Building Your Foundation

Anything you repeat becomes your foundation – Serge Benhayon

When I first heard this, I asked myself the following questions and I did not like my answers.

  • What are you doing consistently everyday?
  • What are you repeating everyday that you know is harming you?
  • What are you doing every day that is supporting your body?

Think about it – when we build a house we know there has to be a solid foundation so that it can support us in the years ahead. This is what the house will stand on and if the foundation is not deep, strong and steady then it will rock our house.

So let us say the house is your body. What foundation are you going to build that will support it through life no matter what the weather or what challenges it has to face?

  • Does your foundation have cracks in it?
  • Does your foundation have holes in it?
  • Does your foundation have true commitment?
  • Does your foundation have deep love and care?
  • Does your foundation support your body fully?
  • Does your foundation allow you to deal with daily challenges?
  • Does your foundation inspire others to build their own foundation?

Anything you repeat becomes Your Foundation. This is serious and well worth taking note.

So if you go to bed late everyday and wake up feeling exhausted – that is your foundation.
If you need sugar to get you through the day – that is your foundation.
If you need coffee, tea or any caffeine to stimulate you – that is your foundation.

If you are stressed every time you get involved with other people’s stuff – that is your foundation.
If you keep getting headaches but not look at why you get them – that is your foundation.
If you spend your day judging others – that is your foundation.

You put your kids, partner or parents before taking care of you – that is your foundation.

If you stress about anything on a daily basis – that is your foundation.
If you are constantly anxious – that is your foundation.

If you need your cigarettes or drugs everyday – that is your foundation.
If you need your chocolate everyday – that is your foundation.
If you eat fast food and take-away – that is your foundation.
If you need a glass of wine or beer after work, to take the edge off life – that is your foundation.

If you have always had money issues and just accept that – that is your foundation.

If you are angry everyday – that is your foundation.
If you are frustrated with life everyday – that is your foundation.

If you are not committed to life – that is your foundation.
If you wake up depressed everyday – that is your foundation.
If you live in fear everyday – that is your foundation.

If you always blame the world for your problems – that is your foundation.
If you are comfortable making excuses why you don’t like your life – that is your foundation.

If you moan about your family everyday – that is your foundation.
If you live a life avoiding people everyday – that is your foundation.

If you are always dishonest with your self and others – that is your foundation.
If you are always making excuses for your life – that is your foundation.

If you are taking no responsibility for the choices you make everyday – that is your foundation.

You get the picture – Anything you repeat, becomes your foundation.

This is well worth pondering on and it makes simple sense to have a good look at exactly what it is that makes up your foundation.

The first step is to admit what exactly is YOUR Foundation and Accept it.

Then what you don’t like that is repeated daily, you have the choice to change.

Slowly, slowly taking small steps by making new choices that you can repeat and feel the benefits will help to build consistency.

Be sensible about your approach, so you take time to practice and repeat daily what works.

Once you got that, lock it in – then make sure you keep repeating, so it becomes normal and you don’t even have to think about it.

To keep it simple, your body is the house and the foundation you stand on is what your body has as support to go through each day.

So if you are going to bed late every single day then that is your foundation. You are guaranteed to feel tired and exhausted every single day. So if something happens and you get challenged, you will be disturbed in your body because your foundation is not steady, strong and solid. Your foundation is rocky, weak and exhausted.

We know that building a solid foundation takes some time and small steps build a stronger foundation – something worth considering.

The following are some of the simple and practical things that are a part of my foundation –

  • Going to bed early everyday
  • Taking a nap on days where it is possible
  • Walking with no agenda
  • Having a face cleansing ritual twice a day
  • Preparing my clothes for the next day
  • Heating my clothes before putting them on
  • Wearing layers to consistently stay warm
  • Wearing two pairs socks
  • Using hand cream few times daily
  • Massaging my feet after shower/bath
  • Planning food to eat
  • Taking a pause before I eat
  • Cooking food in advance to support me in the week
  • Taking time out to clean my home
  • Letting go of anything that does not support me
  • Cleaning the kitchen sink every evening
  • Doing my laundry regularly
  • Emptying the bins
  • Drinking hot water when I wake up
  • Writing stuff like this that may help others
  • Stretching my body with Simple Living exercises
  • Doing my stop and pause before leaving the house
  • No TV, computer or mobile phone in the evening
  • Tidying up during wind down time before bed
  • Drinking my sleep support tea
  • Using the ‘Our Cycles’ app before bedtime*
  • Reading from Book 7 just before bed*
  • Using a healing eye pillow every day*

So this gives you a good idea of what I repeat everyday and this has now become my foundation.

