Expression is Everything

Not sure you heard this one before but I first heard it from a man called Serge Benhayon.

Well what on earth does that mean – Expression is Everything?

What is it saying?

What is it telling us?

What does that look like?

How does that feel?

How is that in our daily life?

Is it about writing and talking?

Is it more?

Well I realised that it literally is EVERYTHING.

  • How I choose to say No to late nights – that is Expression.
  • How I make my bed – that is Expression.
  • How I empty the trash – that is Expression.
  • How I clean the washing machine soap dish regularly – that is Expression.
  • How I walk and not stomp around in anger or frustration – that is Expression.
  • How I place the food into the supermarket trolley – that is Expression.
  • How I meet people at the train station – that is Expression.
  • How I hang my washing with great care always – that is Expression.
  • How I say what I feel and not bottle it up – that is Expression.
  • How I choose to take my stuff out of the car after every trip – that is Expression.
  • How I tidy up every single evening before bedtime – that is Expression.
  • How I choose to clean my glasses every day before using them – that is Expression.
  • How I always thank the bus driver when I get off my bus – that is Expression.
  • How I choose to live simple and basic now – that is Expression.
  • How I stay open and chat to anyone at a police conference – that is Expression.
  • How I support others at the launderette every week – that is Expression.
  • How I tell my friend her text was a load of twaddle – that is Expression.
  • How I say ‘No Thanks’ to alcohol at the xmas party – that is Expression.
  • How I call out the manager at work when he said something out of line – that is Expression.
  • How I told a business colleague their email was avoiding my question – that is Expression.
  • How I write blogs and comments – that is Expression.

Did you know ignoring someone is Expression?
Did you know having a secret affair is Expression?
Did you know doing porn in private is Expression?
Did you know using fake names and abusing people on-line is Expression?
Did you know throwing litter on the streets is Expression?
Did you know treating your home better than you treat public places is Expression?

Did you know slamming the car door is Expression?
Did you know kicking anything is Expression?
Did you know venting your anger and frustration as you walk is Expression?
Did you know swearing is Expression?
Did you know gossiping, judging or cursing is Expression?

Did you know if you repeat any of this stuff then it becomes your Foundation?

So enough said, you get the picture – everything matters.


It is not just about talking, texting, writing and emailing. It really is about EVERYTHING.

So this means every single thing we do is a form of LIVING Expression, so of course people feel that and it comes through when you write, text, email or when you open your mouth and say something.

  • Could it be possible that what really matters is how we get on with our daily stuff?
  • Could it be possible that people can feel our Expression so we cannot wing it?
  • Could it be possible that Everything is Expression, so we may as well start now?
  • Could it be possible that if our children were told that EXPRESSION IS EVERYTHING then our world would benefit in the long-term?






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  1. yes ! It is all about taking real responsibility in all areas of my life! That is how i can make a difference in this world!

    1. You got it Ken – it really is that simple. Taking Responsibility in ALL areas of your life means there are no hidden pockets where you do this and that thinking it is ok.
      Responsibility across the board means you live a transparent life and you never have to worry about someone digging dirt on you one day and bad mouthing you and if they did it would not hold weight. Why? because TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE THE LAST ONE STANDING. It is so worth living a Truthfull life everyday.
      And Yes – I agree this is how you can make a difference to this world. This website is living proof of that fact.

      1. Yes, and the amazing changes in my life in the past 5years is proof that this website and Universal Medicine is the real thing. Do what is suggested and change your life and truly help humanity. Thank you Bina Pattel and Serge Benhayon.

