Questions Questions

“The important thing is to NOT stop questioning”
Albert Einstein

  • Why do we ask Questions?
  • Why are young children constantly asking Questions?
  • Why is it important for us to ask Questions?
  • Is there a need for Questions?
  • What are we questioning?
  • Who are we questioning?
  • Why are we questioning?

From a very simple and basic understanding, children question everything, as they want to work things out and gain understanding so that they can learn.

Could it be possible that as adults, we at some point stop the questions and assume we are supposed to know the answers just because we are now grown up and society expects us to know?

Could it be possible that to pose questions can be uncomfortable or challenging for another so we avoid it at all costs?

Could it be possible that if we hold back asking questions about things that we know are not right, it guarantees things will never change?

Are we afraid that questions may lead to even more questioning and this feels disturbing to us?

  • Do we only question if it feels safe?
  • Do we calculate and work out what the response may be before we question anything?
  • Do we feel silly or stupid if we ask questions?
  • Do we feel we do not have the right to ask questions in certain situations?
  • Do we feel that our questions may not be valid or worth asking?
  • Do we feel our questions are not valuable so they do not deserve a response?
  • Do we expect others to ask questions for us and on behalf of us?
  • Do we feel uncomfortable knowing that by avoiding questions it harms others?
  • Do we know that asking questions helps us and our family, friends and community?

Do children sit there and work things out before asking a question?

No – they just keep asking and nothing stops them because they want to learn and grow.

It is innate and they ask questions well before they go to nursery or school.

Here is a clear sign that it is in us naturally to ask questions and yet we grow up and lose this ability to question things and be open to the answer.

So why do some of us choose to rarely question anything?

What stops us from asking questions?

  • Could it be possible that if we ask questions we are in effect asking others to respond?
  • Could it be possible that others may react to our questions and that feels scary?
  • Could it be possible that by asking questions we learn and grow?
  • Could it be possible that questions opens the door for us all to evolve?
  • Could it be possible that by not asking questions we are holding back something that could be valuable and important for our evolution?
  • Could it be possible that what you have to say is equally important for everyone to learn?
  • Could it be possible that if more people started to question things, our world may be different?
  • Could it be possible that what is missing is real honest questions?
  • Could it be possible that we focus on how the answer might be well before we even ask the question?
  • Could it be possible that we never give our self permission to ask questions?
  • Could it be possible that we only question those we know will give us the answer we want?
  • Could it be possible that we only question those we feel safe and secure with?
  • Could it be possible that we avoid questions publicly at all costs because others get to know your name and that feels too much?
  • Could it be possible that we play the joker and the funny guy because we do not want to be questioned seriously about anything?
  • Could it be possible that when we are questioned, we react and it is our reactions that make us feel uncomfortable?
  • Could it be possible that you feel there is no time for questions, as you just have to get on with life?
  • Could it be possible that by asking questions we have to take on some form of responsibility?
  • Could it be possible that our questions could mean that we are accountable on some level for what we are asking?
  • Could it be possible that all this questioning business is a total waste of time for you as you got far better things to do?
  • Could it be possible that you avoid questions unless it is about something you are confident talking about?
  • Could it be possible that by asking all these questions about why we question anything, is to get us to simply ponder on the following —

By asking questions we are saying that there is something more here to explore and we begin to open up a discussion that there is something bigger or grander on offer in that moment. To not ask the question confirms we stay stuck and comfortable exactly where we are. No change, no room for growth, no gradual development, so ultimately no evolving.

Inspired by the life and work of Serge Benhayon who has shown me that it is safe to question anything and be open to learning through understanding, as this allows for true evolution.





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  1. As I was reading this blog, the more I read I actually could feel myself giving myself permission to ask questions and that it’s OK. There’s actually nothing wrong with asking questions. You’ve brought a lot of understanding about questioning through this Blog Bina, it is true – How do we learn if we don’t allow ourselves to ask Questions and explore things?

    1. Well I can see no other way how we as a race of beings are going to evolve unless we start to ask questions and then get good at it and not be afraid to ask questions so we can learn. The thing is if we are seeking out someone to give us an answer then chances are we are not staying open to what is possible. A classic example could be you know alcohol is affecting your body and things are going hairy in your life and you want to give up but the people you go to for support all enjoy their glass of wine and say to you its ok just don’t drink too much. But you know deep down you are actually addicted to the stuff but you can hide it because of your status in society. So what happens?
      You probably stop asking questions and accept it and continue or struggle daily with trying to give it up.
      I stayed open and when I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I got my ‘ding dong’ moment about alcohol and it made sense. I know I kept asking questions like why did I need alcohol and why was I addicted to chocolate. The why why eventually got me sorted but without the questions I doubt I would be here writing this blog or comment.

