What is Intelligence? – Part 2

So what exactly is Intelligence in our world today?

Who subscribes to this Intelligence?

Who on earth needs this Intelligence?

Can we truly evolve with this Intelligence?

Are we at the mercy of this Intelligence?

Are we afraid to go against this Intelligence?

Is this the only form of Intelligence?

Is this Intelligence the be all and end all?

Do we need to challenge this Intelligence?

Do we have the right to question this Intelligence?

Do we negate those who do not subscribe to this Intelligence?

Do we label those who we think are not part of this Intelligence?

Does this Intelligence dominate us all?

WHY do we give our power away to this kind of Intelligence?

WHY is all our education geared towards this Intelligence?

What happens if we don’t fit into this Intelligence?
In other words, we are not academic and we don’t tick the boxes in formal education but nevertheless we have something different to offer of EQUAL VALUE.

Are we ready to start asking questions and keep asking questions about our current form of Intelligence?

Are we ready to apply good old fashioned common sense before anything else?

Are we ready to consider that maybe What is Intelligence – Part 1 is saying something that makes sense?

The author of the blog is talking about not having a formal education and does that equate to not being Intelligent?
Our world has a classification for what is Intelligent and what is not.
So what happens to those, like the author of this blog?
Are they simply dismissed as they have no formal qualifications?
Are they negated because society demands letters before their name?
Are they not taken seriously as their Intelligence is “outside the box”?

Mina Bissell talks about cancer cells and she is making sense, so WHY are we not all jumping on the bandwagon and getting behind this kind of research?
If what she is saying makes simple sense, then WHY are we stopping it from going further?
WHY are the majority of researchers not thinking “outside the box” like Mina Bissell?

Next –

Doctors’ suicides are seen as a secret in the profession.

WHY do we have so many doctors suiciding now?
WHY are they seen as secret when this stuff really matters?
What on earth is going on for these Intelligent members of society?
We all know the huge amount of training our doctors go through and we class them as super Intelligent in our world.
So how do we explain how someone so Intelligent takes their life?

What about the doctors who contemplate suicide?
What is the Intelligence that drives them?

Weakness in medicine is a failing and if you admit to struggling, the unspoken opinion (or often spoken) is that you simply could not hack it.
Anonymous Doctor

It is a sink or swim culture – and often trainees were left to sink.
Anonymous First Year Doctor


Female doctors are twice as likely to take their own lives. (2)


The most common psychiatric diagnoses among physicians who suicide are affective disorders, for example – depression and bipolar disease, alcoholism and substance abuse. (3)

55% of doctors during their first year, experienced high rates of burnout and symptoms of emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation and a reduced sense of personal accomplishment.
University of Pennsylvania – 2006


300 – 400 physicians suicide every year – a doctor a day. (3)


2013 (4)

17.1% of male and 20.5% female medical students experienced suicidal ideation.

2017 (5)

Junior doctors are under extreme pressure because of a hospital culture that fosters a competitive environment and places young people under intense scrutiny with extremely long work hours.
Brad Frankum, President, Australia Medical Association (AMA), New South Wales

20 doctors in New South Wales have suicided from 2007 – 2016.
Coroner informed that there were possibly more because the police don’t always record occupations.
Brad Hazzard, Health Minister, New South Wales

Hazzard acknowledged that all medical staff are at risk of suicide.



We all know first-hand of the challenges faced by those in our profession.
We see this happening all around us; alcoholism, drug abuse, divorce, mental health problems, suicide, chronic disease exacerbated by stress, carcinomas.
Suicide levels are more than twice as high as the background population.
Dr Zoe Greaves

How alarming is this for us all to consider that our doctors who are classed as highly Intelligent members of society are contemplating or taking their own lives.

If they are the Intelligent ones then what is this Intelligence that does not save them from serious self-harm?
Doctors are in the profession to help others and are highly skilled and super trained with so much knowledge, but what is going on inside their minds that makes them even think about ending their own lives?

What Intelligence is fostering a culture where there is a competitive environment that adds enormous pressure to a doctor’s already demanding job?


The ‘brightest youths’, in a research study by University College London, were more than twice as likely at ages 18 – 20 than those in the lowest group to drink “regularly and persistently”.
They were also twice as likely to use cannabis.

Is this spelling out something to us?
Can we join the dots here?
WHY would our brightest students want to drink alcohol?
WHY do our clever students need to drink a poison called alcohol?
WHY are they more likely to smoke pot when they are so Intelligent?

What is the Intelligence that they subscribe to that negates the body?
We all know from scientific research that Alcohol and Cannabis alter our natural state of being. So what is the Intelligence that endorses this and allows this to continue?

What is going on for our brightest youth that puts them on the path of study with alcohol and cannabis?

What are we accepting as a society if our academic students are choosing substances that harm the mind and body?

WHY would our Intelligent students consider taking drugs and alcohol?
Does this make any sense?

Next –

We all know our body carries some kind of Intelligence because it does stuff that man simply cannot explain and has yet to discover.

Serge Benhayon is already presenting that –
What if our mind is not in our brain but in our whole body?
What if our real Intelligence is when we use our whole body as one?
More on this in our blog about True Intelligence.

The human body is in a class of its own when it comes to Intelligence.
It is like the biggest perfect design and has an infrastructure like no other.
Each department works with absolute respect and in harmony with the whole.
It has a built in sleep and wake cycle, yet we as humans, who class ourselves as the most Intelligent species on earth, seem to ignore this natural rhythm.
Check out our sleep blog to see how huge our global sleep issues are today.

Another great example of the human body Intelligence is the Blood Brain Barrier.
To keep it super simple we have a membrane that protects our brain from anything that is harmfull – bit like a gatekeeper.

Check this out –

Certain molecules do cross the blood brain barrier like –


WHY are we not educated on this simple fact about how to protect our brain?
What Intelligence are we subscribing to that says it is ok to harm our brain on a daily basis with our coffee consumption?
WHY are we not joining the dots and asking WHY is caffeine legal?

We all know Alcohol is a scientific proven poison so where is our Intelligence when we say it is ok to drink alcohol responsibly?

WHY do Intelligent people drink a poison, which we call Alcohol?

Can we really drink poison responsibly?

Where is the Intelligence in that?

On that note, so many of our university students are part of a drinking culture and this is what society calls our future Intelligence.

What is Intelligent about consuming poison whilst studying?

What is this telling us about our academics and the stress they are choosing just to fit in and be social?

50% UK academics having symptoms of psychological distress.

Academics experience higher stress levels than the wider population.

Stress levels are increasing due to heavy workloads, a long hours culture and conflicting management demands.

Depression, sleep issues, eating disorders, alcoholism, self-harming and suicide attempts occurring in PhD students. (9)

Hello – can we go back and re-read the above?

This is what is going on with the top notch of society that then tell us all what we need to be doing.
We rely on their academic knowledge to navigate our future.
We champion them and say they know what they are doing but do they really if this stuff is going on during their studies?
If they are truly Intelligent then surely they would not ever do anything to harm their mind or body?

WHY are researchers not studying themselves and those we call the academics of society to find out what the root issue is?

Perfectionism is also an issue.

By that I mean when someone is aiming for and constantly expecting really high standards, so that even when there is a positive outcome they feel they have fallen short. So instead of internal aspiration helping them to do well it hinders them.
Pat Hunt, Head of Counselling Service for staff and students, Nottingham University 

… you are only as good as your research rating or as good as your ability to bring in funding for research.
There’s still a degree of ‘if you can’t stand the heat, you shouldn’t be here.’
Dr Alan Swann, Chair of the Higher Education Occupational Physicians Committee, Imperial College London

Reading the above why on earth are students at this high level of education, under so much pressure to perform and be rated?

Imagine our self worth if it is based on our ability to bring in funding for research.

What sort of Intelligence demands that of other fellow humans?

The following real life examples are worth reading –

PhD in Health Sciences – Canadian University

“At the beginning of my PhD, the director of the department gave our entire cohort a lecture about not getting pregnant and told one of my friends when she applied for maternity leave that the PhD should be a time of celibacy. Some of our supervisors publicly and proudly exchanged stories of failed marriages as if this was the ultimate proof of their devotion to research. Others gossiped about promising colleagues who ‘would have achieved so much more’ had they not had children. All of these subtle and not so subtle hints guaranteed that no graduate student, especially those with families, would ever sacrifice enough for their research and would thus, by implication, always be a failure in some respect.”

University of Maine – School of Law, USA

“During my three years of law school, I had to come to grips with my acceptance of and seeking treatment for depression and PTSD. I have been lucky to have had a lot of support from close friends, but I have never shared these issues with the faculty. The law school culture is effectively one along the lines of ‘suck it up’. When I worked in the law school clinic, I actually hid and lied to my professor about the fact that I was struggling with suicidal thoughts because I was afraid of simply being booted out of a clinic I loved.

While a very large amount of law students I have known have coped with mental health issues and even school-related nervous breakdowns, it is not talked about or even admitted beyond close friends.”

PhD in Chemistry – Bangor University, Wales

“In 2010 I started a PhD in chemistry. A year on and the pressure began to build, reaching the point where I had a nervous breakdown. I spent time going to counselling for help but then decided to take a 10-month break from the research I was doing.

Upon returning I was able to work for a few months before falling back into depression because I felt I had no chance of gaining the qualification I desired. I eventually got to the stage where I felt I was going nowhere and cleared my desk late one Saturday, saying nothing to anyone that I was leaving.

While suffering from depression, I felt isolated, as everyone around me was able to get on with their PhDs. I felt I was the problem. I feel I received some support for my issues but more could have been done to ease me back into full-time study after returning.”

PhD in Molecular Biology – Uppsala University, Sweden

“My university and department supported me after I admitted I had been diagnosed with depression. In the beginning I took advantage of studenthälsan, the university’s student health centre. Their team of psychologists and psychiatrists helped me to find the right long-term support. Later, my depression worsened and I was offered a private psychologist at the cost of the department. Yes, my PhD studies are still a demanding job, full of stress, mentally as well as physically but I am glad that in the days where death was the only solution to everything, my colleagues, supervisors and other officials became friends that just wanted to help me.” (9)

WHY do animals not ever disregard their body?

