Dear World

Has anyone noticed – our world is in trouble

Things are falling apart and our body is telling us

So many more people are getting ill at young ages

Mental Health is now becoming the new normal

We have Crazy Days that create even more Stress

We are creating More distractions to keep us stimulated

Our coping Solutions to function everyday – not working

We are looking for substances that alter our natural state

Suppliers are ready with whatever we demand next

We seem to have Lost our internal moral compass

We seem to seek a vibration that makes our body suffer

We get daily Stress from just living life in the Fast Lane

We want things easy yet we do Complicate everything

We hate what we see happening on our streets and in our neighbourhood, communities, towns, cities, countries and yet we do Nothing about it

We feel helpless with global issues and think campaigning and fighting is going to change things

We moan consistently about our government and the policy makers who do not really listen to the people

We vent our anger and frustration on others because we do not want to look at why we have those bottled up emotions in the first place

We are Judging the world and its brothers but we Sit on the Fence wanting them all to change

We do Nothing when in many moments we could easily do Something simply by taking action

We want our lifestyle as it is and strive for More even though our job and its demands are slowing killing us

We hate the job but the security it brings is something we cannot give up, as there is way too much fear

We have lost trust in almost everyone and this leaves us guarded and protected inside our hearts

We have zero time for anyone as life is way too busy to think about helping others

We would like to think we are good people and do our bit by donating and that is where it ends

We want to raise money and do what it takes at the expense of our body, just to get to the finishing line and be recognised as a champion

We have a serious illness, yet find ourselves pushing our body beyond its limits as it gives us something

We never prepare for surgery and find the whole thing a gross inconvenience, like it has nothing to do with us

We know that living life in the Fast Lane has its price but we haven’t got the time to Stop and pause

We wait for the wake up call and then we get the 911 and its bad, but after getting fixed we are back to our old ways

We seem to eat and eat because all our days are just Crazy Days

We have lost Focus about what really matters and we have no sense of what is our Priority in life

We go nuts on our Birthday bash and inside we feel a bit lost and empty and we don’t know why

We feel Lonely and isolated and a victim to how life and the world are treating us

We have no manual or school out there really teaching what it means to Self Care

We wear dodgy Footwear in the name of fashion and suffer the consequences as we know there are Solutions out there

We like the band aid effect even though it never lasts, as we can’t be bothered to dig deeper and ask Questions

We know we are Struggling in many areas of life but we seem to just continue without considering how we got here

We feel our Blood Pressure rising because of how we are living but we do absolutely nothing

We feel Depressed because we have Given Up on life and think there is just no way out

We have never ever thought that there just could be Another Way to live and be on this Earth

We dislike people who Get on with it and wish we could be the same but make no effort to take steps to change

We live in the agony of what happened to us and have no idea how we can move on from this

We have our past hurts all packed up close to our chest and wonder why we have breathing problems

We seem to live a life with so many Regrets and have no idea how to shift gear to move on

We have Children’s Mental Health now on the agenda which was unheard of only a few decades ago

We Listen to Other People who honk their horn and we jump on their bandwagon without discerning if what they have to say is true or not

We have a major Sleep issue and no amount of new sleeping aids that we keep buying seem to be helping

We are always looking on Social Media and comparing ourselves to others and this leads to even more misery

We get hurt by cyberbullying or when we see others at the receiving end of anonymous Internet trolling but do nothing

We avoid the News as we know how bad things are getting in our world

We crave the Perfect Life and our mind is always full of images of how this is going to look

We have this ‘Happiness’ thing going on in our head like it is the answer to life and we go looking for it everyday

We desire More and more of the things that we know are utter comfort and not really supporting us in any way

We have an indulgence in most things and with our “hey ho” attitude we just cruise along in life

We like the thrill of leading a Double Life with our Vices and Secrets as we convince ourselves it is all ok

We find ourselves Shouting and Swearing even more now than ever before but have never asked WHY

We try to get Real and get Honest but it just ain’t happening

We rarely are Honest enough to admit we are Bored with life and everything it brings

We want life to have a Consistent Flow but have no clue what is required to get going

We only want a bit of Responsibility as that suits us but we realise so many areas of our life totally lack Responsibility


What if we truly went Back to Basics

What if we lived the old fashion way

What if we applied some of the practical stuff that worked in the olden days

What if we took note of the common sense that our grandparents seemed to have

What if we seek the wisdom that the elders of our past seemed to just know

What if it’s time to get Back to Basics when it comes to living everyday life

This website is dedicated to another way to live, where we stop the ill momentum of self harming in all ways

We get  Back to Basics when it comes to our choices about living life everyday

We take Responsibility for the choices we make, which means we end the Blame game

We learn how to slow down and take small steps to Self Care in every area of life

We learn how to be Gentle with our body as we know this will be the start of change

We value and respect the human vehicle which deserves to be treated with the utmost care and attention to detail

We know in our every move that we are not here to be Perfect but we do our best when it comes to looking after our body

We make choices every single day to Focus on the following Back to Basics

Be Gentle
Closing our Eyes
9 o’clock Hoover
Waking Up
Oral Health
Toilet Talk
Washing our Hands
Feet and Footwear
Heart Handshake
Nil by Mouth
Cleaning our Glasses
Empty the Trash
Stop – Shouting and Swearing


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  1. Dear World

    How was Back to Basics born in 2010?

    The author of this website realised that basic stuff was not taught in schools as so many questions about sleep routine, laundry, how to clean a toilet and do other jobs like tidy up and cook were being asked by people from all walks of life.

    The Simple Living Back to Basics became a weekend course in 4 parts over 4 months.

