Commitment to Life – Part 1

What on earth is Commitment to Life?

WHY does that word Commitment bug us?

WHY would anyone want to Commit to Life?

WHY do some of us avoid Commitment?
WHY do we run for the hills, when it comes to Commitment?

WHY does the thought of Commitment make us uncomfortable?
WHY does the feeling of Commitment scare us so much?

WHY do we need Commitment to Life?
What is the recipe for Commitment to Life?

WHY does COMMITMENT feel like –
No more fun
Comfort days over
End of Freedom

Is this WHY it puts us off from Commitment to Life?

What if Commitment to Life offers us a quality of life that brings Truth?

What if this Commitment to Life stuff makes sense?

What if Commitment to Life starts the flow of life in a new direction?

What if Commitment to Life ends the road of struggle?

What if Commitment to Life makes our life Easy and Simple?

What if Commitment to Life makes us Real and Honest?

What if this Commitment to Life business gives us a Real Life?

What if our Commitment to Life builds a strong Foundation?

What if Commitment to Life shows us our Priority in Life?

What if Commitment to Life means we are not Bored anymore?

What if Commitment to Life ends the Blame game?

What if Commitment to Life ends all the everyday Lying?

What if Commitment to Life moves our focus off Perfection?

What if Commitment to Life stops the Gossip and Judgement?

What if Commitment to Life starts the good Karma process?

What if Commitment to Life stops us being Careless?

What if Commitment to Life opens us up to ask more Questions?

What if Commitment to Life puts an end to wanting More and More?

What if Commitment to Life means we don’t need to Get Away with anything?

What if Commitment to Life allows us to Live a See Through Life?

What if Commitment to Life makes us question our current Intelligence?

What if Commitment to Life is all about True Expression?
In other words, Expression is Everything and that means not just chit chat but absolutely everything we do in life.

If we do choose to make a Commitment to Life, it means we are saying YES to all aspects of our life and not seeing one area as more important than another.

If we do commit to life more in one area and not another, it simply does not work.
Example –

80% to our job
80% to our friends
20% exercise
10% our sleep
5% housework

The Truth is – our lowest level of commitment applies to ALL areas of our life.
So with the above example, we are really only committed to our work and friends
5% and not the 80% we thought.
So overall, our true Commitment to Life is 5% and then we wonder WHY things do not feel great in all areas of our life every day.

So when we make a Commitment to Life what are we saying Yes to?

YES to taking full Responsibility for all our choices.

YES to being accountable for every choice we make.

YES to stopping the blame game and growing up.

YES to saying NO when we mean No because something is harmfull.

YES to only doing what is needed, nothing more and nothing less.

YES to respecting and appreciating every part of life, even the ugly stuff.

YES to seeing life as a learning process full of lessons.

YES to wearing our understanding hat daily so we stop reacting non-stop.

YES to accepting that things happen and there is a big picture.

YES to making sure we take deep care of our body.

YES to eating foods that nurture and nourish our body.

YES to developing a true relationship and connection with our self.

YES to having stop moments in the day so we are not racing around.

YES to early bedtime consistently so it becomes our foundation.

YES to cleaning the kitchen sink with appreciation.

YES to walking every day to keep our body moving.

YES to making our bed, paying attention to the detail every day.

YES to always speaking the Truth and never holding back.

YES to staying open to others, in the knowing that they cannot hurt us.

YES to sharing what has helped us to get on track with others.

YES to minding our own business and not taking on other people’s stuff.

YES to dealing with our issues so that our behaviour changes.

YES to learning lessons and not giving ourselves a hard time.

YES to doing our bit and not harming mother earth.

YES to never giving up, no matter how hairy things may get.

It takes effort and focus to stay on the Commitment to Life road.
If we dip in and out or go off track, then that is not a true Commitment to Life.
If we give it our best, no perfection needed and keep going with our daily commitment, then things shift and some of the long lasting benefits are:

We get to feel real.

We feel alive and not just bopping along existing in life.

We get to value the simple things in life.

We get to feel connected with the ALL – that means anything and everything.

We feel steady and supported by life.

We no longer feel the push and pull of daily life.

We can handle any task given as we feel equipped.

We enjoy cleaning shoes as much as any other job.

We have a real purpose and meaning to life.

We no longer feel lost or empty.

We knock out old behaviour that was harmfull.

We lock in everyday stuff that supports us.

We no longer crave the need for recognition from others.

We start to understand others and accept them for who they are.

We begin to make changes that inspire others.

We have same same days, so no more up and down moods.

We may not have the answers, but our daily Commitment to Life allows us to trust that things will unfold in its natural order.

What if our Commitment to Life supports us back and all we need to do is be consistent with our commitment?

