Closing Cycles

Dear World

What is a cycle?
What do cycles mean?
What is closing cycles?

Cambridge Dictionary

A group of events that happen in a particular order, one following the other and are often repeated.

Business: a regular period of time during which an activity, job, etc., is done. (1)

Collins English Dictionary

Countable Noun

A cycle is a series of events or processes that is repeated again and again, always in the same order.

A cycle is a single complete series of movements in an electrical, electronic, or mechanical process. (2)

Oxford Living Dictionaries


A series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order.

The period of time taken to complete a cycle of events.

Biology – a recurring series of events or metabolic processes in the lifetime of a plant or animal.


Move in or follow a regularly repeated sequence of events. (3)

Online Etymology Dictionary

Late 14th century

from Late Latin cyclus.

from Greek kyklos “circle, wheel, any circular body, circular motion, cycle of events”. (4)


Is anyone confused?

Is this all making sense?

Are we going around in circles and not all agreeing on this one word?

So we have regular, repeated, often repeated and repeated, again and again.

So the common word is repeat – can we agree?

What are we repeating and what is this movement doing?

Is this repeating going to become our patterns when it comes to behaviour?

Are the series of movements in our 24 hour day going to be repeated again and again as we go around and around?

Are we really understanding why we have cycles and what their purpose is?

Is this all too much, way off and whacky for most of us on the street?

What if life on earth is all about cycles?

What if we had an understanding about cycles?

What if cycles are teaching us about how we move?

What if cycles within cycles are important?

What if we started to live knowing about cycles?

What if cycles repeat and require us to be more the next time around?

What if there is a call for Responsibility when living our life in cycles?

Can we just keep it simple and get on with life?

Can we stop trying to complicate something that is simple?

Could we apply cycles to our daily life and see what happens?

Could we make an effort to bring closure to those odd jobs which we started?

Could we see that there is a purpose to bringing closure to any cycle?

Could we keep things super simple and practical when it comes to cycles?

Could it be possible that if we put focus and attention into closing cycles, however small or insignificant they are, we may get to feel the benefit in our next cycle?

We all know that the word cycle comes from circle.

So if we draw a circle, it has no beginning and no end.

We would end up back at the start point.

What if we applied that to life in a practical way?

What if we applied cycles to everything in our lives?

What if we start something and then complete it? – That is a cycle.

What if we made an effort to close cycles that we have started?

What if the QUALITY in which we complete something does matter?

What if how we complete something opens us up a new beginning?

What if closing a cycle tells us ‘this is the end’ so there is a greater new beginning?

What if we finish and complete a cycle and then take time off to indulge in celebration?

What if this stops our movement and feels like poison in our body?

What if starting something and not bothering to finish it actually drains us?

What if we are good at closing cycles but suck at appreciation and this affects the new cycle that we are about to start?

What if we consistently and constantly put focus and attention on the steps in between the cycle and not just the beginning and end?

What if being aware that all the steps in between the start point and end point of the cycle are just as important?

What if we are weak in the area of completing cycles because we do not finish the job with the same QUALITY that we start the cycle?

What if we are super excited to start a cycle, but lose interest half way and want to move on to something new, which feels more stimulating?

What if at the start of a cycle, we do know what to do and not do, right up until when we finish the cycle?

What if some of us have issues with completion because we are fighting the next cycle on offer, which is grander?

What if resisting to complete a cycle is simply a delay because it was a call for us to be more, even more?

What if we are resisting the next new beginning that is on offer from the Universe as we are so wrapped up in the small stuff, we lose sight of the big plan?

What if the final movement of completion holds a QUALITY that expands us and then we move on in that expansion?

What if completion of any cycle is about Glory so that the next cycle can be even greater?

What if we used the number 9 to support us with cycles? See Letting Go blog.

What if day 9 is the end of a cycle and we go back to 1 after.

What if this Blog 99 is a 9 if we add it up?

9 + 9 = 18 

1 + 8 = 9

What if there is something in the numerology that our world has yet to discover?

What if using numbers to support us in daily life can work and be of great benefit to us?

What if we make a big deal about one cycle more than another?
In other words, the project at work that is finally finished is far more important to us than making sure the trash is put outside and the bin inside is cleaned and ready to use once again – new cycle.


What if some of the following are relatable, as they all come from real life examples where the cycles are not closed with the QUALITY that they could be?

