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  1. Oh, my heart feels this simple menu and tears come to my eyes.

    Tears, because having been practicing this recipe with Simple Living Global so I understand that it is truly a recipe for life; life lived the way my heart knows life can be lived… and after all I put myself through… it truly is this simple.

    Working from this recipe for the past few years has resulted in so many beautiful changes, one being that I have needed less and less sugar in my diet to make up for not feeling my own natural sweetness and the sweetness of life.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for living this ‘recipe for life’ so you can share it with us all.

    1. Simple Living Global is a breath of fresh air in a sea of ‘self-help’ schemes as it is pure common sense and brings it all back to you and me…

      None of the numerous things I previously tried helped me get to the root of my woes.
      Getting very honest with the truth-full support of Simple Living Global and focusing on taking way better care of my body gave me a chance to make real changes.

      With this recipe we see that our life is in our own hands; shaped by our old choices and healed by our new ones starting with being truly gentle, nurturing and caring with ourselves.

      Challenging but simple and worth every bit of honest work for it is truth and love that follows.

    2. It is great, Jo to feel your appreciation here of the steps you have walked, the support you have asked for and received and the rewards that are there. It reminds me of the support I too have received and to make space for more appreciation for that and for all that is on offer.

  2. A website that absolutely practices what it preaches: talk about simplicity. Could the answers really be this simple?

    Thank you for this delicious feast.

  3. I LOVE this simple to the point blog – a great message for people of the world.

    This will be perfect for my office to remind and apply in my daily rhythm but feel it will also help my work colleagues becoming caught in the calamity of life.

  4. In a nut shell, this is the common sense, which if applied, I feel every single human being would benefit greatly from.

    Just imagine a world society full of people who prioritized the basics of deep honesty, true care and the responsibility to be the tender, beautiful and loving people we essentially (beneath all our hurts, external identifications, complications, distractions & beliefs) are.

  5. Once upon a time, before Simple Living Global, I had habits of staying up late and pushing myself in many ways, favoring what my head wanted, over riding my body and my feelings.

    Once upon a time this disregard was the most consistent thing I chose to have in my life.

    I now have a deep appreciation for the wisdom and sacredness that my body holds and how important ‘gentleness’ and consistent care is in developing and nurturing a healthy relationship with my body.

    I know now that being a true friend to my body fosters not only physical health and a sound mind but a fuller, more intimate relationship with myself, others and all of life.

    By living in this way, I now know how powerful it is to bring true quality into the simple basic foundations of life; the days and moments that make it all what it is – “The Recipe for Life”.

  6. I love this blog and I love this website.


    The simplicity is amazing and things are presented in such a simple way to be honest, one has to fight with it to not get the simplicity that is being presented.

    I can honestly say that the more honest and real I have become in my life and the more I take care of me and my body the more I do feel the sweetness within.

    For someone who lived most of her life with self-loathing this is a very big step.

    What I do feel reading this is that there is more sweetness within me to come out and so I know it will require more honesty with myself and others as well as more of the other key ingredients mentioned in order for me to connect with this.

    How beautiful to know that at the end of our starter and main course of living life – we are greeted by the most amazing dessert on earth – our own sweetness.

    Why wouldn’t we give this recipe for life a go?

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