A study published in Scientific Reports confirms that elephants have a high level of understanding and are well regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, yet our researchers say “we still need more empirical scientific evidence to support this belief”. (10)

Why are we on one hand, calling it a belief when it is there to be seen and felt as living proof of what elephants are capable of?

Is this making any sense and is our current Intelligence of the day missing the point or not joining the simple dots?

Yes research is needed, but when does it stop and how much more do we need to prove something that is innate in animals and makes sense?

Could it be possible that we could learn a few things from the animal world about how respectfull they are towards their body in every way?

Could it be possible that the Intelligence that requires more empirical evidence is holding us back to truly evolve?

WHY do animals not think about having a pint with their mates?
In other words – why do they only eat what they need, never go out on a bender and respect their sleep wake cycle?

Dear World

Today we have technological advancements that our ancestors would not even dream of but yet we have even more rise in mental health problems and other illnesses and diseases.

Where then does our Intelligence lie?

Have we heard of Artificial Intelligence?

Are we ready for a robot that recognises members of our family at home?

How far have we come that we have created a robot that can initiate our robot vacuum cleaner when we leave the house? (11)

Do we need our washing machine and refrigerator connected to Wi-Fi?

Do we jump on the bandwagon and spend thousands of bucks upgrading our home appliances?

Is that an Intelligent responsible choice?
Is this all just some fun to keep us distracted from real life?
Do we think this is what our future is all about?

How much more are our robots going to be able to do in the future?

Does this help us with the real life stuff that is going on under our nose?
Does this take away the misery of our buried issues?
Does this take us away from the agony of daily life?
Does this deal with our anxiety and stress levels?
Does this support us to be real in a world that is losing control?
Does this really make our life more simple or complicated?
Does this honestly serve us as a race of beings?
Does this in anyway help our current global humanitarian crisis?

We have wars going on
Our refugee crisis getting worse
Famine continues
Genocide in 21st century

Drug wars that never make the news
Obesity on a global scale
Diabetes statistics off the scale
Mental Health in our children
Cyber Abuse with no real policing laws
Prisoners rioting and taking over our jails
Doctors suiciding with the pressures
Teachers resigning due to heavy workloads
Shortage of Medical staff

Are the following blogs confirming something is seriously not right about our current form of Intelligence? –

Mental Health
Sleep Issues
Female Genital Mutilation
Human Trafficking
Independence Day
Kidney Disease
Chronic Fatigue
Drug Abuse

Would it be true to say that our Intelligence is simply not able to keep up with what is going on?

Are we missing another form of Intelligence that we cannot see?

Is our current Intelligence stopping us from getting the bigger picture?

Does our Intelligence blind us from the whole truth that we need to know?

Does our heart have an Intelligence that can connect us to the answers?

What is Intelligence? – Part 1 says at the end – Serge Benhayon is a true living example of what real Intelligence is.

Have we bothered to listen to him?
Have we applied his teachings to everyday life?

Could science benefit from what he has to say?
Could our world change if we started to live as he lives?

Are we ready to study an extraordinary man who shows us what is possible?
Are we open to what he has to say about life on Earth?

Are we interested to find out where his Intelligence comes from?

Are we aware of how much he does in a single day and why he is not sick?

Are we going to question how on earth does he know so much about any subject?

Are we ready to know why many academics now go to him for advice?

Are we really Intelligent or is our current form of Intelligence designed to stop us thinking “outside the box”?

Are we going to take a back seat or be on the front foot and start the conversation as something is not making sense?

Is it high time we started to question and challenge our current form of Intelligence?

Or are we content to just accept things so we don’t rock the boat?

Are we honest enough to admit that our current form of Intelligence has not given us ALL the answers we need right now to get us out of the mess we have created on this Earth?

Part 3 in this series – What is True Intelligence? – May 2020


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Comments 68

  1. Yes, there is something ridiculous about our concept of what being smart is all about. I have worked with farmers and commercial fisherman that have a level of intelligence about their work that is amazing. A captain of a lobster boat that can tell were he is 100 miles from the nearest land without any technology. He knows were the lobsters are in water 1000 ft deep, just by instinct.

    And many of these people feel less than someone who has gone to university. Why have we put so much emphasis on the idea that you need a good education to live in this world? As this blog presents, their are many educated people that do some not so smart things.

    Learning to walk is one of the most amazing things we do. The complexity of what the body is doing when we take a step is astonishing. And you will never learn to walk or ride a bicycle by reading a book or watching a video.

    Their is a level of intelligence that we are born with that is essential to living on this earth.
    Everybody still has it.
    I call it whole body Intelligence.
    It is there guiding us all the time.
    We just need to listen.

    1. The lobster boat captain story is awesome. There are so many examples of this in life. Do we just dismiss them or can we appreciate there may be another dimension to intelligence here for us to see?

      I am reminded about the scientists who challenged the received wisdom of their time. For example, was it Pythagoras who first presented that the earth was round? Where did he get that impulse from so long ago? And how great would the resistance have been from the ‘intelligentsia’ to what he was presenting?

  2. I just saw a pack of containers marketed as 24 pieces… only to find out that they are counting the lids as “pieces”, smartly creating a strong suggestion without ‘lying’.

    We have become used to this calculating and selfishly motivated intelligence.

    The other option:
    Global thinking: intelligence which is motivated by brotherhood.

    Can we stop for a moment and imagine the shape of our world if we chose to use this kind of intelligence instead of the one we’ve been using?

  3. So much just doesn’t make sense when you reflect on the questions in this blog.

    I mean, what on earth is going on if “suicide levels in doctors are more than twice as high as the background population” and 20% of medical students have suicidal thoughts?

    Why is the system set up in a way that causes such harm to those who are supposed to help heal us?

    Something is very back to front here.

  4. It was interesting reading the quotes from the law student at the University of Maine.

    As someone in the legal profession, I can attest to the crazy pressure.

    It’s like the profession isn’t set up to want the whole human, just the legal brain inside the head.

    This seems particularly contradictory if you think about laws being to protect and support people.

  5. Our current concept of intelligence allows us to ignore what is happening in the world.

    This blog presents statistics that show what is really going on.

    If we stay in the old way of being, we just assume that someone will figure out the answer to the problem, someone with more intelligence, someone who has more education.

    Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has presented a way of living, that allows us to tap into a level of intelligence that everybody has, but we have chosen to ignore it and give our power away to the “experts”.

    It is time to take responsibility for the world we have created. Nothing will change if bury our heads in the sand. Let’s use the other 60 % of our brain, that is there waiting for us to access it.

  6. Our current concept of intelligence allows us to ignore what is happening in the world.

    This blog presents statistics that show what is really going on.

    If we stay in the old way of being, we just assume that someone will figure out the answer to the problem, someone with more intelligence, someone who has more education.

    Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has presented a way of living, that allows us to tap into a level of intelligence that everybody has, but we have chosen to ignore it and give our power away to the “experts”.

    It is time to take responsibility for the world we have created. Nothing will change if bury our heads in the sand. Let’s use the other 60 % of our brain, that is there waiting for us to access it.

    1. This got me thinking about intelligence in politics.

      It’s election season in the UK and the political parties are telling us why we should vote for them.

      I look at the issues and I’m scratching my head:

      We can’t afford the NHS, everyone is worried about terrorism, Brexit is looming, the books of the economy aren’t balancing, cyber abuse is through the roof, we are struggling to take care of our elderly, the education system is creaking, mental health statistics are off the chart. The list goes on.


      Could our current system of pitting political parties against one another be part of the problem? Is that system helping to solve the issues of our time and help us be all we can be?

      What does ‘success’ or ‘winning’ actually look like here? What is the real prize?

      What if a different sort of intelligence is what we need to truly move through all this?

    2. Ken, you raise something really interesting to consider: does our current concept of intelligence contribute to us turning a blind eye?

      It makes sense that if we work on the basis that there is a hierarchy of intelligence, where we measure ourselves in a pecking order of smartness, it will be easy to conclude there is ‘somebody else more expert or better than me to solve that’ (whatever ‘that’ might be).

      Whereas, if we hold ourselves as equal – in capability, wisdom and responsibility – we are more likely to just get on with whatever is needed, ourselves, and not defer to another.

      What an insidious consequence of the current set up.

  7. Thank you for continuing this conversation on Intelligence Simple Living Global. To me the responsible choice is to listen to the intelligence of the body and heart.
    Serge Benhayon presentations are profound and life changing and well worth listening to, they are unlike anything I have listened to before and I knew from day one that this clearly felt the truth to me, my whole body said so.

    Reading this blog and the previous one on Intelligence, we do need to start questioning what intelligence we are listening to, being run by.
    The high pressures of the academic world and consequences of this with so many feeling suicidal and suiciding calls for us all to start questioning.. to ‘be on the front foot’ as you say.

  8. Dr’s suiciding is endemic but how many of us knew about this before reading this blog?

    I have just seen a Tweet on Twitter of an email from a Dr’s wife about her husband who has recently suicided. She speaks of the enormous pressure that he was under and that he was not able to deal with this. She is encouraging people to talk about suicide and depression and does not want to keep her husband’s death a secret.


  9. Yes, JS this is an important topic. Is it possible that we need to take more individual responsibility for what is happening to our doctors?
    The level of training that they require to treat the rising level of disease, is constantly increasing.

    So maybe if we take more responsibility for our own health, we put less pressure on the medical system to keep up.

  10. I love this question that the author asks here – “Could it be possible that the Intelligence that requires more empirical evidence is holding us back to truly evolve?”

    Humanity has enough living ‘proof’ in what modern science terms ‘anecdotal’ evidence that how we have been living produces a sickly human race…

    …AND Simple Living Global continues to pile up case studies which consistently show that simply taking deep tender care of our body, heals us of the self harming thoughts, patterns and behaviours that are devastating society on all levels.

    I am one of the hundreds of people who have made huge and lasting changes in the health of my body, mind and life by simply taking more responsibility for how I live, breath, move and make choices every day.

  11. When we have systems that are there to serve the people but there are double standards, humanity loses trust. This equates to when we place people who are deemed intelligent, due to academic qualifications, over the rest of society.

    How have we come to a place where we have judges passing lighter sentences because a perpetrator is deemed talented wheareas the rest of society, especially those that are uneducated, would receive a stronger sentence?

    When we place educational achievement at the peak of intelligence it is easy to allow all common sense, human decency and dignity and true justice to go out of the window.

