Do Nothing, Do Something

Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing”.

Elvis Presley’s Ghetto song said, “Are we too blind to see – do we simply turn our heads and look the other way, as the world turns”.

What were they on about back in those days and how relevant is that to our world today?

Could it be possible that our world is a dangerous place today because the majority of people will just look on and do nothing?

Why do we look on and do nothing?
Why are we so blind to see what is going on?
Why do we simply turn our heads and look the other way?

Why do we sit on the fence waiting for others to do something?
Why are we afraid of doing what is needed?
Why do we accept the status quo when we know it is wrong?
Why is it that we can’t be bothered to take action unless it affects us personally?
Why do we think it is OK to let the world continue in this way when we feel it is not right?

Why do we think it is OK to Do Nothing?
Why is it so scary to Do Something?

We ALL know that alcohol is behind almost every case of domestic violence but we do nothing and so our voice is not heard and nothing changes. Is it any wonder that this crime is escalating?

We ALL know that marijuana is NOT a recreational drug and yet so many are addicted to this and doing ‘normal jobs’ out there. It is illegal and yet there are loads of people taking this harmfull substance everyday to get through life.

We ALL know that young kids and adults are taking drugs and the figures we get to read about are not the real truth – the seriousness of this and the long term effects are devastating to the family, community and society.

Did you know –

Porn sites are among the most visited sites on the Internet and amount to 14% of all the searches in cyber world? (1)

‘Sexting’ is going on in schools and what young girls are going through is unimaginable and yet nothing is done about it?

Slavery as we knew it is still here but it’s got another name?
It is now called ‘Human Trafficking’ – same thing. Check our blog for more Raw Truth on this

Cyber abusers who consistently bully and abuse members of the public just get away with it as there is no real policing of the internet?

Prisoners are locked up in tiny cells; some sharing, with absolutely nothing to do for 20+ hours a day and then we wonder why re-offending is rising?

Why do we not question why the sugar industry are paying for research into obesity?

BBC News in Feb 2015 stated that Mars and Coca Cola are funding research. (2)
Could it be possible that the results maybe biased?

Would it not be in the public’s best interest to have an independent body paid by the government to do this type of research because obesity has become a global problem, which is getting out of control?

Why is it not front-page news headlines that illness and disease are rising and our health systems are going to go bankrupt if we do not find answers?

We need front-page news everyday so we get to be aware of what is really going on.

There are loads more but you get the picture.

What most of us do is that if it’s “out there” and doesn’t affect our private world, then we don’t really bother to take any interest.

Of course there are those who do go to extremes and campaign, rally, fight, sign petitions and march on the roads to government buildings and make their point.
But in truth has anything really changed with these activities?

Has strike action got the London Bus Drivers the equal pay they all deserve? No.

We rely on the politicians and the media who work together and tell us what we need to know and that’s about it. There are people making big decisions on behalf of the public and yet these decisions are not truly supporting our society.

When the odd whistleblower comes along they are swiftly stamped out and before you know it, it becomes yesterday’s news and we the general public have a tendency to forget things very quickly because it suits us.

Making a film or a documentary about this is great for public awareness, but if no action is taken by us, then nothing changes and we are part of the problem.

By looking on and doing nothing we are adding to the problem.
Why do we as Elvis says, “simply turn our heads and look the other way”?

Do we ALL have a responsibility to at least start to ask questions and not Accept what is going on around us and under our noses?

As the author of this blog I can say – YES I care but to campaign, run a marathon for a good cause, make a documentary or get into government is not my call. I simply do not have the resources, techniques or tools to make big changes, but what I do know is that I have a writing skill.

Things may not change overnight, but by saying I am aware this is going on and I want more people to be aware, then I use my personal skills, which in this case is writing and that means doing something about it. That is RESPONSIBILITY.

This website is a start of much more to come to bring awareness to humanity about what is going on in our world and present it in super simple language, so we all get it.

If we all start using our social media platforms to share this kind of stuff, then there is a chance for real change as the right people will get it. If enough of us start asking for real change then change will happen as that is inevitable.

Standing back and holding back and doing nothing, changes nothing.

We have the power together to make changes and it doesn’t have to be big stuff.
Using our skills and resources and asking for Truth consistently will bring change.

Not giving up, does and will make a difference.


(1) Ward, M. (2013, July 1). Web Porn: Just How Much is There?

(2) Gallagher, J. (2015, February 12). Row Over Sugar Firms’ Links to Scientists





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  1. I sat with a cup of tea to read this blog this morning and was blown away by the title and what I then read as I had just spoken with a friend this morning and we hadn’t caught up in ages. As we talked we phoned in a third friend and actioned something that will make a difference to families, especially dad’s and their children. This was super simple to action as we all used the resources that we have access to and then together we put in place something that will make a difference to people’s lives. However I have not always contributed to society in this way and have not only held back but buried my head in the sand about what goes on in this world. There is so much more I can look at and bring to the world in which I am a part and I am definitely becoming more aware of my responsibility in this thanks to blogs like this which are very hard to ignore or dismiss.

    1. Lovely what you have shared Sally. I realise I keep looking at big dramatic actions and big dramatic changes and since such things have not been my strength I give up and return to my shell. As Simple Living Global has shared it is about committing to do our part, in whatever shape and form it comes. And that is so very freeing and empowering.

  2. I know that not giving up does make a difference; I have been immensely inspired by those who have not given up and I have reversed my own given-up-ness and chosen to deepen my commitment to myself and to life as a result.