Leaving the toothbrush on the sink dripping with toothpaste as there is a train to catch.

Never bothering to clear out the hairs in the plughole in the bathroom.

Leaving washing up for days piling up in and around the sink.

Leaving the kitchen sink dirty every night as it seems more important to catch up on TV and Social Media.

Leaving a used mug on the side and using clean ones as it’s easier than washing up.

Leaving smelly food in the fridge that has gone off and well past its sell by date, as it feels too much to action and close the cycle.

Getting off the toilet, but leaving it for the cleaner or our mother to close the cycle for us to keep it clean and how it was when we got there.

Hurrying up with the laundry task so we miss things and get annoyed.

Saying every day we will get that button sewn, but it just sits there waiting, as we do nothing about it.

Doing some of the laundry and leaving the rest as we can Get Away with It for another week or a month.

The floor needs a good wash but we put it off and put it off, so that cycle remains unclosed, just like the bathroom that we are going to get round to.

We have the money to waste so we replace something because we can, instead of dealing with what needs to be closed.

Letting the ironing pile up so high that we end up buying new stuff as it seems easier than closing that cycle.

Buying the shoe cleaning kit but never once making the effort to actually clean our dirty shoes and close the cycle.

Buying new stuff from the shops and never bothering to check the till receipt or even get the goods out of the bag.

The refund job is still sitting there waiting to have the cycle closed, but we are not interested in doing that as other things seem far more important.

The items to get to the post office are still hanging around near the front door a week later.

Not bringing all the shopping in from the car and some gets left for days.

We collect the items from all our errands that day and half get left in the car, the other bits make it in the house and we never get round to putting any of it away.

After a journey, not removing everything and restoring the car back to spick and span, clean and tidy.

Saying we will get the car fixed as it is harmful, but we have not made any plans to actually get on with it.

Getting overwhelmed as there are so many jobs to complete, so we go shopping online instead.

Finding Solutions to our life issues, but never once thinking that closing cycles might just help, like finishing the tasks we are half way through around the house.

Having a to do list of unfinished jobs, that keep getting more added, but never ticking off anything and taking real action.

Decorating half a room and never bothering to finish it as we got excited on another project, which is also not finished and so it goes on and on…

Getting distracted by new stuff and not paying attention to completing what we have in hand that needs getting on with.

Getting back from holiday and the suitcase is only half emptied and it’s there in our face all year waiting to have the cycle closed.

Opening those gifts and leaving them hanging around for some secret Santa to come down the chimney and clear it all up.

Dodging the clutter in our home ready to go to recycle or charity, means it is still around years later.

Got the new carpet, but the old one is still rolled up a year later waiting to go to the tip.

Leaving odd things dotted around the place to finish off ‘one day’, but that one day has not come, but 3 house moves have and no completion.

Having organised clutter that requires action to close the cycle, but it has been a decade and the penny has not dropped that this is not happening.

Not following through with our actions, until the very end when it comes to things like Dodgy Emails.

Making promises but never getting around to actually doing anything about them.
In other words Hot Talk – just empty words.

Collecting newspapers and other stuff we find interesting, but never ever doing anything about the piles of mini mountains taking up space in our room.

Mountains of paperwork to get through on that day off, but instead we get distracted and book a mini break getaway to another country.

Stacking piles of paperwork to action in a drawer so it is out of sight and out of mind.

Open the post, get frustrated about the error on the utility bill but never bother dealing with it means – the cycle is not closed.

Important work project that started with a real commitment but by the end, we leave the completion all sloppy or the job unfinished.

Thinking the next project is far greater and more important than the one we are currently on, so we move on and leave the old one hanging, without bringing closure.

Not feeling the value of what the end QUALITY brings in any cycle, so we just jump on the bandwagon of the new thing that excites and stimulates us.

Not using our time wisely, so we get caught up in nonsense instead of closing unfinished cycles that are bugging us.

What if not seeing everything as same same means we don’t appreciate that the way in which we complete even the small cycles does affect everything as Expression is Everything? – worth reading the blog.

What if completing the daily basic stuff and seeing the importance of this, is as EQUAL to the big stuff that we class as important?
That means seeing the washing up cycle, putting the dishes away cycle, as important as the bigwig project we are working on in our job. No different in the QUALITY.

What if getting around to collecting the coat from the dry cleaners, in our own time, is simply avoiding closing the cycle and uses up storage space for the shop, but we don’t care about that as life for us is all about me, myself and I?

