Raynaud’s Awareness

FEBRUARY is Raynaud’s Awareness Month

Theme: Love your Gloves

Simple Living Global reported on this topic with the blog
Cold Hands, Cold Feet.

Are these three words enough for us to nail it?
Are we presenting enough to the world on such a big topic?
What does it mean to ‘Love your Gloves’?
Do we need to love our hands, not just our gloves?
Do we need to love our body, including our fingers?

Theme: Raise your Hands and Unite

Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK developed online test with specialist clinicians.
4615 people.
92.5% result Raynaud’s. (1)

The call for this month was for everyone to unite and create a world where there is much greater awareness and understanding of the condition and its impact.
A world where diagnosis happens earlier and much better treatment and care is available to everyone that is affected. (2)

Are these words reaching us and are we paying attention?

Is everyone in our world ready to unite and create a world where there is much greater awareness and understanding about this condition and its impact?

Who writes this stuff, as it sounds good because the words like this are what is needed, but the real raw truth here what are we all doing about it?

We as individuals each make up what we call the world, so is it time to reflect on exactly what are we doing, to bring understanding and raise awareness?

Would it be a wise movement to express if we have been a sufferer, like the author of this blog and the previous one in February 2016 and bring greater awareness and understanding about Raynaud’s?

Would this be something that could inspire others because here is someone claiming that they have done their homework, worked it out and not accepted that this condition was something we have to just live with?

Could it be possible that when a living science (we humans are all a living science) shares what they now live, in other words walks the walk and talks the talk, it can be a game changer?

Could it be possible that the quality of this living science that has walked the steps through this condition, holds authority when they write or talk about this at a meeting, on the street on in a global conference?

Could it be possible that others would feel something different when there is a lived authority coming from a body that is not just blowing off empty words, that have no action behind them?

Could it be possible that the reason we have not got to the root of this debilitating condition is because we have not asked questions like this before?

Could it be possible that we have on some level accepted life as it is and what it dishes out, without ever thinking we may just have had a hand in creating it?

Theme: #KnowRaynauds

For 2018 Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK want to reach more people.

So let’s join the dots here, keep it simple and keep asking questions.

Has the “Love your Gloves” and “Raise your Hands and Unite” themes changed anything?

WHY are we not any closer to knowing more about this dis-ease in the 21st century?

Are we just raising awareness for the month of February and doing nothing more?

Does the latest theme mean that we can now reach more people?

Have we done enough and have we even bothered to start asking Questions?

Have we done some research and found out more and helped others, with our awareness?

Have we found a way to reach more people or are we just distracted every time we go on Social Media?

Are we ok leaving it to others to get on with what is needed, as our life is way too busy?

Are we campaigning because that’s what we are supposed to do in order to get heard?

Are our efforts failing us, as there is a form of reductionism in our approach to something that is very serious?

Are we missing something very important?

Are we funding research and not actually evolving?

Are we honest enough to admit something is not right?

Are we going to stand out and say there has to be more?

Are we ready to at least consider Another Way of living?

Next –

What Exactly is Raynaud’s?

Raynaud’s Disease or Primary Raynaud’s exists when there does not appear to be an underlying disorder. (3)

It seems that Primary Raynaud’s is caused by disruptions in how the nervous system controls blood vessels. Exactly what causes these disruptions is unclear. (4)

Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Raynaud’s Syndrome
Secondary Raynaud’s

The above terms are used when there is an underlying disorder or trauma such as –

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Another condition present

The name comes from Dr. Maurice Raynaud, a French physician who published a report in 1862 of a young woman whose fingertips changed colour when cold and under stress. He is credited with the discovery of the condition. (3)

Raynaud’s Symptoms (5)

When cold, anxious or stressed Raynaud’s –

Affects blood circulation.
Difficulty moving affected area.
Fingers and toes change colour. They can go white, blue or have waxy texture. (6)
Pins and needles.

It has been over 150 years since Raynaud’s was recognised, yet little is still known about the condition, its cause, or its cure.

It is known that this disease is caused by an interruption of blood flow to the fingers, toes, nose and ears when a spasm occurs in the blood vessels of these areas. Spasms are caused by exposure to cold or emotional stress. Typically, the affected area turns white, then blue, then bright red over the course of the attack.

