Hot Talk

What on earth is Hot Talk?
Who subscribes to this?
What does it mean?
Is there such a thing?
How is it used in our world?
WHY do we need to know about Hot Talk?

The world and its brothers and mothers talk.
We talk all sorts of stuff.
Some things make sense.
Other things make no sense.
We call that nonsense talk.

For the purpose of this blog –
HOT TALK is simply talking the talk but NOT Living what is being said.
In other words, not delivering what comes out of the mouth.

We seem to have hot air talking the talk, but it’s not real.

We struggle and find it difficult to back our Hot Talk nonsense.

We make out we are certain we will do what we say.
We simply don’t have the commitment to back up what we are saying.

We give it the big ’un that we are going to do this or that but we do bugger all.

We find it easy to do Hot Talk but that’s where it stops and ends.
We have this consistent tendency to make false promises.
We get this ‘is it worth it?’ so we give up at the first sign.
We convince ourselves that we can come up with the goods but we simply can’t.

We make others believe we will be there, no matter what.
We give it the Hot Talk saying lots of words to sound good.
We know it is impossible, but our mouth is expressing like it is possible.
We think we can do what is needed, but inside we know it’s no way.
We get caught every time when we do Hot Talk as we can never back it up.

We are like steam with our Hot Talk as it evaporates soon after we express it.

We are always talking about a new thing but it’s just Hot Talk.
We are bored doing Hot Talk but it has become a habit in daily life.
We always go into regret soon after our Hot Talk as it’s a non-starter.

We seem to enjoy Hot Talk but feel crap as we know it’s just talk.
We feel like we have failed, the moment we open our big mouths.
We don’t like the feeling it gives us when we do our Hot Talk business.
We know deep down our regular Hot Talk is fake and phoney.

We know inside us that our Hot Talk is a waste of time.
We know it’s cheap doing Hot Talk but yet we still do it.
We all know Hot Talk drains us because it is not real.

We get stressed as our Hot Talk babble seems to be consistent.
We get anxious every time we open our mouths and do this Hot Talk.

We think we are equipped to take action, but then the anxiety pops up and we go back to doing nothing.

We sometimes notice how silly we look doing the hot air Hot Talk.
We often realise that Hot Talk is cheap and has no meaning or purpose.
We find we can’t stop ourselves from this ugly behaviour of Hot Talk.

We seem to think we impress others because we find it easy to do Hot Talk.
We sort of convince ourselves that Hot Talk is what others want to hear.
We know our usual Hot Talk bores the pants off our family members.
We are known for Hot Talk with our mates because no action follows ever.
We want to copy others who do Hot Talk to keep up with them.

We like to think we are going to join the bandwagon like others, but know it’s not us.

We don’t like the thought of taking action and being consistent.
We find it very hard to deliver what we say with action to back it up.
We hate the fact that we need to take Responsibility when we talk.
We have well meaning thoughts to commit, but that’s where it ends.

Dear World

What if we are not equipped to deliver what we express because we are not living a life of True Responsibility?

What if we do the Hot Talk and have no intention of backing it up with True Actions?

What if we need to Commit to Life so that we can really talk the talk?

What if Hot Talk are just cheap words that are simply empty because there is nothing behind what is being expressed?

What if True Actions speak louder than words?

What if we don’t need to do Hot Talk?
What if we just need to get on with it?

 Could it be that Simple?





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  1. True actions do speak louder than words. Too often we (I include myself in this) ‘inflate’ what we have done, exaggerate, or talk about things but haven’t taken responsibility for them. I know Ive done this for instance, in a work situation for fear of being ‘found out’ – Ive exaggerated or told a white lie about something I say I have completed when I haven’t completed it. Or if someone has asked why something broke I blame someone else or don’t speak up, when I know I had a part to play in why it broke. Every time I did this my body got hot and bothered and, I didn’t feel well – I felt queasy, under pressure, and worried I would get found out. I also know this felt complicated and dishonest.

    Nowadays to the best I can, I take care not to exaggerate, not to lie about something I haven’t done, and to take responsibility to the best I can, for something when it goes wrong. In learning to live like this my body feels less tense, and no longer feels under pressure or worried that I will get found out – I would far rather be honest and say I hadn’t done something than pretend I had.

