What if…Part 1

Dear World

What if this website is presenting Another Way?
What if our lifestyle choices make us Sick?
What if Coffee is giving us a false stimulation?
What if What We Eat has consequences we don’t want to know?
What if our Cold Hands and Feet are a sign of how we are living?
What if Heartburn is our heart burning from what we put inside?
What if asking Questions and Questions is the only way for change?
What if our Chocolate world is dulling us beyond words?
What if our world has seriously Lost the Plot??

What if we all need to Get Real first and admit life ain’t that great?
What if our World Health Days are not really cutting it?
What if small steps to build a Foundation in our life truly works?
What if keeping Life Simple is the key?
What if our Expression in every area of our life matters?

What if Asthma needs to start with how we are breathing in life?
What if our Chronic Fatigue is coming from our exhaustion?
What if the Intelligence
1 in our world today is not really Intelligent?
What if Gossip, Judgement and Cursing others actually hurts us first?
What if living our Champagne Lifestyle is not true living?
What if the Truth about Dairy needs to be told to the whole world?

What if Lying should not be accepted as normal in society today?
What if Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is coming from our demands?
What if the War Inside Us is why we have wars going on in our world?
What if Independence Day celebrations are way off the mark now?
What if the real truth about Gluten needs to be told so the world knows?
What if Marijuana is a drug that alters our natural state and harms us?
What if Trafficking in Persons is the modern day name for Slavery?

What if we all really understood what Sport is doing to us?
What if our Youth are suffering as they have no true role models?
What if Amphetamines are on the rise because we are ignoring it?
What if we end the Blame game and start taking Responsibility?
What if Earthquakes have something to do with how we live on earth?

What if Suicides can be prevented, simply by us talking to each other?
What if we all need to Let Go and keep Letting Go to move on in life?
What if sitting on the fence and Doing Nothing, means no change?
What if Alcohol is a poison as science has told us this fact?
What if we Forget Something when we are checked out and not present?
What if our World Mental Health needs addressing at the root cause?
What if Living a See Through Life is the only way for us humans?
What if the Internet needs to be licensed and people held accountable?

What if we can only ever Get to Truth if we start to be honest about what is going on in our lives?
What if we got serious and got our Priority in Life back on track?
What if Diabetes starts from us ignoring what our body needs?
What if TV was used as an instrument that can teach?
Edward R. Morrow 1958
What if Karma is about taking Responsibility so we never need to worry about what goes around, comes around?

What if wanting more and more is not the answer at all?
What if our Perfect Life are just images in our head that set us up to fail?
What if we need to replace our Careless ways with Care-Full choices?
What if Christmas is simply a day to go nuts and overboard?
What if New Year is just a day on the calendar as we go around the sun once again on another cycle?

What if there is No Diet on earth that will ever work for us?
What if a simple Recipe for Life makes sense and can work?

What if there are people who never get the Common Cold?
What if our daily choices, which then become our patterns of behaviour, are why we get Cancer and what Mina Bissell, Cancer Researcher is saying about micro environment makes sense?

What if we all took note of what FGM is and WHY it goes on today?
What if there is no such thing as Bored with Life – only a choice?
What if we are not really ever Getting Away with It?
What if there was such a thing as Flying Business Class to Heaven?

What if our Kidneys could talk and tell us that they hold our life force and every single choice we make in dis-regard to our body, harms them?

What if the science of Sleep, about going to bed early is the simple answer to our sleep issues?

What if Happiness never lasts but a constant state of Joy does?

What if Birthdays are not what we have made them out to be?

What if Depression is simply our lack of Commitment to our Life?

What if our Commitment to Life knocks out being bored and depressed?

What if our Mother Earth feels all our choices as we live on earth?

What if we all started to Be Gentle as if there was a tiny baby sleeping?

What if Listening to Other People requires us to discern what feels true and what does not?

What if the current Intelligence2 in our world is capping us from knowing what we need to know to evolve?

What if our Blood Pressure rising is something to do with our emotional state of being?

What if we simply shut up every single day before bedtime and practiced Nil by Mouth and see what happens?

What if our world was not smoking 6,000,000,000,000 cigarettes every year because we all know Tobacco is killing us?

What if our Eating Disorders stem from our deep buried hurts and unexpressed feelings?

What if the state of our Global Wellness today is a reflection of how we are choosing to live in our daily life?

What if Giving up on Life is because we have no Commitment to Life?

What if Social Media was used for bringing awareness to humanity?