There may be associated tingling, swelling or painful throbbing. The attacks may last from minutes to hours.

In severe cases, the area may develop ulcerations and infections, which can lead to gangrene. (7)

Up to 20% adults worldwide affected by Raynaud’s. (8)

Hello World

Let’s ask a few questions here?

WHY on earth after all these years is “little known about the condition, its cause or its cure”?

It would be true to say we are very advanced as a species in so many ways and have achieved so much with our current form of Intelligence2.

But can we really say we are the most Intelligent species on earth, if we have created an ill but somehow have not worked out where it comes from, how it got there in the first place and how we can eliminate this condition and end the suffering for so many?

Next – back to some more questions.

Is the blood flow stopping for a reason and not just random?

What if we kept a diary and charted when spasms occur and when they do not?
What if we paid attention which part of the body is affected and how often?
What if this simple daily checking in was the first step to connection with our body?
What if our body connection led to more awareness and we started to feel more?

What if by feeling more connected in our body, we just know what to wear to keep warm?
What if we notice a difference when we are connected to our body and then when we are not?
What if all this small stuff can support us in our own healing and change things for the better?

What if we became our own doctor, started our own medicine like early bedtime and healthy eating followed by a walk with lots of layers on to keep warm?

What if we made a not negotiable rule that hat, gloves and scarf are a must unless summer?

We now know that spasms occur with exposure to cold or emotional stress.

So how are we living every day that gives rise to such reaction from our body when we feel cold?

WHY have we got emotional stress?
Where is this coming from?
Have we bothered to stop and ask questions?


9 times more likely to be affected.
20% all women in childbearing years have Raynaud’s. (7)

Do we need to stop here and ask WHY is this happening in modern day?

How is a woman living that she is likely to be affected so much more?
How are our women choosing to live during their childbearing years?

What lifestyle choices are women making that gives rise to Raynaud’s?

Is there a correlation here when statistics say women are more prone to this disease and we hear all the time, women are more emotional?

Are the emotions coming from their reactions because they are very sensitive?

Are we emotional because we have buried our hurts and feel the emotion daily?

Are we having emotional stress because things just stack up – what we call life and it gets too much and we explode?

Are we always creating emotional stress as we get involve in other people’s stuff and it’s like we carry their poison in our body and our body is not designed to deal with other people’s issues?

Would these simple questions be the start of seeing a change in trend?

In Raynaud’s the fingers are usually the primary affected areas. (3)

Our fingers are super important as they give us the detail in what we can do.
We rely on our hands every day in even the smallest task.
Our hands and fingers are used as gestures and communication when we talk.

As Expression is Everything, is it worth considering how valuable our fingers are to us and not having them work at optimum level would be a huge loss?

WHY are we not doing what it takes to look after those slender jointed parts that attach to our hands and do such a grand job every single day?

WHY are we quick to ignore the signs when something is not right with our fingers – such as pain, turning white or blue and feeling numb?

Primary Raynaud’s

Generally, begins between ages 20 to 30. (9)

Most common type.
Not linked to any other medical condition or disease.
No apparent cause for the phenomenon to occur.
Not usually ‘disabling’ in the typical sense.
Sufferers can experience great discomfort and pain.
Lifestyle adjustments required to minimize exposure to cold and stress. (3)

1.  WHY do we call Raynaud’s a phenomenon?
2.  WHY is it a phenomenon?
3.  WHY has it been observed to exist?
4.  WHY have we stopped at the fact it has happened?
5.  WHY have we not questioned this any further?
6.  WHY is the cause still in question with our scientists?
7.  WHY is the explanation for this disease not available?
8.  WHY are we still saying it is not fully understood?

Is it hereditary?

As a true genetic factor has not been clinically proven, it is uncertain as to whether or not family connections are based on increased awareness of the condition among relatives or true heredity. (3)

If Raynaud’s is so common, WHY have we not all heard about it?

Is it because symptoms are mild and not particularly troublesome?
Is it because we think it is merely “cold-sensitive”?
Is it because we think we have “poor circulation”?
Is it because we do not seek medical attention?
Is it because we do not consider it noteworthy to mention to our doctor?

