BLOG 100


Simple Living Global is celebrating with this Blog 100

1. Is it time we asked Is there Another Way?

2. Have we asked Why do we get Sick?

3. Why is Coffee Big Business?

4. Could it be possible We are What we Eat?

5. Why have so many of us got Cold Hands, Cold Feet?

6. Common Sense when it comes to Heartburn may help us

7. If we start asking Questions Questions – will there be change?

8. WHY is it that we love Chocolate so much?

9. Our world is a mess – Have we Lost the Plot?

10. Imagine having a Passport to Get Real?

11. What are all these World Health Day themes about?

12. Would we benefit if we started Building a Foundation?

13. What if we Keep it Simple in all areas of life?

14. How many of us realise that EXPRESSION IS EVERYTHING?

15. Are we aware of our World Asthma issue?

16. Why have we created a syndrome called Chronic Fatigue?

17. What is Intelligence?

18. What if we all stopped the Gossip, Judgement and Cursing?

19. How many of us live a Champagne Lifestyle, Lemonade Money?

20. Is it time we all know the Truth about Dairy?

21. Why do we think Lying is not Normal?

22. Do we all know about Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking?

23. Have we thought about the War Inside Us?

24. Is there more we could learn about 4th July – Independence Day?

25. Do we know that Gluten is a Glue?

26. The Real Truth about MARIJUANA

27.  Modern Day Slavery is called Trafficking in Persons

28. Can we learn more by Understanding Sport?

29. What is going on for our Youth today?

30. The Real Truth about AMPHETAMINES

31. Why do we Blame the world and its brothers?

32. Ground Breaking News – EARTHQUAKES

33. Could we all learn more about Suicide?

34. What would happen if we Let Go, Let Go?

35. What happens if we Do Nothing, Do Something?

36. The Real Truth about ALCOHOL

37. Have we Forgot Something, Lost Something?

38. Why is Mental Health such a big global issue?

39. How many of us are Living a See Through Life?

40. What have we all created with our Internet?

41. Is it time to Get Real, Get Honest and Get to Truth?

42. What is Our Priority in Life?

43. Is this a thorough presentation about Diabetes?

44. What have we done with Television?

45. Is the Law of Cause and Effect, the same as Karma?

46. Why is our world going for more, More More?

47. Why are we seeking a Perfect Life?

48. Why are we a Careless Society?

49. What is Christmas all about?

50. Why is New Year such a big deal for some of us?

51. Do Diets Work?

52. What if there was a simple Recipe for Life?

53. Why is the Common Cold so common?

54. Is there more we could learn about Cancer?

55. Have we all heard of FGM – Female Genital Mutilation?

56. Why are some of us Bored with Life?

57. Are we really Getting Away with It?

58. Can we fly Business Class to Heaven?

59. How are we looking after our Kidneys?

60. Why is Sleep such a big global problem?

61. Is there such a thing as Happiness?

62. What do Birthdays mean to us?

63. DEPRESSION – our leading cause of ill health and disability

64. What happens if we make a Commitment to Life?

65. What are we all doing to our planet Earth?

66. What if we all started to Be Gentle in all our movements?

67. Where has Listening to Other People got us?

68. Is there more to learn about Intelligence?

69. Hypertension – why has our world created High Blood Pressure?

70. Could we work things out if we practiced Nil by Mouth?

71. Tobacco is killing us and we all know this

72. Why are Eating Disorders now a big problem in society?

73. What is the state of our world Global Wellness?

74. Are we Giving up on Life because of our choices?

75. What is going on with our Social Media world?

76. What if Truth was at the core of every choice we make?

77. What is there to learn about our Feet and Footwear?

78. Are Mistakes all about learning in life?

79. What would happen if we Stop Shouting and Swearing?

80. What if we all started saying What if … what would happen?

81. What more could we learn about what our Youth are up to?

82. Do we treat Our Car like it was our body?

83. Why do most of us live Life in the Fast Lane?

84. What are we doing about our Dodgy Emails?

85. What are Video Games doing to us?

86. Are we aware of what Holding On is doing to us?

87. Is there is so much more to understand about the human Heart?

88. Why do we have this Just Incase Syndrome?

89. Why do most of us live a Double Life?

90. Can we admit we have Our Vices, Our Secrets?

91.  The Real Truth about SPICE – synthetic cannabis

92. What is Hot Talk?

93. Why are some of us comfortable Sitting on the Fence?

94. Can we agree our world is full of Solutions, Solutions?

95. Do we know enough about Fast Food, Junk Food?

96. What is it about the month of D E C E M B E R ?

97.  Are We Being Fooled?

98. The ‘F’ WordFamily