I live in the UK so there are odd days I do not go walking because of the weather – that is ok as I am not here to be perfect, just real.

The list may seem boring if repeated daily, but what if you actually give it a go and start your own list that supports you?

We are all different so whilst my husband has similar things, his list is a bit different – for example he does shift work, so he prepares everything the night before in the kitchen for what he needs to support his food for work. He does the gym to support his body.

You do not get bored with your simple and practical routine.

Day in and day out it feels natural to live in this way and I am always reviewing and refining so there are small changes, but the general foundation remains solid.

The mind wants more and more stimulation and distraction but the body is happy with a daily routine and repeated things that support it. It does not ask for anything more and there is a deep level of contentment in living this way everyday.

The bonus is you take time to take care of you and the tick tock clock no longer has control over you. You always have the time to deal with anything that is given to you.

Think about it – a baby has a sleep rhythm and eats when hungry.

So why do we not carry on taking deep care of loving our self and doing what it takes to support our precious body? Once upon a time we were sweet and cute and everyone could feel we were precious and yummy, so where did we lose that?

We have the ability to take care of our self and our environment and this new responsibility has rewards beyond words. You get to feel alive and well everyday as you have vitality levels that you may not have had before. You have things in order and in place that support you and your body and this means that stress is no longer part of your life.

Life will send you variables (challenges) that can mess up your plans for the day, but because you have a solid strong foundation, you can deal with anything that comes your way, as you feel equipped. You are not exhausted and you are not stressed. You are holding steady and that allows you to deal with anything that comes your way.

Having a Sound Foundation means you really can help others because the body is not tired and depleted. It is alive and has the capacity to go the extra mile without pulling on its resources. Why? Because you repeat things that work and support your body, so what you need is already there to deal with anything, yes Anything.

You have your own in-built support system – Your Body.

Inspired by the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine who have shown me clearly that it is possible to have a Sound Foundation that will carry me through life with ease, no matter what the challenges ahead are.

Supportive Products

*Our Cycles App by Natalie Benhayon

*Esoteric Teachings and Revelations (Book 7) by Serge Benhayon

*Healing Eye Pillow by Feather Light Productions





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  1. Wonderful blog in support of humanity. Gosh if we were taught this from young many of the societal problems we have wouldn’t exist. This website certainly does bring a very fresh approach to life. Thank you.

    1. So true Shevon; Now that I have built a bit of foundation under myself I can really feel and see how much of the issues we have in societies everywhere simply would not and could not exist if we were encouraged (instead of discouraged) and inspired (by adults living it) to develop a strong foundation in ourselves from the start.

      A blog in support of humanity indeed.

      And a blog site in which every blog ends with a very hands on, real, (because-it-is-lived, not only by the author but by many people who have been inspired by Simple Living Global) “how to”, that empowers and equips the reader to address any topic or issue which has been raised in its content.

  2. Great foundation Bina, and thank you for sharing what you do daily – very inspiring and supportive for all. It’s true the body loves simple routine and rhythm, and I could feel mine smiling whilst reading this.

    1. The list that I am sharing does not cover everything but you get what I do on a daily basis. The key here is to not react or copy what I do but use it as a template and find your own way. The Back to Basics book will give a more detailed account step by step of daily stuff that we can all apply and keep things super simple.
      You are right Josephine, our body really loves routine and rhythm and we think about it that is what we have in place for a baby and young children. Yet somewhere along the line we lose the plot and complication becomes our new normal.

  3. Well I certainly have things in my foundations that support me greatly and a few things that do not serve me at all. Having read this blog I know that I will look much closer to what I choose every day. I certainly want to have a sturdy house that will stand strong in any storm. One thing that I do every day that I absolutely love is using my favourite body cream morning and night. I love to stop and take in the smell of it before I actually use it on my body.

