Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

So here we go again – another awareness day for our world.

  • What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Day?
  • What does that mean to us on the street?
  • Have we even heard about this syndrome?
  • What is a syndrome?
  • What are the medics saying about it?
  • What is this really all about?

So let’s keep it simple and see first what these words actually mean.

The concise Oxford English Dictionary states the following:

Chronicpersisting for a long time or constantly recurring

Fatigueextreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness

Syndromea group of symptoms, which consistently occur together

OK – does this tell us something?

Long lasting – is the chronic bit so is there a clue here for us?

Could it be possible that to have anything chronic we must be doing something long term?

Next – The extreme tiredness comes from us pushing the body mentally or physically.

Could it be possible this illness comes from pushing the body beyond its natural state?

Could it be possible that this illness comes from the long-term pushing/exertion?

If it is a Syndrome – could it be the way we are living has something to do with why it is multiple symptoms?

Well there is a bit more – the dictionary also states that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is –

A medical condition of unknown cause with fever, aching and prolonged tiredness and depression.

Unknown cause it says. That means we do not know what causes it. Right?

But what if we just add up the meaning of those words Chronic + Fatigue + Syndrome?

Hello – we actually get more than a sign.

We get a clue that it is long term exertion – be it mental or physical that is causing the multiple symptoms.

Is this telling us something about what causes it in the first place?

The symptoms are similar to flu symptoms and most of us KNOW what that feels like.

Flu makes us stop as our whole body aches and it’s like we go into shut down mode to recover as we have NO life force to continue moving. Our mind and body is switched off and there is no medicine for a virus.

Have we ever wondered why?

  • Could it be possible that this is one illness that requires a total stop to recover and a band-aid approach like popping pills does not work?
  • Could it be possible that our body has had enough of our constant abuse, by not taking deep care of it everyday and it says ‘I am stopping you now’?
  • Could it be possible that if we repeatedly disregard our body and choose not to rest or take sleep seriously, then eventually our body will say ‘enough mate, I am stopping you’?
  • Could it be possible that if our life force is depleted by the way we choose to live everyday, it could mean that long-term we end up unable to literally move, as in the case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?
  • Could it be possible that our lifestyle choices are the root cause of this modern day illness?


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is also known as:

  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)
  • ME/CFS
  • Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS)
  • Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and
  • Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (SEID)

It affects more than a million Americans and 20 million people worldwide. Most of these people are unable to work.

That’s a lot of people and research by the University of Bristol suggests there is a rise in this illness among girls aged 16.

What is this actually telling us?

We read statistics and go wow that’s a lot and leave it at that.

But what if we took another perspective – the largest UK stadium holds 90,000 spectators. We could fill up 222 stadiums of the same size with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers in our world.

In the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10), the World Health Organization have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a Post Viral Syndrome. It is known as Benign Myalgic Encephalomyetis under ‘Other Disorders of the Brain’.
We might know it or have heard of it as ME.

The ME Association are raising funds and bringing awareness as there are
250,000 people suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME in the UK.
They are asking us to go blue for their awareness week 9-15 May.

Their website states that ‘There will also be more bake sales, and tea parties than ever before’.

  • Will tea parties and selling baked cakes truly make a difference to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME sufferers?
  • Is dying our hair blue and painting our nails blue going to change the root cause of ME?
  • Could wearing blue for a week really change the lives of ME sufferers?

The Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford states that the Chronic Fatigue diet advice is to avoid sugar and stimulants such as tea, coffee, chocolate and alcohol.

  • What IF we avoided these foods and drinks for a week or longer?
  • How would our body respond?
  • Would we be feeling even more as we are no longer artificially stimulating it?
  • Could it be possible that avoiding sugar would support our body to return to its natural state?

So ME and CFS are the same thing. Other names (as mentioned above) are Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS) and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS).

Do we have more clues here with the words ‘post viral’ and ‘immune dysfunction’?

ME is known to have severe sleep dysfunction and there is enough research now which confirms that sleep deprivation affects our immune system.

