religions.
Cultures around the world put a premium on integrity and sincerity – people who tell the truth are always honoured and celebrated over people known to tell lies.

Tell the Truth Day is also sometimes celebrated April 2, the day after April’s Fool Day, a holiday that encourages pranks and harmless forms of lying.

How to Celebrate?

Celebrate honesty by telling the truth the whole day.

If you have kids in your life teach them that lying is harmful and tell them the benefits of telling the truth all the time.

If you have been lying to a loved one or a family member, today is the day to come clean. (4)

Could it be possible that we do not take TRUTH seriously and that is why it is called a Fun Day?

Could it be possible that an unofficial holiday means nothing to us on the street?

Could it be possible that we are not in Truth celebrating anything if we are not Living TRUTH every day?

Could it be possible it is very hard for us to speak the Truth to another?

Could it be possible that we struggle with being honest so how on earth can we be expected to Tell the Truth for a whole day?

Could it be possible that a single day dedicated to honesty are just words to most of us?

Could it be possible that the rejecting lying and manipulation for one day will not change us?

Could it be possible that we have made Lying normal in our life so TRUTH is not on the radar?

Could it be possible that we need to start to Get Real before we can even get Honest?

Could it be possible that we need to be consistently honest if we are ever going to get to TRUTH?

Could it be possible that we need to have a dose of common sense first and be honest that TRUTH is not something we can just be, have and do?
In other words, if we have been Living in a way that is NOT TRUTH we need to at least look at this and be honest and start to question this.

Could it be possible that we cannot celebrate honesty for one day as we live a dis-honest life?

Could it be possible that our version of TRUTH may not be the ABSOLUTE TRUTH?

What if there is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH that our body knows?

What if the Pure TRUTH of who we are and the knowing of this is inside us?

Could it be possible that even when we Tell the Truth it is a watered down version of the Absolute Truth we know and can feel inside us?

Could it be possible that we cannot teach our kids that lying is harmful if we live a life that has lies?
In other words, we are not consistent when it comes to Living the TRUTH in all areas of our life and so our kids feel that dis-honesty that we live, so trying to teach them simply does not work.

What if TRUTH is not possible unless we start with being honest?

What if TRUTH was our Priority?
What if TRUTH means the end of being Careless?
What if TRUTH means we have presence so we do not Forget?
What if TRUTH was our Foundation going forward in life?
What if TRUTH is making a Commitment to Life?
What if TRUTH was telling us Expression is Everything?
What if TRUTH has no space for Gossip and Judgment?
What if TRUTH gave us the answers Why We Get Sick?
What if TRUTH is not the current form of Intelligence1 as we know it?
What if TRUTH has a different kind of Intelligence2?
What if TRUTH lived would be the end of Lying being normal for us?
What if TRUTH means we never have to worry about that word Karma?
What if TRUTH allowed us to deeply take care of our Earth?

What if there is such a thing as TRUE TRUTH?

What if we have deviated from the TRUTH of who we truly are?
What if our body is the marker showing us what ALL TRUTH is?
What if we were taught from day dot how to hold that marker of TRUTH?

What if our only way back to the Real TRUTH is from our body?
What if our human body shows us in TRUTH the choices we make every day?
What if ALL the TRUTH we need is already inside our body?
What if we need to connect to our body and this will give us the TRUTH?

What if there are people LIVING TRUTH to the best of their ability?

What if being Gentle is a small step towards making our life TRUTH?
What if TRUTH means we live a See Through Life?
What if TRUTH supports us to LET GO of anything that is NOT TRUTH?
What if Living the TRUTH means we do not use Social Media to harm us?

What if our Blood Pressure stabilised if we chose to live TRUTH?
What if Living the TRUTH meant we do not need to Get Away with anything?
What if TRUTH is presenting us with so much more than Happiness?
What if TRUTH is the end of struggle and it’s Business Class all the way?
What if TRUTH puts a stop to wanting and needing more More MORE?
What if TRUTH tells us we do not need to be Perfect in anyway?

What if TRUTH makes sure we no longer Blame anyone or anything?
What if Living the TRUTH means we simply cannot get Bored with Life?
What if Living the TRUTH means we ask Questions instead of holding back?
What if Living the TRUTH means the War Inside Us no longer exists?

WHY is it that we cannot agree on the date for this “Tell the Truth Day”?

WHY have we based the ‘National Tell the Truth Day’ on how much chatter and buzz there was across social media on 7th July 2015; making references to ‘Tell the Truth Day’? (5)

WHY do we need algorithms to examine all of the references to National Days across social media and have Strawberry Sundays or Chocolate Days? (5)

WHY are we all jumping on the bandwagon through our social media without giving things much thought of what it will end up like?

WHY are our national days not always the TRUTH for all of us?

WHY is there such a frenzy about a national day and then it goes off the radar?

WHY are these one day wonders forgotten about soon after, like it doesn’t exist?

WHY do we go back to our old ways immediately after a World or National Day?

Is there a clue here that we are not all Unified when it comes to TRUTH?

Dear World

WHY are we so afraid of the word TRUTH?
WHY does that word TRUTH make us feel anxious?
WHY does TRUTH bring tension to our body?
WHY does the thought of TRUTH scare us so much?

WHY do we feel so nervous around people who speak TRUTH?
WHY are we not ready for TRUTH in our life every day?
WHY are we all running from the TRUTH?
WHY are we not able to admit that we don’t really like the TRUTH?

WHY do we find the TRUTH so challenging most of the time?
WHY does the TRUTH always seem to get us when we least expect?
WHY are we avoiding the TRUTH like it were some plague?
WHY are we happy bopping along in life when we know it is not the TRUTH?

WHY are most of us not Living the TRUTH every single day?
WHY are we quick to bad mouth and slag off anyone who is speaking TRUTH?
WHY do we have very few people on earth who LIVE TRUTH day in and day out?
WHY does the Internet have very little TRUTH across the sites we visit daily?

WHY do we jump on the bandwagon of stuff we know is not the TRUTH?
WHY are people not popular when they choose to express TRUTH?
WHY are we quick to shut down or get rid of those who Tell the TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that our blog –
Get Real, Get Honest and Get to Truth has some answers?

Would it be TRUTH to say that people who Tell the TRUTH to a point, are not expressing the ABSOLUTE TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that as a world we are way way off from LIVING ABSOLUTE TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we need to bring a level of honesty into our daily lives and start to question everything that is not working?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we need to stop accepting life as it is and the world as it is?

Would it be TRUTH to say that to develop TRUE TRUTH in our lives we need to knock out the lies?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we simply cannot get to TRUTH until we Commit to Life?

Would it be TRUTH to say we need to have a Foundation in Life that is based on TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say we need a Simple Life if we want a life that is TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say we need to include and consider ALL of humanity in every choice we make if we want to live a life that we can say is the TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say we are not ready for this level of TRUTH as it just feels too much?

Would it be TRUTH to say we like the thought of Living TRUTH, but it is way too uncomfortable?

Would it be TRUTH to say that any form of lying is not harmless but harms ALL OF US?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we can take a bit of TRUTH, but not full on non-stop?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we can feel our world is not the TRUTH we know it could be?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we as individuals have a hand in WHY the world is not TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we prefer doing nicey nice than speaking our TRUTH to another?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we are scared of hurting someone if we Tell the TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say we do not want to lose a relationship if we speak our TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say we would rather be in an arrangement than a real true relationship?