    This is how I know that not giving up will make the difference in the world.

    I know it is my responsibility to just be myself and this means not ‘silently going along with’ what does not feel true to me any more.

    I can be honest and bringing reality into conversations; in this I know I am part of the healing we all need & not part of the problems.

  3. We turn a blind eye as we think it doesn’t relate to us personally but the truth is everything is interconnected.
    This is our world and things are getting from bad to worse.

    We have some major global problems and sitting on the fence or waiting for others to do their bit is not the answer.
    Each of us can do something even if it is starting conversations and sharing stuff that is on this blog.
    Our social media could be used to get discussions about topics that we all need to know about out there and to a large audience.
    All this is about us having a responsibility.

    We do have a hand in what goes on and what we have to say does count and does matter.

  4. This is important what you say here Jo Elmer about the fact that you ‘can be honest and bring reality into conversations’. If we consider the real state of our world today we are really not doing great and real stuff like what all these blogs are presenting is what is now needed so we get to feel the pulse of humanity.
    Simple Living Global is not looking to get out and dominate social media or daytime TV. Their aim is to simply bring more awareness about what is actually going on and could it be possible that How we are choosing to live in every way may be contributing to everything that is not right on our earth.

  5. Yes, the world is a crazy place and it is easy to give up and say that there is nothing that I can do that will make a difference. But watch a 1 year old learning to walk. They are true inspiration. They not only do not give up, they actually enjoy what they doing! They thrive on the challenge and think about the concept of walking, it is extremely challenging!

    Humans thrive on challenges, it is what life is all about.

    If something is not working do something different!

    Simple Living Global is presenting something different that has turned my life around.

    I feel prepared to do anything that is required to serve humanity.

    1. Great what you say here Ken and we could all do with applying this –
      If something is not working then we have a choice to do something different.

      So it comes back to choice.
      Every choice leads us to our next choice.

      So if we are making choices that are ugly and hurting our body or harming others then we can stop that.
      If we don’t it is likely we will do it again and again and get on a roll, a kind of momentum and think it is ok.
      OR we can choose something that deeply supports us and is not harmful, like not banging doors but closing them gently. Sounds a bit simple but consider the jarring, the impact of a heavy car door being banged and the vibration travelling up your hand, arm and to your chest. Worth taking the time and making small choices before we try and get to the big stuff.

  6. Once upon a time I would have read a blog like this and immediately feel overwhelmed by the largeness of the problems in the world. These days I can read this blog and know without a doubt that the chance that is required begins with me. The more I live true to myself, the more I reflect this to others, the more others can then get inspired to live true to themselves. This is how the world changes and this is how we stop turning a blind eye to what is going on around and within us.

    1. What a great perspective: that the antidote to turning a blind eye could in fact be very simple and starts with ‘living true to myself’.

    2. Ditto Elizabeth Dolan. I was also overwhelmed and gave up at the start thinking how can I make any difference when my neighbours are not living with any decency and respect because they did not do the recyling business. What a poor pathetic excuse.
      Reacting to anything and everything was just draining and totally dis-empowering.
      What I need to do was get real and start with honesty. In other words being honest about what was not actually working in my life.
      This meant a decade of discarding all that which is not true and letting go more and more.
      So instead of feeling like I was doing nothing, I made a choice to do something and the biggest result is I am no longer a drain on our medical system and that in itself speaks volumes. It comes down to that word RESPONSIBILITY.

  7. “What most of us do is that if it’s “out there” and doesn’t affect our private world, then we don’t really bother to take any interest.” This reminds me that we really do seem to have slopey shoulder syndrome. I am involved with the anti-cyber abuse organisation ALL RISE and when I talk to people about cyber abuse I hear either (1) ‘it hasn’t happened to me, thank God’, i.e. I don’t have to worry about it or (2) there are so many problems in the world, why are you worrying about that one, i.e. I don’t want to think about it or (3) aren’t there people working on that, i.e. surely I don’t have to think about it.

    It is amazing to me how stuck we all are in our comforts. We’ll buy charity xmas cards and sign the odd petition but very few people actually reflect on what is happening around us and what they can do.

    This blog serves as a very human reminder that we can all bring something. Each of us. However small.

    1. Interesting what you share JS about the general public response to something that we all need to know and take action about. Cyber Abuse.
      We do tend to think why concern ourself when we are ‘alright jack’ as the phrase goes. WHY get involved in anything that may just make us or another uncomfortable.
      But consider if we all started talking about stuff like cyber abuse which is very serious at the xmas dinner table and other conversations in our day to day chats, what would happen. Not talking and not saying anything or hoping others are doing something is WHY we are in the current mess we are in.
      More of us can and we all need to step up and do our bit and as you say ‘we can all bring something’.

  8. “Prisoners are locked up in tiny cells; some sharing, with absolutely nothing to do for 20+ hours a day and then we wonder why re-offending is rising?” Just reading this alone cuts through to the truth: that the prison system needs to put prisoners to work. Not in the old school hard labour way, but in the true purpose way. Imagine if every criminal were to experience first hand what it is like to serve; to have a purpose; to work and see they are capable and can have a true impact; to build a new foundation on which they can stand when they leave; not to hold themselves in the past. So simple. Why is this not the norm?