    1. Great to read Sally Scott that this blog has got you looking much closer to the choices you are making everyday. In truth we all want a strong solid foundation so we can weather any storm so to speak. Think about it if life brings us the daily challenges, which it does and there is no escaping that fact, then we are equipped if we have the foundation in place. I have found that no matter what comes my way, as ugly as it may be, I got my daily routine and rhythm that gets me back on track and that is worth millions.

      1. Totally agree Simple Living Global, building a foundation to withstand any storm is worth millions. I’ve been blown about by life for too long and its exhausting, emotionally draining and completely aimless.

        1. Great points you make Sally about not having a strong foundation means you get exhausted and it is emotionally draining. What a waste of life if this is how you are choosing to live.
          The funny thing is most people think living like this is boring and how wrong they are as this simple basic everyday stuff holds you solid and steady and it actually brings you a deep contentment – a constant joy as you ride the waves of life and things never are a big deal, because you have the strong foundation that holds you.

  4. Great blog to read here and I can confirm that it absolutely not boring to have a daily routine which builds your foundation. It is the opposite – this brings strength and joy back into your life. Life anyway brings challenges as we are not perfect nor ought to be, but with a foundation which supports you – even if you may stray away for a time – your body tells you truth and brings you back to what truth is.

    1. I agree Sonja that it is absolutely not boring to have a daily routine that supports you and your body. Our body is the marker for Truth so it is so worth paying attention to it and then making sure you take care of it every single day. There is no day off or holiday if you want to have a super strong foundation.
      What many people do is they give it a go and then give up or distract themselves and this is where the cracks appear and the foundation is not able to hold you in times of trouble. So you wobble when you have a challenging day or you react and find it hard to come back to Truth which is your body because the foundation is not strong. I trust this makes sense.

  5. That makes so much sense! What you do regularly becomes your life. Why not be loving in everything that you do? Thank you Bina and Serge Benhayon for supporting me to be what I know is true.

    1. This blog is huge and I agree Ken it does make so much sense.
      Keep repeating something and our body configures to that way and it becomes our foundation and then that is our normal.
      Why on earth would we accept that when we know that it harms us.
      The great thing is we can change. As the website states our choices got us here and our new choices can change that. So what if we messed up and done this or that. Give yourself a break and get real. Start taking Responsibility and be consistent. That is key and then things change and you remain steady and commit. Keep committing to what you know works and this new true foundation holds you and others get to feel that. Surely that is what we all really want deep down.

  6. Same same is not boring, in fact it is the opposite.
    So you may start with a face cleansing ritual but the movements in the way you actually use your fingertips and what areas you choose to focus on may change and you may add another product or another this or that. This allows things to expand and evolve naturally, yet you are still cleaning your face twice a day.

    Having a solid foundation means when things happen you may even get a bit rocked but because of your strong sound foundation, you are back and you realise nothing can truly knock you out. The word that comes to mind is CONSISTENCY. This is key as this is Responsibility if we are asking for true change.
    This blog is a life changer.

  7. Top blog Bina. I agree totally, having a strong foundation enables you to face any challenges we are dealt. Imagine how we, as adults, would be if we were taught this from an early age. Taking true care for ourselves is the first step to true responsibility.

    1. Great confirmation Tim that ‘having a strong foundation enables you to face any challenges’. Bit like a house, you can weather the storm or anything generally if the foundation is strong and steady.
      I like what you say here that ‘taking true care for ourselves is the first step to TRUE RESPONSIBILITY’.
      If this was on our first school agenda, adult life would be very different to how it is today and our health and welfare systems would most certainly not be overwhelmed and exhausted as they currently are.

  8. Like you I have a daily ritual of things that are a part of my foundation, this includes what I do and how I get ready in the morning, how I prepare myself for work – when I arrive at the office, how I pack away at the end of the working day and how I get ready for bed. I LOVE IT and so does my body. It always feel like a coming home. Each time that I choose to do something that supports me I feel strong inside. I also enjoy the order that it brings as I’ve become very organised and just know where things are as I’ve developed a natural movement of placing things where they belong, rather than leaving them scattered around. Others I know have benefited from me being more ordered as they are able to interact with someone who gets stressed less often and this has a calming influence. I am also much more reliable as a result.