Would it be TRUTH to say we know Alcohol is a poison but we carry on harming our body?

Would it be TRUTH to say we know the War Inside Us comes from our battle with TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say we do not want to know the Real Truth about Marijuana?

Would it be TRUTH to say we are not ready for the Real Raw and Uncut TRUTH about Dairy?

Would it be TRUTH to say we love the comfort of bread so we don’t want to know about Gluten?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we do not want to be aware of the Real TRUTH about –

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Eating Disorders
Female Genital Mutilation
High Blood Pressure
Human Trafficking
Kidney Disease
Mental Health
Our Youth
Raynaud’s Disease
Sleep Issues
Social Media
Why We Get Sick

Would it be TRUTH to say that this website is dedicated to TRUE TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that the founder of this website is all about TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that the author of this blog walks the TRUTH in life?

Would it be TRUTH to say the author talks the TRUTH with no hidden agenda?

Would it be TRUTH to say that LIVING TRUTH is possible for ALL OF US and not just some?

Would it be TRUTH to say that our choices in every moment need to come from TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that we can inspire others if we choose to Live TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that others can feel those who LIVE, WALK AND TALK TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say people know the quality when we live a quality of TRUTH daily?

Would it be TRUTH to say we hold a vibration that is UNIVERSAL when we choose TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that most of us have a long way to go to ABSOLUTE TRUTH?

Would it be TRUTH to say that if we start by being deeply honest we will get to TRUTH?

Do we understand what a One-Unified TRUTH is?

Could it be possible that to get to TRUTH we need to have a One-Unified TRUTH?
In other words, we all have to agree and unite and know that TRUTH serves the ALL and it is for the ALL.
That means we are ALL PART of the TRUTH EQUALLY and this TRUTH takes into account that we are ALL ONE AND THE SAME.

Inspired by a man called Serge Benhayon who put the words ONE-UNIFIED TRUTH on the map for us to KNOW that we are ALL ONE and the same EQUALLY.

We cannot be divided when we all realise that we come from the One Source and that there is only One TRUTH that will unify us ALL as a race of beings and Re-Turn us back to who we truly are.

What if we tend to ignore people who live TRUTH because it rattles us?

What if Living our own Truth is the natural way to live on Earth?

What if knowing the TRUTH changes our life and inspires others to Be the same?

What if TRUE TRUTH holds each of us and every single particle on this Earth and beyond as EQUAL?

What if TRUTH has no ounce of competition or false pillars that separate man from his brothers?

What if TRUTH is the end of complication?


What IF TRUTH was Simple Living?


(1) Concise Oxford English Dictionary – Twelfth Edition. Oxford University Press. 2011

(2) (n.d). Collins English Dictionary. Retrieved July 4, 2017 from

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Comments 58

  1. As a young child I became very confused about what people said compared to what people would do. It seemed like nothing they said made any sense to me.

    I started to not trust what people said, and eventually to not trust people. It makes me sad to understand that this is what I felt I had to do to be in the world.

    I am understanding that what I was feeling as a child was the truth. That feeling what is going on is the only way to get to truth.

    All the suffering in our world is because we chose to shut down this natural ability to know what is true.

    Simple Living Global’s Back to Basics program has supported me to get back to this knowing of what is true. It has turned my life around and I feel has the potential to truly change our world.

    1. I agree JS, we get into right, wrong, good, bad. But how discerning are we when it comes to what we see or hear or read? I am learning more and more about feeling my body when I read or see or hear things – and feeling whether it makes sense. Our body is the best way to discern whether something feels true or not.

  2. This is such a hard hitting blog if you let it in.

    Do we see how much dishonesty there is in the world?

    What does the surge in ‘alternative facts’ show us?

    Are we open to seeing where we lying in the big or ‘little’ ways?

    What about our actions? Do they match our words? Always? Could that be to do with Truth too?

    Do we have an absoluteness with Truth?
    If not, why not?

    After reading this blog, I for one want to go deeper with this.


    Here we have a BBC news story dated 6 July 2017 about a man who has been jailed for killing two of his partners.

    The thing is he got away with it –

    but not for long as Truth was after him. It was the parents of one of the women who insisted on digging deeper until they got to the real Truth.

    So often in life, we just give up and when the odds are stacked against us we get to a point and then walk away or simply stop seeking Truth.

    Making Truth the only way is what will one day become a life changer and turn the tides away from the lies we all seem to comfortably live these days.
    We have become a world that sees Truth, as in this story as news worthy when it should really be our ‘norm’. It confirms how far away we have deviated from truth and made that our new normal.

  4. I have one person in my life who always tells me what I need to hear, whether it’s an easy message or not.

    Reflecting on this blog, I realise how deeply I appreciate that.

    Why does she do that when others do not?

    My view? She is committed to Truth from her core and she lives it in her every day. It’s what enables her to write blogs like this. She doesn’t buy in to the societal ‘fitting in’ or ‘saying what you want to hear’ or ‘nicey nicey’ stuff. She sees what’s going on and she calls it out. Always with magnanimity.

    If you asked me now to define true friendship, this would be at the heart of it. Truth. It’s how we help each other evolve.

  5. I spent time recently with somone who I personally know works really hard and is super good at what she does… yet has seen many people less qualified get promoted instead of her…

    This person is good with people AND honest, truthful even…
    She is honest to the point that she is not the “yes-man” the company wants to promote.
    Could this be the only quality not on their list?

    What I see as happening en-large in the corporate world is that the ‘yes-men’ are bringing companies as close to sweat shop conditions as possible ‘within’ the imposed laws to prevent inhumane work/living conditions…

    Do we think that a few very hard won laws to protect people from extortion will hold up and protect us no matter what treatment we say yes to? Honestly? Truth-fully?

    Are we not each responsible for making and keeping societal standards what we all know and feel to be humane?

  6. What a fabulous blog. I love how it challenges us all on every aspect of life… do we have any truth in our lives and in our world?

    Your last 7 ‘what if’ questions about Truth had me saying yes yes yes and I am sure deep within this is what we all want and crave ultimately.

    Having people like Serge Benhayon and the Author of this blog and Website walking their talk living every moment in Truth the inspiration is there and has deeply inspired me and continues to inspire me to bring Truth into my life and out to the world.. holding All equally.

  7. Sometimes I feel like I need to edit a conversation to make it more hearable to a person. Why do I feel I need to do that?

    It is about being nice. I am afraid the person will not like me if I say something they do not like.

    It has taken me many years to understand that it is really not that important what other people think of me. Most of the time I am just imagining what people are thinking. People actually respect me more if I tell them the truth. And people can tell when you are not speaking your truth.

    I am claiming the fact that what I have to say is important. It is not my problem if another person does not want to hear it.

    I feel our society’s fear of speaking our truth has allowed all the things in our world, that do not support us, to exist in the world.

    It is time to speak up, do not hold back. When we can do this it shows our children, that it is ok be themselves, not perform for the world. This is how we change the world. Just be ourselves the best we can.

  8. This Truth business is not easy for most of us and I was one of them.

    In the past, I would have so many suitable and convenient truths, which actually were not true truths but it worked for me. Now I realise that fake and phoney way of living was not it and how I knew this was it always left a tension, a disturbance or call it an unsettlement in my body.

    These days I am known for my radar of Truth and anything less I can usually smell it and bet your bottom dollar I am right on all counts.

