Keep It Simple

What is the first thing we think about when we read this title?

Why is our world getting so complicated?

Why are there more and MORE questions on forms these days?

Why is everyone always complaining about too much to do?

Why do we allow things to get complicated in our life?

Why do simple things feel so hard to do in our busy life?

Why is nothing easy and simple these days?

What would happen if we went Back to Basics and made life Simple?

What would our life be like if we Lived KEEP IT SIMPLE?

What if our new foundation was KEEP IT SIMPLE?

Who would benefit if we started to make our life simple?

What does KEEP IT SIMPLE look like?

How could we start to live a life that was simple?

What does simple actually mean in our daily life?

In the old days life was simple and it was enough. Today, no matter how much you got, it is never enough. There is always more and this brings with it extra Responsibility and extra stress for most of us.

  • Keeping things simple is easy
  • Keeping things simple works
  • Keeping things simple means less headaches
  • Keeping things simple means less worry
  • Keeping things simple means less tension
  • Keeping things simple means less stress
  • Keeping things simple means no complication
  • Keeping things simple means clarity in your life
  • Keeping things simple means more order
  • Keeping things simple means things will flow
  • Keeping things simple means clear thinking
  • Keeping things simple means you will know what is going on
  • Keeping things simple means you will find things easily
  • Keeping things simple means a better night’s sleep

And this blog, this company, this website are ALL about KEEP IT SIMPLE. 





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  1. LOVE It – what a template for life! We’ve taken simple to mean that we’re less intelligent but actually the opposite is true. With simplicity I find that you get to see more of how life really is rather than relying on the complexities of theories that don’t relate to real life. When we see things clearly I find that we are much more able to make truly sensible and practical life decisions.

    1. I agree Shevon this really is a template for Life. Add this to the Foundation blog which is before this and the next one – Expression is Everything and you have the recipe for life. We all need a foundation and then we keep it simple and apply that to absolutely Everything because Everything is Expression.
      Another thing when I was calling my company Simple Living, there were some who joked that simple means for those who have no education and are classed as dumb and of course how wrong they are. I always knew there was something about having a simple life and way of living and having made a choice to live in this way, I can say the benefits are very rewarding.

  2. wonderful confirmation . I have never understood why some people make things so complicated. I have worked at making my life simple, it seems like the natural thing to do.

    1. Just like you Ken I can honestly say I too have worked at making my life simple.
      The world is so complicated that you actually do have to work at it but its great and you get to see and feel the ridiculousness of complication which lets face it sends you spinning always. Its all head stuff if you ask me and rather boring.
      Keeping things simple offers you space and our particles love space to move. This means our movements are more free and not so rigid and tense.
      I reckon one day we will all go Back to Basics and Simple Living and this website is way ahead of its time as very few are on board right now but when the scholars of our future study this website they will know we had our finger on the pulse.

  3. Gosh, this is so powerful to read, because it is felt that you’re living it, Bina Pattel. And the simplicity lives in all of us as our true nature, that’s why everybody sighs of relief just by reading and feeling the word simplicity.

    1. Correct Felix Kremer – when we read something that someone is saying which they are clearly LIVING then it holds a vibration, a quality so to speak that is felt by another. This is not some hot talk or waffle that sounds good or trying to be this or that. It is saying there is another way, how about you at least consider this and as its coming from someone who lives it, then surely it is possible for any of us.
      Real life simple stuff is the way forward if you ask me. On some level we as a world have got way too complicated and lost the plot as how can things be working if illness and disease is on the rise, drug and alcohol abuse is off the scale and our health and welfare systems are struggling and what about all the other areas not mentioned here. Hello.

  4. With a few things to really look at in my life at the moment, keeping things simple is just the advice I needed to hear. My body appreciates life being simple as well as there is no tension, headaches, rushing or stress. Regardless of what I may be dealing with on any given day if I keep things simple at the end of my day I sleep well as my body gets to deeply rest.