      1. What a groundbreaking idea. If I get what you’re saying here, instead of trying to stop doing something you knew was bad for you/you didn’t like, you simply asked yourself why you’re doing it and kept asking until you got to the answer. Then when you got to the answer the behaviour could fall away because it wasn’t true for you. So simple, so effortless. In fact, it sounds like the most caring way to change your life. Blows all those self help books on Amazon out of the water.

  2. When I questioned adults as a child on anything that didn’t make sense to me, I was often told to be quiet or not to be so silly and that I was a nuisance if I persisted in my questioning or asked too many questions. I could also feel that some of my questions about life made the grown-ups feel uncomfortable. Short story, I put a lid on my questioning. I feel that this is a common story for most people – we are often not encouraged to ask questions, particularly those that challenge the status quo and then we get to accept this and go along in many instances because that is what gets us by. Asking questions is a mark of intelligence and shows we are looking more deeply at life. It is well worth overcoming any of the hurdles mentioned in this article that stop us asking questions – thanks Simple Living for the encouragement and the reminder.

    1. This is so true! And in fact I realised reading this blog that I have ‘put a lid on it’ moments as an adult too. When you ask questions and people’s reactions signal you’ve gone too far or you can feel it’s created a discomfort and you pull back so they don’t feel bad or so they don’t come at you or so you don’t lose face. In fact a wise person and someone dear to me told me a year or so ago that I ask too many questions and I could feel my response to that coming up as I read this blog. Coming up in a way for me to see that I’d put a lid on evolution by dialling down my questioning after that conversation – it let it have a real influence on me! How freeing to see the importance of questioning everything, in fact the responsibility we have to do so. If we take things at face value and never truly look beneath, that’s the same as accepting the constructs of society – the belief systems of other people and that’s the fastest way to become a lemming jumping off the cliff because all the other lemmings are doing it.

      1. What you say here is true because so many of us can relate to this JS about only asking questions to a point because we can feel another is in reaction or feeling the discomfort. So what do we do, pull back, hold back in order to make sure the other person doesn’t feel bad or come at you as you say.
        The bit that is interesting in your comment is you mention a wise person.
        In truth how wise was that person that you hold dear when you made a deliberate choice of ‘dialling down’ your questioning from that one conversation and how it had ‘a real influence’ on you.
        It is high time we learned how to discern others even those we stick on a pedestal and label as ‘wise’.
        Always go with what you feel and so what if you get it wrong, at least you learn. Subscribing and following what another says means you ‘put a lid on evolution’. Not worth it because our relationship with Evolution is what really matters.

  3. Great comment Josephine about it being common in most people, putting the lid on questioning. We rarely challenge the status quo and yet we tend to moan about the way the world is and how bad things are getting. I love what you say that ‘asking questions is a mark of intelligence and shows we are looking more deeply at life’.
    This is exactly it.
    If we don’t ask questions then we just go around and around and then wonder why our life is stuck and not shifting gear. If you think about it, without the questions we cannot actually move on, expand, develop and evolve.

  4. I love staying open and curious in the world – there is so much to learn and so much to understand when we stay open and curious – and our awareness can deepen as can our honesty through that too.

    1. Staying open is great and I agree Jane it does support us with our awareness.
      By not questioning anything we are guaranteed to go around and around with our own head talk and pick up the odd thing from out there – usually the media and think that is it.
      I know that when we ask questions others may not like it or it may disturb them but if we are honest to the best of our ability with no hidden agenda, then how can that be a bad thing. Einstein told us not to stop questioning an we all know he contributed something like that simple quote that we are still banging on about today. Why?
      There has to be something about never stop asking questions that we as a world need and this is why it still stands today. History has a way of doing this.

  5. OK, so now I’m asking myself why there have been times I did not question…

    I realize, for me that it is because I had given up; I held a belief that the hard stuff had no answer at the time; in other words I gave up on the possibility of there being another way to see it; thinking there is nothing that will answer my most desperate questions I felt hopeless, questions like how to get out of my poverty, depression, negativity, repeating mistakes and dysfunctional relationships…

    …when I read a bit of Serge Benhayon’s work that all changed. I realized what I already knew (I was reminded), that there are reasons for everything and with openness and questioning I CAN find the true understanding I needed to get free of what was not working for me and with that I have come a million miles.

    1. Great comment Jo Billings and you are living proof that when we have that ‘giving up’ energy running our body things feel hopeless and desperate. I know from my past experience when I had given up on life that to question anything would mean change.
      Sounds crazy but it is true. You want change but you are so exhausted and feel its not possible or you have a ton of excuses.
      The moment we start to question and bring in the WHY, things shift instantly.
      I got all this and more from the teachings of Serge Benhayon.
      He gave me permission to question anything and everything and this is why this website is dedicated to humanity and asking them questions non stop.