    Truth is simple and it is easy if we stick to it but most of us have this habit of going so far and then we back off.

    I feel we do this as we fear the attack, the reactions and responses of others who are not choosing the same Truth and part of us may even want to have the easy road but in Truth we don’t really get to evolve or move forward in life.

    Classic example today was my parents and having been raised in strict Indian culture, a girl would never call to account her elders ever. As I choose not to subscribe to any way of living that is not Truth, I was able to speak my truth but not from any reaction. I heard what they said and then questioned and challenged it.

    Both realised and this is the learning. It was simply a real NO this is not acceptable kind of thing and they got it. Being afraid or holding back out of duty, religion etc serves no one and just makes things worse if you ask me.

    I for one will not accept a reality that I know is less than TRUTH.
    If we stop and think about this, why on earth do we as a race of beings accept anything less than pure, absolute and utter TRUE TRUTH.

    Our world would change overnight if we at least started to be honest so we get to Truth one day.

  9. Yes.. Absolute Truth can be challenging and I have found it so but also I have found from the absolute Truth that Serge Benhayon lives every conversation I have had with him either in person or by email has had a profoundly healing effect on me.. my health, how I am in life, my relationship with the world, with humanity and God. Truth is powerful, liberating and connects us to us all equally and to who we truly are.. I now welcome and appreciate Truth.

  10. All my life I felt things and saw things that didn’t make sense but had no where or no one to confirm or disconfirm what I was feeling.
    Then I met Serge Benhayon 14 years ago who lives truth and breathes truth and is an absolute marker of truth, as is the author of this blog.

    I absolutely love having people like this in my life where I can feel truth, and where I can learn truth and learn for myself through my own discernment what is truth and what is not.

    1. I could not agree more, Jane.

      I remember hearing Serge Benhayon talk many years ago about the importance of discerning for ourselves what is true and not true and that we all have that ability.

      This was very confirming for me to hear and even more impactful when he was saying even of himself – ‘don’t believe what I say because I say it, discern for yourself whether what I am saying is the Truth; explore and live it and then talk from that’.

      From that moment, I started to build a greater awareness. Knowing how truth feels in my body is a super-power I’m reclaiming and is one of my favourite things.

  11. I thought this provided an interesting reflection on our relationship with truth: some research showing that the more impersonal the conditions, the more honest people will be.

    What we search for on the internet is proving to be very telling about what is really going on in our lives, versus what we will actually admit to.

    Why are we living with this disparity? What is it doing to us to live that way?

    1. Thank you for sharing this article JS.

      Seeing the disparity between what people actually do on the internet and what we admit to is social behavior worth exploring deeper.

      It is so so important to understand our current relationship with truth, as human beings; to get honest about where we are with truthfulness and why we find it ‘common place’ to feel the need to hide and lie about who we really are, what we are choosing; what we do, think and feel…

      …because if we are not being fully truthful we are not being the true, full human beings we can be; we are not being who we, in truth, are…

      and isn’t this why our world is so upside down?

      If we want our world to change the next question has to be a very personal one and must be asked and deeply considered with no judgment and a great willingness to understand ourselves:

      ‘What are most of us so very afraid of when it comes to being truthful or having nothing to hide and why are we more afraid of exposing where we are at with people we know?’

      1. “…and isn’t this why our world is so upside down?”

        What a great question: could it be that our lack of Truth is contributing to the state of the world?

        If we considered this possibility, would it help us see Truth differently? To see our responsibility? Would it motivate us to commit to Truth?

        Maybe we could start with being honest about where we are being dishonest.

  12. I have found the Questions Questions blog on this site very helpful.

    Questioning more has lead me to have a greater awareness of the world and what is going on it and with us as a humanity.
    To keep questioning stops the status quo of accepting it how it is and giving the opportunity to open for deeper understanding which can lead to honesty.. and starts the evolution to Truth.

  13. When I hear someone speak, that questions the way that humanity is living, it inspires me to speak up myself about what I am feeling.

    Many of the true leaders of the world, have made speeches that are still around and are still powerful, hundreds of years later.

    This website is one of those things that has inspired people to speak their truth.

    It has allowed me to let out all the amazing wisdom that I have held inside all my life.

    We all need to let go, speak our truth as it supports and inspires other people to do the same.

  14. BBC Radio 2 this week, the topic being discussed was about University degrees and that the percentage of 1st’s being awarded these days has increased greatly.

    One of the points raised was that Universities are intentionally giving out more 1st’s so as to attract more students as the implication is that the University must be good.

    Later on in the show, a woman called in.

    She said that she used to be a tutor at a University and that she would mark the coursework and final exams of the degree students.

    In one instance she recommended to a group of students whose work wasn’t up to standard, that they should look at getting extra tuition, which she was willing to offer. Some took her up on the offer, some decided to work harder on their own and two students said that they thought they would be OK.

    The exam came and the tutor had to do something that she had never done before and that was to fail these two students.

    A few months later she thought about these two and emailed them to find out how they were and to ask if the University had done anything for them.

    Their response in an email was “what are you talking about, we have just had our graduation ceremony.”

    The tutor was understandably surprised and confused about this so she decided to do some investigating.

    After time she found that all her coursework marking and exam marking had been removed and new markings had been replaced by her manager.

    When confronting her manager, she was told that it had been changed because they couldn’t allow anyone to fail as it would look bad on the University.

    It seems clear that prestige is more important than integrity, honesty and truth.

    Is this indicative of the age we live in?

    Is it possible that this undermines the value of the degree course?

    Is it possible that this undermines the value of the person getting the degree?

    Is it possible that education is becoming, or already is, another instance of seeing people as mere profits?

    Where is the integrity in this?

    Where is the honesty in this?


    1. I appreciate BBC radio 2 for sharing real conversation.

      The story Tim shares here exposes how ‘normal’ it has become to alter the truth in the name of protecting the bottom line; that bottom line being to make money even at the cost of integrity; at the cost of taking true care for those who pay the very ‘bills’ the greedy choice is converting truth to covet.

      We may be lulled into a mind-set of ‘oh, it’s not a big deal’ or ‘what’s the fuss to pass a few kids who didn’t actually pull it off…

      …but I ask, couldn’t it serve humanity for us to look at the possibility that we have:

      *allowed money-over-people-policies to become more and more dominant in many areas of business including the education of our youth?
      *a trend in society of not dealing with reality?
      *some who are not doing so well but we don’t want to see it?
      * that some may need to ‘fail’ and not graduate in school in order to get ‘real’ so they can learn, develop and take charge of their lives?

      Success can not be about a grade, an outer achievement or an accumulation of money since it is clear that this is not producing more joyful people than those without these.

      So, I ask ‘what is True Success and can we get there on the sly?’

    2. That is a familiar scenario Tim – I have observed that exact same thing to happen in an educational establishment, also in business where the truth of the numbers/statistics was not looking good so the figures were ‘massaged’ so as not to expose the full truth.

      I also know in the past I have exaggerated, told a ‘white lie’, or not spoken up when it was needed, all of which add to the lack of truth in the world. One of the problems with all of this is that once you’ve lied, or not told the truth, you have to continue to lie or be deceitful so as to ‘save face’ or keep the lie going.

      What I do know in all of these and many other situations is that the truth does come out in the end. We think we can hide the truth or not be exposed but it does come out. More so, our physical body gets sick when we play games and do not live our lives honestly, openly, transparently and willing to see the truth.

