Passport to Get Real

Anyone can apply at anytime in his or her life.

  • We all need permission to get real.
  • We all need the Authority that our passport can give us to be real.

We need a licence to get back to being real once again.
Once upon a time we were real but we Lost the Plot, so now we need a passport.

Real means to get really real and Honest so we can Live a life of Truth.

Terms and Conditions

Only you can apply for yourself. You cannot apply for anyone else.

If you apply for a passport then you are making a choice to take Responsibility.

Your passport is the fast track on your road to Honesty. 

Your passport has no expiry date.

Your passport needs no photo.

Your passport is your licence to get really real.

Your passport gives you permission to speak your Truth.

Your passport authorises you to ‘Say It as It Is’ with no Holding Back.

Your passport allows you to Live a life that is real and deeply Honest.

Your passport allows you to continue Expressing the real you.

Your passport only works if you Commit to being real in all areas of your life.

Your passport holds Power when you live a life that is real – Consistently.

Your passport will inspire others once your life is real.

There are no strict rules or regulations with your passport.

If you want the passport to improve certain areas of your life, it simply will not work.

No one is going to check up on you and no one is going to find out what you are up to. No one is going to take your passport away – only you can choose that.

All you need to know is that your Soul is clocking every single thing you think, say and do. That means every moment is being recorded and there is no getting away from that.

Your passport sets you free and you get to be real, feel real and Live the real you.

Any how, what, why, where, who and when Questions confirm –
You are not ready yet to apply.




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  1. Love it – so simple and yet so profound – and every one of us has the choice in every moment of every day. I find it truly refreshing when people around me are real – and the more real I become the more I understand about life too.

    1. This is so true about what you say here Jane – ‘truly refreshing when people around me are real’. To me this fake and phoney stuff sucks and we go around pretending and for who and why. No one really benefits and we stay stuck as we do nice, pandering, fluffy, pleasing, avoiding or whatever else there is.
      The other thing is I know (as I was one of them), when I am not real there is a subtle shudder inside my belly and a hardness in my chest area. Bit obvious now why but at the time I used to just want to fit and my body copped the ill choice in that moment. Stack up everytime I done it in one day and multiply it with the years and it is no surprise I was way off the mark from the real true me.

    1. Love it Shelley and have to agree this blog is simply “great, clear, precise and REAL”.
      This website is real and very clear. Nothing behind the scenes going on and all very transparent.
      I wish this website was around when my life was a mess as I could have learned a thing or two or at least started to question life and the world we are in which seems to be in a pretty awful state.

  2. I love this; it so clearly reminds me that it is my responsibility alone to choose to pick up the “pass” to just-allow-myself-to-be, to commit to walk through the “portal” to really being ME, to living in a way that makes sense to the beautiful place I’ve been hiding away inside myself, to allowing this fullness and Love to be my ‘way’ in life instead of staying ‘safely’ and miserably locked away with an ever growing anxious feeling that something is horribly missing, all the while finding excuses & passing the buck on what I have not been choosing for myself.

    No more waiting for the world to get it right, for others to love me, for anyone else to ‘make it safe’ or to give me permission to be me.

    1. Correct Jo – it is your Responsibility to make the Choice to be real or not in any given moment. What does not work is when we ‘compartmentalise’. By that I mean we will be real with certain people and certain things but not in ALL areas so what happens is there is a lack of consistency.
      The key is to focus on you and how you feel. For most of us we have to learn how to do that and it sure is not an overnight thing or a quick read of a book or a pill.
      Step by step as the Back to Basics book will spell out, we can begin to self care, take moments of stop and begin to feel so we get real. Then we build a foundation with the everyday stuff that most find boring and then we will feel more of who we truly are. Once this is locked in to how we live everyday, it becomes easier to be real and not so concerned about what others might think or say. A great way to live and have a quality sleep every night. Again a choice.

  3. I lost the plot to being real, long story and not needed here, but what a blessing to know at any moment I can come back to being real, to being me. I jumped at the chance to apply for this passport when I read this blog a couple of weeks ago. And I can feel my body loving me fore the fact that I made this very simple and yet huge choice for me.

