Hello World

What on earth is this about and who is interested?
How can anyone write a blog about this word?
What does it exactly mean to us – on the street?
Is there an app or do we have to work this one out?

Can we read this blog, end it there and Do Nothing?
WHY would anyone want to spend time and focus?
Does it require our racy mind to learn to slow down?

What does the dictionary have to say about this?
What are Google and the Internet saying about focus?

English Oxford Living Dictionaries

The centre of interest or activity.

An act of concentrating interest or activity on something. (1)

Verb (used with object)

To bring to a focus or into focus; cause to converge on a perceived point:

To concentrate: to focus one’s thoughts.

Verb (used without object)

To direct one’s attention or efforts. (2)

How can we have focus online, when there are ads flashing non-stop on the screen while we try and put attention on what we are reading?

Are we as a world united about this one word, so we all have the same meaning and definition of what it actually means?

How would it benefit us if we did commit to this focus business?

Would we be able to get more done in our day and finish tasks?

Would it cut the waffle and make a difference beyond words?

Do we think focus is just for those who are academic and intelligent?

Do we think we are not cut out for concentration, so why bother?

Do we think it takes hard work and effort to focus, so why go there?

Do we like the thought of knowing about focus but it feels too much?

Do we feel it is best to leave the focus stuff to others to get on with?

Dear World,

Every highlighted word on this list below, is a blog that may just make sense right now, for those who are open and ready to make changes.

It expands on the possibility that – could there be Another Way to Be and Live on this earth?

How can we focus when we are interrupted by the kids all the time?

How can we focus when we want to please our partner all the time?

How can we focus when multi-tasking is the only way we do things?

How can we focus when we have the attention span of a gnat?

How can we focus when we keep Forgetting things all the time?

How can we focus when our concentration levels simply do not exist?

How can we focus when our attention is always on something else?

How can we focus when we make others more important than us?

How can we focus when we love to play mind games with our Family?

How can we focus when we have made sucking up to others a Priority?

How can we focus if we seek identification and recognition in everything?
In other words, we only do something because we want others to know.

How can we focus if we are bothered about what other people say?

How can we focus when all our efforts go into impressing someone?

How can we focus if we want others to notice the clothes we wear?

How can we focus when there is this, that and the other to attend to?

How can we focus when we live a life that is just full of excuses?

How can we focus when our mind is always in fantasy world?

How can we focus when our mind is racing 100 miles an hour?

How can we focus at work, when there are way too many distractions?

How can we focus if we know we have so many unfinished tasks?

How can we focus when our mind is full of all our Vices and Secrets?

How can we focus when we keep eating Fast Foods and Junk Food?

How can we focus if we just love our Chocolate and Dairy, as it gives us the comfort we want in that moment?

How can we focus when our bread cake belly is feeling full of Gluten?

How can we focus when we are foggy from the hangover last night?

How can we focus when we like our Alcohol beverages daily?

How can we focus with our Tobacco and new vaping habit?

How can we focus when we have become hooked on Cannabis?

How can we ever focus now that we have got into the Spice stuff?

How can we focus when Coffee is our go to, morning and night?

How can we focus when our Sleep is not something we pay attention to?

How can we focus when we never get a good night’s quality sleep?

How can we focus if we have poor sleep and make no effort to change?

How can we focus when we leave things always to the last minute?

How can we focus if we leave the house in a mess and miss the bus?

How can we focus when we have washing up piling up for days?

How can we focus when we don’t bother cooking properly any day?

How can we focus when we can’t stand drinking plain still water?

How can we focus when there are so many daily chores to do?

How can we focus at the supermarket when we have no shopping list?

How can we focus when our whole days are consumed with playing online Video Games and we forget our real life stuff?

How can we focus when anytime TV is part of our comfortable life?

How can we focus when we love chit chatting on the phone all day?

How can we focus when we are checking our mobile phone at least 30 times a day?

How can we focus when all we want is to upload our next selfie and then wait to see how many likes we get?

How can we focus when our whole existence is about I, Me, Myself?

How can we focus when our focus is all about More, more, more?

How can we focus when we would just prefer to be doing porn?

How can we focus when we choose to live this super Careless life and care is just not in our orbit?

How can we focus if we have this quality of carelessness every day?