  15. When I read your comment Tim, I felt sadness, then anger.

    What is happening in our world? Is their no integrity?

    If we feel no one is speaking truth, no wonder dementia and checking out and giving up ness is so rampant.

    Blogs and comments like this will expose all the rot that is in our world.
    That is the first step in making true change. It is our responsibility to speak our truth.
    We have been accepting less and that has created the world we have.

  16. I am noticing when I say something and there is some doubt in myself when I say it, then it does not feel as powerful and I tend to want to use words to convince, that what I am saying is true.

    Starting a sentence with I think, can dilute the power of what I am saying, rather then claiming what I say, as my truth.

    As a child it was very obvious to me when someone was saying something that they did not really believe. It made me question words and what they really mean.

    It is so easy to just say something that you heard, without really feeling whether it is true for you.

    It is critical that we take responsibility for what we speak. And understand that we do not get away with just speaking without feeling if what we are saying is true. Everyone can feel if you are not really claiming your words.

    So do not worry about what people will say or think, deep down if you are speaking truth, you are inspiring them to speak their truth.

    That is what our world is missing, people being and expressing themselves, in all parts of life.

  17. I was recently asked to support a couple who were divorcing. What was interesting is one partner was going to live abroad but after we had a chat, I asked some Questions and brought the whole conversation to a point of Truth.

    We started with getting really honest about the situation speaking to them individually. They felt met and listened to and sometimes this is the start of the unfolding natural process.

    Simple really when you join the dots that this, like many other relationships, is full of hurts on both sides, irrational thinking, blame and guilt and the list goes on.

    What I realise and Appreciate is the TRUTH IS and always WILL BE the last one standing.
    Most of us do not like the Truth or we say we do, but we don’t really want the consequences or the exposing or the challenges that we have to address when it comes to TRUTH.

    In this case, it turned out that there needed to be an Acceptance of the Truth about what was really going on, so that everyone including the kids could move forward.
    No big fat lawyer fees which they both knew was going to take them deeper into the fight and war of who is right and who is wrong.

    Our Legal industry would get Truthfull results like this if we, as individuals started to live in a simple way that has responsibility at the core of our choices because people feel that.
    It holds a quality, a vibration so to speak that is felt because it has been lived.

    I am in no way qualified and do not profess to be but with a PhD in common sense, a responsible way of living and a no nonsense style that most people love and respect, bingo we get results.
    I had no picture or investment. All I said was I walk Truth and I can only help if Truth is what they want.
    No point mincing words and saying stuff to sound nice.
    Truth has no ounce of fluff.

  18. I saw an article about the corruption in the food industry –

    It says “Most of us have little to no idea how behind-the-scenes forces control the food we buy, and the depth of the corruption involved”

    How different it would be if we did know what was going on ‘behind the scenes’ – and who decides what is kept ‘behind the scenes’ or not?

    How different the world would be if Truth came first – absolutely and consistently so – industry for instance could look very differently to what it does today.

  19. I saw a bumper sticker, it asked: “What could be more evolving than kindness?”…

    … ah… well, in my experience once deep honesty is undertaken and truthfulness has been tasted it is very clear that being kind and being truthful are often at odds…

    and that truthfulness is far more evolving while kindness so often comes without truth as a way of ‘making nice’ and this falseness is retarding/devolving as it serves to get people to like you or make them feel good about not being true in some way themselves…

    I have realized that, in truth ‘kindness’ is usually not what it seems, kindness is not actually kind when it so often ‘protects’ a person from the truth they eventually will need to come to.

    How loving is kindness if it is delivered devoid of truthfulness?

    Kindness can be in the way of learning and ‘getting real’ about what is really going on.

    For any ill to change we must first see it and know it is ill.

    How many beliefs like this one do we allow, hold or champion as evolving when it is not?

  20. In the news today there are articles about the lack of openness/transparency on food packaging – in this case cereals – as they are not showing the amount of sugar that is in them –
    “It’s scandalous that certain food manufacturers are still refusing to be transparent when it comes to front of pack nutrition labelling.”
    “If there is no front of pack label with one brand, shoppers should assume they are hiding something – so buy another brand instead.”
    “The group said that cereal shoppers could save themselves around 45 teaspoons of sugar per month (182g) if appropriate labelling was consistently used.”
    Whilst we have a right to have transparency from these big manufacturers, it is also our responsibility to be asking these manufacturers for the truth. We all have a part to play in bringing truth to our world.

    1. And another article in the news today where there is a need for transparency, openness and truth – – “Eggs scandal: EU food safety chief calls for end to ‘blaming’
      “Eggs, coming mainly from the Netherlands, have been found to contain fipronil, which is banned by the EU in the food industry. A row has erupted over how long Belgian and Dutch authorities have known.”
      “Many of the affected eggs will have already passed through the food chain before anyone was aware of the scandal.”

      What strikes me here is when we don’t live in truth, or when we don’t live openly with transparency there can be a ripple effect that effects so many more people – as somewhere along the line with these eggs someone knew that a banned substance was used. Truth is a global responsibility, not only a responsibility to ourselves. A responsibility to everyone, everywhere.

  21. This website is presenting the truth about what is going on in our world. Whether we choose to read it with openness, at this time is an individuals choice, but eventually history will show that Simple Living Global was right on.

    Many of these blogs are challenging to read because they expose what all our individual choices have produced in our world.
    Taking responsibility for what we have created is where we need to go.

    This is scary, it is overwhelming to look at what is happening in our world. What do we do? Where do we start?

    It starts with taking responsibility for our own lives. Simple Living Global has supported me to do this with its Back to Basics program.

    Simple Living Global is presenting the truth about what is really going on. And it is presenting a way of living that can and is dealing with all these issues by dealing with our own individual issues.

    I am living this way. It works.

  22. I greeted a woman, with the standard “How are you?” and she shocked me by saying ” Oh, I’m not doing to well today. ”

    I was shocked because, she actually told the truth, rather then the standard reply, “I am fine.”

    Later I saw her and told her I appreciated her honesty and it is something our world needs more of.

    If we do not speak our truth about how we feel and what is happening in our world, nothing will change.

    And when we speak our truth, the other person can feel lt. It opens up a whole new level of communication. A level of connection that is amazing and what many people are missing.

    So do not hold back! Say what you feel to say! It is how we can change our world!

  23. Great blog Simple Living Global and one that holds no punches when talking about what TRUE TRUTH is.

    Most of us would say that we are truthful but, in-truth, how TRUTH-FULL are we really?

    How truth-full are we prepared to be when it comes to remaining true when something is taking us out of our comfort zone?

    How truth-full are we prepared to be when it comes to upsetting or disappointing someone when we speak the truth?

    It’s easy to talk about ourselves being truthful when it is front of others or when it concerns others, but, how truth-full are we prepared to be when it comes to being truth-full to ourselves?

    What about those little-white-lies that we think are OK?

    How often do we do things that are not totally truth-full because no one sees us doing it?

    The truth is, being TRUTH-FULL 100% of the time requires a lot of integrity and consistency.

    However hard it is for us to hear the truth, the truth actually gives us the option to make different and truer choices.

    As the saying goes…”The TRUTH will set you free.”

  24. Holding back our truth can be so damaging. It is hard to comprehend the damage it can do.
    There are so many intricate connections to a situation that we do not understand.