    1. l laughed out loud Sally, when you said ‘I jumped at the chance to apply for this passport’ – well thats one person on the planet getting real and then one day another will be inspired because of you being real and there you go, we have two and even small numbers make a difference. It means the tides are turning and losing the plot is no longer in our radar, if you know what I mean.

      Next – we don’t have to wait another second to get back on track. Actions speak louder than words, so my thing is just ‘get on with it’ and reap the rewards, live it daily and share with others anything and everything that works for you. Keep it simple and never think you know everything. There is always more to learn and how we learn is observing what is actually going on in our world.

  4. I have read this blog quite a few times – I have even printed it out so I can read it when I get up in the morning – it puts me on track. This morning as I awoke the words ‘Passport to get Real’ were gently reminding me to have another read – something in the blog I needed for today. This is how powerful simple living is – when we choose to take action and get on with it, using the tools provided we keep getting supported.
    What struck me today was this sentence – ‘Your passport only works if you commit to being real in all areas of your life.’
    Wow for me this is huge and I get what it is saying but have to be honest and say that I haven’t been doing this most of my life, neither have I seen others being real as I grew up. This says a lot – yet I hear or have heard that word used everywhere – be real, get real etc.

    Why is is that we use these words but don’t actually truly live them?

    The word ‘commit’ means for me at this moment to ‘go for it’, don’t hold back, allow myself to just go for it without worry or fear, essentially no holding back.
    And the second part of the sentence ‘…in all areas of your life.’ means getting really honest about how you are in each area and starting to peel back the falseness that, for me, I have lived with and manufactured, manipulated to fit in to society and the way the world has wanted me to be.

    It is time for a good look at every single facet of life, for what I have recently learned and accepted is that if there is a low level of commitment in one area then that is the true level of commitment in every area of my life.

    1. You make some great points here on what I call a ‘top blog’.
      Yes we need to get really honest and check out ALL areas of your life.
      A classic example recently of someone I know who dresses very well indeed and ‘looks the part’ in our world. So you have your hair immaculate and clothes pressed to perfection but your recycle wheelie bin has old dog food stuck on the sides and smells beyond anything you can imagine. That is not looking at all areas of your life.
      That is what this blog is saying. You cannot think its ok to be perfect in the image department for the world but pay zero attention to the trash bin. I trust you get what I am saying here. Getting real means commitment to ALL areas of your life.
      This is not about perfection. It is about getting real.
      Our world needs more role models who can reflect what Being and LIVING REAL means.

    2. Thanks for the idea to print out this blog, Lee. I’ve just done that and put it by my bed – got a real sense in reading your comment of how much re-reading this could help with the daily commitment and choices.

      1. This is great JS that Lee commenting that he has printed the blog has inspired you to do the same.
        Keep reading this as a reminder and then one day bingo you won’t need it because your commitment to LIVE real in all areas of your life is there.
        We all have different things we want in life so it comes down to choice.

  5. This is a brilliant blog. It’s written in a way that is lighthearted but at the same time there is a very clear message about how to be real in life, but only we can give ourselves permission. LOVE IT. There’s no knight in shining armour or anyone else that can come and do it for us – we have the sole responsibility regarding how we are in life – real and honest or fake and dishonest.

    1. I agree with you Shevon Simon that this is a “brilliant blog”. Funny and light but the message is loud and clear. Giving ourself permission is so important.
      That word RESPONSIBILITY comes up again and incase the reader hasn’t noticed its the theme in the blogs and comments from Simple Living Global like a thread weaving through the words.

  6. Great blog Bina.
    Commitment, Consistency and Responsibilty. All the ingredients for a life of being Real, Honest and Truthful. And the best thing is that it is open to anyone to apply. Its not exclusive, its not about how much money you have or what job you do. Its simply making the Choice to get a “Passport to Get Real”.