      2. Closing the car door. Ignoring someone. Folding clothes. Putting litter in the bin. All expression? It makes sense. They are all movements we are choosing to make. They are all choices about HOW we live in a particular moment. If that’s what expression is then expression is certainly everything – totally unavoidable that we are expressing all the time even when we are not talking or typing. That’s a pretty big shift from how people see the world today, I have to say. And if it’s true, then it massively amps up personal responsibility, because everything we do or don’t do, express or don’t express has an impact, even if we’re quietly at home alone. That has the potential to sound relentless and over-facing, but if broken down moment by moment then it’s just the next choice. I’m starting to realise more deeply in reading these blogs that I’ve been living in the macro instead of the micro – that it’s all about the details and about the moments, frame by frame then you can step back from that place and see the bigger picture – a bit like one of those paintings made up entirely of dots. Every dot counts.

  2. What an article, I love how it is so simple and yet in your face explaining how expression is everything. Everything we do really does matter! The whole world would drastically change if education taught ‘expression is everything’ as this article has outlined – bring it on I say.

    1. I agree Sally ‘what an article’ and education needs to start with this. In fact it should start as tiny toddlers so they get to know and understand that there is a RESPONSIBILITY – that word again. I know kids being raised with this way of living as the parents are taking full Responsibility and they are a joy to be around. Like mini responsible adults, super cute and getting on with it.

      1. I re-read this article today as I was dealing with some issues at work where I came to understand that people do not realise that everything is expression. They view the end result or product as their expression but don’t connect the dots in that everything that comes before the end product ends up in the product. Or in my case working in hospitality ‘on the plate’. As this article has supported me to understand expression more fully I can now support others to connect to the fact that everything we do matters a whole lot!

  3. I agree Bina, from the smallest thought to the biggest gesture, ‘EVERYTHING’ we do, say or think is expression. Everything is an expression of how we are feeling at that moment so we have a huge reponsibility to not let our emotions ‘speak’ for us. If someone makes us angry it is very easy to take that anger to the next person we meet, but we are not angry with that next person, we just didnt deal with our anger from earlier.

    1. Good point Tim about passing on the anger to another person when they just happen to be there in the firing line, so to speak. We seem to make this type of behaviour habitual and yet we all have a Responsibility to make changes.
      Without blogs like this what chance has our world got. Keeping stuff to our self and not sharing when we feel something, is a dis-honouring to our own heart and the other person walks away without the message you had for them. It is time we all started to express and not hold back what we feel. My take is that becomes easy when you realise that Expression is Everything and as you apply this in a practical way to your daily life, it gets easier to say what you feel.

  4. For a long time I had been under the impression that expression was literally writing and talking. I used to be aware of how my talking would not be clear, but mumbly and quiet and so believed that if I could sort this out my expression would improve… I could also write so if I could knuckle down and get better at this then my expression would be – well, great, right? Wrong.

    The fact is it is only recently that I have started to be realise that I have to be more practical and real in how I am living. Not just in writing and talking but in how I put the toilet seat up, how I brush my teeth, put the fork to my mouth, cook, clean, walk, cuddle and smile.

    I have a responsibility to every little thing and something I have not wanted to see and feel is that everything is expression and therefore there are no little hideaway moments, or times when I can just do what I want because… everything has an impact.

    This blog goes even deeper into what expression truly is and what each and everyone of us has to realise so that we can all make a change.

    1. You are not the only one Lee. I also thought it was talking and writing.
      Well of course it is that but as this blog states it is so much more. I love the way you shared what you realised and then got your own take about brushing teeth and how you put the fork into your mouth. The list is endless and we each have our own. This blog is simply a template to give you an overview of what it means when we say ‘Expression is Everything’.
      I agree there are no ‘little hideaway moments’ where you think you are getting away with it because you can. Everything as you say does have ‘an impact’ on everything actually and this is what many, including myself did not want to look at, admit or accept. Thank God I met Serge Benhayon who knows what Expression truly is and has nailed it for humanity so we can all get to live and be like he does. Nothing special, just real.

      1. It was only when the author of this blog suggested I read this blog again, I realised I had similar impression of expression as Lee, it was either verbal or written. It is not what the intelligent mind insinuates and the education system has never taught this to me before. The intricacy in expression is much more deeper that just expressing and being vocal.