As the author of this blog, I claim that my Commitment to Life is unwavering, absolute and constant to the best of my ability with no perfection – ever.

It is THE END of

Having an Arrangement in relationships, that suits both sides and clearly offers no evolution.

Sitting on my comfort dot com butt expecting life to bring me something.

Wanting life to deliver nirvana on my doorstep.

Blaming the world and its brothers for my irresponsible choices.

Judging everyone about anything and everything.

Sitting on the fence hoping others will get on with it.

Avoiding taking responsibility for my ill behaviour that harms everyone.

Whinging and whining about life because that’s what everyone does.

Swearing and cursing because of the bottled up emotions.

Being angry and barking at the world and its mother.

Using food and other distractions to numb and bury my issues.

Drinking alcohol to deny and forget the ugly life I created.

With deep Appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for presenting the Truth about what Commitment to Life is – the way back to True Freedom.

Part 2 – Commitment to Life in Full to be published in 2018





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  1. What a great manual for life.

    Reading it, I started to appreciate my commitment. I take as much care of and pleasure in the little, practical things as I do the ‘big’ stuff.

    HOWEVER, it’s pretty massive to consider that the thing you give the least commitment to essentially brings down the grandest commitment you might make elsewhere.

    So when I put work first, at the expense of my wellbeing or time with my family, that actually degrades the work.

    What a realisation.

    It feels like it’s all about a seamlessness – commitment in ALL things, such that everything is of equal value.

  2. Oh Man… not so long ago I would feel pretty sick and upset if I read this blog…

    …because for so long I did not want to see that, despite my blustery ‘effortting’ in life and constant ‘search for answers’ I did not want to be exposed as creating my own problems or having lost my commitment to life.

    I was well aware that life was not working for me and I was terrified of taking those first steps toward accountability, responsibility and commitment…

    …but when I met Bina Pattel I felt her clarity, her truthfulness and I knew she had the piece I had been avoiding. I was very consciously saying “OK, I am ready for Truth, all of it, show me what I am doing that keeps me so stuck”.

    Bina Pattel of Simple Living Global did not play along with my old games of avoiding the basic ingredients needed to live life in full, the big one being the actual commitment to it…

    …and as I develop commitment my life continues to change in so many beautiful ways.

    As I come back to myself and step deeper into life I realize I am choosing to reunite with what makes me truly come alive; these are the very same things I have been hiding from.

    It feels very much like the childhood song that goes like this:

    “… We’re goin’ on a bear hunt,
    We’re going to catch a big one,
    I’m not scared
    What a beautiful day!
    Oh look! A deep, wide swamp.
    Can’t go over it,
    Can’t go under it,
    Can’t get around it,
    Got to go through it.”

  3. Yes, commitment brings up an uneasy feeling for me. But when I was one year old did I have any question about my commitment to life? I did not even consider that I could not walk. Everything was possible.

    So when did I start to doubt myself. That life is too hard and scary, and maybe there are things I cannot do.

    I feel it is when I started to live a life that it was not my own. Performing to get the things I thought I needed and did not have. Instead of living my own life, I was living a life that society had decided is the way to live.

    I feel it takes a lot of energy to not live a way that is natural to you. If you are doing anything that does not feel right it is easy to not care and give up.

    I designed and built my own house for my family. I had never built a house before. It was an amazing experience. I look back on it and it is hard to believe I did it. At the time I had very little doubt that I could do it. I knew for some reason I could.

    I feel if you are doing what you love, the commitment is there and everything is possible.

  4. “YES to only doing what is needed, nothing more and nothing less.”

    This is HUGE.

    Do what is needed. Never push and do too much. Never stop short or half-bake.

    Imagine tuning in and living like that every day. It carries a real sense of ease and purpose.

  5. What an inspiring and life changing blog.. and it follows the World Health Day blog on Depression.
    Reading this, I can feel the aliveness and total commitment of the author.

    I have so much enjoyed what commitment has brought to my life so far.. complete turn around with my health, full time employment, much more open with others, appreciating everything more, a deeper connection with nature, to name just a few.. and now this blog inspires me to go deeper, to look at the areas where my commitment isn’t at the same level as some and work with this.

    Reading this blog puts a big smile on my face.
    What a way to bring about so much change in our lives, with Simplicity.

    Thank you Simple Living Global – I’m going to print this one and have it on my wall.

  6. When I commit to something I feel it opens up infinite possibilities. Everything can happen. No holding back. Bring it On!

    This is the way I want to live. I was like this when I was two years old so all I have to do is get rid of all the stuff I took on that I thought I needed to survive in the world. Survive is the key word here. I do not want to just survive, I want to flourish, live all that I can be.

    So much appreciation and thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for inspiring me to ask for real help. This brought me to Simple Living Global and eventually myself, where all the answers are.