    1. Not sure if you fancy a job in a UK prison JS but you seem to know what you are talking about here and it is this type of stuff that we need our bigwigs in the system and politicians to take note of.
      How on earth can we expect any change when we are rehabilitating with inhumane conditions. Tiny cells with two in a cell is not offering any space to move let alone allow for change. Long hours locked up and giving them flat screen TV and a kettle is not the answer.
      Having worked inside a London jail on a pilot study for almost 3 years, I can say that all prisoners want to be met for who they truly are. They want to be treated as a human being. Yes they need to serve a custodial sentence for their crime but we do have a RESPONSIBILITY to make sure at the end of their life inside they come out with a foundation that has meaning and purpose. The Simple Living Global Back to Basics Program worked and continues to work. This would greatly benefit our prison systems worldwide because it brings in that word RESPONSIBILITY.

  9. All systems need to recommence from the ground up, the amount of greed, the amount of care less ness that goes on is unimaginable and its affecting people, we may not know them personally but what is the difference, they are still you and I.

    I too once felt overwhelmed with it all and wondered how one soul could make a difference but Simple Living Global there is an absoluteness in what you have shared ‘standing back, holding back and do nothing, changes nothing’ – Absolutely.

    Of course chocolate and soda companies aren’t wanting research to find their products attributing to obesity – they will be bankrupt no different to the tobacco industry. No amount of advertisements saying smoking is bad for your health deters the individual to give up smoking, its more than that.

    It’s a dis-ease and we as individuals need to take responsibility. How? Introduce simplicity in everything you do and slowly observe how your body responds. I have loads of food I can eat and yet there is no gluten, dairy or sugar in it and I am still breathing and standing upright. For our Christmas parties (I went to 3 wards!) I took a raw cake, and no one knew till they complimented how tasty it was and they couldn’t believe it was gluten, diary, egg free, raw and with only natural sugars – anything can be done, if you do something.

    1. I like the bit you share here Shushila about having a gluten free and dairy free diet and you have loads of food that you can eat and you are ‘still breathing and standing upright’.
      WHY do people assume that when you choose to not eat foods that harm something is going to happen. Finding alternatives and then trotting along to the xmas parties with a raw cake that most did not know was weird and whacky says a lot really.

  10. I have grown up in a world that told me if I wanted to succeed I had to work hard, in order to make something of myself. So I started out feeling I was not enoughave, that I had to do more to succeed.

    After 50 years of doing this my body was totally exhausted. What was going on, my body was still strong and I wanted to work. So something about how I lived my life was not ok. How and why I was doing things was wrong.

    With support from Simple Living Global I realized that I was doing thing with the idea that I was not enough. By understanding that all I need to do is be myself and use the talents I was given, what will make a change in the world.

    Wow, what a relief!

  11. This is a great blog Simple Living Global as it highlights a very human trait – that is, if it doesn’t affect us personally, then we really don’t need to worry or even think about it.

    There are so many issues in the world that need to be ‘sorted’ that it can easily become overwhelming to start to tackle even one issue.

    People feel that if they don’t throw themselves 100% into ‘combating’ an issue, then they CAN’T make any difference, and so they don’t bother at all. I know this because I used to see things this way.

    It’s not about joining a cause or a political party and demanding changes.

    As this blog says, rallies, campaigns, petitions, marches, demonstrations, fighting, riots, strikes, are not the answer as it’s a case of ‘been there, done that’, and nothing has worked.

    So, where exactly do we start?

    Quite simply, it is just to write.

    Write without judgment, attack or expectation on how we feel about the issues that we want to write about.

    Find real websites that are saying what we want to say and comment on their articles.

    If we are savvy with social media, then get the word out through that way.

    If enough people write on how they feel about the issues of the world and write consistently then in the words of Sam Cooke, “A Change is Gonna Come.”

  12. Simple Living Global thank you. It is true, this website definitely does bring awareness of what is going on in our world in a simple understandable way. My awareness has certainly grown from reading your blogs, I find myself questioning and observing daily life so much more.

    I find it really helpful to read how you use your skill of writing to do something about our current state. It has inspired me to look at my skills and see how I can use them to do something too.

    If we each did this.. questioned, used our skills, worked together.. undoubtedly we would see huge changes.

  13. This Do Nothing Do Something business can be re-interpreted or mis-interpreted.

    As with anything we can simply take it out of context and do whatever we want to suit our own agenda and we tend to do this all the time.

    I know of many real life examples where I have in the past wanted to do something and thought that taking action was me making a difference. How wrong I was.

    What I now know and realise is that I was in total reaction and trying mode. In truth this makes no difference and offers no form of evolution whatsoever.

    There was simply no honesty in the way I was living at the time and the focus then to do something was not coming from the right quality in the first place. Being frustrated about something going on in our world and then trying to do something is an utter waste of time.

    I now know it starts with a way of living that holds a quality of deep commitment, consistency, truth and integrity and at the very core is the word RESPONSIBILITY.

  14. Yesterday I was doing a RETURN TO SENDER and that means sending post back where it came from, as I did not request it. It prompted me to write this comment.

    I have been doing this consistently for over 20 years so it feels the normal thing to do and I know this has inspired others to do the same. The benefits are huge.

    Doing nothing is not an option as it guarantees nothing will change. All that post wasted and mail order catalogues trying to sell you something when you never even subscribed to them in the first place. Call it junk mail or whatever, the point is what are we actually doing about it? In other words where is the individual Responsibility?

    It is so easy to ignore it and hope it will stop one day but as someone who has moved house quite a few times, I feel it would be irresponsible knowing that I have not actioned this junk nonsense mail and they would keep getting it long after I have left and stopped the 3 month re-direction with the postal service.

