Dear World

Has anyone noticed things are getting worse?

More Accidents
More Illness
More Disease
More Crime
More Alcohol
More Drugs
More People Trafficking
More Mental Health
More Depression
More Suicide
More Child Abuse

More Suffering
More Lost the Plot stuff
More Extreme Sports
More Extreme Behaviour

More War
More Hatred

More Distractions
More Holding On
More Doing Nothing
More Sitting on the Fence
More Giving up on Life
More Bored with Life
More Gossip and Judgement
More Fast Food, Junk Food
More Coffee Needed

More Chocolate
More Greed

More Corruption
More Lying
More Complications
More Solutions
More Quick Fixes

More Fast Lane Living
More Crazy Days
More Overdoing It
More Regret
More Blame
More Mistakes
More Earthquakes
More Jet Lag
More Sleep Issues

More Careless Living
More Overeating
More Sugar
More Diabetes
More Sick Days Off

More Common Colds
More Heartburn
More Tobacco
More Asthma
More Cancer
More Fatigue
More Heart Conditions

More Kidney Problems
More Hypertension
More Video Games
More and More TV
More Internet Abuse

More Dodgy Emails
More Social Media
More Vices
More Secrets
More Living a Double Life
More Champagne Lifestyle
More Lemonade Budget
More Shouting and Swearing
More Getting Away with It
More New Fad Diets
More Perfect Life Demands

More Harm to Mother Earth
More Annoying Adverts

More Ways to Function
More Cold Hands, Cold Feet
More Bad Footwear
More Back Pain

More Women’s Health Problems


In other words, the way we are living is not working.

WHAT IF all this is happening because we as a world have separated, divided and dis-connected from the very essence that unites us all and this is the cause of our ills today?

What if this is because we are not living in connection with the field, the Universe?

What if CONNECTION to our inner most true essence takes care of absolutely everything we need for living life?

What if we need to PLUG IN AND CONNECT so we can feel EVERYONE and EVERYTHING and BEYOND?

In other words, we do not take inside us the world and what is going on outside of us.

What if PLUG IN AND CONNECT simply means reading the blogs on this website which gives us ANOTHER WAY to end the harm to our body, our fellow brothers and our precious planet?

What if PLUG IN AND CONNECT means we get to feel the pulse of HUMANITY and KNOW in that moment what is TRUTH and WHAT IS NOT?

What if PLUG IN AND CONNECT means we are connected to the field and in that we KNOW – we just KNOW?

What if PLUG IN AND CONNECT was our main FOCUS and PRIORITY going forward in life?

What if PLUG IN AND CONNECT means we get to COMMIT TO LIFE in all areas and TRUE RESPONSIBILITY becomes our new way?

What if the only thing missing that would UNITE US ALL as EQUALS is to PLUG IN AND CONNECT?

What if PLUG IN AND CONNECT is our way to TRULY EVOLVE as a race of beings on Earth?

Could it be that Simple?





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  1. Yes, things are getting crazier in the world.

    Even with all the amazing advances in science, technology, and medicine, our quality of life is not improving.

    I feel most people would agree, and many people really do not know what to do about it.

    This website is presenting another way to be in the world. A way where we are more connected.

    Simple Living Global’s Back to Basics program has supported me with simple techniques to help me remember how to be more connected to myself.

    This simple concept has supported me to make better choices in my life.

    When I am more connected to myself, I am more connected to my purpose in our world, because ultimately we are all connected to everything in the Universe.

  2. “What if the only thing missing that would UNITE US ALL as EQUALS is to PLUG IN AND CONNECT?”

    This brought tears to my eyes.

    When you think about all the conflict in the world, the division between us, the lack of equality and all the problems, to bring us all together seems like such a difficult thing.

    But what if it is not difficult at all?

    What if it is actually very simple.

    What if the answer is right here in this blog?

  3. What if every time I do not feel ok, it is because I am not connected?

    Much of my life I have felt something was missing. I did not know what it was but I saw all the things around me that I wanted, and these things made me feel better so I went about getting those things.

    Eventually I saw the hopelessness of acquiring things, it was just an endless cycle that really did not work.

    Simple Living Global suggested to me that what I was missing was myself.
    And using simple techniques I began to remember myself.