  6. I feel you are spot on here Bina. questioning everything is the key to evolving. So, why are we not questioning everything? I feel that we start out with all the questions in the world but over the years, when we feel we cant actually make any difference to what is going on in the world, we start to stop asking questions and take a back seat. We then look at events across the globe and we say ‘thats awful’ and then carry on as normal. So us not asking questions is perpetuating the likes of greed, corruption, human trafficking, cyber abuse, drugs, etc. Starting to ask questions is never too late and if we all to start to ask questions then those in authority have to start to answer our questions.

    1. This is a great comment Tim and well expressed – thank you.
      I agree that ‘we take a back seat’ and stop asking questions like we think ‘its over there and not in my world and what difference can I make’, so to speak.
      As you say by not asking questions, is where the problem is. That is why corruption, greed, human trafficking, drugs, cyber abuse are on the increase. If enough of us started to demand answers those who need to be accountable would have to answer.
      We, each of us individuals make up this world and so we as individuals need to be asking questions and not accepting anything less, which keeps us in this mess we are currently in.

  7. Reading this blog has got me to ask myself why do I not ask more questions?
    Why did I stop when it comes so naturally to a child. From your list I get a sense of some of it, something to feel into and look at today.. and to ask why is our world the way it is, in the state it is in, in all the areas of life? Thank You

  8. Something that struck me recently was observing kids asking question after question and of course they do it so they can learn.
    We all know that life is a constant learning and so that means asking questions should be a constant – throughout our life.

    By asking questions, I seem to lift the fog that is sometimes in the way of what I need to see clearly and things start to make more sense. If I get an understanding because of the questions I have asked then this helps me to accept things and move on.

    Not asking questions I feel is why we seem to just accept things in life and it is not always for our highest good. In other words it may not be the truth for our evolution.

  9. Not asking questions has limited my experience of the world. I had all these questions inside and I did not let them out. So no more of that. I am questioning everything now.

    Yes, asking questions, even if you do not get an answer, shows that you are open to another way. Interested in what life is all about.

    If you ask questions, you give the opportunity for another person to look at life differently and possibly ask another question that will inspire you.

    It also gives the opportunity to deepen a relationship with someone. Allows other people to see that you are interested in what is going on in the world.

    If something is not working, question it. It is the only way things will change.

  10. I was not sure what blog to post this comment on and it really is about us asking questions.

    Out in the community yesterday, so this is a small microcosm of our world, but as we know it has an affect on the whole world – macrocosm.

    Parents own a busy business and after school the boys aged 4 and 8 play on those screens non stop for about 4-5 hours.
    I was talking to them but they could barely say anything as they were hooked on ‘killing the bad guys’ and trying to beat their previous score.

    What was interesting was the older boy was super quiet and the younger one was very loud and vocal and was constantly being asked to keep quiet.

    Should we be asking Questions or just say nothing as that is what most would do?
    WHY are they so hooked on these screens?
    How is this going to support them in the future?
    What does engaging with non humans on a game for hours going to do?
    What is the purpose?
    What affect could this be having on their mental health?
    What affect does this have on their true health and well being?
    How are they coping or dealing with any emotions that may arise during the day?
    How do they feel about having no connection with parents after school?
    What is the quality of life when we give our children small screens to keep them busy?
    What is it about modern technology that has such an impact on our kids?

    WHY are parents in my community telling me their children are not sleeping as they are addicted to computer games?
    Is this a 911, or a wake up call for us, as these children are going to be our future generations?

  11. The question is am truly willing to commit to doing whatever is needed to support humanity?

    How far am I willing to go to surrender to God?

    If I am not not willing to totally surrender to God, then how can I surrender to anything?

    I am transitioning to a new job and new place to live. In the past I would just push through the process not really being open. I was making choices from a place of what society was asking of me not what felt right to me.

    I am now allowing surrender in all parts of my life. Surrendering to what ever is needed of me to support humanity. Very scary but it is what is needed, if we are to make true changes in the world.

    I am understanding that in order to move on in a surrendering way I first need to let go of all the things that I have done around creating a life of security. It is a process of trusting myself and God. That everything will be amazing.

    This process of letting go has already physical changed my body, and my life, I look and feel younger and there is less body tension. I am ready for whatever is next in my life.

    The old way of living life on our planet has not worked, it is time be honest about that and truly do something different. I am finding that if I can surrender to life, things just seem to flow. I feel like I am part of the plan rather then fighting for survival. That is the way our earth works and it is how we were meant to live.