  • What IF the pain prevents people from sleeping?
  • What IF pushing the body beyond its limits is what causes the pain?
  • What IF choosing not to listen to the body, which was asking for rest caused the pain?
  • What IF the mental and physical exertion disturbed the body so sleep was affected?
  • What IF consistently living in this way of self neglect caused the chronic fatigue?
  • What IF long-term depletion of our life force drains us to a point where we have to be stopped?

Google tells us there is a website called 12th May –

Why 12th? – well it is to honour the birthday of Florence Nightingale who suffered from fatigue and symptoms characteristic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It states ‘Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a severe chronic illness in which symptoms are worsened by physical exertion.’

And the dictionary tells us to exert is a force. So this tells us that things get worse by physically forcing the body to move in a certain way. Did Florence Nightingale push her body and the long-term over-exertion gave her the symptoms?

Researchers estimate that at least one million Americans have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, but only 20% are diagnosed with the illness. Patients, families, employers, and society endure significant costs associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, which are estimated to be $18-51 billion annually in the United States. Although most common in women, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME affects persons of all ages, including children, and all race/ethnicities. Scientists have not determined the cause or causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  • What IF there was a way to move our body without using force?
  • What IF there was another way to live that did not mentally or physically exert the body?

What if Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a direct result of long term depletion of life force, which is a drain on our kidneys and not a disorder of the brain?

What if there was a natural way to live, that allowed us the time and space to rest so there would NEVER be long-term depletion of our life force?

Could it be possible that there is another way to heal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it comes with taking Responsibility for the way we are choosing to Live and move everyday?

What if it was really that Simple?


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  1. I love the way you tackle an awareness day, this one being Chronic Fatigue, Simple Living Global. The way you write it out makes so much sense that by the end I’m left going why do we waste all this time and energy trying to figure things out when the answer/s to the problem are staring us in the face. I mean if I am tired I rest right? If I ignore that I am tired and keep pushing my body then generally something happens to make me stop. So it makes sense that if I kept pushing and pushing then eventually my body would answer back with Chronic Fatigue because I need to rest to make up for all the times I did’t listen to what my body was telling me. On that note I am off to rest as my body is feeling tired after a couple of busy days at work and needs an early night.

    1. Thank you for your comment Sally and what you are saying seems so obvious and makes sense, yet very few of us are asking questions or working it out so the million dollar question is why?
      It all seems so straightforward and basic. Add up the words and you get why you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Not rocket science and nothing complicated yet we seem to somehow miss the point. We are searching and researching and trying to find the root cause yet we are going nowhere. Back in the old days I doubt this syndrome existed. With no stimulation, late night distractions and foods that alter your natural state not available, you go to bed when it gets dark. You probably worked long hours so the body got to rest and that was about it.
      Fast forward to today and we are given everything to ensure we do not rest, take care of our body and if things go wrong we know we can get fixed or take a remedy and bingo we have a solution. We blame the world and what it has done to us but could it be so simple that it is us who makes the choices in the first place that are confirming our lack of Responsibility. Maybe this is too much for many of us to get our heads around but if we just stopped and asked our body, it would tell you that it wants to be taken care of – just like a baby. Our bodies are precious and somewhere along the line we have lost the plot.

  2. As I read this blog I am confronted by a great sense of our lack of applying common sense to our lives, to our discomforts to our illnesses…

    I ask myself why is it so hard to see, to hear to consider that it could be ‘how I have been driving myself’ and my own disregard for my body that has caused me, personally, so much emotional/physical pain and exhaustion? I know no one else has done this to me.

    I realize that I feel afraid to take up my my own full personal responsibility as this means I need to face how I have been denying it for so long… and this hurts… but I know it is the way through to what I have been missing and the way to a True and loving life.