    All I know is the general post we get now has very little that requires a ‘Return to Sender’ so it is working. Well worth the commitment and effort if you ask me.

  15. I was talking to some business men this week about sexism in the venture capital world.

    One of them shared that he recently made a decision to cut sexist remarks when he hears them, starting with his team. He said it has had an immediate effect and the comments have stopped coming.

    It reminded me of this blog and the power of one.

  16. I was recently at a conference where at the end the chairs needed clearing away to the sides.

    I noticed how if everyone did their own chair – just one – the job got done super efficiently. It felt very easy and no-nonsense.

    Some folks had to head off quickly and their chairs got done no problem.

    If everyone had headed off and left their chairs, that would have meant 100+ chairs for just a few people to tidy away.

    What a difference taking responsibility for small things can make.

    1. I agree with you JS. I am amazed at how quickly and easily things can get done when we all pull together.

      It is so simple and makes so much sense, but we can make it so complicated.

      Could this be a reason why things are so slow in Governmental systems for example?

      Could it be a case of lots of talking but no real action to deal with what is needed and so things just end up staying stuck?

      Could lots of money be saved in many areas if everyone was pulling in the same direction?

  17. Do we do nothing because we believe that nothing that we do will make a difference?

    But if we do nothing, definitely nothing will change, and we know that. So we say that nothing that I do will make a difference so we can rationalize doing nothing.

    The greatest thing we can do is just be ourselves, If we can focus on that, it is actually doing everything. This concept is so simple, but it does work, it can make a difference in the world.

  18. Months of road works have just finished near our house. They have changed the entire lay out of the junction and added a bike lane. It is all brand spanking new.

    Except for a huge pot hole that has been sitting there for months, just 1 metre away from where they have finished the works, with all the new tarmac.

    So they worked every day right next to this pot hole but didn’t fill it in. Why not?

    Not their business? That’s a job for another department?

    I look at that pothole now and I am motivated to keep doing my bit, whether or not it’s in my job description.

  19. I was in a posh restaurant today in Central London, where we expect top class toilets. What I noticed was the flush was not working and I had a choice. Go back to the people who invited me to dinner, have a moan and leave it at that OR do something.

    I was quick to act on the immediacy that I felt and had a word with a senior member of staff. No mincing words and no judgement – just say it as it is. When I shared this with the diners I was with they realised how I don’t waste a second beating about the bush, thinking about whether it is wrong or right, just do it.

    Doing nothing, guarantees that this problem is not dealt with and doing something means change can take place. We all benefit when we speak up, even if it is about a dodgy toilet in a restaurant. Holding back is just not my style and I am way past worrying what others think or say to me or behind my back.

    Our world needs people to do something and there is no point waiting around for someone else to do what we could get on with and action.

  20. I was just thinking how often are we doing something and there is a tiny nudge, a soft voice so subtle in our mind saying ‘don’t forget x y’ and what do we generally do – dismiss or ignore it.

    I have lost count in the past where I just override that gentle important reminder but the good news now is I act on it.

    So I got that voice and it was to put an appointment in my diary for another day. All too often we have great intentions to remember, but relying on this memory recall stuff when life has enough going on, simply makes no sense.

    I was out of the office, so there was no way I could remind myself on my phone as I did not have my phone, but I did get the nudge thing within a few hours.

    The thought of ignoring this would lead to complications and expose the fact that I was not choosing to listen to that wise inner voice that always seems to help me out and my job is to listen and do something. Doing nothing would be a disaster if you ask me.


    The Guardian – 24 July 2017

    A report into the desperate state of youth jails brings to mind similar findings of studies 30 years ago. Yet nothing has changed…

    This news story talks about what is the point of government inspections and why waste money on them? The inspectors often expose dreadful goings on in various institutions but our governments are not taking any notice.

    Should we all be asking WHY the chief inspector from 1987-1995 is saying the same as what our current chief inspector Peter Clarke is saying?
    So WHY no change?

    Are our governments really caught up in pleasing the nation and we miss the very thing that is needed right now?

    Are we all hot talk and full of meetings and conferences that no actual true action takes place?

    Do we have those who will not budge from their seats in parliament to find out the real truth about what takes place inside a prison behind closed doors?

    Do we have any senior government officials and policymakers willing to spend a month inside, 24/7 to really learn what goes on and then take action?

    Do we all need to stand up and say we want rehabilitation and that means good old fashioned going Back to Basics for offenders and calling them to Responsibility?

    That means the end of flat screen TV in their tiny locked up rooms with a toilet that is left open and IN with working and making sure they are given tasks to do, so that they are not reliant on everything being done for them.

    Are we afraid we will get it wrong and so each government just moves the goal post and the intentions and we end up going nowhere?

    Is there a lack of commitment from those in power and what we need is real life people who walk the walk and talk the talk to be heading and leading in areas like prison reform?

    Do we need to look closely at the word autonomy when governments say they are giving prison governors autonomy to run their own jails?

    Is cutting budgets and getting rid of good staff and volunteers the answer or do we need to adequately find funding for those who can bring results?

    What happened to the initiative by the last Prime Minister, Mr Cameron when he said “Payment by Results”? WHY is this not fully operational today?

    If we carried just that one thing through and based programs on payment by results, could it be possible there would be real change?

    Back to no change in government – is it because they are being called to Responsibility and this is just one area of a nation’s system that is failing us in every way?

    Is it time for all members of our government to step up and take note of these inspections, as they are on behalf of the people, about the people and for the people?

    Peter Clarke is well worth taking note of, as he is here for the people.

