Karma Karma

What on earth is karma all about?
Does it exist?
Is it some eastern thing?
Is it there to scare us?
Where did this come from?
Why do we have this karma thing?

Could it be possible Karma is teaching us something?

Most of us have heard of the word karma and it is the old saying we all know –
“What goes around comes around”.

So let us explore what this could possibly mean and what it would look like.

Dictionary tells us Karma is (in Hinduism and Buddhism)
The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as affecting their future fate. (1)

Could it be possible that having to payback what we have done feels a bit too much?

Could it be possible that to re-balance our life, we need to feel what harm we have done, so we do not repeat it again?

Could it be possible that karma is not a bad thing but something that is necessary for us to learn so that we can evolve?

Could it be possible that there is such a thing as good karma?
Could it be possible that good karma is where we leave imprints on this earth that do not harm?
Could it be possible that these imprints of grace add up and our life reflects that back to us?
Could it be possible that good karma confirms we are taking Responsibility for our choices?

Could it be possible that if we took karma seriously, there would be no harm on this earth?

Could it be possible that we want a future that does not hold us accountable for any of our past actions?

Could it be possible that if karma really does exist, then we could be dealing with something in this life that originally came from a previous life?

Could it be possible that karma has been around since day dot because we all need to learn and evolve from where we are at?

Could it be possible that if we thought karma was true, we would need to pay attention to the choices we are making in everyday life?

This may all seem too much or we could view it as something really simple –

What if what we think, say and do comes back to us in one way or another?
What if there is no escaping from this as it is a natural universal law? What if karma does exist but it is more comfortable and convenient to think it doesn’t?

Could it be possible that we do not want to look at this word and think it applies to us, as that would mean we have to take total responsibility for all our actions?

How would karma feel if we were at the receiving end of something we have done?

Example – you commit a crime and you go to prison and do your time – that is the legal punishment. But what if that was not the end and that one day, you have to be at the receiving end of the same type of crime and that is the karma?

What if that is where the true balance is and once this happens, you get to feel what it is like to be on the other side and so you will never ever do it again.

Could it be that simple?

This may sound weird, way out and whacky or totally off but think about it – we live in a world where everything goes around and then comes back.  Everything is in cycles – the moon, the earth and the sun.

So what if karma was a cycle and that our actions have a consequence, which has to go around and come back but this time, we are on the receiving end. Then that cycle is closed.

How would we be living our life if we knew that Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING we do has a consequence and what we put out there – good or bad is coming back to us and it is all registered. Whatever you choose to do, even if nobody ever knows or finds out, is recorded by your soul and you cannot get away from that.

How would you choose to live if the above was true and karma does exist?

What if you carry forward into your next life all the karma that you did not clear this time?

Why do we not want to contemplate or consider that re-incarnation exists?
Could it be because it would mean it is the ultimate Responsibility?
Could it be possible we are not really getting away with it even if we like to think we are?

Whatever our view on re-incarnation, would it make sense to start living in a way as if ‘big brother’ is watching every single moment, so we are not able to really get away with it?

What if our actions are in deep regard and care of ourselves and others and every single thing that exists in our world?

Consider what our future karma would look like?
Consider how our future lives would be?
Consider what imprints of grace we could leave on earth?
Consider how our actions could inspire others?
Consider a world where everyone understood karma?

What if we came back into a new life where we no longer fear karma because we took the Responsibility to the best of our ability to not bring harm in any way.

Whatever our thoughts maybe, it is worth considering that what we put out into the world is coming back to us.

Dear World

Even if we think karma is nonsense and does not exist, would it be true to start living in a way that does not harm self, others or anything on our planet?

Could it be possible that we do not need to worry about karma if we simply live in a way that is deeply caring towards ourselves and others and our precious planet?


(1) Concise Oxford English Dictionary – Twelfth Edition. Oxford University Press. 2011





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  1. Everyone knows what karma is, maybe not by that word, but we can all feel when we do something that is not right. Many choose not feel it, because that brings up a level of responsibility that is too much.

    1. Yes we can all feel even if we choose not to be aware of that immutable fact.
      We do know what is wrong because innately we know what is truth.
      What you are saying Ken makes sense – that it brings up a level of responsibility that is just too much if there was such a thing called karma.

  2. I don’t feel there could be a more important topic than the true understanding of karma. Karma asks us to consider why humans are in such a mess and what we can do about it…

    When I understand karma I can no longer hide my irresponsibility, I can no longer hide in my jungle of illusions which I use for excuses not to own the consequences of my intentions, thoughts and actions, such as: I am victim, I am too small, incompetent, weak, pitiful to do anything about “it” or simply ” it can’t be that way because I cant deal with it”.