  3. You are right Jo, we lack applying common sense these days to anything. Our world is spinning and things are getting faster but we do have a choice in any moment so the excuses are really just there because it suits us. I was one of them and thank God I met Serge Benhayon, applied what he was presenting and bingo look where I am and check out this strong solid website. It is all based on simple stuff and nothing complicated.
    If we do not start to talk about these topics and subjects then how is the world ever going to know that ‘common sense’ is a unified language and it has worked from day dot and no amount of double blind testing and research and research is going to give us the answers when people actually have the answers from their own bodies.
    Unless we get back to the basics and apply simple stuff like resting and going to bed early consistently to support our body, this syndrome is going to be a worldwide problem. On some level it already is hence the awareness day.

    1. I love how you state that common sense is a unified language and that we actually have the answers inside our own bodies and that this common sense works…

      I’m so aware these days of so many slogans, beliefs and ideals that suggest we should push our bodies/over ride pain to “accomplish” some mental goal… but it is clear that these things are in opposition to the common sense that comes from the wisdom of our dear body.

      1. This common sense stuff is like we just forgot it and when we realise we get that ‘aha got it’ moment. It also makes things look quite simple and knocks out all the nonsense if you ask me.
        On that note I will one day publish ‘a little book about common sense’ as we really have lost the plot and a dose of common sense is like real medicine that is so needed.

  4. A much needed conversation about chronic fatigue and as you unearth here, Simple Living Global, there is another way. Too much in our world today, these types of illnesses are seen as all par for the course and inevitable when that is not the case. The way that we are living is causing all manner of physical and mental health conditions. If we choose to we can change this, by observing the way we are living and by taking responsibility to make changes.

    1. Correct Jane Keep – the way that we are living is causing many physical and mental health conditions and it is time that we stopped doing the ostrich thing and burying our head in the sand so to speak. It comes down to that ‘r’ word again – RESPONSIBILITY.
      We are so quick to blame this and that or someone else but how about we just stop and press the pause button and get a reality check. Why is it that we don’t want to take Responsibility for our choices. I reckon there would be no such thing as CFS if we started to truly look at our choices and how we are living on a daily basis.

  5. Love it Michael – this blog has made it ‘ridiculously simple’. This is the thing we spend and waste time on complicating anything and everything and yet it could all just be so simple. What I have observed over and over again is the lack of Acceptance from so many that how on earth could it work if it is so simple.
    Simple Living Global is going against the tides and the tides are turning. We are uniting and saying that there is another way and its time we started to take Responsibility for the way we are living. We need to look at our choices and not just go with what the world is saying. If it was the Truth then how come we have so much illness and disease on the rise and its now a global problem. Time to start asking questions and keep asking questions as this is what is needed.

  6. What you present here is based on so much common sense. With the dictionary definitions you give, it is clear that we are the creators of this disease. When I hear the word ‘fatigue’ it leads me straight to ‘being tired’. When you put ‘chronic’ in front of it, you magnify that ‘tired’ immensely. You have made it very clear that if we push our bodies to the point of being very tired but disregard all that we feel and just soldier on, over time it will come to the point where we could possibly end up with Chronic Fatigue. Taking responsibility for the way we live and move everyday, taking more care of ourselves and having more rest seems like the obvious way to start to reverse the symptoms of CFS/ME.

    1. Great comment Tim Bowyer and this blog is truly based on common sense.
      Most of us keep going as everyone else seems to be doing it. There are very few people today living another way so there is no reflection. The demand to be more, do more, achieve more and keep going seems to have no end. Then this CFS or ME comes and they wonder why when all along they have been making choices that are disregarding and at the total expense of their body. How I know is because I was one of them.
      Taking RESPONSIBILITY for the way we are choosing to live in every moment really is the key and if that means saying no and resting instead then I say do it. Your body will thank you and it is your body that will see you through to your last breath.

  7. Fantastic you have written this blog, I love the breakdown of the name of this illness, it says it all. I was told by a doctor a few years ago that Chronic Fatigue is a grey area they don’t know much about, or the cause. Being someone who had Chronic Fatigue for many years it was when I got the understanding that how I was living could be why I had it, I was able to see how indeed this was. I am all too familiar with that push push push to get things done, being on the run and because I wanted to do things even though my body was so tired and exhausted, I used caffeine and sugar to fuel me. But taking responsibility for this I made changes and learned to listen and be guided by my body, resting deeply when needed, stopping the sugar and caffeine and over time made a full and lasting recovery.