How can we focus when we have made our world all about us?

How can we focus if we spend all day Gossiping and Judging others?

How can we focus when everything life gives us is a bad luck card?

How can we focus if the odds are stacked and we feel overwhelmed?

How can we focus when we are constantly doing dodgy deals?

How can we focus when we are busy Lying and think it is normal?

How can we focus when we know we are being Fooled on some level?

How can we focus when we are constantly ‘Getting Away with It’?

How can we focus when everything now is just so Complicated?

How can we focus when nothing in our life right now is Simple?

How can we focus when we have no clue where to start or how?

How can we focus when we don’t even know what Nil by Mouth means?

How can we focus when we have no Foundation in life to support us?

How can we focus when we don’t like planning ahead to support us?

How can we focus if we never have a Priority in life of what is needed?

How can we focus when Our Car is not being taken care of properly?

How can we focus if we spend no time taking care of our body?

How can we focus if being Gentle is not something we subscribe to?

How can we focus when we don’t know how to connect to our body?

How can we focus when our mind and body are living a Double Life?

How can we focus in life if we have not got the Passport to Get Real?

How can we focus if getting real is nowhere on our radar this lifetime?

How can we focus if being Honest is just not for us this time around?

How can we focus if we prefer to Sit on the Fence and watch the world?

How can we focus if we are a Hot Talk person who never takes action?

How can we focus if we have zero Commitment to Life and prefer that?

How can we focus if the word Truth feels like it’s a swear word?

How can we ever learn to focus when we just love our wayward life?

How can we focus when we don’t see Closing Cycles as important?

How can we expect to focus in the festive month of D E C E M B E R?

How can we focus in January, when our New Year started with a big bang in our head, giving us a reality check of how we are choosing to live?

How can we focus when Christmas is all we think about, as it allows us to escape the ugly year we just had?

How can we focus when we spend all year planning our Birthday bash?

How can we focus if we just want Solutions to fix everything for us?

How can we focus if our inbox is full of Dodgy Emails and we do nothing?

How can we focus if we are still in deep Regret about all our Mistakes?

How can we focus when we spend our days Overdoing It in some way?

How can we focus on serious stuff when our life revolves around Sport?

How can we focus if we are taking medication for High Blood Pressure?

How can we focus when we live in this constant state of anxiety with our Just Incase Syndrome?

How can we focus when Letting Go of anything is way too hard for us?

How can we focus when we are masters at Holding On to our hurts?

How can we focus when we keep having these non-stop Crazy Days?

How can we focus when Life in the Fast Lane is all we know now?

How can we focus on us when we are always Listening to Other People?

How can we focus when we have made our focus to have a Perfect Life?

How can we focus when we are on the next fad Diet that keeps us thinking about food all day, stops us sleeping as we feel hungry and then we give up and start again and it’s been like that for decades?

How can we focus when our Feet are in bad condition because of our fancy footwear that hurts us, but looks good on the outside?

How can we focus, when our Earth is in such a mess and we have no idea how to help?

How can we focus and be real role models for the Youth on our street?

How can we focus when we have no one showing us a Recipe for Life?

How can we focus when no one has ever talked about doing a Take 2?

How can we focus when our Heart is closed down and in protection to make sure the world and its brothers never hurt us again?

How can we focus if there is a War inside us going on day in and day out?

How can we focus with our Champagne Lifestyle and Lemonade Money?

How can we focus when we do not Live a See Through Life in anyway?

How can we focus when we keep getting Sick but never ask why?

How can we focus when we keep getting that horrible Common Cold?

How can we focus when we dread the word Cancer and know how many people are getting it?

How can we focus when our Kidneys are saying ‘look after us please’?

How can we focus knowing we have Diabetes because of our lifestyle?

How can we focus when we suffer with serious Cold Hands and Cold Feet?

How can we focus when our job is outdoors and we have got Raynaud’s Disease?

How can we focus if we suffer with Chronic Fatigue and we stop asking what choices have we made, that got us to this point?

How can we focus on our own Well-Being when we are always comparing ourselves with others?

How can we focus on our True Health when we have jealousy eating away at us literally?

How can we focus when we have clearly Given Up on Life right now?

How can we focus when we are super Bored with Life every single day?

