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24 August 2016

Another Earthquake and this time in Italy and even more ….

BBC News reports confirm around 300 now dead.

How does this ground-breaking news affect us on the other side of the world as an individual?

How on earth can we relate to something on such a grand scale that has not touched us personally?

Do we just stand back and do nothing?
Do we get donating on the internet?
Do we feel helpless and overwhelmed?
Do we stop and ask why is this happening on our earth today?

Do we question if this has got anything to do with how we are living on this earth?

What if Mother Earth was communicating a message to us human beings?
What if this is not merely an ‘Act of God’? 

Do we as an individual have a Responsibility?
Could it be possible we have a hand in this?

How else does Mother Earth communicate to us, if not by natural disasters.

Let us put our common sense hat on and ask some important questions:

How are we really living every single day?
Do we have any tension building up inside us?
Do we feel we have buried emotions ready to explode?
Do we have undealt with issues bubbling up, waiting to erupt?
Do we have a mini earthquake going on inside our body?

Could it be possible how we choose to live everyday does have an effect on Mother Earth?
Could it be possible that we actually have a responsibility to not harm our precious planet?
Could it be possible that even just walking in anger is harming our earth plane?
Could it be possible that venting our frustration is adding tension to our earth?

Could it be possible that Mother Earth just says ENOUGH and boom – another earthquake high on the Richter scale.

Could it be that simple? 

Could this be worth considering – HOW WE LIVE AFFECTS OUR EARTH?

There is more on some of our worlds biggest Earthquakes –





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  1. Thank you Simple Living Global for once again bringing to the fore a very current and poignant topic. Earthquakes have such a ripple effect. Almost 300 people dead, but what about all of their friends, families, colleagues and everyone that knew them? They will be affected by the loss of the deceased and so that’s thousands of people directly affected. The questions you are asking are really asking us to consider whether everything that we do has a ripple effect. It is not just a case of we can do whatever in our homes or private spaces and no-one is affected. Everything that we do adds to the pool of destruction or can be healing.

    1. Correct – Simple Living Global is saying that everything we think, say and do does leave an ‘imprint’ so to speak on the earth and this is why this word RESPONSIBILITY is like a thread weaving through most of our blogs.
      You make a great point about ‘it is not just a case of we can do whatever in our homes or private spaces and no-one is affected’.
      The truth is we may think we are getting away with it but are we really?
      Is it because we do not want to be accountable for the irresponsible way in which we may be choosing to live?
      Well worth considering and pondering on..

  2. We think of our planet as “Mother Earth” because it supports us. It does not do things just for fun. No, it does things to guide us.

    So are these natural disasters trying to tell us something? Yes, we need to do something different!

    Simple Living Global is presenting another way that is different and it works for me! It has transformed my life with simple, common sense practices.

    1. Great comment Ken Elmer – Mother Earth does not do things ‘just for fun’.
      I feel natural disasters are trying to tell us something. I reckon Mother Earth is communicating with us saying ‘enough now, I have stop anymore harm in this are and re-balance so harmony can once again be restored’.
      What is interesting is to observe how many nations come together when there is a natural disaster and they forget all other differences when they are on the rescue mission and just go and do whatever is needed to truly support their fellow brothers and their country.

    2. I love that Ken points out that we refer to the planet as our “mother” and that as our mother the Earth not only supports us but guides us and that there is a purpose in what she does.

      It is obvious that we all do need to do something different in regards to how we are living with ourselves, amongst each other and on the very planet that sustains us.

  3. The author of this blog is asking us to consider taking accountability for how we live on Earth…

    Once I discovered my own outright denial and avoidance of taking responsibility for being the fully loving and tender human being I know inside I truly am, I began to step up.

    In developing more self honesty I realized that my body has been speaking to me all along (with physical mental pain and illnesses) about what effect my choices are having on it in much the same way the author suggests the Earth communicates about how she is effected by the massive lovelessness we pound her with daily.

    My body is my home, the Earth is our home; it makes sense that we start to listen in a true way, in a humble way and in a ready-to-get-real and-stop-the-suffering way to the messages these very wise living bodies are sending us all.

    I feel that my lifetime of anxiety, depression, mood swings and one shoddy life situation after another had much to do with my inner knowing that I was not taking responsibility to live the loving way of my heart. Now this has all changed; I know I am working on lifting the burden on my body and mother Earth in my daily commitment to feel and take responsibility in every area of life.