    Even if it initially seems easier to lie, in the long run it just creates complications and pain.

    So trust yourself that you know what is best in every situation, honour that place in you that knows truth.

    Our truth may be the greatest gift we can bring to humanity.

  25. When we live truth (an inner knowing that we all have), it just comes out in everything that we do. We do not have to think about what the right thing to do or say is, it just happens. And it is our responsibility to share it.

    When we live a life from this place, we start to banish all doubt from our life. Doubt comes from stopping to think about a situation. When we live from our inner truth, our lives are actually part of our physical bodies, and there is no hesitation as to what needs to be said. Our bodies know what to say.

    I go back to my two year old child. Does a two year old really think about what it is going to do or say?

    We know how to do this, (express from our bodies), it is all about letting go and just being ourselves.

  26. Across newspapers yesterday I saw the word evil following the Los Angeles shooting.

    The question came – What is evil?

    Horrific acts like murder and sexual offences we say are evil but are there other acts in society that we have accepted as normal, even good perhaps, that are in Truth evil because they are actions that keep us away from who we truly are, like being good and nice?

    What if these acts are evil because actions like smiling and nodding our heads when we don’t agree with something but say YES anyway are evil as we are not being our natural selves and so others get a fake, unreal and deceitfull person because we are not being truthfull?

    What if we all lived by being nice and good but not true?
    What kind of world would this create or have we created that world already?

    Does this then leave room for us to act in horrific ways because we are already not living in alignment with our true selves?

    Could we see a significant change in society if we restored the whole truth to our words and lived that rather than the watered down compromised versions that we have accepted?

    Could this provide a true healing for humanity and enable the tides to turn?

  27. There is a regular column in ‘The Week’ magazine that is titled, ‘Wit and Wisdom’ and it has several quotes from different people from all fields of life.

    One of the quotes in the 16th September 2017 edition says, “Always tell the truth. It’s the easiest thing to remember.”

    Wise words indeed.

    A story that comes from a lie will always have to come with a lot of thought and energy to perpetuate the un-truthfulness so it makes sense that when we speak the truth, no matter how many times we have to tell the same story, we will always find it easier to recall the details.

  28. I wonder what would happen to the surge we are seeing in so called ‘fake news’ if we all made a commitment to truth in our every day.

  29. BBC News China – 8 December 2017

    Boy aged 13 has been arrested for killing his mother and chopping her head in Sichuan Province, China.
    He reportedly filmed the murder and sent the clip to friends via a popular messaging app.

    Radio Free Asia reported that the boy killed his mother after a quarrel.

    So what on earth is going on in our world where a young teenager does this?
    Of course it could all be made up by the media but what if there is some Truth to this story?

    South China Morning Post – 23 March 2015

    A man aged 31 killed both his parents and kept their heads in the fridge.
    He dismembered the bodies and some salted body parts were found in plastic bags.

    He told a psychiatrist that he listened to a Russian composers piano piece continually for 30 days before he killed his parents and it enhanced the images of flames in his mind that he believed would signal the impending end of the world.

    South China Morning Post have even more stories like this, so it is not the first of its kind.

    WHY is it that we rarely hear of what is going on in other parts of the world?

    WHY do the media not report on serious stuff like this that is going on, to alert our youth and others in our world?

    WHY are we not demanding answers and getting to the root cause of how this is happening?

    We hear of those who kill others and the murder is not a close relative, so when it is, what is going on and WHY?

    Does this feel way too much or is there loads more that never make the headlines and so we are not really aware of the extent of what is going on in our world?

    Is it time we all started to pay attention to what is going on under our noses, on the street, in our communities, in our country and in our world?

    What if we are all Citizen Journalists that do have a say and can make a difference by sharing what we know and are aware of, that is simply not the Truth?

    Going forward – can we make every single day a TELL THE TRUTH DAY?

    How would that change the world?
    What if we used social media and our other forms of communication with a responsibility to report the Truth?

    We all know how the current forms of media tend to exaggerate or make it a sensationalist story, but what if we came in and just said it how it is – could that make a difference?

    We all know that doing nothing guarantees no change.

  30. I was talking about telling the truth with an ex-consultant this week.

    He was sharing how many times on projects they would realise they were working on the wrong problem to solve, but they did not say anything – they just kept on going in order to deliver what had been set, and to be able to bill for the job.

    He said he wished they had been honest with the clients and he was reflecting on what would have happened if they had done that.

    He said the lack of integrity he felt was one of the reasons he left and whilst he believes consultants have loads of great skills, he just did not want to be one any more.

    He said he felt he was too junior at the time for anyone to have listened to him, but he wishes he had spoken up.

    I have examples of this in my own life too, and it reminded me of what knowing something is wrong feels like. Not only is it harming all who see it, but it affects us personally – physically.

    This was a reminder for me of the importance and responsibility for speaking the truth and not sitting on the fence, regardless of our age or status, even if to do so doesn’t seem to change the status quo.

  31. My kids asked me yesterday ‘does the news ever lie?’.

    What a great question.

    They read a children’s news journal that comes weekly and have been wondering if all the facts and information are true.

    We started with ‘what is a lie?’ and concluded that lies come in many, many forms, some more subtle than others.

    It is sad to me that we live like this – that truth is not a pre-requisite of modern intelligence.

    However, it brings into focus the importance of discerning what is true, calling out what is not, and always checking the details. Perhaps this is how we bring back Truth once and for all, for all of us.

  32. I read an article about fake news that got me thinking about what we value.

    It explained how the social media platforms define success and how that definition is fuelled by how their investors and the wider capital markets define success: volume of users and how ‘active’ those users are.

    If success is defined by the volume of users then where is the incentive to make sure all those users are real and unique individuals?

    They could be computer ‘bots’ pumping out any old information or they could be users with multiple accounts, each with a different persona.

    It wont matter if it pushes up the numbers.

    And if success is defined by the number of clicks we all make, and if what makes us click is drama, controversy, scandal, voyeurism, hate, titilation, frivolity and excitement, then where is the place for Truth?

    Would we click on it or would the numbers go down?

    So what if the truth is that, today, many of us don’t actually value the Truth?

    If we valued it, the numbers wouldn’t matter.

  33. Slowly over the last 50 years our definition of truth has degraded to the point where we have no markers as to what is true or not.

    It is time to look for truth in our hearts as it is the marker that does not change.

    We all have this knowing of what is true and every time we ignore our truth, we break our own hearts.

    Is this part of the giving up ness that is happening in our society?

    It is our responsibility to stand up for the truth. When we can do this, it inspires others to be the same.

  34. A recent presentation by a wise man called Serge Benhayon got me to stop and consider what was said in these few words –
    ‘Good and Right bring no reflection of Truth’.

    So what does that mean to me and the average jo public on the street?

    My take is that being good is not the answer and being right is also not the answer.

    I have known for a long time that goody good is not my style and growing up I hated that word Good. Being a good girl thing.

    Good for me is the nicey nice, tick the boxes, do not step over the line and fit in, no matter how much it disturbs us because that way we do not make waves in life, stick out or stand for what we know and can feel is true.

    This stuff has been with me since day dot. By that, I mean – I always liked honesty, up front straight talk and TRUTH.

    I absolutely love TRUTH and not a watered down version or diluted to suit us or a convenient Truth.

    However, when I know it is not Truth I am easily distracted or want to cut the nonsense as to me it is a waste of time really.

