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What is it about us that wants more?

As we go into full holiday season with Thanksgiving over and Christmas fast approaching, what on earth is it about us that wants MORE?

So here we go with Questions, Questions

WHY is more never never enough?
WHY is more a priority for us?
WHY is our mind driving us nuts to get more?
WHY is our world hooked on giving us more?

WHY are we eating more than ever?
WHY are we demanding more from everyone?
WHY are we requesting more in every moment?
WHY are we not satisfied even when we have more?

WHY do we want a greater degree of something?
WHY do we need additional amounts?
WHY do we keep asking for more and more?

WHY do we have an insatiable appetite for more?
WHY do we keep wanting more and more Apps?
WHY do we have more mental health problems now than ever before?
WHY do we keep seeking for more?

WHY do we push our bodies to do more?
WHY do we want to be more?
WHY do we want more for ourselves?

WHY do we have more celebrity bio books at Christmas?
WHY do we give ourselves permission to drink and eat more at Christmas?
WHY do we spend more on our champagne lifestyle with our lemonade budget?

WHY do we want more for our kids?
WHY do we want more for our house?
WHY do we want more power for our car?
WHY do we want to drive more fast?

WHY is our mind never satisfied when it gets more?
WHY is our excess lifestyle of more not cutting it anymore?
WHY is more so appealing to us?


WHY are our goals all about getting more?
WHY are we so geared to go for more?
WHY are we attracted to more of this and that out there?
WHY are we going out there for more at an increasingly fast pace?

WHY are we forgetting or losing something more often?
WHY are we lying more and think it is normal?

WHY do we look for more on the outside?
WHY do we have more complication in our lives today?
WHY do we want more friends on our social media?
WHY do we spend more and more time on social media?
WHY do we like more and more TV?

WHY do we seek more of what we already have?
WHY do we bang on about wanting more and more?
WHY do we think that more is advancing us?

WHY do we eat more food than our belly can digest?
WHY do we drink more alcohol when we know it is poison?
WHY do we go out in holiday season buying more and more gifts?

WHY do we view everything as less so the next goal is more?
WHY do we keep chasing more and more in our lives?
WHY do we have ingrained behaviour that drive us for more?

Dear World

WHY are we not asking questions about WHY we need –

More taller buildings to marvel at?
More extreme sports?
More big fat dreams that keep us fantasising?

More ways to bake cakes?
More coffee to keep us going?
More types of biscuits, candy and chocolate?
More supermarket cereal aisles?

More and more reality TV shows to entertain us?
More remote control for our busy life?
More daytime TV watching?
More fashion to look like others?
More ads to keep us wanting?

More solutions to our rising rates of crime?
More doctors to cope with our irresponsible ways of living?
More medicine from our pharmacy?

More alcohol to numb our pain?
More drugs to stay up all night?
More porn sites with even more way-off stuff?

More money as there is never enough?
More shoes and handbags?
More ways to shop and shop?
More credit card debt?

More holidays to self-medicate?
More fast foods and take-aways delivered to our door?
More restaurants with new menus offering more?
More different toppings for our pizzas and cupcakes?

More beds in our mental health hospitals?
More help for our youth who are self-harming?

More hospitals to cope with diabetes related conditions?
More sleeping pills because we can no longer naturally fall asleep?More books to stimulate our already busy minds?

More dangerous theme parks to distract us?
More prisons to house even more criminals?
More police on our streets with guns?
More illicit drugs and human trafficking?
More nuclear weapons?

Could it be possible that we do not feel enough and this is why we want more?

Could it be possible that we need more of anything this world is throwing at us because there is a void inside us?

Could it be possible that our insatiable greed for more is robbing us of true joy?

Could it be possible that our constant need for more is keeping us away from being real?

Could it be possible that this more business is not allowing us to keep life simple?

Could it be possible that more and more of anything is a lie and is not normal?

Could it be possible that we are exhausted of wanting, needing, asking and demanding more?

Could it be possible that we all know deep down inside us, there is a bottomless pit and no amount of what this world offers will ever be enough?

Could it be possible that we all need MORE connection to who we truly are in our inner-most essence and this is the true evolution we are seeking? 

Could it be possible that as a race of beings we naturally do not need anymore of what this world is offering us?

Could it be possible that our excess lifestyle of more more more is what is causing us all the ills that we are working hard to avoid?

Could it be possible that this blog is more than enough?





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  1. Guilty as charged. I just have to open my wardrobe doors to see I have very much been living this MORE business. Now I’m reflecting on it, I’m aware there has always been a sense of scarcity in my life. Christmases as a kid, wanting all the presents and feeling deflated when the opening was over. Comparing my clothes to my school friends and wanting what they had. In later years, wanting what magazines told me I needed. Where did that sense of scarcity come from when it was clearly fake? The answer is in this question: “WHY do we view everything as less so the next goal is more?” Seeing all this outer stuff as not enough and knowing there is more but not living it. I’m certainly having a watershed moment with all this: starting to see the waste and the pointlessness in all the buying and striving. I often have a surge of this in shops where the rows and rows of ‘stuff’ reflect the craziness of it all. I mean, we can’t possibly need all of it and the number of sales each year show us production levels are much higher than even the crazy levels of demand – we’re constantly being flogged stuff and we’re falling for it hook line and sinker, filling our homes with more stuff we don’t need.

    We need to get this blog out there on the front page to help us all start asking these questions and looking at the why. And the idea that each of us taking responsibility in this could unlock the pattern of ‘ills we are trying to avoid’. So simple yet so powerful.

    1. A great catch JS when you can reflect and come up with what you feel is the reason why you invest in this more more MORE business. Having scarcity in our past can make us wanting for more like a hungry appetite and of course the more is never enough.
      I like your honesty when you talk about ‘the waste and the pointlessness in all the buying and striving’. I could say ‘ditto’ as I most certainly had that way of living and thinking. It became normal as everyone around me was doing the same. However, I used to recall feeling bored and empty inside. I always knew something was missing and no amount of more more in this world was filling that void.
      Things are now super basic, real and a life that has meaning and purpose. Never a dull day here and I agree we need to get this blog out there on the front page so that more of us can start asking these questions and looking at the WHY.
      The responsibility bit that you talk about in your last sentence is simple and yet powerful if lived. We don’t need to rant on, rally or march to make our point. We just need to live in a way that is deeply true and self connecting and the need for more will no longer be there. How do I know? I live that to the best of my ability and so I have the authority to write a blog like this and present questions for us all to consider.