    There is a lovely purpose to this work of being who I am and it is a beautiful way to live.

    1. This is great Jo Elmer what you say about your daily commitment in taking Responsibility.
      Mother Earth is our big home and we have a home inside that home.
      So why do we think it is ok to vent our stuff onto her and not deal with it?
      We begin to feel empowered once we know that our contribution however small can make a difference to our earth plane if we make it all about taking RESPONSIBILITY.
      So choosing to deal with say our anger by getting to the root cause of what this emotional state is about and what triggers it would be a start. That is taking RESPONSIBILITY.

      As the author of this blog, I no longer feel overwhelmed by the state of our world. That does not mean I am cold, heartless, detached or in denial. It simply means I choose to live a life of true RESPONSIBILITY which is a life of true consistency and this commitment to Life that I have means I can observe what is going on in our world, continue to do my bit in the knowing I am not adding to the harm or mess.
      No perfection of course.

  4. This is a most uncomfortable blog. If there is even the smallest possibility that how we walk on the planet actually impacts its health, isn’t it time to stop and have a look at that? It’s super-convenient for us to think that stewing in emotion, letting tension build up beneath the surface has zero consequences. The alternative would mean we have to do something about how we are living – we’d have to put some work into ourselves and deal with our stuff so it didn’t happen. And yet when you think about it, it’s not such a leap, right? We know what it’s like to be near an angry person – the tension and sense of impending eruption is palpable. So much easier to see and feel that in another than to see it in yourself. But maybe it’s time to take a look at it. What if that is actually what’s happening to the planet and it’s not all just random ‘natural disaster’ – all that pent up energy has to go somewhere. Isn’t that one of the laws of physics anyway? I’m remembering my GCSE days and the Einstein E=mc2 thing: that matter contains loads of stored energy anyway. What if that matter is us and the planet and we’re needlessly pumping us/it full of tension and emotion? We’d have to make a some changes. Some serious changes. Massively worth it, I’d say.

    1. I like how you talk JS about our planets ‘health’.
      It is very ‘convenient for us to think that stewing in emotion, letting tension build up beneath the surface has zero consequences’.
      The fact is we can feel another person when they are angry and we are next to them. As you say ‘maybe it is time to look at it’. Time we started dealing with our stuff so it does not continue and harm our self, others and our precious planet.
      This blog and the comments thus far are worth considering and pondering on with an open mind. Things need to change and we seem to have lost the plot so why not apply some good old fashioned common sense stuff. That is what Simple Living Global is presenting throughout this website. Stuff that makes sense.

  5. Interesting that you should say this Simple Living Global as it is true, in times of disaster we all do pull together to do whatever’s needed. Why does it take a disaster for us to pull together? Does the correction by Mother Earth also enable us to feel how we are supposed to be with each other and hence the call to action? And why do we not live like this all of the time?

    1. Great that you say this Shevon and maybe there is something more here to explore and study.
      So we come together in times of natural disaster and this is consistent. We forget our country boundaries, all prejudices and judgements in that instant.
      So what if Mother Earth is not just correcting the imbalance but giving us a greater call to say “hey guys, how about living in this way everyday and every moment because you are all one even though you think you are a different colour, race, religion, gender or live in another country. I know, as I am the earth mother and I know everything about earth life.”

  6. I have deep respect for our earth . I have worked as a farmer, fisherman, logger, and worked outside most of my life. I have seen and felt the amazing interdependence of everything on our planet. l have found that connecting to the rhythm of nature and working with it was essential to my work and life. I could not just blindly go out and fish if there was a storm, it just would not work. However if I payed attention to the weather and worked with its rhythm, it was an incredible experience being out on the ocean.

    I feel mankind has lost its connection to our earth. This has made it hard to make wise choices that work in rhythm to all of natures systems.

    The earth is our support system, we need to treat it with respect, as it has much wisdom that it can communicate to us, if we listen.

    Our earth is constantly communicating , if we do not listen, it talks louder. I feel the increasing amount and severity of natural disasters is the earth saying to humanity ” How you are living is not working! You need to live in away that takes into account all of creation!”