    Next – being right. Well who doesn’t like being right but I know again that is not the Truth. This one was a battle with me because I got into the right and wrong thing and my way is the right way, which did not allow for any Truth to even be on my radar.

    So that was a waste of a big part of my life as I liked the ‘I know best blah blah blah’ talk – again a waste of time.

    So how did this change and transformation come about?

    Well, a friend suggested I meet this man called Serge Benhayon in 2005 and then I attended a one day presentation.

    The truth is I did not like him as everything he said made sense, but it would also mean I was living a lie and being dishonest about my life and being right was not right at all.

    Oh dear – I simply did not like that, so I walked away and found it very very difficult to justify why I was not interested. I know now it was because this man was living pure and absolute Truth and mrs here was not. Fact.

    It was Ugly. Hard pill to swallow.

    Hey ho, let’s move on and find another spiritual new age weekend to attend and forget what this man ever said that seemed to go to the very core of my being.

    Well after 6 months I just had to go back as I thought even with egg all over my face exposing the mess I have created – maybe this was another way because the Truth was so clear, I could not ignore it any longer and my excuses were quite pathetic.

    Well roll on 13 years and the rest is history as they say.

    What I have realised is one person living absolute TRUTH to the best of their ability, without perfection does have a knock on effect, so to speak and it lasts.

    That’s the thing, we get to live the same and it is possible to sustain it. I am living proof of that fact and no need to stick me in a laboratory, put me under controlled conditions or try and extract a hypothesis.

    Let’s just keep it simple and use me as the living science that TRUTH is a quality we can all live, if we choose and that does inspire others.

  35. I love Truth because it always exposes lies.

    There is no lie that can remain hidden in the face of Truth. FACT.

    We all know innately what is True and what is not True and we choose to ignore everything in life that does not suit what we want, but deep down we ALL know when we are living a lie.

    I have been confronted many times in my life to stand for what is true and as I move forward in life I know that it is a foundation of Truth that I stand on and stand for.

    I will not allow lies to run society as this is the reason why we have all of the ills that we do.

    If no one stood for Truth none of us would know that there is another way to live.

    I know that in every cell of my body that the founder of Simple Living Global – lives Truth inside and out.

  36. A colleague was sharing yesterday how he always used to laugh at jokes people told at school and uni and work, even if he didn’t understand them.

    He said he did this because he didn’t want to look silly and be the only one not to know and he didn’t want to draw attention to himself so he would be in the firing line. How many of us have experienced the same thing?

    This came up because he was talking about how his daughter is going through a version of this at school and he wants to support her.

    We talked about walking the walk ourselves, to role model this, rather than just giving our children throw away lines like ‘don’t worry, just ask if you don’t know’ or ‘don’t laugh if it’s not funny’ or ‘tell them if you feel it is wrong’. Why would our children follow our advice if we aren’t living it ourselves?

    I have been looking at where I am being dishonest, in the most socially acceptable ways and working on instead being truthful. Laughing at an un-funny joke or not calling out an inappropriate comment is a good example.

    Not only does that confirm the person who told the joke or made the comment so they have your blessing to repeat the behaviour, but it feels to me that it also degrades your own feelings and is, at a very basic level, simply dishonest.

    If it’s not funny, why laugh?

    If it feels wrong, isn’t there a responsibility to say that?

  37. My youngest son asked me at the weekend when did I last tell a lie.

    What a great question.

    I thought about it for a while and realised I had a lie to tell him about. We discussed why I had told it and what he thought about that.

    He told me about the kids at his school who tell lies to make themselves interesting and he admitted it is tempting to do that. We talked about how common that is.

    What would the impact be if we talked about this phenomenon with those around us?

    Would we burst the pretending-we-don’t-all-do-it bubble?

    This blog is a great place to start.

  38. I realise these days I can sniff out lies. It’s like integrity has its own flavour. Lying too. And you can feel it – feel the difference.

    Just this morning someone was telling me something that sounded absolutely legit, but it just did not feel right.

    With a bit of probing in the right direction, the truth eventually came out. It was a cover up job.

    It feels like Truth really will always be the last one standing. Once you know that, it’s hard to live by anything else.

  39. I would say that as a world we are well off the mark when it comes to Truth.

    First we need to get honest and very few people are and if they do seem to be, then we need to ask are they deeply Honest in every single area of their life?

    It takes a huge amount of personal Responsibility to be honest consistently on a day to day basis in every single area of life.

    We all have our hidden stuff and some more than others.

    I am no halo head and I do not think in any way that I am perfect.

    However, I am big into Truth and I love that word and I know what that word means in its true essence.
    This is not coming from my head or an ideal or a belief of any kind.

    Truth is a quality and it holds a vibration that can be felt, if we are truly connected to our body. It gives us a holding quality that knows when something is not Truth and in that moment we can hold steady and firm in what we know or we can go the other way and dismiss, ignore or negate what we can feel is the Truth.

    I for one choose Truth over anything else and it does not make me popular in some situations or relationships.

    This really does not bother me, because I know the whole world wants more Truth, so the fact I know it well means I cannot hold back or wait for others, when I know what to do or not do.

    It is time to raise the standards and bringing forth Truth, as it is absolutely necessary in a world that we have created that is so far removed from Truth.

    I have a commitment, a responsibility to humanity to deliver the Truth and nothing will stop me.

    If this claim sounds too way off and whacky, it would be wise to study the author of this comment, blog and website and continue studying, until there is no doubt left that Truth is the way out of our current form of living and this one individual is setting the standards by way of correction.

  40. BBC News – 1st October 2018

    The UK Prime Minster has said that she intends to stop high street restaurant chains from deducting money from workers’ tips, by bringing in a law that bans this practice, especially for card sales.

    Most people tip, because they have received a good service and they want to leave it for the team or an individual and not have it swallowed up in the general business takings. Leaving a tip is a way of appreciating staff for their quality of service and in a poorly paid industry, I know that this is welcomed.

    I recently went into a café and the lady that served me, gave me at a very low cost, a cup of hot water. I really loved the way that she made no fuss about it. I thanked her and went to put a coin in the bowl by the till. She whispered to me that none of that money goes to the staff, but the owner.

    I thanked her for letting me and I did not place the money in, as it was not the owner that I was tipping.

    I recently mentioned this to a friend and she said that the truth in this situation would be exposed and so hearing about this move by the UK Prime Minister is welcome news, as on a grander scale it shows that we have recognised that the current way that we are dealing with tipping is unacceptable.

    Whilst this new law may not touch independent cafes, it feels very important that this law covers all types of eateries and not just high street restaurants chains.

  41. This is one website that stands for Truth.

    How many of us are willing to stand for what is true, regardless of what comes to try and throw us off course and no matter what opposition we face?

    I had a great chat with a young lady today and she was taking about a toxic work environment that she had worked in.
    She shared that her friend who still works there wants to let people in higher positions know what is going on and added that she discouraged her friend from doing this because of the possible repercussions.

    My colleague said she does not bother speaking up about things herself as she likes to see change, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

    I shared my experience of speaking up about things and that it is not about actually seeing change but if we all stay silent about things we know are wrong, we are a part of the wrong doing, whereas when we speak up it breaks the silence.

    Even if it it is just one person that is enough, as it is one person going against the grain of what the masses are doing instead of joining them.

    Isn’t this what this website represents?