What if Truth is the only reality that we should all accept?

What if we were all educated with this blog about Feet and Footwear?

What if we realised that it is totally ok to make Mis-takes in life?

What if SSS was a program we all had to go on as part of life?

What if we read all the above blogs and feel what is being presented and that means reading between the lines and joining the dots?

What if the 80 blogs on this website thus far are the true source of information for the world?

What if this website is a blessing the world has yet to realise?





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  1. Brilliant conversation – if every dinner table, lunch table, tea break pondered deeply on the questions you raise here we may get to understand what is truly going on in the world – and that there is far more going on than meets the eye. It is actually our responsibility to discuss these questions amongst ourselves as this world is currently on our watch. Thank you for starting the conversation.

  2. What if everything in our world is there because of our individual choices?

    If this is true, which it is, do we ignore this fact because it is too much responsibility, too much reality to accept?

    There are many things and events that happen in our world that shock us. We say how can things like that happen or how can mankind make something like that.
    All these things that we can not believe are happening are a wake up call for us. The life we have created is not working.

    How much more extreme do the events in our world need to get before we do something different?

    Simple Living Global is presenting a way of living that makes sense. I have been living this way for 7 years and it has turned my life around. I am not overwhelmed anymore by what is happening in our world. I am ready to do what ever is needed to truly get our world back on track.

  3. I realized I was lost a long time ago and then I saw how lost we all are; lost from the full truth of the loving part of our being, the true knowing we hold inside that we could be living…

    …I used to wonder if we would recognize Truth if it was right in front of us; like if God where walking around looking just like another person only everything he did and said and how he moved was loving and held all equally…

    …would we embrace him or would we feel confronted knowing we do not live like this?

    Simple Living Global has presented truth to me from day one over 7 years ago. Surprisingly, no other practitioner or ‘modality’ ever did this, there was always a ‘softening’, a ‘comfortable’ middle ground between my untrue ways and the real thing.

    In order to get my life on track, get out of overwhelm and take responsibility I had to face the fact that though I ‘thought I wanted truth’ I did things everyday to avoid it…

    So I do not feel most of us would want to recognize truth staring us right in the face…

    So here we are in this up-side-down world and we have something very real offered to us all through this blog every day. There is no theory, belief, ideal or a feel-good solutions here, just simple, hands on, practical stuff that has supported many hundreds of us to turn our lives around.

    Simple Living Global’s Back to Basics program works because it is coming from a place that is true in all of us; true to our essential nature and so working from this we can restore balance, purpose and connection in how we live life, a life in which we have strayed from who we truly are; using many un-true things to get by which we end up calling true…

    …so do we want to recognize the difference between what we think we need and what is true?

  4. This website has become my ‘go to’. There is something very real and grounding about it. It is asking the questions I myself have about the world.

    With all the nonsense news and drama out there online, it feels like this site has an integrity that is ahead of its time.

  5. Thank you Simple Living Global, what great questions to sit with and ponder on. With where we are as humanity in our world today to ask ask these questions of ourselves and each other could be the beginning of us turning around what is going on in our world today, poor health, war, abuse, lack of truth to name a few.

    Every blog on this website offers understanding, awareness, practical ways and the Truth about how we are living giving us the opportunity to make changes.. that there is another way for us.. for humanity. I really appreciate this.

  6. This website is exactly what it presents. A way of living that has the potential to deal with all the ills of our world.

    I can say this because I have lived for 7 years what Simple Living Global is presenting and it has transformed my life.

    10 years ago I was totally exhausted andcould barely walk up stairs.
    I did not know how I was going to support myself and the medical system could not find anything wrong with me.

    I found Simple Living Global because I honestly asked for the truth. With basically just Skype sessions twice a month, I started back on the road to me. Reconnecting to an inner intelligence that we all have, but have chosen to ignore to fit into the world around us.

    With commitment and patience to my process, I am now feeling a sense of purpose to do whatever is asked of me to support humanity to get back on track. I look 10 years younger, feel 20 years younger. Working full time, in an amazing true relationship. I again feel everything is possible, like I felt when I was 1 year old.

    What if the answer to all our problems is all around us, just waiting for us to surrender and allow the support in?

  7. Gosh what a very important question Ken – ‘What if the answer to all our problems is all around us, just waiting for us to surrender and allow the support in?’