    Once I started taking more responsibility, I began to see everything differently. With each move toward accountability and harmlessness I can see how much love there is in us and all around us supporting us to choose a more loving way.

    I can see and feel how karma is pure love and that it is only intimidating because we have been ignoring True Love for so long; we don’t want to “face the piper”… but eventually we have to anyway so why not start now?

    No longer can I live in the painful procrastination, unconsciously knowing I am harming. Working on re-awakening my awareness and sense of responsibility is challenging, yes but rewarding beyond measure.

    I will not go back to the suffering of resisting karma to hold back all the love I am.

  3. What a great comment Jo Elmer and your first sentence speaks volumes –
    “I don’t feel there could be a more important topic than the true understanding of karma.”

    Why this karma stuff is super important is because it simply gets us to look at our choices and that means that word again RESPONSIBILITY.
    As you have said from lived experience that once you started taking responsibility in your life, you began to see things differently. Every moment counts and each one offers us the opportunity to become more and more responsible with our choices. Not harming is key here and that means our self, our precious body, all others who reside on this planet and every single thing because everything is everything.

  4. The fact that this blog speaks of both good and harmfull karma is super important as it further confirms that everything matters and nothing happens by chance. There is no luck, accidents or ill fortune, as everything happens due to what we left behind. This can be a painful lesson to learn or a celebration of the fact that we are the masters of our lives and what we give out comes back to us; there are no special ones.

    1. Great comment Shevon as most of us don’t like the word Karma as we see it as the harmful stuff coming back to us. But what if there is also good karma and what a confirmation that is for us. I call it imprints of grace and that as you say is a celebration.
      Either way we reap what we sow as the saying goes. One is painfull until you choose to change and the other gets you in the flow of life where things happen and you feel the grandness of a bigger picture knowing there is so much more.

  5. That word karma can stop some of us in our tracks.
    I say some as of course not everyone would bother or even consider that their irresponsible way of living may have to be balanced in some way by the natural Laws of the Universe.
    It would be true to say that we don’t want to even contemplate, let alone think karma exists and that it is real because that would mean we would have to change the way we are choosing to live.
    We would need to put RESPONSIBILITY ACCOUNTABILITY INTEGRITY at the top of our priority list and that is not something we feel ready to do as we are comfortable in our irresponsibility. I know this from my own lived experience.

    It took a man called Serge Benhayon, 11 years ago to present another way to live with absolute Responsibility that pressed my buttons but got me to the Truth I now choose to commit to and live everyday – without perfection of course.

  6. So the question I get reading this blog is WHAT WOULD MY SOUL DO? For me this is what makes sense. If we had a soul and it was responsible for our choices, what decisions would it make? And if I’m choosing something different, something harmful, then I’m going to cop it at some point, because I’m working against the natural order, against my fellow man or woman, for example. What is coming to me typing this is also that there is another angle to all this. If it is possible that every situation that occurs that we wish was not occurring, is the result of our previous choices coming back to us, then there is a completely different way to respond to those situations. Instead of ranting and raving and wishing things were different and woe is me, we could pause and have a really good look – take stock and consider that maybe there’s a reason for it and that there is a responsibility to embrace. That would then open up a completely different opportunity. There would be something to learn and appreciate EVERY time. We could move forward from each event enriched in some way, having relinquished a bad behaviour or cancelled out a debt or at the very least learned something important (however small).

    1. In response to your comment here JS, lets suspend all ideals and beliefs for a moment and take it that we are here on earth to Learn.
      So when things are ugly and we think bad luck is what it is or karma biting us in the butt, it may just be a simple learning from our soul to help us evolve. However without that word RESPONSIBILITY nothing will change and things will get worse.
      If we see everything that happens as a form of learning, then it is likely we will not get the stick out and go into negative nellie behaviour. Instead we will see it like we do parenting a young child who has made a mistake. If it repeats itself then it is worth having “a really good look – take stock and consider that maybe there is a reason for it..” as you say. This is the start of real change and coming from lived experience that works.

      Finally, incase anyone out there is asking or is curious – what happens when it seems like we have been a goody goody and something ugly happens?
      The answer on this karma blog would be saying – time to consider re-incarnation and that way you know WHY things happen and there is no getting away from anything. This takes that word RESPONSIBILITY to a completely different level. Call it ‘Ultimate Responsibility’. In other words, what you are doing right now can and will affect your next life. Most of us will not want to hear this and dismiss it as twaddle or nonsense. But what if it were true? How would we choose to live now?