  22. Talking to an ex-social worker this week about his experience working with families in crisis.

    He shared how his decisions that put people first were often overruled for budget reasons.

    He said the job left him in a constant state of nervousness as he tried to balance people’s needs with financial constraints. He was constantly worried his decisions would get him fired and he did not sleep well during those years. He felt the ‘higher ups’ were not focused on the reality for the families.

    He said the case load was too huge to take the necessary care with each case and this was well known and accepted. So he did what he could, he was bold when he needed to be and hoped for the best.

    Eventually he said ‘no more’. The personal toll was too great and he felt he couldn’t make the difference he felt was needed. He said if the money had been better he might have stayed longer or if he had had the support in place to help him handle the onslaught.

    How many more people out there are suffering in this way? People on the front line trying to ‘do something’ to support others, on low wages and/or without basic support for themselves.

    It it time to review how we pay and support people in these sorts of professions?

    Is it time for the rest of us to care about this and start talking and asking about it?

  23. Talking to a head teacher yesterday about what is going on for the kids in his London secondary school.

    He was sharing how social media and technology are out of control with the kids and parents do not appear to be doing anything about it. I could feel how it weighs on him.

    He told me about apps that look like calculators, but in fact the calculator is just a front for a storage facility for porn. The kids are using these apps to hide content they wouldn’t want their parents or teachers to see, including the sexting content which is apparently prolific.

    He was debating whether or not to send out a warning email to parents about these apps, because when he does that he gets a backlash from parents who say they don’t want to snoop on their kids.

    We talked about his duty of care to inform the parent community, whether or not they choose to do anything about it and even in the face of attack.

    And the kids will then know their parents know.

    It made me angry to think of all these teens, stuck in a quagmire of behaviour and expectations around porn and sexting and abuse, with more technology coming out all the time to facilitate and normalise that and parents oblivious and unhelpful.

    Where are the role models? Where are the boundaries? Where are the conversations about what they truly want and the path they can walk without selling out to this?

    1. Thank you immensely for sharing this super important comment JS.

      In reading it I had a wake-up call.

      What is going on for our youth today?

      How have we got to this stage that we have made technology so sophisticated so that it supports kids to engage in porn?

      Where have our morals and sense of care and decency gone?

      Why are our kids craving this kind of interaction?

      Is there something missing in their own lives?

      Could they be lacking the true intimacy of being at ease with themselves and others, including their parents which comes from feeling safe to be open and transparent in their communication?

      As JS rightly asks – ‘Where are the role models?’ If parents are not wanting to know what their kids are up to for fear of being seen as a snoop, there is something seriously wrong with the way that we see parenting today.

  24. Evening Standard – 6 April 2018

    UK – Security Minister unhappy that estate agents, solicitors and accountants were failing to submit enough “suspicious activity” to the authorities about clients with dubious funds.

    So WHY are they not doing “more pro-actively to ask questions about the customers..”?

    WHY is a lot of illicit money harboured in property?

    WHY are professionals in this field of house buying “facilitating the washing of dirty money and not doing enough”?

    We each have a Responsibility to our fellow brothers, our community, our society, our world to stand up for something when we know and can feel it is not the Truth.

    But what if we just cannot be bothered to do something so we do nothing as it always feels like the easy safe option?

    What if putting our head above the parapet would bring bad attention and could threaten us in some way?

    What if those who launder dodgy money in property are the people we would rather not expose?

    What if we like the personal gain we get from letting these things slip by, as it means more profits and a bigger security blanket for our money life?

    What if calling things out and reporting them means more work and we do not want that?

    What if we want to look good and fit in so we do nothing and allow this ill to continue and infect the very fabric of society?

    What if dirty money will be around as long as the majority do nothing?

    What if the real evil is not the ones doing it but those who KNOW and actually do nothing?

    In other words, we choose not to take action and do something.

  25. I got on a busy bus today and an old man who looked very vulnerable asked if the bus was going to his town. Bus driver said No and the man got off.

    At this point I had a strong impulse to stop the doors closing and get the man on the bus with me because I could help him get to his destination. He felt lost and leaving him alone was just not an option for me. I told the driver to wait and I called the old man on the bus and then he tells the driver he has no bus pass.

    The driver agreed to allow him to stay but that he was not responsible if inspectors get on to check tickets. I told him I would take care of that if it happened.

    After a few miles I needed to get him off the bus to get on another bus which would take him home. At the bus stop I started talking to a lady who was blown away that I was waiting until the bus arrived to help this man and I said it was my duty to help others and do something instead of doing nothing, whenever I can.

    She agreed to help this man as she was going to the same town but I completed my part by asking the driver to let this man on without him paying his bus fare as he did not have his pass. This driver did not want to get involved or even help but I was not getting off the bus until he agreed to allow this man to stay and the lady said she would take responsibility for him, which helped.

    The point of this comment is that the norm for most of us is simply to do nothing in a situation like this and we call it not getting involved.

    Whilst I do understand where this is coming from, what is it about us that does not feel to go out of our way to help another who we can see is clearly lost and distressed?

    We seem to have a time thing going on like we are going to lose time by helping another.

    Both the old man and the lady at the bus stop said how rare it is to find people like me who did not see any of this as a big deal. In fact it was an honour to know a fellow brother will not be under any unnecessary stress because I opened my mouth, took action and was going to ensure he got to his destination with minimum delay.

    To summarise, I would say it is the easy comfortable option when we choose to do nothing in a situation where we know we could have done something.

