What on earth does that mean?


How can we possibly do less when there is so much to do?

Who actually cares about this BEING and DOING business?

WHY would anyone be interested in this BE MORE stuff?

WHY do we need to consider the BEING in the first place?

WHY have we got our sums wrong when it comes to –


In Other Words –

Work Hard
Keep Going
No Attention on our Real Health
No Focus on True Well-Being

Just –
Get the Job
Pay the Bills

So we can have the –
And anything else we want

Then –

AND MOST IMPORTANT – Make our Priority Security in Life

Would it be true to say that most of us can relate to the above?


WHY are we called human BEINGS?

WHY are we not called human doings?

Do we all know that we are a human BEING?

Where does this human doing come from?

Where have we Lost the Plot?

Is it the doing part of us that has lost it?

Is it the doing part of us that has led to –

Check out mode
Drinking more Coffee
Erratic behaviour
Excess in anything
Extreme behaviour
Mood swings
Needing Alcohol daily
Obsessive nonsense

More arguments
More Chocolate
More Colds
More comfort cruising lifestyle
More Crazy Days
More days off work
More energy drinks = more Caffeine intake
More ‘Happy’ experiences wanted
More holidays to self medicate
More indulgent experiences
More messed up Sleep
More Mistakes
More party feel good illicit Drugs
More prescription drugs
More screen time
More Social Media
More vaping now instead of the cigs

How many of us simply cannot stop when it comes to doing something?

In other words – having a stop moment to reflect, repose, regenerate and rejuvenate, but it just does not feel that easy to us.

How many of us have got Sick because we just don’t choose to stop in the do do doing department?

How many of us know our illness is a direct result of driving and pushing beyond our natural limits because it was all about doing?

How many of us only know about living life in a constant motion movement with no true stop gaps?

How many of us can feel that the accident that just happened to us was a true stop as we were really racing ahead and not giving any attention to our body, which was playing catch up with our head?

How many of us have ever contemplated that doing is not a bad word, but it does require a true internal balance?

In other words, doing is more than ok, if we are making sure the stop and rest is equally happening, as and when needed.

How many of us dream about days off from the non-stop doing, but the momentum we carry inside us simply does not allow for this?

In other words, we are configured to keep moving in this doing mode and nothing is going to stop us unless we have an accident, sickness or illness that physically makes us stop.

How many of us have this to do list that is never ending and keeps growing and does our head in every single day, as we never seem to complete it and then we try and work out why our Sleep is not great?

How are we ever going to get up in the morning, in the knowing that we are enough and doing whatever, will not change that?

How many of us wake up ready and for the day ahead without the need for Caffeine, sugar, excuses or a long not possible to do list?

How many of us have no clue where to even begin to do less and instruct our mind that just plugging in to our Being is going to be enough?

How many of us are honest enough to say we just do not know how to Plug in and Connect  to our Being?

How many of us are thinking right now that this is a load of twaddle?

How many of us just want to escape in our mind and the doing doing helps us achieve that?

How many of us would like a balance of doing and being as it sounds good but the reality is we just don’t know how to even stop and pause?

How many of us want more time out and think it is about getting experiences that the world tells us is going to chill and relax us?

How many of us think that taking a self medication mini-break in our busy life is going to somehow deal with our exhaustion and excess motion that is lived inside our body up until that point?

How many of us have no idea what it is to be still from inside and actually get a lot done in the doing department with no force driving it?

In other words, the doing is done from a natural state of being and so more is possible because the body is honoured in both the doing and the resting cycle. That means both the doing and being are equally valued.

What if we go into a different sphere of living when we do less and be more?

In other words, we have a quality – a vibration that is no longer spinning us along the track that leads to chronic exhaustion but we are on our way to so much more, way beyond our lineal comprehension.

What if the Do Less, Be More movements that we can make are Simple, Easy and Effortless?

This means we make it less about the false stuff and align in the knowing that there is a bigger picture and it is not all about I, me, myself and our self centered world?

What if it is possible to live in a way that allows the being to do the doing?

What if most of us know this but are way off or are a work in progress and have not quite nailed it yet?

What if our daily choices support us to stay connected and it is this quality that gives us access to the field, where the Universal Intelligence guides us, so we know what to do and what not to do and it all comes without any drain or effort from us, the individual?

What if we have a choice in every single moment to Plug in and Connect to a quality, a pulse that is far grander that our minds would like to tell us and then there would be no force doing the doing?