    The question arises –

    Is the intelligence that we have accepted as intelligence, really intelligence?

  12. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    Is it possible that Einstein was on to the fact that the intelligence we have been using is not so intelligent?

    Can we simply observe human history and be open enough to consider the possibility that the very kind of intelligence we have been running our bodies, lives and the world with could be at the root of all our problems and that there is another consciousness we can choose; another way to think?

    Einstein also said “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

  13. Humanity has always had stories and mythology in which are represented two fundamentally different forces.

    Throughout our language we also see two energies at play in life, in phraseology such as ‘good and bad, Divine and evil, light and dark’, ‘true and false’.

    Knowing this, can we consider the possibility that there are two kinds of intelligence?

    Can we consider the possibility that we have largely been running our lives and this world with the lesser of the two but that we could choose the greater?

    Is it possible that humanity, on the whole, has not yet tried living by the greater consciousness?

    Is it possible that if we are not, in each moment (by intention, thought, and movement) choosing the intelligence of truth than we are choosing the intelligence of illusion?

    Could life be this simple and profound?

  14. I like the questions you ask at the beginning of this blog, they are well worth reading and re reading… then taking time to ponder on what is being asked.. as this affects us all.

  15. If we are still wanting to prove the intelligence that nature lives by, such as elephants, is it because we do not want to take responsibility for our choices?.. avoiding it?

  16. There are huge amounts information available to us today. How do we decide what is right or wrong?

    There is more research showing that our brain receives energy before it thinks or acts. If the brain only receives things, then maybe what we are receiving is important to what we choose to believe.

    Our current level of intelligence is all about receiving information from outside of us.

    We have a natural intelligence that we are born with. A baby knows the world by feeling it. As we grow up and go to school and learn things, I feel we start to ignore this inner wisdom. This ability to feel what is going on.

    Because of the declining level of true quality of life in the world, I feel we need to question the knowledge that has created it.
    Where did it come from?
    Did it come from outside of ourselves?
    How do we know that it is good for us?

    Is it possible that our brains have been listening to all the information in books and the internet, and ignoring what we are feeling is right, this inner wisdom that our bodies have?

    Does it feel more powerful to say, “I feel” rather than “I think”?

  17. There are many examples in human history where wonderful new things that we initially embraced turned out to be a mess.

    So how do we decide what is good for humanity? Who makes the decision? Is it a conscious or unconscious choice?

    I am questioning the current level of intelligence that makes these decisions. With the rising level of illness in all parts of our society and the declining level of true quality of life, something is not working.

    While smart phones, computers, and the internet have revolutionized our modern world in many ways, personally, because of the growing trend of how we use them, I feel our world would be better off without them.

    More and more, these things are being used to check out.
    Basically losing touch with real life.
    Creating new illness that we will have to deal with.

    It is time to take responsibility for what we create in this world?
    It is our individual choices that will determine the world we get.
    How we use technology will determine whether it is really beneficial to all of life.

  18. Have we been accepting what we think OVER what we feel?
    Has this has been at the expense of our health and harmony?

    Do we rely on rules, beliefs and ideals that come from outside of us because we don’t want to take responsibility to feel and so ‘know’ what is true for us because we may then stand out in society?

    I know that I had been living from my mind at the expense of my body and now the more and more I re-claim my ability to be aware of what I feel the more healthy and supportive my life is.

  19. I worked at a school doing maintenance and had available to me some students to help me do the recycling. These students were having issues with doing classroom work and a special education teacher asked me if I could use any help.

    It was challenging getting these 14 year olds to focus but I noticed when I gave them responsibility for a job, they became more interested. Eventually we developed a system that worked pretty well.

    I realized that giving them real responsibility for something tangible in life really brought out their natural desire to learn. It was a way of learning about life by living it. They have a form of natural intelligence that just needs to be honored and then the learning just happens.

    When I left the job, I realized I missed that part of the job the most. I understood the passion teachers have for their work.
    There is nothing like supporting a child in their life.

    We all have this desire and ability to pass on our life experiences.
    We are all teachers, all the time and it is our responsibility to live our lives with integrity because everything we do has an effect on the world, especially the young.

  20. This is a great Part 2 Simple Living Global.

    Its strange how the end result of having letters after our name drives us.

    I use the word strange because for someone to be doing a course of work that will give you letters after your name, it has an implied status of someone who is ‘intelligent’.

    But this same intelligence is driving people to the point of exhaustion.

    It is the same intelligence that puts peoples bodies into so much stress.

    It is the same intelligence that tells people that it is OK and acceptable to use substances that alter our natural state like alcohol, drugs, caffeine and excess sugar.

    It is that same intelligence that drives people to have suicidal thoughts or even commit suicide.

    It is the same intelligence that then uses these letters after our name to define who we are.

    It is the same intelligence that champions this way of learning.

    The question has to be asked…Where is the TRUE intelligence in that?

    What do these letters really mean then?

    Is it possible that having letters after our name comes with an arrogance as it gives us a feeling of superiority?

    Is having letters after our name just a way to show the world that we can remember a lot of ‘stuff’?

    Is it possible that intelligence, as we know it, is just based on memory recall?

    Isn’t it strange that we have all of these so called ‘intelligent’ people that put their bodies through total disregard, total lovelessness and total abuse for several years just to obtain letters after their name so that they can then tell the world, ‘this is who I am’?

    Is this really what intelligence is or is there another TRUE intelligence out there?

    Is it possible that true intelligence is not putting any substance into our bodies that will stimulate it or that will alter its natural state?

    Is it possible that true intelligence is caring deeply for ourselves in every area of our lives?

    Is it possible that true intelligence is going to bed early and having quality sleep and being rejuvenated so we don’t wake up in the morning needing that cup of coffee to get us going?

    Is it possible that true intelligence is not pushing our bodies to attain the highest marks but simply knowing that a pass mark is just as good?

    Is it possible that true intelligence is knowing that the letters after our name does not define us, it is not ‘who we are’ but simply ‘what we do’?

    Is it possible that true intelligence doesn’t come with an arrogance or superiority as it sees everyone as equal?

    Is it possible that true intelligence is not holding back what we feel and what we want to say but to express in full?

    Of course, we need people to be educated and trained in their chosen field, but what type of people is the education system churning out?

    As an employer, which one of these two types of intelligence would you hire?

  21. Can we consider the possibility that there are two kinds of intelligence or consciousness we can choose from and that we have been reminded and shown this throughout the ages in the science, philosophy and religion as presented by of a series of world teachers; teachers who’s intelligence was all too often not fully understood and so not lived by their ‘followers’, including Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Pythagoras, Alexandria, Hermes, Imhotep, Zoraster and Krishna who wrote the Bhagavad-Gita, one of humanities greatest works in philosophy, science and religion?

    How is it possible that so many of us are unfamiliar with the profound work that these truly loving people left behind for us all?

    Is it possible that we have not focused on nor committed to living the truth of these teachings because we have instead perpetually insisted upon the more limited of the two intelligences as in versions of science and philosophy and bastardized forms of religion, which do not require of us to take full responsibility for all our choices, physical and energetic (in action and intention), even though the intelligence we have been using has not ever produced or nurtured a healthy or harmonious world society?

    A big question; but isn’t it worth asking?

  22. When my children learned to walk it was very exciting for me. I did all the things to encourage them.

    But did I really help them to walk? Did I really think that I could help them to walk?

    I am understanding that the best way to teach is get out of the way and allow a persons natural intelligence to surface. To just live your life being you, so you will inspire others to be themselves.

  23. Have you ever ignored the sensation that you need to go to the bathroom to pee, because you felt you had to just finish this one thing? And then the sensation that you have to pee goes away? You still have to pee, but do not feel it.

    So where does the intelligence that decides that, come from?

    In order to ignore the basic signals that our bodies are constantly communicating, you have to numb yourself so you do not feel them.

    I have done this for most of my life, and it has allowed me to push my body to the point where it finally collapsed from exhaustion.

    By reconnecting to my body with support from Simple Living Global, I am remembering myself and honoring, more and more every day, the wisdom of my body.

    I now go to the bathroom whenever I need too.

  24. The number of suicides and ill mental health with our medical practitioners is very concerning.

    This article in the Sydney Morning Herald discusses the building resilience culture.


    Building resilience is something that is championed in work places – but what does this actually mean?

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    Resilience –

    1. the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress
    2. an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

    In my experience reliance in the workplace is often related to putting up with things as they are no matter what is thrown at you, in the name of being a good employee – but as point 1 of the definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary points out – it is the capability of a ‘strained body’ to recover it’s size and shape AFTER deformation caused especially by ‘compressive stress’.

    This is highlighting that there is stress being put on the body, prior to the recovery and therefore this cannot be normal.

    Is resilience really something to be championed?
    WHY is it important for us to show that we are tough and strong and are able to cope with anything?

    What are the rewards?

    What about fragility and honesty in the workplace?

    Would this change our work environments and allow workplaces to be real and supportive towards staff rather than places that contribute to ill mental health?

    Is staying silent on the matter and pretending that we can cope really the answer?

  25. An article in the Daily Mail, 25/02/2017, talks about how you can “Take your degree in just two years…but it’ll cost £14,000 a year to graduate.”

    Universities could soon offer two-year degrees charging annual fees of £14,000 under Government plans that have been revealed.

    The fast track courses will cost more per year than their longer equivalents but will be no more expensive over the whole of the qualification.

    Ministers believe this will help students save a years housing and living expenses and enter the job market faster.

    But a lecturer’s union attacked the proposals warning of a ‘huge burden’ on staff and a ‘pile ‘em high and teach ‘em cheap’ approach to higher education.

    Undergraduates would have to work more intensely for accelerated courses while their holidays would be shorter than their peers studying for three or four years.

    The acting director of the Russell group of elite universities said: “careful consideration will be needed for how these accelerated courses are delivered so that they don’t negatively affect student learning or compromise the overall undergraduate experience.

    A spokesperson for the University and College Union, added: “As well as placing a huge burden on staff these new degrees would only be available to students who could study all year round. Our universities must remain places of learning, not academic workshops and the Government needs to resist the pile ‘em high and teach ‘em cheap approach to students’ education.”

    A lot of students take part time work to help with the costs of attending university – how will they now find time to do that part time work?

    Is it possible that, if you crammed what is a three-year course into two years, there will be a lot of extra pressure put onto not only the students and the staff but also onto the families of the students and staff?