        ‘Expression is Everything’ is really in everything we do and I now see it from the time we close our eyes to go to sleep to when we open our eyes to wake up, the responsibility is with us all the time.

        A recent visit to the dentist suggested I could brush my teeth more gently – what was I expressing to my teeth? I started to use my left hand to brush my teeth instead of my normal, right hand. I could feel the difference I brushed my teeth slower and carefully. It may seem trivial but it felt my gums appreciated that quality moment.

        Thank you Simple Living Global, there is much to be learnt about expressing and this blog would be a great starting point.

  5. “Expression is everything”. I know that this is true because I can feel it and I realize now that I have always known it. I remember the heavy nagging feeling that I was not truly being responsible… even though I could rationalize, compare and argue that I was, a LOT of things I did, did not feel ‘good’.

    I now bring a huge amount of care to all areas of my life and I feel more-myself expressing in this way. It is a work in progress but I am no longer overwhelmed by it, I feel empowered, on track and my life is much more loving all around.

    Thank you Serge Benhayon and Simple Living Global!

    1. It is great that you have come to your own understanding and truth Jo Billings about ‘Expression is Everything’. If we are honest, then we really are all a ‘work in progress’ as we are forever evolving and there is always more to deepen, develop and address without any need for perfection or a set template.
      If everything we think, say and do is Expression, which is what this blog is presenting then its well worth taking note how this quality if lived, will impact your life.
      As the writer of this blog, I feel this tablet of Truth here is one day going to be studied by the scholars of our future and maybe even the general population as it gives a huge clue about the word RESPONSIBILITY. This is going to be much needed if we are to ever truly change as a race of beings on earth and evolve.

  6. I observed today how people express with their bodies, whether it be how they walk or sit or even stand still, to how they pick up things. Some people are very quick and jerky, others slow like they need winding up, some hard and fast, others considered and gentle. I observed things being dropped, knocked over and things spilt as people move which is all expression. I like observing things now as I understand that everything is expression.

    1. Good point you make here Sally about observing. The key here is to stick your understanding hat on and that helps to not react and stop judgement. The minute we judge, we are no longer observing but absorbing and our body cops that. This requires practice and developing our awareness of what is actually going on.

  7. I’ve come to understand that silence, holding back, living in contraction is also a huge form of expression: and it’s the silence that is the most deadly form of expression. Because when we don’t speak up, there’s a gap. And that gap gets filled by something else that we give our power away to: the media, other people, other noise and usually the loudest noise, which isn’t always true and certainly never going to be a true representation of what we feel.

    Expression is everything because it’s not about us as individuals, but about all of us, as one big humanity. If we don’t express then what and who are we allowing to speak and act on our behalf? Everything matters.

    1. Great point Bryony about how silence is a deadly form of expression. Yes we forget that we live in a world which is energy and there is no getting away from that immutable fact. So by not speaking – it is still expression.
      Another valid point you raise is that our Expression does affect the ALL – in other words the whole of humanity. Each of us make up this world and so each of us make a difference and if we go to the particle level of that we would KNOW without any doubt we all matter – pun intended.

  8. This point that you make that ‘Keeping stuff to our self and not sharing when we feel something, is a dis-honouring to our own heart and the other person walks away without the message you had for them.’ is so True. If we lived in this way that what we feel to say is not about us or for us but for another – would this not go along way to restoring harmony here on Earth? We’ve got to admit that the way things are and the way that we currently live is not working and therefore is it down to the way that we are Expressing?

    1. Correct Shevon – it all comes down to expressing. We all tend to think it is just about communicating verbally but expression as this blog states is EVERYTHING.

      On the note about saying something when we feel it and not hold back is a great service to our fellow brother whoever that maybe.
      Consider that they are walking on their path back home and you have something to say that will support their evolution. However, you go into scaredy cat mode and back off, hold back, recoil, run for the hills, leg it the other way or anything you can to avoid saying what you know needs to be said.
      So how would we feel if we KNOW someone had something important to help us on our way back to who we truly are and they choose to not tell us. We probably wouldn’t like that so it is worth starting and practicing as doing nothing means no change.

