BORED with Life

Hello World

How is everything going?

Is the New Year giving us what we want?
Have we forgotten about Christmas?

Can we get Real and Super Honest here?

Are we Bored with Life?

Is a boring life the modern day syndrome we don’t want to talk about?

Are we bored with just a part of our life?
Do we find certain people boring?
Do we find our work boring?
Do we find studying boring?
Do we find our relationships boring?

Do we find the routine everyday stuff boring?

Do we lack interest in what we are doing and that is why we are bored?
Do we feel a lack of commitment to life and that leads to a boring life?
Do we want constant stimulations to make sure we are not Bored with Life?
Do we seek anything to do in the hope that we will not get bored?

What is our reliable Concise Oxford English Dictionary (1) spelling out to us –

Weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in something.

Tired. Causing Tiredness.
Reluctant to experience any more of.

Having or showing a lack of patience or intolerance.
Restlessly eager.

Google tells us –

Impatient means having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked.
And restlessly eager: they are impatient for change.

Showing or feeling slight anger; annoyed.

Stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome) one in someone.

Unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom.
Offering no physical or emotional rest; involving constant activity.

Strongly wanting to do or have something.

Let’s join the dots here.

We are bored with life because we are tired of not being occupied in doing something.
We are lacking interest and feeling a slight anger. We are unable to rest or relax and this gives rise to our emotions. So we are in reaction with others because we are strongly wanting to do or have something.

Now let’s put our common sense hat on –

WHY are we bored in the first place?

Is it because we are tired of the constant seeking to stimulate us?

Is it because the constant activity in our mind is making us tired?

Is it because we just want our mind occupied all the time?

Is it because our mind lacks interest very quickly?

Is it because our mind will not give us the physical rest we need?

Is it because we do not like resting our tired body?

Is it because we move onto the next thing and this makes us tired?

Is it because we never choose to stop and take stock in our lives?

Is it because we want change and we want it now?

Is it because our emotions are all over the place?

Is it because our body is jumpy and this is the anxiety?

Is it because our anxious body cannot rest and relax?

Is it because our tired body gives rise to our reactions?

Could it be possible that we are living such a busy life, we cannot feel if we are really bored or not?

Could it be possible we are bored with life but we cannot admit it?

Could it be possible that deep down we know we are bored with life and we just accept this as normal?

Could it be possible that we are bored in our current relationship and find ourselves looking outside for some excitement to fill up the void we are feeling inside?

Could it be possible that the everyday routine stuff that has to be done and is repetitive, which we call “Life”, becomes boring and this feeling goes over to other areas of our lives?

Could it be possible that we just bop along in life on autopilot and this is how we get through our days and this is what we find so boring?

Do we ever stop to ask?
WHY on earth are we bored and what choices are we making that have led us to feeling bored in any way in any area of our lives?

Could it be possible that if we Commit to Life then Life would not be boring?

Could it be possible that Commitment to Life is about –

Building a Foundation?
Keeping things Simple?
Making sure we see everything as Expression?

Could it be possible that we are afraid to commit to life in full?
Could it be possible that Commitment to Life means taking RESPONSBILITY?

What IF we started to bring life Back to Basics?
What IF we made life about Simple Living?
What IF we started to be present when we do the everyday routine stuff?
In other words, we become consciously present by making sure our mind is focused on the task we are doing with our body. That means we are not checked out having other thoughts whilst doing the daily stuff like brushing teeth, making the bed and going to the supermarket.

What IF we are less tired if the mind and body are together when we do anything?
What IF being present and doing the same thing day in and day out supports our body deeply?
What IF this daily stuff needs to be valued and fostered as an important aspect of life?
What IF consistency in our commitment to doing these tasks is taking RESPONSIBILITY?
What IF our body never gets bored with same same routine stuff?

What IF we choose to take small steps every day and start with being honest about what is not working in our lives?

What IF our commitment to the basic routine everyday stuff can change the ‘bored with life’ feeling we carry inside us?