    1. Interesting Shevon that you mention how the lack of foundation can lead to stress and not being organised, which then leads to more stress. This is of no benefit to your body, home or anyone. Yet the changes you have made actually help others as you say because of the ‘calming influence’. Add to this your responsible choices means you are available to support others because you are more reliable as you say.
      This is because there are less things in your life disturbing you as you know where things are, there is order, clarity and of course simple living choices that are being made that support you.

  9. Consistent is a great word here Michael and this is key if we are to truly build a loving foundation – our sound and steady house so to speak.
    It is true that when we are rested and have those early nights – consistently then our vitality levels increase.
    Repeating things that are truly supportive to our body is good medicine and much needed so that we are equipped to deal with whatever life brings.

  10. It’s funny, the stories we tell ourselves. I have always associated stress with ‘success’ on the work front. Reading this blog just confirms what a load of twaddle that is. “If you stress about anything on a daily basis – that is your foundation”: what a great reflection! I’m seeing that stress and anxiousness are actually a choice and it’s great to read the practical steps in this blog that provide the antidote – that committing to a strong foundation means the house doesn’t blow down when the wind comes. When you’ve lived fuelled by stress, it takes a while to over-write that with a new way, but as it says somewhere else on this inspiring site: repeat, repeat, repeat, refine, repeat…

    1. Yes it is official JS that stress and success is twaddle talk and it is simply not the truth. How many of us have thought that whatever we repeat actually becomes our foundation.

      So let us consider this topic from the following, which is from our Stress blog – coming out in 2018.

      So if we have stress in our life on a daily basis and that means we have a foundation that is stress. We then want more of the same as we tend to go for that same motion and movement to bring in more of what is familiar to us. At no point can we stop and ask WHY on earth would we want stress everyday as it makes no sense. We all know stress drains us to the point of exhaustion, leaves us in a state of anxiousness and nervous tension, affects our sleep and our eating habits, makes us edgy and irritable and the list goes on.

      We then go to finding a solution so we can continue to function like buy a stress-busting book, get an app or fill our mind with other stuff to stop us feeling WHY we actually have stress?

      What if nothing stops us until the incident, accident, illness or dis-ease happens and our body is saying “listen up mate, enough of your behaviour, it’s affecting me”.

      What if we are so driven to live in this way that stress dominates us like a force?

      What if we have a way of actually CREATING stress because if it suddenly was not there one day, we would not be able to get out of bed?

      What if stress is our choice of medicine as it keeps us ticking?
      In other words we need stress and we actually seek it because it fuels us to keep going? A bit like a drug, but not something you would call a substance.

      After reading all this who on earth would want stress everyday as a foundation for life?

      1. Ouch, that’s hard to hear: the possibility that I’ve been USING stress and that it is somehow giving me something… FUELLING me. Yuk. I’ve come a long way, though. I remember when I would regularly work to the wee hours or all night, exercise excessively and drink coffee to keep going, read science fiction before sleep to take my mind off work, party hard and then max out on yoga classes and juicing. That is not my foundation now and I’m reaping the rewards, but stress has remained a thing.

        I had a moment yesterday when work was calm and I realised I did not have to rush. My body opened up and a lovely sense of ease came over me. Not a laziness or lack of motivation, but an ease with time and a sense that everything that needs to get done will absolutely get done and get done well. I realised that most of the time, I’M the one pushing, setting the deadlines, trying to get everything done in the quickest possible time – that is not being imposed on me by others. I have a restlessness about me that is awesome, but not when I let it drive too hard or make it my taskmaster. And if this is my experience, then there is definitely another way. So the question remains: if stress is a choice, isn’t it time I just ditched it? For good.

  11. I am remembering how essential it was to have a rhythm when working with domestic animals. Cows would produce more milk if they were milked on schedule and they let you know about it if you were late. At dawn the roosters crow was always right on time. The sheep were waiting for there grain. The hens were cackling there “I just laid an egg song.” Farming is a reflection of how our natural world works. The consistency created a strong rhythm that allowed things to adapt and flow easily.