99. Can Closing Cycles help us move forward in life?

With Sincere Appreciation for the constant inspiration from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.





Comments 21

  1. Wow, blog 100! And what a way to celebrate.

    99 hugely insightful questions, with a multi-dimensional blog behind each one.

    There is much here to consider and much to appreciate.

    Just sitting with these questions is an opportunity to be truly inspired.

    Thank you Simple Living Global.

  2. This is a brilliant index to the 99 (and this makes 100) blogs on this website. For anyone who feels that things in life don’t make sense, this blog site gives much food for thought – much to ponder on life in the world today.

    Take a moment, dip into any one of these blogs, and start a conversation about it. Its time we talked about the world honestly and candidly so as to realise all is not what it seems.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for leading the way.

  3. This is a brilliant achievement Simple Living Global.

    This is a website dedicated to bringing truth and awareness to humanity on many diverse topics and is very much needed in this day and age.

    Writing just one blog on what is going on in our world today is worthwhile and admirable but writing one blog a week since January 2016, shows a commitment and dedication that is incredibly inspiring.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for inspiring many and leading the way for truth.

  4. Blog 100 – Wow!!

    This is stupendous.

    There is no other website like this on the Internet – providing such real and relatable blogs for everyone.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for your absolute dedication, commitment and care for humanity, as without this the website would not be the phenomenal platform that it is for change.

    We ought to really take note of this website and the facts and figures presented and the questions asked, as it they may just help us to turn the tides and get ourselves out of this terrible mess that we have created on earth.

  5. Great questions and 99 points of inspiration and access to real, raw and honest reflections of what we’re choosing as a society, each one a blueprint showing that there is another way to live life.

    Thank you Bina Pattel and Simple Living Global team for your commitment to life and telling it how it is.

    100 = a new beginning and a celebration of a solid and lived foundation.

  6. This amazing list of 99 (and now 100) blogs is at least one book if not a few books – in a series of books to be left for future generations.

  7. This blog is very practical as there are so many topics that relate to life.

    With the long list and a hyperlink to just click, we can get straight to the blog.

    The commitment that Simple Living Global has, means there will be more blogs on even more topics that our world could benefit from.

    Each blog is asking questions and there is a thread of humour which keeps things light, but at the same time there is a seriousness too.

    At the core of each blog is the word RESPONSIBILITY.
    This whole website has this word at the fore, because it is high time we called everyone in our world to account for their choices.

    We can continue to pretend things are ok but reading these blogs, we cannot be left in any doubt that our world is in serious trouble and we each have a part to play.

    I am certain with the library of blogs from this website, together with the quality of comments posted daily, there will be people out there asking these questions.

    Our job is not to find them or even get marketing, but to simply GET ON WITH IT and update you at our next 100 blog anniversary – 1st January 2020.

  8. inspirational
    – should be considered the most normal thing – unfortunately rarely found, BUT:
    what Bina Pattel shows us is, that this power lies in everyone of us, she is not of special birth. She is like you and me and started where she was.
    So, let’s GET ON WITH IT!

  9. I have been following and commenting on this website for a while.

    Simply by being open to what is being presented and feeling what feels true to me and doing some of the things that are presented, I have transformed my life from being discouraged, depressed, exhausted, lost, to waking up in the morning ready to do whatever I am asked, to deal with the mess that our world is in.

    I am in an an amazing relationship with a woman that shares the same values. I am meeting people that are asking for another way. Having real conversations with people that do not want to accept what is happening in our world. I feel like I am finally making a difference in the world. I am being supported in all aspects of my life. Doing healing I have been putting off for lifetimes. Amazing!