    1. What a comment Ken Elmer and this is real life reality at the core. You KNOW as you have worked outside respecting our precious planet for most of your life.
      Great what you say here about how we have lost our connection to earth and its rhythms and cycles. So what if there is wisdom that our Mother Earth can communicate to us but to listen we first need to connect to our inner most?
      Your reading about natural disasters may not be what everyone would subscribe to but could it be possible that what you are saying holds truth because we all know and can feel our current way of living is not working. We only have to look at some of the statistics on this website and we get a full whammy of the state of our world today.
      Your last sentence speaks volumes.
      Could that mean, not just human beings and every species but every single thing.

  7. This is a great blog Simple Living Global as it highlights the correlation between how our emotions and the way we choose to be in any given moment can affect someone or something else.
    It makes sense to me that just as we, as human beings, cleanse our bodies by purging all that is not good for us, Mother Earth does exactly the same. Your blog talks specifically about earthquakes but it can be equally applied to all of natures ‘cleansings’ like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, etc.
    This is a huge responsibility that we have as a race of beings and custodians of this planet and until we stop dumping all our negative emotions, frustration, anger into Mother Earth, she will continue to show us exactly how we have all been living.

    1. Yes Tim we can apply what this blog is saying to any Mother Earth corrections like hurricanes and floods.
      As you say there is a ‘huge responsibility’ here for all of us and how many of us see ourselves as “custodians’ of this precious planet that enhouses us?
      We are currently in the festive season where we have an invisible licence to indulge and vast amounts of waste is generated. Just think of gift wrapping and boxes used to deliver as we seem to love clicking and getting things arriving at our home.
      Mother Earth is talking to us and maybe not in the way we want to be aware of as it calls us ALL to look at that word RESPONSIBILITY.

    2. This is a very apt blog at this time. With the category 5 hurricanes and high richter earthquakes occurring in our world right now killing hundreds of people, is it worth considering that what Simple Living Global’s blog and it’s comments are presenting…
      that could it be possible, we are causing this collectively by how we are choosing to live? and if so we can change this by changing our daily choices… makes sense to me.

  8. This is an eye opener of a blog to the point of questioning everything we do.

    Some people don’t care about devastation and loss of lives as it hasn’t affected them, just in the case of cancer until it occurs to them. Yet in larger scale disasters nations unite to help those affected, a humanly and caring response.

    How we live is a factor but the energy we live in is even a larger factor to consider. When I read the attached link I was taken a back with the amount of people killed in Earthquakes. Since 1906 approximately 1.3 million people died in Earthquakes, not forgetting the injured and people around them affected by the losses – this is a wake up call for humanity to take responsibility instead of labelling as natural disasters.

    If earthquakes are considered ‘natural disasters’ what is affecting our seasons? We could continue making many excuses or could that ‘R’ word have anything to do with it?

  9. Natural disaster, Act of God, it’s interesting how all the explanations we give to earthquakes and the other of earth’s disturbances are caused by something that is not us. Just as these disasters have a ripple effect on all those related and known by the people killed in them so does our living way have on mother earth… it cannot be only one way.

    I can feel the difference if I am frustrated when I walk or if I am in joy so it makes sense that this leaves an imprint of emotion that then with a build up of everyone else’s too energetically pollutes and then needs to be cleared from our precious planet. This is a great blog to bring the responsibility back to us, in our daily life, how we are with ourselves, each other and our respect for earth. Thank you Simple Living Global.

  10. I always used to notice on the news when you saw the trauma that comes with earthquakes and how people suddenly forget their race, colour, religion, gender, job title, nationality, country and all other man made divisions that separate us as human beings.

    So how come we don’t live like that in everyday life on Earth?

    What if this blog is presenting something about WHY Mother Earth has to quake to balance up what we put onto her?

    Might be a bit weird and whacky for most of us, but what if we are by the way we live pounding our precious Earth with a vibration that over time needs to be cleansed and healed?

    Could we at least consider this, as there does not seem to be any explanation yet about our Acts of God like earthquakes?

  11. I noticed this too Bina. Natural disasters seem to unite us, globally, we work together to help each other, from across the world.. so why do we not do this all the time, with our neighbour, our community, society?

    It makes sense that these Acts of God could be because of how we live and it seems to me our earth has to constantly work to balance the imbalances and disharmony we are creating and impacting her with.