WHY do people not seek medical attention until they experience painful attacks and/or develop fingertip sores or ulcerations, that do not heal after weeks or months?

The onset of Raynaud’s can occur months or years before a secondary connective tissue disease presents itself.

WHY is this?

Rheumatologists are the most knowledgeable specialists about Raynaud’s because they regularly treat people with the connective tissue diseases most closely associated with the condition such as Lupus, Scleroderma and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

What Causes Raynaud’s?

The basic cause of Raynaud’s in most cases is not known.

Until the cause is found, a cure will remain elusive. (3)


Can we ask WHY?

WHY after 156 years, with ALL the so-called Intelligence in this world, have we not worked this one out?

WHY are we waiting for a cure to be found for something that was discovered in the 19th Century?

WHY are we not taking responsibility and using our common sense here?

Does it suit us to hang around for another 150 years suffering and putting up with this debilitating ill that we have created?

Is there a blind spot for researchers when it comes to finding the answer?

Are we looking in the wrong places and searching outside of us?

Are our scientists living in a way that will not let them see the answer?

Are our scientists moving in a way that stops them from digging deeper?

Are we at the mercy of our researchers, who have yet to come up with the answer?

Are we ok just waiting around suffering because no one has worked it out for us?

Are we interested that some are free of this dis-ease and can support, like the author of this blog?

What if we created this ill in the first place and it is us who have the answers within us, to heal this and move on?

Could this be WHY the basic cause is still unknown?

Do we want to hear and know that we have the power to heal it?

Is this too way off and whacky to say, as the author here is no scientist, academic or scholar that the world will listen to?

Could it be possible Dear World that we cannot have the awareness to get to the root cause of something, if we are not clear of the issue within our own body?

In other words, we need to be living in a way that is not creating any trauma to the human body and this gives us the space to see clearly what is and what is not.

Could it be possible that even legal mind-altering substances, like Coffee and sugar are creating ‘trauma and stress’ inside us?

Could it be possible that the Intelligence1 that we have subscribed to for centuries is not delivering, because something is missing?

What if we studied blogs like Cold Hands, Cold Feet where the author is free of Raynaud’s now?

Can anecdotal evidence be taken seriously and used, as those claiming it are living sciences that do matter and do count?

Is this making any sense?
Is it time to get Back to Basics and use our common sense?

Raynaud’s may signal damage to the blood vessels caused by –

Circulatory Problems.
Drug Use.
Excessive Smoking.
Exposure to chemicals and toxic substances.
Occupational injuries for example – using jackhammers.
Trauma (3)

WHY are we not asking Questions like – WHY have we got Circulatory problems in the first place?

Do we have enough research studies and confirmation that Tobacco smoking is harmfull and affects our blood vessels as outlined in this forensic blog – https://simplelivingglobal.com/world-no-tobacco-day-part-1/

What if any Drug alters our natural state?

What if substances like Coffee and sugar affect our blood vessels?

What if the lifestyle we choose to live, which is living in the Fast Lane creates damage to our blood vessels?

What if living with the constant pressures of daily life gives rise to our Blood Pressure?

What if damage to our blood vessels leads to our Heart being damaged?

What if being in an abusive relationship is a toxic substance to our body?

What if Swearing and Gossiping is causing trauma and affecting us inside?

What if trauma to our body can be the way we choose to put up with things that we know are harming us?

What if wearing the wrong clothes in the name of fashion is exposure that leads to a disregard that the body can feel?

What if we started being sensible about the way we take care of our human frame?

What if we made some Simple choices every day, that did not harm our body?

What if there is Another Way that would allow us to live in our natural state?

What if our body is constantly communicating to us, but we choose to ignore it?

What if our lifestyle is comfortable and it just suits us not to ask the WHY questions?

WHY is Raynaud’s seen in all population groups?

WHY do babies and children get Raynaud’s?

WHY are mostly female teenagers developing Raynaud’s? (3)

WHY does Primary Raynaud’s usually begin in 20s or 30s? (9)

How serious is this and WHY are we not demanding answers?

Are we raising our young where something we have not addressed becomes an issue for them?

