Stop – Just STOP

WHAT on earth would we want to STOP for?

WHY is STOP not even a thought on our radar?

WHY do we think STOP would rob us of time?

WHY do most of us hate this very word STOP?

WHY are we fighting inside us to just STOP?


Dear World

Is it time to make effort to practice a real STOP moment and start to bring this into everyday life?

WHY are most of us simply not interested when it comes to considering that a STOP may be exactly what we need?

What if our body knows when to STOP us if we keep on trashing and neglecting it?

What if our body gives us signs to STOP like a little warning with a bang or knock, but we ignore it?

What if our body is talking to us and saying “STOP mate this is going to kill us if you carry on”?

In other words, “listen up mate – boozing and upping the Alcohol intake with the odd party Drug then Coffee in the morning, is not the way to go”.

What if a STOP moment gives us a chance to just feel the uncomfortableness a few seconds after eating that bit of Dairy?

What if a STOP moment would get us to feel our bloated belly after eating that bread or cookie loaded with glue, we call Gluten?

What if STOP means we feel what to eat and Junk Food is not it?

What if STOP allows us to get out of driving in the Fast Lane of life?

What if STOP means we get a moment to feel if we are being Fooled?

What if we just STOP Listening to Other People and listen to the wisdom inside us?

What if a true STOP moment would let us know if a swim or gymnastic class for our exhausted kids at the weekend is really necessary?

What if we made an effort to STOP simply to do nothing?
In other words, offer a moment of Do Less and Be More.

What if a STOP moment gets us into the flow zone, which means we get more done and we are not battling with the clock?

What if we got in from work and just STOP before getting into action mode with ‘what’s next’?

What if by choosing to STOP we get a more balanced way of living as we are able to move away from the motion of doing doing doing?

What if a STOP moment offers us a simple Recipe for Life?

What if a STOP moment would help us keep life super Simple?

What if a real STOP could give us the space to build a real strong Foundation that supports us in life?

What if our STOP moments could lead to us Letting Go of some of the deep hurts we are Holding On to?

What if a real big fat STOP every single day ends our Just Incase Syndrome?

What if we all just need to take a STOP moment in our day to re-gather ourself and feel whatever comes up?

What if we STOP before we leave the house, so we are not rushing out and doing the usual – Forgot Something?

What if we just STOP and pause before rushing off the bus, train or plane and check we have all our belongings?

What if we just STOP so that the spinning around has to STOP?

What if STOP means we are more likely to FOCUS on the next task?

What if a STOP moment would allow more STOP moments, so we can reflect on the REGRET blog on this website and move on in life?

What if a STOP moment literally stops us with the Blame game?

What if STOP means we end the Hot Talk crap that we keep doing?

What if by simply making a choice to STOP and adding that to our new way of living, we end the wanting More, More, More game?

What if STOP allows us to review our wayward Champagne Lifestyle?

What if STOP supports us to get real about our Lemonade Budget?

What if STOP means we no longer are Overdoing It in our life?

What if STOP means we get to feel more and Be Gentle?

What if we STOP and follow this simple Closing our Eyes exercise every single day to develop a deeper connection inside of us?

What if STOP means our Sleep quality changes for the better?

What if STOP means the end of nonsense Crazy Days?

What if STOP means we really STOP the Shouting and Swearing?

What if STOP means we end the Complications we have created?

What if STOP means we no longer look for Solutions?

What if STOP means we get a chance to do a Take 2?

What if STOP means we get the time to look at Blog 100?

What if STOP means we take action and Close Cycles?

What if STOP means we look at our behaviour around Christmas?

What if STOP means the month of D E C E M B E R is different?

What if STOP means New Year celebrations are not the old way?

What if STOP means we can get a reality check about Birthdays?

What if our regular STOP moments get us to review where we are choosing to live a Double Life?

What if STOP means STOP and that helps us to not Get Away with It?

What if STOP allows us to consider that we are not actually getting away with anything so it would be wise to Live a See Through Life?

What if we just give our self-permission to JUST STOP and do nothing?

What if we just STOP and allow some space to feel what is needed?

What if we just STOP and be Honest about how we really feel?

What if we choose to STOP to take stock of our day, our week, our month and our life with a dose of honesty, so we can get to Truth?

What if we just made a regular STOP moment during our day?
In other words, we make this practice a way of life, no matter what.

What if our STOP moments are an important part of our evolution?