      1. I experienced this recently. I went to visit someone I new who from a traumatic experience had withdrawn and given up, I had observed them on other occasions but this time I expressed to them what I felt.. as it was for them. I had no expectation or attachment to an outcome, or wanting them to be another way, I just expressed what was there.. without emotion and then gave them the space to make their own choices.

        When I returned another day they had made significant changes for themselves and were more engaging. I could already see and feel the effect this had on other people in their life too. This clarified to me that if it’s there to be expressed for another the complete dis-service it is not to deliver.. and that it is never just about one person.

        I have certainly appreciated it when this has been done for me, allowing me to make changes within myself to be more of who I truly am.

  9. What I get from this blog is that nothing is more important than anything else; that is that taking out the rubbish is no less important than having a serious conversation about something or dealing with a difficult issue. What matters is the quality we are in when we are expressing what we are expressing. So taking out the rubbish with a feeling of deeply honouring ourselves and our household is no different than tackling a difficult work problem in that same feeling of honouring ourselves and all those working with us. I can feel how doing this would change things a lot for us all.

    1. The intricacy of expression is in everything, this blog is an eye and ear opener. Why don’t they teach these things at school? I was very good at not speaking up, holding my truth and the giving the silent treatment, but how I took the rubbish out was considered expression – wow there is a huge message in everything we do.

      Slamming the car door – I know and can feel when this happens and would you believe it, it feels like abuse.

  10. Imagine if we all started taking care of our expression. It is amazing to think of the impact it would have. What an opportunity.

  11. Great blog, Simple.. to the point.. do able.

    It’s great how you give examples of expression from how you put your food in the shopping trolley to how you clean your glasses every day. This really gives much to consider in how we do things and are in every moment of the day. You are certainly an inspiration for true expression Bina, this website is a confirmation of that.

    My latest addition to my expression is how I fold my clothes and place them in my locker at work ready to get changed at the end of the day, I can feel the difference this brings to the day.

    I have had tremendous change occur in my life from understanding Expression is Everything from Serge Benhayon. I would not have dreamt my life could be how it is today.

    One that was a big one for me to look at was expression through communication, I was one of the silent ones who kept it in and the harm it caused my body was severe migraines and regular bad throat, unexpressed it had to go somewhere, this was my foundation. In the last 3 years I have been communicating much more and how I express it, speaking up… I have been migraine free for 3 years and my expression in this area is continuing to develop.

    I have realised that my not expressing in this way not only affects me but everyone else, particularly those I have something to say to as it can offer awareness and evolution for both. I have a responsibility to express what I feel and not hold back and it is refreshing to do this. I am now making this my foundation.

  12. I have realised that ‘doing half a job’ is also expression.

    Just yesterday before I went to bed I noticed toothpaste on the bath. I made a poor attempt to clean it up. I was going to leave it, but it felt wrong and incomplete. So I did it right, with full commitment, gently. Done. Clean. Complete.

    I wonder if it would have affected my sleep if I’d left it half done?

    I suspect yes.

  13. I never quite understood what that word Expression meant and used to think it was about talking – how you speak to someone. Well how wrong I was.

    Now I understand what it actually means because of that word EVERYTHING.

    So my simple understanding is that we actually have a relationship with Every single thing and there is no getting away from that fact. So WHY would I then choose to give something more attention or value over another thing. Makes no sense to me.

    It would be true to say that I have dedicated my life to making sure (with no perfection of course) that I take care of the other stuff EQUALLY to the talking and writing expression.

    I feel that what supports my verbal and written communication is underpinned by ALL the other areas which I hold in the same equal value, so cleaning the kitchen sink is as important as this blog comment. No different in other words.