What if we stayed committed to seeing that laundry cycle right through from washing, drying, to back in our closet with the same commitment that we had at the start?

What if not slipping on the QUALITY when it comes to finishing a cycle is super important, if we want QUALITY in our next movement – our next cycle.

What if we don’t want to finish the cycle because it means we have the Responsibility to take more action and get on with it?

What if we just started to live life knowing everything is cycles?

What if we starting to see life in cycles and applied that to daily life?

What if it is all one continuous cycle, one life – a continuum and there is more to be done and all we have to do is GET ON WITH IT and that means Closing Cycles consistently.

What if it was that Simple?


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Comments 33

  1. Well that not only gives me ‘home work’ to focus on for the coming days but also for 2018 – great list of things to review, and look at regarding completion, and ‘closing cycles’.

    I also love the challenge offered here – what if we don’t close cycles, or complete things in preparation for what is next so as to avoid taking deeper responsibility or to avoid being even more grander. That is something I recognise.

    What I love about cycles is we get to go around again and again – and to learn and grow as we go.

    This is a blog I will return to as part of a cycle of completion and closing cycles.

  2. Closing cycles, and completion require precision with focus. It is easy to think we have completed something and yet we go back to a drawer, cupboard, file on our computer, and realise we didn’t complete it, which is something I am realising at the moment as I prepare to move home. As I have been going around each room, every drawer, cupboard, and part of the room, I can see areas where:
    *the cleaning wasn’t done in a small part e.g. finding a pile of dust under a cupboard, or behind something
    *finding toiletries and pharmaceuticals that are out of date (one was 13 years out of date!)
    *finding food items (e.g. dried foods) that are out of date
    *finding make up that has dried up (and no longer of use)
    *finding a moth hole in a jumper
    *finding some items of clothing that no longer fit, but that I haven’t discarded
    *finding some old papers that no longer need holding onto.
    *realising I had not renewed an insurance

    and as I am going through and sorting these things out, there is a feeling of clarity, or completeness, and of the end of a cycle, and, more so, the realisation that whilst I thought I was on top of things, there are things that slipped – giving me the opportunity to pay attention to the finer detail going forward with even more focus.

  3. Our bodies and the natural world, totally run on cycles. Without things like the water cycle and the carbon cycle, life on our planet would not exist.

    Pollution is just a symptom that we are not taking responsibility for our actions. Not closing the cycle. Plastic is an amazing substance, but because we have not looked at the whole cycle or recycling it is becoming a threat to our planet.

    Nuclear energy is the same, amazing potential but we have tons of nuclear waste that we do not know what to do with.

    Our world is demonstrating the importance of cycles, and what happens when we do not close cycles.

    Our bodies are in tune with the whole ecosystem on earth. If we do things that are out of rhythm with the system, it effects everything.

    Is it possible that the rise of illness, violence, greed and general unease in the world is an indication that we are not living in way that honours the importance of cycles.

  4. Gold. Gold. Gold. Just went and bought a new hose attachments as for the past few months it squirts and I gave up and washed my car at the car wash and my plants did not get watered as often as they should.

    Now inspired by your blog and my upped commitment to finish cycles/jobs, I have a new hose attachments, clean car (washed by me) and my plants have been watered. And my shoes have been fixed and the saucepan that broke yesterday, fixed.
    Love what you have shared, thank you and will continue to read and read and read.

  5. Thanks for this. Just reading it has made me more aware of what needs completing around the house and in various projects, and how also not completing something feels horrible.

    There’s a delay and a drag and it’s draining just to see it or think about something that needs completing. What I also love about this blog is the focus on quality: what quality do we end a cycle in, and is it the same quality that we started it with? And how does leaving all the little things incomplete affect the bigger cycles that we’re all a part of? What quality am I bring to all cycles I’m part of, from the tiny to the huge?

  6. Thanks for this. Just reading it has made me more aware of what needs completing around the house and in various projects, and how also not completing something feels horrible.

    There’s a delay and a drag and it’s draining just to see it or think about something that needs completing. What I also love about this blog is the focus on quality: what quality do we end a cycle in, and is it the same quality that we started it with? And how does leaving all the little things incomplete affect the bigger cycles that we’re all a part of? What quality am I bring to all cycles I’m part of, from the tiny to the huge?