In other words, we are ok to go outside in the cold with inappropriate warm clothes and so we forget, not think and have this blind spot – that the kid needs gloves, long socks and a hat, so they do not feel the temperature change when they go outside.

Can we join the dots and do we have any clues from this blog?

Are we living in a way that is neglecting our precious body?

Are we choosing to not make it our Number 1 Priority to support our body?

Are we simply ALL too busy to stop and take note of what our body needs?

Drop in temperature can cause fingers and toes to become extremely cold and numb.

Simple tasks like fastening up a coat impossible and painfull.

Many simply put up with the condition and Do Nothing.

Many do not seek treatment and just accept the symptoms. (6)

Should we ALL be questioning WHY we let things go, not see them as important, try and block it out of our mind, when we know they are clearly hurting us?

WHY are we quick to address a child’s needs but not put the same effort in, for our well-being?

WHY do we think as adults it is ok to just soldier on and not get help?

Dear World

This blog called Cold Hands, Cold Feet is a must read.
Bit like a part 1 to this blog.
It gives us a presentation of what is going on.

It suggests what we can do and not do if we want change.
It offers us an opportunity to at least consider another way.
It spells out the Truth if we are willing to see it for what it is.

Next –


Topical antibiotics, nitroglycerin paste or patches.

Standard medication – calcium channel blockers.

Drugs work to open up, dilate blood vessels so blood circulates more freely.
Same medications given to people with High Blood Pressure. (3)

Vasodilators are recommended for improving circulation in Raynaud’s phenomenon. (10)

For the record –

Vasodilators open (dilate) blood vessels.
Affect muscles in walls of veins and arteries.
Prevent muscles from tightening.
Prevent walls from narrowing.

Blood flows more easily through vessels as a result.
Heart no longer has to pump as hard.
Reduces blood pressure.

Drugs used to treat Hypertension, like calcium channel blockers also dilate blood vessels. (11)

Calcium Channel Blockers (CCBs) reduce the amount of calcium entering cells of the heart and blood vessel walls. Calcium is necessary to contract the muscular linings of blood vessels throughout our body.  Calcium passes into these cells through special pores in the surface of these cells called ion channels. These channels are blocked by calcium channel blockers, thereby reducing the amount of calcium entering cells of the heart and blood vessel walls.

As a result, the blood vessels relax and the heart muscle receives more oxygenated blood, which is how calcium channel blockers are able to lower blood pressure and treat angina. Some calcium channel blockers also block calcium going into the conducting cells in the heart and have the added effect of slowing the heart rate. (12)


So here we are giving medication for another condition and sufferers accept this, as there is nothing else available and anything is better than nothing.

Have we stopped to consider the side effects of High Blood Pressure Medication?

Is this blog worth reading as it gives us great insight into our blood pressure? https://simplelivingglobal.com/world-hypertension-day/

Next – are we really able to commit to Solutions like relaxation techniques when the internal momentum in our body is running at 100 mph?

Can we really rely on recommendations such as ‘imagine we are in a warm room or at the beach’?

What would our scientists have to say about visualisation techniques?

Can repeated audio brainwash us enough to change our quality of thoughts?

Are all the above ‘band aid to a bullet wound’ solutions to function, but not get to the real root cause of WHY we have created this in the first place?

Do we simply put up with it, moan about it, feel sorry, avoid this and that, make allowances and just keep going?

OR do we start being our own researchers and start asking questions and keep asking questions?

WHAT if we applied real common sense?

WHAT would actually happen to our body?

Surgical Procedure to Improve Raynaud’s

Physician may suggest Digital Sympathectomy. (3)

This is a ‘last ditch’ approach to prevent finger or toe amputation.

Used in very severe cases.
Intolerable pain and ulcers.
No response to medications.

Why is it being called a ‘last ditch’ attempt?
Why has no one questioned this before?

There is some evidence that Raynaud’s may be part of a generalised disorder of the body’s overall vascular system. (3)

What is the Vascular System to us on the street – jo public?

If we check it out, there are three names –

The Vascular System.
The Cardiovascular System.
The Circulatory System.

WHY do we need 3 different names for the same thing?

Is this where the Complications start and get us confused?

Would do some of us think all 3 must be different?