  14. I had an interesting thing ‘happen’ yesterday, I was walking to the station and a jogger bumped right into me, with some force. Knowing that expression is everything I reflected on that moment and my movements to get my understanding of what had occurred. First of all I thought it was because I wasn’t present whilst I was walking but when I took a moment what I realised was I had not been claimed in my walk therefore this was my expression and was bumped into because of it.. and to bring my awareness to it.

    It really confirms to me that the responsibility of expression in every moment and it never ceases to amaze me how all the answers are given if questions are asked, with a little help from life, as in this case a jogger, to get me there.

    1. Yes Ruth I agree. It is so easy to blame others but we don’t see that the way that we are living can actually draw situations to us. I have been looking at some situations in my life recently and have been contemplating that they may actually be reflecting how I treat myself.

      Example – if I am not taking the deepest possible care of myself – could it be that others will treat me in the same way – as in being uncaring towards me?

      Not taking the deepest care of ourselves that we could is also expression.

      Could a lack of expression in this area, mean that when it comes to the talking stuff we then find it difficult to say what we want to say because our foundation of love and care for ourselves is not strong?

      It’s interesting to consider this as a possibility as in considering that everything is expression could then mean that we can change the whole flow of our lives. The knock on effect is that others do benefit if we are being responsible with our expression.

  15. This week an old pattern of an hurtful situation rose again in my life. Although I have been aware of it for a long time and have been addressing my lack of self worth it brings up and the deep hurt I have had over it’s many occurrences, it has still been continuing. This week was different in that I realised that what I haven’t done is call it out, so to speak.. say it is not acceptable. When realising this instantly a strength went through my body and this confirmed it for me. So I spoke up and talked it through with the other person. I didn’t get angry or resentful I just expressed what I could feel I had to say from my body, the strength was there fully afterwards, a huge shift of blocked energy cleared from my body.

    This was deeply healing for not just me but the other person as well as awareness around this situation deepened and was familiar to them too.

    So having expressed what I hadn’t done for years then allowed me to express more of who I am as this was no longer part of me tainting my expression… I felt amazing and empowered afterwards.. and much clearer.

  16. I recently attended a meeting for my local community to discuss and put our views forward about a proposed change to a road and local bus route within our community and the impact it will have. The discussions got quite heated with a lot of emotion in the beginning, frustration and anger, I noticed the energy in the room felt heavy and clogged with a dense feeling to it. I could feel the forcefulness of how people were expressing, wanting to get their point across. It was very uncomfortable to be in. Later on the emotions calmed and there seemed to be more of a coming together in the conversations, more reason and ability to discuss and come to results from what was brought up. The room became lighter.

    The people holding the meeting were very attentive in listening to everyones points, the police, transport services, local council committee and it was clear they took every point made seriously.

    Is it possible that we can still express our points and how we feel without emotion?
    Would we still reach an outcome but without the heaviness and the stuffy dense feeling in the room?
    Could it be more productive when there isn’t emotion involved in it?
    Could there be a clear difference between the energy of emotion and the energy of expressing from how we feel?

  17. I was speaking to my elderly father today who loves my cooking.
    I shared with him that I felt it was because of the utmost love and care I have for myself and the way in which I express as this blog is presenting. So from the way the food is placed gently in the supermarket trolley to the detail of how it is cooked without multi-tasking or trying to impress, bingo – these are the ingredients.

    I would never even consider cooking if I felt angry or frustrated or tired because I know I have a Responsibility whether it is for my belly or my dad’s – there is a commitment and that I will not waiver from. In fact, to be honest it is just my normal. I call it “no big deal.”

  18. With the examples used in this blog it really brings home the fact that EVERYTHING is EXPRESSION.

    Many years ago I used to sing and I had countless singing lessons with different people.

    One of the reasons for the lessons was because I kept feeling that I had a voice inside that was not being accessed and released. I always felt that something was missing, regarding the true way that I naturally felt to express and what was actually coming out of my mouth.
    For about 10 years I did not sing in public, whilst I focused on life and re-establishing my priorities, working on how I live and my expression in daily life.