    1. You are a living example of what is possible Ruth by what you are sharing in your comment. It is interesting that our doctors do not have all the answers and Chronic Fatigue is a grey area as you say. So what do most of us do? We tend to just accept it and do nothing. It is time we dig deeper and maybe, just maybe there is another way and the clue is in how we are living and the daily choices we are making.
      Chronic fatigue is a killer for those who suffer with it and yet some simple back to basics choices can make a big difference and at at the very least offer a different quality of life.

      1. Yes it is almost like being resigned to it.. that this is it, I have this condition and nothing can be done about it. I certainly felt this at times but there was something in me that kept looking for an answer. The back to basics choices you talk of do work and with consistency and commitment to this changes happen, as you say a big difference.

  8. This really does seem to be the website of common sense medicine.

    “What IF there was a way to move our body without using force? What IF there was another way to live that did not mentally or physically exert the body? What if there was a natural way to live, that allowed us the time and space to rest so there would NEVER be long-term depletion of our life force?”

    These invitations to Truth are awesome. Everything these days seems to be about pushing beyond limits and overriding our bodies. We revere olympic athletes, those who climb mountains and do extreme challenges. More and more people seem to be getting into triathlon and the like. People work til they drop. And for some reason we say this ‘test the body to the max’ stuff is ‘inspiring’. What I don’t get is what is the PURPOSE of it all and I’m left concluding there is none, except filling an emptiness we don’t want to look at; trying to keep up with everybody else. I know when I was working in the City, the only way to keep going was coffee and crazy exercise every day – to stimulate myself constantly to keep up with the pace, expectations (mostly my own) and hours.

    What this blog presents is that you don’t have to be climbing mountains to be living out of your natural rhythm. The statistics here show the more extreme end of the consequences of living that way, but I’m sure if we looked at statistics on every day exhaustion they would also be off the chart. How many of us actually have a solid rhythm that really supports us?

    Winding down, going to bed early, living more connected during the day, making supportive food choices, choosing a gentle breath: I know these are all things that helped me come back from adrenal drain, lack of self care and overwork. It’s all still very much work in progress and overwriting the habits of the past isn’t easy and certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Rushing the body, for example, is so engrained with me, it’s hard to let go.

    ‘What if there was a way to move our body without using force’ – this statement alone takes it all to the next level. What if there IS a way to do that? What if THAT is the answer to everybody’s exhaustion and not just those with CFS?

    Simply moving in a different way – makes perfect sense. Now to get on with it consistently: sounds like there’s some work to do!

  9. Thank You JS for the confirmation that this website is presenting common sense medicine. Asking questions that require us to ponder and consider another way that is simple makes sense as nothing out there seems to be really working and change is now needed more than ever.
    It is high time we got super real and absolutely honest about the way we are living and what is the purpose. No sooner do we have one exercise established there are new ones and the UK have the latest where a Cardiologist is at hand. This is extreme and pushing our bodies to the limit. Do we need this really and what does it prove and who to?
    WHY are we asking for more because if we were not demanding there would be no need to supply?
    As this blog presents and you are quoting – what if there is a way to move our body without using force?
    Finally, on the note of Exhaustion – there will be a blog on this much needed topic next year so watch out world.

  10. For years I had difficulty understanding this condition, how can a person live to such debilitating tiredness.

    But as I read this blog there is much to ponder on. Firstly what came to my awareness is how have these people really lived? Is it by function? Could a simple introduction to a different way of living by being more loving and gentle to yourself eradicate this ‘unknown’ cause of a syndrome?

    Over the years whilst I studied – ‘unknown’ cause of a condition/disease was often quoted in research and I often wondered what it meant. If scientists could research this ‘unknown’ component of the condition I wonder what interesting revelations they would discover (as already highlighted by the author of this blog). There is much scientists are unable to prove so it goes under the ‘unknown’ basket.

    Could the answer be that simple by making the decision to be responsible and choosing the way we live and move? Is this a wisdom within us all we have temporarily misplaced.