    After reading this blog I’ve also just cleared out all my old contacts on my computer, and it/I feel so much clearer and lighter. Completing things by clearing out what we no longer need is an amazing feeling – lighter and more space – leaving space for whatever is next and room for more expansion.
    What I’ve also come to realise is how and why I prioritise things: if I have some space, it doesn’t matter how many things I have on the to-do list, I’ll prioritise ‘me’ by doing something that I think is nurturing, when in actual fact the most nurturing, nourishing thing I could do is to get on with it and complete things that are there to be done. Completion when we pay attention to our quality is nourishing.

  7. This blog is absolutely brilliant. It spoke to me from every line.

    What I realise reading it is that I absolutely love closing cycles and completing things. I have not been appreciating that I am a master at it in so many ways. In fact, the awesome flow of our house runs to a large degree on this super-power.

    What I also realise, though, is that because of this, where I am not closing things off or where I am closing things off without the same quality as I begin, it causes a massive drain – a kind of fidgety disturbance in my body – a sense of carrying around something I have not put down. And I can see clearly the areas that need my attention in this.

    Thank you for this gift – it is one I know will keep on giving.

  8. At this time of year again when in England we have the New Years Honours, and the knighthoods are given out. Also we have the reviews of 2017, looking back, at the good and bad things, and ‘saying goodbye’ to the year.

    In closing the cycle maybe it’s time to take a real honest (not judgmental or harsh) review of the world today, and of the year we have had.

    For me that includes looking at where I have taken responsibility, where I did not take responsibility or where I was irresponsible (no judgement), what I can learn from the year, and what steps there are to be taken in the year ahead, to deepen my responsibility, and to deepen my understanding and awareness of me in the world, and the world around me.

    That also includes appreciating the many steps taken with responsibility, with awareness, and appreciating my qualities and what I bring as any review without appreciation leaves us short of the truth.

  9. I was just appreciating ALL the cycles that got closed over the last month and how much got done yesterday – the last day of 2017.
    As the blog said the QUALITY is important, as it then takes you into the next cycle no matter what that is, big or small.

    The other thing is life is not about being perfect, or trying to get things rushed or done as the calendar is pressing us about time.

    In the past, I would be super stressed and pushing and driving my body to perform way beyond its natural limits. Using alcohol and other distractions to keep going has zero QUALITY if you ask me and I have learned that from lived experience.

    What I wanted to share on this comment is how I have no desire to keep going if I am tired or I feel enough has been done. Great example yesterday, heaps of stuff was cleared, odd jobs completed and lots of paperwork bang up to date.

    However, there were more things that needed completing and the cycle did not get closed.

    I call that ‘work in progress’ and the great thing is it will be done today and if not this week.

    This work in progress has made me realise it is not about now now but rather a way of living that continually reviews everything and simply gets on with it. No big deal and no calendar date putting pressure on you. What is super important to me going forward, is to continue with my absolute commitment to closing cycles in the QUALITY I know is the Truth. Nothing more and nothing less.

  10. It is time to close the cycle of man’s inhumanity to man. It has been going on for a long, long, time.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for bringing to light what is going on in the world and presenting another way to live, a way that is producing results like nothing else.

    Take a closer look, It works. It has transformed my life like nothing else.

    It is the start of ending all the violence, hate, and illness in the world. A huge claim but I am claiming it

  11. I am closing the cycle in my life of feeling, like there is nothing that I can do to make a difference.

    When I am doing things in that hopeless energy, there is no way I can make a difference, no matter what I do.

    Cycle closed! Time to get on with it!

  12. This blog has real power.

    I have been so much more aware of cycles, big and small, since reading it.

    These last few weeks have been huge on the completion front. Heaps of stuff has been cleared out and closed out, including a bunch of small but languishing and niggly 2017 stuff.

    I have also become super aware of where I walk away from something I’m doing around the house part way through, for example where I get interrupted by my children.

    Most of the time, the children can simply wait.

    If I let myself get pulled out, it affects both the quality in which I’m doing something and the settlement and focus in my body.

  13. Why is it that it is so important to develop a regular cycle when you are caring for a baby?

    They thrive on a regular schedule. It gives them a foundation so they can focus on growing up in the world.

    Is it possible that we all will flourish, if we have a solid foundation of basic things to support us?

    We are naturally meant to evolve, so if we just focus on creating consistent cycles in our life, our bodies love it, just like when we were a baby.