    Now I have found that when I do sing, because I am living with so much Joy, that voice that I was searching for is right there and can easily express through any song.

    This has shown me that it was never about receiving expert advice and getting it technically right regarding singing, but it is the way that we live our lives and the quality that we live with that determines our expression.

    It makes sense really as in daily life I never used to say how I felt and was not living an honest life or in a way that made sense to me.
    Instead I was forever following others and not standing up for what I knew and felt was true in life, therefore when I got on stage, how could I be singing in a way that was free if I was holding back in daily life?

  19. I met some people that I know yesterday and the woman said her partner was raving on about a presentation I gave last year about how I actually live. She was very interested in laundry and cleaning.

    There was an undertone in her voice when she suggested I come to her practice and clean and also show the staff how to clean.

    Her partner started asking me as many questions as he could about washing and how I know the difference in garments and how to wash them. As a business man with plenty of money, he pulls out a designer scarf and asks can he wash that in his washing machine.

    Before that he was telling me how he does his laundry is shoves everything in one go, with no separating garments or any understanding of what detergent to use.

    My response was things need to be done step by step. I know I have washed items where labels say we cannot. That comes with absolute discernment and a dose of common sense and of course a big dose of confidence.

    It would be true to say I have mastered laundry and take the utmost care in this domestic task. It took me small steps to learn, practice and experience to get to where I am today, which is writing a course on Laundry for the world.

    Giving advice when someone is clearly not ready, simply will not work.

    This guy wants to save money and wash items at home, which is understandable, but first things first – he needs to learn how to do basic laundry and learn to value and appreciate the everyday stuff equally as special cashmere and other items that he was talking about.

    It comes down to Expression is Everything. It is not just about talking or writing but about living in every area of our life where things are of the same same quality. One thing is not seen as super precious and valuable and then the other are not so important. If we are going to offer a quality to the world, then we need to look at areas where we think it is ok to have little or no regard like the way we do our everyday laundry.

  20. In some discussions today, I realised that I rarely express what I’m feeling and this is how it has been all my life. It was not something we did in my family.

    In this not expressing is actually suppression – you stop making the enquiry and lose touch with what is going on for you.

    And in that losing touch comes apathy about things and behaviours you should really dislike – hate in fact. You start accepting a lower standard.

    Realising this is huge. And I can feel a shift already in my preparedness to listen to that voice inside more closely – the voice that says ‘no, that’s not ok for me, I don’t accept that’. And to give voice to that feeling.

  21. You know when you can see that someone is driving angry or buzzed up?

    It seems to me we simply drive how we feel.

    Is this possible? That we drive our bodies the same way we drive our cars, and visa versa?

    It feels like this is a form of expression, too.

  22. Citizen Journalism – 6 June 2018

    Launderette today got talking to an old lady who is there everyday.
    She washes and brings the clothes in to use the dryer and we always talk and my face is familiar and she opens up and always tells me what is going on.

    She said how ill she is and boy oh boy she looked it.

    She is convinced that eating green beans yesterday was the reason as her medication tells us she cannot eat any greens.

    I had to check that twice to make sure I was not misinterpreting what she said.

    No Greens means no brocolli, cabbage, spinach, green beans – her favourite.

    A child who only eats fast foods and junk foods might like that but for an 84 year old it seems strange. This woman was so depleted and told me her weight is only 6 stone.

    Her laundry is for her daughter and her family, not for her.

    She feels it keeps her active and the doctor told her to keep going and not stop.

    It is worth pondering on when we take the medical world’s professional voice as gospel and not review or check with our own body.

    I am absolutely for medicine in every way but at the same time, I like to use my common sense and check in with my body.

    I recall after surgery, I was left with something inside me that they thought would help, but this was done without my consent. I was left in so much pain that was unbearable coming from a foreign thing inside me, that it had to be removed on the Monday morning under anaesthetic.

    I suffered all weekend because my body said NO thanks not for us – get it out!