  11. What you say here Shushila is very interesting about the component in scientific research quoted as ‘unknown’.
    So if we just applied common sense here – we simply do not know but we can find out and learn by staying open – then we will KNOW the unknown.
    Just because we cannot prove something in the format that scientists insist on does that mean we just ignore it and put it into the ‘unknown basket’ that you talk about?
    Science is great and much needed but could it be possible that we explore the whole and not just a part?
    Could it be possible that animal testing for human research is not cutting it?
    We are ALL living breathing sciences and that is a fact.
    What if we used our anecdotal evidence as mainstream science how would our statistics look then?
    Who would benefit?
    Who would be challenged?
    Who would be exposed?
    Who would dismiss us?
    How would the world evolve?
    Could this be of great public benefit to the ALL for the ALL?
    Lets get real here – we cannot be evolving if we still have no cure, no answer or no true meaning for WHY we have debilitating illnesses like Chronic Fatigue.

  12. ‘If scientists could research this ‘unknown’ component of the condition I wonder what interesting revelations they would discover (as already highlighted by the author of this blog).’

    This statement is something really wise to ponder on.

    Thank you Shushila for sharing and we also have this wisdom expanded on in the comment above by Simple Living Global with the possibility that by staying OPEN to the ‘unknown’ we get to KNOW.

    A very open and beautiful conversation – thank you, as you both show us how important issues CAN be discussed respectfully, on-line.

    Testing online treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

    This Press release was issued on 1 November 2016.
    Also on BBC Radio 2 news where they said 1 in 50 children are suffering with chronic fatigue.

    Over 700 children and young people are to take part in the largest clinical trial ever undertaken in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    It is all going to be done online and it is not known if the treatment works for the smaller group of children with CFS/ME who develop problems with low mood or anxiety.

    This is a confirmation that this is now affecting not just our adult population.

    Could it be possible that the way our children and young people are choosing to live may be the contributing factor to why they have this illness that is so disabling?

  14. I am seeing how easy it is for kids to step towards these types of conditions.

    My eldest, for example, gets over-stimulated very easily and we work hard to support him with that.

    Just yesterday, he struggled to get to sleep because of how his day had been. It would be easy to say ‘he just needs less sleep’ or ‘he has so much energy’ or ‘he needs to run it off more’ or some such. However, I have seen what it is like when he is supported to stay settled in his body and come back to that when the over-stimulation takes hold. He loves deep rest and his movements are more steady and calm when he has it. There is nothing to ‘run off’, only a re-connection that is missing.

    So I know evenings like that mean we need to help him double down on his wind down and look more carefully at what is happening during the day.

    I wonder how many parents out there have children with a similar disposition, needing similar support. I wonder how many of them will end up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or similar because they haven’t had the wisdom offered by this blog.

  15. Chronic Fatigue – just the two words tell us it is serious exhaustion and we can’t seem to just shake it off. Its not going away and as most of us do we accept things.

    I can’t help but wonder how we get this in the first place.

    We all know that things just don’t just happen when we wake up one day. It takes time, so there are moments that we live that add up and then more are added and if all of this is without taking the rest that our body naturally needs, then chances are we are going to feel fatigue. Ignore it and keep ignoring it then we cannot be surprised if things set in and it becomes a chronic fatigue.

    But surely we need to look at the choices we are making in daily life that could be contributing to this fatigue stuff. What if our sleep is out of whack and we don’t have a decent bedtime routine and we don’t go to bed early?

    Could that be the start of us feeling tired and that fatigue we feel is not addressed?

    If we don’t ask questions or consider another way, then we may as well get honest and say – there is not going to be any true change.

    1. This is a great point. Chronic Fatigue/ME is continually on the rise in number of cases and range of ages , so it makes sense to ask why and be open to looking at our choices in daily life.. and see if this is what is needed to turn this around and stop the ongoing increase of this condition.

  16. It was interesting hearing a conversation yesterday where the Bigwig – Director of a London Transport organisation was saying that most of the accidents were happening as a result of the fatigue in Bus Drivers.