How can we focus when we know we suffer from Depression?

How can we focus when we are desperate to have a life of Happiness?

How can we focus if we spend our life Blaming anything and everyone?

How can we focus when everything to us is a What If question, but we are never responsive to that?

How can we focus if we never deal with anything, because we are afraid to ask Questions and keep asking questions so change can happen?

What if FOCUS means we can just get on with it?

In other words, we can bring a direct quality to the task in hand and not deviate or dilly dally around, when we know we can give it our full attention.

What if FOCUS helps us to knock out those ugly thoughts that keep entering our mind?

What if FOCUS allows us to actually get more done and time is no longer an issue for us?

What if FOCUS means we can do far more in less time and feel energised, not drained?

What if FOCUS means we have the ability to take on more without any stress?

What if FOCUS means we look where else we can get on with outstanding jobs?

What if FOCUS means our inbox is actioned and not just left sitting there piling up?

What if we made a choice to FOCUS on the stuff we keep putting off for another day?

What if we FOCUS on getting on with what is urgent and needs action in our own life?

What if we FOCUS on completing our studies and not dragging it out because we can?

What if FOCUS gives us the space to really make some deep progress?

What if we FOCUS on our Priority list and not sit around and Do Nothing?

What if FOCUS means unpacking the suitcase when we get home and closing that cycle instead of chit chatting about the holiday and delaying this job?

What if FOCUS means more gets done, no waffle and we go “what’s next”?

What if we FOCUS and we just know what we need to do next?

What if FOCUS is the way we can start to take more Responsibility in life?

What if we FOCUS on getting off our butts and finding work to end the welfare benefits?

What if we FOCUS on clearing our debt and not going out spending to forget about it?

What if we FOCUS on not buying more than we truly need and see how that feels?

What if we FOCUS on not buying the next handbag or shoes as we have over 100 already?

What if we FOCUS on not trashing our money because we can as we have it?

What if we FOCUS on not trying to impress the people who might or might not buy our house?

What if we FOCUS on a Social Media detox on a regular basis and see what happens?

What if we FOCUS on the fact that we created a false virtual reality online and we have the choice to stop it and move on?

What if FOCUS directs us in a way that allows more purpose and less comfort?

What if FOCUS inspires us to want to continue living in this true way?

What if we UP our FOCUS and take it to the next level and see even more results?

What if FOCUS means we no longer Forget or Lose things as we are sharper now?

What if we FOCUS and put effort into making our life Simple in every area?

What if we FOCUS on starting with small steps to build a solid sound Foundation in life?

What if we just FOCUS on something small and keep practicing and feel the benefits?

What if we just FOCUS on the task in hand and give it our all in that moment?

What if we FOCUS on the basic stuff we don’t like – cleaning the toilet and sink regularly?

What if we FOCUS on the detail like cleaning the actual plug hole in the kitchen sink?

What if we FOCUS on cooking a simple meal every day and end our Junk Food eating?

What if we FOCUS on not overeating and indulging in fancy foods that harm us?

What if we FOCUS on truly supporting our body as this is what carries us through life?

What if we FOCUS on our Sleep quality and make that super important in our life?

What if we FOCUS on going to bed when we feel tired and not fighting this anymore?

What if we FOCUS on supporting our kids to get to bed every single day super early?

What if we FOCUS on deliberately slowing down by being Honest about how we live?

What if we FOCUS on how many Coffee shots and caffeine drinks we use to keep going?

What if we FOCUS on our addiction to Alcohol and find out how it got to this stage?

What if we FOCUS on getting to the root cause of why we keep lighting up a cigarette?

What if we FOCUS on ending the Blame game as it gets us nowhere and winds us up?

What if we FOCUS on being Real and not worrying about what others think or not think?

What if we FOCUS on planning ahead and organising our days so it supports us?

What if we FOCUS on dealing with the buried issues that keep coming up all the time?

What if we FOCUS less on chit chat and Hot Talk and more on taking real action?

What if we FOCUS on taking real action as we know they speak louder than words?

What if we FOCUS on minding our own business and not getting involved in what others do?

What if we FOCUS on our own needs before worrying about what others are up to?

What if we FOCUS on Letting Go of Judging others, when we have no idea about their life?