What if no force means we will no longer be adding to our current state of Exhaustion and this confirms we have found Another Way?

Dear World

What if BEING is not about having a fancy title, getting this or that, but just simply a quality inside us that can be felt and KNOWS what is Truth and what is not and the rest takes care of itself?

What if JOY is possible because it is constant and requires no doing at all?

Could this be possible and if it is – could it be this





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  1. More being sounds good to me.

    So I immediately ask, what do I have to ‘do’ to be just be?

    The doing is so ingrained in me in order to get something.

    Is it possible that I do not have to do anything to just be?

    But we still have to do things to be in this world.

    Is it all about doing, without having any attachment to the outcome?

    I would love to be like that because it is a basically a stress free way to live.

    I go back to the two year old as an example of what it would be like to live just being.

  2. This is a seriously stellar blog. It is written with such insight about those of us who have human doing tendencies.

    I had a big reflection on this from my youngest son yesterday. He had done a piece of his homework and we were discussing its awesomeness. I encouraged him to move on to the next one and he said ‘mamma, you always do that – give me more jobs to do’.

    What was called for was a rest moment – a pause for him to gather. He felt pushed instead of confirmed.

    The opportunity is to see the internal balance as fundamental and non-negotiable. As equal to the doing part.

    This is not something we are usually raised with and I am finding it takes some effort to re-learn.

  3. ‘How many of us can feel that the accident that just happened to us was a true stop as we were really racing ahead and not giving any attention to our body, which was playing catch up with our head?’ – Simple Living Global

    I had an experience of this today where I have not been taking care to dress warm enough. I have been moving house and in the doing I have neglected to nurture myself more deeply.

    I discussed this tonight with a friend and she shared her observations. This has inspired me to have a bath before bed.

    Giving myself the space to just BE I know, will allow me to see more in life and feel what my body truly needs.

  4. I am understanding that I have resisted just Being because when I go there, I feel all the feelings that I chose not to feel by constantly doing things.

  5. “What if we go into a different sphere of living when we do less and be more?”

    What if much of what we do doesn’t actually count? What if it is just noise?

    I don’t like that question, but it is an important one to consider. Game changing in fact.

    And what if we can feel that – feel what is actually needed and what is just noise?

    What if we can strip everything back to the basics and only focus on the important stuff – the stuff we truly feel is needed?

    I had a particular experience with this last week. I came home a little early and spent an hour focused on a few important tasks that needed to be done. The hour felt like 3 hours and looking back, what got done in the time seemed impossible.

    There is something huge in this DO LESS BE MORE thing. I can feel there is so much more to come.

  6. An interesting experiment this week in meetings – saying and doing less and seeing what comes.

    So far, less effort is leading to more riches.

    Wisdom coming from all corners and all people. A flow to conversation in which people feel settled and able to speak their minds. The ‘what’s needed’ becoming obvious, with little guidance.

    A different sphere? Certainly.

  7. This blog was with me when I got out of bed this morning.

    When I connect to being enough, my movements are different. I do not push into doing things.

    The pace is completely different, but what needs to get done gets done, with focus.

    And I have more capacity to respond wisely to what comes, which is especially noticeable today on the parenting front.

  8. When I can connect to what is needed to do, it takes all the pressure of me to try and figure out what to do.

    Just surrender to myself, and the deep knowing of what is then needed at that moment to support humanity.

    1. I can feel what you say here, Ken.

      I have lived my life thinking it is all ‘on’ me – that I have to conjure up all the answers and outcomes.

      I am experiencing, however, that this is not the way.

      There is no pushing or imposing or generating needed and in fact this is a jarring way to live.

      When I give myself space and don’t get stuck in time or outcomes or needs, the wisdom emerges and what is needed gets done.

  9. I have used doing to make me feel like I am alright. And doing made me feel better.

    If I felt I needed to feel better then, that means I did not feel ok to start with.

    I was using the doing to feel better, and it works. But I was using the doing to avoid feeling a deeper pain.

    That is why most people are doing things, to feel better, to feel like they are making progress.

    Has this worked? Have we made any true progress in the world? Is the world a better place now, with all the amazing doing that we have done?

    This blog is presenting another way to live, where it is more about being than doing.

    It has worked for me.
    I am beginning to live in such a way, that I am not dependent on my doing to feel ok.