    1. You make a great point here Sally about how your body appreciates life being simple. If we could interview our body and ask it questions, I reckon it would say ‘thanks mate, I like it simple ALL the time’.
      I know that we are designed to not have complication in our life and Simple Living and bringing things Back to Basics actually works. This website is dedicated to cutting the complex stuff out and presenting things simple which is why it is so easy to consistently bring out new blogs about topics that the world needs to be aware of.
      What is interesting is our body likes routine and same same of the stuff that truly supports us like going to bed early and drinking water.

  5. This is so true Felix. Reading this blog is a breath of fresh air. As the reader I feel that I have space as I read it AND it allows me to breathe. This is definitely what living simply is about. When we feel tight, restricted and constricted, it is a sign that something is complicated.

    1. Great confirmation here Shevon about how simple actually works. It cuts out the fluff and the complication and brings things back to basics.
      The moment we even think about things we are going into complication. If we all started to live in a truly simple way and took note of this super simple blog it really gives us the space as you say to breathe. The next step is to make sure we don’t fill up that ‘space’ with complication. This is the key.
      I find my head instantly hurts even at the though of complicating something and if I ever override that feeling then disaster is ahead always. These days I put effort, focus and work hard at making sure my life is super simple. I cannot imagine another way of living now and from lived experience I can say it sure works.

      1. It’s motivating to read that you ‘put effort, focus and work hard and making sure my life is super simple’. It’s a reminder that it takes commitment to stay on track with simplicity.

        1. Great that you feel motivated JS.
          Yes I choose daily to put effort into making my life simple. I work hard at it because everything about life is complicated and simple is just not on the radar.
          Not writing christmas cards en masse is making my life simple. Having less washing clothes detergents is making my life simple.
          Having a very small place to live and get back to basics is making my life super simple.
          There is always more to refine and review and this less is more actually works, feels deeply rewarding and has a very settled quality in my body.
          Complication hurts my head so I do my best to not go there.

      2. This is a great one to note ‘ the moment we even think about things we are going into complication’.

        I find as soon as I go into my head everything changes and I loose the clear sense of what is really going on and my own knowing, so run through thoughts to try and find my way with things. Working things out from my head doesn’t work, it creates a whole lot of complication and tension for sure.

        Working on keeping it simple the last few years has made such a difference to my life and is something I will continue to work with. I definitely recommend it.

        It’s great to revisit and re read this Powerful Simple blog.

  6. ‘ … if I ever override that feeling then disaster is ahead always.’ I found myself nodding lots when reading this part from your comment Simple Living Global, as it is so true. In my experience there is ALWAYS disaster ahead when we negate any sense to keep things simple and we push ahead into complication. It’s like we’re on auto-pilot to choose complication. Complications are always related to a picture of how things should be, hence we override and push ahead to meet the picture, rather than allowing things to flourish and unfold which is totally simple and clear.

    1. Great point you make here Shevon about overriding and pushing ahead to meet the picture. We are fed images about how we want things to look, feel and turn out. None of that stuff works and as the author of this simple blog I am living walking talking proof.

      Simple brings in space that is clear and feels open, expanding and fresh.
      Our mind loves to complicate things then we get into a web of mess and it gets even more complicated. These days even a speck of complication disturbs me as my daily life is lived very very simple.

  7. What is it about life that you get presented with exactly what you need at the right moment? I was just having a word with myself yesterday about a pattern I’m in around complexity and then today I read this blog. I’d had 2 different projects to do within a week and looking back with dissatisfaction, I realised I’d got buried in complexity in each of them. I went for a walk and the important things came to me on the second project and that’s all that was needed. Simple. So why the complexity? I realise it’s because there isn’t a lot of simplicity in my life and there isn’t therefore a lot of space – if I strip out the complexity there then it will be available to me everywhere and I will have more space to reflect so the important things can present themselves. Time for a clear out then. Of more than just my cupboards!

