Today is Honesty Day and most of us will know that if we tune into our Social Media.

Honesty Day is also known as National Honesty Day and it is celebrated on April 30th.

The day was chosen in part because April begins with April Fool’s Day, which is based on deception.

What is the purpose of having tricks and dishonesty at the beginning of the month and then have the opportunity to redeem those lies, so we can enjoy Honesty Day at the end of the month?

WHY is this making no sense at all?

The day was created in the early 1990s by an author who wrote a book about Lies, which tells us we lie around 200 times a day.

Some of us may be interested in this topic, some of us will not agree and outright refute that we Lie that much and others no doubt will laugh at all of it.

Regardless of our beliefs and opinions, let us explore a bit more about Honesty in this article. (1)

If we do a quick Internet search we will find plenty of websites subscribing and marketing Honesty Day.

We have a website telling us “we encounter Lies, whether direct or through omission, every day. Take a break from the deception by practicing radical Honesty on National Honesty Day.

If you are like most people, you are utterly sick of the complete lack of Honesty that exists in the world today”.

Dear World

Can we really encourage people to be Honest for just one day?

Will it work or are we just Fooling ourselves about being Honest?

Are those that are powerful and in authority bigger liars than the average?

Is trying to be Honest not Truth as trying is Lying and we do all know that?

What are we really celebrating on this Honesty Day worldwide?

Have we used our convenient words and language to be dis-honest in life?
For example, we say we are just ‘fibbing’ or we fabricate some tale that goes nowhere and is spun out of our dis-honesty basket in the first place.

Are we the type that is scheming or into faking it until we think we can make it, but we’re really not going anywhere and just Fooling ourselves?

Are we the fraud type as we don’t bat an eyelid with our dis-honesty, when it comes to the greed we desperately want for ourselves and we keep raising the bar wanting More and more of what is not ours in the first place?

Are we Getting Away with our dis-honest acts and we kind of like it as it gives us this false buzz that stimulates us to keep going with even more Lies for personal gain only?

Why do we use words like “Totally Honest” and “Brutal Honesty” when Honesty is just either Honest or it is not and we all know that?

Where has our dis-honest Communication got us today and what Solutions have we created to get away with our Lies?

How did we get to be the big liars we have all become today in our world which accepts it as the norm?

Why are we mini masters in the dis-honesty game we play on the world stage as if it was a natural state, when we all know it is not?

Have we become compulsive liars at work to climb the ladder of so-called success in the dog eat dog world of Business?

Have we become dis-honest in our workplace and it has become like a game and we uphold it with all our might, like it is some kind of trophy that we cannot let go of?

Have we raised the bar of forgetting to be honest in most situations if we don’t stand to gain from it? In other words, when it suits us Lies are just ok and so what as everyone else around us is doing the same.

Do we find we blag a lot to gain attention from others and if that means a few Lies here and there, that’s ok as it suits us?

Do we really “fail” to be Honest in our Relationships or are we *hard wired and so it becomes our normal way of functioning in life?
*Innately determined

Do we realise that not being Honest in any situation leads to unhealthy Relationships and this affects everything and that includes society as a whole?

Do we dismiss dis-honest acts in our Family life like extra marital affairs, porn, Gambling and other Vices that we would not like publicised?

Do we publicly have a face that would never say that we have domestic violence going on at home and we have worked out how to stay dis-honest?

Do we set out to be Honest but something happens and we go back to auto mode and that is lie after lie after Lie?

Do we like to say dis-honest as it has some kind of mild tone to it as opposed to saying the word Lie, which sounds hard and cold?

Do we need a day to remind us to actually wake up and reflect on our dis-honest ways that we operate in life?

Do we hate the dis-honest part of us because the other parts are a sensible, good, Nice and we are a well-spoken Citizen that holds down a good job and contributes to the Community?

Do we subscribe to the notion that we can set aside one day in the year to celebrate something that we rarely live in everyday life?
Yes, we are talking about Honesty Day Dear World.

Do we wonder what it would be like to live a purely open Transparent life where everything is out there and dis-honesty is not on the radar?

What exactly does Honesty mean to us in our life?

Hello World

Can we get honest that the only way to be HONEST is to GET REAL first?

Can we get honest that our lifestyle may have something to do with why we get Sick?

Can we get honest that most of us have pre-diabetes and we don’t know about it and the masses now have Diabetes that comes from ill lifestyle choices?

Can we get honest that our Cold Hands and Cold Feet are something to do with us not taking deep care of our body?