What IF our tired body got the rest that it needed and then we would be still enough to feel what we needed to do next?

What IF resting is needed to arrest the constant feeling of anxiety in our body?

What IF living our life like babies do in a rhythm, we could never get bored?

What IF we are, by divine design to live in cycles and rhythms that do not hurt us?

What IF living in this way was a truer way for us to live as humans on earth?

What IF there is a natural way to live that does not have boredom on the radar?

What IF another way to live is the end of our Bored with Life banner?

Could it be possible that our choices got us the boring life which feels empty, flat, pointless, useless, miserable, heavy and dead boring?

Could it be possible that our new choices could get us out of the “Bored with Life” syndrome?

Could it be possible that our Commitment to Life brings in Truth, Joy, Purpose and a Connection with others and our environment?

Could it be possible that a life of true consistency can work as it supports our true health and well-being?

WHY do we go out of our way to make sure the kids are not bored?
WHY do we keep finding new ways to keep our children busy?
WHY are we so fixed on making sure our kids are occupied with activities?
WHY do we live in fear that our children might get bored?

WHY do we never ever want to just sit and BE with ourselves and do nothing?
WHY do we thrive on this motion where nothing seems to ever stop and be still?
WHY do we feel we have to be doing something to fill up time?
WHY do we feel anxious about not having enough space to get things done?

WHY do we have a need to keep going, stay busy and keep our minds in constant activity?
WHY do we push our body through ‘this and that’ when we are physically tired?
WHY do we look for things to distract our minds when we are emotionally tired?

As the author of this blog I was big time Bored with Life in almost every area.
There was an unwillingness to Commit to Life.

Exhausted but could never admit that.
Nothing was ever enough.
Attention span of zero.
Relationships were very boring.
Constantly on the move looking for something.
Changing mind about anything and everything.
Desire to keep seeking never ended even after major surgery.

In other words, Bored to High Heaven.

So what changed and when?

2005 – came across a man called Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.
He talked about Commitment to Life and I made the conscious choice to apply the teachings, knock out my nonsense behaviour and get back on track, so that I can share what I live.
Nothing more and nothing less.

This website, thus far confirms that the teachings have worked.

After a decade of having no boring moment in my life, lived experience tells me that Simple Living and bringing life Back to Basics really works. The key is to stay consistent with the everyday stuff as that is the foundation that truly supports us and keeps us steady to deal with whatever life brings.


(1) Concise Oxford English Dictionary – Twelfth Edition. Oxford University Press. 2011





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  1. When I was about 8 years old boredom hit me; it was smothering and did not let me go.
    I remember trying to explain to my mother how horrible it was, but understandably her only reply was how she longed for her biggest problem to be nothing to do…

    Being bored is not about a lack of something to do.
    What I was feeling was a devastating loss of my sense of self.
    I had so recently been full of all the amazingness of being alive and being me… but, for the pressures to fit in in the world and in the absence of role models reflecting that it is ok to stay big and bright, I chose to shut down and dim my awareness & beauty to such an extent that I felt empty, dull and horribly uninspired about life.

    This is my experience of boredom.
    Is it possible that if we are fully alive and awake, boredom is impossible?
    Is it possible that boredom is a symptom showing us that something is most definitely ‘wrong’?

  2. I was talking to someone recently about the experience of having a moment of quiet and not knowing what to do with it. This conversation was in the context of a feeling of being constantly ‘on’, particularly for work. What if living like that every day is boredom avoidance, devoid of space to just BE, because you wouldn’t actually know what to do with that space if you had it? And yet at the same time you resent the lack of it.

    But what if there was purpose – as this blog says, ‘commitment to life’? And that purpose started with self connection and everything flowed from there? Wouldn’t it then be our responsibility to work on that connection and nurture it? So the space would be precious and the ‘boring’ activities would be awesome for building a strong rhythm and appreciating how simple life can be.

  3. Bored can be a relative thing. When my children left home and the pace of my life slowed down, I felt bored with my life. I understand now that the slow down was just what I needed, but it felt boring compared to what my life was like before.