    Is this not a clear sign that we need to make this a high priority and address WHY on earth our drivers are feeling fatigue?

    True Health and Well Being programs need to be offered to all staff, at the start and then be ongoing to support them so at least they have an understanding as to how to deal with fatigue once and for all.

    As someone who certainly suffered with this, I can say that once the sleep rhythm and routine were in place, it was easier to address other areas of life, step by step.

    Without understanding and role models who can present what is possible, we stand little chance of making great changes.

    What is alarming is the fact that this is known – bus drivers have accidents and many are due to fatigue.

    WHY are we not taking action?
    WHY are profits being put before people?

    If passenger and public safety are at the forefront, then surely as an organisation that serves the public this needs to be top of the agenda and stay at the top?

  17. Independent – 27 June 2018

    Chronic fatigue has been highlighted as a symptom of endometriosis with women diagnosed with the disease being twice as likely to have chronic fatigue.

    The research recruited 1,120 women including 560 diagnosed with endometriosis from various countries in Europe.

    50.7% with endometriosis suffered with chronic fatigue compared with 22.4% without.

    Is there more for us to understand here with the fact that endometriosis is linked with chronic fatigue?

    I have never been diagnosed with chronic fatigue but I know that I have experienced fatigue particularly during a time when my iron levels were low and I was bleeding heavily on my periods. For me the heavy bleeding and fibroids were because I had withdrawn from life and was not living up to my potential. In a sense I was contracting from others and was not taking care of myself and was living very emotionally and all of this was being reflected in my periods and in my energy levels.

    What if there is a connection between our commitment to looking after and taking care of ourselves as women and illnesses like chronic fatigue and endometriosis?

    What if by running ourselves into the ground and allowing abuse into our lives through not being able to say no, for example to things that are harming us, that this leads to women’s health problems?

    What if there is so much more to understand about illness and disease if we are willing to question things more and join the dots?

    This article by Simple Living Global on International Women’s Day 2018 asks some very pertinent questions

    I know that being willing to see how my body is affected by what I do and then committing to changing my behaviours has had a hugely healing impact on my life and as a result the lives of others.

  18. Stanford Medicine News Center – 29 April 2019

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have created a blood test that can flag the disease, which currently lacks a standard, reliable diagnostic test.

    People suffering from a debilitating and often discounted disease known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may now have scientific proof of their ailment, something they have been seeking for decades.

    Too often, the disease is categorised as imaginary. The problem is that they are not looking deep enough.

    There is scientific evidence that this disease is not a fabrication of a patient’s mind. We clearly see a difference in the way healthy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome immune cells process stress says Ron Davis – PhD Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics

    The diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome when it is actually diagnosed, is based on symptoms –
    Exhaustion, sensitivity to light and unexplained pain, among other things and it comes only after other disease possibilities have been eliminated.

    It is estimated that 2 million people in the United States have chronic fatigue syndrome but Davis said it is likely to be much higher.

    If we read The Real Truth about Stress that Simple Living Global have published on this website, we could join the dots and work some things out.

    A body that is tired if it keeps going will lead to exhaustion and even the new syndrome Burnout.

    With common sense, let’s add a few more dots…

    Exhausted and sleep quality not happening, things are not flowing and mistakes are being made.

    Lessons not learnt as we are way too tired to commit to change or eating sensibly, going for a walk everyday, cutting out the caffeine or alcohol or going to bed early, which we know would help.

    So the lifestyle choices we keep making to mask the exhaustion is having some kind of ill effect at a cellular level.

    Our immune cells are saying they are not designed or equipped to deal with stress when the body is on zero.

    In other words, no energy, no vitality levels and no strong immune system to speak of.

    The author of this blog, this comment and this website is no academic or medical professional, but does have simple common sense that can be applied to every day situations and this is one example.

    Of course, researchers always tell us more studies needed.

    While we wait patiently for more evidence, can we consider and ponder on what has thus far been presented on this blog, this comment and ALL articles and comments on this website?

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