What is this title spelling out to us?
Are these three words trying to tell us something?
How can anyone write a blog about Nil by Mouth?

Is this simply a play on words?
Is this what we do before surgery in hospital?
Is this what we do when we are trying to Diet?

WHY on earth would anyone want to live with NIL BY MOUTH?
Surely that would be of no benefit or would it?

What if we did some fasting and gave our digestive system a break from all the hard work it has to do processing the foods we Eat?

What if we made the choice to not put poison in our mouth in the form of Alcohol?

What if we stop putting a drug called sugar into our mouths and feel the benefits?

What if we stopped the puffing stuff through our mouth?

What if we stopped the chit chat so we could just be quiet and with ourselves?

What if we stopped engaging with others during our wind down before bed?

What if the NIL BY MOUTH just means –

Permission to go inside
Allow the space to just BE

Time to stop talking
Time to stop eating
Time to say no to screen time
Time to stop any stimulation
Time to reflect
Time to ponder
Time to switch off from the outside world

As someone who has lived this NIL BY MOUTH business, all I can say is that it works and it supports life to become more balanced.
So it doesn’t matter if the pope or my mother is calling – it is a NO.
Choosing not to engage with anyone helps to not hook us out or get distracted.

In the past, I would practice this shut your mouth business for half a day, when things were crazy busy and the head was pulsing at 100 miles an hour.
NIL BY MOUTH was a sign to stop, pause and go inside, to slow down and end outside stimulation like  –

Nonsense chit chat

This time away from the world allows us to –

Press the Stop button
Stop the spinning around
Review the day
Catch anything that was disturbing
Be aware of our reactions that day
Look at stuff we keep avoiding
Nominate any anger or frustration
Feel things that have hurt us
Acknowledge our uncomfortable feelings
Plan the next day with practical things
Allow space to value and appreciate
Get life in order
Deal with jobs that are hanging around
Close Cycles

Fast forward today – NIL BY MOUTH is normal in my world and it does not have room for feeling bad about this or that. It gives a natural break from the flow of everyday life which at times is super intense.

The bonus is Stress is not on the radar and that in itself is medicine for our true health and well-being.


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  1. I am now feeling this grandness that is inside of me. It has always been there but I have spent my life moving so fast that I could not feel it.

    It has been challenging to slow down this momentum, many moments of stopping and resetting. Many hours of resting to get to the point where my body can begin to surrender.

    It has been worth it. I now can wake up in the middle of the night and feel this level stillness that brings tears to my eyes. And nothing can take this from me unless I allow it. This is what I have been missing, and it has been there all my life just waiting for me.

    I am working at bringing this stillness into all aspects of my life. I feel this is how I can make a real difference in the world. Showing people that there is another way to live.

    1. Those are powerful words Ken Elmer.

      Over the past 7 years I have watched you do the work to slow down and surrender to another way to live, so I know we are not at the mercy of the outer world and that anyone can choose this.

      I know the power I feel in you now, comes from the stillness you have re-claimed by taking responsibility to stop and get back to who you are in essence.

      I know that this is indeed what can make a difference in this fast spinning world that is missing its ability to feel and connect to the true harmony that is within.

  2. Great title. It’s interesting.. I feel nil by mouth is mostly viewed as food and drink related but your list shows it covers so much more and the positive effect it can have in life.

    My end of day used to have very little nil by mouth, I was always on the phone to someone, busy doing something, watching TV, wanting to avoid how I was really feeling and how my day had been.

    As I started to have quiet times with me, no phone calls, conversations or TV, having a proper wind down I began to really feel the benefits this brings. I love getting everything in order, preparing for the next day.. the little details, having a good nights sleep. The space to be is something I value and appreciate, if it does not happen or gets disturbed for any reason I really feel the impact.. which carries through to the next day. It is now such an important part of my daily routine. A simple thing to apply to life, yet so supportive.

  3. When I have done a fast, I have noticed a level of clarity that has helped me understand how I have used food to numb myself, so I did not have to feel what my I was feeling.

    So why did I not want to feel? It took me a long time to realize that I was afraid to feel these feelings. I did not feel safe enough to feel.