  10. Early in my life I realized that when I do things, especially sports and work I did not feel tired.

    I did not want to feel tired, so I have used this doing, to deal with my exhaustion.

    It worked great, I did lots of things and I did not have to drink coffee, so it seemed ok.

    When I was 50 years old{at the height of my exhaustion], I used to play Ice hockey every week at 10 pm. I had to force myself out of the house at 8pm. Usually it was cold and snowy out. I knew that I would get home late and the roads would not be plowed so I might have to walk up the hill to get home.

    But I did this because when I started playing I would feel incredible, it was so much fun. I looked forward to it every week.

    I realize now that was incredibly abusive to my body.

    I was so used to moving fast and doing things to feel good that I thought that was the way it was.

    With support from Simple Living Global I am understanding there is another way to be.

  11. Is being a continual connection to the essence of who we are and can this connection be developed with a continual self nurturing maintenance and attention to detail allowing it to flow, to run smoothly through life, ever expanding its capacity and thus getting things done through simply being?

    Could this become a form of living without trying, a stress free space to be in?

    My impression of doing brings in the time factor or what we generally think time is, the allotted framework of day/week/month/etc. in which to schedule as many activities as possible, creating a world full of exhausted, stressed out human ‘doings’ that don’t have time to be who they truly are, disconnected from both the space within themselves and what the universe has to offer.

  12. I loved re-reading this blog

    So many unconventional yet poignant questions being asked.

    The bit that struck me was about security.

    How many of us have accepted that life is about getting that relationship, the children, the car, the house and the job and the need to secure our future?

    What if we drive our bodies into the ground by doing this?

    What if, even though this is the way that we have been educated and raised to see all of these things as important, it is not true?

    What if there is a more simplistic and joyfull way to live, which is not about driving ourselves to do the next thing?

    What if appreciating who we are and what we bring to the world including our relationships, is the key?

    What if this is to be valued above all else?

    Would that support us to just BE?

  13. I just came across a note saying –
    What if JOY is a constant and can be possible but it is not from doing anything?

    This one line is a game changer and that means a life changer for people like me who took the whole thing on from a wise man called Serge Benhayon, who lives with constant joy because I have observed and been around him for 14 years.

    Let me expand about taking this on – first I clocked him and thought he is not happy and not sad and not moody, angry etc.,
    He had this inner compass that was unwavering and steady and strong.
    The stillness I could feel in his presence got me to be still and do nothing.

    It’s like he had mastered this do less and be more business.
    Well to be honest – he had as it was clear and very obvious.
    Right up my alley as I wanted more of this steady foundation where nothing could whack me out or rock me.

    Fast forward 14 years on – it would be true to say I feel JOY every single day and even in moments where things try and take me out or disturb the internal state of my being, I just know how to come back fast.

    Not having that up and down mood stuff or emotional nonsense because with the help of this incredible man, I have been able to deal with my deep hurts and issues, I no longer seek the happyometer to get my daily ups and downs.

    Instead I have taken responsibility for all the choices I make in life and this is what has led to the joy being a constant in my daily life.

    The biggest thing for me to learn and I feel it will deepen over time is the doing nothing is possible and the feeling of joy remains.

    Just to be clear for the reader _ I am not talking here about lying on the beach in the sun doing nothing.

    It is more a feeling coming from inside my body that could be described as expansive with space as it does not feel hard, tense or congested.

    I know others feel our Joy and it is there for all of us but we do need to get this do less, be more going and lived consistently if we truly want it as a constant in our life.

    For me personally, it beats anything that this world has created and offers to me.

  14. Top blog Simple Living Global

    ‘Do Less and Be More’ – reading this statement seems very much like a paradox.

    How is it possible to do less and be more?

    When we look at this with our logical minds, we are well within our rights to say this is poppycock, but what if there was another way?

    For me personally, there have been times when I have managed to ‘do less and be more’ and I found that my work output was so much greater and things got done so much easier than when I am pushing myself to get things completed.

    So why is it that I can’t maintain this ‘do less and be more’ way of being?

    Maybe it is because I am so used to pushing that I find it easier to be that way.

    Maybe I found it too easy and it freaked me out.

    Maybe it comes with more responsibility.

    Whatever the reasons, because I have already experienced the ‘being more by doing less’, I know that it does work and as the author says, “What if we have a choice in every single moment to plug in and connect to a quality, a pulse that is far grander than our minds would like to tell us and then there would be no force doing the doing?”

    What if?

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