What if our research into just this got our heart racing?
What if we Googled it and got our blood pressure up?
What if the lack of simplicity makes our blood boil, so to speak?

Definition taken from a basic Anatomy & Physiology book

The Cardiovascular System is the body’s transport system and comprises blood, blood vessels and the heart.

Blood provides the fluid environment for our body’s cells and is transported in specialised tubes called blood vessels.

The heart acts like a pump which keeps the blood circulating around the body in a constant circuit. (13)

Migraine Headaches Related to Raynaud’s

Headaches occur when blood vessels open too much.
This is the opposite of what occurs during a Raynaud’s episode.

Headaches may occur as a side effect of medications taken. (3)

Hello – is this really and truly ironic or can we join the dots here?

Is the headache a way our body is re-adjusting to bring balance?

Is the headache releasing pressure that has been built up?

Does our body have an Intelligence and knows what it needs to restore it back to its natural state?
In other words, is our body absolute when it comes to making choices for us to come back to harmony and we call that pain, discomfort, illness and disease.

We use our mind to override what our body needs or is communicating for us.
We then end up with an ill way of being and continue down this off track until our body says
“Hey, listen up, you are way off, time to bring you back in”.

Dear Dear World

Is it high time we stopped seeing the headache, the accident, the illness or the dis-ease as something out there and not anything to do with us?

What if we can actually read that this is coming from inside us and so it is time to look after our body inside?
In other words, we are aware that something is not right inside and we cannot Blame the world for giving it to us.

What if we do not need to Google, find an app, get to the local library or bug the doctor when we feel the first slight bit of disturbance in our body?

What if just applying simple common-sense stuff could make a difference?

What if reading the blogs on this website could support and offer another way?

What if going to bed early could support our immune system and this is worth considering?

What if we stopped using Alcohol, which we all know numbs us, could help us feel more?

What if we started to drink some hot water when we wake up in the morning?

What if we made effort to have a hot soup as often as possible, to nurture us?

What if we made a choice to wrap up well and go for a walk every day?

What if we never leave the house without our hat, scarf and gloves?

What if we made wearing layers our new normal and see how that feels?

What if wearing tights and then a pair of socks would make a big difference?

What if we invest in sheepskin insoles to keep our feet extra warm?

What if we invested in decent boots and slippers so we always stay warm?

What if we give fashion a miss and replace it with sensible dressing?

What if we made a choice every day to keep warm as if we were a baby?

What if we stopped being stingy with our heating at home and not cut it back?

What if we made a choice to keep the heating on at home and allowed for the excess cost to be covered by something that was harming us like alcohol, tobacco, coffee and sugar?

Would that be some wise financial advice that our body would thank us for everyday?

Would that be the start of us truly honouring this vehicle that we call the human body?

What if we put all the above to the test and see what happens?

What if these simple changes could start an internal shift that we feel the benefits from?

What if this Back to Basics common sense stuff could ensure we do not end up with the second stage or worse still, surgical procedure?

What if these small steps help us connect more to our body and that way we can feel what we need and what we don’t?

In other words, by wearing boots and covering not just our feet but our ankles too, we are going the extra mile and this will be the game changer for the long-term. Then we know that sandals when the weather is cold, are not going to work and we simply stop making that ill choice that was harmfull to our internal body temperature.

UK – 10 million people affected. (6)

Generally, when we are exposed to cold, our blood circulation changes.
To help us conserve heat, the blood vessels in our hands and feet narrow.
This reduces blood flow to the extremities of our body and keep our vital organs warm.

WHY is this basic stuff not taught at primary school?
WHY is this not a priority for basic education?
WHY is common sense not on our radar for most of us?

This is huge what is being said here.

To keep it super simple.

Our body has a change when we are in the cold. That means we feel the cold.

This results in our blood circulation having to make an adjustment because it has a job to do inside us. That is keep our organs at a constant temperature.

If we are not wrapped up well, eating warm foods and taking care of our self, chances are we are going to feel the cold much much more and there is no getting away from that.
ADD to that something that is vital to build a healthy immune system – SLEEP.

Bingo – all these simple things can support our body.