What if we FOCUS on not slagging off people and bad mouthing them to others?

What if we FOCUS on being open and transparent so we got nothing to hide?

What if we FOCUS on family discussions at the dinner table and allow everyone to contribute?

What if we FOCUS on building real true relationships where we are deeply honest?

What if we FOCUS on not being a negative nellie in all our conversations?

What if we FOCUS on not arguing and fighting with our partner for utter nonsense?

What if we FOCUS on ending all the Complications we keep creating where there is none?

What if we FOCUS on looking at areas in our life that keep us stuck and Bored?

What if we FOCUS on getting out of the ugly mess we have created called LIFE?

What if we FOCUS on the fact that we have made up this fantasy dreamy world because we want to escape the ill choices we have made?

What if we FOCUS on the fact we have been living irresponsibly and know we can change?

What if we put less FOCUS on Christmas and all the headaches it comes with?

What if we FOCUS on the fact that Santa ain’t coming down the chimney so let’s Get Real?

What if we FOCUS on the fact that our New Year resolutions have gone once again and time to get super real?

What is we FOCUS on reading blogs on this website that are presenting Another Way and see what happens?

What if we FOCUS on deeply Appreciating what we have in our life?

What if we FOCUS on the fact that the world is in serious trouble now and we can make a difference if we start to take RESPONSIBILITY for all our choices?

That means we are walking the walk and talking the talk – day in and day out, without Perfection.

What if this FOCUS stuff becomes our natural way of Living?

What if we FOCUS on being who we truly are in a world that has not yet allowed us to be this?

What if we FOCUS on choosing to be real in every way and not what life has made us to be?

Could it be that Simple?


(1) (n.d). English Oxford Living Dictionaries. Retrieved February 24, 2017 from

(2) (n.d). Retrieved February 24, 2017 from





Comments 22

  1. For me, focus is critical to knock out all the distractions of the world.

    It allows me to be with my amazing self when I do things.

    It allows me to stay connected to the surrounding love and wisdom that is always present.

  2. Mankind has created a world where we can get by, with very little focus. A world were we can get away with just coasting along not taking responsibility for our lives.

    In comparison, every wild animal is in constant focus of what is going on around them. It is just a natural way to be. If they did not focus on what they are doing they would not survive. And they live with a sense of ease and knowing, that I have always admired. Maybe they know something humans have forgotten?

    So why do many humans live in a way that is unaware of what is going on around them?

    When we are not focused on what is happening around us it sets us up for stress and anxiety. If we are not aware of our surroundings how can we make appropriate choices?

    And if we are not focused on life, we miss out on all the miracles that are happening all around us all the time.

  3. This blog is rich with wisdom.

    Who would not recognise themselves in here somewhere?

    And the invitation to change is hugely practical and empowering – showing us how simply it can be done if we choose it.

    And it’s powerful too. I was reading this on a train and might usually have stood up still reading it at my stop. But I thought ‘FOCUS’, put my phone away and got off the train in full connection with my body and the act of alighting.

    Thank you Simple Living Global.

    1. I like this JS.

      The number of times I have caught myself wanting to read that extra word or line but something inside of me is saying put the phone away and prepare to get off and when I honour that I am fully prepared to alight with ease. Whereas if I ignore it and carry on reading I am sure to be rushing at the end to get off or I miss my stop.

      Having a focus is certainly one way to keep things simple and moves us out of all of the complexities of life.


    This has been a strapline for the past weeks and it is hugely powerful.

    When things get hairy and stuff is piling up on the work and domestic front, there are some clear options:

    1. Give up
    2. Go into overwhelm
    3. Up your focus

    I have tried all 3 and 1 and 2 just don’t work.

    Upping your focus increases the flow of things – what needs to get done gets done, without tension.

    It feels like if I keep practising like this, option 3 will become my constant go to: there will be no other choice.

  5. I am finding it hard to focus on writing a comment on this blog.

    If I try too hard nothing flows.

    I have accomplished many things in my life, and there was a lot of focus involved, but I am realizing that sometimes when I am focusing too hard it can be exhausting.

    So is the focus that works, all about focusing on staying with myself with everything I do, and allow things to unfold?

    Or focusing on surrendering and allowing all the magic to happen.