    2. I love your question JS, which includes in it the answer: “WHY do we view everything as less so the next goal is more?”. It so clearly asks us to consider that the feeling of needing more is a result of not seeing/feeling things in full.

      What I have learned from my own experience of coming out of neediness is that the less “quality” with which I approach myself, others, things and life, the “more” I feel I “need” everything because I have experienced “less” of who I really am in it all and less of everything as a result of this ‘lack of quality’ which is simply a lack of presence and true sense of who I am.

      I know this now by the deeper connection, awareness and honoring of my body I have developed with the inspiration and support of Simple Living Global. I have a long way to go still but I am amazed that the bulk of my sense of ‘need’ for things & people, has just gone simply because I have more of myself more of the time and so I experience “more” in and of everything else.

      …so a person who is “full of themselves” in a truly loving and healthy way does not make a ravid consumer… is there any chance things are set up to entice us out of ourselves so we will “need” to buy?

      Do we want to eat that up too (the hook that takes us away from our-selves)?
      If we do then my question is “why are we so hot to drop ourselves, why are we so willing to let go of the one and only thing that we can consistently and truly have in this crazy world; a quality relationship with our inner self and with it our sense of well being?”

      Why do we trade in our essential sense of self and fullness for empty calories, shallow TV and other meaningless & loveless distractions when we all must feel, if not, know there is more to life?

      1. There is something in how we see things as less so as JS says then the next goal is wanting more. Are we ever full up if we constantly got this more more thing going on inside our head?
        Great you use the word ‘quality’ Jo as this holds a vibration for us all.
        A classic example is today I made a choice to thoroughly clean out my wardrobe and I actually enjoyed just doing the simple task in hand with my utmost focus and not concerned about time or how many cloths I was using.
        Everything got re organised, I had more space which I have no intention to fill up and I needed nothing more. In fact I appreciated the basic simple living task that has a quality that leaves me full, not empty in anyway. Job done and focus on the next thing. The appreciation gave me a stop moment to deserve this was enough and the ‘wanting more’ like in the past just was not there.
        Could it be possible that during that cleaning moment I was with myself with no outer distractions and that was simply enough? Possible?

  2. I remember as a child the agony of trying to find presents for everyone in my family at Christmas. When I became an adult I started to question this concept of buying presents and it seemed like it had nothing to do with what Christmas was all about.
    I do not buy any Christmas presents now. I do not go to big partys. I try to spend some individual time with people if I can. I enjoy the holidays much more.
    During the year if something presents itself, that feels right for a person, then I will gift it to them.

    It is time to take responsibility for our personal lives and do something that feels right. We do not have to do something just because of traditions. We need to start rebuilding trust in ourselves, that we know when something is wrong and that we know what to do about it.

    1. A great comment Ken Elmer and when you say ‘agony’ I understand. I had the agony and misery of writing over 250 christmas cards. I used to buy then just after christmas half price and then hold them for a year – that way I could buy big fat glitter jobs that would get noticed in a heap of cards at anyones house.
      What an utter waste of time and for who and why is what I say now.
      Gone are the days of more more more. In are the days of less is more.

      I am constantly reviewing my lifestyle in every way and I am no where near perfect. What I have is a life that is lived with RESPONSIBILITY and that means asking questions about anything and everything. Not accepting a date in the calendar to go mad and spend spend or eat eat and eat just because its the season to be jolly or a celebration where we think we have permission to indulge.

      On the gift buying thing, I could say ‘ditto’ as I am the same as you with giving when it feels right and not because its a date in the diary.

      1. Yes the frenzy of Christmas. Once a upon a time I was a part of it, it’s as if the whole year round we have not done or been enough for everyone, so we pile it all for that one day, it doesn’t help when the media hypes it all.

        I am not the biggest fan of receiving gifts and interestingly I was once called ‘weird’ or and another time ‘unappreciative & fussy’ but what wasn’t heard was the fact that someone had made the effort (very appreciative) to buying me a gift that I will never use. So where is the truth of giving from the heart or is it because it is the done thing or an expectations of Christmas?

        For the first time I invited a couple of friends and family to Christmas dinner and everything was effortless, no stress, no performance just the joy of being in the presence of people I loved, now that’s priceless, that’s more than enough.

    2. This is a big one to broach, Ken: the keeping up appearances present purchasing. It’s work in progress for me and great to read your post about how you are out the other side. My current experience is that I’m simply not feeling to buy anything for my youngest for his birthday. Controversial, I know, but it feels wrong to go and get something for the sake of it when he can’t even think of anything that’s really calling to him. That’s not to say we won’t celebrate him to the hilt and sing and eat cake and have balloons, but the buying because ‘that’s what you do’ or because ‘kids get gifts on their birthday’, just isn’t speaking to me. I’m blessed to have received gifts truly given from the heart, on a day you weren’t expecting so I know what that feels like. It’s game-changing. And the you-are-truly-cared-for feeling of the gift just goes on and on. I also know what it feels to receive ‘ought to give something’ or because-its-a-certain-day-of-the-year’ gifts and there really is a world of difference – they just feel flat, empty, sometimes uncomfortable. So, I’m staying open to the possibilities. Let’s see what happens when I just keep listening to my own heart on this subject.

  3. Yes it is this time of year – we could call it the ‘more more more season’ as no sooner is the gift giving shopping done we go into the sales and shops are wanting to get rid of old stock which all comes out for the bargain shoppers and those who just need the ‘fix’ or thrill of getting something cheap.
    I was one of those who would buy stuff because it was knock down price and most often than not, I never needed it and it was a total waste of money.
    Interesting your sharing about your holiday treats every Christmas like a gift for yourself to fill the void you felt and of course impress the family and friends.
    Having more as you say does not give us a picture of a great life. Having more is not a passport to success and this blog gives us all something to at least consider during this festive time of more more more of everything.

