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We have just completed Month 1 of a New Year.
Today is Day 2 of Month 2.

So how are we going to be Living in February?
Does our last month give us any indication?

How was January really – can we be honest?

Was it the same same stuff as December?

Are we still going around and around?

Has anything really changed for us?

Are we making same old mistakes?
Are we giving ourselves a hard time?

Are we dreading this Month 2 called February?
Are our New Year Resolutions completely forgotten?

Do we wish for our summer holiday right now?

Have we run out of money with our champagne lifestyle?
Has payday already wiped us out and we still have debt?

Have our crazy days simply just got worse?
Have we found we cannot help overdoing it?
Have we got our priority in life wrong again?

Are we able to consider another way?

Would we appreciate if we could cut some slack and get on with it?
Would we like to think we are changing but we know we are not?
Would we prefer to get real and be honest about what is going on?
Would we like to do something instead of doing nothing and expecting change to happen?

Are we ready to get off the fence and stop the hot talk and take action?

What if we could set the re-set button and have another go?

What if we made a choice to just focus on 2 aspects of life and gave it our very best with the word RESPONSIBILITY at the core?

What if we are here to learn lessons so it is OK to do a Take 2?

What if we could re-consider and re-launch our new way with a Take 2 choice?

What if Take 2 just simply means we can do it again but this time not make the mistakes that we made before?

What if Take 2 offers us the chance to not mess up this time and repeat the ugly patterns?

What if Take 2 means having another go but this time paying attention to the detail?

What if Take 2 means we stop and look back for one moment to have a look at what we just done and that includes how we just left the toilet?

What if Take 2 means having the opportunity to see things more clearly?

What if Take 2 lets us see what did work and what has not worked?

What if Take 2 puts us back on track so we can start evolving in life?

What if having a second chance is all we need to put the record straight?

What if we give it another go, which means doing a Take 2 and this time, we commit to paying attention and taking Responsibility?

What if Take 2 means we are not giving up on life and instead making a commitment to life?

What if we can end the nonsense of regret just by doing a Take 2?

What if Take 2 is our way of not judging but simply taking action to correct the ill we created in the first place?

What if Take 2 gives us permission to just get on with it and spend zero time worrying about what we just done or didn’t do?

What if Take 2 gives us the space to no longer hold on to the wrong we done as this is the correction?

What if Take 2 is going around the cycle again but this time making sure we complete it in a different way?

What if Take 2 works if we make the changes that are needed and that means we take full Responsibility for all our choices?

What if Take 2 is our new way of not beating ourselves up when we make mistakes, however big or small?

What if Take 2 allows us to trust that we can get it bang on this time?

What if Take 2 offers us a double new beginning to keep doing what is working and reconsider and let go of things that are clearly harming us?

What if Take 2 can be used with fun in the numbers of the month, so every date that has a 2 we pay particular attention to 2 things to action?

What if Take 2 is a reminder that we do not have to suffer or live in a way that harms us and others and our planet?

WHAT IF Take 2 is making sure we take RESPONSIBILITY this time around?

Could it be that Simple?





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  1. The author of this blog really understands people. That is so clear from the way it is written.

    How many of us start a new cycle well but don’t follow through on the commitments we make to ourselves?

    The simplicity of the ‘take 2’ message is hugely powerful.

    Don’t wallow, just pick 2 things and re-commit.

    You can do it now.

  2. Love it ‘Take 2’ – so simple and it truly honours the fact we are here to learn in this daily school of life – there is no perfection.

    I am going to learn to Take 2 – as in – give things another go each day, without the regret of the day before.

  3. Take 2 – what an effective and profound blog.
    Looking at life through Take 2 blog and questions posed would help heal a lot of the guilt and regret we hold onto.

    I know for myself so many times, I think I want a do over and we just move on storing it into our body harming us.

    Take 2 poses another way to take responsibility.

  4. Why is this concept of Take Two around?

    Is it there to give ourselves a break?
    A chance to stop and assess what is really going on around us?

    A chance to do something different?
    Is that what Take 2 is all about?

    But when we truly stop it is easy to judge ourselves, or blame ourselves.
    So it is important to lovingly look at what is going on.

    When you judge yourself you break your own heart. This has helped me understand that judging, blaming, and comparison helps no one.

    So take as many 2’s as you need and trust that if you are really interested in true change there is support just waiting for you with open arms and an open heart.

  5. I am really liking this Take 2. Having made many mistakes in my life it would be very easy to live in regret and beat myself up but where does that get us?

    When I approach things with a Take 2 attitude, it’s like brushing myself off and saying, “OK you’ve fallen, but get back up again and give it another go.” It actually feels very supportive to treat myself in this way, that rather than go into a spiral of negative thoughts.

    One thing about doing a Take 2 is it removes the need for perfection. We are going to make mistakes, but it is about how we deal with them and how we move forward from there and that we learn the lesson. That is most important.

  6. We had a great Take 2 moment yesterday.

    Someone did something gross at a family dinner. I called it out, but could feel myself getting all judge-y. Then in popped Take 2.

    “What’s the lesson? Let’s do a Take 2.”

    The vibe shifted. We sat up straight. We started again, respectfully.

  7. It is easy for me to forgive other people and give them another chance, but why is it so difficult to give myself a break?

    This is an old pattern in my life, and as I have grown older I have gotten easier on myself.
    Probably because I learned from my life experiences that, my mistakes really were not a big deal. Hardly anyone noticed.

    So was I giving myself a hard time because I was angry at myself for doing something that might cause someone to not like me? Yes, thats probably what it was all about.

    I realize now, that it really does not matter what other people think of me, what matters is what I think of myself.

  8. ‘Take 2’ has become our family go-to.

    Being able to say ‘let’s do a take 2’ or ‘where is the take 2’ has opened up loads of tense situations for us.

    Poor choices made good. An antidote to self-hatred in a moment of self criticism. An opportunity to look again, to re-set.

    It has been particularly powerful with my young children – they love the opportunity it presents. It is like all the badness we call in or create in a particular moment is completely unnecessary and they can feel that when we say Take 2.

    Take 2 should be the name of a parenting book. It would be a best seller.

  9. Take 2 allows us to slow down and take a closer look at what happened.

    Our world is moving so fast, it is very easy to miss our life.

    Is that why we are needing to do more, because we have no recollection of the day that we just lived?

    So Take 2 and appreciate all the amazingness that you are, and the amazingness of everything around you.

  10. If I had a pound for every opportunity where I could do a Take 2, I reckon I would be quite close to being a £millionaire.

    Like most people, I have made many mistakes in my life but having that ability to do a Take 2 can be very profound.

    If we come away from that first experience saying to ourselves I will never do that again, is Take 1 necessarily a bad thing.

    We are after all, human, and as such we make mistakes.

    It is how we respond to those mistakes and whether we are prepared to take full responsibility and accountability for them which can make all the difference.

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