Can we be honest that our Chronic Fatigue did not just happen overnight but it has something to do with our consistent over work, Overdoing It and not caring for the body and having adequate rest and Sleep?

Can we get honest that we don’t like being told to Slow Down in life as there is way too much to do and just not enough time?

Can we get honest that our Push Push Push way of living in life has hardened our body and we have forgotten how to just not force things?

Can we get honest that we take very little true care for our body and our immune system is depleted and this leads to that Common Cold we don’t like?

Can we get honest that most of us now have some form of Oral Health issue because taking care of our teeth and gums is just not a priority in our life?

Can we get honest that we drink very little Water as we prefer other beverages or simply none as we don’t like Passing Water often?

Can we get honest that our PRIORITY in life is usually not taking into account our body and what it requires in any given moment?

Can we get honest that we wear ill-fitting Footwear and pay little attention to our delicate Feet that has to take us everywhere, everyday?

Can we get honest that we suffer with FOMO and that leads to all kinds of diversions in life that cost us not just in money but our body cops it too?

Can we get honest that drinking copious amounts of Caffeine might be making our nervous system racy?

Can we get honest that we have become addicted to Caffeine without actually realising what it does to the human body and we have not yet read The Real Truth about Caffeine on this website?

Can we get honest that our Chocolate eating habits may not be what our body actually needs but regardless, we love it so we just carry on eating it?

Can we be honest that Dairy milk is for baby cows to drink but somewhere along the line we got comfortable and we just love everything Dairy?

Can we get honest that our Heartburn might be something to do with what we are ingesting and that means through our mouth?

Can we get honest that eating Fast Food and Junk Foods has no nutritional value and yet we keep craving more of the same, which really is addiction?

Can we get honest that Salt is really not needed as an addition to our already salty foods as it harms our body?

Can we get very honest and admit now that research has told us that there is not a drop of Alcohol that is good for our health and even more it alters our natural state and is a scientific proven poison?

Can we get honest that every part of us knows Tobacco in any form is not for human consumption and yet we never stop to ask why we ingest it?

Can we get honest that we have Lost the Plot when we look at some of the Crazy behaviour that we have that has been going on recently?

Can we be honest that we seem to be always creating Complications and keeping life Simple1 is something we want but clearly do not have?

Can we be honest that we like to Gossip and Judge others but hate the thought that they may actually feel it, even if they are nowhere to be seen?

Can we be honest that in any given situation where things are not going our way, we find something or someone to Blame?

Can we be honest that we have a tendency to not Let Go and this Holding On creates more than constipation in our life?

Can we get honest that the state of our Mental Health may have something to do with how we are living a model of life that is not natural for a human being?

Can we get honest that Anti-Depressants take away what we don’t want to feel and before we know it some of us have become dependent on them?

Can we get honest that our life on the Internet is not something that we can say is Consistently taking Responsibility, as we do plenty of stuff that we would not want others to know about?

Can we get honest that Online Shopping is so our normal now that we can’t imagine life without the delivery man dropping off packages all the time?

Can we get honest that we love our TV watching and we don’t want to know the side effects of what it really does as it’s our only time off we have?

Can we get honest that our life on Social Media is far more important to us than most things in life?

Can we get honest that any Screen Time in excess, including Video Gaming has zero health benefits, even if we like to think it is just a pastime activity?

Can we get honest that Gambling has become a past time for so many of us now and we don’t ever want to admit that we could end up addicted?

Can we get honest that we have become a world that just wants More more and then some More and excess in everything is the way to go now?

Can we get honest that we strive for a Perfect life and the drive to be perfect continues, even though we know as humans we are imperfect?

Can we get honest that we contribute to a Careless Society but would like to think that we do care, but we know we don’t really?

Can we get honest that we go a bit silly when it comes to all things Christmas and we do not want to know about the Waste we have at Christmas?

Can we get honest that our behaviour at New Year is way off usually, but that’s ok as our New Year Resolutions will sort it all out for us?

Can we get honest that we embark on Diets and never seem to continue for long as we get Bored and move on to the next quick fix diet?

Can we get honest that we rely on the Vitamins and Supplements to somehow do the job and keep our body fixed, without us paying any attention to what real true health and nutrition is all about?

Can we get honest that our holding back in Expression towards others may be affecting our Heart in more ways than we care to realise?

Can we get honest that Playing Nice has gotten us nowhere and yet we keep doing it, even though it does not serve anyone or evolve us in anyway?

Can we get honest that we like living a Double Life as it suits us even though we know it is not the Truth to behave in this way at all?

Can we get honest that our Vices and our Secrets are ok because we are doing it and we are choosing to be unaware of what it actually does to others?