  4. The holidays are about giving back and appreciation of what we have. Yet the amount of excess in the so called more developed countries is not only out of control, it is having a negative effect on our society.

    I live in the USA the champion of consumption. We are a small minority in number of people, but we consume huge amounts of energy and resources compared to the rest of the world, especially the so-called undeveloped countries. Basically there is not enough resources on our earth for everyone on this earth to live like the people in the USA. Is this the equality that my country was founded on?

    So what is our individual footprint on this earth? I believe that taking responsibility for own lives is the greatest gift we can give to our fellow humans. And it is a gift that can truly make a positive difference in people’s lives and that is deep down reason we want to give gifts.

  5. You hit the nail on the head Simple Living Global “Could it be possible that we do not feel enough and this is why we want more?” I know that is why I want ‘more’. I know for myself I can keep adding new projects and doing more work – without appreciating or recognising that what I bring is enough. I also know I have at times when Ive felt ‘low’ in self esteem gone shopping for a piece of clothing or make up or hair-do so as to ‘perk me up’ – which didn’t actually perk me up really, as the ‘more’ I was seeking was actually to deepen my own relationship with me, to get to know me, and to care for myself in every regard. I have also learnt when I crave the attention of others, or affection from others, it is because I am not giving myself the attention I need – on a basic caring level. So… ‘more more more’ is a great clue and warning bell for me – when I am wanting ‘more’ I realise that something about the way I am living my life is out of kilter.

  6. In 1968 the world’s consumption of natural resources exceeded what our earth could sustainably provide. This trend has increased since then. So are we living in a way that is taking responsibility for our future?

    The “Ecological Footprint Calculater” is a way to see how much resources you use compared to other people in the world.

    It was a wake up call for me to do this quiz. I live in the USA and even though I am very responsible about the resources I use, I am still using more than my share.

    So am I living a responsible life? And are all the resources I am using making my life better? I feel it is time to take responsibility for our personal lives and the effect it has having on our earth.

  7. I’ve also seen a drive for MORE when I’m seeking a reward e.g. after a period of commitment, after delivering a project or after a long week. Why is there a resistance to sustaining the commitment or to working sustainably so there is no need for a ‘reward’? Getting good rest, caring for myself, exercising, eating nourishing food: these things should be enough and yet I sometimes have this pull to just have SOMETHING, particularly when I’m not sustaining that care. Anything will often do – a food ‘treat’, an unnecessary online purchase etc. Catching this means I can have a look at it more honestly and track back enough frames to see where the problem came in: where I was pushing beyond what felt right, rushing to fit everything in, seeing that I just didnt want to take the next step etc. Great to explore this: always learning.

  8. We live in a society that values wealth, fame, assets, possessions, more than seeing everyone as equal, even to the point of valuing wealth more than human life.

    Our youth want to get rich and famous quickly from either singing contests or sports.
    Our adults want to win mega bucks on the lottery so they can have their fancy cars, houses and holidays.

    It seems that people’s happiness is dependent on being super wealthy but where did this ideal come from?

    We could easily blame the advertising and manufacturing companies.
    We could easily blame our parents.
    We could easily blame others for having ‘more’ than us.

    Or is it possible that we need to take more responsibility in what we really need?

    What if this blog is right when it says “we all need more connection to who we truly are in our innermost essence”?

    Is it possible that connecting to who we truly are will banish those feelings of wanting more and more?
    Is it possible that if we fill ourselves up on the inside, we wouldn’t need so much ‘stuff’ on the outside?

    Up until 10 years ago, before the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I was always wishing I had more money, especially when the lottery came along.

    Like many, I thought the lottery was the answers to my dreams and then proceeded to waste a lot of time, energy and money in pursuit of that dream.

    With the presentations of Serge Benhayon, I came to see that money is just an illusion because it could never offer me true fulfilment or contentment.

    Yes it can make life comfortable but having that feeling of NOT wanting more is so much more rewarding.

  9. A police inspector who was entrusted with destroying confiscated drugs but who actually stole them himself to resell on the streets, has been found guilty and will be sentenced soon.

    After police became suspicious of drugs going missing, they raided his home to find £700,000 of drugs, which included 11kg of cocaine jammed in his washing machine.

    What makes a police officer, someone who has sworn to uphold the law, commit a crime like this?

    The lack of integrity here harms many people.

    The police inspector was in a position of trust, which has been severely abused. Not only by the actual theft of the drugs but also by the fact that his colleagues work hard to get the drugs off the street in the first place only to see them back on the street.

    What was the motive for stealing the drugs?

    Was it money?
    Was it power?
    Was it excitement, the buzz of it?

    Whatever the reasons, his wanting More, More, More has ended his career and put him in prison for a very long time.

  10. What next came to mind when I read about the millions we can spend doing up our private jets or yachts.

    We have interior designers working on houses starting at £10 million and going up to one hundred million pounds all over the world.

    So you get your own ‘platinum bathtub with studded crystals and leopard skin wallpaper’ and that was the headline on a news story earlier this year.

    Cinema room, bowling alleys, bars and spas what more could we want and how come there is always more more more that we want and nothing is ever enough.

    Where do we stop and WHY do we keep asking for more?
    What is it about us that wants to kit out our private jet, spending almost a million bucks just on a bespoke shower?

    Does it bring us the joy we so deeply need and crave?
    Is this material way of living the answer to all our dreams and prayers?
    Are we satisfied with the bling in the ostentatious over the top lifestyle or is something missing?

    Are we seeking something and we think this is it but it really and clearly is not?

    Do we convince ourselves that this is what we all want but when we have the more we move the goal post, like this blog says?

    I wonder what studies would show if we could do qualitative research and observe and really see what people are feeling and how their behaviour is when they have this way of living?

    What would it highlight and reveal to us and is there more that would be exposed that we may just be unaware of?