  2. Absolutely great blog. So, so true.

    I feel we give ourselves a lot of hot talk too.

    All the self-promises about what we will and won’t do. The things we’ll stop doing or will start ‘tomorrow’.

    The cycle of internal disappointment, regret and incompletion might be more subtle, but it is just as draining.

    Applying the ‘getting on with it’ principle to our own internal dialogue feels as powerful as in our relationships with others.

  3. With the seasonal events coming up I feel there will be a lot of hot talk over this period, being nice when really we want to say No, going to see people we really don’t feel to. Making lists of changes for the coming year.. with expectations.. that never get done.

    I used to do all this, but over the last few years I have been getting more honest with myself and therefore life, still plenty to work on but it has had a big impact on how I am expressing myself, I am much more aware of when the hot talk is there and with out judging myself take note and and be more aware next time.

    Focussing on how I am living, taking care myself, staying present with my body and bringing this to my conversations I can feel how different this comes across in what I have to say, when I am talking from my experience.. and what I have lived.

    Super blog, thank you.

  4. I was involved with the alternative energy field for a number of years, supporting people to use energy wisely. This was a time when solar technology was getting popular. Many of the jobs I had were working with people that were buying solar panels because it was the “in” thing to do.

    I would explain to them that simply by installing more efficient appliances they would easily make up the difference a solar setup would provide. And it was a much more cost effective way to go. Most of the time they would ignore my suggestions and go for the panels installed on their roof. That was more exciting than changing their lightbulbs.

    I came to understand that just because it makes sense to do something, it does not mean that people will do it.
    It requires a change in consciousness to actually make a true change.

    I eventually stopped doing that kind of work because I felt I was not really helping people, in the way I wanted to.

    With support from Simple Living Global, I am now understanding how to truly support people to make changes in there lives.
    By living my life with true responsibility the best I can, I inspire people to want to change, in a deeper way.
    Then I do not have to tell them what to do. They know what to do.

  5. Well said Thomas – it is truer to be real in life and if we know we can’t do something it is better to say no or be honest, than to make an empty promise that we don’t follow through.

  6. Ok, Politics, for me, the ultimate example of hot talk.
    Basically I feel most politicians will say whatever they feel they have to, to get elected.

    Yes, many politicians have good intentions, but when they get into the system, they get lost.
    They either play ball with the system, or they are gone.

    The system is so ingrained, it is very hard to get anything done. A major restructuring is in order.

    While I do not agree with many of the beliefs of the current leader of the USA. I feel he is less hot air than most politicians. Maybe he is what is needed to stir things up, and get on with it.

    1. I agree, Ken – politics is a hotbed of hot talk.

      But I’m increasingly seeing how every part of that is simply a reflection for all of us of what we are living and allowing.

      If we were all living integrity and responsibility and purpose, we would have a rich seam of politicians from which to choose and we would elect them and hold them (and they would also hold themselves) to account.

      So every time we see hot talk and no follow through or a lack of integrity in politics, we could actually see that as motivation to step up and bring what is truly needed, by our own way of living.

  7. I very seldom read a newspaper or surf the web because most of what I see is not worth reading.

    Why is that happening? We have the most amazing information system [the internet], and yet the quality and integrity of information on it, defeats all the possible benefits. How can you trust what you read and hear?

    We have created the internet that we have, it would not exist as it is, if was not for our input.

    Is it possible that we do not want see and take responsibility for the world that we have created, so we have created a virtual world?

    Is this why the internet is so popular with children? They can ignore reality and not face the fact that they are inheriting this world?

    For our children’s sake lets stop all the hot talk and get off the fence and get on with it.

  8. I remember the urgency of wanting to write this blog and make sure it had this title.

    I am not into who reads it or finds it interesting, I just write. There is nothing in me that wants search engine optimization or any social media platform to ra ra this blog or this website. If someone comes across it or finds it, then great and if not that’s ok too.

    Back to why I wrote this blog in the first place.

    I was on this thread of people and some do this “hot talk”, which is say things with empty words, they have no intention of following through and to me that is no true action. A bit of a waste of time if you ask me and there is no point and zero purpose in doing this.

    Why do we bother to give it all the big ‘un and do nothing to back it up.
    What a dis-service to others who are making the effort in the action department.