    With support from Simple Living Global, I have been building consistency in my routine, and this has brought a steadyness that as allowed me to live in less reaction to the world around me.
    With less reaction I am able to make better choices. My anxiety level is down, I have less tension in my body, I am trusting the world more.
    Thank you Simple Living Global.

    1. Ken, it is awesome to read your experience of the natural rhythm of things in farming. It comes through really strongly in your words. We seem to forget that we are part of that natural world, but of course we are so why wouldn’t our bodies LOVE IT when we give them strong rhythms and routines too?

      I would love to hear more about how you are trusting the world more. That is something we all sorely need.

      1. I feel my deeper level of trust of the world is because I am less reactive to the world. When I am not in reaction I have better chance of feeling what is truly happening because a reaction is a distorted experience of what is going on.

        I am less reactive because I am dealing with my stuff. This allows me to be more open to the fact that everything is there to support me. If a can surrender to this fact, my level of trust of the world will deepen.

        1. How simple but how profound, Ken. That reactions stop us from seeing the truth and reactions are a choice based on how we are living. What fantastic medicine for the world: that this could be at the heart of all our trust issues (and how many people can honestly put their hand up and say they don’t have trust issues?).

          I’m really getting a sense from what you say, too, that there is a lot to appreciate that passes most of us by: ‘the fact that everything is there to support me’. I am seeing more of this myself; realising that when I live with a flow and a sense of ease, that’s what comes back to me and the opposite is also true. When I bring more responsibility into my every day, things fall into place more readily, help becomes available, the lessons are clearer. When I’m stressing or rushing or controlling, there is no space for appreciation, no space for flow or support, no space to see what’s right in front of me to learn. Reading your post has helped me see this more clearly and appreciate the connection between responsibility and trust in the world. Thank you for this.

    2. That’s really interesting Ken the effect of your rhythm on the animals you work with. How would the world be if we brought this foundation of consistency to each other, everyday?

  12. What a great comment Ken Elmer about your take on nature and animals. How can we ignore the fact that they just know day in and day out and their timing as you say here is bang on.
    The key here is that word CONSISTENCY and it makes sense that this is what would create a strong rhythm that then allows flow. Like there is a natural order and flow to everything and that we all inter-connected. May sound a bit way off and whacky but the animal kingdom could do with teaching us advanced intelligent species on earth a few things when it comes to living naturally. You never see an animal over indulging in food or deciding to stay up when it was their sleep time.
    Consistency is key to living a life of true responsibility. This same same stuff that supports us everyday does make a difference. As the author of this blog, I am living proof of that fact. I do not need to be put into a lab or double blind tested. I am a walking living science and this anecdotal evidence is real and easy if we start by making choices that do not harm us or others or our environment.

    1. My work in tech companies has shown me we do not seem to appreciate this sort of ‘anecdotal evidence’. Data is king and most decisions will require extensive data, not an observation of one or 2 people’s experiences or a common sense view. What is interesting, though, is that despite this reverence for data, data, data; testing, testing, testing, you can never take the human out of the company. People LOVE customer stories. Of course they do. And in many tech companies, they will often form part of decision making too. But what are those stories if they are not anecdotal evidence? Isn’t it time we actually studied this ‘anecdotal evidence’ and gave it more weight? Wouldn’t it be interesting to take one or 2 of those walking the ‘living science’ described here and watch their every move, study their physiology, write a report? Now THAT would be data I would LOVE to read.

      1. Great point you make here JS how Data is super important and our world demands more scientific evidence but it has to be a certain way.
        A common sense few and a few human beings who as you say are a LIVING SCIENCE are totally negated as there is not a large volume of testing testing going on.
        BUT WHAT IF – this blog is making sense and that we cannot ignore real life stories which most people relate to because they are coming from a person who has ‘walked the steps’.

        What if we did study people like the author of this blog who are making claims from lived experience? Their movements can be observed and maybe one day this will be a way humanity will wake up and realise this is a true way of living and being on the earth.