    Is it possible that at the end of a long day, students would be more likely to ‘need’ an alcoholic drink to help them ‘relax and unwind’?

    Is it possible that students, to get through the longer days, would be more likely to seek some form of illegal drug or uppers?

    Is it possible that because of the extra pressure and having to work so much harder, students’ mental health may suffer?

    One of the reasons the Government cites as this being a good idea is that students can enter the job market sooner.

    Is it possible that at the end of the two years, the students will be exhausted, and it is those exhausted students that the companies will be hiring?

    Why do we need to learn so fast?

    Why do we have to do ‘anything’ so fast?

    What is the intelligence that says it is OK to complete a three-year course in two years and totally disregard what it is doing to the body?

    If doing this three-year course in two years actually saved the student a few thousand pounds, there may be some understanding as to why the Government has come up with this idea…Is it possible that the reason the Government wants the students working sooner, is so that they can start to pay back their student loans?

  26. Just reading the headlines on the train about the latest news story where a man fired bullets from 10 powerfull assault rifles, killing 59 people and injuring over 500 in Las Vegas.

    What struck me was he was a licensed pilot, no criminal record and a multi millionaire property developer.

    We would all say that to hold a pilot licence you have to be intelligent – correct?

    So how does someone with that level of Intelligence end up going down in US history as the deadliest mass shooting?

    To be a multi millionaire the world would all say you have to be Intelligent – correct?

    What on earth entered his mind and what were his thoughts that lead to this level of crime that makes no sense?
    What were his movements that led him to kill and then take his own life?

    Do we stop at blame, judgement and bad mouthing or do we say we want answers?

    We know something is seriously wrong with the human psyche if it is capable of harming another human in any form?

    WHY have we put up with this for centuries?
    With our current form of Intelligence and we call ourselves the most intelligent species on earth, surely its time to start talking and asking WHY has our intelligence not worked out WHY anyone would take a gun and kill?

    Is changing gun laws going to cut it or is there more we need to do and take action?

    How come all the Intelligence we have in our world today is not giving us the real answers we are all asking?

    What is missing and where is this all going if we don’t make it our business to keep asking questions?

  27. How intelligent are we when we ignore all the messages that our world is sending us?

    Feedback is a how our bodies function. To regulate our body temperature requires constant monitoring and then making adjustments. Without this process the body would have no idea what to do.

    Successful Business runs like this too, they have to check in and see how things are going, and make appropriate changes.

    All the systems in nature are constantly being adjusted, based on what is going on, to keep thing running smoothly.

    So we have all these incredibly complex systems – that are basically keeping us alive, to show us how important feedback is, and we basically ignore what they are showing us.

    Is it intelligent to ignore all the wisdom that is all around us, showing us the way?

  28. Why is it that the quality of my thinking increases when I am feeling settled and grounded in my body versus when I’m tense?

    When I’m reaching out, ‘looking for’ an answer to something, the quality of the answer is lower than when I connect to myself first, give myself space and let the answer come.

    Is this the difference between one dimensional intelligence versus wisdom?

  29. Metro – 22 November 2017

    News story of a head teacher who often fell asleep at his school.

    He was not banned because the disciplinary panel said he was a ‘highly professional and brilliant dedicated teacher’.

    So what is it here that we as a society are endorsing and is this acceptable?
    Are we missing the point or making excuses in the name of being ‘professional’?

    Without pointing fingers, do we need to at least dig a bit deeper and find out WHY the head of a school is falling asleep and making some irresponsible choices, like leaving the school premises without a qualified teacher?

    Is something going on that we are not aware of and do the parents of these children deserve to know more?

    Are we happy letting this go or are we going to wait for something more serious to happen next time at this school or another?

    By not saying anything are we acting with the utmost Responsibility when it comes to education?

    What is the current Intelligence we are all subscribing to that allows this to go on?
    Do we ever question this Intelligence or are we afraid of exposing something?

  30. One of my team is looking into starting a part-time university course. He says the whole process has reminded him how universities are not about true education. He feels they are just commercial operations selling us what we want to buy.

    He says they are not interested in him at all or even in the quality of the course and its purpose, but in delivering a service and an end goal for which he is prepared to pay.

    He says it is making him cynical and if he goes ahead, he will just do the course as quickly as possible and focus on getting out the other side.

    This to me is tragic – that our institutions of learning are reduced to service-providers, selling degrees as commodities we want to buy.

    What would it mean to operate as a true institution of learning?
    This is something I would love to see our universities consider.

  31. The Week – 12 August 2017

    ‘Lawyers report a sharp rise in mental health claims against universities’.

    This is no surprise considering the statistics noted in this blog by Simple Living Global including –

    ‘50% UK academics having symptoms of psychological distress.’

    Surely we need to start questioning the intelligence that we have accepted as normal.

  32. Why do we override our bodies with gruelling exercise regimes?

    Why would medical doctors, people that have a thorough understanding of how the human body works, be willing to put themselves in harms way, including doing exercise that hurts their body or doing exercise when they already have injuries?

    Is it possible that if we are that determined to do something, we will override what our bodies are trying to tell us?

    If we have injuries what is it in us that enables us to push ourselves in this way?

    Is having sore muscles a message from our body saying that something is not right?

    As humans, we like to celebrate our intelligence.

    Is it possible that harming ourselves in this way, or doing anything that has the potential to harm ourselves, is showing a lack of intelligence?

    Is it possible that if we just use our minds, we can override anything we feel in our bodies?

    Is it possible that our body has an intelligence that is far greater than our minds and will always show us, through injuries, illness and disease, when we are going down the wrong path?

    What is more intelligent: listening to our bodies when it is telling us something or overriding our bodies and harming it even further?

    1. I can relate to what you are saying here Tim. These are GREAT questions.

      I read an article recently about someone who ran a race and ended up with life changing injuries after they fell, climbing an obstacle. They have required reconstructive surgery costing five figure sums. The surgery is still taking place a year later.

      What do we do in these circumstances – take responsibility for the accident or injury considering that we pushed our bodies too far?


      Do we blame the event organisers or the Council instead, stating that they were negligent and so we sue them as we say it is their fault why we had the accident?

      Could it be possible that when we are negligent with our own health we are sure to have accidents or sustain injuries as a reflection of the lack of care that we are taking with ourselves?.

      Teaching self-responsibility throughout society, including in primary schools would make all the difference to us and may actually raise adults who are able to take deep care of themselves and their bodies, so we do not end up having to have life changing injuries.

      Now that would be intelligent.

  33. Are humans listening to the intelligence that has keep our planet on track for thousands of years?

    An intelligence that has been able to do this even with mankind’s many blunders.

    That has patiently allowed us do as we please, waiting for us to realize we are the cause of all our problems and that we have everything we need at our fingertips to deal with them.

    Is our earth getting a little impatient with our irresponsible behavior?

    Is that what the increasing severity of storms, illness, and violence on our planet is all about?

    Many people are worried about what is happening to our planet. Maybe we need to be more concerned about what is happening to the human species.

    This website is presenting a realistic picture of what is happening in our world. It also presenting another way to be in the world, that allows to connect to this intelligence that has kept our earth on track for millions of years.

    Maybe that intelligence knows what it is doing?

  34. We have such an incredible intelligence in the human body, if only we listened to it, paid more attention and lived with more regard.

    I have started to listen to my body more and I am amazed at how it gives me a clear indication of what is going on, if I choose to pay attention.

    If I am not battling with myself it is very clear to me what I want to eat, do, not do and how I feel about things.

    What gets in the way are all the ways I think I need to be. If we just allow ourselves to be and listen to our heart and body, perhaps life would be much much simpler.

    I know my life is becoming that way, supported by the great intelligent wisdom on this website.

  35. I was listening to someone saying how local farmers donate fruit to the school where her relative works as a teacher.

    This teacher was taking bags full of apples home but as they were not organic, this meant her children were not allowed to eat them.

    I asked what happens to the apples every week that are taken and not eaten?

    They end up in the compost bin.

    As this teacher was questioned the response was that they are taken because they are Free.

    No logic, but simply why this action is carried out every week.

    So here we have what society calls someone who is intelligent, teaching our children and yet this is how they behave in real life?

    Is this making any sense to us?

    Have any of us stopped to question why those we class as having academic intelligence may not have all the faculties that human life requires?

    Is it time we started to question WHY?

    What may seem odd is it’s continuing as no one is saying anything.

    Is it time we stopped being afraid and started speaking up, so we can stop this behaviour and waste of resources, that could otherwise go where it is needed?

  36. I have a university degree that I got because society said I needed it to succeed in the world.

    I moved to a rural area, after college where many of the people were supposedly not well educated, because they did not have a college degree. I bought into this belief, along with many people of my generation.

    Because of the influx of these college educated people that felt they had something that the natives did not have, the natives were resentful of the newcomers.

    Overtime the “flatlanders” as they called us, changed the whole state. They had money and power.

    What happened was the state turned from a farming based economy into a tourism based economy, basically many farms could not stay in business because of increasing cost of living.

    So is tourism a improvement over farming?

    This was the start of me questioning the true intelligence of college educated people.

    It is interesting that although I hated school and only went to college to avoid the draft, there was a supremacy that I felt because I went to college. A consciousness that clouded my ability to feel what was the truth.

  37. An article in The Guardian, 16th March 2018, says: ‘Reach a higher plane of consciousness’.

    A London studio has introduced the concept of drinking beer before their yoga session to help men, who feel intimidated by all those women in lycra, to feel more at home.

    The article says, “yoga is not for the faint hearted or the stone cold sober. My friend used to report that the girls in his yoga studio had their own pre-class relaxant – a small drag of a spliff – which would make them a little more bendy.
    The object wasn’t to chill out, far from it: this was all about competitive flexibility”.

    Surely the whole premise about yoga is that it is meant to relax the body anyway.

    So why do we feel the need to take substances that alter our natural state just to relax?

    Is it possible that the alcohol or marijuana will allow us to push our bodies a lot more than we would normally do, if we weren’t affected by these substances?

    Is it possible that we are ‘more bendy’ because we can’t feel the point where our bodies are telling us to stop?

    Where is the responsibility of the yoga instructors allowing their students to become intoxicated before the class?

    As a race of beings, we come up with stuff that is very harmful for our bodies and champion these ideas as groundbreaking and innovative.