  6. Reflecting on the long and insightful list of things we get involved with during our day that have little or no actual purpose, it feels like it can be boiled down to 1 simple question:

    How can we truly focus when we are not taking responsibility for our choices?

    And there are so many choices in a single day. Every one of them counts.

    Whether we pick up that magazine or we don’t.
    Whether we let the kids interrupt us or we don’t.
    Whether we take more or less care in how we get ready for the day.
    Whether we take on or not what that person said to us.
    Whether we choose food to support us or not.
    Whether we say yes to that extra meeting or not.
    Whether we have our walk during the day or we skip it.
    Whether we go to bed when we feel tired or we don’t.

    It is really hitting home that FOCUS is not some surprising thing that happens or a magical skill some people have but others don’t.

    Focus is a choice. A constant choice.

    And it is a culmination of all our choices.

  7. Great blog full of wisdom for all of us.

    In my experience focus can also be given some unsupportive ideals too – e.g. I was very stressed, and lived with constant anxiety and exhaustion – I went to a buddhist retreat on the side of a mountain in Nepal and meditated for two weeks. The focus was to ‘follow the breath’ – but done to the detriment of the body, in that I would sit for hours, my legs would go numb, I would get cramps but the idea was to stay and focus on the mind and ignore the body. That to me is not true focus, and, over 10 years of buddhist meditation my body actually got sicker as I paid less and less attention to it.
    Another example of ‘focus’ is when I am reading social media and I get sucked into reading more and more, losing sight of time, and of how my body is feeling – that is also not focus – though some may say it is.
    Focus for me is where the mind and body are together – doing the task in hand whether it is cooking, cleaning, ironing etc and where there is a focus both on the task, and how my body is feeling.

  8. Mail Online – 22 February 2018

    93 times a day average mobile phone buzzes.

    34,000 phone messages and alerts per year.

    427% more messages and notifications than 10 years ago.

    What is going on in Britain and how is it going for the rest of the world, who are addicted to mobile phones and all that it offers us today?

    WHY are those aged between 18 and 24 having almost three times more messages to manage – 239 each day?

    Can we really manage our life with the sea of data at our fingertips?

    Are we really in control when it comes to our daily mobile phone activities?

    Are we using this tool to serve us with a purpose, or is it like a drug where we want more to get the same effect?

    Can we join the dots here and take note that our youth are having more mental health problems and it is rising.

    Could it be possible that the increase use of screen time and checking the mobile phone consistently throughout the day is affecting them more than we realise?

    Is the need we have to keep having our phone buzzing all day something that we must address, because there are consequences to our true health and well-being?

    Is this stopping us from having the FOCUS we need to get on with life?

    Is all this phone buzzing stopping the connection with our inner most self, which gives us a quality, a presence, a confidence, a knowing that supports us to be steady, throughout the day and that means, we are equipped to deal with whatever comes our way?

    From lived experience, I realise it is a choice and in the past the phone checking was on auto-pilot with no real purpose but to circulate the chit chat and waste time, when I could be getting on with what I needed to Focus on.

    Today, life is very different and my relationship with my mobile phone is there for what it is needed and nothing more and nothing less.

    Never do I get hooked out with my phone or make it my focus.

    I have very very few apps and it serves me to live this way, as there is absolutely zero need to concern myself about what others may or may not think of me.

  9. We have noticed something huge in our house this last week.

    If there is no purpose, there is no focus.

    This is especially apparent with our children. Purposeless leads to drift which leads to nonsense behaviour.

    It is not like there has to be a rigidity in this, but to know what needs to get done and for everyone to have a part to play in that, makes a huge difference to the flow of the house and to everyone’s ability to focus.

    This makes family life very simple. The only thing that is needed is clarity of purpose and everything else flows from that.

  10. I love focusing.

    When I focus on what is important, there is no clock watching, things flows, I feel JOY and am energised and revitalised.

    Life becomes simple and harmonious with no regrets.

  11. Experiencing again this morning the power of focus.

    Everyone in the family got up and ready in harmony to leave the house super early. We came together in flow. Everyone doing what was needed, with complete focus. It was a joy to feel.

    We have young kids and a school morning will often involve delay and faffing and cajoling and excuses and tension.

    This morning we were leaving for a family trip and the kids had their eyes on that prize.