  12. Basic physics tells us just because things disappear and our senses are not recording it, does not mean it is gone. It means we may not be aware of it any longer but it is there and in this case we are saying mother earth is taking the hit, the pounding, venting or whatever it is we are choosing to release.

    So over time, the earth has a job to do and naturally adjust and we call this earthquakes, tsunami, hurricane or any other natural disaster name we want to give it.

    What if it was a correction from mother earth?
    What if that means we each have a Responsibility in the way that we choose to live?
    What if that means what we choose to put onto our precious earth has consequences?

  13. When I can live in responsibility for my actions, it allows me to be in the rhythm of our planet.

    This rhythm is all around us, communicating all the time.

    When we are not in this flow, is that the anxiousness that we feel?

  14. 10th January 2018

    News reports of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake has hit the Caribbean. It has been described as ‘one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the Caribbean in years’.

    The earthquake happened off the coast of Honduras.

    The depth of the quake was 10km.

    With the increase of earthquakes and other ‘natural’ disasters, like mudslides and wildfires, do we need to take note of what this blog by Simple Living Global is asking?

    Is there a correlation between the way that we are living on Earth and natural disasters?

    Could mother Earth be communicating something to all of us through these acts?

  15. 5 May 2018

    A severe 6.9 magnitude earthquake has shaken Hawaii’s Big Island Kilauea volcano causing it to erupt. This is the biggest earthquake that Hawaii has had since 1975.
    This earthquake is almost in exactly the same location as the quake in 1975.

    Homes have been destroyed and some badly damaged.

    The last video on the link tells us about Lava (the rock that comes from an erupted volcano) –

    Lava is extremely hot, much hotter than an oven or boiling water.

    Lava can travel many kilometres.

    Building and vegetation can be set on fire due to Lava.

    It can bury roads and block escape routes.

    Lava can also knock buildings down and can take months to cool.

    New and old Lave surfaces can be treacherous.

    How many of us knew these facts?

    How many of us are deeply considering what Simple Living Global have presented in this blog on earthquakes?

    Could it be possible that we have a hand in earthquakes as well as volcanos?

    Is the earth giving us a message about our behaviour due to our disregard with this BIG explosion?

  16. If we do a bit of research online, it is easy to find conflicting news about Earthquakes and their magnitude.

    What seems to be clear is they are happening more often than we think, albeit some are small and never make it to news headlines so most of us never know.

    If we did take into account even the small ones – the following statistics speak volumes

    715 Earthquakes in the past 24 hours
    4,943 Earthquakes in the past 7 days
    16,099 Earthquakes in the past 30 days

    57,028 Earthquakes in the past year

    Dear World

    Is it time to stop and ponder on WHY this is happening to our planet?
    Is it worth re-reading this blog and our Earth Blog on this website?
    Would it be wise to consider all the questions that are being presented in these blogs?

    Could it be possible that mother earth has to give us a correction because of what we are dumping on our precious enhousing planet?

    Is this a way off and whacky question or is it high time we at least considered and contemplated this for a moment?

    What if we just start with SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and open up discussions so we at least talk about this next time we meet and engage with another person or group, instead of the usual no purpose talk that we have become great at doing which has no point and serves no one?

    There must be another way to live in harmony with our earth and what these shocking statistics are telling us is we sure have not got it right as Earthquakes are happening daily.

    Next – if we look at the places where Earthquakes have occurred

    New Zealand
    United States
    British Columbia

    Los Angeles
    Northern/Southern California
    San Francisco Bay Area
    The Pacific Northwest
    South America
    The Caribbean and Central America
    Southeast Asia
    The Middle East
    Southern and
    Central Africa

    What if our researchers studied those who live in and around where these earthquakes happened?

    What if the lifestyle choices were looked at closely and monitored?

    Could it be possible that we may just gain another perspective WHY mother earth has chosen these particular places to quake us up?

    Are we really the victims of an “Act of God’ as insurance policies refer to for any natural disaster or is the way we are choosing to live polar opposite to our innate natural way?

  17. BBC News Asia – 16 January 2021

    Indonesia has had a powerful Earthquake yesterday – 6.2 magnitude.

    Hundreds injured and thousands displaced by the quake.

    Indonesia has a history of devastating earthquakes and tsunamis with over 2,000 people killed in 2018.

    The video on this news story could be taken as a movie scene but it is real life being captured and for some this would be very disturbing. Thousands of homes collapsed and hospitals, hotels and a shopping centre. The photo images capture what happened and the devastation left.