    With the older generations, I have noticed that people take note as they are doctors but we each have a Responsibility to express and voice what we truly feel, no matter what.

    We also need to be certain we have translated what is being said.

    As in this case, with english not the first language there is a strong possibility the woman has not heard correctly what she can and cannot eat.

    The thought of no greens in my diet would be a life of no vitality if you ask me.

  23. Talking to a lady about her 9 year old daughter and how little her daughter talks about how she feels, but she knows she is anxious.

    She said she has had a break through recently because they have been walking to an activity on the weekends and whilst walking, her daughter has been opening up.

    She said it is like the movement unlocks her daughter’s feelings and voice and the words come tumbling out.

    She said she reckons it helps that they are walking side by side, rather than usual conversations facing each other.

    Expresssion is so vital in our world today. Supporting our kids to express themselves is fundamental and will have a huge bearing on how they will be as adults.

    It makes sense that movement helps with expression. That walking frees up the body so that all the experiences and hurts and feelings locked up inside can be processed and release.

    What a fantastic way to support our kids by making walking and talking part of their foundation.

    1. This is a great real life comment that is simple and practical.

      If all children got to move their body by just walking next to their parent and felt the space to express what they feel, I am certain we would have a quantum shift.

      I know from my own experience what comes out of just walking with someone. For me my habit has been never to talk about nonsense or try and have a conversation to get any kind of response. I just walk and talk about whatever comes up and equally listen when the other person wants to share something.

      It is profound and if our community started finding walking buddies and got the elderly involved too, I wonder what changes we would see.

      Most of us in our modern day world with images in our head about what we want means we do not value the simple act of walking with another with no agenda.

      Could it be possible that our heart rate would settle if we had someone to walk with that we could trust and open up to?

      Is this type of transparency a form of intimacy that our world needs right now?

  24. I have become more aware of people interrupting people.

    It happens a lot in the workplace.

    An example happened today, where someone wise but quiet did not get space to speak on a topic on which they were best placed to opine. Someone else jumped in and started speaking.

    I used to do this. Seeing it play out, it was clear how much of an imposition interrupting actually is.

    And what do we miss out on when we cut people off?

    It feels we are richer when we all get space to speak.

  25. This website has not yet released a blog called Communication.
    So this comment I felt was best to go on this blog about Expression as most of us think of communication as expression.

    Whilst this may seem minor, it really is something that we need to observe as a snapshot of what goes on in our world.

    A diabetic nurse has been trying to make contact with me for over 2 months every week and we keep missing each other. I have rang the main office, left messages and happen to have the email address of her senior bigwig manager and told him – my mother has brain cancer, stage 4 and is in her last days. This means there will be no further appointments or assessments needed and more to the point she is no longer in this country.

    I read often how communication is so important and how we don’t seem to take it seriously or take action when another is communicating something.

    This nurse is out in the field most of the time but she does care and that is felt.
    However, I have no way of reaching her up until this point and trust that someone will listen to one of the numerous messages I have left and get her to note it so all calls can now stop.

    If we think about it, what a waste of our medical resources carrying out un-necessary calls where it is not needed and all because others have not expressed the message that has been left.

    Question is – where is the responsibility?

    1. UPDATE – I finally spoke to the nurse mentioned in this comment above but guess what? – she did not receive any of the messages.

      She just happened to be working at the GP surgery that my mother was with and talking to the nurse – a man that happened to know my mother very well, she mentioned that she had been trying to get hold of me regarding my mother.

      The nurse then told her my mum had died.

      How did he know? Well the day after she passed away, I emailed her GP as I knew him and he was being updated about her health and then I rang the surgery reception and made a specific request that this particular nurse, I knew his name got the message as he was very fond of my mum. I had seen that on many occasions.

      So in this case someone did take the responsibility but going back to the original comment, we do need to keep questioning WHY others simply do not bother.

      EVERYTHING IS EXPRESSION and therefore everything is everything so it does matter and it is important, even if we would like to think it is not.

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