Can we get honest that our Solutions for anything and everything are simply not working because the band-aid approach never deals with the root cause of WHY it happened in the first place?

Can we get honest that we are being Fooled at times but we would like to think of ourselves as Smart people and that we are not being duped?

Can we get honest that our Family members seem to have a licence that gives authority to abuse at any level because they are blood related so it’s all ok?

Can we get honest that we are ok starting things but boy oh boy we don’t like Completion and that means Finish the Job and close the Cycle?

Can we get honest that we spend so much time consumed in Regret that we forget we can move on and just Get On with life by making Changes?

Can we get honest that we want to just GET ON WITH IT but yet we spend most of our waking hours not doing that and instead distracting ourselves?

Can we get honest that we loathe to Tidy Up after us and it is not something we do regularly, daily or Consistently to keep things flowing?

Can we get honest that taking care of our Pots and Pans so they don’t look old and ready for landfill is just not something that we would ever give our attention to?

Can we get honest that cleaning the Toilet is not something we enjoy or would like to do on a regular basis, as we do not value this everyday practical task?

Can we get honest that sometimes our house stinks just because we can’t be bothered to Empty the Trash as we don’t see this task as important?

Can we get honest that Holidays are all we look forward to and it’s the first thing on our mind when we get back is planning the next one?

Can we get honest that our Excuses are just a way of delaying what is going to happen, as it is inevitable even though we like to think it is not?

Can we get honest that our Waking Up routine is usually using an Alarm Clock, Coffee or Screen Time and in fact we don’t really have a waking up routine?

Can we get honest that we do not make our Bed lovingly every single day as we see it as a chore and a bore and something we don’t always bother with?

Can we get honest that our Stress is created by us and that it exists because of our behaviour and that means our movements?

Can we get honest that our LIFESTYLE CHOICES today are not truly supporting the human body that has to deal with everything we do to it?

Can we get honest that our Life is Out of Balance and we do feel empty inside at times and yet we do nothing to make changes?

Can we get honest that many of us feel Loneliness at times or all the time but yet we have another 8 billion of us around that we are dis-connected from?

Can we get honest that we are Struggling in certain areas of life but never reach out for any kind of support as that’s just how we operate?

Can we get honest that we are actually Stuck in areas of our life and our ingrained behaviour just keeps it locked as we don’t really want Change?

Can we get honest that our Paperwork is not in great order and we find it rather Boring, so we just avoid it?

Can we get honest that we always Put Things Off and even though it makes us jitter inside and gives us sleepless nights, we continue putting it off?

Can we get honest that we have become mini masters at Ignoring the Signs in life that if we just paid attention and acted on would Change everything?

Can we get honest that we are into the Tick Box life where we just function by ticking the boxes as it looks good?

Can we get honest that getting our life Back to Basics feels a bit too Simple2 and we actually like the Complications and stresses in life that come with tension?

Can we get honest that our Late Nights are killing us and zapping our vitality levels and we crave sugar more than ever in the daytime to just keep going?

Can we get honest that we stay up late most nights and we have never consider the impact on our body, which is no different to the Night Shift worker?

Can we get honest that we do not value a Nap on a Day Off as that is what you do when you get old and yet it comes with so many benefits if we are exhausted, which let’s face it most of us are?

Can we get honest that we spend our Weekends like we have a licence to do what we want, without a care for the coming week ahead?

Dear World

It is Honesty Day for the whole world so can we all ask – WHAT exactly are we Celebrating if we can relate to at least one of the above Questions?

This article is highlighting it is not all ra-ra let’s celebrate for one day of the year because we are going to be Honest all day.

We could use this day to stop, get real and then get honest.
On that note worth reading our blog.

We are humans and that does not mean we have to be Perfect. That is not what is being called for.

We each have a Responsibility to be Honest about what is going on for us without trying to hide the facts, brush them off or evade whatever it is that we need to deal with or face.

Dis-honesty is a stench that runs through society.
Most of us hate it when we see others being dis-honest.

It would be a wise move to use this day and every day thereafter to reflect on our dis-honesty in ALL areas of life.

WHY is it that we love children when they just say it as it is, with such utter Honesty and holding back nothing – like they don’t get concerned about the reaction it may cause another.

Where did we lose that ability to just be upfront and Honest?

And finally, are we truly ready to be Honest about our dis-honesty or would we prefer a few more orbits around the sun, continuing on the merry go round of Lies?




(1) (n.d). Honesty Day 2022. Cute Calendar. Retrieved April 25, 2022 from





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