Now for the serious stuff –

What if our body has to change focus if the temperature drops, to get blood to the organs as a PRIORITY?
This means that the vital functions that keep us alive can keep going.
If this was not done, we would have a 911 and all systems would crash.

However, if we are not taking care of our body then we will be shown that something is wrong.
In this case, could it be possible that the extreme cold fingers and toes are telling us
“Blood is being used elsewhere mate, as you have a 911 right now in your t-shirt and shorts when it is 3 degrees outside”.

If we keep ignoring these cold fingers, then we are going to get into serious trouble.

So, could it be possible that our blood is reacting and doing an emergency job, because of the choices we are making?

Could it be possible that in a 911 situation like this, the body takes over and communicates to us by way of blue fingers and severe pain?

Could it be possible that if we keep neglecting these delicate extremities, then we can expect ulcers and head towards amputation?

Could it be possible that all this disregarding behaviour stacks up and our blood vessels simply shut down even with the mildest drop in temperature?

WHY are Raynaud’s sufferers whose blood vessels shut down more readily, finding the blood vessels are taking longer to re-open fully?

Could it be possible this is because the organs are not functioning at optimum level because of the deep level disregard which includes, doing nothing about it when it all started?

WHY does the blood returning to the fingertips cause pain?

Could it be possible that we have pain where something needs to be addressed, questioned or looked at in detail?

Imagine if the body just said “Sorry I had to take the warm blood and look after your heart and spleen, but you can now go back to wearing holiday clothes until the next time”.

Is it time we got real and honest that our body is not going to communicate back to us any such thing that is harming it?

Is it high time to ask where on earth is this behaviour coming from, as it does not feel natural?

What if the pain is a gentle reminder to not do that again?
What if the pain is a big wake up call to change our movements?
In other words, do a Take 2 and stop behaving in a way that is hurting us?

What if the pain is there to simply say to us – time for change?

What if the pain level is there to give us an indication how far gone we are?

What if the pain has to be there to tell us there is a strong message that cannot be ignored?

What if the painkillers just give us permission to not bother changing as we don’t feel any pain?

What if we should take the pain medication but at the same time start to Question WHY we have got the pain in the first place?

Would this course of action, be the first step in us taking Responsibility for what is happening to our body?

Next – we are told that the symptoms of Raynaud’s can be triggered by other factors that affect the circulation –

Gripping a heavy bag (6)

So, do we then question WHY we have anxiety and stress in the first place?

Is the Raynaud’s ADDING to our anxiety and stress levels?

Are we simply not able to cope with life and what is ahead of us?

Are we struggling with daily life and the challenges, as our body is exhausted?

Are we anxious because we choose to put things off and never take action?

Are we always having late nights and drinking Alcohol every day and this affects us?

Are we Smoking when everything out there is telling us it is killing us?

Are we worried about this, that and the other and not actually doing anything?

Are we stressed about our relationships but refuse to make the changes?

Are we poking our nose into others people’s stuff and getting involved?

Are we always stressed about work and moaning about it is as far as we go?

Are we creating stress as it stimulates us and we need this buzz to keep going?

Are we constantly stressed because we love the Complications that life brings?

Are we stressed and anxious because we lack the connection we could have with our body, but that does mean feeling everything for what it is and not negating anything?

Are we holding onto our buried hurts and Mistakes from the past which keep rearing their ugly head and we keep pushing it down and this causes us tension and misery?

What if this agony and misery when we wake up every morning says
“Hello, are you going to deal with me today?” and we head straight for the Coffee to black out those ugly thoughts or we eat anything just to stuff that voice back down again?

Are we anxious because we are simply not equipped to deal with the day ahead because of our buried issues and our refusal to deal with it?

Are we stressed because we keep making choices that take us away from who we truly are and then we start finding excuses and blaming anything and everyone for what is going on for us?

What if the knowing that we cannot even grip a bag that is heavy is a good sign?

What if the human frame is not designed to carry heavy bags, because it hurts our fingers?

WHAT IF EVERY single question in this blog and on every blog on this website is taken seriously?

What if we pondered on these valuable questions because they do feel relatable to us?

What if blogs like this are giving us something, if we are willing to say – ‘something is not right’?