    It is high time we all started making a difference, however small that is in daily life without wanting anything in return, but because we know deep down we are all inter-connected and so even a small act is actually huge for humanity as a whole.

    Probably sounds way off and whacky but that’s my take.

  26. The Guardian
    15 August 2018

    Fatberg joins museum’s permanent collection.

    The London museum announced that it had permanently acquired samples of fatbergs – a calcified mass of faeces, fats oils, wet wipes and sanitary products and would live stream them to the world.

    The samples, said to smell like dirty toilets, were part of a fatberg discovered blocking sewers under Whitechapel in September 2017 weighing 130 Tons.

    They went on a temporary display in February 2018 and became a surprise hit with visitors, who were fascinated and nauseated in equal measure.

    I have not heard of fatbergs until fairly recently and it seems to me they are an occurrence of our modern day living. Our disposable, or not so disposable waste.

    It makes me ask the question – what is this showing us, reflecting back to us?

    Do we care what we put down our loo?

    Are we checking to see if the wipes we are using are bio-degradable.. or taking it for granted because they say flushable/disposable, so put them down the loo?

    This is a huge amount of fat being sent to our sewage systems, what is our consumption if this is the waste?

    What are we putting in our bodies, how are our own systems dealing with this amount of fat being sent through them – the take aways, the fried and fatty foods?

    Are our sewers sending us a message?

    Do we each have a responsibility with our health, with what we choose to eat, to not clog our systems?

    Do we have a responsibility with what we put down our loo or the kitchen sink, that does not contribute to this bizarre modern day problem?

    What would happen if these fatbergs grew so big they completely blocked our sewers?

    Can we each Do Something to prevent more Fatbergs growing, and prevent unnecessary health problems?

    Are we a Careless Society? –

    As Simple Living Global presents ‘We have the power together to make changes and it doesn’t have to be big stuff.’

  27. I recently overheard something which I could have kept to myself, however I chose not to by informing the people that needed to know. I know in the past I would not have said anything, as I would not have wanted to be called a ‘snitch’ or it would be a case of ‘minding my own business’, but what if this was my business?

    Something I have learnt is that situations come to us for a reason and it is down to us to discern whether we need to take action, or whether it is something we are just to observe.

    What I am clear on is that if there is a situation that I see or over hear where another is being harmed, I have a duty to report this, whether this is in my professional or personal life – it is one and the same.

    What if the very attitude of ‘minding our own business’ or not wanting to seem like a ‘snitch’ are the very behaviours that allow all of the things that we dislike and complain about in the world to go on?

    What if we are contributing to and enabling things to go on by turning a blind eye?

    I recently heard of someone who lost their job by doing something dishonest.
    The response from others was that – “Oh it wasn’t that bad” and “Why did they need to be all up in the person’s business” but what if there is no private life and that everything that we do matters and that we are accountable for EVERYTHING?

    Is it possible that we have a much deeper responsibility as human beings, to stop the rot that we see in the world, through our very movements of whether we choose to take action or not regarding what we see and hear?

    What if it does not serve to be blind to what is going on?

    1. When I read your comment Shevon, it reminded me of a situation in our local community last year, where I had been presented with an opportunity to look away or take action.

      I chose the latter regardless of how the consequences would be and I had a feeling it would be uncomfortable for all concerned.

      I agree with you about saying that situations come to us for a reason. I am sure this is the case when things like this just present itself and I can pretend it will go away or I can look the other way, as this blog says.

      It was a form of bullying from a young guy who thought the whole thing was funny and of course he forgot it was all on CCTV and the owner of the shop just happened to be the younger brother of this old man he was bullying.

      I did not hold back, as I happen to have a very good relationship with the owner and seeing his brother suffer in this way together with his limited language it was a no brainer. Something had to be said and reflecting on the whole thing now and how it turned out, I know it was the truth that day for me to do something.

      It opened up a ‘can of worms’ as they say and more of this type of behaviour was going on, together with other abuse that was later revealed.

      Getting away with it was no longer an option and responsibility was the new order. He swiftly left of course, as he knew the wrong he had done.

      Having bumped into him recently, I wonder how he would feel if his new employees behaved as he did a year ago. I say this as I was told he owns his own business now.

      There is a lot of us in the world who do nothing, when we know we can do something.

      How many of us would be quick to change things if we knew it was coming back to us – in other words, someone would cause harm to us by not doing something, when they knew they could?

  28. This website really is the platform to express a comment about general daily life and what goes on as the titles are earthy, so to speak – very real life stuff.

    At the pool today we had half designated with 2 big signs telling us to swim anti-clockwise. I had to check it and re-read it as surely my eyes had mistaken me. We had utter chaos, absolutely no flow or any order to speak of.

    Having attempted to weave through and dodge the backward stroke arms and kicks, or the man who knows this is not his fast lane as that is over the other side, I stopped and spoke to the lifeguard on duty who supposedly was watching over us.

    I was told it doesn’t matter, shoulders shrugged and basically “I am doing nothing”.

    Well I see a man doing the same thing as me but he was saying to her WHY NOT? telling the staff member why are you doing nothing. I clocked him and we talked how this is not on and it makes no sense. Then another man says the same, so I took the lead and suggested the 3 of us start the correct up and down and see where we go.

    When I stopped at the end of the length, I waited to catch others and inform them that the board with the signs do apply and it what I got was responses that made me realise this is actually the state of where humanity is at.

    This microcosm situation is speaking volumes and telling us a lot about our individual human behaviour.