    I can actually say from my experience this is so true. I’ve struggled for all of my life being an independent woman, needing to do things on my own and not show any signs of perceived weakness – allowing support in was not in my awareness at all. Couple that with a lack of trust of myself and others and there was no way that anyone was getting in!

    And so life became ‘acceptably’ and ‘comfortably’ difficult. Then I became ill and received a diagnosis that needed medical attention and a flood of support came. I tested the waters for quite some time, not fully trusting but somewhere in the process it was like I was being called to stay with it. Now that I have completed the process and had the medical attention my life has changed tremendously and I am unrecogniseable not just physically but also in my confidence levels compared to 3 years ago.

    These What if…? questions are important in allowing us to be open to another way of living and not accept that what we know as comfortable and familiar is all there is to life.

  8. What if everything that happens is happening for a reason?

    When I can live like that it allows me to view life as a huge support system. That everything in my life is there to help me evolve.
    It allows me to go deeper and ask why did that happen?

    I have been doing strenuous physical labour at my job and at first my reaction was, I do not need to be doing this.
    I am 66 years old and it is a waste of my talents to do this work.

    But I noticed that my body was getting stronger and I was continuing to deal with my buried stuff and I was able to stay in my rhythm.

    So I changed my focus and asked what is really going on. I feel this physical work is healing old ways of how I have done things to our earth. I have worked in an energy of fear and survival in the past and it has harmed me and the planet.

    Simple Living Global has helped me deal with my issues that made me do things around fear rather then love. This has allowed me to now work in a different way, using different energy.

    Now I can re- imprint this pattern of working hard to survive. It is healing me and our planet.

    It is amazing the infinite support, constantly being communicated, ready to help us, if we can be open to it.

  9. In the news today – “The amount of time spent needing daily care at the end of life has doubled in England over the past two decades, a study suggests.
    This includes everything from help with washing and dressing each day to round-the-clock care.
    Researchers said it suggested there needed to be a sharp increase in the number of care home places to cope.
    It comes as ministers consider a new way to fund the system.”


    On the one hand we could say that’s great – we have prolonged the longevity of life – but on the other hand we could say – to what end – living longer but in poorer health (and not having the facilities or resources to cope). Im not here suggesting we don’t treat everyone when they are ill, or support them – but it does raise a question – as a society, are we better off living longer and in poorer health? or not? Is there true purpose in living longer in poorer health? what if there is more to life on this earth than ‘one life’ and extending it as long as possible, what if there is a greater cycle of life – which spans across lifetimes?

  10. Another article Ive just read states “Rise in hospital workload outstrips growth in medical workforce” – “The rise in outpatient appointment numbers is outstripping the growth in the number of hospital doctors, data from NHS Digital show.” http://careers.bmj.com/careers/advice/Rise_in_hospital_workload_outstrips_growth_in_medical_workforce
    How on earth can we carry on if these rises continue exponentially as they are? Surely there is another way? Which is exactly why we need to talk about these things – just as this blog, and this website does.

  11. What if everything that we think is in our way are just things we have created so we do not have to get on with our life?

    So how do we decide what things are really in our way?

    I am noticeing that when I react to a situation, it is a sigh that I am feeling something I do not want to feel. The situation has triggered something in me.

    If I can catch myself before I get too emotional, it gives me a better opportunity to truly see what the situation is offering me.

    Understanding that everything happens to support me to evolve, (deal with my issues) is helpful to observe what is really going on.

    Using this process when you are in any interaction with people is a great way to see a situation in a different light.

    It is a way of accessing a deeper level of wisdom that we all possess.

    This wisdom is what we have been missing in our lives and in our world.

  12. What if l deserve an amazing life and all l need to do is be me?

    Our world teaches us that in order to be successful you have to do certain things. If you do this you will be rewarded with things.

    I have been feeling the burden of this belief. It has created much tension in my body.

    Understanding that l have lived my life like this and l do not want to do it any more has allowed me to let go of this belief and my body is releasing all the tension and pain from holding on to the concept that l need to do more to get the things l need.

    I am already amazing and l deserve the things that will support me in my life.

  13. WHAT IF?

    This is a question that all of us ask but very few are willing to deeply look at or feel the depth of the truth we want.

    This blog, and indeed this whole website is willing to look deeply at the questions we want answers to and even give us answers to questions we never knew we had.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for your commitment and dedication to highlighting what we can all see but, for most of us, are not, in truth, willing to look deeper.

  14. This website is presenting many things that do not feel right, that are going on in our world.

    It may wake us up and want to do something about it. But where do we start?