    I am not saying not to do yoga, but why do we need to take harmful substances to participate in these activities?

    We like to tell ourselves that we are the most intelligent species on this planet.

    Where is the intelligence in this?

    1. It seems like such a contradiction, Tim, to being doing something considered ‘healthy’ whilst consuming things that are not healthy. It makes no sense at all.

      I used to do a lot of yoga and I recognise the competitive angle you mention. It always felt strange to me that this activity which was initiated to bring ‘union’ between the mind and the body, is used more as a form of exercise and in that becomes about who can do more or better.

      People checking out each other’s outfits and sneaking peeks to see who’s at which level of a pose.

      I know I got to a vain stage with it and I would feel more racy in my body after a yoga class than before, which was a big sign for me that something was not right.

      In my experience there were some teachers who could hold a class without all that outer-focus nonsense and some who did not. This for me comes down to integrity. How was the teacher living their life and what did they bring into the class?

      So this has me considering whether integrity is a fundamental part of true intelligence.

      Maybe we cannot access true intelligence if we are not living in a congruent, careful way in our every day.

  38. It amazes me how much we can discard common sense and decency when applying laws. I have read case studies where decisions have been made against applicants and then when they go to court the decisions are overturned as they are deeply flawed and ludicrous. It makes no sense to me.

    What I see is that we get caught up with the technicality of the law and forget that there is a person that we are actually dealing with. The decisions that we make and how we make the decisions will have an impact on another, whether we see the repercussions or not.

    I also questions how laws have been created now as I have seen this ill behaviour so many times and question whether they have been developed for the true good of the people or whether they were just created from the mind with no connection to people. I feel that most laws were created from the mind with no connection to people and this is why they can be used to make perverse decisions.

    What is the point of being intelligent in the conventional sense, being able to apply laws and understand them and create clever arguments, if we have no connection to people?

    In the end it costs so much and not just financially to make unreasonable decisions.

    If we chose to think with our hearts with true care for others, things would be very different and we might find that there is another type of Intelligence that sees us through life that far surpasses our current accepted form of intelligence.

  39. Daily Mail – 7 April 2018

    High-Tech sex robots will be available to buy by people who have a fetish but also by people who have a relationship but their partner is not willing or able to have sex with them.

    They will also be popular with single people seeking companionship.

    These machines will have facial expressions and the ability to move their heads and hold conversations with their owners. These robots will remember facts like names and birthdays of the owners.

    So here we have it – the first sex robots with an AI – Artificial Intelligence “personality” and the ability to chat to a human.

    They are different to sex dolls which are readily available as these sex robots are being designed to interact with people.

    Does the word “Artificial” say anything to us?

    Does it tell us that something is not natural in this?

    What is missing in our life that we are willing to have a robot for sex?

    How many of us truly understand the meaning of the words ‘making love’?

    What is the Intelligence that is behind the Artificial Intelligence?

    Is this so called Intelligence offering a solution here for the long term?

    Are we being fooled by our current Intelligence as we seem to have so much AI?

    Is this artificial way of interacting taking us away from real life even more?

    Is this artificial way becoming a new demand that we are asking for and so the suppliers just give it to us?

    Are we ready to dig deep and be honest enough to say that if we want sex robots for companionship, then something is seriously missing in our lives?

    Are we ready to be real enough to say that having a conversation with a robot who does memory recall, does not negate the fact that it is not a true way of communicating?

    The question we all need to be asking is – WHY are we demanding a sex robot for whatever reason?

    What is going on in our lives that we want a sex robot which has an Artificial Intelligence?

    WHY is no one questioning our Intelligence of today and asking questions like –

    WHY is our current Intelligence not focussing on getting to the root causes of illness and disease or our drug epidemic?

  40. The Telegraph – 12th April 2018


    Researchers have now declared that there is a suicide problem in Universities, as a study has revealed that the number of people taking their own lives has overtaken that of the general public.

    The research is to be published on the Hong Kong Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention.

    The suicide rate among UK students has increased by 56% in the 10 years between 2007 – 2016.

    In 2016 the suicide rate was 9% higher than in 2015 and 25% higher than in 2012.

    The article goes on to say –

    There has been a particularly high rise in female student suicide with the rate more than doubling in the five years between 2012 – 2016.

    There is question by the Office of National Statistics over the reliability of the comparison between suicide figures as they say that the figures do not take into account the changing populations of students or allow for accurate comparison to wider populations.

    Concerns about students’ mental health have been increasing since the economic recession, but until now there has been no comprehensive analysis of UK student suicide data.

    “This is the first time we can conclusively say that as far as suicide is concerned, there is a real problem in higher education”
    Edward Pinkney, who co-authored the analysis

    The point has been made that this recent research and this analysis did take into account a rise in the number of students attending university when looking at the increase in suicide rates; this actually quashes theories that suicide levels have increased because of the higher numbers of students.

    So here we have it – up to date research confirming that we do have a serious problem in our education system.

    Why are we focusing so much on educating our young over and above anything and everything else, which is leading them to end their lives?

    Why are we not supporting and preparing them with how to deal with life?

    How to deal with relationships, how to look after themselves, how to deal with work and the pressures they may be faced with and most of all how to be who they truly are in a world that is not designed for us to be our true selves?

    Is this because we as adults have given up and have sold out to this current education system that is actually far far away from being intelligent and is not producing any truly intelligent beings but only prepares us to recite, learn by rote and think up clever answers.

    What if the real intelligence that we need considers the well-being of the person first and foremost, before anything else?

    Are we ready to start listening to the fact that what we have is not working and is destroying our Youth?

    Are we ready to deeply consider and be open to what Simple Living Global are presenting in this blog?

    Could this provide the answers that we all crave?

  41. Medscape – 10th May 2018


    2 students – a 4th year radiology student at New York University’s Langore Medical Center and a psychiatry student at New York University’s Langore Health Centre have committed suicide a week apart.

    Students and staff have been left in shock.

    One 1st year students Michael Natter said they are looking for the WHY regarding the deaths, WHY suicide has become so prevalent in the medical community and what can be done to prevent future deaths.

    He has said that we can’t put a band-aid over this issue.

    US physicians have the highest suicide rate of any profession with 1 suicide completed every day.

    At the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting this year, it was revealed that the number of physician suicides is twice that of the general population.

    This article on Intelligence by Simple Living Global is the only one that I have read that shares the trauma of doctors and students suiciding and asks pertinent questions.

    Things are not getting better but worse and it is time we started to ask WHY this is happening and start talking with each other about this.

    Suicide is not a random event and it is important that we dig deep to establish the root cause.

    Being neutral about this subject or any subject matter is not enough to effect change.

  42. When will we start to question the type of intelligence that champions things or comes up with ‘ideas’ as to how we can raise funds for causes and bring more awareness, like wearing certain colours for World Awareness Days or different pairs of socks?

    Is this really going to support us to get to the root cause of why so many doctors are suiciding for example?

    Is this a form of reductionism?
    Thus reducing a serious issue to one day or the colour of our tops or socks?

    When will we start to question things on a much deeper level so that we can get to the Truth and stop dealing with the surface presenting issue?

    It may be uncomfortable to ask these questions – but what if there is a form of healing in earnestly asking them, rather than the harm that is caused from not being Absolutely Honest about what is going on?

  43. This article by Simple Living Global has the following regarding elephants –

    ‘A study published in Scientific Reports confirms that elephants have a high level of understanding and are well regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on the planet…’

    Remembering this, I have been inspired to add a comment regarding the following article

    Daily Mail – 14 July 2018

    How Did the Elephants we Adopted Know my Husband Had Suddenly Died?

    Writing in the Mail, Franocoise Malby-Anthony shares how she and her partner came to look after 21 elephants.

    Her partner developed a close relationship with them particularly with the lead female elephant.

    Whilst her partner was working away he died of a heart attack and Francoise received a telephone call to inform her.
    The next day the herd of 21 elephants come to visit her.
    She stated –

    ‘I was flabbergasted…Even the bulls were there – unusual, because bachelor elephants tend to stay away from others, or at least out of sight. Other aspects of the elephants’ behaviour were out of character too. They hardly ever visited the lodge, unless they had a new baby to introduce to us and then they’d stand peacefully grazing, gently nudging the new arrival forward’ to meet her partner.

    However this time all 21 were at the gate jostling and agitated , showing signs of anxiety.

    When elephants are stressed the temporal gland which sits between their eyes and ears secretes liquid, which can look like they are crying. This is what was happening in this situation and Francoise stated that it was evident that they had been deeply affected by something.

    She ends ‘When my husband’s heart stopped something stirred in theirs and they crossed miles and miles of wilderness to mourn with us, to pay their respects…’

    Does this article confirm to us the depth of understanding that elephants have?

    Is it possible that due to the connection that this man had with the elephants that they felt his death across miles, even though no words were spoken?

    Is it possible that there is an intelligence of the heart that humans live by that enables us to have an intuitive quality, that just instantly know what is going on with another, whether we are near or far?

    Is it possible that we are much more connected than we have allowed ourselves to feel?

    What if our modern day way of living with all of the gadgets and gizmos and fast paced life are doing nothing to support our evolution back to this intuitive way of living?

    What if there is a far greater intelligence that we are missing out on because we have made other things in earth life a priority?

  44. News story today was about a head teacher of a school in England where 6th formers were left feeling suicidal and staff feeling bullied because there was a ‘constant emphasis’ on attaining perfect exam grades.

    The report concluded that this head of a grammar school was wrong to enforce the policy, which has left some children “medically diagnosed at risk of suicide”.

    Whilst this has come to the media, how much more of this is going on under the radar where we are not aware it is happening?

    Do we point the finger and put the blame on this head of the school or do we ask some sensible questions –

    WHY are we as parents putting our children in a school that specializes in computing and mathematics?

    What type of lineal mindset is required to achieve high grades in these types of subjects?

    What if the school is a business and therefore profits have to be made and that means the success comes from new pupils joining?

    What if the success of any school is about how well the students are doing and our current form of Intelligence measures this by exam results?

    What if we need to look at our kids’ success when they are connected to who they truly are and have a quality within them that can observe and make choices that support every aspect of their being in life?

    What if this is another way to live so that we know what true health and well being are?