    1. This is great JS that you are able to see your pattern of complexity and then dig deeper and come to the realisation of WHY.
      You got a simple answer and that is there is not a lot of simplicity in your life. This confirms and says a lot.
      If we live super simple then we have space but the key is to not fill up that ‘space’ with distractions and other nonsense that will complicate things even more.
      Instead using that space wisely to maybe take a deeper rest, sleep more or review and refine those cupboards and other areas of life that get ignored when life is complicated.
      Bringing things back to basics and simple living brings an enormous amount of joy and that in itself is good medicine. The knock on effect is you have vitality and you are not dragging your body around while your head bops along ahead (pun intended) of your body complicating things further.

  8. Do we even remember what the word simple means or have we become so caught up in complexity being the norm, that it is no longer in our everyday vocabulary?

    Simple = plain, basic, straight forward, uncomplicated, easily understood.

    We now have a world where we get excited or thrive on things not being easily accessible to others or easily understood.

    Legal systems and legislation is a great example. They are never written in simple language that everyone can understand and because of the complex language, legal professionals end up fighting over technicalities and wording and the actual client gets lost in the process.

    Keeping things simple unites EVERYBODY.

  9. Great what you say Shevon about the word SIMPLE.
    It is a moment of sadness when the world gets excited on things that are not in easy access for ALL equally.
    What better than the example of our legal systems who are far from simple.
    Complication means someone is always out there striving to know more, learn more, be more, get more and do more and the more stuff never stops.
    THANK GOD Simple Living Global has just posted a blog called MORE MORE MORE which spells out some truths we could all relate to and perhaps take note that there is another way to live.

  10. Going Back to Basics and making Life Simple is a choice we all can make, so, Why does the world want to make things a lot more complicated than it should be? Could it be that we deliberately make things complicated because it then increases our self-worth/self-value? Could it be that we choose to make things more complicated in order to distract ourselves from what we are feeling? Since attending the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have been making my life as simple as possible. I work hard at making it ‘Simple’ and my life is very steady and when any issues do arise I know I can resolve them without making them more complicated than they need to.

    1. Good point Tim – it really is that simple. Going Back to Basics is simply a CHOICE.
      The thing is does complicating stuff actually increase our self worth and self value as you say here? OR does it bury it deeper into our body so we keep seeking more complication and thinking we are getting somewhere, moving forward or evolving but actually we are not? Could that be possible?
      Distracting ourself I know from experience keeps me in my head and shuts down the feeling department. It has a knock on effect in that you get drained and that exhaustion is buried further by distracting yourself more and stimulating your body to the point where you live on a kind of nervous tension and need pick me ups all day to keep going.

      To say you work hard at making your life simple Tim and then claiming you are steady speaks volumes and this alone is worth studying. I have no doubt that there will be many who will in future be studying websites like this, which lets face it are offering some fresh air through the internet in simple style.

  11. A news story (1) in October says “Simplicity is real recipe for success with the A-Listers” which tells us that everyone including the rich and famous celebrities like simple food.
    Could it be possible that even if we have heaps of money to spend it does not mean complicated food is what we want.
    These days we have so many cook shows and competitive cooking programmes where contestants try and beat the dish they done the week before and come up with new creations and at the same time making it all complicated.
    Who on earth bothers to cook in this way and if they did what else would they have time for if we are being honest here.
    It reminds me of the Perfect Life blog on this website which presents that the mind keeps moving the goal post and so there is alway more.
    Ever wondered how complications leave us feeling inside?
    Reference (1) Evening Standard 31 October 2016

  12. I have been simplyfing my holidays for many years. I am doing this because I realized that I was more exhausted after my holidays then before, and that is not what holiday means to me. When the holidays are approaching I take time to stop and feel what it is I need. Lately it is been more resting. When I give myself permission to do what I need, that is huge gift. Very satisfying and simple.

  13. Like RP, I too have learned from Simple Living Global how to truly simplify my life and this has helped me stop taking on so much chaos from the world and creating my own problems.

    What it took for me was to make a deep choice to ‘get myself and my life on track for me’; once I did this I found Simple Living Global and was met with all the support I needed to do that.

  14. Unlike the many magazines and self-help programs that tout “Simple Living” without truly living or modeling it, Simple Living Global walks the talk all the way and this has helped me discover what really matters to me and what is nonsense for me; once I felt that, all the complication (distraction) I had always added started dropping away.