    With support from Simple Living Global and Universal Medicine, I started living in a way that allowed me to start trusting myself again, that is ok to feel, ok just to be myself.

    I began to understand that life is much more then just the physical world around me. When I can separate from the physical world it allows me to feel more of my inner amazing ness. Then if I can stay connected to this inner me, it makes being in this world a whole different experience. It allows me to feel what is really going on, which totally changes my life and how I respond to it.

  4. Nil by mouth. Love it.

    I realise reading this that I am still eating too close to bed time, which is me not wanting to ‘press the stop button’.

  5. We have been using a version of Nil By Mouth here and there at home, particularly in the evenings or when someone is struggling to focus on what needs doing.

    For example, our kids getting ready to leave for school can be a tension point. If we do it in silence, it changes the game. Nonsense dissipates and stillness descends.

    We are getting into a routine of taking a few minutes before we leave the house, just to sit quietly together. It is game-changing to settle into that space before we go out – it’s like you carry it with you into your day.

    Reading this blog, there is much more to this nil by mouth business to explore.

  6. Yes JS, you are building in this stop moment into your children’s lives. When you do this when they are young they will always have it in their lives, even if they forget it sometimes.

    It is so critical to support our children’s foundation by living them ourselves.
    It is how we truly teach our children.

  7. I have been running from my feelings most of my life. Moving so I did not have to stop and feel what was really going on, feeling the deep sadness of giving up on what I knew was right, convincing myself that I could survive without it.

    Simple Living Global has supported me to slow down and build a foundation so I can begin to trust myself again and forgive myself for giving up on the most important thing in my life, myself.

    Deep, deep appreciation to Bina Pattel and Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  8. I love the wider expansion you give here of Nil by Mouth, (I would often have considered it just fasting) and how in fact it is about going within, taking time and space to feel and consider.
    So thank you for the reminder that before we go out to do anything we have to tend to our internal environment, otherwise what are we going with?

  9. I like how Nil By Mouth covers slowing down, I would not have seen it this way but I have certainly felt the benefits of slowing down, not going at such a pace and filling so much of the day.

    Stopping, making space allows more of a flow with what I am doing and what needs to get done does.. without the push and the drive.

  10. By choosing not to always engage in speaking I find I allow myself the space to feel and know what I need to do for me.

    I have often allowed myself to be easily distracted by what others are saying, doing and feeling.
    By building stop moments into my days I have found it much easier to stay centered and not lose myself in the world.

    When I create space to tune inward, I am able to be more objective about what is going on around me.

  11. In the past I know I was a busy body, poking around in other people’s business and getting involved in all the drama that goes with that type of life.

    I now realise it was simply a form of distraction that would keep me stimulated and buzzing to avoid what I really needed to deal with and that was the ugly stuff in my life.

    Call it buried issues, deep hurts and the emotions that go with that.

    I learned from a man who knows his stuff – Serge Benhayon.
    Getting involved puts poison in our body and this made perfect sense to me.
    Think about it – we have our own life, own karma, issues, rhythms, cycles and so on.

    Getting into other people’s stuff and taking on their business is zapping (draining) us because it is NOT our life. We are choosing to breath in other people’s stuff so how can that be true?

    These days I just say to myself “mind your own business Bina” when anyone is whinging and whining – mother, sister, friends, colleagues or clients.
    I then talk about my own garden and say to myself look after it.
    Put the fence up so we have some clear boundaries.
    Make sure there is a gate so you discern and only allow those you feel, to come inside.
    Plant seeds that we want for us in our life with no pictures how we want that to turn out.
    Seeds for true relationships, true health and vitality, work that supports us and so on..
    Keep nurturing and nourishing those seeds.
    Appreciate what has been planted.
    Love the growing process.
    Focus on the detail so that our awareness grows more.
    Pay attention to the weeds and deal with them as they come up.
    Keep things tidy and in order so it all flows.
    Enjoy our own connection with our garden.
    Stop poking our nose in someone else’s garden.
    Understand that we cannot truly help another if our garden is a mess.
    Bet your bottom dollar, one day someone will be inspired by the beauty in our garden.
    Who wouldn’t if what we are growing comes with a real genuine commitment, dedication and devotion.