  11. What is the reason(or energy) behind all the things l have acquired in my life. The reason why l wanted more.

    Did l get all these things because l felt l deserved them or because l felt “not enough “?

    There is a huge difference between these two reasons.

    When I was a young child, l did not get the love l though l needed. Because of this l decided l did not need love, l was ok all by myself.

    But what l was doing was avoiding feeling the rejection from my parents. And deeper l felt that I did not not deserve love, I blamed myself.

    So all the stuff I was accumulating was around not feeling enough rather then l deserved to have things in my life to support me.

    I am now claiming the fact that l deserve all the things in life that support me.

    1. What wise insight, Ken.

      It also explains that ‘I can do it alone, I don’t need you’ reaction when someone is not being loving or helpful. It is easy to go into protection and lock down and become a person who doesn’t ask for help.

      Very interesting to look at how that plays out in our choices to gather ‘belongings’ around us.

  12. An article in the BBC News, 23rd October 2017, talks of how “Patients need rest not antibiotics, say health officials.”

    More patients should be told go home and rest rather than be given antibiotics.

    Public Health England (PHE) says up to a fifth of antibiotics prescribed are unnecessary as many illnesses get better on their own and overusing the drugs is making infections harder to treat by creating drug-resistant superbugs. They say patients have ‘a part to play’ in stopping the rise of infections.

    Antibiotics are vital in certain cases but are not essential for every illness.

    PHE says that:

    • 5,000 people die in England each year as a result of drug-resistant infections.
    • Four in 10 cases of bloodstream E.Coli infections now cannot be treated with first choice antibiotics.
    • By 2050, drug-resistant infections around the world are expected to kill more than currently die from cancer.

    The medical director of the PHE told the BBC: “We don’t often need antibiotics for common conditions. The majority of us will get infections from time to time and will recover because of our own immunity.”

    “Patients should not go to their doctor expecting antibiotics.”

    He also says: “The fact is, if you take an antibiotic when you don’t need it, then you’re more likely to have an infection that the antibiotics don’t work for over the coming months.”

    The advice for infections now is to:

    • Have plenty of rest
    • Use pain relief such as paracetamol
    • Drink plenty of fluids

    At PHE’s laboratories, the site’s head of antimicrobial resistance said: “The most potent antibiotics, like carbapenems, were failing more often. If we go back to 2005/7, we were seeing these bacteria in maybe two to four cases per year. Last year we confirmed these resistant bacteria in over 2000 cases.”

    The statistics are obviously very worrying as the drugs that are meant to help us recover are potentially what may actually kill us.

    It’s commonplace that when we go to the doctors with any sort of infection, we expect and demand the doctor give us antibiotics and so we have become so accustomed to these drugs they are no longer working.

    It’s been known for a long time that antibiotics, while they can be powerful allies for the human body in fighting disease, they can also do more harm than good if used in the wrong situations, which is why we should follow the advice of the doctor.

    It seems our demand on the medical world to relieve our pain is fuelling an even bigger problem.

    If rest, fluids and paracetamol can get us through an infection, it surely has to be better than using a drug that will no doubt kill the bacteria causing the infection but will also kill all the good bacteria.

    As a society we are always wanting ‘More, More, More’.

    Well, in this case, our insistence on having more antibiotics for all our ailments is now actually harming us.

    What if, in some cases, simply just resting is enough for our bodies to recover?

    Is it possible that resting our bodies, regardless of having a disease or not, is way more powerful than we could ever imagine?

  13. I was just reflecting on this more more more stuff and realised how I would in the past drive myself nuts to make sure I topped the last birthday gift or experience or whatever it was. It was always a push to find more, do more and never ever be content with what was there. This would create a lot of complication and of course there is the financial cost too.

    What a utter waste of time trying and trying to get more, achieve more, be more and hook into this more more more disease because that is what it is if you ask me.

    Today life is super simple and I can honestly say I feel deeply content with not chasing and wanting more more more of anything. It is what it is and my choices can change anything I no longer want.
    I even have more time so the stress factor is not there and that in itself speaks volumes about the quality of my life.

    I reckon we have more and want more because there is a void and something is missing and it’s like a bottomless pit, we just keep wanting more and more and more.

    Really boring as you are going around in circles and not really evolving.

  14. The Week – 2 December 2017

    ‘41% of people who play the lottery at least once a week say they would continue to play even if they won the jackpot.’ (YouGov).

    Is this not telling us something about our desire for more?

    That no matter how much we have it is never enough.

    Why is that?

  15. I was recently talking to a guy who had been on a ‘slum tour’ in Mumbai.

    They bring in the waste on container ships and it gets taken to the slums and piled up. From there people, including heaps of kids, come and sort it into different colours and types. From there all the plastic gets taken to a particular slum ‘street’ where it gets passed along different shops that variously sort and treat it with differing machinery.

    At the end of the street it comes out as plastic pellets that can be used in manufacturing.

    The slum folks each get a few pence out of the process.

    Until recently, I had no idea we were shipping our waste to different countries. And I had certainly not considered that people living in slums thousands of miles away would be sorting and processing it.

    I wonder how many others do not even think about how much waste we are producing and where it all goes?

    How much of this massive waste production is because of our expectations and always wanting more?

    How far away are we from living sustainably on this planet of ours?

  16. It is very cold today in London and on my way home, I saw a gentleman walking towards me eating an ice-cream. I saw him put the empty stick in the bin when he’d finished. Then when my bus drove off I saw him eating another ice-cream. It made me think of this blog and the question arose –

    Why do we want more?

    What in us is driving the show, even when we are not well or our tummies are bursting, that enables us to keep going for more?

    I am not perfect and cannot say that I never eat more than I need, so I know that these questions equally apply to me.

  17. Just saw a big Advert in one of our national newspapers with of course a special offer saving £10 if you buy two packs of 28 tablets.
    What are they selling us ? – Turmeric

    Most of us have probably heard this buzz word in the world of health and well being as the latest thing that works amongst a zillion other products too.