    Our world would move on if we stopped the hot talk and stopped listening to those who do hot talk. Let’s face it, we all know when someone says something whether they are going to take action or not. If we consistently keep mouthing the stuff with no action, then we become consistent hot talkers.

  9. Another top blog Simple Living Global and one that is very apt for this time of the year when everybody has the Hot Talk of sticking to their New Year’s resolutions.

    But alas, like most good intentions, the ‘Talking’ is always easier than the ‘Walking’.

    Putting aside New year’s resolutions, I am sure we have all, at one time or other, had our moments of hot talk.

    So why do we do hot talk?

    Is it to make ourselves feel better?

    Is it to make ourselves more important?

    Is it to make others feel less?

    The thing with hot talk which we either don’t realise or we just don’t care about, is that sooner or later, we are probably going to be found out, we are going to be exposed.

    Even if we are ‘lucky’ enough to get away with it, one thing that is for certain, is that whenever we partake in our hot talk, we know what we are doing and we know it doesn’t feel good in our bodies.

    We can lie to other people but we can never lie to ourselves.

    One thing that is guaranteed to make our bodies feel good, is actually doing what we say we are going to do.

    As the song lyric goes:

    “Don’t write a cheque that your body cant cash”!!

  10. Would it be true to say that most of us sort of switch off and our mind wanders when someone is doing that ‘hot talk’ stuff?
    In other words, they are moving their mouth but the words feel empty, like they lack depth and quality.

    When someone truly walks their talk, it is felt and it does inspire.

    What they are presenting is something that is coming from a lived body and that means they are consistently doing something that inspires another and in that moment gives the other person permission to feel and know they too are the same and the potential is there. Only difference is their choices.

    A reminder here – doing anything that harms our body, others or our planet cannot ever be called inspiring.

    Next – this walk the talk means there is an Authority when one expresses and others feel a vibration, even if they may not be fully aware of it, but it does not disturb them.
    However, if it does disturb them it is because they are being challenged and exposed as to where they are choosing to stand in their life, with the choices they are making.

    To summarise, this comment may seem a bit of a claim but this website is laying it all out and not doing hot talk in any way.
    It is showing us all what is possible, if we take true action.
    A Lived body that knows the steps, has walked the steps and therefore has the power to just say it as it is.

  11. A short and very to the point blog.

    Thank you again Simple Living Global for saying it as it.

    I really do not like when we do hot talk. I find it pointless and a real waste of time. The thing is we all know when someone is saying something where there is no substance behind it. I always feel that something is not quite right when I hear hot talk, or I am left feeling flat, whereas when someone says something that they have truly lived or there is action behind it I can feel it. There is substance to it and often I feel inspired.

    Because I do not like hot talk, I am very aware of not doing this myself. If what I am about to say lacks substance and commitment, my view is best to not say anything at all.

  12. In meetings this week, it is obvious how much we love hot talk.

    There is much to say, but how much of it actually needs to be said?

    It is worth reflecting on how much of what we say is to avoid actually getting on with it?

  13. Hot Talk for me is nonsense, no purpose, circulating rubbish that is not needed.

    On that note – at the launderette today I noticed 2 people who barely look at me but always mutter a hello.

    I have no interest to engage or try and strike up a conversation because what is clear is I am not their cup of tea.

    However, the brother of one guy really likes who I am and what I bring to others and is a firm advocate of my work for humanity.

    Anyway, I was listening to them talking about the latest virus that is big news worldwide now. I just carried on doing what I do and realised they were still banging on about it an hour + later. In fact I was leaving and they were still circulating and talking about no toilet rolls and handsoaps in their supermarket.

    I did ask myself, how long can one talk about this topic without actually moving on.

    It was like they were stuck in gear and just could not shift out of this hot talk, call it nonsense as that is what it really is when we spend 90+ minutes on the same topic just circulating the news at different angles and stimulating the conversation with our take.

    My thing is what a waste and at the end – was it worth it?

    Did that time spent offer us any evolution or did it get us to a place of settlement or are we even more revved up and wound up about this global virus that is plaguing our planet right now?

    What I have noticed is that this hot talk is everywhere right now and it would be appropriate to say – many of us have lost the plot.

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