  7. As I grow older, I understand that I really do not know what things are more important to commit to then others. I used to make decisions thinking I knew what was best for the world or other people.

    But when I basically collapsed with exhaustion at 50, it made me question the belief that I knew what I was doing.

    I asked, how could I possible know what another person or our world needs? This allowed me to connect to a level of humbleness, that has supported me to surrender to something I have felt all my life but did not want to go there until now. This something is hard to describe, but feeling it has brought me a level of contentment I have been missing for along time.

    This contentment has allowed me to surrender further and have less pictures of how I think life should be and commit to whatever is needed to support humanity.

    1. Ken, it is big for me to read about this ‘surrender’ you describe and the humbleness.

      It doesn’t sound like it comes from ‘doing’ something, but from a contentment.

      Perhaps starting from an acceptance of things as they are. So then you aren’t stuck in trying to be in charge or fix anything or wish things into reality or do the right thing, and you can simply feel what’s needed and act accordingly.

      How freeing to think of commitment to life this way.

  8. You talk of consistency with commitment, I feel this is so important as the consistency builds a rhythm and a natural flow to commitment and supports it to grow, setting such a great foundation for living.. and life.

  9. I love to wake up with an idea of what I will do that day. I feel it is because of a natural willingness to produce something to make life better. That is a form of commitment to life. But what does making life better mean? If we are committed to doing something that really does not improve our quality of life is it true commitment?

    I have worked hard at producing lots of things that I thought would improve my life. Many things that society would champion as successful. But when I basically collapsed with exhaustion at age 50, I had to question what it is that I was committed too.

    I was committed to a life that came from everything all around me. To what society considers is right, not to what feels right for me. I understand now that that is why I was so exhausted, I was fighting against my own knowing of what is right.

    I am committing to letting go and surrendering to this inner knowing. This knowing that knows what is needed of me to do to truly commit to serving humanity.

  10. Humanity has a lot of work to do to pull out of this nose dive in lack of commitment…

    …but what is heartening for me is my discovery that something magic happened once I broke the procrastination of ‘getting on with it’
    I am no longer overwhelmed or despondent.
    I am motivated because a true purpose has opened up and I know I can play my part.

  11. I love re reading your YES list, I get to feel and realise where I have made more commitment and the opportunity to feel where there is room for more.. and with both of these appreciate the choices I make and the changes I have made.

  12. It is by personal experience and from observing others that I know there is a wealth of True support that meets us half way when we take steps in deepening our commitment to ourselves, to life and ultimately to humanity.

    With commitment comes true and infinite rewards for us all.

  13. If you can live with true commitment it allows miricles to happen. Commit to everything and everything will be available.

    If I can live like this, it is the answer to my prayers. To experience all the amazingness of this earth and bring my own inner amazingness out to share with the world.

  14. What does the word commitment actually mean?

    The dictionary has two definitions:

    1) the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
    2) an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action

    So, depending on your point of view, commitment either means being dedicated to something or it’s an obligation that restricts freedom of action.

    Is it possible that by seeing commitment as an obligation, the first sign that anything starts to go wrong just confirms in us that commitment is not worthwhile and we look for any excuse to not continue with that commitment?

    Is it possible that seeing commitment as a dedication brings a joyful quality to something and no matter what is thrown in front of us, we will always look for ways to carry on and find a different way?

    I know that when I started to commit to my life, everything changed for the better – health, relationships, job, money, less reactions, caring, nurturing, accountability and responsibility.

    Not once have I ever seen my ‘commitment to life’ as a burden or a restriction and as the author of this blog says, it is never about perfection, just a willingness to give it our all.

  15. Without true commitment, things in your life get left behind, things that you know need to be done but you do not want to go there.

    But anything that is not resolved will not go away, because everything happens for a reason, and if we do not listen to the message it is presenting it will keep knocking on your door. And it will become more urgent each time.

    Basically if you do not deal with stuff, it can make your life miserable. Most of the suffering in world is because people are not dealing with their issues.

    Dealing with our stuff is basically just being honest and really wanting truth. Our bodies know how to heal. Let go and trust that everything will be ok. If we need support it will be made available.

    I have been getting amazing support from Simple Living Global, which l found through crazy circumstances, confirming to me that everything is possible when l commit to life.

  16. I have read all of the blogs on this website and whether short or long they are all very educational in a way that surpasses our current form of education.

    It has taken me a year to post a comment on this blog but in reviewing and reflecting on where I am today, I can honestly say that I am committed to life. For someone who used to shy away from commitment and would never see things through and would run away from my relationships at the first sign of difficulty, this is a huge change.

    One of the things that has really supported me in this area was when I started to think beyond myself and begun to value that I can be of service to others and so I became more open to supporting others wherever they needed it, if I felt that their request was genuine.