    Nothing compares to the beauty, strength, clarity and purpose that living with deeper levels of simplicity has allowed me to feel and live with…

    …so it is not about adding anything but lightening up in every way to get down to who I really am (already) and what truly matters to us all.

  15. It’s such a simple word yet we add our flavours to it – complication!

    I love my life when it’s full of simplicity, it just flows and somehow the day has more space. Soon as I go out of this rhythm, then in comes complication, challenged by lack of time, overwhelmed and many other things.

    Keeping it simple not only requires making this choice but commitment and consistency to keep it simple

    1. What is it about us that goes for complication?
      Its like we need our mind to mess things up when they are simple like it is not enough.
      We need more or the complicated heady stuff.

      Yes Shushila when you say that the day flows and somehow there is more space is something I have found always. Its like you go into a different zone and the clock is not racing away, your head is not racy and the space is there to just get on with it and no tension in the body or feelings of anxiety. Quite incredible to experience.

      The other thing is working at keeping all areas of life simple is a choice.
      Every day things have to have order here so we make sure tidy up, clearance and bringing clarity are on the list no different to brushing teeth. No perfection but always asking – is this simple?

  16. So WHY are things not simple in our world?
    Who benefits?
    WHY do we need pages for a flat pack assembly of a simple two drawer unit?
    WHY do we need huge agendas for a meeting?

    There is a huge burden and drain that comes with complication. We feel heady, heavy, dense and things most certainly do not flow.
    There is no space to breathe when things get complicated.

    Our company name says it all really. SIMPLE LIVING GLOBAL

  17. So simplicity is just a CHOICE.

    I’m finding the ‘keep it simple, JS’ voice in my head since reading this blog knocks out self doubt in decision-making.

    If one option feels simple and the other is where complexity lies, then the decision is easy. Simplicity wins. No need to second guess.

  18. I was drawn to read this blog this morning. I have had noticeable tension in my body for several days and reading this I realised it was because things had become complicated, I had allowed myself to get swept up by life, the rush, the need to get things done by, the got to’s, the pressure from outside of me.

    As I read the tension dissolved away, my body relaxed and my day became Simple, flowing beautifully.. all day. Now at the end of the day I feel relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.

    This is the power of these blogs, of reading Truth… that is lived.

    Get back to Simplicity… thank you Simple Living Global.

  19. I had an aha moment yesterday at work on this subject. I was working on a document and there were a couple of different ways to approach what I wanted to express. I got a bit stuck in the options and my head started to hurt. I shared this with a colleague and we went for walk round the block. Together we came to clarity on the bigger picture and when the time came to finish the document it came easily and feels right.

    We have agreed that whenever our heads hurt at work, it means we’re over-complicating and we’ll call that out and use it as a sign to help us.

    What a simple way to work. If your head hurts, something’s off.

  20. I used to think there was something wrong with me as I found it hard to engage with people who said too much about anything that could be simple.

    I hated complication and I never liked stuff that made no sense. I just did not understand WHY our forms and paperwork for this and that had to be so complex.

    Simple works and Simple makes sense.
    Every single day I make sure I choose how I can make things simple in my life.

    I have made a commitment to Simple Living and focus on making sure things do not get complicated as that does my head in.

    I am no longer afraid to speak up and say if I feel something feels complicated when it could be simple. It reminds me of children who grow up with such simplicity and yet we as adults somewhere along the line introduce complication. Kids always bring us back to basics with the simple stuff as that is how their mind works.

  21. I have been with my bank for 17 years and we have internet banking. I’ve always loved the ease which I could log on and access my account, that is until a few years ago when a new system was brought it. For full access to my account online I now require a password and security system that I cannot work out. I’ve spent time with staff from the bank on the phone to go through it, but the process just does not stay with me.

    I shared this with a staff member and he said that a number of other customers were finding the process difficult.

    After leaving it a while I tried again but came up against the same obstacles. I spoke with another staff member and she explained that because of all of the fraud around, this is why they’ve had to make it so secure.