  12. Questions are such an important thing to be asking so that we do not stay stuck and accept things as they are. I used to just accept everything as it is, my behaviours, the behaviours of others, how families are and how working life is, to name just a few areas of life, however there is no growth in that and by accepting things as they are, we actually allow abuse into our lives.

    For example – I used to accept that to be a woman it was important to be in a romantic relationship with a man.
    However as each romantic scenario occurred I would not feel great. For many years I would override this and push on through to try to make things work, but over the years I began to question – why I would feel emotional pain and whether this was normal?

    I questioned whether this was how relationships were supposed to be and most of all I started to question and inquire into what I felt I deserved.

    All of this has lead me to a point in my life where I have chosen to be single as a way of deeply respecting myself. This does not mean that I will never be open to a romantic relationship, but what it does mean is that through the questioning and the subsequent changes made it has lead me to raise the standard of how I choose to be treated in relationships. Without asking questions this would never have happened and I would have remained in very abusive relationships. Now I no longer have that in my life and it feels very good.

  13. A friend of mine recently pointed out to me how I keep asking questions and leave no stone unturned when I need to get to the bottom of something.

    We discussed WHY is this and how come I do this consistently?

    What I now realise is. how I live my life has something to do with it. This might sound way off and whacky but I don’t think so.

    Example – the way I choose to live is always reviewing things, be it in the office, workplace or home. That means questions – do I need this, does it support me, what is the purpose and so on…

    The way I look after myself and my home and my items has a deep care and respect and it goes without saying, others can feel it and it is clear as day. Blind freddy would notice I am in regard and hold the utmost respect for my shoes as I do my handcream.

    This is the same with the work and home. I do not see objects as less than something else. In my world, everything is everything and everything matters and is the same.

    Back to questions – I will let go of something once I have asked questions, why I am still holding on to it and why this and why that.
    I have a mind that is always asking questions so it is no surprise as the writer of this website, it is full of questions.

    Of course this questioning expands my understanding and I get to then question life, the world and everything that is going on.
    So I have come to the understanding that asking questions is the way to evolve because not asking questions stunts your growth if you ask me – involution, no evolution.

  14. I have seen time and again this week the power of a wise question.

    At one business meeting, a bigwig asked a really basic question that completely changed the course of a conversation. To do so, he had to ‘out’ the fact that he didn’t know about the subject being discussed, though everyone else around the table did.

    He was fearless in the question and did not try to be smart. He had no regard to whether the question would slow the course of the conversation, he simply felt it need asking and honoured that.

    And its simplicity really unlocked the discussion. EVERYONE came to greater awareness, even the experts.

    It was a fantastic reminder of how questions can truly serve and how holding back does a disservice to all of us.

  15. I was talking to an ex-policeman yesterday. He was sharing how tough it was as a police officer in East London.

    He said on an average evening, there would be a number of stabbing and other serious crimes. This meant that on arriving at work, the majority of officers would be out on a crime scene. This left a skeleton staff at the station and zero resource to deal with the ‘lower’ level but no less important crime and zero resource to be a presence on the streets.

    He gave examples of domestic abuse, neighbour disputes, burglaries, car or bike theft. Situations for which communities expect and need police support – support that he and his colleagues simply could not provide.

    He said it got him asking questions.

    Questions about the impact of poverty.
    Questions about politics and why more resources are not made available.
    Questions about what it would be like when you called for police help and nobody came.
    Questions about human nature and why we do what we do.

    Ultimately, also, questions for himself about whether he could continue working under those conditions.

    This conversation has opened my eyes to what is going on. It has got me asking more questions. In particular about how we can help bring about change day to day, from our own choices.

  16. My children ask awesome questions. Questions about everything. All the time.

    And such open questions – a true enquiry, without attachment to the answer and never doubting their entitlement to ask.

    I find this inspiring.

    It is like we get closed off as we get older and we can see in children that there is another way – one we know well, but have just forgotten.

  17. I just read a comment on this website posted on the alcohol blog – 18 June 2018

    “What if we all started asking questions that no one really wants to ask?”

    It would be true to say that this website is all about asking questions to the reader and it never seems to stop. Simple Living Global are consistently asking questions and as Einstein quotes at the beginning of this blog that questioning is important.

    So what is it about us that squirms away, is shy or uncomfortable to disturb the status quo in any situation?

    WHY have we got to this point where there are questions to be asked but no one really wants to ask?

    Is it that we are afraid or is it because it would mean change and we are creatures of habit and we like things familiar, even though it may be uncomfortable and painful at times for us?

    Whatever our reason is, I know for sure you do not become popular if you do question things and not agree with the masses.

    This website would be a classic example of this.