  7. Reading this blog Simple Living Global – it feels as though there is always karma – either karma where we make a disregarding choice in the way we are living that harms us or karma we make a deeply regarding caring choice that nourishes and supports us. Whichever way we go – it is still karma – as our every move, action, word, thought has a constant ripple effect, a consequence – which is karma. In the end it is is our choice as to which karma we choose, one where we have to ‘pick up the pieces’ or one where we build, evolve, and grow a solid foundation.

    1. Yes there are two sides to this karma stuff as you say Jane. Good karma, so to speak is like imprints of Grace we leave on the earth which do not harm us, others or our precious planet. The other one is what most of us are familiar with and it comes with the irresponsibility that we choose to live. The thing is we think we are getting away with it but are we really honestly?
      ‘pick up the pieces’ is not what we want so why not start by looking at the word RESPONSIBILITY and make choices with that word in mind.
      No perfection needed and no prizes for getting on with it. We should all be doing our bit so we stop this ill way of living on our earth plane.

  8. I have felt that if everybody took true responsibility for their lives it would totally transform our world. Their would be no need to make laws, no police, no courts, no prisons, no need for karma.

    Why is it that mankind is the only species that needs to create things to control it’s behavior? It is because we feel we do not have to or do not want to take responsibility for ourselves. Is this something that the most advanced species on earth wants to claim?

    I feel I have lived a responsible life, but with support from Simple Living Global I am understanding what true responsibility is. I am now taking more responsibility for my past irresponsibility.

    1. TRUE RESPONSIBILITY is a tall order for most of us. It is asking us to be aware of the choices we are making in every moment. Also to know that every thought, action and word holds a responsibility. So we cannot just cyber abuse under the cloak of anonymity or harm others because we think we can get away with it.
      Every single thing we think and do will have a consequence. That saying ‘what goes around comes back around’ is what this Law of cause and effect is about.
      What if our future will be what you are saying here Ken and our world will be totally transformed without the systems in place to control man as it will not be needed.
      Does this statement sound way off and whacky to those who avoid that word RESPONSIBILITY in how they choose to live their life?

  9. I grew up around the existence of karma and re-incarnation but there was no particular teachings offered in how it could impact our lives in the present day and future lives. It was often associated with something ‘bad’ being done, then it would be karmic but unaware it could also be karmic when ‘good’ was done, that part was withheld from me.

    We all need more understanding as there is so much responsibility to living life than just existing but to question or ponder – why this incident/accident happened to me? Instead of living life with a blind fold.

  10. Great point you make here Shushila about there is more to living life than just existing.
    Most of us are just bopping on in life not really giving it any thought about how our choices might have consequences no matter what they are and that we actually are not getting away with anything.

    This blind fold life that most of us subscribe to seems to be a comfortable option as it has no challenges and we can cruise and delay our evolution as we have this thing we call free will. In other words do what we want, when we want and not be accountable.

    But what if there was truth in this blog and there is such a thing as karma?
    How would we all be living if karma was real and very much a universal law?

  11. It makes sense that the seemingly unexplainable things that happen to us can be from a previous life and that they are Karma .. an opportunity to learn from, move on from and choose to live a different way from, to evolve from … so we live in a responsible way that brings harmony to our lives, humanity and earth.

  12. This is a great blog as it is asking us, as a race of beings, whether we are prepared to take total responsibility for every choice we make.

    Although for a lot of us, the notion of re-incarnation and karma is too ‘out there’, it really is a possible explanation for some things that can’t be explained, like:

    Why is it that some people seem to get away with doing bad things?
    Why is it that some people are born with medical conditions?
    Why are some people born into extreme poverty or wealth?
    Why are some people born into countries where there is famine or war?
    Why are some people killed through crime?
    Why are some people killed through accidents or natural disasters?
    Why are some people very good looking?
    Why are some people very short or very tall?

    There are many things that happen to us which can’t readily be explained but applying the principles of karma makes a lot of sense.

    When the word karma is used, most people immediately go the negative side, but as you say, ‘karma is not a bad thing, it is necessary for us to evolve’.

    Is it possible, that if we see karma, and therefore re-incarnation in this way, we would start to take more responsibility for all of our choices?

    And by taking responsibility, karma would never be seen as anything but positive.