    What if how we live our lives is the most powerful thing we can do to make true change?

    When l wanted my children to clean up their room, l could tell them that they could not go out and play until they cleaned their room, or l could keep my own room clean and the rest of the house tidy.

    I found that the second method, although it took a bit longer, was a more loving and foundation strengthening approach. It gave my children the opportunity to take responsibility for their room. Responsibility is the key word here.

    If everyone on our earth took true responsibility for all of their actions, that means taking everything on our earth in consideration when you make a choice, it would totally change our lives on this planet. Solve all of our problems.
    It would be wise if we all Ponder on that concept for a while.

    We can not tell the world that they can not go out and play until they clean their room, but we can show them another way to live by taking true responsibility for our own lives. That is how we can make a difference in the world.

  15. What if every time we feel something that makes us uncomfortable it is because something is not right?
    What if what we feel matters and it is the truth for us at that moment?

    I remember when I was in high school english class and I was asked to read a book or a poem and it made absolutely no sense to me. I thought there was something wrong with me. This was the case in my last year of high school and because of it, I almost did not graduate. Incredibly stressful.

    But suppose what I was experiencing was totally valid?
    What if what I was experiencing was true?
    That the so called famous book or poetry, was just rubbish?

    I did not trust my feelings enough to speak up and say what I felt. I know now that what I was feeling was right on.

    I will not do that again to the best of my ability.

    We have the world we have, because we have not spoken up about what is not working, what does not feel right.

    It is time to take responsibility for our lives and express to the world what we feel.

  16. What if True Parenting and True Education are raising our children as powerhouses and not hinder or get in their way?

    What if we started education with the first lesson in RESPONSIBILITY?

    What if our kids were presented with the correct way to breathe their own breath – The Universal Medicine Gentle Breath Meditation?

    What if our children were educated from day dot knowing what harm the Internet, Social Media, Sugar, Dairy, Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs do?

    Are these the questions we need to be asking and presenting to our academics, so we can change the rising epidemics of our modern day world?

    Our children today are our future adult generations.

  17. I was in Parliament today and had a tour of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Listening on audio about the history was interesting and to see where they are today was an eye opener.

    A lot of the old way of doing things still happens today and of course there are changes.

    What struck me was the opulence of all the gold in the House of Lords and it is all in red and gold. A prayer is said before they start and this has been going on for 300 years without any questioning.

    When I read it I did question it and asked WHY is it just accepted. What is it about us that just agrees to things that are passed down for centuries, taking into account how much the modern world has changed and continues to do so?

    The other very noticeable thing was it was very cold and had a heavy feeling but the green room – House of Commons where everything is green, that was lighter and much warmer. Interesting observation of how one building with two giant rooms opposite each other could be feeling so different.

    I wonder what will happen in there in a 100 years from now.

    What if the Commons is about the people, for the people and on behalf of the people and that those on the street, in the community were able to have a real say in what goes on in our country?

    What if websites like this will lead the way and teach politicians and public figures in authority that there is another way?

    What if our Parliament, the Sovereign of our time and the houses abolished all alcohol, which currently is acceptable everywhere?

    What would our country be like then?

    I recently read that if alcohol was discovered today, it would not be legal.

    So should we not be asking why is it passing the law?

    WHY is this law not being reviewed and WHY are we not demanding this?

    What if all this simply suits us and our lifestyle choices?

  18. In the launderette today some ladies were talking about cooking smells in their clothes because they will not open the window or kitchen door.

    I asked why and they said because the rats would come in and apparently London is infested with rats and they are in every town.

    I told them the truth – I have never seen a rat or never had one enter my home.

    One woman said I was just lucky and that was that. I said but what if there is more here to consider?

    What if the way I am choosing to live does not have the space for rats or any rodent to enter?

    What if how we live has an inter-connectedness to anything and everything and it was not just pure luck or bad luck?

    What if luck is an easy word to dismiss something that is saying more?

    What if every sign, like a rat entering our kitchen is a message from the field?

    That means we are part of the field – call it universe and everything has a meaning and it is not just a random thing or event.

  19. Metro News – 3 May 2018

    NASA is sending a robotic geologist to Mars to dig deep beneath the planet’s surface.

    The planned mission is to resolve the mystery of how this red planet was formed.

    This is great news for many but what about planet Earth?

    With due respect to all those behind this project and those involved there is a question we need to ask –

    We have been around for a long time on this earth and yet we have not really been digging deep when it comes to solving the mystery of WHY we have Diabetes for hundreds of years?