    So why is a fast paced life less boring then a slow paced life? A good question, and I do not know the answer right now. I do know that I needed the fast paced life because it helped me not feel all my stuff that I was avoiding. This also keep me from connecting to myself. I am strengthening this connection and it feels amazing. There is no way I could ever feel bored when I am connected to myself no matter what is going on around me.

    1. There’s something in what you are saying here Ken that brings to mind all the stimulants of life. I’m looking back and seeing how hooked I was on them in my ‘fast paced life’. Coffee and boozy nights out, house music, extreme exercise, drama in relationships, excessive clothes shopping, overload and crisis projects at work. And then I read these words and I realise the steps I have walked away from that and back to me and I could not agree more: ‘There is no way I could ever feel bored when I am connected to myself no matter what is going on around me’.

      This half term I have had a few days off with my kids and the simplicity of it has been amazing. I have started the days with ‘what shall we do today, here are all the exciting options’ and no one was interested. Instead, the days have unfolded steadily, we have walked locally, hung out, done chores. No need for anything exciting at all or in fact for any novelty. It’s a big invitation, hanging out with young kids, to the possibility that our natural state does not need interference or stimulants, and boredom may well be just a construct imposed/allowed from the outside.

  4. Do pets and wild animals ever get bored? Do babies and young children get bored?
    So what happens to us as we grow up and start doing all things that society wants?
    It always amazed me how dogs could rest for hours during the day. And as I grew older I longed to be able to rest like that.

    I have been doing a lot of healing the last 5 years and a key part of it is resting my body. Basically just lying down doing nothing. This has been the most challenging part of my healing process because of 60 years almost constant movement. This is not because of my body, it is crying out for me to stop. It is my mind constantly wanting to do things that I believe I need to. All these beliefs come from outside of me.

    I am now living a simple life, feeling a contentment I have never felt in this life. I am doing less and feel bored only when I start listening to my mind.

    1. Good question do animals get bored?
      Well I know they seem to be content in what they do and they are never looking for distractions to keep their minds occupied. They seem to respect nature and the environment they live in. In other words they live in a certain rhythm and they respect the Earth – not like us humans who are supposed to be thee intelligent species on Earth.

      Back to Bored with Life.
      Life was utterly boring when I was on the go and living with distractions non stop.
      Now life is settled and steady and definately not boring. If I was being filmed people might think I am because a lot of same same stuff goes on but what I know is that this supports me, my body, my home, my work and above all I feel purpose.

      I just went for a walk this evening in Appreciation of a great day. Nothing else on the agenda. No desire to want anything more.
      In the past I would need a phone call or two to download the day, do a post mortem on anything that has bugged me and then find foods to stimulate me so I can stay up and watch some nonsense on TV before I eventually make it to bed.

      There is simply no space to be Bored with Life when Commitment to Life is on the menu everyday and it sure works. I am living proof of that fact and I certainly do not need to be double blind tested or put into a lab to get this confirmed.

  5. A young man once confided in me that spending time on a yacht with his father was a kind of misery he could not tell most people as they reacted with jealousy or judgement.

    Although he and his dad had the wealth to do anything they wanted they found themselves so “bored” that all they could do was drink alcohol to alter themselves.

    As Simple Living Global suggests this thing called ‘boredom’ is not what it seems.

    I feel that underneath the boredom is one of the deepest most buried elements of human suffering… and it has to do with not accessing the huge, grand, beautifulness of who we truly are…

    Since making my life more simple, non-stimulating and consistent all traces of boredom have gone and this is ironic as some would say my life looks really boring now.

    Learning to get out of my head and into my body I am feeling who I am more and this is not boring!

    By observing what is really going on (‘getting real’) and being more open and intimate with myself & others I am open to experience how incredibly interesting and meaningful life is.