    The shift was enormous.

    And the only difference is the choice that was made.

    The choice to focus.

    It is a reminder of what is possible. Of the power of our choices.

    Do we choose delay? Or do we choose focus?

    The whole thing – how we live, how our day goes, how we flow or don’t flow – is up to us.

  12. I have felt that I have a good ability to focus. But maybe behind the focus there is drive that forces me to focus.

    So is this focus a good thing, if I am forcing myself to focus? Maybe I need to listen to my body and just surrender not try so hard.

  13. Focus really works for me and I know how much it benefits my work, my relationships and everything really in my life.

    Today was what I call a true FOCUS day and that means get on with the tasks in hand and not deviate or distract myself in anyway.

    Heaps got done and I noticed when something was completed, I just knew what was next on the list to action.

    Equally I could feel a strong connection to my body and so when it was time to rest I would honour that.

    When it was time to stop working at the end of the day, it was enough and complete and nothing in me wanted to push ahead or do more.

    In times where things are crazy with lots going on, I have found that if I up my focus, in other words make sure every movement is super super focussed, then I do not let any thoughts enter my mind to take me off track. I practice this and I know now it is easy for me.

    What comes out of a day like this is a job well done and everything feels stronger and more steady inside me and in my world.

    I just KNOW by my movements today, tomorrow is going to continue in this super new focused way – like a continuation of the day before.

    Of course there is the odd email or human out to disturb the day, but I know I can deal with it with a different quality because of the steady focus all day and the rest taken, to ensure there is no pushing going on.

    On that note, I do not use stimulants to keep going, so it is easy for me to know when my body is tired and saying stop.

    This rest period however small, helps me to re-generate and focus again with that same clarity, dedication and commitment.

  14. I have come to realise how important FOCUS actually is in daily life.

    The ability to move and get things done without getting distracted is not easy in our world today, as there are constant thoughts coming through our heads and endless distractions everywhere we go.

    I would say we have lost our innate ability to focus like our ancestors did and how little children do. They are on the job – the task in hand and that is it.

    Sometimes I find it easy to focus and seem surprised at the volumes that get done and I never feel drained or depleted in anyway. Other times I up the focus and that means I get very strong in my movements and that means how I move from one thing to another and not allowing disturbances to take me off track.
    With practice this has become normal and it allows me to get through things with an ease and a grace that is hard to put into words.

    Today was a classic example of where I needed to focus on cooking meals to support me and my partner this week and also other kitchen jobs. Whilst this was only a few hours, I made sure I stayed super focused and ignored messages pinging away on silent on my phone – one being a cry for help.

    The fact is I was steady when I did respond to the 911 message and the person felt it.

    Had I got distracted earlier, I would have been in reaction, felt the tension of not completing my cooking and other tasks and this would lead to an unsettled feeling inside me and this is something I do not want.

    Distractions are never going to go away but it is up to each and every one of us to start looking at what is important and if focus works to get more things done without any effort then it’s worth it. In my case I choose it and love what is accomplished when FOCUS is on my menu of the day.

  15. This is a very timely blog for me to read as my focus has been lacking for quite some time now in certain areas of my life.

    Focus at work has been easier than my personal life but the secret is to be able to give the same amount of focus on everything I do, something that I haven’t done for a while.

    I know when I do focus I have amazing results and I am able to achieve much, but is it possible that if I am not focused in all I do, then those amazing results are not appreciated as they should be and therefore become not so amazing?

    There are quite a few points in this blog that I can ask myself why I am not focusing on them, so thank you Simple Living Global for writing this and giving me the opportunity to look at areas in my life that I need to put more focus on.

  16. As a daily researcher I have noticed that online reading is becoming more and more set up to not be able to hold our focus.

    I very rarely do internet shopping but yet there are ads all over the news story I am trying to read. Signs flashing above, below and to the sides – not just one but many – all trying to hook me in or stop me from the focus to get the job done.

    I often think if I did not have my strong level of focus I would be a gonner and this is what it is designed to do.

    Marketing is clever and sucks us in – that’s its job.

    People are paid to find ways to get us buying their products and services.

    When you think about it how un-natural is this? We are making movements that might not have taken place if it was not for those flashing adverts bombarding us to look and buy now and no sooner is that done, there are more ads in our visual field and it is endless and never ever stops.