    What is interesting is you see a big huge mini mountain of this yellow powder which is apparently is equivalent to 17 curries and next to it is the tiny pill which gives us the same. You also see a picture of raw root turmeric and the pack with the ideal mountain trekkers full of health and vitality.

    So let’s just stop and join the dots here and introduce some much needed common sense for starters – WHY do we need to have a natural spice in such a large quantity as a daily dose and is this really the answer?

    Are we being fooled or are we fooling ourselves? – question worth asking.

    Could it be possible that our body is not designed to take MORE of anything other than a sensible and natural amount that it needs in any given moment?

    Could it be possible that just because someone has said on a huge advert in a national newspaper that they have a solution and endorses a product, it does not necessarily mean that it will give us the same results?

    Could it be possible that we seem to be sold out and jump on the bandwagon when we see pictures of how we would like to live or how life could be?

    Could it be possible that we the consumer want MORE MORE MORE of anything that is going to support us to get what we want, but never stop and ask why we are in this place and what choices did we make – in other words how did we get to this point?

    Could it be possible that we are overdoing it in life and that leads to a body that has less vitality and this is why we seek supplements?

    I am a great supporter of turmeric and grew up with the stuff in my Indian culture. That does not mean to say I eat curries everyday but I have found a way of bringing it into my cooking including soups. Without being silly and listening to the nonsense out there about having it for breakfast and on sweet dishes, I feel when to use it.

    ADD early bedtime as often as I can and the rest that has been shared thus far on this website. I take no supplements. This has been the truth for over 12 years and that in itself speaks volumes as apparently I should be gone past my sell by date and not look as great as I do aged 56, no wrinkles, slim and full of vitality.

    It would be wise for any reader or scholar to study this website and all that has been presented and then look closely at how the author is living. There is much to here to inspire others as there is another way and it sure is not finding a solution to the ills that we self create.

  18. In an article on house prices, the Office of National Statistics states that –

    ‘One square metre of floor space – an area about the size of a red phone box – costs almost £19,439 in Kensington and Chelsea (an area of London), while in Blaenau Gwent in the South Wales valleys, the same amount of space costs £777.

    Just before that in a magazine, I read the following headline –

    Number of homeless people is now highest it has been since records began.

    The article goes on to say –

    ‘More people are sleeping rough on the streets of England than at any point this decade, new figures suggest. Local authorities estimated there were around 4,751 rough sleepers on a single night in Autumn 2017…it makes another steep rise in the problem in recent years up 15% from 4,134 in 2016…’

    This article was published in the Pimlico & Belgravia Eye, March 2018

    Having lived in London all of my life, over the last 10 years I can say that there has been an unprecedented amount of properties being built. I often ask ‘Who is buying these and where is the demand coming from?’ as it seems absurd. I have been in decent paying jobs, but there’s no way I could have afforded any of these ‘luxury’ flats and neither could most of the people I know.

    Then at the same time we have this dichotomy of more people rough sleeping. This does not make sense.

    How do the two equate?

    How can we have more homes being built at prices that ordinary people cannot afford and rising numbers of rough sleepers?

    There is definitely an imbalance here.

    If we truly cared about others and lived with TRUE equality, by knowing and connecting to the fact that we are ALL the same at our very core, we would STOP to question this and ask – how have we allowed this to happen and discuss what is needed next for true change?

    I feel that this blog by Simple Living Global holds the answer and today this question has stood out –

    Could it be possible that we all need MORE connection to who we truly are in our inner-most essence and this is the true evolution we are seeking?

  19. Walking past a shop this last week, they had what looked like the equivalent of a Christmas tree for Easter in the window.

    Fancy decorated eggs of all different kinds hanging from the branches as baubles. Chicks and sheep and blossom dotted around.

    Then I read that supermarkets are starting to stock Easter trees such as this and Easter decorations and Easter crackers.

    I absolutely love Spring. It feels like the beginning of a new cycle and I find myself wanting to clean every cupboard in the house and to connect with nature.

    But decorating Easter trees?

    What is this all about – why is it becoming a thing?

    Are we being manipulated by marketing to buy more stuff we don’t need?

    Is this only possible because we want to re-live the energy of Christmas?

  20. Metro News – 20 March 2018

    A restaurant in the UK is serving a steak for four which weighs more than a young lamb.

    It is a 200 oz meal costing £179.

    WHY would anyone come up with this and would it be true to say that our appetite for more and more is the demand and so the supplier gives it to us?

    Can our human frame process the extra meat because we are choosing to overeat MORE than we would normally, because it is a new thing in town?

    Are we being responsible when we make decisions for our body that may be harmfull?

    More to the point – are we designed to eat that much in one sitting or does our mind override the fact and go ahead and does what it wants with total disregard to the body, because it can?

    Are we demanding more in this world and could this be at the expense of our inner most being, which is inside our body saying “No thanks mate, not again”?

    Do we ever consider that our body might be communicating to us and saying no to any excess, as more is not a natural thing as it was never designed to live out of sync?

  21. In Estonia this week, reading about life in soviet times.

    One story told of the poverty and how little was available to buy in the shops and of what happened when a batch of items did come in to be sold. People would queue for 24 hours or more and buy, even if they didn’t need the item or if it didn’t fit them.

    They just wanted to possess things.

    It made me think of this blog and how, through time, whatever our circumstances, we are drawn towards owning things, and how that gives us a sense of security.

    But what if possessing unnecessary things actually weighs us down, and the sense of security is entirely false?

    1. Reading your comment is very timely JS, as I have been recently reflecting on how I actually really live.

      This more more more syndrome that I suffered with was beyond ridiculous when I look back.

      I would buy for the sake of it and leave it out on display, then stick it in one of my meticulous organised cupboards, then visit it to give it a clean and pack it away again. So new stuff was always something I needed to hold on to and I would keep buying more.

      It was like I was wired in a way – configured to operate from this security based fear ‘as if’ I was going to need any of it.

      The whole thing now feels so irresponsible like having 5 different door mats and runners for the hallway, empty boxes that could one day be filled but at the time remained empty, big houses always to store all this stuff and it just goes on and on.

      TODAY – things are polar opposite.