  6. I am learning how to use a smart phone and I am amazed at all the things it can do. You can never get bored. I now see why so many people walk around glued to their phone. I see how smartphones, like anything can be a huge distraction from life. You do not ever have to have a real conversation with a person face to face.

    I remember when you did not even have answering machines for your landline. If you wanted to give a message to someone you had to actually talk to them. Life was slower but it worked and I feel there was less boredom.

    Technology can give us a better quality of life or we can use it to check out and escape from life. Like everything in our lives it is our choice.

  7. I must have been suffering boredom with life, I use to keep myself ridiculously busy. I could never understand people who took up golf or fishing as a sport. I once went fishing with my previous partner and I could not comprehend the pleasure in this sport, I was absolutely bored out of my brain and kept thinking of things I could be doing instead. It was as if I needed to be doing something all the time, there needed to be some kind of drama or a calamity to keep me going.

    In Australia we are entitled to 10 sick days a year which can be carried over to the following year. I soon learnt to use them whether I was sick or not just so my body could rest instead of soldering on.

    In the past couple of years or so I am learning that being with myself is not boring but also ok to be with myself and developing a rhythm and going to bed early has been the best thing I introduced. At the same time I also enjoy getting up early when everyone else is still asleep and there is this quietness all around – there’s nothing boring about that.

  8. A very interesting blog. I never considered myself as bored very much but reading your ‘is it because’ list makes me realise how bored I had been as I can tick quite a few that I experienced.. either daydreaming, having lots to think about, lots of doing, running on anxiety, going on autopilot and more, I had not seen these as forms of being bored.

    I too chose to make changes to my daily living, working with keeping my focus on what I am doing, being aware of my body and staying consistent developing my routine. Now I really enjoy life whether it’s taking the rubbish out, going for a walk, listening to the birds, resting, at work, being with people.. how I experience life has changed completely.

  9. In answer to your question, Simple Living Global, No, I am not bored with life.

    But that wasn’t always the case.

    Up until about 10 years ago, my life consisted of work, watching many hours of TV and video’s/DVD’s, and playing a variety of sports from snooker, tennis, martial arts, badminton, darts and ten pin bowling which led to many a social event or plenty of time in the pub.

    Now I’m sure that there will be many people looking at my life and wondering how it could ever have been boring.

    Whilst I was in that life I certainly didn’t consider it boring but looking at my life then to where it is now, I can honestly say my life WAS boring.

    The sports and subsequent social events were about fitting in, needing recognition and being ‘one of the boys’.
    The TV and video’s/DVD’s were simply a distraction to check out and stop myself feeling just how boring life was.
    Work was just a means to an end, a way to pay the bills and consequently work had no joy for me.

    Today my life is anything but boring.

    I no longer play sports because I choose not to.
    I no longer go to the pub because I choose not to.
    I no longer watch TV for hours because I choose not to. In fact when I do watch TV, I get bored with it very quickly.
    I now look forward and am very joyful to be going to work.

    I choose not to do any of the above because, just like the author of this blog, I now have a commitment to life that was never there before.

    This commitment has changed my life from being caught in the illusion of what is considered by most as a happy life to one of true fulfilment and contentment.

  10. I do not know what it must be like to be Bored with Life. This is not to say I am crazy busy and have no time for anyone. Far from it.
    I know I am deeply committed to all areas of my life, so I do not see writing blogs and comments as the best bit of my day or week and doing the laundry as not so great. In fact, I love every bit of anything I do because I am there thinking this sink cleaning and tidying up every evening supports me and my home. It all deserves my equal attention and focus.

    I realised recently that I have this habit of reviewing things and letting go of anything that no longer supports me and this means things are constantly moving. I also love closing cycles, getting that sewing job done and tidying out that drawer that is overdue.

    This gives me more space and time to appreciate and then I always say WHAT’S NEXT?

    I know I have the potential to do so much more and this is why I will never be Bored with Life. Simply not possible because of the way I choose to live day in and day out.

  11. Being bored is about demanding that the world, out there, entertainment us.

    It is impossible to be bored if you are truly connected to yourself.