    It helped me understand why they’d made the change but also made me question how rife fraud is that banks have to introduce a system that not even all of their customers can use to access their account fully!!

    This makes no sense at all! At age 38 I actually hear myself saying ‘I prefer the old way.’ I used to think it was only old people that said that, but I do prefer the old way as it was so simple.

    My experience is that when things are simple they just flow and there is no anxiety or tension in our body.

  22. This week I again experienced some tension in my body and was feeling a bit stressed which is not the norm for me now. I could feel I was avoiding looking at why so made the choice to allow myself to feel it in full, the tension came to a head it was because I was holding back on expressing something verbally, something I have done many times before but could feel it so clearly this time. Having fully felt what was there I expressed, the tension left my body and I relaxed, it was gone. Keeping It Simple by expressing what was there stopped all the complication that was building.. and as always it wasn’t such a big deal when I did this.

    I love coming back to this blog, it’s message is Simple, it’s application is Simple and it makes life Simple. Why a joy.

  23. I was just thinking about this simple stuff and what if there is a link with the way we live our life and the way we then communicate to others.

    What I mean is I get these ugly emails – I call them ugly as they are complicated and wonder how does this person actually live day to day?

    If we started to live simple, which of course means we do not rely on knowledge and live in our head but actually engage with our body when we move in our home and daily life outside – could it be possible our emails and other ways of expressing would become more simple?

    I for one find it super easy when things are simple.

    Simple cuts through the nonsense and exposes things for what it is.

    The mind is what wants more of the complicated stuff to look better, clever or whatever, but what if none of that is true as it leaves us feeling empty inside, which then seeks more of the same as the void is still there?

  24. My children love simplicity.

    They communicate simply and clearly. Decisions are simple. Food choices, what to wear, questions about life, how to connect and have fun.

    Their way of living invites simplicity in response and there is great joy in it.

  25. I have been enjoying bringing more simplicity into my communication.

    Training as a lawyer and working in corporate environments can encourage a tendency towards fancy words, jargon and complexity.

    Once I realised that tendency, I notice when I indulge it, as it feels jarring.

    Just this morning I was writing a long-ish email and took great joy in making it super simple.

    On reading it over at the end I ditched a whole section that jumped out as surplus to requirement.

    It felt really good – complete and clear.

    Increasingly, this is what simplicity feels like to me and I love it.

    1. Thank you for sharing this JS.

      This thing about fancy words is so true when it comes to people who are educated in whatever field. I have no formal education or occupation title that gives me anything academic to quote, recite or recall and tell others. So that means I can wing it like I know what I am on about, or just say it as it is.

      I choose the latter and I am so not bothered what letters people have before or after their name, what title they have in society and who follows them and likes them on social media.

      In fact, I am known to just talk simple as I do and it cuts things and breaks it down in conversation, if someone is trying to be smart with words.

      I see it all the time on emails and it never inspires me other than to stick to simple language that the whole world can relate to. I call that earthy straight talk. No fluff and no fancy words that just put people off.

      The other thing I do is say upfront ‘what does that mean?’ when people use big words that you need to google or get a dictionary out for. That usually stops them in their tracks as they have just met someone who is not impressed with their complicated words that very few would know. My take is they talk from their head and I just don’t get what they are saying.

      If we really want to be open and include all of humanity, then we need to just keep things simple and that way we all get the real communication and not just a few who have the academic background.


    It is so informative, inspiring and gets me pondering and asking questions about all that we have accepted in life.

    My life has been totally transformed by this website and I thank the founder of Simple Living Global for her commitment, in presenting to all of us that there is another way to live AND for living that way herself.

    Through embracing simplicity in my life, I feel more and more Joy as each day I am increasingly aware of what is True and what is not in my life. I have a barometer inside of me that tells me and when things are not true I feel a shudder inside or my head hurts, whereas when things are True my heart and chest expands, I breath easily and feel at ease. That now is my roadmap for life and with that I am easily able to move through life on the Simplicity and Truth road rather than the complications and stress road.