What if STOP means we get talking about hot topics our world needs to know about with conversations on –


What if we really made STOP a word that is important and then live this by bringing it into our daily life?

What would our world be like with a real STOP?

Is this word needed now more than ever so that we can EVOLVE?

Could it be that Simple?





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  1. Stopping was an important step in taking back control of my life.
    It supported me to truly feel what was going on in my life. Then I was able to make better choices.

    It was very challenging stopping, I had been always moving all my life and it took awhile to slow down the momentum.

    Stopping and connecting [checking in with myself] has turned my life around.
    I am sleeping better, my food is supporting me more. I feel ready to make a true difference in the world.

  2. It is profound to feel what is on offer here: the power of a stop moment.

    Reading the ‘what ifs’ above is like reading a wish list for life. A wish list for a living way that is energising and purposeful and that is entirely accessible.

    Accessible and available to us by simply choosing to stop.

    To stop and take stock.
    To pause and see what is not supporting us.
    To give some space in our busy lives – space to feel and review and and to be honest.

    More of this is needed in my life, for sure, and I thank you Simple Living Global for the reminder.

  3. There is so much I have missed by not stopping.

    Missed the beauty of all the people in my life.

    Missed all the amazingness of the natural world.

    Missed opportunities to go deeper into all the events in my life, and what these events where communicating to me.

    Time to stop and smell the roses.

  4. I have a STOP relationship with my fridge. If I am rushing in the kitchen and I go to the fridge, it won’t open.

    It might sound silly, but I always say thank you for this, fridge.

    In the stop, it helps me come back to my movements and see that I have been rushing. Then I can reset and choose to move more connected from that moment.

  5. I did not want to stop because when I did I felt my hurts. Now that I am stopping more and checking in [See the Plug in Connect Blog] , I am feeling the hurt.

    It is intense sometimes but once I feel it, it is gone.
    I am not carrying it around anymore. It cannot interfere with my life anymore. There is less tension in my body. I have more energy. I am less reactive to life.

    All this from just stopping.

  6. Stopping really works. Sometimes that is all that is needed.

    Just stop. Breathe.

    Things somehow become clear and settle back to where they are supposed to be.

    This immediacy is particularly evident with kids. You can watch them re-connect in an instant – as can we all.

  7. Thank you so much Simple Living Global for once again sharing this great wisdom.

    We are all truly blessed to have this library of wisdom available online and I for one deeply appreciate this.

    I had an experience of this STOP yesterday where in the middle of an activity my body was saying loud and clearly NO MORE.

    What I experienced was that the familiar movement was to keep going but deep inside I felt myself saying – stop and let go. In that moment the drive to keep going on that task fell away and I realised that I had been trying to keep things ‘seemingly together’, things outside of me that in Truth I have no control over.

    It is interesting that it is just now in writing this comment that I realise that I thought what was going on outside of me had something to do with me and so I had to do my best and effort to fix it, whereas all that is being asked of me is to commit to bringing my very very sensitive and considerate nature to whatever I am doing and that is it and observe the rest.

    It feels so freeing to have let go of that layer and come to this realisation.

    Today I had much more energy to put my focus and attention to tasks that really needed it. I was aware of the buzz and activity around me during the day and could sense what was going on but I had no pull or desire to get involved.

  8. Walking down the high street, I clocked the well dressed man in front of me.
    He was what I would call big, beefy and uses the gym – that I could tell.

    There was a boarded up bit where building works were taking place.
    He punched his fist into it and then done it again and again while he continued to walk.

    It got to a point where I was very close behind him and said STOP, JUST STOP.

    He did and turned around shaking and literally raging.

    I took his arm gently and held his wrist with my fingertips.

    I know beyond any doubt how gentle and caring I am with my hands at all times.

    I said in my authority and no nonsense manner – ‘what on earth are you doing that for and what is going on for you, as that behaviour is not good’.

    He told me the cash machine refused to give him money and I said ‘well that is not the end of the world and more to the point – Would you do this to a tiny baby.’

    He started waving his arms up in Italian style saying never never.

    He actually softened and changed from a hard aggressive scary man to someone who was not by nature like this at all.

    As we parted he said he would never ever do this again and thanked me for the chat.

    I said we have a responsibility to deal with our behaviour and not conduct ourselves in this manner as this is not the standard.

    After I walked on, I realised if I was thinking about stopping him it would not have happened as my mind would be assessing and calculating the consequences.