    With the content thus far – it holds great value and is a leader in consistent blog writing, with well researched articles and topics that would support many of us today in society who are struggling in a particular area.

    So the question is – how come the world and its brothers are not all over it yet?

    Could it be possible that Simple Living Global is calling people to RESPONSIBILITY and not selling ice cream in different flavours?

    In other words, this website is saying hey guys – time we get real and get honest and look at where our RESPONSIBILITY is in all the choices we are making everyday.

    If it was selling ice cream – it would be the number 1 popular site as it comes up with new flavours to indulge in our senses and offer zero evolution.

    What has just been said speaks volumes.

    It is giving us an insight of where we are really at right now as a race of beings.

  18. Metro News – 17 July 2018

    London has a free newspaper for those who use public transport.

    Page 2 of today’s metro has the following news headlines

    UK Fighter Jet of future unveiled

    Hit and Run driver filmed himself at 140 mph

    Ex-Model and Socialite dies aged 49

    Editing DNA for Designer Babies


    Can we stop here and take this in first?

    How does this type of news make us feel?

    We have only just got to page 2 – so what more is there to report about what is going on in our world and do we need to be asking some serious Questions?

    We have a £2 BILLION project and this new fighter jet will be in service in 2035.

    How old will we be and how far does that feel in the future?

    Do we see it as a big fat number or is there something else we could do if we were dishing out public money and sitting in the position of power when it comes to Defence spending for one country?

    Do we really need to defend OR do we need to get our act together and pull in every resource we have to work out HOW and WHY we have got Diabetes going on which is about to bankrupt the health system of this country?

    Then if we get that sorted, let’s go straight to heart disease, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, sleep issues and the list goes on and on…

    Yes it great for some to marvel at the advancements we are making, but is it the truth if ALL of us in society are not getting the EQUAL benefit?

    In other words, we all need to feel and agree that £2 billion is being spent in the right direction and for the greater good of all the people.

    Back to a fighter jet – has history taught us anything about fighting, war and defence?

    Ask any young child and they would have a wise statement that may give us a hint that we as humans were never designed to fight let alone go to war.

    Worth reading our blog on this website called – The War Inside Us

    Next – What gets into anyone who wants to film themselves speeding way above the legal limit and of course seriously injuring another?

    What is it about this need to do something daring on camera, other than wanting others to see it for whatever reason?

    Is there any purpose and have we considered at what cost if another is harmed?

    Next – Most of us would think a model and a socialite has it all, so why on earth would they die at such a young age?

    49 is not a natural time for ending a life when you are a millionaire.

    How does drug addiction affect someone and Why?

    What affect does it have on a human heart over time?

    Is being a socialite a kind of passport to assume we are better off than others?

    Are these the types of questions we need to be asking before we join the sympathy bandwagon or circulate the story, without knowing all the true facts that may need to be considered?

    Next – have we lost the plot first and foremost if our world is looking at DNA to get that designer baby we want?

    Is this the future or is this something man is creating to seek more of the indulgence it needs to avoid the pull up of real evolution?

    Will this kind of stuff simply retard us further and delay our natural cycles, which are asking us to evolve as a species on this earth plane?

    Is this how we need to be viewing newspapers when our eyes receive headlines that tells us clearly beyond doubt SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT or do we simply flick over to the next page and accept all the ills and wrongs that go on in our world, because the masses say nothing and do nothing?

    This is one tiny newspaper – so if we think about all the media and everything that is being circulated – why on earth are we all not up in arms demanding how it has got to this point where our world is telling us things are seriously off track?

    As this blog says at the start – a quote from Einstein

    The important thing is to NOT stop questioning

    So have we asked why do we avoid questioning something?

  19. Daily Mail – 25 August 2018

    Her Majesty’s Revenue Customs takes 5 minutes to answer the phone.
    What does this news headline tell us?

    Are we surprised?
    Are we bothered?
    Do we care about this kind of stuff?

    HMRC in their annual report admits the failings are down to the fact that it expected more people to be using their digital services.
    This meant enough staff were not employed to answer the phone.

    The critics are saying it comes down to a lack of interest in the older generations who are less likely to want to deal with the taxman over the internet.
    We have 4 million older people who do not use computers at all.

    I would class myself as ‘old school’ because I did not grow up with computers, smart phone or gadgets.
    It works for me and keeps my life very simple.

    Yes I use a computer daily but don’t ask me to do online stuff as I prefer the good old fashion human being at the other end, who knows what I need to do and not do and bingo we get to it with no technical hitch, as no technology was used in the first place.

    To summarise – do we need to be asking questions?

    WHY is a government body making plans based on ‘expecting more people to use their digital services’ without doing their homework first?