      This weekend we reviewed the downstairs cupboard which is used wisely to store what is not needed but nevertheless useful.

      By review, I mean we look at everything and not just clean it out and re-organise.

      What was really interesting is when everything was out, I was surprised to see how little we have and there is no sign of excess whatsoever.

      We did the same recently for our pantry, call it larder in the kitchen, some kitchen units and cupboards. Again, when it was all out there was such a small amount and even then, we made a choice to discuss if it was truly needed and that in itself allowed us to let go of more and have more space. There is just no intention now of filling up that space we have created with the more more more stuff.

      What is super important here to share is that having less and not being sucked into this more more more stuff has offered my body a space, where it feels more settled and I feel more JOY for having so much less and I really don’t feel like I am missing anything.

      In fact, feels like a true way to live and go forward in life and it brings such freedom, there are really no words to describe that feeling.

  22. “What is super important here to share is that having less and not being sucked into this more more more stuff has offered my body a space, where it feels more settled and I feel more JOY for having so much less and I really don’t feel like I am missing anything.”

    I can feel what you say here, Bina. I conclude you must be sharing from a very lived and true experience for this to resound so much. And the word ‘we’ really jumps out – like this ongoing cupboard review process you describe is done in a team-work way, collaboratively.

    And I know what you mean.

    When the filing cabinet is cleared out or the shed is reviewed and swept from top to bottom or the T-shirt shelf is stripped right back to the basics, there is a visceral feeling of everything being exactly where it needs to be, with no excess or complication and so much space all around.

    There is absolutely joy in that.

  23. This morning cleaning my toilet, I thought about this more more more syndrome that I was well and truly caught up in.
    A decade ago I lived in a house with 4 bathrooms.

    Really ?

    What on earth does a couple need with that many and what is having more all about?

    On reflection, I can say it was because firstly we had accumulated so much stuff that we needed a home to house it all. Not once had we even thought of the possibility of just letting it go – there was a deep need to own this and that and the wanting more just never seemed to have a stop button.

    Back to the 4 bathrooms and today we have one.
    Cleaning products were in each bathroom and what a waste, what a lot of time and effort spent to keep all this going.

    I have to say no one at the time could convince me that Simple Living actually would bring about a life that is full of joy and no stress, because there is no room for complications and that means things just flow.

    What was the insatiable need and where did it come from and how convenient that I was the one who demanded that and the supplier was there – new build homes, narrow, on 3 floors with all these bathrooms.

    What I realise now was how we are sold a lifestyle – images that stay in our head and we go for it, but at what cost?

    I neglected my body to a point at that time where I needed blood transfusions and major surgery to remove an organ. Not once did I think about downsizing and dealing with my more more more syndrome. It was not on my radar.

    This website is all about Simple Living and the practical stuff helps us all.

    I for one know what it means to have had all of that and now live the total opposite.

    That means I walk the talk – seen it, done it and been there. My lived experience is worth sharing and whilst it is not double blind tested in controlled conditions in a lab that gives the results that researchers want – it is beyond doubt Anecdotal evidence.

    I am a living science and so that in itself is worth a study.

    How would our world be if we listened, paid attention and took note of those who walk the talk consistently and then just consider what they have to say and if all else is not working, then give it a go?

    Back to bathroom cleaning products – we all bang on about saving the planet and our resources – well let’s start at home and live in a space that is adequate without the need for all the extra ‘superfluous to requirements’ bathrooms and everything else on our more more more list.

  24. The Week – Issue 1211
    26 January 2019

    Britons spend an average of £928 buying things they will never use, in an effort to make their homes “look more cultured and intellectual”.

    83% buy books they never read

    64% buy candles that are never lit

    59% buy pots of make-up and bottles of scent they do not open

    27% display jars filled with pasta that they never eat

    What is about us that keeps on wanting more?

    Recently I was walking with a friend and we came across a new housing development. It is still being built but the pictures of the rooms and what the building will look like when it is complete, was very swish.

    My friend shared how we are sold a lifestyle with these properties and it is so true. Never mind if you can actually afford it, the thing that is foremost in our minds with property searches is the picture of who we will become and how our lives will be thereafter?

    Is it possible that we are run by images and ideals of how we want our lives and homes to be and this takes over and we end up buying more than we need just to fit the picture, regardless of the consequences?

    What if we were truly content with who we are?

    Would that lead us to not seek more, more, more?

    Having been a woman who was addicted to shopping, as I started to build a relationship with myself and began to take care of me, I noticed that my behaviours changed and that I wanted to do things like go to bed early, stay at home more, clear out the things I didn’t need and spend my money wisely. Today I can honestly say that I hardly buy anything over and above what I need and much of what I have has been given to me by others. I really value what I have been given and take care of them and due to the appreciation and self-worth that I now have, I have no desire for more.

    Interestingly enough the more content I am with who I am and what I have, the more I get given.

  25. In a large department store yesterday, a woman in line to pay had exactly the same item as me but was ‘multiple’ buying.

    I asked her did she have lots of bathrooms and her response was no.

    I asked how many bathrooms and she looked uncomfortable and said one.

    She then said they are used a lot so I assumed lots of people.

    I then asked how many people use this one bathroom and she was literally squirming and said just her husband.

    In my usual no holding back style, it just came out and my response was –
    “Do you think all this excess buying is indulgence, as surely one couple does not need 8 bath mats?”

    I then added “Have you considered the cost of washing and drying them as they are large and heavy?”

    She said she didn’t care she just wants more and more and scooped up all the stock as they were on sale and ‘cheap’.

    The shop assistant said she liked what I said and sees people like this take up all the stock in one go and she knows and can feel it is just not needed.

    It got me thinking about sales and discounts – do we get hooked into buying more just because we have got the money off and how does this support and serve us if we are being honest?

    I know so many people who live this way and I was one of them once upon a time.
    I also know people who are dying and leaving large houses full of this type of stuff – purchased in bulk and never used, just stored in cupboards.

    This more more more syndrome is worth exploring in all areas of life and to question what is the need behind all of this wanting more, which is like a bottomless pit.