  13. As my foundation becomes stronger from consistency in my daily routine, my body is trusting me more. This is because I am not ignoring the messages that it has been sending me, like I have done in the past. With this trust my body, in its amazing wisdom is giving me more guidance that is line with what my role in the world is.
    When I am in this flow of life, it is allowing me to surrender more, because there is no deep unease that something is wrong.
    This whole process is allowing me to let go of how I think things should be and trust my inner knowing, which is connected to everything and everyone in the world.

  14. The message I felt from this blog is the importance in building healthy rhythmic foundations that supports you, your day and everyone around you.

    I have been working on my foundations such as going to bed early, preparing lunch to take to work so I’m not rushing in the morning but avoiding the foods I use to pig out on which didn’t support my body and left me feeling exhausted and useless.

    My work colleagues think I’m weird when I’ve shared I am in bed between 8.30-9pm and they think I’m even weirder when I tell them I can wake up between 3-5 am. I commonly here them say how they couldn’t go to bed that early or they need 8 hours sleep and some have even stated they could sleep till lunch time!

    I have a lot more foundations to rebuild but I made the decision to make these changes and sticking to it, I want quality in life instead of blaming others for my irresponsibilities.

  15. I get told a lot that I am steady everyday and what is the reason for this?

    Well no rocket science needed, fancy big book or a quick fix remedy – just building a Foundation. Bit like a tree, if we are rooted well and truly, deep deep and we keep fostering and nurturing that basic foundation, then chances are we can weather any storm so to speak.

    I did not like, when I first heard a man called Serge Benhayon say –
    “Anything you repeat becomes your foundation”. Ugly but true if you are making choices that are in dis-regard to your body. To me that meant that some of the things I was repeating like eating desserts every single day was part of my foundation.

    Never did I even consider I had locked it in and so repeating it was my normal. It changed when I started asking questions WHY I needed the sweet stuff everyday and of course I realised it was because my sleep was out and I was exhausted.

    Today – that list above is not everything and there are small tweaks and refining and reviewing, but the basic stuff remains.
    I realise this Foundation business for me is very strong and I value and appreciate how far I have come and the detail matters to me.

    No surprise I have a program written called Back to Basics which is really about us having a Foundation in Life that supports and equips us to deal with whatever daily life brings.

  16. Having a lack of foundation means that no matter how hard you try what is precious and important continues to slip between your fingers.

    It is like putting so much work into a house which is sitting on a wobbly, rotten or non existent foundation; no matter what you do to the top part it will be shaky and insubstantial until the foundation is tended to.

    For me it is working so hard to prepare for a big journey and still ending up unable to find an important document along the way when I need it, it is my nervous system getting too stimulated to sleep so the more tired I am the less I can get what I need.

    For me having a lack of foundation is like being nectar in a sieve.

    I can no longer continue living in this way; I am deepening the membrane of love that is my new and growing foundation.
    I am feeling my feet on this floor, I am feeling the support that flows to me when I stand steady in my truth on this self built underpinning.

  17. Growing up. having home cooked meals and eating together was part of our foundation as a family. This placed me in good stead as I grew up as cooking for myself is something I have taken forward and is a task that I love doing. I find having home cooked meals very nourishing for my whole body and I know if I have a ready meal I am always left with a feeling of wanting more. They do not satisfy me as much as a home cooked meal.

    We do know this but in our busy lives of today we have allowed what we have to do ‘out there’ to be more important than looking after ourselves. Self-care as part of our foundation is not cool.

    An article in the Metro dated 24th November 2016 called ‘Get Your Kids Cooking by Age 11 to Cure Fussy Eating’ quotes statistics from a study by the Samsung Family Hub:

    ‘Children’s cooking skills have reduced by a third over the past 25 years – probably because too many ready meals are consumed.’

    ‘In the UK, 37% of parents cook less than once a week with their children – despite 91% believing that it is a good way to bring the family together.’

    Making cooking a part of our foundation especially for our children, not only brings families together but it supports our children to become responsible adults; equipping them with the skills they need to take care of themselves. A very good investment.