    Where are these decisions made and who is making them?

    Are those who make these plans living a digital life themselves?

    In other words, they are online kings and therefore have a blind spot to the needs of what others in our world may need?

    What if the good old fashion way allows for minimal complications and saves time all round?

    What if the old way of talking to a human actually keeps us connected and real with others?

    What if we offered a service where those who want to talk are allowed to do that and not be expected to change because the mass want it digital?

    What if when it comes to our tax, we know the safest and most supportive way is to deal with it in person and that means talking to someone at the other end of the phone?

    As this blog states, we need to be asking more questions and this comment has done exactly that.

  20. The Guardian – 1 September 2018

    A record number of visits were made to sexual health clinics in England last year.

    3,323,275 attendances in 2017 – this is equivalent to an extra 1,471 a week.

    “Funding cuts have come at the worst possible time.
    Record demand for services, dramatic increases in syphilis and gonorrhea diagnoses and the spread of treatment- resistant infection in recent years mean that many services are struggling to cope, despite valiant efforts from staff.”
    Dr. Olwen Williams – President of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV.

    £600 million is the planned reduction in public health funding by 2020-21.

    The grant for 2018-19 of £3.2 billion is not enough.

    So what can we all do right now?
    Can we start by asking more questions? –

    How has it got to this point in the first place?

    Does real education play a part – in other words do we need to educate everyone about sexual health?

    Do we need to look at the root cause and study why there is such a rise in sexually transmitted diseases?

    Are we avoiding the real Responsibility that is needed, if we are to engage in any sexual practice?

    Do we sit and blame the government, the education system or the person who gave us the disease, or do we ask how we got to this point?

    How do we really stop it?
    How do we make real changes, so we reverse the rising numbers?

    Without all of us asking questions and not avoiding this topic, which makes most of us uncomfortable and we would want to avoid at all costs, we are not going to see any real change.

    If there is a rise like never before, then we each have a duty to talk about this stuff, so we can eventually get to the why.

    Something is not right, if we have so much of this going on today.
    Over 3 million seeking help is speaking volumes if we are willing to just stop and consider this.

    We cannot continue living in this way and our overstretched health bill could be putting funds elsewhere, if we could end lifestyle choice dis-eases such as this.

    What if we simply started with the question –
    Where is our Responsibility?

    Is it our lack of Responsibility that is reflected in our day to day lifestyle choices that gives rise to many of the modern day ills such as sexually transmitted diseases?

    Simple Living Global are presenting blogs and comments and at the core of everything is the word RESPONSIBILITY.

  21. This week I read about a cleaning company who have naked cleaners advertising on social media for staff. They have a – ‘you can look but don’t touch policy’ and are advertised as being a sought after service with highly professional staff.

    Why on earth would any of us want naked cleaners?

    This is surely some kind of fetish – but instead of just closing our papers and reading on – have we for one moment stopped to ask WHY?

    Why would we want to see naked bodies cleaning our homes?

    Is it possible that the purpose, in truth is not to have a clean home, if this is what we are desiring?

    What does the professionalism refer to – is it the ‘look but don’t touch policy’?

    What have we come to if we are allowing this kind of degradation in society?

    I know that we generally have the view that we have free will and we can do what we like, which is true – but have we ever considered the message we are giving out by having these practices?

    Is this a type of pornography – disguised as legitimate work and if so, how far will it go?

    1. I also read this news story and my first question was how come it costs £65 per hour and who will get most of that money – the naked cleaner or the company hiring them?

      There are many who would see this as a laugh or something to talk about down the pub or whatever, others like you Shevon will question it further.
      Some may not think it is a kind of degradation as we all have our own views and opinions.

      The fact it has made it to the newspapers tells me it will no doubt shock some and also interest some to perhaps consider whether they want this type of service.

      If we all started asking questions, then we can get to the root of WHY we would want to have a naked cleaner in our home.

      The ad said any shape and any size, but will other companies offer ‘bespoke’ so you get exactly what you desire?

      Who benefits and what is the purpose?

      Are these the real questions we need to be asking?

      Would a cleaner end up saying yes because it pays more than the general hourly rate which is poor compared to most jobs?

      Do we throw our moral compass out and waive our standards of decency, integrity and respect because big bucks are involved?

      Do we live a double life by having a secret naked cleaner and think no one will ever know, as we present a completely different image to the outside world?

      Without questions, we just accept things and that means no changes.

      What if we are here to question so that we can get to the truth of everything because everything matters, however small or menial we may think it is in the big scale of things?