  14. We ate with friends yesterday and one person was suffering from an unclosed cycle.

    You could see it was affecting him. He was slightly anxious and distracted – not fully present.

    He said he had a piece of work he needed to finish and it was like he couldn’t ‘put it down’ in his head.

    The effect of the unclosed cycle was clear to see. It was having a very real impact on the body and the ability to settle and connect with people.

  15. I used to be so bad at closing cycles. I just never finished anything. In fact, I would deliberately not complete things due to a lack of commitment to seeing things through to completion. I gave up on so many things in life as a result.

    Closing cycles requires commitment. A commitment to seeing the final stages as important as the start and the middle and to giving it the same quality.

    At work I have cases that I deal with and I choose to be consciously aware that all aspects are important – the writing of the notes, the completion of the admin, the completion of the statistics, making enquiries, writing letters – every part is equally important. Where cases often fall down or where there is room for complaint are when we do not treat them in this way.

    I used to think that helping people was all about being nice and kind and offering them a good service by going the extra mile, but how I look after their case and the administrative part of it is also an equal part of the care.

    I also used to get overwhelmed at this responsibility but now I take it in my stride knowing that not everything can be completed at once and that there are stages and right timing to everything, but as long as the commitment is there – the cycle will be closed.

  16. I was thinking about another aspect of cycles this week, which is not opening them in the first place.

    What if projects or tasks or other activity are sometimes an effort or drag on because they shouldn’t have been started at all, or because they were started at the wrong moment?

    I see the responsibility (and joy!) in closing cycles and in the quality of how I am with that cycle for its whole duration, but am I looking at that first bit, where I say yes in the first place?

    One particular piece of work got finished this week – an important but not urgent document. I started it a while ago, but put it down due to other priorities. What I realised finishing it was I shouldn’t even have picked it up until this week – the moment arose and the document wrote itself – total flow.

    I knew it needed to be written and that I had it in me to write it at any time, but I did not discern the timing.

    I am realising that the quality of what I do is also deeply linked to this question of timing and this brings a new angle for me to explore with cycles.

    This blog really is the gift that keeps on giving.

    1. Good point you make here JS is about us looking back at where we made the original choice.
      So we could be in a crazy day mode and agree to do something or whatever it may be and then when the time comes, the odds are stacked and every cell in our body is shouting NO this is not the right timing or it is completely NOT what you should be doing.

      On that note, real life example yesterday.
      I needed to bring this cycle to a close and was super committed to do so and on it.
      I realised whilst doing it how my body was reacting and it I just needed to stop and ask what is going on and why such a strong reaction? Bingo, the answer was right there in my head and it was correct.

      I had agreed not to do this job and yet I had somehow conveniently forgotten and said yes and now I needed to honour that commitment.

      But what if I need to be honest, up front and speak the Truth and tell them I cannot do this request?

      Would that be of greater benefit to us all or would it be better to simply soldier on and close the cycle?

      With the questioning came the answers and the realisation. Then a skype meeting where the person asked how I was. No surprise they said “Oh that’s interesting, you told me last year you had stopped that.”
      In that moment, I got it confirmed. The End.

      I said ‘never again’ and for me that is a cycle closed for life. I then took practical action and that means it has now left the building so to speak. It is no longer in my radar.

      A super lesson and all over with within a few hours.

      The space and clarity that was there once the cycle was closed is something deeply worth appreciating.

  17. Yes, it is very difficult to close a cycle when you have not totally committed to it in the first place. Or committed for the wrong reason.

    A great understanding of the importance of going deeper into why you are doing something.

  18. This is a great blog Simple Living Global and one that applies equally to everyone.

    Since attending the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have a better understanding of how NOT closing cycles really does affect us.

    A simple analogy would be, if we were to turn on a light in a room, start a task, leave the light on and then go to into another room, turn the light on and start another task, we would be wasting energy from the first room.

    Is it possible that, the same principle would apply if we start a task, (a cycle), and then start another cycle without completing the first cycle, it could drain OUR energy?

    From personal experience I have noticed that when I complete cycles, not only do I feel more energised but it also gives me a feeling of clarity because I know that there is nothing at the back of my mind that needs attention.

    I feel that closing cycles is more important than we probably realise.

    Closing cycles gives us a sense of accomplishment but more importantly it gives us responsibility.

    With that responsibility, we are more likely to continue closing our cycles, which is the meaning of all cycles, it brings us back to the beginning—Responsibility.