    26 December 2004, a tsunami triggered by an earthquake of 9.1 magnitude off the Indonesian island of Sumatra killed 228,000 across 14 countries in the Indian Ocean, including more than 120,000 in Indonesia. Sri Lanka, India and Thailand suffered the greatest loss of life, along with Indonesia. It was one of the biggest natural disasters in recorded history.

    The estimated cost of losses and damages was around $10 billion and it provoked the most generous funding response ever with $13.5 billion. 99 countries responded to the call and 13 of those countries had never donated to a disaster before.

    WHY did the Burma plate slip, forcing billions of tonnes of seawater upwards to create a giant wave and why do we never dig deep and burn to know what mother earth was communicating to us? Does ancient numerology give us an indication if the time and date were studied? Should we be asking those that do have the ancient wisdom and awareness, what cycle was the earth in during that period and was this a cleansing of some kind being offered or what can they explain to us in a way we could understand and become more aware?

    Why so many lives and why in that particular area of the world?

    How are the people living on the land we call Indonesia and why are they having more earthquakes? Is there more to know, learn and understand or do we simply stay victims of this so called ‘act of God’ and build our lives back with all the donations the world hands out but not quite know when the next one will strike.

    Whilst reporting this comment, our news tells us another powerful Earthquake has just struck and shook parts of the southern Philippines.

    Does it make it ok because it was 60 miles below the sea and because deep earthquakes of this kind generally cause less damage on the Earth’s surface, or is this a warning of what is yet to come our way on land?

    What on earth (pun intended) is mother earth telling us and why are we not getting the message?

    Is there something we can be doing or not doing right now that could change the course of earthquakes? Have we collectively got a hand in what goes on when it comes to earthquakes?

    Why are we not burning to know and digging deep with our line of questioning until we find the root cause of something as devastating as earthquakes and tsunamis?

    17 years have passed and we marvel at our advanced achievements, like our astronauts living in space and attempting to get to other planets one day and yet on earth we have yet to work out how a quake happens, why and what is the message as there has to be something for us, as we are being alerted by these natural disasters.

    With no serious line of questioning, we can expect more natural disasters and it would be true to say that something is seriously not right about the way we are living human life on this earth.

  18. Earthquakes

    BBC News Asia – 23 November 2022

    Indonesia earthquake in the West Java region.

    5.6 magnitude

    The earthquake triggered landslides which buried entire villages.

    268 people including children have died so far. 151 people remain missing and more than 1000 are injured.

    58,000 people have been evacuated with refugee camps set up around the area. It has been estimated that 22,000 homes have been damaged.

    Officials say that many people were crushed or trapped when walls and roofs caved in. Many children are among the victims – with 80 schools in the area affected.
    “Most of the casualties are children because at 1 pm they were still at school,” said Henri Alfiandi from the National Search and Rescue Agency.

    Earthquakes are common in Indonesia, which sits on the “ring of fire “area of tectonic activity in the Pacific.

    The country has a history of devastating tremors and tsunamis, with more than 2000 people killed in a 2018 earthquake on the island of Sulawesi.

  19. The Guardian – 12 February 2023

    TURKEY-SYRIA EARTHQUAKE – death toll rises to 33,000.

    Officials and medics say 29,605 people have died in Turkey and 3,574 in Syria.

    133 arrest warrants have been issued in connection with the construction of buildings that collapsed. Some suggest it is an attempt to divert blame for the disaster in Turkey, as experts have consistently warned many new buildings in Turkey were unsafe.

    The BBC reports that government policies allowed “amnesties” for contractors who did not adhere to building regulations, including in earthquake-prone areas, in a bid to spark construction boom.

  20. Independent News – 3 April 2024

    Taiwan was struck by its most powerful earthquake in a quarter of a century.
    9 people were killed and hundreds injured. Buildings and highways damaged and train service interrupted.

    Taiwan is no stranger to powerful earthquakes, but the toll has been relatively contained thanks to its excellent earthquake preparedness. It lies along the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, the line of seismic faults encircling the Pacific Ocean where most of the world’s earthquakes occur.

    Taiwan’s earthquake preparedness is among the most advanced in the world.

    The island has implemented strict building codes, a world class seismological network, and widespread public education campaigns on earthquake safety.

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