  22. The Telegraph – 4 February 2019

    NHS Fraud Squad: Catching the crooks stealing £1.3 billion from the system

    Much of the money stolen is done by people on the inside – doctors, dentists, opticians, members of hospital senior management and admin staff have all been found guilty of substantial amounts of fraud.

    NHS Counter Fraud Authority say that they see a number of cases involving dentists.

    One NHS staff member had been found to have hiked up the price that the hospitals had paid for supplies on invoices on hundreds of occasions,. The mark up was up to 1,600%.

    One NHS Fraud Authority investigator, shares in the article that his most significant case was of a group of medical staff who were employed full-time by one hospital, but during their NHS paid hours they were working off site on private contracts at other hospitals. They billed the service for 14,000 hours of work that they didn’t conduct; defrauding the NHS out of more than £1 million. The group of staff were led by a manger who was a part of the fraudulent activity as well.

    Have we stopped to ask why this is going on?

    The NHS is there to provide medical treatment and care to people who need it. All of us use the NHS and need it at various points in our lives from birth to death, so what would make us de-value the service by committing acts of fraud – a service that we all need?

    What gets into us that we put self and our own needs and desires above integrity and at the very least decency?

    At a time when the NHS is on the brink of bankruptcy due to the ever increasing demand for services – what would make us behave in a way that means we further outstrip this valuable health system of its resources, just for personal gain?

    Are these the type of questions that we need to be asking, if we truly care.

  23. Post

    Dr. Max – Daily Mail 25 May 2019
    Page 53

    A new study just published has found that penis enlargement surgery does not work and carries high risks of complications.

    British experts who conducted the research found that many procedures leave men physically and mentally scarred, plus the majority are not satisfied with the results.

    Despite calls for the procedures to be banned, the private sector continues to exploit men’s insecurities.

    Procedures can cost up to £40,000 and many desperate men convince themselves that this will be the answer to their problems.

    It is clear it won’t be and in reality many men who undergo these operations have severe low self-esteem, while some have body dysmorphia – a psychological condition where people fixate on one part of their body and become convinced it is deformed or requires alteration.

    Dr Max Pemberton says these men need psychological – not surgical help.

    Is it time to ask some serious questions –

    How many of us are actually aware this is going on?

    Do we judge or feel sorry for these men?

    Do we blame those who perform the surgery?

    Do we ask WHY any man would want to go through this?

    What is behind a man wanting to have a large penis?

    What is missing in his life?

    Is this surgery really going to fill the void he feels?

    Is there more we need to question to get to the root of this?

    Why does society allow this type of stuff to continue under the notion of ‘free will’?

    Are we aware of the knock on effect – in other words the consequences of such choices to have a high risk surgery which can lead to complications?

    Where are these thoughts coming from that feed the minds of these men?

    Is this where we need to start and dig deep so we can one day get to the answer?

    Or do we start with this – SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT

    Agree and unite on this and see what unfolds…?

  24. Independent World News – 30 April 2021

    We could say that criminal activity has gone to another level.

    This was not the stealing we would expect – mobile phones, designer handbags or trainers.
    It was Lego from a toy shop near Paris.

    Lego looting is on the rise and we may be asking WHY?

    The rise in black market Lego sales is on the rise as collectors have pushed prices of some sets to previously unthinkable levels.

    An investigator says “Lego is not just for children. Many adults play with it and there are swaps and sales on the Internet. Homes have been broken into and Lego stolen. In California, the police foiled a crime ring specialising in Lego theft and other states have cases going back to 2014.

    Some Lego sells for phenomenal prices and adult sets are the most expensive. Lego sets are hard to trace as bricks have no serial numbers. Stealing and re-selling on the black market is easy – the stolen goods are effectively laundered.

    Asian made fakes sell at a fraction of the price, even though the pieces are not the same quality as the original made in Denmark.

    There are investors – collectors who buy in the same way some people play on the stock market. Sets can surge in value after they go out of production, which happens frequently. Lego yielded an average return of 11% from 1987 to 2015, outperforming traditional investments like gold, stocks and bonds. Many buy, put them in their loft and sell years later on eBay, according to the editor of Collectors Gazette.

    Celebrities are fans and a new hobby for many during lockdown restrictions has added to the high rise and demand for this toy. It is a prime target for thieves because it has a huge following of all ages and this makes it very desirable and easy to resell.

    Dear World

    Do we need to be asking questions when a simple building toy for our kids has turned into some kind of commodity and asset that is now associated with making money?

    Our demand for whatever toy, designer watch or fast car is what the suppliers supply.

    No point blaming the suppliers as they are only in business because of us seeking the goods.

    What is the purpose of acquiring a toy, be it a specialised brick building set with a theme of a movie, to store it away and then sell it later for profit?

    Do we ALL need to start questioning our relationship with money and the security we associate with having more?