    Oh there was no signs when I came in
    Oh they must have changed the sign as I saw the one that says ‘swim for All’
    and so it went on..

    One young guy clearly had mental health problems and was going across and diving in and out and causing much havoc, disturbance and disorder. To make matters worse he was calling the lifeguard by way of seeking attention and she was waving back so to endorse in some way that his wayward behaviour was ok in a section of the pool that was clearly marked for lane swimming.

    Back to the policing and taking matters into my own hands and having the support of 2 other men and then more joined and within no time we had flow, order and a kind of space that could only be felt and described like magic. Absolutely amazing to feel that much space in the flow of everyone going in a direction where no hit and miss was going to happen regardless of the pace.

    Doing nothing ADDS to the chaos, the mess and the dis-order and doing something changes everyone and everything.

    What I realised was how empowering it is to not accept when someone clearly in a position to do something makes the choice to simply do nothing, even though the same message was conveyed by 3 people.

    The power was in the next steps I took by talking and communicating and then suggesting that we give it a go and bingo things shifted very fast.

    I can really say that I felt the whole pool had a vibrational shift. By that I mean the water felt like the vibe was more still and steady as the chaos had gone.

    Doing something is well worth it and this example has reminded me of the power it holds when we take action because we can, regardless of what those in authority who are standing by are telling us, as they will not change or do something.

  29. Just talking on the street today walking back from an errand and the postal delivery guy was chatting to some people in our neighbourhood.

    I was next and I mentioned about something I had recently seen. My intention was to bring awareness as this was beyond doubt a criminal activity.

    His response was that he has reached the age where he does not get involved and keeps his head down and does his job. He does not want to know that colleagues at work are doing dodgy business and he likes the fact that he can ‘go home and forget about what goes on at work’.

    Well bit late for that mate. I just done my usual – say it as it is and told him that each of us has a Responsibility and if we all had his way of operating then things are most certainly going to get worse. Not wanting to be aware is really saying we are ok with everything that goes on regardless of how bad it may be.

    Doing nothing is fine but it reminds me of a quote I heard a few years ago.
    “You cannot un-hear what you hear and you cannot un-feel what you have just felt.”

    What we do with anything we hear or feel is up to us, but all our actions have consequences and even doing nothing is an action although many may dis-agree with this.

  30. Metro News – 1 December 2020

    1 in 3 health workers would not feel “very comfortable” reporting medical negligence or poor workplace practices. The same number of people have little or no confidence in their boss solving issues.

    What does this say about the health system that employs these people?

    A nation’s care at a vulnerable time in ones life is when the health workers are needed. If this is going on – we could ask, what else is going on under the radar that never gets to the public awareness?

    Are our health workers comfortable in the “uncomfortable-ness”?

    Medical negligence is a very serious thing and making the choice to not report this for whatever reasons these employees have speaks volumes.

    Is it because they know it will fall on deaf ears or just get covered up?
    Or is it because of job security as saying something or doing something could rock the boat?

    Playing nice or pretending something that happened is not happening does not make it go away.

    We each have a responsibility to uphold standards in the way we live and conduct ourselves in the workplace environment. If we are complacent or have the ‘no point’ or ‘why bother’ hat on, then we can be assured that it is on our watch that a medical negligence or poor workplace practice could lead to something serious happening.

    This blog is worth reading as sitting on the fence will confirm no change and that means we do not get to evolve.

    More to the point, if this tiny news story was headlines across the country for a week – what would the public demand and how would health workers respond?

    Worth considering dear world.

  31. I have been reading more and more about these latest text scams.

    A delivery company texts you and they are well known companies but the catch is they are from a private mobile phone number. You are asked to pay a small fee for re-delivery as you “missed” the delivery.

    The thing is with so much online shopping going on, we could say these fraudsters are on the “front foot” so to speak. They have come up with such a small amount to pay but we don’t realise where we end up paying it and above all they get our bank details. News stories are emerging about people having thousands removed from their accounts and the banks are not compensating them back.

    Is this something to do with our awareness?
    Is this because we do so much online shopping that there are delivery companies texting all the time and we have yet to clock they don’t ever charge a fee for a re-delivery by a text message?

    Are we waiting for an order from the company mentioned on the text and so we just assume it is genuine and ok to pay the small fee?

    For those who have noticed it is a dodgy text message – what action is taken?
    Delete and have a moan as they seem to be coming daily or even more than one a day?
    OR do we actually bother to do something?

    A quick online search got me to report my first scam that I received on a Sunday.
    The thing is, it is not unusual now to receive messages on a weekend as it is 7 day delivery because of the enormous rise in online shopping in the past pandemic year.

    Took the screenshot and so they have all the details.

    We could say – what is the point as there are millions of these going on?
    What difference is one person reporting this going to do or not do?

    What if by not en-joining with the masses and ignoring these scam texts by doing something, we are actually going against the tide to bring about change?

    What if this expression by way of writing a comment is not just a waste of time and on some level it does hold meaning and value?

    What it does for me is it deals with the issue/problem – call it what you want.
    Doing nothing keeps me in the soup, so to speak and doing something which I have by my actions of reporting it via email and then this comment feels like a contribution in the right direction and not settling for the status quo that we as humanity are just accepting.

    Next – I have received a few more from other organisations and I plan to do the same by way of reporting. If it falls on deaf ears – in other words nothing happens because no one at the other end is listening, not my stuff. I did my bit and that I know is all that is needed on my part.