    In our inner stillness we have it all.

    With support from Simple Living Global, I am accessing that stillness.
    It is the everything I have been looking for.

  12. Metro News – 22 November 2017

    Holidaymakers start struggling to focus on work five days ahead of departure.
    They look forward to their holiday 16 days before take off.

    The study showed two thirds returned feeling they had not had a break as they fail to switch off.

    HELLO – are we bored with life?

    Can we join the dots here and ask some valuable questions?

    What is it about the way we are living that we cannot switch off?

    How are we living that we need a holiday to switch off?

    WHY are we not focussed on our work up until the last day?

    How does this affect businesses and productivity, if we are being honest?

    What if we were at the top and aware all our staff are switching off days before their holiday started?

    What is it about us that needs the escape and getaway in the name of ‘holiday’?

    Talking from lived experience, my last holiday was 14 years ago.
    We missed the flight, then travelled the next day to another airport and had to lose our posh hotel and spent 3 days fighting to get our original accommodation, but of course that made no difference.

    We then spent the rest of the days sleeping, got up to indulge in the ‘eat as much as you like’ buffets and dinners, then back to sleep. There was zero sight seeing, beach visiting or shopping.

    On our return journey, we had our passports stolen.

    Fast forward to today – I am no longer bored with life or require any form of escape to recharge my battery. I am able to switch off as I have committed to developing my sleep routine and looking at how I can take deep care of my body during the day, so as not to lose focus or exhaust myself.

    I feel I have a strong purpose in life, that has such an unwavering commitment that it leaves no room for getting bored. I know the world is in a mess and I have enough awareness to at least share what I live and that is my purpose.

    This website and the content thus far is a confirmation of what is possible to not be bored with life and my focus remains steady and strong. It is now a regular part of my daily living – to write and express that which I know may inspire another.

    Gone are the days of wanting or craving sun sea or any holiday.
    Weird as it might sound to many, I always say my life is a holiday and being bored is nowhere on my radar.

  13. I can honestly say that I am not bored with life.

    I am not bored with my relationships, my home life or work.

    This might seem strange to some and on the outside many would view my life as boring.

    However my life is very enriched. I know there is a purpose to me being here on earth and so as I go about my day, no matter where I am I know that my presence makes a difference.

    I was on a training course today and the trainer used an example of how sometimes having a person present in the room or next to us when we are dealing with something can be a great support and that person doesn’t necessarily have to say or do anything, but their presence is supportive.

    I have received this feedback many times and so how can I be bored knowing that I can offer support in this way. Having lived a life of deep depression, suicidal thoughts and self-loathing this is a great turnaround. I can only say that the turnaround has happened by me choosing to commit to life; not making life all about me and my hurts, but how I can be of service to others whilst also taking responsibility for any poor life choices that cause me to remain stuck.

    I am now at a stage where I am looking at where else I need to take responsibility, asking myself what else needs changing so that I can continue to serve others rather than stagnate. I am finding this to be a very enjoyable process.

  14. We have National Video Games Day in the United States today.

    According to a top market research agency –

    66% play games on their mobile phones because they are BORED.

    This blog gives us a long list of questions about why we could be bored. Worth considering and pondering on…

    Back to the research. That is two thirds of people who play video games.
    Very telling and it speaks volumes.

    How come so many of us are bored that we need a screen to interact with in a virtual world?

    What on earth is going on in real life and is this a form of escaping or a relief from the boredom we consistently feel everyday?

    What would common sense have to say?
    A bit like what would your granny say about the old fashion way?

    Well granny would say – “How on earth can you be bored when there is daily responsibilities to get on with and get done before the end of the day”.

    Common sense would say – “Get real and get honest so you can knock out the boredom, as there is no such thing if you were just getting on with it. That means living life and making choices that are sensible and respectfull to your body”.

    And finally, it is worth reading what the author has written at the very end of this blog, from lived experience about how they knocked out their nonsense behavior and got back on track and have no boring moments at all.

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