Simple Steps Recommended

Exercise regularly.
Keep moving to increase your circulation.
Put on gloves before going out.
Quit Smoking.
Wear gloves – more than one pair.

Most effective drug for this is Viagra. (6)

As the majority of sufferers are women, how do they feel at the thought of taking Viagra as a woman?
For the record Viagra was created for men to treat erectile dysfunction – impotence.


Nifedipine – calcium channel blocker licensed for Raynaud’s.

Botox – experimental treatment to reduce blood vessel spasm and block pain nerves.

Maintain a balanced, healthy diet and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Try to Quit smoking.
One cigarette can reduce body temperature by one degree for up to 20 minutes. (15)

Managing Raynaud’s


Key to managing symptoms is to try to prevent an attack – planning ahead is vital.

Ways to manage Raynaud’s phenomenon symptoms and live normal as possible –

Fleece blanket
Hand warmers
Keep warm
Loose clothing
Thermal shoe insoles
Thick socks
Wear lots thin layers
Take rests to avoid getting too fatigued.
Steer clear of stressful situations as stress and anxiety can trigger an attack.

Whilst this is great advice, as a first step, is there more?

Can we define what the meaning of ‘normal’ is so we all have the same in our world?
Can we stop trying and cut to the chase by spelling it all out so there is no grey area?
Can we as a world unite on our definitions and wordings so we have one unified Truth?

Are these suggestions a form of reductionism because there is simply so much more to consider here? In other words, we need to be open to the whole and look at this holistically.

So that means we take into account not just keeping warm but how we eat, what we eat, what time we go to bed and what are our Vices for self-medication are?

What if we need to nail our fatigue, because any fatigue is going to get us into trouble long-term because it could lead to Chronic Fatigue – check this blog out https://simplelivingglobal.com/chronic-fatigue-syndrome/

What if we need to get Real about words and so what does “Relax” mean?
Is that sitting in front of the TV, chilling out with a beer or bottle of wine, to take the edge off or eating a big meal before bedtime?

How does one steer clear of stressful situations?

Is there a manual, a handbook telling us how to do this, because most of us suck at it?

We seem to just create more stress when we have got stress. It’s like it follows us and things get even more stressful as the days go on.

Is it time we used words and followed them through like –

Commit to Life
Deal with our Chronic Fatigue
Get Real and Get Honest
Keep Things Simple
Learn to Be Gentle
Make Self-Care a Priority
Stop all Blame
Stop doing Hot Talk
Stop Gossiping
Stop living in Regret
Stop Sitting on the Fence
Stop the Swearing and Shouting

Secondary Raynaud’s

Associated with another medical condition or disease. (3)

This is where an underlying condition could be causing the blood vessels to over react. (4)

Causes – an underlying injury or disease that has permanently damaged blood vessels or nerves.

Causes include –

  • Smoking
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Vibration damage.
  • Side-effects of many common medicine. (6)

Hello Hello

Can we stop and press the pause button?

Something is causing this serious version called Secondary Raynaud’s and they are giving us a list here, which cannot be ignored.


This blog presents enough evidence that this is a no no and we all know that.


What on earth are autoimmune diseases?
At first guess we could all agree it must have something to do with our immune system?

Autoimmune disease is a condition where our immune system mistakenly attacks our own body. (16)

Some autoimmune diseases target only one organ – e.g. Type 1 Diabetes damages the pancreas.
Other diseases like Lupus affect the whole body.

STOP – this is important.

This is super serious – our own body attacking us.
Is this really a mistake or is there a big message here?

We all know our human body has an Intelligence that we cannot work out, as it is so precise and accurate and does so many jobs – most of which happen without our awareness.
Science cannot explain everything that goes on but we can agree they do know a lot.

What if our body is NOT mistakenly attacking our own body, but our choices have led to the point where our body is communicating a strong message?

Is this way off and whacky or are we ready to consider this?

What if we studied those with autoimmune conditions and took a close look at their history and behaviour and choices to see if there is any correlation with how they live and what dis-ease they now have in their body?

What if we, the general public on the street, demanded this type of study so we can track how people are living and learn what works and what clearly causes illness and dis-ease in our human body?

What if we stopped animal testing and just observed real humans in everyday life and made that our main science?