  45. A friend who works in a care home was sharing how there were 2 professors in there with dementia and mental health issues.

    What we need to start to question is – IF the current intelligence is the real thing, then how come we have those who are deemed as highly academic ending up in care homes losing their minds, so to speak?

    As a world, we currently champion and take note of anyone with a professor title. They are advanced and full of knowledge in a certain chosen field and this academia status gets them very far in being identified as someone special and important.

    But what if it caps them on some level?

    In other words, what if our academic intelligence is at the expense of other areas of our life. That means we put all our commitment, focus and attention on the work related bit but very little on other areas, which are worthy of the same commitment?

    What if something is missing because our mind has its own agenda at the expense of the inner-heart?

    What if our inner-heart holds a far greater and grander intelligence that most of us have yet to discover and live with?

    I know a professor and have visited him in a care home and he is lost. By that I mean he is not able to function even in the basic stuff in life like get up on his own and go to the toilet. His mind and body are simply not connected and I ask is this how we want to end up spending the latter part of our life?

    Another woman in the home is what we call a “high achiever” so whilst she is not a professor, somehow she has the status of someone who has done a lot with her mind, her so called intelligence.

    Should we all be asking, if academic status is so valuable and we give priority to this form of education, then how come more and more “intelligent” people are ending up in care homes, not even able to function?

    Next –

    As a non academic achiever, I started to look outside into the world and thought I was dumb because I was in constant comparison with what the intelligence of today was asking of me.

    I left school with very little and worked hard but was not really able to settle, because this world only takes us seriously if we have got bits of paper confirming memory recall and spend a lot of our time actually studying, even though we may never use it after we get the certificate.

    So in my mid 50s I got my head down and started studying and it was effortless. The reason behind this was because I wanted to expand the knowledge that was needed in my area of work.

    Today I hold 10 diplomas and as the founder of this website, any scholar would see clearly that the quality and consistency of what has thus far been delivered is a confirmation that it is not about academic qualifications in a particular field.

    I know that one day there will be much interest in this website and all the articles that have been published because it is not coming from the current form of Intelligence.

    As I say to those who ask – I am connected to the field where the real Intelligence comes through me and this is why it is possible to present and deliver volumes on any topic.

    For many, this comment and perhaps this website would be dismissed as they would first and foremost be looking for the academic qualifications and there are no letters before of after my name.

    What I know is that my deep connection to the field means I can access far more of what is needed to bring awareness to humanity. That is the purpose of why I write what I write for this monumental website.

  46. How often do we override what we sense and feel about a person because they are intelligent by conventional standards?

    How often do you we give ourselves away and do not question what someone is saying because of the school, university or college that they go to?

    How often do we ignore the warning signs that someone is displaying because they have a degree, masters or PhD?

    How often can we all honestly say that we have let our common sense go because the person giving us instructions or who is telling us something, is deemed more academically intelligent than we are?

    How often in hindsight, have we known that we have over-ridden what is True, because of this?

  47. The Times – 26 September 2018

    The headlines in this newspaper read – millionaire harassed ex-girlfriend because he ‘felt alone’

    This bigwig was Global Head of a well known equity company and also a Chairman of the Board of Governors at a large University.

    The prosecution said that he was a “very wealthy man, who felt he was above the law”.

    His behaviour would shock many considering his status in society –
    Waiting outside the home of one of the victim’s daughters
    Sending emails to her children
    Writing to her employers expressing doubts about her ability to do the job
    Dumping personal items in the car park where she worked

    Most of us would see this man as affluent and because of his job titles we would all assume he is Intelligent.

    So the question is dear world – what sort of Intelligence behaves in this way and does this Intelligence have an inner moral compass of decency, integrity and respect?

    Before we all go championing those who hold positions in high regard, do we need to stop for once and challenge the very Intelligence that continues to get away with the ill behaviour, because they can?

    What gets into a man of this position, to act in a way that is incongruent to what society thinks and knows Intelligence to be?

    Is it time to question our Intelligentsia of today, as something is clearly not right?

  48. Metro News – 1 October 2018

    1 in 6 students turns to sex work or thinks about doing it.

    A sex workers’ support group has been running stalls at a university’s freshers’ events.

    They invited students who visited to play on a ‘wheel of sexual wellbeing’.

    Students union confirmed the stalls were not there to ‘advocate’ sex work for hard-up undergraduates but to raise awareness of the specialist support they provided should it be needed.

    Justice for Women, co-founder said this is beyond disgraceful because the sex trade has become so normalized and women are targeted as though it is a harmless and respectable way to earn a living.

    Reading this about university students who society claim are the intelligent amongst us, we can say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    No so called intelligent student would ever consider being a sex worker.

    So what drives them or pulls them into this other world where there is of course a demand?

    Why have we as a society allowed and accepted the sex trade to become so normalized?

    What is our hand in it and how can we complain or have a voice if we have never done or said anything to the contrary?

    What if we do not need to fight, champion or campaign about this stuff, but simply look under our nose and ponder deeply on how we are living as a woman or how we treat women and how we see them?

    Back to the news story – the fact there is a so called support group trying to help these students with leaflets and offering condoms, do we need to dig a bit deeper and ask more questions here?

    Are these support stalls getting a lot of attention from the youth that they target because they know students will come to these events?

    Is there another way to educate and present the real truth about the sex trade and what it does us to us when we are choosing to trade our body for money?

    In other words, the physiological and emotional impact that affects us when such an act is even thought about, let alone taken place.
    Then can we leave each and every student to make a choice ONCE they know the stats, facts, real truth about what sex working is all about?

    Could this be the real education that is lacking and now needs to be on every school, college and university agenda?

    Are we ready and willing to get on the front foot and talk openly in this way, so we can turn the tides and not just come up with a solution that our intelligence tells us will work?

    Is it high time we question the intelligence itself and not disempower ourselves any longer – like we don’t know what is true and what is not.

  49. More should be done by colleges to address student mental health says Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health doctoral student Eric Coles.


    On 5th October 2018 – Coles, Doctor of Public Health ‘20 – a member of the Harvard Chan Mental Health Student Alliance (MHSA), highlighted recent studies that show depression, stress and thoughts of suicide are prevalent among college students.

    In one national survey of 65,000 college students, 20% reported suicidal ideation – either thinking about, considering or planning suicide.

    In a survey of University of California graduate students – 35% of 5,000 respondents said that they had symptoms of clinical depression. This is much higher than the general population.

    In Spring 2018, a Mental Health Student Alliance survey found that 50% of Harvard Chan students reported poor to fair mental health.

    This is a very important piece of news from a top educational facility. Following on from this article by Simple Living Global which was written in 2017, this news piece confirms that we continue to see a rise in students experiencing difficulties with their mental health.

    Have we asked WHY?

    Is the answer to continue as we have been going and seek to find ways to fix this, whilst students crumble under the pressure of their studies?

    Have we ever considered that this rise in mental health problems could have something to do with the way that we have set-up our education systems and the way that we educate?

    Do our current systems support each student to know who they truly are and encourages them to work together as a collective, valuing each other’s strengths and taking opportunities to learn from each other to build on any weaknesses?

    Is this the focus or have we made our education system more about competitiveness and getting ahead at any cost?

    Things are getting worse, as the statistics are showing.

    What will it take for us to see a huge change in this area?

    Would we have to admit that what we have is not working?

    Would we need to admit that we need to start again?

  50. At the launderette yesterday, met a man asking for my help about whether he made the right decision loading up the washing machine. He was asking lots of questions, had no idea really about anything and then he tells me “you wouldn’t guess that I am a professor”.

    I replied “you are known in society as intelligent and yet you have no clue about washing your clothes” and I went on to tell him I was writing a laundry course, as I realise there are many people like him who need Back to Basics teachings about doing our laundry.

    The conversation later evolved to the point where he said he had money but he dresses down, so people think he hasn’t got money. I told him that was silly as he was acting poor and frugal.

    I told him to leave his washing this time in one large machine, but in future he must use 2 machines so they get a proper wash and rinse.

    Interesting how people behave and how we champion those with this type of academia and dismiss say someone like me at the launderette who is street wise. By that I mean I live in the real world, among the people, know the neighbourhood, know how to relate to others easily without any effort, talk the talk, walk the walk, no mincing words, no fancy title, no nonsense but ALL of that is not what we call Intelligent.

    We rely on these professors to give us their speciality on a certain subject, but at the same time neglect the fact that they have no clue about daily basic stuff in life.

    I have heard stories like this many times where we look up to people because they are so-called clever/intelligent and dismiss the wisdom that comes out of someone who never made it through school or university, but seems to be a student of life and have plenty to offer the world.

  51. Evening Standard – 30 October 2018

    This news story is telling us that medical students lack the skills needed because of the excess time they spend in front of screens before reaching medical school.

    The have high exam grades but lack tactile general knowledge and have lost the dexterity needed to stitch wounds or surgical incisions.

    Professor of Surgical Education at Imperial College, London said that young people needed to have a more rounded education. In the past students would leave school and be able to do certain practical things, like cutting things out and making things but this is no longer the case.

    He said that a lot of things are reduced to swiping on a two-dimensional flat screen and students have become les competent and less confident.

    Would it be true to say that we champion academia as something grand and important and yet this so-called Intelligensia is not everything?

    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT if so called clever people – medical students lack basic stuff like using their hands in a way that was normal in the past.

    Would it be fair to say that our ‘normal’ simply means what the masses do and that does not make it the Truth.

    Swiping screens is what our youth know because they have grown up with that but who are we blaming and where do we start to make changes?

    Could it be possible that our Intelligence of today has not got it nailed and there is much to learn from those who do not have memory recall and cannot study volumes and hold vast amounts of knowledge in their head?

    Is there another type of human who has wisdom and knows what is needed in any moment and can express and deliver in their chosen field as they have the talents and natural skills to match but they do not have memory recall?

    Can we really dismiss a whole heap of beings who simply do not operate with the so-called intelligence of the day that we call Intelligence?

    Have we considered those who are skilled with their hands as EQUAL to another in every way and that includes a doctor or a surgeon?

  52. An article in the Daily Mail, 15th September 2018, says that ‘Now students can do a degree…in gaming!’

    A University is offering a three-year BA (Hons) in Esports studies.

    Students, who will pay total fees of £27,750 before living costs, will be required to play several computer games as part of the degree.