  26. This more more more stuff is everywhere and I just realised in our supermarket how the BOGOF is not as popular because it is all about buy 3 and pay for 2.

    Buy one get one free is probably less profitable so we are being offered 3 for the price of 2.

    My question today was ‘do I really need 3 when I went in for one?’.

    Will it get eaten or will we need to eat more of the same just because we are not paying for the third one?

    From past experience the freebie – the third one ends up in waste.

    The whole thing feels a waste if you ask me. Buying more just because it says you can have it free.

    What does the ‘free’ thing do to our mind?

    Does it flag up and say ‘go for it’ or do we get real, honest and sensible about the whole thing and ask what the purpose is and what is our responsibility when we shop in this way?

    The offers will continue as long as we, the customers keep buying more more more.

    We get told to look after our health and wellbeing
    We get told that illness and disease has a lot to do with lifestyle choices
    We get reminded about over eating linked to Diabetes and Obesity
    We get advised not to overspend and get hooked into these offers

    This tells me SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT
    We can blame the suppliers – the supermarkets in this case but nothing will change unless we the consumers make a different movement.
    I can sit here and blame or I can as an individual say No to the excess buying regardless of the price tag and what the actual item is.

    I cannot change the world, but me choosing not to add or subscribe to this more more more way of living ensures that the tides will turn if I just continue to do my bit – nothing more and nothing less.

    In fact, I have come a long way from the more more more and my ‘can’t stop buying’ days.

    I have become deeply responsible to the best of my ability about not getting hooked into these offers to buy more of anything. I can feel and see the bigger picture and I know I have a responsibility and so I question things and do not blindly shop on auto pilot just because I can.

    Those days are well and truly off the radar.

  27. The Guardian – 14 June 2019

    Avocado trucks are stolen every day in Mexico as organized crime groups seek to take advantage of consumers’ seemingly insatiable appetite for this fruit.

    80% of US avocado imports come from one state in Mexico.

    A senior analyst for the Mexico International Crisis Group states that the avocado sector is a billion dollar industry and is too attractive for armed groups to pass up on and producers and exporters are bearing some of the cost.

    What is clear is the supply and demand economics here.

    Where there is a demand then at whatever cost – there will always be those who will see the opportunity to profit and not consider the consequences of their actions.

    What this news story is highlighting to us is that no different to drugs, avocado is big business and those who operate with this type of force continue to make the money.

    Have we the consumer considered why there is such a high cost for this fruit and how we want more of it and this demand is why it has boomed over the past 20 years?

    In the past, very few of us would be interested in this fruit, but now it has become a buzz word and a trend amplified by social media and health advocates across the globe.

    Most of us know the nutritional benefits but we also need to consider is it worth it if we know how that avocado gets to us – in other words the process from plant to table.

    What changes if we continue to blindly ignore facts that are presented to us?

    What is it about us as humans that want more more more?

    Why do we have this need to consume more and more avocados regardless of how they get to us?

  28. Bloomberg – 5th November 2019

    World Has Gone Mad With So Much Free Money

    A post has been written about free money in the global economy.

    It quotes: “At the same time money is essentially free for those who have money and creditworthiness, it is essentially unavailable to those who don’t have money or creditworthiness, which contributes to the rising wealth, opportunity and political gaps”.
    The author adds “…and the economic inequality had become a “national emergency.”

    There are many proverbs regarding money but ‘It takes money to make money’ is probably the most apt in this case.

    We live in a society where wealth is rewarded with more wealth and those that truly need a helping hand are frustrated by a system that wants a proven track record of being credit worthy, but the system makes it hard for someone to take that first step to being credit worthy.

    Money is not scarce in this world.

    When we talk about physical money, coins, bank notes and the money in bank and saving accounts, the total amount globally is approximately $36.8 trillion.

    On top of that, there is also the money in other accounts, investments, stock markets, commercial and residential property, derivative funds, cryptocurrencies, etc. which takes the total to an approximate figure of over $1 quadrillion.

    Of course, we then have all the money under the mattresses, the teapots, the little nooks and crannies and the occasional book as a hiding place.

    Simply taking the amount of physical cash we have in the world, if it was shared out evenly to every person, we would each be a millionaire several times over.

    ‘Money makes the world go round’.

    We need money to pay our bills, buy food and clothes, pay for heating, etc. so without doubt, money is important.

    But what is not important is the drive to obtain more money than we actually need.

    In our drive to have the latest, the best and to ‘keep up with the Jones’, is it possible that we have made money to be more important that it actually is?

  29. The Times – 7th March 2020

    Internet Profiteers Selling Bottles of Hand Gel for £120

    Two well-known on-line market stores appear to be struggling to deal with listings of hand gels and masks at inflated prices as third-party vendors set up new accounts.

    Both websites had dozens of listings for overpriced products on 6 March despite a warning by the consumer watchdog that it would take action against “rip offs” that tried to exploit public fears about coronavirus.

    One vendor on one of these websites was charging £120 for a 600ml bottle of ‘hospital grade’ antibacterial hand gel. Another was selling a pack of three “infection control” masks for £54.99. The seller claimed that the price was a discount on the normal price of £199.99. “You save £144.01 (72 per cent) “ the listing stated.

    On the other website, ten bottles of 150ml antibacterial hand gel were being offered for £125. Another vendor was charging £25.99 for “anti-flu” masks.

    One website said it had already blocked or removed “tens of thousands” of listings and that there was “no place for price gouging” on its website.

    A spokesperson said that staff were working night and day to monitor prices and were suspending or banning accounts that violated its policies. As fast as the company seemed to take down profiteers’ listings, new ones appeared.

    The company said: “We are disappointed that bad actors are attempting to artificially raise prices on basic-need products during a global health crisis.”

    Without doubt, crises like the one we are in now bring out the best in people but as the numbers concerned show, it can also bring out the worst in us.

    While there is an opportunity, human nature being what it is, there will always be some of us that feel it is OK to take advantage of others by preying on our fears and vulnerabilities.

    Greed is a very powerful motive and can be easily succumbed to especially in times of turmoil.