  19. Talking to a colleague this week about the intense workload and whether it is possible to feel a sense of completion inside that.

    How do you give yourself permission to put down the long list of things you know you need to do? How do you not go into overwhelm when new priorities are stacking up every day?

    Many people work in intense environments like this, especially in the corporate world. How do we work with the intensity and not lose ourselves in it?

    We concluded that it is a choice. It is a choice whether to carry a to do list around in your head. Whether to take it to bed with you when you sleep. Whether to fixate on the what-is-not-yet-done.

    One aspect we explored to help with this is focus. Feeling what is needed now and focusing on that.

    The focus may be on one small aspect of an unwieldy project, but if it is what is needed now, then it gets done with full commitment. Then when that small aspect is done, there is completion. Taking a moment to feel that completion and the cycle is closed, even though the bigger project continues.

    The next thing that is needed will present itself.

    I am finding that working in this way is the only way. Anything else leads to a raciness in my body and a perception of overwhelm and dissatisfaction every time.

    1. JS you are so right with this –

      ‘Feeling what is needed now and focusing on that.’

      That’s how I can get off-track and out of sorts and go into overwhelm. When I have a picture of what ‘should’ be done next and see life as a lineal line, but things do not work like that. As we live in cycles then we are always in a cycle and if we apply that we then need to be asking ‘what is needed now?’

      I now understand why I can get frustrated when things come in at the last minute that are not planned for. Sometimes they are unnecessary, but sometimes they are a part of a bigger cycle and if we stay open to that things can be completed with ease and with Joy.

      Thank you for sharing.

  20. It is the Spring Equinox today.

    I have always felt connected to Spring.

    I find myself more focused, energised, wanting to move out of any winter fug, leave old cycles behind, clear out the house, clean inside cupboards.

    It is like a spark inside wanting me to step up and grow.

    The cycles offered by our seasons are such a gift.

    They are easy to miss in the busyness of life, but they deserve to be honoured – such an opportunity to close out the old and be open to what is next.

  21. I am in the process of closing another cycle as I prepare to leave one home to move to a new one.

    With my house move I am very aware and committed to doing things as I would normally do them. No skipping things or leaving this place in a mess because I am moving to somewhere new. The same love and care is being put into the way that I do things around the house as I have done whilst living here and this will continue.

    I know that each move I make here is a living imprint for another.

    Someone else will be moving into this accommodation and so it is my responsibility what I leave behind.

    Do I leave a space that has been well looked after or one that has been disrespected?


    How will what I leave behind affect another?

    We all have the power to inspire or bring another down by what we leave behind and so in closing cycles we have a responsibility.

    The responsibility of knowing that when a cycle is complete the way in which we closed the cycle lives on, even if we cannot see it.

  22. I work in a chaotic environment and so I have a choice – groan and complain or enjoy what I bring to life and my work place and have fun with that during the day.

    Today is 9th May and inspired by this blog I chose to close cycles as a way to remain focused, bring order and purpose to the day and not focus on the things going on around me.

    It has been amazing. So many actions got completed and I was able to call so many people even though my mind was telling me this was not possible.

    However I have experienced that it is POSSIBLE.

    What if the number 9 can support us to let go and close cycles as the author of this blog is presenting?

    Would our experience of life and the world be very different if we paid attention to this wisdom?

  23. 2 bikes in the shed cleared out to charity yesterday. Our kids grew out of them ages ago.

    So why were they still there?

    1. They seemed expensive at the time and we wanted to sell them
    2. We didn’t get round to closing that cycle so they got put in the shed for when that rainy day would arrive.

    We have had to get those bikes out countless times to get to the lawn mower. Clutter and unnecessary complication every time.

    The lesson? Close the cycle when the time arrives. Don’t leave it for a rainy day – it sits heavily in your life even when you aren’t thinking about it.

  24. We have recently moved in to a small apartment and with 4 of us living in close quarters, it is very exposing of any cycles not closed off.

    A plate left on the table.
    A cupboard door not closed.
    A toilet not flushed.
    A bed not made.
    A light left on.
    Shoes not put away.

    It all jars so much more than in a bigger space.

    The conclusion is we can’t get away with anything. We are all needing to tighten up on the details – all the details.

    My husband has started a ‘closing cycles’ commitment with the kids. He calls it out when he sees anything incomplete and the kids are reminded, chaperoned, re-trained and/or called out to ‘close the cycle’.