    I would rate myself as pretty amazing in the focus department and that is based on my ability to move and not get distracted. This is something I have practiced over the years and at times I know how to UP the focus and that means a ‘get lost’ sign to anyone trying to bug me through a text message, email or phone call. When I am on it and I know I am getting on with it, I do not need outside nonsense of any kind to take me off track. I am not interested if it is my husband, best friend, the pope or the bigwig I need to arrange a meeting. They can all wait, as I know their timing is off because I am on the job where my utmost focus and attention to detail is required in that moment.

    Not once have any of those messages or calls been about real purpose or something I needed to know at that time, so it confirms to me it was a distraction.

    Our world is full of distractions and it is no wonder we generally have a hard time trying to focus. Just watching a young child recently struggling to focus for more than a few seconds. His mother tells me it is like this all the time and sleep has become a real issue. I am asking how many more kids would benefit if they learned how to truly focus?

    WHY do we not teach kids from day dot about basic stuff like how to focus but bring in the value and importance of what the benefits are when we focus?

    The other thing that focus offers us is a deeper connection with our body, so chances are we are less likely to be dis-connected and tripping up literally. This is me talking from lived experience. Even walking up the stairs at the train station I can feel my focus on my feet and making sure I will not trip or slip up because of my ability to not get distracted.

    If I was busy poking my nose outside looking at what someone else is wearing or saying then that is my distraction and that will have its consequences over time.

    Focus is a big thing that would benefit all of humanity and yet very few value this and understand what is being expressed in this amazing blog.

  17. There really are some great benefits when we make the choice to focus.

    In my experience I have made the movements to ensure that I do focus on the task in hand and up that focus when it is needed, so I do not get caught in those silly distractions that seem to be everywhere.

    Even reading news stories for research on the big screen computer, I find it easier now to focus and not react because the flashing stuff adverts are above, below and on the sides of what I am trying to read.

    Today I lost my focus as something I had expected did not get done. Minor minor but it took me around 20 seconds to just get up and move. I know that it is strong inside me to move in situations where instead of wasting time with my head receiving crap thoughts, I just get on with something else. Bingo, all the nonsense in my head just goes and happy harry here gets on with something else.

    Recently, I was helping someone who clearly lacks focus in all areas and it is interesting to observe and understand WHY their life is as it is and HOW it got to the point where things are really not in a good state and in particular their home and body.

    Decades of distractions seem clearly like an avoidance to get on with what is needed to stay in the flow zone of living life. Choosing to do things that take us continually off track really have consequences that we may not yet have realised.

    A wise word from a woman full of wisdom – practice with basic everyday stuff and get on with it and if not, there will be consequences and they may not be what we want.

    Next – read this blog and then every other blog on this website.
    That should be enough medicine to get anyone focussed about life if you ask me.

  18. Local supermarket magazine on Health 2020 has a tech section with apps for us to consider.

    We have an App for us to FOCUS

    When this blog was written, the author did not know there was an App, but did question it at the beginning of this article.

    So you start with a task and your job is to concentrate and as you begin this it will grow a virtual tree. The longer you focus, the bigger the tree will grow.

    If you grow enough trees then the app company will plant a real tree.
    Some people have forests as they have lots of trees on their social media from this app.

    What if we took the time and space to read this magnificent blog about FOCUS?

    What if we simply FOCUS on what this blog is presenting and consider answering ALL the questions?

    What if we took note of the wisdom on offer because the author is coming from a body that has lived and experienced what is being expressed?

    What if we checked out ALL the hyperlinks on this blog alone and FOCUS on one at a time, without the need to grow another fake tree that is not real at all?

    What if real life blogs like this can cut it and nail it for us more so than any software out there because it has a human response?

    What if the author of this blog knows how to FOCUS and has mastered this, not by reading books or learning theory and knowledge but by living in a way everyday that brings focus without the need to be distracted by what is going on around and outside?

    Next –

    Is there anything we don’t have an App for in this world we have created?

  19. Post

    I just had a thought about this word FOCUS and how our lack of focus is usually why things do not flow or go in the direction they could be going.

    FOCUS is simply our ability to move without distractions.