    Is it possible that hiking up prices in this way indicates that money is the sole motivation here and shows us as simply wanting More, More, More?

    One could argue that someone still has the choice to buy the product or not but when we are scared we tend not to use any logical reasoning but, and a very big but, if we didn’t stockpile in the first place, there would be no need to be scared because there would be enough products for all.

    A case in point recently in Australia where a shopper tried to return £5,000 worth of goods – 17,000 bottles of hand sanitiser and 132 packs of toilet rolls – and was refused a refund by the store.

    Is it possible that, if we don’t feel enough inside, we will always be looking for More, More, More?

  30. The Guardian – 1 April 2020

    Panic buying drove grocery sales in UK to record level with 20% rise.

    March was the biggest month for grocery sales ever recorded. The £10.8 billion spend on food and drink over the month was even higher than levels seen at Christmas.

    There was a 67% surge in beer, wine and spirits sales.

    What is it about us that leads us to jump on the more more more needed bandwagon?

    What is it about the masses that goes into frenzy buying, which most of us know is not needed but somehow we cannot stop our movements?

    How are we living in daily life everyday that gives rise to panic purchases at unprecedented levels because we have a global pandemic?

    Do we lose our common sense hat and spin around with fear and anxiety taking the lead in our thoughts, making decisions that make no sense at all?

    Do we get home and feel we need even more and more so before we realise it, we are lining up yet again at another supermarket doing it all over again and then again and then the next day?

    Do we have so much stock of toilet rolls we could sell them to our whole street now?

    Are we using the excess volumes of alcohol that we purchased to keep us going, as we need to get through this period of so called ‘restriction’ and the booze will help with the numbing, checking out and relief that we are seeking?

    Dear World

    Could it be possible that if we wake up each day feeling like there is something missing within us, then chances are we are not going to feel enough – no matter what?

    This means that the not feeling enough creates an internal void and we need to fill it up and our solution could be shopping or other distractions and because it is not the truth, we end up wanting more and more but never quite closing that emptiness gap inside.

    So the more more more is coming from an internal lack that is trying to be filled from the external – something on the outside, like excess shopping.

    Is this making sense?

  31. BBC News – 11th August 2020

    A woman started a food blog 11 years ago and is now battling a well known technology company for the right to use a pear in the logo of her recipe app.

    In a legal filing, the tech company said that the image was too similar to its own logo and would hurt its brand.

    The owner of the app says the tech giant is simply “bullying” and she feels a “moral obligation” to fight back.

    In speaking to the BBC, the owners of the app said: “This is a real world example of a small business being destroyed by a giant monopoly because they don’t have accountability.”

    The technology company did not respond to a request for comment from the BBC.

    In its filing with the US patent and trademark office, the firm says the pear logo “consists of minimalistic fruit design with a right angled leaf, which readily calls to mind our famous logo and creates a similar commercial impression”.

    The owners of the app said they initially thought it was a misunderstanding and the two sides would be able to resolve the dispute amicably. The logo has been approved in other countries, including the UK, without dispute and American patent officials hadn’t found a problem.

    On a social media post, the owners of the app have claimed that this tech company has done this to dozens of other small business fruit logo companies, and many have chosen to abandon their logo or close their doors.

    Last year, this story was put on a social media site and was picked up by a Canadian phone company and has since spread, drawing fresh attention to debates about whether tech giants are abusing their powers.

    On the surface, this lawsuit that this well known company has entered into doesn’t make any sense because both businesses’ offer different products.

    Having compared the two logo’s myself, for me, I didn’t automatically think of the well-known tech company, so is it possible that others will have the same impression?

    As a layperson, I cannot see any reason how this would hurt this tech company’s brand – one business is offering technology and the other is offering recipes.

    Whatever legal reasons this tech company comes up with, is it really worth all the time, money and resources that are going to be wasted?

    One company is a trillion dollar business while the other is an app offering food recipes – in truth, how much would this tech brand be hurt by this app?

    How much more does this company, and many other companies like this, want or need?

    In fact, it may even prompt people to buy from this company if they are reminded of it by the pear logo.

    Is it possible that this tech giant is using their considerable size to abuse their powers?

    Is it any wonder that there is such divisiveness in our world when we can put so much force into a seemingly inconsequential subject like this?

    Is it possible that, if we have an attitude of wanting More, More, More, will we ever get to a point where enough is enough?

  32. I have realised that wanting more even if I did not need it was just my way of operating in life.

    Then when I got what I wanted, I wanted even more and then more.

    Recently, I clocked how I went to the city to get a few specific things as I am not interested in online shopping unless I have to. I prefer face to face, engaging and communicating with people and also observing the high streets and what goes on in the shopping world.

    I had 2 celebrations and so I needed to go to certain shops.
    Of course, I was focussed as that is how I am in everyday life.
    There was no meanderings or distractions that could tempt me or take me off track.
    What became clear was how I got what I needed in record time and was travelling back home and with no sense of wanting anything more. It was complete and I was ready to get on with the next thing.

    In the past, my clothes, make-up and whatever would get a post-mortem – meaning a discussion and trying it on and talking about it blah blah.
    Now it is absolute. I only shop with purpose.
    It has no purpose then you will not find me in the shop and I don’t care what it is selling or trying to lure me in to buy.

    A friend of mine got upset as she wanted me to go to a department store with her as she wanted to get a picture frame. I would be driven there in the pouring rain so what was my problem. Told her straight, I do not go shopping unless there is purpose. Her response was that I can just look and mooch around without buying and for me that would be a waste of 3 hours.

    In my world, I would say what is possible in 3 hours that holds purpose?
    That is where I put my focus and it fuels me to have the energy vitality levels that I do have because I am not deviating and distracting myself instead of getting on with it.

    If I did go on that pointless shopping trip, I know that would be going off track and that I make sure I do not engage in when I know the end result = no purpose.

    What my friend got to see and feel is how I don’t waste time when there is so much work to be done that holds meaning and purpose.

    More more more of anything is a confirmation that we have a void and something is clearly missing in our life. No amount of attaining more is going to fill that gap.

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