    With that the focus has come off ‘me’ and my focus now is more on what I can do to support others whilst taking care of myself in a way that enables me to provide a quality service.

    There is no push or drive with this or Good Samaritan action. The more I take care of and value myself the clearer I become on what my next move needs to be.

    This has been life transforming and those that know me would say that I am a very different person today than I was 10 years ago because I have chosen to commit to life

  17. “So when we make a Commitment to Life what are we saying Yes to?”

    This is the ultimate question to re-connect to.

    A big one that jumps out for me this week is:

    “YES to saying NO when we mean No because something is harmfull.”

    This applies to many moments and details:

    Swallowing how we feel instead of acknowledging and expressing it.
    Not activating something we have felt is needed.
    Going along with things that do not feel true.
    Pandering or being ‘nice’.
    Taking on someone else’s stuff.
    Doing more than is needed.
    Giving up.
    Judgemental thoughts.
    Not making space for reflection and appreciation.

    What an opportunity to re-commit to saying YES to saying NO. And this list is a great place to start.

  18. Sometimes things don’t go your way or life feels hard.

    In those moments, it can be easy to indulge in struggle or feel like giving up.

    This blog offers a simple antidote.

    Just get on with it. Re-commit. Pay attention to the details and to what is needed – in all areas. Do it with care. Up your focus. Say what needs to be said. Take deep care of you.

    Simple, but powerful stuff. And it works.

  19. Commitment to life is not just about doing all the things that society says is what we need to do to be successful.
    Yes it is important to live and engage in all aspects of life, but honoring and commiting myself is equally as important.

    I am an amazing person and I bring a level of steadiness and power to every situation.

    I have had people say that to me and it surprised me that they felt this way.

    I am claiming this by appreciating myself for just being me.

  20. Has anyone heard of a movement which apparently has a cult following.

    This growing movement is all about retiring in our 30s while we are young so that we can travel and pursue our life dreams.

    How this is going to be achieved is by stashing away huge amounts of money and then live off the savings and investments for the rest of their lives.

    So it is about retiring early because we have financial independence and what is interesting is there are 380,000 subscribers and no doubt there will be more.

    On a down note, it tells us we need to be really committed to the frugal lifestyle that it demands.

    Could it be possible that this has to come from a force – a will to make something happen as we have an image, an expectation, a picture in our mind of what we want at the end of this hard slog of saving every dime, to then live our fantasy life?

    In other words, we make it happen but how certain are we that it is our truth.

    Is it time to get real and be honest – how many young people these days want the Responsibility that is being called for in living a life that means commitment?

    Commitment in ALL areas as this blog is spelling out.
    Commitment in the detail of life, so no stone is left unturned.

    Commitment in dealing with the hurts and the past issues that plague us when we wake up every morning.

    Commitment to making absolute that we do not escape the real raw REALITY of life here on earth in anyway.

    Commitment to being real role models for future generations, so that they are not left in the misery and giving up-ness that most of our youth feel today.

    Could it be possible that escaping life by retiring super early cannot support our true evolution?

    In other words, we are capping the learning and development needed with what life needs to be for us, so that we can evolve.

    Could it be possible our early exit from real life and the daily grind that most of us have is offering something that we need to learn?

    Could it be possible that our Commitment to Life in its true sense brings an end to escape and distractions and offers us a true connection to Purpose?

    What if Commitment to Real Life is super important and saving money is a component that needs to be valued and respected as this reflects a level of Responsibility that is needed to live in this world?

    In other words, saving money is not a bad thing, but not if it is for escape or reward because our daily life has tension that we have not addressed.

  21. There is a homeless woman who regularly begs for money on the train line I use.

    She is very committed.

    She rides the trains at a similar time most days.

    She has a speech that she delivers with the same conviction and intonation every time.

    It is as if she treats it like a job. Begging consistently every day. It must bring her a return.

    It makes me wonder what would happen if she were to apply that commitment elsewhere.

  22. In the Yorkshire Dales, there are literally thousands of miles of dry stone walls.

    Walls built by hand with loose stones expertly placed on top of one another.

    The art and skill and care involved are incredible to observe.

    They need regular maintenance.

    Each landowner is responsible for this and the walls have stood the test of time as a result. Some standing strong for hundreds of years.

    The walls delineate land ownership, but perhaps more importantly, they help stop the rolling fields from eroding away in the rain.

    Together, they serve a purpose bigger than the single land owner – protecting the wider land for all.

    This maintenance takes commitment. A commitment that comes with the land.

    This feels like a great metaphor for life.

    Maintaining your wall.

    Your body, your home, your relationships, your responsibilities.

    Making the commitment.


    No excuses.

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