    In that moment, I just moved in a way where I knew I was safe and connected to me and could handle whatever came. I did not question it at all.

    There are many situations presented to us in life where we could just step in and say to another STOP, JUST STOP and the knock on effect could be life changing.

    I am certain that this was one of those moments and something I will not forget.

    A job well done for humanity and on behalf of humanity.

  9. Just noticed something that is becoming quite frequent. People saying they are going shopping as they need one thing – a cucumber, some fizzy water, a box of tissues.

    Driving the car and parking it and going in for one thing – do we ever stop – just stop and ask some questions?

    Is it needed?

    Did we need to drive x y miles to go there?

    Was there somewhere local we could walk to?

    What is going on in our life that we think it is important to do a car trip for one item?

    Have we lost the plot?

    Is it a distraction?

    Is it just our usual auto pilot style of shopping if we need something?

    Is it super important that we get the cucumber from that particular supermarket?

    Could we ask someone who we know can do it for us to fetch the fizzy water?

    The world and its brothers are banging on about carbon footprint and pollution.

    Regardless of the engine capacity of our vehicle – do we ever stop and consider the bigger picture when we say we want to go to the supermarket for one item?

    Whatever size of our gas guzzler, are we thinking about the environment or just our self and what we want in that moment?

    Are we using the supermarkets in a responsible way or are we just fixated on what we want and going out to get it, without ever considering the impact of our choice?

    Is it time to make wise movements in every area of our life and that includes supermarket shopping?

    Is it high time we stop – just stop as this blog title says before making choices, even if it is getting in the car for a one item shop or making out it is on our way home, so somehow that justifies that it is ok to make the trip?

  10. The Times – 23rd September 2019

    Record number of trains failing to stop at red signals in a decade.

    In the year ending August 2019, 322 signals were passed at “danger”, the highest total since 2008 with July seeing 41 red lights passed making it the worst single month since October 2007.

    Most of these breaches saw a train travelling a short way past a signal but ten involved trains reaching the “conflict point” where two lines pass creating a serious risk of a collision.

    A steam train operator was fined £200,000 and the driver given a suspended jail sentence after a locomotive passed a red signal in 2015, narrowly missing a high-speed train.

    The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) is an industry body that was set up after the Ladbroke Grove rail crash in 1999 that killed 31 and injured 417 people.

    The RSSB has written to train operators saying that the rise was probably linked to more trains using the railway coupled with declining punctuality, meaning that drivers are seeing more red signals. It could also be linked to fatigue among drivers with a loss of concentration leading to trains failing to stop at signals.

    The RSSB’s chief executive said that much had improved since Ladbroke Grove; the challenge was “how you manage drivers to ensure they keep continuous attention”.
    However, the authorities justify this rise in failing to stop at red signals is disingenuous to say the least.

    If it is linked to more trains and declining punctuality, there surely can be no excuse for going through a red signal as the company will definitely be aware of these circumstances and should be making the necessary provisions to counter this.

    With driver fatigue, train companies have to be looking at the hours drivers are being worked or other reasons as to why they are breaching red signals.

    The consequences of doing nothing are all too evident as seen in the Ladbroke Grove incident.

    As a professional driver of buses and lorries for over 32 years, I understand what it takes to ensure we are at our most responsive when driving. Things can happen very quickly when we are on the road so our awareness, focus, alertness and responsibility are paramount.

    There was an incident at London Bridge where a man pushed a woman into the path of an oncoming bus and it was only down to the driver’s response that a serious incident was avoided. If that driver hadn’t been so alert, this would have been a different story.

    Of course, a train is limited in what direction it can take but the driver still has to be aware, focussed, alert and responsible to their surroundings.

    What helps me immensely in keeping myself awake and alert is how I live my everyday life.

    I am responsible for all of the choices I make, good or bad, I take care of myself to the best of my ability by ensuring I eat the right foods, I exercise regularly, I treat people with equality and respect and I have sufficient rest.

    Another very important factor is sleep. Having a quality of sleep is much more important than quantity. Having 8-12 hours of sleep a day is no good if you still wake up wanting more sleep. Living the way I do gives me that quality of sleep and that enables me to remain aware, focussed and alert whilst doing my job.

    The red stop signals are obviously there for a reason, so why are drivers not stopping when they are supposed to?

    As the author of this blog shares we all need our stop moments, but WHY when we are being given a clear sign to stop, do we choose to not take heed of that stop sign?

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