    1. Great comment Tim and yes this is a great blog.
      All the ingredients have been given for the recipe to Get Real and Get Honest so we can all get to Truth. No one is left out and no one can buy their way to this or fast track or any other perks. As you say it is not about how much money you have or what job you do.

  7. Brilliant, love this blog, to the point no fluff. It is just a choice away as you say, to Get Real, and anyone can make that choice … but it is down to each one of us to make it.

    1. Thank you Ruth and yes this is a Brilliant Blog.
      To the point and no fluff is real and the author is real and this website is real.
      As you say it comes down to choice and anyone can make that choice.

      If we give our self permission to get real and then practice this in daily life it gets easier then to commit and remain consistent.
      From lived experience, I know living in this way expands the body and things flow in a natural order and nothing is a big deal.

  8. Passport to get real – genius! And the idea that it’s all self selecting with no one checking your homework. Just a choice. And a choice from truth, not to fix something. What a great invitation this is to ‘say it like it is’ and make choices that are true for us all the time. My head wants to get involved and bring in lots of sentences beginning with ‘yeah but what about…’, especially at the idea that we could use our passport to get real ALL THE TIME. Reading the blog again though, that head stuff is clearly pointless and it’s pointless to think about what this might even look like – what it ends up looking like will simply flow from the choice to be ‘real’ and we can just keep making that choice every day. What a refreshingly different approach – it has a palpable sense of ease to it too.

    1. This blog is genius as you say JS and its super real like the author. Things are easy to express when you live in the way that you write. You never have to think about what to say or what the next word is going to be. No time or effort spent on planning, preparing or procrastinating. Being real offers us a freedom and our breathing feels more expanding.

      Applying it all the time to every area of our life requires daily practice, commitment and consistency. That means you would need to take RESPONSIBILITY. This is where many of us feel its too much, cant be bothered or we go into comfort mode and only go so far. A lot of the time is because we don’t want to upset another and we want to be liked.

      If we all got real and then lived that way our world would have a great big wake up call which as you say JS is a ‘refreshingly different approach’.

  9. I love this line and the focus on permission– “Your passport gives you permission to speak your truth.” The thing is we do need to give ourselves permission to be truthful, loving and real because we are so used to not doing this and the world itself does not support us to be truthful. As children and teenagers we have to ask our parents for permission to do this and that, as adults we can ask ourselves for permission to simply be ourselves.

    1. Another great yet simple and to the point blog Simple Living Global.

      I too loved ‘Your passport gives you permission to speak your truth’. As we were growing up, children were considered too young to have any wisdom and yet there is a sense they can feel and see many things around them. They come with a universal passport and yet through cultural and belief systems, they are suppressed.

      It can be undone if we take the first step to make a changed that is simply by choosing the steps to commit and take responsibility.

  10. Not being real sucks if you ask me.

    The fake and phoney lifestyle was something I used to hate and went along with it as I wanted to simply fit it. I used to cringe inside and can recall countless times feeling almost sick with “what’s the point” but I was on a roll, a kind of momentum and I could not stop.

    I made a life of being someone I was not and if I am honest it hurt me.

    A decade ago, a man called Serge Benhayon gave me permission to be real.
    I guess he gave me my PASSPORT TO GET REAL and I have never looked back. I actually remember it was a one day presentation by Universal Medicine and my first thought was “Oh, I don’t have to worry about what others think about me”.

    Fast forward to today – I am known for the REAL way I choose to live my life and I really do not give a hoot what people think of me or say about me. I have come too far now and there is no turning back.

    REAL works and REAL gives me a great night’s sleep and that in itself is worth more than anything.

  11. Talking to a businessman this week about a 20 hour return flight he took with friends to eat in a top restaurant.

    The restaurant offered a top class, ‘immersive’ experience.

    Highly coreographed, 15 courses, some aspects purely for smell, complex dishes with exotic ingredients, fires blazing at the table, kitchen tour and the dessert made across the entire table by many chefs working at once.

    This struck me as the opposite of real.

    Which presumably is the entire point it was created.

    The market in real-avoidance seems very much to be on the up.

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