    The prospectus for the full time course promises, ‘For the gamer there is also continual skills development sessions and the study of strategic and tactical thinking to enhance gameplay success.’

    The chairman of the Campaign for Real Education says, “These universities are seducing students into joining their courses as a money making racket. They make these courses like computer game studies seem really attractive to young people and then they are leaving with £50,000 worth of debt and are unemployable. Universities are failing in their moral responsibility to students by allowing them to take a course which will be no use whatsoever.”

    The UK is currently a world leader in computer games whilst the industry supports 24,000 jobs and contributes £1.4 billion to the economy.

    Whilst I am in no way condoning this degree course in Esports, I find it quite strange that we should just be targeting this particular course.

    Doesn’t every degree course churn out students with huge debts and no job prospects?

    In some people’s view, 24,000 jobs and a £1.4 billion industry is nothing to be sneezed at.

    In relation to the degree course itself, this course would never exist if the demand for it wasn’t there.

    How is it, that something that was originally meant for a distraction, something to pass the time of day, something to keep us entertained for a couple of hours, has turned into this huge worldwide venture?

    Why do we want to spend hours upon hours stuck in front of a screen with goggles or headphones on our heads, stuck in some fantasy world where we can do things or be someone that we are not in real life?

    Is it possible that we do this to just check out from life?

    Is it possible we do this so we don’t have to feel how our lives are not going the way we want it to go?

    In truth, how does playing computer games help humanity get out of the mess we are in?

    What sort of intelligence is running us to create a course that just makes us even more insular, even more closed off and even more introverted?

  53. What happens when teenage students who are receiving straight A’s can at the same time be pursuing a career in underground illegal activities?

    Have we question how and WHY this occurs and how is it possible that as parents we are not aware of what our children are up to?

    What type of intelligence are we promoting if our straight A students can land up behaving in this way?

    Is it time to examine the type of education that we deem important – not just at school and university but also in the home?

    How is it possible that our teenagers can grow up having lost themselves in this way?

    How are we raising them?

    Do we talk with them about being and living who they truly are from a young age?

    Do we connect to them from this place within ourselves, or do we put all of the focus on what they can achieve?

    Could this be the problem – that when we focus on what another can do and not who they truly are – this can lead them to feeling empty inside and then they will seek any activity to try and fill that empty feeling?

    Do we have a responsibility as parents and guardians to understand what is required to grow our young into responsible adults who are – confident and have a strong foundation of who they are within, so that nothing outside of them in the world can shake that?

    Do we need to be living role models in this area so that they can see what is possible?

    Teenagers going off the rails and committing illegal acts whether large or small doesn’t happen by accident and so is it time for us to ask – if we care at all – WHY is this happening?

  54. Daily Mail – 20th April 2019

    1 in 4 Teachers are Attacked by their Pupils Every Week.

    Almost a quarter of teachers are attacked by pupils at least once a week as a result of soft discipline according to a poll of around 5,000 teachers by the NASUWT union.

    Shockingly, 4 per cent said pupils are violent towards them on a daily basis.

    One teacher said the ‘unstoppable deterioration’ of behaviour was the worst in 40 years, while another said they were afraid to walk the corridors.

    The survey found that 89 per cent had suffered physical or verbal abuse from pupils over the last year; while nearly a third have been hit, punched or kicked.

    Only 15 per cent of pupils were dealt with appropriately when incidents were reported.

    It comes amid growing fears that schools are too ‘soft’ with some head-teachers believing punishments such as detention or isolation are cruel.

    A member of the NASUWT said: “The school system is driven with poor and unacceptable employment practices that are putting teachers at risk and driving them out of the profession.”

    It appears that the school system is on the verge of breaking down or, more precisely, has already broken down.

    The fact that 89 per cent have suffered physical or verbal abuse is without doubt both shocking and totally unacceptable.

    Why is it that some headteachers feel it is not appropriate to send unruly and abusive pupils to detention?

    I am not advocating that schools go back to physical punishment, but there has to be some form of discipline if a pupil is being aggressive. If there is no discipline, it is only natural that pupils will feel they can get away with anything.

    What is really going on?

    Why are we so afraid of warranted punishment?

    Is this a case of political correctness gone mad or is there something else at play here?

    Is it possible that the parents of these aggressive pupils should be taking more responsibility for their children?

    Is it possible that some schools would rather see their staff abused than deal with these pupils or even their parents?

    When I was at school in the mid to late seventies, I remember being very respectful to the teachers, as was most of the school – so why are so many pupils acting up at school these days?

    Teachers can’t do their job because they are being physically and verbally abused and those in authority can’t or won’t do anything to stem this abuse – what sort of message is this sending to pupils?

    A school is where we go to gain more intelligence. It seems nonsensical if we don’t have teachers to teach because they have been forced out by abuse.

    The teaching profession rightly has what we would consider some of the most intelligent people.

    Is it possible that this is not an intelligent way of dealing with this situation?

    Is it possible that intelligence doesn’t count for anything if we don’t back it up with common sense?

  55. How does someone that society labels as “Intelligent” end up losing their job?

    What are the sequence of events that lead someone of that high status to lose it?

    What are the movements that lead to the end point where an Intelligent person accepts a prescribed medication to stop cravings for alcohol?

    Is this what we call an Intelligent person?

    We have a news story about a commodities trader who attacked their partner while high on prescription drugs and alcohol.

    How does someone quit their job because they are struggling with stress and a drinking problem?

    Where did it all start and why?

    Are we busy expecting more and more from our traders and part of that job description is the alcohol consumption?

    To see a specialist overseas who prescribed “pioneering” medication to stop craving for alcohol, was clearly not the answer as the side effect was depression.

    So we call it pioneering, but is it really if the side effects actually ADD to the current ills that are going on?

    We find a solution, in this case another drug to stop the addiction but not consider or find out WHY we have the addiction in the first place.

    Are we going about things in the wrong way and what type of Intelligence are we subscribing to if we are willing to take and accept that a prescribed medication will remove the craving for a scientific proven poison, we call alcohol?

    If we just join the dots – could we start with saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT

    On that note, the blog on this website is out next week called SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

  56. Daily Mail – 3 August 2019

    A comment on the Alcohol blog posted on this website this week talks about a news headline – ‘Why Over-65’s Have a Drinking Problem’ – see link

    What is interesting is that the doctor who actually wrote the article stated that one of his first jobs in medicine was working on a liver unit in a large inner city hospital. He was shocked to see Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors and Teachers with liver failure. They could not believe drinking alcohol was the cause of their health problems – until it was too late.

    Dear World

    How can we simply accept this is going on and say nothing?

    Could we start by saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT?

    We as a world champion, foster and endorse those that have these types of jobs as we value and pay great credence to the intelligence that comes with professional standing from these people. We respect them, pay them more money than the menial jobs that the minions do and yet their so-called intelligence is not congruent as they are drinking excess alcohol and ending up in the liver unit.

    A doctor has one job – to care for their patients using all the intelligence that they gained in those numerous years of study and then more study. So where is the intelligence that did not point out that alcohol is a toxic poison and if ingested it could harm the body – the very thing their job is to help others with?

    Why is this not making sense?

    Why are we being told through this news story that these ‘intelligent’ people could not believe that alcohol was causing their health problems?

    If they are intelligent, surely we could all assume they would have the common sense (no intelligence needed) to join the dots and work out that drinking alcohol to the point where they are addicted will lead to a liver condition or some other kind of ill or dis-ease in their body?

    Is it high time we started to question this so-called intelligence that we are all subscribing to and negating the intelligence of the body and the common sense know how that we do all have, but chose to forget because of our lifestyle choices?

    Yes, we need lawyers and accountants and teachers – they do a great job we may say but are we ignoring the signs that some may have an alcohol problem, because of their entitlement to their job title?

    In other words, they put the work in and got the title and now they are entitled to do what they want because society has them on a pedestal, like they are somehow untouchable because they have intelligence – they studied, they got the pass mark and then they get given the title to keep forever, meanwhile they bludgeon their body and that is ok. Is it really ok and acceptable or is it time to question this so that we all get to feel the truth of what we are subscribing to in this world of so-called intelligence, that seems to have the upper hand as history has shown us over and over again?

  57. Whilst on my daily walk yesterday, a man out jogging ran past me and I noticed that he had knee supports on both knees.

    The first thing that came to me was, why do we run when we have problems with our knees?

    I remember when I was regularly playing tennis I would wear one of these knee supports and the reason I would wear it was because I didn’t want to miss playing my tennis, or other sports and I was prepared to do almost anything to carry on playing.

    Not once did I look at the fact that I needed the knee support in the first place as a sign that something was wrong and I should take note.

    It was just an inconvenient niggle in my right knee that wouldn’t go away and gradually got worse over the years.

    We can override these niggles as much as we want, but this is the bodies way of telling us that something is not right.

    That niggle has now turned into a full-blown total knee replacement which I have recently undergone.

    Whether it turns into needing surgery down the line or not, these niggles are a warning and need to be addressed.

    So, looking at this man jog past me, I realised the drive in him was exactly the same drive that I had.

    Not once do we listen to the fact our body is telling us something. All we do is just override and carry on.

    We are supposed to be the most intelligent beings on this planet, but yet here we are doing all we can, trying to maintain what is not true simply because we get a kick out of doing something and simply because we can.

    What is it in us that will push through all amounts of pain and discomfort in the pursuit of what we think is good for us?

    Is it possible that our mind will tell us ‘no pain, no gain’ but if we asked our heart, it would say ‘no pain, lots of gain’?

  58. Daily Mail – 26th October 2019

    Could Robots Be the Answer to our Social Care Crisis?

    The Government is investing £34 million in a project to develop robots to look after the elderly because there is a staffing issue in the care system.

    The Department for Business Enterprise and Industrial Strategy launched a programme to develop machines ‘capable of providing support for Britons and making caring responsibilities easier’.

    An estimated 1.2 million frail or elderly people are not receiving the help they need – with underfunded care homes facing staffing shortages.

    The business department funded research will look at the ways robots can help elderly people, for example after falls, by picking them up and raising the alarm and delivering food and medicine.

    However, these tasks will require advanced decision-making. The robots will need to be able to assess whether an elderly person is refusing to take their medication and decide what to do if their life is at risk.

    Other considerations include making the robots hack-proof and secure. The scheme will also look at other advances such as self-driving ambulances and automated personal shoppers.