    Imagine if we all started doing this. Those companies would wake up and the criminals would start quaking in their boots as we have smartened up and given a strong message that they are not going to get away with this type of scamming.

    Well I did say imagine. For now the reality is we are comfortable doing nothing because it is not a big deal or we are not personally affected by the scams yet.

  32. I have seen this more often so it feels appropriate to put it out there. In other words, express what is being observed on the streets.

    I was getting on a bus in the outer City and was aware the bus driver was not moving.

    Clocked the very elderly couple trying to get off the bus and the guy had to lift a heavy shopping trolley. He was so frail and old, not sure how he would have got that on the bus in the first place.

    Everyone was watching on the lower deck and when I realised he needed help, I just went over and took the super heavy trolley and placed it on the pavement. Both spoke little English and the strain of life was all over their face. They thanked me repeatedly and said “God sent you, Thank You”.

    As I have seen this so many times on my travels I talked to fellow passengers and one woman said ‘This is how life is and this is what we will all have to do when we get old’.

    Well she certainly has her narrative and no doubt that is what will be happening to her.

    My sense is we have people all around us and many are younger and able to assist and support and they should be asked. How have we got to this point in society where those not equipped to travel on public transport, let alone have heavy shopping end up doing it on their own?

    Is it because they are not asking?
    Is it because they have lost trust?
    Is it because we the onlookers, the ones standing by say nothing and do nothing?
    Is it because we are all about I, me, my family and those I hang out with only?

    What is it about us humans that are totally ok watching a bus delayed because we will not get up and support another genuinely struggling when we can easily step in?

    When I got off the bus, I had very little time to get my connecting bus but having done a sincere and genuine act of helping another, I knew all would be perfect timing and of course it was. Why would it not be?

    In each moment, we are presented with something – how are we going to respond or react? Doing nothing continues feeding the world that we do not care about our fellow humans and doing something with no agenda or return, speaks volumes. I know.

  33. How many of us bother to take any form of action when we hear something and know it to be true as we can see it too, but say nothing and do nothing?

    In a busy jumbo superstore supermarket on the other side of the city, which I happen to visit once a week as I make a point of engaging and talking to staff, the Supervisor on duty at that time on that particular day is always there. She knows me well now.

    She comes up to me and whispers in my ear that the man collecting money in the name of a mental health charity with his yellow bucket is a guy off the streets and an alcoholic, as security have thrown him out of the store before.

    I looked up and of course I know what she said was correct. There was no official badge or ID that would go with this plastic bucket, he was shaking, standing immediately at the exit of the self service tills.

    The thing is he will continue to do this because he can get away with it.

    The supervisor is scared that he may do something to her so in fear does nothing.

    Security guards have not clocked it, so their awareness and senior staff around have also not realised that outsiders are touting their customers for money, who are not genuine.

    So what do we do and where do we go from here?
    Vent, rant, phone a friend, or just ignore the whole thing as it’s nothing to do with us, thank you very much.

    I heard it and saw it and I felt it. That was enough.
    I have a duty and a responsibility to call out that which I KNOW is not truth.

    In my usual style, I walk up to mr security guard and tell him straight. No mincing of words and he nodded and it almost was as if he knew. My parting words were “I have reported this now – what you do with it is your call. On your watch and it is in your hands to take action or ignore it.”

    Without any attachment to the outcome, I walk out of the store and forgot about it until now when I realised this website is a platform where stuff like this can be expressed.

    If we go around living in fear for whatever reason then we are part of the ‘enabling’ of another who in this case needs help. Touting supermarket customers for money to feed their addictive behaviours will not ever bring about true change and that means the guy does not get to evolve. It is not a cruel act to report something when we know it is absolutely not true.

    It is time we all started taking proper action when we can instead of leaving it to someone else or hoping things will go away.

  34. I have come to realise that when we simply connect with people and are genuine they always share what is going on for them.

    My usual approach is very open and the stuff I get to hear is important. This is humanity, this is us, all of us, a microcosm of the world and it is happening. It is easy to look at our watch and pretend we are running late or avoid conversations where we have to wake up as things are not so great for other people.

    On that note – yesterday I see a local man in our community who works all day as a security guy in the store and by evening, the next job is a delivery driver for a restaurant. I asked him why both his eyes were bruised and dark and blood vessels had burst. He waves his arms up and says it was kids. First I thought can’t surely be his kids. He said that a group aged around 12 including girls beat him up whilst he was on security as he caught them stealing.

    This guy is clean shaven, well dressed and it is super clear he is committed to working hard and giving a service in both his jobs. A family man working all hours would be a great way to sum him up. He wanted to talk and the thing that struck him the most was the girls attacking him. What utter abuse in the name of a job.

    How have we got to this point and where are the parents raising these kids that have already formed a gang type culture? We used to think it was older teens and adolescents but mr security guy was certain they were much much younger. No older than 12 he kept repeating and telling me how small they were in height. Yes small in height but not in numbers is why this happened.

    Now what?
    What happens and how does a man like this move on?
    For him, he is on to the next job and said the bruises were over a week old. Initially it was so bad he could barely see.

    Had I not asked, he would not have had the opportunity to share and I would not be able to post this comment.

    Listening to others when it serves as it does here, is well worth it.

    We may complain, moan, whinge and just circulate or we talk about it. When we talk about real life stuff like this, we awaken others that may be blind to what is actually going on in our communities and towns. This story is a clear example of what is happening and my job is to report it on this website as Simple Living Global is all about humanity.

    It is the easy option to do nothing. This comment is doing something.

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