  42. An article in The Telegraph, 20th October 2018, talks about how British shoppers are being deceived by misleading reviews on a famous shopping website.

    The investigation, conducted by a well-known consumer magazine, says that they are being deceived into buying products online by unscrupulous sellers on this famous shopping website using fake and paid-for reviews.

    They found that certain social media platform groups with tens of thousands of members, were being offered free or discounted products in exchange for positive reviews.

    The sellers on this shopping website encouraged people to buy certain items and then review them and after the review was published the sellers promised to provide a refund of the cost of the item and sometimes sent a bonus payment.

    The well-known consumer magazine bought five items and wrote reviews for them as instructed and were only refunded on two of the items because the reviews were not considered positive enough on the others.

    On one of the items, the seller told them to rewrite the review because in the case of a free item given to reviewers, it “is the default to give a five-star evaluation.”

    Another seller said that, “a refund will be done after a good five-star review with some photo.”

    Of course our first instinct is to look towards the social media platform and the shopping website and ask why are you allowing this to happen.

    Yes, they do have some responsibility here but is it possible that the ultimate responsibility, as with everything in our lives, will always be with us?

    Is it possible that the only reasons that these so called fake reviews are there is, not because the social media platform or shopping website allow it to happen but because we are the ones that want to get something out of it?

    Should we really get annoyed when we hear stuff like this because in this age of reviews and ratings, is it possible that those that are selling, will only want the best reviews and will be willing to pay for them?

    Our penchant, or some may say, greed, for getting something free is what is driving these fake reviews so we need look no further than ourselves for what the truth is.

    1. I understand what you are saying here in this comment Tim.

      My take is that suppliers are there in business if we want it – in other words if the demand is there and this is basic economics.

      If we the customers no longer want to consume what they are selling then no business for them = no money.

      We can apply this to anything that we buy and sell.

      What got me to comment on this news story is our insatiable appetite to get something and by that I mean we want a reward. To make it simple and blunt “pay us and we are ok to lie or do what it takes”.

      If we think this is fun or just a few lies so somehow it doesn’t matter – what are we actually saying?

      If money was not in the equation at all – how would our behaviour change?

      What moves would we make and how quick would those movements be?

      Anything fake is not the truth.

      Why do we wait for a “Tell the Truth Day” to make any changes which may not last?

      WHY don’t we just start with small stuff in our daily life and get real and honest first?

      If we keep practicing being honest as best we can in the tiny things of our everyday life, then chances are we will smell fake nonsense a mile off and not even entertain it.

      I am living proof of a regular normal everyday citizen who has never liked lies or convenient truths but I was sucked in once upon a time. For the record a convenient truth to me is when we think it’s the truth and swear it is because it suits us.

      These days I really am not bothered if people don’t like me or bad mouth me because I stick to what I know and can feel is the truth.

      Speaking truth, writing truth and living truth to the best of my ability, gives me a freedom inside my body and it is best described like my particles have space to move and expand. No hardness or restriction and to me that is worth more than subscribing to stuff that is fake and phoney.

  43. On a daily basis I hear people complaining about things not being done to a high standard.

    Why is this happening?

    Is it possible that we have chosen to accept a lower standard as the norm?

    Is it possible that when anyone presents that there is a higher standard that we can live to, they are laughed at, ridiculed and often lied about?

    How does that evolve us if we choose to ridicule those who are presenting another way and are saying no to the status quo?

    What if we were open to at least consider that there is a basic decency and respect in our human interactions that needs to be honoured before anything else?

    Is the lack of decency and respect the forerunner to why we have corruption at work, deceit within families and abuse in our homes?

    Does this all occur because we are not living what is true and have dropped our standards?

    What if each and everyone one of us knows that there is a truer way to live and as a result to deny what we know we have to go with an ill way of living?

    What if we cannot say that we don’t know and the more honest answer would be that we don’t want to know?

  44. Talking to someone today they said ‘there are more good people in the world than bad’
    My take – depends what you call good and what you call bad.

    I did not feel this in my body to be absolute and I know why.

    Good and bad we could say are opposites. So if you are good that means we are not bad.

    Doing good in this world is something that is endorsed, championed and loved by the masses. Being bad can lead to things happening with consequences that affect society.

    In the past, I was one who wanted to be recognised for doing good and by that I mean seen to be helping others.

    I even had my company at that time set up charity status and we went off to Africa as you do with a whole team of us to save them. I raised the money in one night for all flights and I got the best accommodation as we had super wealthy friends who owned a whole estate.

    This doing ‘good’ spread fast and everyone seemed to be behind me including the radio station and just getting into university to present. It was probably a dream come true.

    However, it was not enough and I went into the hospices, ghettos and done anything as long as we had the camera clicking.

    Was this doing ‘good’ the truth?

    No it was not. This form of benevolence comes with an agenda for sure.

    I wanted something for me in all of this. Happy to give give give as long as I was identified, recognised, acknowledged and championed for the do gooder.

    The truth is I was not helping them and time has confirmed this to me.
    Decades later, here I am finally saying it was me seeking recognition because I never felt enough and needed this world to validate me and tell me I was a good person.

    It would be true for me to say that I choose and do my best each day to be “truth-full” to the best of my ability. If that means I become unpopular which of course that comes with being up front and speaking truth, then so be it. If it means getting bad mouthed or accused of this and that because you go against the nice stuff and good kind person then so be it.

    I have always loved the truth and it’s taken me a long time to learn how much living in this way has helped me to hold steady in what I feel are very rocky unsteady times on earth today. Most are struggling and things feel super intense out there.

    Walking the talk and living the truth is my choice everyday.

    TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE THE LAST ONE STANDING was said to me a long time ago and I am sure history has shown us this.

  45. Daily Mail – 17 January 2020

    There has recently been more news about the gambling industry and the profits made, but more so because gambling addiction is now being recognised as something that is serious.

    This news story tells us about the owners of a betting organisation who are billionaires.

    What makes it news headlines is because the same people are behind another company that provides services for gambling addiction.

    Whilst it offers money saving tips like switching to a cheaper supermarket, cut down on takeaways and rent a spare room to a lodger – it does not mention stop gambling.

    An MP voiced how could they profit from gambling and counselling from gambling addiction and debt management all at once.

    “They get paid when you gamble, they get paid when you seek help and they get paid when you try and clear your debts”.

    The business provides gambling counselling to staff who work at NHS trusts and in Parliament. We could at this point say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    We could also highlight the conflict of interest banner here and the fact that there comes a point where things that we, the public may not be aware of comes out.

    Next –

    Citizens Advice said the number of people who have asked for help because of money they owe directly to a bookmaker has increased by 83% in 2 years.

    Is this not something we all need to be questioning?

    What on earth is going on that there is such a huge increase in people needing help with gambling?

    WHY are the governments allowing betting shops to exist in the first place?

    What is their interest and why have we the masses just accepted this as ok?

    WHY have we never carried out independent research studies which would tell us who goes to these places, what is going on in their lives that they want to escape to the world of betting losing real money and in many cases losing their close relationships, their jobs and home.


    We seem to be good with the band aid, let’s find a solution, but nothing is going to change in TRUTH unless we get to the root cause of WHY and HOW someone gets to the point where gambling becomes an addiction, just like any other drug.

    NEXT –

    This website does not currently have an article titled SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

    So this comment serves to go on TRUTH because the truth is exposing something that we all need to know.

    TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE THE LAST ONE STANDING and that means history has shown us the Truth will be the one that holds steady because dodgy stuff and lies have no foundation, so they simply cannot and will not stand the test of time, so to speak.

    Without casting judgment or joining the media bandwagon to circulate this news story – have we considered why the gambling industry is worth billions and billions?

    Who made these guys billionaires? – The TRUTH is we did.

    Without us going into these betting shops and using gambling as a form of drug, there would not be any gambling titans in our world. FACT. So let’s not blame.

    We have become a world that likes to blame and point fingers, but do we need to stop looking on the outside at who and what to assign the responsibility for our bad situation to and take a good look at our own behaviour?

    In other words, we had a hand in this and so we need to take Responsibility first and foremost.

    This may sound ridiculous but it makes the point.

    The betting shop did not show up at our front door.

    Time to admit and accept that we made the movement and we then continued to repeat that movement, which led to the next steps, that eventually led to addiction.

    This is the TRUTH, but many of us do not want to go there and so we now have a society full of victims and there are those of us who blame others without seeing and feeling that there is more to be aware of, as there is a bigger picture to consider.

    Imagine if news stories wrote articles like this comment?

    Would it not eventually give us, the readers, some personal responsibility to consider?

    What if Tell the TRUTH was about this type of journalism for the people about the people – would that support us as a race of beings to turn the tides?

  46. This feels worthy of a comment but there is not a blog out on this website called RULES AND REGULATIONS or COMMON SENSE.

    On that note this feels the blog to comment on – TELL THE TRUTH

    I am known for this. I really do not give a hoot what or who it is in front of me and even when I write, I simply say it as it is, regardless of the backlash or attacks that will come as a result of not holding back.

    Well at the bank – first thing to note is we have one branch serving a wide area as staff are still on furlough and this means very long lines, queuing up. Thank God my visit is once a month.

    When I get to the one cashier with over 50 waiting behind to see this person, I feel a sense of urgency to get my job done and leave. Before I opened my mouth I was told that whatever questions I had or what I wanted was not going to be actioned as all I could do was pay in cash and withdraw cash.

    Hello, what is the Truth here?
    Last month I got a statement on my business account. Simple really and done without any major questions or interrogation.

    When I asked for a statement I was first told this is not possible and some other staff floating around may be able to do this.
    Well maybe ain’t in my vocabulary and I was not going to move without getting what I came in for.

    WHY – telephone banking is in India and with lockdown those employed as a temporary measure have their hands full as waiting times are up to 2 hours.
    I told the cashier I was not going to wait for telephone banking as it is way too long having just queued up for an hour plus.

    The response was, it is a sign of the times and she herself has to queue up to do her own banking on the telephone on her day off.

    OK – let’s get back to my simple request. Can I have a bank statement, same as last month from this counter, same branch where I had no ID and was given it.
    I presented my bank cheque book and card that goes with it, then answered 10 out of the 11 questions. In fact, I fired them off as I knew everything by heart, not searching my phone or checking was needed.

    It was clear that this person – me – was the real deal and in no way could it be anyone else.
    However, I was told it was not possible as I could not answer question 11 which was to confirm a phone number that I have absolutely no recollection of.

    This went on and on and I was repeatedly told that whilst every question bar this one was answered the rules state that All questions must be answered.

    I got the guy who knows me in the branch to verify me, as other staff have done this for me before. He nodded and shrugged his shoulders, acted vague and walked away. Cashier said to me he does not know you, which of course is an utter lie.

    While ranting on and on about rules that have to be followed above anything else and cannot be changed, she walked off and got me the printed statement.

    I asked her name and called her by it with this – “you KNOW who I am and you have enough evidence that I am the account holder”. She said “yes I do but the rules were not followed”.

    So what is the TRUTH here?
    How do we get so aligned to rules and regulations that we lose all sense of Common Sense and what we know is TRUTH?
    How can we be so willing to pretend we do not know someone when we absolutely, categorically without doubt actually know them?

    What is running the show here?
    In other words, what is behind the scenes going on our minds where something we know is true is disputed, refuted and thrown out in the name of rules and regulations?

    Yes we need to be cautious and very care-full in discerning clients – I know that from my banking world work of 20 years but nonetheless, I always got it right as a dodgy person is something I could literally smell and genuine people answering 10 out of 11 questions were not the ones I needed to give a hard time to in the name of rules and regulations.

  47. There is currently not a blog called UN-NECESSARY

    So lets just put this here – TRUTH

    True story

    In our local community, we have a small parade of shops to support us like the vet, launderette, dry cleaners, café (of course) and a general food store with off licence (as we must have alcohol).

    The dry cleaners are taking legal action against the launderette next door and threatening with lawyers involved saying they are taking their business.

    Launderette owners say we are not taking their business because they do laundry service, so they need to stop doing that and taking our business.

    Lots of stress and the law firms making money because this is now a fight, and my question is where is the Truth here in all of this?

    Is it a case of jealousy as the new launderette owners are taking care and up-grading their premises and this is pulling in the customers or is there a real and genuine reason to take legal action because they are stealing their dry cleaning trade, even though there is no advertisement online or in the shop saying they do dry cleaning?

    Whatever the justifications, explanations or reasoning is behind all of this – what is the real truth here?

    We know our launderette guys very well and were up front and told them they cannot farm out their dry cleaning, even if it is just a few items for the odd customer. So let’s end any form of lying.
    Next we told them are they certain next door are doing a wash and iron service – which they are saying they are not in their so-called legal letters.

    Well we got involved.
    My husband said he wants the truth and if it meant exposing our launderette owners then so be it.
    He took some bedding and shirts to wash and iron to the dry cleaners. This happened when more threatening letters with court action from the dry cleaner’s lawyers were being sent to the launderette duo, who by now were super stressed and anxious.

    The man in the shop (dry cleaning owner) hesitated and then said YES we do wash and iron.
    My husband had one job to do – get the evidence and he did by way of an itemised receipt.

    This receipt was handed to the launderette shop for their lawyer.

    Hello Hello – it will come as no surprise that the dry cleaning owner has now dropped the legal proceedings and will not be taking any court action.

    Imagine if we all done our bit in the community without being nice, taking sides or wanting a certain outcome.
    Not only that, we keep the lawyers free for proper work where their expertise and specialised area of law is needed.
    We also get to bridge business owners who in this case are now going to “work together” without any division and this means we get better customer service as they are not caught up in the stress of what they created – a legal battle with lies at the very foundation.

    I know beyond doubt that both myself and my husband did not care if our launderette owners got exposed for wrongdoing. I even told them that our involvement was to get to the truth of this matter, regardless of which way it goes. Of course, we knew it was a no brainer once the man next door in the dry cleaners accepted what he was telling his lawyers he was NOT doing and that is taking business from the launderette by way of wash and iron service.

    When it comes to truth, we cannot allow personal and emotional stuff to get in the way.
    However, we have to first live in a way that is consistently about truth, without perfection of course. This may mean not being popular, being at the receiving end of retaliation from those who hate what you present and reflect but hey ho, as a wise person once told me TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE THE LAST ONE STANDING and of course history shows us this over and over again.

    CASE CLOSED – no additional fees payable and we all learn and move on.
    Note – we ought to wisen up when we want to take legal action about something we are clearly doing under the radar as in mr dry cleaner.

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