    The Science Minister said: “One in seven people in the UK are now expected to be over 75 years old by 2040. It’s vital that we meet the needs of this ageing society, and through cutting edge research like this we will ensure the UK leads the way, growing our status as a global science superpower.”

    Charities for the elderly say there are huge challenges to overcome before machines can replace carers. A spokesperson for Age UK said: “Maybe in the future the technology will evolve to the point at which robots are able to provide for many of our needs but we don’t see it happening very soon. For now and possibly forever, there’s no substitute for the human touch”

    Where is the intelligence in this?

    Automation has its place and can be very effective, but is automation the answer to everything?

    Is it possible that spending £34 million on a programme increasing the employment of care staff with better training, formal qualifications and better pay would be much better than an investment in ‘robots’?

    By automating jobs, there are going to be many more people who are going to be out of work and claim benefits, which then puts more financial pressure on the government.

    When we lose our jobs, it affects us differently in many ways with some feeling that they have nothing to live for.

    Is it possible that, if we start to automate the jobs of carers the person being replaced is going to end up in a care home?

    As humans, we like to think we are the most intelligent species on this earth.

    Is it possible that programmes like this make a mockery of our so-called intelligence?

  59. As someone who likes to research global news daily, I always seem to come across stories that get me asking – how Intelligent are we really as human beings?

    A head teacher murdered his ex wife and her new partner in the early hours of New Years Day. We can speculate or we can go to the obvious which is what the media have done – jealousy and revenge.

    Three young children who he will now end up not seeing because he will be in jail.

    A head teacher according to the masses is someone we call “Intelligent” and he happens to be in the world of academia.

    So what happens to that so-called “Intelligence” that gets to the point of cold blooded killings, not just his ex-wife but her partner too?

    How will his Intelligence serve him behind bars for the coming decades never to see his kids grow up?

    What gets inside our so-called Intelligent people, that leads them to carry out acts like this, which are no where on the radar of Truth, brotherhood and all the qualities that confirm we are really a one unified species?

    Dear World
    Surely we need to start questioning our current form of Intelligence and what are we blindly subscribing to?

    Is it truly everything and superior above anything else?

    In other words, can we continually afford to negate anything unless it comes from our current world of academic knowledge?

    Something is not right with our world of intelligence and this story is one example and history has shown us many and there will be even more now of this type of behaviour.

    We are left to do what we want when we read headlines and news stories that are tragic like this one.

    Most of us have our own opinions and some of us will never get past judging and projecting our views about this.

    Whatever our take is – what we do need to all come to is WHY does someone society calls Intelligent murder the mother of his children and go on to kill her partner too?

    Where does that amount of jealousy, rage, hate and revenge actually come from?

    If we keep asking sensible questions like this, chances are one day we may get to the Truth and stop championing this form of Intelligence and dis-empowering ourselves from the innate common sense and wisdom that we each hold inside of us, regardless of who and where we come from and what Intelligence we are told we have or do not have.

    The End.

  60. The Conversation – 30th January 2019

    Author’s Oxford Comma Rage Doesn’t Go Far Enough

    The new ‘Brexit’ commemorative 50p coin is due to be released by the Royal Mint on 31st January 2020.

    The inscription on it reads: “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations”.

    A high profile author tweeted about the new 50 pence coin. He said: “The ‘Brexit’ 50p coin is missing an Oxford comma, and should be boycotted by all literate people.”

    An Oxford comma is the comma inserted before “and” or “or” in a list to separate the final item in a list from the items that go before it.

    He argues that the commemorative coin requires a comma between “prosperity” and “and” – a very controversial opinion.

    When the Guardian newspaper republished his tweet in an article, hundreds of responses were posted within hours. Moderators removed many comments – presumably the most heated ones.

    The mention of the Oxford (or Harvard or serial) comma unfailingly attracts passionate advocates and determined detractors.

    The former copy editor at the New Yorker says: “Nothing, nut nothing – profanity, transgender pronouns, apostrophe abuse – excites the passion of grammar geeks more than the serial, or Oxford comma. People love it or hate it, and they are equally ferocious on both sides of the debate. Individual publications have guidelines that sink deep into the psyches of editors and writers. The Times, like most newspapers, does without the serial comma. At the New Yorker, it is a copy editor’s duty to deploy the serial comma, along with lots of other lip-smacking bits of punctuation, as a bulwark against barbarianism.”

    Although its use is widespread in North America, the Oxford comma is not as widely used in Australia and the UK.

    The UK national curriculum authority warns students will be penalised if they use a serial comma in a list of simple items such as “apples, cheese, and milk”.

    As one poster on the Guardian article comments:

    The use of the Oxford comma is not standard practice in the UK, merely because of the ignorant, narrow-minded grammar school teachers we had.

    It seems strange that we, as a race of beings, can get so pent up about a single punctuation mark that has us running to our computers to write about it and allow this triviality to turn us into raging monsters but, we hardly say anything when we hear about all the corruption, theft, murder, rape, fraud, bullying, human trafficking, cyber abuse, FGM, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, tobacco deaths, domestic violence, workplace bullying, cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression, mental health issues, eating disorders, suicide and war – the list goes on and on!

    We like to think of ourselves as an intelligent race of people, but is it possible that this uproar over the inclusion or omission of a comma shows us exactly how UNINTELLIGENT we are?

    But, taking away the absurd conflict that a comma can induce, is it possible we are missing the bigger picture here?

    The new ‘Brexit’ commemorative coin says Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations.

    Is it possible that this implies a coming together of everyone – a friendship with all nations?

    So why is it that, half of us in this country that voted in the 2016 referendum, chose to discard all other nations?

    Why is it that, when the referendum decision was known, the incidents of racial abuse and xenophobia increased greatly?

    How can we then create a coin that commemorates this behaviour?

    How can we say that we are intelligent beings when we are ready to fight each other over a simple punctuation issue?

    Is it possible, that the irony here stands out a mile?

  61. The Times – 23 May 2020

    There has been a surge in cybercrime and experts are saying bored students could be the culprits.

    The chief technology officer at a cyber security company that helps to control internet traffic for 26 million websites says that they are not surprised at the rise in the UK where they are blocking 6 times as many hacks than usual. Hacking attempts are often correlated with when people have a lot of time on their hands.

    A lot of students have been sent home due to lockdown restrictions and among that group are people who like to ‘recreationally hack’.

    There has also been a 9 fold rise in Ransomware attacks, where hackers install malicious software and demand payment from companies.

    What is going on here and is there more for us to question relating to this news story?

    Society classes certain people with knowledge and memory recall as intelligent.

    Students are supposedly intelligent and yet they get time off and suddenly become ‘bored’ and begin on a path of distraction that leads to harmfull consequences.

    So where is this Intelligence coming from?

    How can the same person be behaving in polar opposite ways?

    The fact that many get away with it is also telling us something and is it time we all start up conversations talking about this kind of stuff so more of us become aware?

    The knock on effect, not only to the companies that receive the hacking but ALL those involved at the receiving end is HUGE and this cannot be seen as a bit of boredom or fun.

    As a world, we have lost our basic standards and this is confirmation of that fact.
    We have our youth at home bored and then they find a way to hack websites all over the world.
    This is going on in our homes and our neighbourhoods and yet most of us are blind and unaware of this.

    Where is the good old fashion way of connecting with our children, regardless of age so that they know what is and what is not the true way of living?

    Have we as adults and role models lost our moral compass, thrown out the old fashion way of talking and replaced it with modern day living that leads to behaviour from our children where businesses and the lives of others are affected in a harm-full way – in the name of boredom?

  62. I was recently helping out with a house move and packing up boxes.

    I questioned why the person had 2 electric toothbrushes knowing they did not live with anyone else. It turns out they think that they have to run down the battery and then charge it up, so whilst it is charging they have no toothbrush to use.

    There is no blog on this website called common sense so where would this comment go?

    Intelligence – because this way of thinking is coming from what society would certainly say is an intelligent person who holds down a good government job and makes big decisions on behalf of others, yet something here about this intelligence makes no sense and needs to be questioned.

    My first simple question would be – why not charge the thing when you are out at work, so it is ready for use when you next need it?

    Why do so-called intelligent people do things like this, which makes no logical sense at all?

    Why do they assume and continue and never question, if all those who have electric toothbrushes, including their family members only have one and seem to get on fine with the charging up solo business?

    Why have they never thought about the fact that most of us would be complaining if we had to buy two electric toothbrushes because one is out of use whilst it is being charged?

    Why have they allowed themselves to think that a modern 21st century electric toothbrush is designed to not charge fully in a matter of hours (which is all it takes) so they buy two to use?

    Why do people like this never ask others or check in before making un-necessary purchases like having two electric toothbrushes, which no one else seems to need as one completely does the job as that is what it is designed to do?

    It is time we all started questioning the so-called intelligence that gives us these thoughts and how and why we then act on them when they make no sense at all.

    This blog presents a lot of questions about intelligent people who do things that we would say are not intelligent so that tells us something is not right about what we call Intelligent.

  63. A senior GP who was known to be a ‘popular and respected’ doctors has been sentenced to prison for stealing £1.13 million of NHS money to fund his online gambling addiction.

    The monies were taken from a healthcare group that he founded.

    How does a “hardworking, honest and talented doctor behave in this manner which is out of character”?

    Do we just leave it at the summary of “this is an unusual and tragic case” or do we start to question how and why this could have happened as most of us know, this will not be the first or the last news story of so-called academic intelligent people in high standing positions having a gambling addiction.

    As with all gambling addicts, this doctor was under the illusion that he would win, fed by his addiction, he felt he was just one win away. His financial situation led him to gamble even more in the hope to repay the monies he owed.

    What gets inside the mind of one of society’s well respected and highly regarded intelligent professions – a senior doctor, who shows exemplary and consistent skills and talents both with peers and patients? It makes no sense does it?

    But yet it has happened and it will continue to happen unless we start asking more questions.

    Before we simply accept and put this down to a ‘one off’ incident, it is worth reflecting on the intelligence that humanity as a whole subscribes to and champions beyond anything else.

    What if this so-called intelligence is not it and this is why we are continuing to see intelligent people we hold in such high regard doing stupid things?

    Worth pondering on as something is not right and that would be a wise point to start with leading to further questioning…

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