    What is really driving this?


    The Guardian – 27 June 2021

    Astrophysicists are now looking for the waves created by the big bang itself.

    About 10 billion-trillion-trillionths of a second into the start of creation in the big bang, the universe is believed to have had a brief but absurdly fast growth spurt.

    Now our space agency scientists are setting their sights on grander targets and hoping they might soon be able to detect the faint echoes of the universe’s inflationary birth throes, almost 14 billion years ago, using the largest instrument ever built.

    It is hundreds of times bigger than the Earth, the planned gravitational wave detector will float in space and look for wobbles in spacetime caused by all manner of immense astrophysical convulsions.

    Enough said and there is no blog on here that can even relate to this as it has nothing to do with humanity and human life.

    So let’s start with asking some serious questions here.

    Firstly, what is the point and what is the purpose to find out about anything that happened 14 billion years ago?

    How many of us in this world can fathom, calculate, comprehend or even know what 14 billion actually is?

    Where is it going to get us as a race of beings if we are looking out into space for something that seems irrelevant in our current times where life is a mess on earth?

    What on earth is a 10 billion-trillion-trillionths of a second – a bit of knowledge that we know how to spell or is it that we know it is wow wow because we have scientists so clever they can come up with numbers like this?

    Why are we marvelling at our great advancements when we have created so many ills on this planet that we enhouse?

    WHY are we not getting all those smart, intelligent, knowledgeable academics that we call scientists and telling them they better work together until they come up with the root cause of heart disease, which happens to be our number one killer on earth?

    WHY are we allowing astrophysicists to go off and give us news that says “might be” which means it may not happen and put resources in outer space when the space we occupy here on this earth plane is really in need of help in every area?

    We can all be staggered at knowing that we have an instrument built to send into space that is the largest ever and hundred times bigger than the earth.

    So if we are that amazing and can create what we want with our so-called great minds, then let us put those minds collectively working together to some real use.

    Let us get an Independent Public poll and find out do we, the people – the ordinary citizens suffering with some illness, disease or mental health issue – do we want to spend our resources to get to the root cause of illness and disease OR do we want it spent on outer space knowledge that cannot and will not ever evolve us as a species?

    Without us changing the direction of our everyday conversations and talking about topics like this, we stand little chance of ever turning the tides of our public health.

    It is time to stop marvelling at our way off advances and get real, open our eyes, as we can see it everywhere – our world is suffering and we are not on the front foot.

    We are nowhere near ending illness or dis-ease, as we have yet to work out how it gets there in the first place. Add to that addictions, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, people trafficking, child abuse and every mental health issue we have and here is our confirmation.

    As the quote from Einstein says at the beginning of this article:
    “The important thing is to NOT stop questioning”

    So Dear World, let us keep questioning everything, when we know and can sense something is not right, as it makes no sense.

  26. The Guardian – 30 June 2022

    Researchers have found that Astronauts lose decades’ worth of bone mass in space that many do not recover, even after a year back on Earth, warning that this could be a “big concern” for future missions to Mars.

    The study also showed how spaceflight alters the structure of bones themselves.

    Previous research has shown that astronauts lose between 1-2% of bone density for every month spent in space, as the lack of gravity takes pressure off their legs when it comes to standing and walking.

    The researchers found that the shin bone density had not fully recovered after a year on Earth and they were still lacking about 10 years worth of bone mass.

    They do not know whether it will continue to get worse over time.

    A 2020 modelling study predicted that over a 3 year space flight to Mars, one third of astronauts would be a risk of osteoporosis.

    Co-author Dr. Steven Boyd of Canada’s University of Calgary and Director of the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health said Osteoporosis is known as “the silent disease”.

    Dr. Guillemette Gauquelin-Koch – the head of medicine research at France CNES Space Agency said the weightlessness experienced in space is the “most drastic physical inactivity there is. Even with 2 hours of sport a day, it is like you are bedridden for the other 22 hours. It will not be easy for the crew to set foot on Martian soil when they arrive – it is very disabling.”

    Dear World

    There is not yet a blog on this website called “Is it worth it?” where this could be aptly posted, so let’s just ask more Questions.

    Is space travel really necessary and needed for the evolution of humanity if even one human being is affected in anyway?

    Is the shin bone density telling us something serious that we are choosing to pay little attention to after all these years of space travel?

    What is behind us wanting to visit another planet that the human vehicle is clearly not designed to travel to as it takes several years?

    WHY are we over-riding all the health risk factors and not asking is it worth sending another astronaut up to the moon and back?

    Without consistent questioning we can be assured we are not really going to make any real changes.

    And finally – worth reading the quote at the top of this article from Einstein.

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