What a whacky title and what on earth does that mean to most of us who don’t think of life beyond earth?

Let us consider that we might just be going back to Heaven because that is what life is all about.

So while we are here in earth school learning, we get some choices –

1.    Fly Business Class and have it really easy and simple with lots of support.

2.   Fly Coach Class all the way and feel the hardship and struggle along the way.

3.   Fly Hanging on the wings and have a super painfull uncomfortable ride.

We all have a choice and number 1 seems to be the best option available to us.

So let’s just say this is all true and we are ALL here to re-turn back to the Divine home that we call Heaven. We ALL came from there and we are ALL going back there and no one gets left out.

Flying Business Class to Heaven has lots of benefits and here are some:

We find a deep connection within our inner-most self
We get to breathe our own breath
We live the word Responsibility
We get to feel super real and honest
We deal with our daily turbulence easy
Making mistakes is just a learning – no big deal
There is no struggle in any area of life
Amazing things just happen and fall into our path
We get true support whenever we need it
We meet amazing people, just like us
We have purpose and meaning in life
We get to live like Superman flying
We have Joy every day of our life
We lighten up about life
We live in the knowing that we are here to evolve
We know without any doubt that Heaven does exist
We never ever feel alone because we know where we come from

We live everyday knowing we are returning top style to Heaven –Business Class all the way.

Flying Business Class to Heaven makes sense and it is simply a choice with no extra cost or hidden agenda.





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  1. A life of ease. Knowing there is purpose. Experiencing real Joy.

    It brings a whole new meaning to the desire of business or aspiring business class travellers to ‘turn left’ not right when they get on the aircraft.

  2. Sounds good! I’m on board!
    It can be that simple if you honestly ask for truth.
    There is so much support if we are open to receiving it.
    Surrender, surrender, surrender, that is what I am working on. And working is the wrong word, it is just about letting go of things that are not working for you.

  3. The more choices I make to simply honour what I feel and honour the wisdom of my body and therefore carry and express myself more and more in a way that serves others and to also remember how precious they are, the more support I find coming to me from every direction.

    If this were an airline I can promise that it does not actually cost more to fly ‘business class’… in fact the price of going ‘coach’ or ‘riding the wings’ is extremely complicated, painful and expensive as our world clearly illustrates.

  4. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, what a great realisation to have, just through changing our choices life can be business class all the way… to heaven. What an inspiration to make changes through Simple choices, just as you share on this website. I can feel the benefits you share come from a lived experience.

    I find appreciating the loving choices I have made and what I now have in my life makes a huge difference in how I choose to fly.

    I love the fact that we are all going back to heaven, no one gets left out.

    Number 1 is definitely top of my list.

  5. Ha! I love this simple and lighthearted post with a huge message.
    We are all destined to get to Heaven and the way we fly back is our own choice.
    And what a great website to read this on, since this simplicity and ease is reflected and shared in everything lived by the people who write the articles.

  6. When we start out in life their is a natural desire to evolve, a knowing that we are alive for a purpose. Children are a great reflection for me. They just get on with it . However at some point many children lose that focus. It is like they get lost in the world.

    This happened to me. I still had this desire to acheive something but I was not sure what direction to go. Something did not feel right.

    With support from Simple Living Global and my commitment to finding out what life was really all about, I am getting back on track. And it does not have to be complicated, just remembering what I knew as a child. Be myself and get on with it!

  7. Well I’ve certainly flown coach class and hanging on the wings.

    Everything feels hard and is a struggle and mostly because we believe we have to ‘do it all on our own.’

    Well when we open up and live a life that is more in-line with our natural feelings, a ton of support comes our way and all of our daily needs are taken care of effortlessly.

    In my experience it’s not that we sit back and do nothing, but as we live a truer way of life and we open up and support others, that support is returned ten-fold.

    We all can have our boarding pass with Heavens Airways and in fact it’s already there waiting for us to claim it and say “I’m ready”.

    The great thing is it’s available to all of us.

    A life lived in this way comes with so much JOY, even when dealing with daily tasks like paperwork and filing.

  8. I never really understood this concept of heaven. As a child I feel heaven was distorted by the religion that I was exposed to.
    It made no sense to me, so I ignored it.

    As I grew older, I saw that many people lives were about “getting to heaven”.
    So what is heaven really about?
    It was not until I started to listen to Serge Benhayon’s presentations that I started to open up to the possibilities that life is much more then we think.

    I have always wondered how they built the pyramids. I am a carpenter and have worked with stone and I really do not see how they did it.

    I feel it is critical for people to be open to new ways of thinking. Be open to the possibility that maybe we do not really know what is happening in the world.

    Suppose there really is a heaven? Do not just assume that the experts know what they are talking about. Start thinking out of the box. We could be missing out on so much of what life is all about. Go for it. Do not settle for anything less. It is there waiting for us.

    1. On car journeys as a young child, I vividly remember looking out the window at the sky and FEELING Heaven. KNOWING Heaven.

      I embraced atheism aged 14 as nothing around me confirmed what I felt.

      Religious studies and later theology remained a fascination, even warranting A-Level and a parallel degree alongside law.

      I see now there was a part of me that did not want to give up on Heaven.

      What a Joy to be on my way back.

  9. Exquisite little blog Simple Living Global.

    I think it is fair to say that all of us have travelled ‘Coach class’ for most of our lives and, at times, even flown ‘Hanging on the wings’ – I know I have.

    If Heaven does exist, flying Business Class is definitely the way to travel!!

    ps. I love the boarding pass

  10. It would be true to say that my life was hanging on the wings and then I got the upgrade to coach class which was the life of struggle and hardship for decades. However, my outer world looked ok but inside I was a car crash.

    Ten years ago I met a man called Serge Benhayon who talked sense and he mentioned about flying coach class and it stuck with me. I realised in that every moment I do have a choice and I call the shots, so my life is down to me and not some outer force controlling me.

    That was it. I made a commitment to life and focussed and worked hard on making sure things remained simple and not being afraid of being the real me. Things started to change and the ‘feel sorry for me syndrome’ went overnight.

    In came that word RESPONSIBILITY and being accountable for my choices, so the blame game ended.

    The biggest thing about the upgrade was I had to feel and appreciate who I am and it is not about what I do.
    The other thing was to fully support myself and ask for help – this asking stuff was very hard at first but now I see it as something that needs to be there if we are to truly evolve.

    If I stop asking then in comes the coach class behaviour. Not going there again – ever.

    1. This ‘life of no struggle and heaps of support’ is a concept many of us have not been daring consider… why?
      Because if it is true there is no one to blame for all the pain and only responsibility to be claimed.

      The author reminds us here of 2 super important points:

      1. to up grade I need to appreciate who I am- not be self critical or make it about what I do.
      2. to upgrade I need to fully support myself and ask for help.

      I have found that there are two kinds of “help”:

      1. Help that offers me false comforts which make it seem acceptable/normal to stay coach class and even to justify riding the wings.
      2. Help that is honest to the bone and gets to the truth, so it supports me to remember who I am and that I deserve a loving ride all the way Home.

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