    We are all stepping up.

    And it feels great.

  25. I LOVE this website!!

    Not only is it a valuable use of my time to read the articles on here and place comments, I also learn so much from it, whether I am conscious of this fact or not.

    Last week I closed a cycle on something. It was a situation that occurred a year ago.

    I had not expressed what I needed to have said in that moment and a year later, things were happening that were providing another opportunity for me to speak the whole Truth.

    The interesting thing as I was reading about closing cycles this morning, was that the action that I took occurred on 9/9.

    As this blog says – what if 9 is the end of a cycle?
    What if the number 9 supports us to let go?

    There was something powerfull about the action that I was taking and in essence I was saying NO to abuse from another so that things would not escalate further. I was letting go of them and the situation and it was like everything was coming together to allow this to happen.

    It is very amazing that we have this opportunity in life to put an end to things.

    So, rather than seeing this as just another year, how about we start to look at where we stand and where we were a year previous to that and asking if we have truly evolved?

    For me it was a great opportunity to address something that had not been dealt with in the previous year.

    I could have gone into beating myself up, but it felt more like a blessing that I had been presented with another opportunity.

    There is so much more that I could say, which would lead onto other topics like, what if we have the power to put a stop to situations by not holding back and speaking the whole Truth in any given situation?

    What if much, if not all of the abuse that is going on in our world, is as a result of us not putting a stop to things and not closing cycles?

    What if closing cycles allows us to put an end to things, so that we can all expand and move on?

  26. This week I have been noticing cycles within cycles.

    I recently brought an end to a certain cycle of behaviour – accepting a lower standard of treatment than I know to be true. Calling this out – saying an absolute no, represented a huge cycle closing.

    There have been many knock on effects of this and I can feel how these knock on effects represent sub-cycles: cycles within cycles.

    Small moments in some cases, but clearly linked to the bigger picture.

    Saying no to something I might have let slide before.
    A refusal to rush when someone wants my attention.
    Not allowing my kids to interrupt my husband when he is speaking.
    Refusing to go into justification – letting the truth simply sit.
    Accepting colleagues’ choices as not my responsibility to fix.
    Pushing back in the face of someone’s anger.

    For me, this shows how much we are the architects of our lives and how valuable it is to stay true to what we feel and know.

    Working with cycles can really support us with that.

  27. Over this last week I have been focusing on closing cycles at work. We are also coming to the end of the month and for reporting and statistical purposes this is a very important time for us to ensure that we have captured all of the successes. I have noticed that this has been a very important action and not just for statistical purposes.

    I have found a great deal of appreciation for the work we have done and the partnership working that has taken place in order to achieve those outcomes.

    It made me stop and value what has been done and what has been done well, rather than focusing on what hasn’t been done or what is left to do and beating myself up.

    As I bring each piece of work to completion, I am left with not just a feeling of appreciation, but also like I am wrapping up so that the next steps can be taken. I feel a sense of growth and like a new chapter is waiting to begin. I had a similar feeling when I left my job of 9 years and this time I have no plans to leave my job – but what if there is something changing and bringing things to completion is making way for that?

    Yes, we can see closing cycles as an important action from an organisational perspective, but what if this is an essential step in preparing us for something greater?

    Whatever the next phase is and regardless of what it looks like, what if closing cycles is the only way that we can prepare for it?

    What if we delay and/or avoid this crucial step, so that we do not move onto the next stage of our evolution?

  28. I am currently in the process of closing a cycle as I will be changing jobs shortly.

    Closing the cycle at my current job has involved bringing as many pieces of work to closure as possible

    Cleaning out my locker and taking items home and throwing things away

    Letting people know weeks in advance when I would be leaving and who they should contact post my departure

    Clearing out emails and saving anything important in a place where others can retrieve them

    Tidying my work up where there are any loose ends and leaving clear notes for others so they are aware of where I left off

    In the process of closing this cycle, the quality of how I end this job has been very important. There is a great care and consideration for what I leave behind, so that there is not a mess for others who will deal with things once I am gone.

    With that I feel a great settlement within, knowing that I have not made it about the tasks, ticking boxes or statistics but making it more about the quality left behind.

    There is a flow to this process with minimal complications.

    What if we put the quality that we do things in, first and foremost?

    Would that change how we feel about whatever it is that we are doing and would it then allow for things to run more smoothly for everyone?

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