    All this and all I am doing is simple common sense things to support myself.

    It is not complicated. It works. Many people are doing it with the same results.

    Time to get off the fence and get on with it! Jump in, you have nothing to lose, and literally everything to gain!

  10. So, if this epic list is what I think it is, each line has a link to another blog on that subject!
    If this is true, I want to thank you for all the amazing content that you have made available to us.

    These questions alone, without any links are very powerful, for it is not about having all the answers but about inquiring why we are in this state in the first place.

  11. What do all these blogs add up to?

    Our world, we have created, is a mess.

    If we take an honest look at what has been happening since the Year 2000, It is obvious we need to do something truly different.

    Simple Living Global is not only presenting the truth about what is going on in the world, it is suggesting simple basic things we can do as an individual to get back on track.

  12. I was thinking about the power of 100.

    The simplicity and hugeness of it.

    It is just a 1, in terms of numbers, but it is 100 times a 1.

    1 blog of pure wisdom every week for 100 weeks.

    The consistency of it is an inspiration.

    What one small website and the people behind it can achieve with commitment.

    It makes you realise the power of one.

    And we are each one.

    We can each make a difference.

  13. These 100 blogs are an absolute testimonial to the commitment to truth and real love of humanity lived by Simple Living Global founder Bina Pattel. Love the simplicity, humour and down-to-earth practical common sense that is expressed on this site. This stuff works.

  14. 100 Blogs published and each holding a quality that can be felt with the consistency that is LIVED by the author – Bina Pattel

    I am talking about myself in this appreciation comment, as this Blog 100 is a milestone and so is studying 10 Diplomas at this late age in life.

    I am not anyone special or gifted. I got a wake up call and realised what a waste of time doing nonsense out there is and distracting myself, so I started to write.

    Who would have guessed what is possible with a daily commitment to life and a connection to purpose?

    The Truth is I have enough research and awareness now to keep writing until my last breath.

    I doubt anything will ever stop me as the inbuilt momentum of getting up and knowing there is much work to be done means it is super easy to GET ON WITH IT.
    As I tell everyone – GOWI is my middle name.

    Finally, with deep Appreciation to Serge Benhayon, who gave me permission to be the real me and the potential that anything is possible.

    After 12 years – I am living proof of the teachings of this incredible man who was sent, if you ask me, to get us all back on track.

  15. What will it take for our world to wake up and realize that what this Website is presenting is the truth and if we look around, we will see for ourselves that how we have been living is not working.

    The natural world is incredibly efficient in weeding out things that do not fit in with the rest of of creation. It is either sink or swim. Do we have the intelligence to see that we are sinking and it is time to do something different?

    Simple Living Global has supported many people, including myself to make simple common sense changes in their lives, that has empowered us to take true responsibility for our lives. That is all that is required of us to turn our world around and live in harmony with each other.

    1. Yes, after reading this website, you can not help feel the purpose, and the responsibility that we all have to get on with it!

  16. I was reflecting this weekend on how this website has raised up my awareness and interest in the world. In the details of what is going on around us and a deeper realisation of how much our own choices matter.

    I have always been plugged in, but this website has helped me take it to the next level. It feels like my interest is much more purposeful – way beyond simple observance of something happening ‘out there’.

    The depth of the blogs, the enquiry they make and the facts of the human condition laid out for us all to see and in a way that helps us see we are all connected. We all play our part.

    Thank you for raising the bar, – for me and for all of us.

  17. Observing the state of our world has always been frustrating for me, to the point that I gave up following what was going on. I did not know what to do.

    Simple Living Global has reignited my sense of purpose by helping me to understand that just by being me, expressing me, and not holding back I am making a true difference.

    Thank You

  18. I come back to this blog a lot, as an index to Truth.

    When I come here, I feel an appreciation for this website and the people behind it.

    The wisdom that is gathered here, not seeking any sort of return.

    And it feels like there is something significant about the order the blogs were put out – each delivered in a package for us to receive the next more fully.

    Building blocks for life.

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