    Finally, Nil by Mouth means Acceptance.
    Accepting my garden and the choices I make and allowing others to make their own garden choices and accepting them regardless of what they are choosing. In other words, having understanding, let them be, let go and get on with what my garden needs.

    I no longer invest any of my time or energy into another person’s garden (their life).
    Neither do I need to know what they are up to and what is going on for them.

    Instead I keep choosing everyday to make wise choices to keep building my own garden which has my unique essence, expression, style and flavour, which I know is amazing.

  12. Yes it is so easy for me to get distracted by all the stuff that is around me. In the past I would try to fix all the things, trying to help people out. This would just spin me, getting involved, getting exhausted and actually not helping at all.

    In order to be truly helpful, it requires me to be solid in myself and my life. I can not help anyone if I am a mess. By showing people a life that is truly working, it will inspire people to take control of there own life, and trust that they know what they need to do. And I may not have to say a thing.

    And staying with myself as I go through the day, allows me to make better choices in my own life. It just makes sense.

  13. Funny saying ‘Nil by Mouth’.

    Generally, when we hear this, most of us will immediately think of its meaning as no food or liquids to be taken.

    This blog is great in that it takes this phrase to another level, which encompasses so much more than what food we eat or drink.

    Up until 10 years ago, by the new definition of this blog, my life definitely didn’t have ‘Nil by Mouth’.

    It was full of distractions, TV, DVD’s, checking out, eating stimulating foods like sugar, alcohol, dairy, wheat, caffeine and eating to excess.

    The only thing that you could say in my life that was ‘Nil by Mouth’ was the fact that I rarely talked. This wasn’t a good thing though. I rarely talked because I was really shy, unconfident, had no idea who I truly was, I had no self-love, always put myself last, I had very little discipline and really had no direction in life.

    I would never say how I truly felt and the thought of sitting with myself and look at any feelings I had was non-existent.

    With the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, all of that has changed now.

    My confidence is sky high, I know who I am, I am self-loving, I always put myself first now, I have bundles of discipline and I know where I am going in my life.

    When I speak now, I know it has an authority that comes from a lived expression within it and I don’t pretend to speak of anything that is not first lived in myself.

    This new definition of ‘Nil by Mouth’ has no downside to it but because it asks us to take responsibility for ourselves, the benefits are many.

    1. The transformation you describe here Tim is incomprehensible to many people who have been trying to change for so long without results, so what is different here?

      Is it possible that this man Serge Benhayon is sharing something true about who we are? Is it possible that he is reminding us what it means to live in truth and what it takes to heal and live life as who we are?

      I know you and I know that everything you say here is the truth and it is living evidence that what this blog presents makes sense; taking responsibility for what we put in and what we put out of our mouth/our body is a key worth trying.

  14. ‘Do you need to get involved there?’ – this is a question I am increasingly asking myself, particularly at work.

    As someone who has always ‘got involved’, this is a very freeing question to ask and it is resulting in more nil by mouth.

    The nil by mouth gives me more space to read what is going on and other people more space to see it for themselves.

    1. I noticed this today at work JS.

      I often have to assess during my day whether I am to get involved in something or not.

      In the industry that I work in, the more that you are seen doing the more you are recognised, but I have learnt that I do not have to always say anything or get involved or take action with everything that comes along.

      Today was a prime example where I heard my colleagues discussing something I am dealing with and my name was mentioned. I looked around to see what was happening and just carried on with what I was doing with the clear feeling that I did not need to get involved.

      Whilst I said nothing and carried on working, I was very aware of what was going on around me and they were more than able to get on with the task.

      Having read your comment and reflecting on it now, me not getting involved gave me space to complete what I was doing and empowered my colleagues to resolve the issue.

      I am here this evening making the choice to Appreciate my life as it is today. In this knowing, I can feel the value and it is this quality that I will take back to the office tomorrow morning, which in turn supports others to just be themselves.

      What if this is the missing ingredient to management or any team leadership position?

      What if truly growing staff is about us, as managers taking deep care of ourselves and practising Nil by Mouth outside of the office, so that staff are then held in a nurturing and caring quality rather than one that is brutal and is fuelled with competition?

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