  13. I used to be scared of that word Karma.
    Growing up in the indian culture, karma is used almost to scare us and never once did anyone say that there is good karma. In other words our footprints, our choices can be in regard to our self and our body, others and our planet. So we stop the harm and this is like footprints of grace.

    So my understanding now is that our choices can bring the karma back to balance everything or we can have more of the great stuff simply by choosing to live in a way that is true.

    I know that the ultimate Responsibility is re-incarnation and conveniently I did not want to know that truth because it gave me permission to continue with my ill living ways.
    However, with my unwavering commitment to life, I know that when I pop off, I have started with my karma credits and continue to do so, which confirms great life next time.
    Maybe a bit too much for most to fathom or get their head around but what if this is true and not twaddle?

  14. I used to see Karma as a negative thing we went through/had not the positive as well and had a pretty limited view on it.
    I now have a greater and deeper understanding of Karma and I have learned much about this from my own experience as I address my disregarding ways in life and deal with my hurts bringing in love and care for myself.

    I now feel the quality this is building that will carry through to my next life and see how this is my Karma too.

  15. Many years ago, I would have loved to have had a website like this where I could express and share something that I feel is worthy of commenting on.

    On that note – I was talking to a friend about someone who shared their victim story and no doubt many of us would go into sympathy.

    But what if we need to look outside the box so to speak?

    In other words not just see it as someone trapped in a marriage and wanting to get out, but with a long list of what they want before they make the move to actually leave.

    This victim calculated the marriage when she met this man, who she thought was wealthy and offered her free accommodation, marriage so she could get her visa to stay and a monthly income that she requested as a condition of the relationship, as this was needed to send back home to her family.

    Well this arrangement was ok to start but soon after, this man lost his job and has never worked since. Now in debt and isolated, he rarely leaves the house and this is 15 years later.

    The victim has got herself a business employing staff and is financially doing well and our conversation was a lot to do with how she is saving every single penny.

    She seems bitter about the fact that her mother got very ill and the private medical costs were very high and it has wiped away all her savings and that means her dreams.

    On reflection, I was saying to my friend – could it be possible this is like the universal law of oneness where there is a correction?

    In other words, she has used this man in a very manipulative and calculating way with the main purpose about making money and it may seem that to a point that did work.

    But at what cost and was it worth it?

    I wonder if we ever think that operating life in this way is going to work for us and we are really getting away with it OR do we have this unrest and un-settlement, as this lady clearly did, simply because her behaviour is not the truth.

    This means we cannot manipulate others for our own personal gain and if we do so, there will come a point where the law of oneness steps in and balances the books, so to speak. We could call that the karma of the imprints – the footsteps one has taken that cannot continue.

    When I am asked do I believe in karma, I always say “No – I don’t believe in karma, I just KNOW it exists. It is about taking Responsibility for our choices in the knowing that our actions and our thoughts affect everything and everyone”.

    Just to be clear, I am no halo head or someone who is anywhere near perfect, but I do make a conscious effort and have done so for a very very long time to not diddle another or have a hidden agenda for my own personal gain.

  16. Met Terry today – the man who has worked hard in the building trade, working with sand blasters on brick work for 50 years.

    He shared some wisdom and I could feel he was genuine.

    We had a conversation and my husband mentioned about those who have work done and do not want to pay. Terry said back in the old days and even now people will throw paint or smash the building if no payment is received. We talked about revenge and how human behaviour is so disgusting in the way we are when it comes to money.

    He said that he has stuck by this quote – they pay or they don’t.
    If they have any issue he tells them straight “Keep the money as you obviously need it” and he leaves. It is not his style to chase payments or do anything revengefull.

    It got me thinking what a great way to be as it eradicates the ‘fight’ so to speak.
    He is not interested in playing games or having any fight, so it is said and that’s the end of it.

    I loved hearing this and wondered how many of us would benefit if we could embrace this ‘no point getting into a fight’ because in truth there are no winners.

    The people who refuse to pay may justify or make excuses or complain but what if none of it is important because karma takes care of everything?

    What if there are Laws in our Universe and there is a law that ensures everything has to come around so that we are at the receiving end of what we have done. In this case the person who avoids payment gets to feel another’s behaviour doing what they did back to them.

    We could call this hogwash or nonsense but what if there was karma and the only reason we do not want to align or subscribe to what this is really about is because it gives us the freedom to do what we want without any accountability?

    Sounds a bit strong and perhaps harsh for some sensitive people but what if this was the actual truth?

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