    That to me means GET ON WITH IT and stop the nonsense thoughts that take you away from whatever it is you are focussed on. Be it the surfing on the net, social media, talking silly chit chat or eating snacks when you have just eaten a meal or arguing and all the other life distractions we seem to have these days.

    I know that having focus brings more order and clarity to whatever it is that I am doing and there is quality in knowing that there is great purpose when we are focussed on the job in hand and not side tracking elsewhere.

    As a prolific writer – having a strong focus is WHY I have been so successful in my constant delivery and now that this is my norm, it would take a lot to move me away from this level of focus.

    This blog and this website are a living testimony of what one person is capable of when they choose to FOCUS consistently and not take the foot off the pedal, so to speak.

  20. Some of us already have issues when it comes to focus but how many of us are in the experiment stage, where we are doing our best with the ‘trying trying lying’ but not really getting far. In other words, we make out we really want to Focus but it just ain’t happening, because we are not that serious about making the changes needed or we simply need more support and we don’t quite know how to find it.

    I for one had to learn that I couldn’t suddenly put a switch on and Focus in one area of my life and check out or pay zero attention elsewhere. Focus has to be developed if you ask me and I am coming from a living science, which is my body. It has taken years to get to where I am at today and there is always more I can learn and deepen with when it comes to Focus.

    Gone are the auto pilot days where I have little or no awareness what I am up to or what just happened. I see it as a responsibility that if I can get my act together and focus more, then it means I can get more done and do what I do best – share it, so others have awareness. Bit like uploading our life on line but not the everyday stuff or images to get likes, but with a sense of purpose that someone may benefit from what I live as I bothered to write about it because I know it works.

    Back to Focus, which I refer to as a muscle that requires building. Our world is designed to keep us distracted and that is a fact. We go online and want to do something and there are pictures, sounds all over what we are attempting to read. We forget there are heaps of people paid to work out how to get us hooked in. It could be fashion stuff, celeb gossip, jewellery, fast cars, sports news and online courses to get you off track from the original intent – which may simply be to read and learn something online.

    To train the Focus muscle we have to ensure that in other areas of life we are not lagging or slipping off into la la world where we tell ourselves it is ok but it is not, because it affects us when it comes to those other distractions. This can lead to time wasted and then we feel the stress and tension of being unable to complete the things we do need to do and then the pressure is felt and we hate that so we find our comfort in self medication – even more distraction and boom, before we know it our Focus muscle did not get an ounce of development.

    Focus is like honing our attention in and ignoring all those useless thoughts bombarding our minds and learning to ignore the ads in our face wherever we go. Think about it – public transport get paid for those ads. People who come up with those ads are paid and we the consumers are the ones who then jump on the bandwagon and buy these goods or services, most of which are in truth not necessary or needed for our evolution, but we live in a world where we like to reward ourselves and we have aligned to the masses when it comes to irresponsible living. We moan and groan and expect life to dish out a better menu tomorrow, but instead we find things are getting worse. We have yet to admit that our drugs and addictive substances like sugar and caffeine, which for the record is in soda and our diet stuff and medication, add to us being taken off from our natural state, so chances are Focus muscle will not get a look in to develop once again.

    The question we ought to be asking is – WHY is it so hard to Focus and if we reckon we have nailed it then ask – How come it is not consistent? In other words, why do we only choose to Focus at times but not all of the time?

    Our lack of Focus has consequences – read this blog and the whole of this website and the thousands of comments published. It is a grand confirmation of what is possible if we build the Focus muscle.

  21. Aalto University – 27 October 2023

    Drowsiness during virtual meetings results from lack of stimulation and not mental overload.

    A new research study suggests sleepiness during virtual meetings is caused by mental underload and boredom.

    Earlier studies suggested that fatigue from virtual meetings stems from mental overload.

    Lead author of the study – Professor Niina Nurmi said “I expected to find that people get stressed in remote meetings. But the result was the opposite – especially those who were not engaged in their work quickly became drowsy during remote meetings.

    When cameras are off, the participant is left under-stimulated and may start to compensate by multi-tasking. If you are trying to focus on 2 things that require cognitive attention simultaneously, you cannot hear if something important is happening in the meeting. Alternatively, you have to constantly switch between tasks.”

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