    Using simple techniques as presented by Simple Living Global, I began to remember myself.

    Why did I forget myself?

    What I came to understand is that I forgot myself because when I was with myself I would feel my hurts, and I did not want to feel the hurts, so I would disconnect from myself to not feel.

    So now that I am re-connecting to myself, I am feeling all the things I have buried. Intense but it feels so good to let go of all the things I have been holding on too.

  4. PLUG IN AND CONNECT really works.

    Such a simple thing, but so powerful and accessible to all.

    At any point during my day, if I feel out of sorts or rushing or anxious or annoyed, I can simply choose to connect to my body and ‘breathe my own breath’.

    This plugs me straight in. Things can start to flow again.

    It is awesome to put words to this – that I am essentially plugging in to my essence and therefore to the Universe.

    And it is true. My experience is that from that place you do just KNOW.

  5. I do a short meditation session regularly at work.

    It is amazing to feel people plug in and connect.

    It is a simple thing – just breathing your breath and feeling the body.

    You can feel a shift to stillness in the room and see the change in the way people move more gently as they go back to their desk.

  6. Do I really understand what connection is?

    I have felt that I was connected, I live in the world, have friends, talk to people, but am I really connected?

    Simple Living Global has supported me to understand that the most important connection is, connection to myself. And that I was born connected.

    Is it possible that if I am not connected to myself, I can not really connect to anything else?

    With commitment and practice I am remembering this place of connection.

    It has supported me to surrender to life and not try so hard, because my connection is what I have been missing.

  7. When I wake up in the morning, I feel totally connected.
    Connected to my body, fully plugged in.

    This is the most awesome feeling.
    The warmth and vitality and stillness that is there.

    If that is with me when I wake up, it is available to me every moment of the day.
    So it is simply for me to move with that and keep choosing that.

  8. We have more things that try to replace our connection to humanity and with our media blasting how every person is a bad person and touch is inappropriate.
    The one thing that helps us connect to humanity and to not only bring our selves back to center but pass the love we have on and allow them to come back to center is a hug. Hugs go such a long way in helping with our connection and keeping ourselves centered but it is becoming a lost thing outside of only our family and our closest friends.

    Look how much a hug does at a funeral but that is the only place we allow that power to be passed from us to others.

  9. On my way to work this morning I passed two cafes. It was pouring with rain and they both had outdoor tables. In fact, one was putting the tables out whilst it was raining.

    What happens when we make decisions like these that make no sense?

    Why does all common sense go out of the window?

    Is it because we have not plugged in and connected?

    I know for sure that when I am disconnected I am bound to make decisions that are irrational and consequently harm others.

    Just today, colleagues and I were talking about a situation where a decision was made, that made no sense and put someone else at great risk.

    I know for sure that when I am plugged in and connected, I care for myself and others and it is not possible for me to do anything that hurts them.

    When I am plugged in and connected it is so clear to me, what is needed and what is not.

  10. At a presentation this week by a behavioural scientist, she shared that the average attention span nowadays is 7 seconds. And the trajectory is downwards.

    Our brains were not designed to handle the information overload of the modern world and the way we are living and consuming is resulting in this attention span degradation.

    To me this is shocking. That many of us cannot focus for more than 7 seconds.

    If we read this, can we acknowledge it is probably true, for many people?

    For me, I hear this and want to ensure I live in a way that my brain does not need this sort of checking out.

    I want to stay plugged in.

    And I know how to do that.

    This website offers a complete programme for all people who want the same.

  11. You make a good point, Simple Living Global, when you ask if our separation and dis-connection is the very cause of all of our ills.

    To me this makes perfect sense as, if we are separated or dis-connected from ourselves, how can we possibly feel when our bodies are telling us that it doesn’t like what we are doing.

    It seems that being able to connect to ourselves and maintain that connection should be very simple.

    But the fact is, most of us don’t do that.

    For me, I know I have moments of connection but it is generally short lived as I then allow distractions or past hurts to get in the way.

    This way of living hasn’t done me any favours as I am now living with a heart condition that, although hasn’t manifested itself in stopping me living my life as normally as I can, the potential is there to worsen this condition if I don’t start to truly look at how I am living and how dis-connected I have been from myself.

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