    What if our resources and all the intelligentsia of this world united and started to dig deep until they got to the answers like WHY is there no one on earth who can explain so many of our illnesses and dis-eases in the human body?

    WHY is mental illness on the rise and WHY are our Youth not doing great?

    What if we focused on this planet until we got every single answer that we need about human life, why we are here, where we are going and what true evolution is for us on this earth plane?

  20. The Guardian weekend – 16 June 2018

    There was an article where it said in the title – I know success is a game of luck.

    The story starts with the writer saying they do not like the classification of human beings into winners or losers.

    The writer talks about the symbols that identify a winner – money above all, the possibility of acquiring expensive objects, a taste for displaying them as proof of superiority.

    Or the exercise of power, demonstrating by very subtle means that you are high up in the hierarchy.

    Or the sort of aristrocracy that derives from media fame, a blue blood of celebrity ensuring that you do not have to earn people’s attention every time – as you are recognised at first sight.

    Or someone who has lots of money, exercises power, enjoys the status of a VIP and therefore must be happy.

    A whole page of this gives you more of an insight about one person’s opinion about good and bad and as a child they feared failure – failure at school, failing to get a job, failing a test, be it athletics or maths.

    This writer would like to eliminate concepts such as failing, winning and losing.

    The final sentence about Alice in Wonderland says – Nobody loses, everybody wins and there is no failure.

    FOR THE RECORD – this is one person’s opinion in a weekend newspaper supplement.

    WHAT IF good and bad are both the same?
    What if true success is not a game?
    What if true success is not a luck thing?

    WHAT IF we need to question ALL the things that we subscribe to and accept?

    WHAT IF we need to consider that our ideals and beliefs may not be the Truth?

    WHAT IF true success comes from the richness of our heart and not a bank balance, assets or a job title?
    In other words, it has nothing to do with the temporal world outside of us.

    WHAT IF true success is a quality – a vibration that holds a presence that others can feel?
    In other words, it needs nothing and is steady and consistent and has no desire for what this world is offering.

    WHAT IF life on earth is simply to learn and evolve back to who we truly are, which is far grander than most of us could even begin to imagine?

  21. Prompted to return to this blog after reading Part 2 – what a great move.

    This website is a platform for the world – a source of true information for all who are called to question the status quo; who feel there is more to consider about life and the world and how we currently live.

    And it presents a huge contrast to the usual what if-style thoughts we get “wouldn’t it be great if XYZ happened…”. The thoughts come and nothing changes.

    This blog is a call to action for all. What will our RSVP be to the invitation?

  22. I love ‘what if’ questions.

    They bring out the philosopher in people.

    Some reject them out of hand, for example I have experienced this in corporate environments, where they present too much of a challenge to closed belief systems.

    But they are always an invitation – an opportunity to see things from another angle and in the context of a much bigger whole than we sometimes allow ourselves to see.

  23. Metro News – 27 November 2018
    Heartbreak as 145 whales die on beach

    Two pods of pilot whales have died on a remote beach in New Zealand.
    Half were already dead and the rest were euthanised by conservation workers.

    The title referring to the heartbreak is because the decision to end the life of an animal is of course going to create a sad event.

    Dear World

    WHAT IF the whales were not stranded, not trying to escape predators, not falling ill or not incorrectly navigating?
    Has this question ever crossed our minds?

    What if whales are a super intelligent species, who know exactly what they need to do and not do for the evolution of their species?

    What if this communication – call it a way of telling us humans that there is a message in why this has occurred?

    In other words, a mass pod in a certain area is saying something to us humans, but we just are not aware of what that is?

    What if the wise ones of our future will work it out and realise that back in the early 21st century there were some who questioned this type of ‘incident’ and did not accept at all what is being said as the possibilities of why this happened in the first place?

    Simple Living Global are not accepting that things just happen and it’s sad and bad. What if there is a natural communication here from the animal kingdom in the sea to us on land that we are not getting, because we stop and accept and never keep asking more questions?

    Finally, on this story – what if these Intelligent animals are actually helping us to evolve on some level if we paid attention to the detail of what is being presented as we live in a multi-dimensional universe where everything is everything?

    Is this blog and comment just too way off and whacky or are we ready to really question anything and everything that happens to us and in our world?