    What if we all have a barometer of Truth inside of us and through simplicity we are easily shown the way?

    1. I love this website too, Shevon. It offers so much – facts about what is really going on in the world, questions to consider, practical advice and inspiration. Everything written in a simple, accessible way and with such consistency and integrity.

      Coming here daily is a huge support for me and I look forward to the blogs, the comments and my own reflections. No other website on Earth offers anything close.

  27. Talking to a politician this week, she was sharing how government departments are busy working in silos on problems. There is much to do and it is often the case that they are working on the same issue but separately.

    This brings in complexity and duplication of work and problems not being truly solved. Cross-departmental working is rare and takes a huge amount of effort.

    The same is true in companies in which I have worked.

    It made me think of this blog. Are we bringing in complexity where simplicity is needed?

    In our busy-ness, are we losing sight of the basics?

  28. I am inspired by my husband and how he packs for travel.

    He chooses with care and certainty what he needs.

    He keeps it very simple.

    There is no ‘just in case’, only ‘what is needed?’.

    He then finds a bag that fits what he is taking.

    He does not find the bag and then figure out what fits.

    He calls it the ‘inside out’ method.


  29. Life has been quite complicated the last few years and even more so this year.

    I yearn for a simpler life with a sound foundation and daily routine, and days that flow effortlessly.

  30. I recently asked a friend who generally does our electrical work to fix our existing tube light under the kitchen cabinets. Nothing wrong with the current lighting and no request to change the lighting. Just keep it simple and that means put it back up as this is a different kitchen.

    What we get is new ambience sensor lights, which are “LED” (whatever that is) and they give off barely any light and in my world that means it has no purpose. Add to this the sensor is useless because it goes off in seconds if you do not wave your hand under it. The on and off switch is so so tiny you have to use a finger nail to move it.

    What a waste of time and more so we are left with our old lighting, which was great and simple as the switch was big enough to turn on and off. When I questioned this it was suggested I keep it in storage – what for when it has a grand purpose right now that would support us? Makes no sense to me at all and when something makes no sense I just don’t understand the point.

    Then we have to pay for something we did not want or ask for as you don’t want to upset the friend and the relationship. But who benefits when we agree, nod and pretend all is ok when it clearly is not? I know in my heart I will NEVER use my fingernail to operate something that does not do the job.

    When I looked at how dim the lighting was I was told that my current fluorescent tube light is expensive so this is better. But if it does not do the job in my home how can it be better for me?

    I would rather pay the 20 bucks for a so-called expensive tube light, which by the way needs replacing around every 3 years than have fancy sensor dim opaque lighting that is designed for those grand kitchens that look picture perfect ready for uploading on social media sites and having people round to say how amazing your kitchen looks. I love practical basic and simple and I learnt that in my life having had the complicated existence and wanting the latest gadgets with my more more syndrome.

    Mrs Simple Living here and that means KEEP IT SIMPLE.
    There was a time in my past where I would like this type of stuff but I have zero interest in the look, as for me that has no purpose. I have to feel something, it has to be practical and use-full then you get my attention. If not, forget it as having the aesthetics is no longer where I hang out. Left that stuff decades ago and my life is certainly more enriched, joy-full and content in all areas.

    The point is what is it about others that want to impose what they want for us and what they think is best for us. Usually it comes from something they have or love and want the same for others without considering if others actually asked for it or want it.

    It reminds me of my Dad asking me to bring him tissue boxes, which I did and in different sizes and softness. One day he said to me ‘can I have the cheap type tissues as I prefer them as that’s what your mother bought and what I am used to’. Asking and then honouring the request of what has been asked of us feels true for me and a great lesson about realising that just because you use something that is great another may not want that.

    Back to the light, paying for a light I do not want is my lesson, but speaking up is what I know is needed. I will tell our friend to collect his light as it has no use here and we will find a way to prop up the original light which is such a bright light and serves – that means it has purpose in our home. To me the detail is cooking with extra light is such a great way to focus on what I am making and I love that feeling so big old light it is.
    The End.

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