    It was real, relatable, practical, simple and easy. Participants were inspired to ‘get on with it’ building on what they had learned from the presentation.
    The feedback confirmed beyond any doubt that it works and gets us to look at areas of our lives where we may not have confidence or where we simply don’t know what to do or not do.

    Cleaning products and demos on how to clean the toilet were presented.
    How to make the bed and do the proper job using the EDIP method.
    Explanation | Demonstration | Imitation | Practice

    Explanation – So WHY the task and what’s the purpose is first and foremost.

    We all need to be inspired and if there is a purpose to why we do something, then chances are we may jump on the bandwagon and give it a go.

    Demonstrating from lived experience – in other words, showing the audience how to make a bed because the person presenting lives that day in a day out, so it is in their body so to speak is powerfull, as it has no hot talk or fancy words recalled from out there – just standard basic stuff that is super simple and practical.

    When people feel another person talking about something that they are actually living, it does something to them – like it ignites them to know that it is possible and that there is another way.

    Next – Imitation means they have a go along with the presenter so they are looking at how it is done. No memory recall needed, just focus on the job in hand which we call conscious presence. You are consciously aware with your mind whilst your body is carrying out the task.

    Final stage – Practice
    Participants practice and are confirmed if they got it or shown if they are uncertain about any particular part. The class moves on when we all get it so no one is left out.

    In the audience was a prison governor who wanted the Back to Basics programme for offenders and Simple Living Global were invited to carry out a 3 year study inside prison.

    From observation it was loud and clear that something was missing.
    This missing ingredient to life was the everyday basic stuff. Something anyone and everyone can apply because it is simple and practical.

    No one was left out even if they could not read and write – there were many prisoners who were illiterate or english was not their first language. None of this mattered as the BACK TO BASICS program is all inclusive and one-unified. This means it is for all equally and it works.

    What we need in society regardless of our background is to learn how to live human life and build a solid foundation so that nothing that comes our way can rock or unsettle our inner state of being.

    With this call from humanity, Simple Living Global answered with a response in January 2016 when this website was born.

    With over 150 blogs published, the titles just keep coming and the commitment to deliver is there with a minimum of 4 blogs each month – all saying the same thing – There is Another Way.

    When we have Back to Basics as our foundation we become like a strong and solid house that can withstand all weathers – in other words, we can deal with whatever life has in store because we are equipped.

    The Back to Basics programme is made available for all with bespoke programmes – tailor made for prisoners, schools taking into account age and the business world.

  2. I often have thoughts of us going back to basics particularly in the workplace because things as they are just aren’t working. In every industry the situation seems to be the same –

    Budget cuts and staff shortage – leading to clients not receiving a timely response to their queries(and sometimes no response at all) and long delays with appointments and cases being resolved.

    A lack of commitment from staff with behaviour like – passing the buck, lateness, repeated sick days, seeking promotion so as not to deal with the day to day frontline duties, spending time on mobile phones and on the internet during work time.

    In addition there is often a lack of experienced staff or poor training of new staff.

    The old fashioned way of people starting at the bottom and being trained up and learning from the more experienced staff seems to have gone out of the window.

    Instead there is a reliance on us having degrees and because we have academic attainment that is accepted as enough to get on with any job.

    What if we went back to basics in a sense and trained staff thoroughly in any role that they are doing?

    What if academia does not enable us to be skilled with life in dealing with real situations and real people?

    What if the workplace is nothing like what we can learn in any book or from any theory?

    What if we truly went Back to Basics as Simple Living Global are presenting, through the list at the end of this blog?

    What if being gentle, how we wake up and going to bed early as shared in the 9 o’ clock hoover for example are behaviours that are needed as part of the basic training of any workforce?

    What if just doing a job is not enough but the way that we move and care for ourselves both in and outside of work is equally as important?

    What if practising what is presented here in the Back to Basics list would make an enormous difference to our workplaces?

    What if the chaos that is currently the norm could be replaced by harmony and flow if we all went Back to Basics and made that our committed Focus?

    Would we see the end of office politics, in fighting and bullying in the workplace if we went Back to Basics?

    1. Great points you raise here Shevon and the one that sticks out for me is the reliance on those who have academic intelligence in the form of a degree who are somehow supposed to do a job better than someone who may have the hands on experience.

      A real life example was I worked for a bank back in the early 1980s.
      A graduate fresh from university was the latest trend to employ and they would walk straight into a position of trainee manager, starting as an assistant manager. The only reason they were there was because they had been to university.
      My guy was nervous and lacked everyday life skills and all staff in our branch were around for a long time, some over 3 decades, who knew the job inside out.

      This created tension, resentment, comparison and ill communication understandably as this guy in no time became a branch manager which comes with a whole heap of responsibilities including staff appraisals.

      How does a young man in his early 20s deal with a member of staff in their 50s with over 30 years experience?

      At the time it was clear to me that mr trainee manager lacked the Back to Basics stuff as do many who end up at university which does not equip them on how to self care or take care and support their own living environment.

      That was the 1980s – so what has changed 35 years later if your comment Shevon is talking about this now in 2019?

      As an elder speaking wisdom here – our world is geared way too much towards academic intelligence and not enough focus and attention is given to everyday basic stuff like this blog is presenting.

      It makes sense to get the basics in place and build on that foundation, which would give a steadiness in everyday life so we are equipped to deal with the day ahead.

      What if the Simple Living Global Back to Basics program could give us an inner confidence that is currently missing and creating a tension we call anxiety in our life?
      Worth considering says the author of this blog and website.

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