  24. WHAT IF we just start talking to people in our local community and see what happens?

    This is something I do all the time and without an agenda.
    In other words, I am not engaging to find something out but staying open to whatever our conversations are.

    Today I was talking to someone who was sharing how intense things have become and her best friend works at a hospital mental health unit for children.

    With 7 deaths in the last month and not enough staff and lack of funding, it sounds like things are really bad and getting worse.

    I talked about what I do and one of my jobs is writing and mentioned the Children’s Mental Health blog on this website.

    Whilst I say things, I do not expect anyone to actually get around to reading what is on this website.

    An hour later as I was passing, I bumped into her and she said she had already started reading that blog and had read another one too, which she liked.

    Now this may not seem like anything important to report by way of comment but WHAT IF we simply express what we feel in any given moment and see what happens?

    I was appreciating that we all make a difference and what if we all started up conversations by building connections with those who are local and in our neighbourhood and community?

    Not saying we need to be BFF (best friends forever) but to meet another for who they are, without any hidden agenda or motive and staying open to what is possible.

  25. A current news story tells us that funding is now needed to research our future in Mars and a real collision – a catastrophic asteroid strike.

    WHAT IF we put this on hold and get all our researchers to be Independently funded so the results are simple and clear with no bias or lean towards the companies who pay them?

    Then we take a good look at planet Earth and see what is going on here that is NOT working or supporting humanity right now.

    WHAT IF we use all the academics with their enquiring minds to stick to the plan and get to the root cause of heart disease and until we nail it we do not go off track and try doing other things?

    WHAT IF we find the root cause of what causes the dis-ease inside our heart that leads to the wide range of cardiovascular issues, then we tell the world ‘this is what is needed and this is what we can no longer do to harm our human heart’?

    Once we get that new way locked in, we get our researchers to go to Diabetes and not wait another century to find out what is causing this great ill that has been around for a very long time now?

    If lifestyle choices need to be addressed, let’s bring in the changes and educate the masses instead of giving them research studies that do not have a one unified truth – in other words one unified truth means we all get to feel and agree it makes sense, so let’s go with it.

    What if the researchers of our future will note that this website had a lot of wisdom being presented back in the early 21st century and it was free and available on the world wide net?

    Simple Living Global delivering consistently on the front foot – gathering research and spelling it out so that everyone understands it in a very simple and real way.

  26. Post

    What if Marijuana is a drug that alters our natural state and harms us?

    Talking to some young girls in a vegan café this week. It is now the latest trend in the city and a place that is getting more popular than some of us may be aware of. I wonder if they had jobs (of course not).

    We had a great chat about many topics regarding human life and yes they found what I had to say “interesting”.

    I noticed one of the girls (early 20s) was spaced out but to the normal public, this would come across as quite chilled out and relaxed. It reminded me of those people I know that do pot, call it cannabis or marijuana – same thing.

    No surprise when she pulled out a big green and silver tube of handcream and offered me some. I said is that the CBD stuff and of course it was.

    Most may not agree and think I am bonkers for writing this kind of comment but WHAT IF this hand cream is going through inside her body and WHAT IF she is ingesting CBD in other forms, be it body cream, face products, hair products or edibles. We don’t know but what we do ALL know is that this is a trend and the youth of today are loving it. The latter we cannot be sure of but the hand cream is happening.

    We never go to the WHAT IF line of questioning and so we never get to explore any deeper or any further into what may just be on the track of getting to the Truth.

    I am one to question anything and everything if something does not feel right.

    Yes I told her straight, just like her granny or an old fashion elder in the community (as that is me) that she ought to be aware that stuff is cannabis even if they convince her with legal jargon and paraphernalia that tells her otherwise – that it is safe and has no toxic component like THC, which is what the harmful part of cannabis is.

    Our youngsters of today like trends and jump on the bandwagon and our suppliers are there waiting for them. The thing is we could put them out of business in a week if we stopped the demand and that means stopped buying the products. The real raw reality is we want it and so we cannot blame or point the finger at those that stand to profit and cannabis, marijuana, pot and all its other names are becoming a mega fast growing industry overnight.

    Before we defend or refute or retaliate – give this some years to precipitate and then see the end results. These youth of today will one day be our future generations. Time will be the history recording all of this. Our world will know the long term effects of CBD hand creams and all the plethora of products with that ingredient.

    Equally Simple Living Global – a library on this website, will be going down in history. Scholars will no doubt be studying it for one reason – how did they know this back then and write so much back in the early 21st century known as 2021 without holding back.

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