  18. Something that is a part of my foundation is the way that I prepare for bed. I always unpack things and tidy up.

    I find it very supportive to put things back in their place and to pack my bags for the next day. This allows me to be much more organised and reduces any need for stress or rushing in the morning.

    Also there’s something about the consistency of doing this every night that feels very good to me.

    When I was in my early twenties I remember saying to a counsellor that I always found I was rushing in the mornings or was late, as I had things all over the place. Now with this nightly orderly approach to bedtime, having things all over the place and not being able to find them in the morning just does not happen.

  19. On a recent work trip, the every day question from colleagues was ‘how’s the jetlag?’. The answer was it was fine – I didn’t have any.

    And the truth is it’s been like that for a while now.

    As surprising as that might sound – why would this be?

    After discussing this recently with a friend, I realise the reason is my foundation.

    All the choices I make in my daily life, every day, mean when I arrive in a travel-a-long-way moment, the body is strong and steady and knows what to do – it doesn’t get thrown out.

    From the way I prepare for bed to the way I get up in the morning, to food choices and the commitment to being present with my body, to the best of my ability during the day.

    Jet lag seems to affect everyone and there are products aplenty out there to meet that demand.

    What if the best medicine is in fact really accessible, common sense living that builds a strong foundation for the body?

  20. I was in a group discussion recently where we talked about our foundations – standards that we had set by things we have said no to that we knew we would never ever drop below.

    It was very empowering to have that discussion as very often we focus on what we are not good at, or what we have not done and so we end up in a cycle of beating ourselves up.

    Taking the time to appreciate that we do have standards in life is a very essential part of us being able to move forward, then we can build upon those foundations and grow.

    Rather than the common goal of trying to achieve, achieve, achieve, why don’t we start building solid and supportive foundations instead?

    What if we were taught this from very young – how different would our adult lives then be?

  21. Coming back to this blog is like a tune up.

    Everything we repeat becomes our foundation.

    Perhaps obvious, but it feels like rare wisdom. And worth a regular review.

    So what am I repeating each day? Are there things that don’t support me, to ditch? Are there things I know do support me, where I’m not consistent?

    I can think of 1 of each right now.

    So on we go – steady away, like in the Hare and the Tortoise.

  22. Have we considered that having a strong foundation in life could actually support us with not only working, but other things like going into hospital for surgery or travelling on a long distance flight?

    I know from lived experience that it is my foundation that I repeatedly live, to the best of my ability, that supports me to be steady and respond to whatever life brings.

    So, a great example would be recently I did two long International flights and did not have the shock to my system that most seem to suffer with. Call it jet lag or exhaustion, it simply was not there.

    I knew I was travelling in advance and so I made sure I took extra care of my body and that included some daily physical exercise in addition to early bed where possible, or a nap during the days where I could.

    Also saying No to anything that could make me tired was also something I was doing.

    Back to Basics is what we all need to stay solid in life.

    Think about a house and how it can weather any storm, if it has a strong foundation.

    We wonder why we have anxiety and our lives are crazy, chaotic and full of stress, but do we ever stop to consider that our choices got us to that point and our new choices could change that?

    In the past, my life was eating out as often as we could and neglecting my body, when it came to sleep time. I was running on nervous energy because if I removed my sugar, alcohol and cakes, then I doubt I would have been able to get out of bed.

    It was after I heard Serge Benhayon present a Universal Medicine workshop, where the science of sleep and having a foundation were shared, that I tried it out. Bingo 13 years later, I have written extensively about a lot of what I live, as this man gave me and many others the template.

    Then I took that into my own life and do what I do best – GET ON WITH IT.

    The benefits are beyond words because talking to so many on these flights, what has been super clear is that sleep problems and jet lag are the norm and they wish they had the answers.

    To me this basic stuff not only makes sense, but it is super simple.
    Our world has got so complicated, that many of us dismiss anything that is simple.

    This website is cutting edge, basic lifestyle choices, leading the way for humanity and confirming there is another way.

  23. “Anything you repeat, becomes your foundation.” I’ve come to realize that I have a wobbly foundation that doesn’t support me through each day so I end up “spinning”.

    It’s time to evaluate my daily routine and begin taking steps to build and strengthen my foundation so that I will be supported and I can help support others.

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