Majority of Secondary Raynaud’s associated with Autoimmune Conditions.

1 in 10 people with Primary Raynaud’s go on to develop an Autoimmune Condition.

 The following Autoimmune conditions are associated with Secondary Raynaud’s –

  • Lupus
    Causes tiredness, joint pain and skin rashes.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Causes joint pain and swelling.
  • Scleroderma
    Causes hard and thickening of the skin.
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome
    Immune system attacks sweat and tear glands. (16)

Raynaud’s symptoms are the first sign that such an underlying connective tissue disease exists. (3)

Connective tissue diseases cover a range of autoimmune diseases. (8)

Connective tissue is the denser matter in the body.

It has a fibrous quality that extends throughout the body like a river system of tissue and supports the organs, muscles, joints, nervous system, vascular system and lymphatic system.

All tissue in the body originated from connective tissue – even bone is considered specialised connective tissue.

Connective tissue has different physical properties depending on what its function is and where it is in the body.

The young baby’s body is entirely fluid with flexible soft tissue – this is mostly connective tissue.
There are areas such as along the spine, pelvis and thighs that have more layers of connective tissue for structural support of the developing baby. (17)

Medical science will one day demonstrate, from the right living man and woman, that the harmonious impulse of the Connective Tissue and the harmonious flow of its expressive sister channel, the Lymphatic System, flows the greatest source of wellbeing for every man and that of his neighbour…
Serge Benhayon, A Treatise on Consciousness, ed.1, p.362

What if this man is teaching us all something here?
What if this is the science that is way ahead of our current form of thinking?
What if Serge Benhayon is living the future and is a right living man?
What if we as a world have a lot of catching up to do in the medical sense?

What if we could all be open to the possibility that our human frame is far more complex, but at the same time simple if we choose to connect to our body, where all the answers reside?

What if our current form of Intelligence is not questioning why we have such rise in illness and disease because it does not want to be challenged?

What if the time has now come for us to look beyond what we read and think we know and open up to a grander possibility, so that we can get to the root cause of every ill that we have created?

Vibration Damage

Workers’ prolonged use of vibrating tools can develop Raynaud’s. (3)

Vibration White Finger – term used when Secondary Raynaud’s caused by vibration.

Any regular use of vibrating tools that causes tingling or numbness to fingers such as:

  • sanders, grinders and disc cutters.
  • hammer drills.
  • chainsaws, hedge trimmers and power mowers.

Note – employers have a responsibility to protect employees from vibration white finger. (4)

What if using a portable hammer or drill, that operates under air or gas pressure is way too much trauma for our human body?

What if our body is just not designed to have this consistent jarring, under pressure with a hammering and drilling vibration?

What if this continuous use damages our connective tissue and over time, we have symptoms that are unexplainable?

What if our body shuts off and shuts down the part, in this case the hand that has this constant vibration that is not Gentle and caring, in anyway whatsoever?

Side Effects of Common Medicine

Secondary Raynaud’s can also be a side effect of taking certain medicines. These include some

  • Anti-migraine Medication.
  • Beta-blockers – used to treat heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Contraceptive Pill.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy.
  • Other medicines used to treat High Blood Pressure.
    ACE – Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and clonidine. (4)

What if medication is a great thing, but we still need to take Responsibility and find Another Way so we are not reliant on a chemical inside our body that allows us to function, numb the pain and continue living ‘business as usual’?

What if the medicines we are taking for common ailments, are doing the job we want but creating other complications because we are putting a drug inside a complex human body that has a natural way of working with its own Intelligence2?

What if ‘common medicine’ as mentioned above is the stuff most of us are relying on to get us from A to B every day and life without it is not possible?

What if there is a risk factor we need to deeply consider, when we continue medication for the long term when it is for a common illness?

What if we do what it takes to ensure we ask questions and keep asking questions as we do not want the secondary disease that is going to be worse?

What if we have this Given Up on Life attitude and we just carry on regardless, in the same way as always – not paying close attention to our body?

Other Causes of Secondary Raynaud’s

Illegal Drugs Cocaine and Amphetamines can also cause Secondary Raynaud’s. (4)


Cancers that develop inside the blood, bone marrow or immune system can cause Secondary Raynaud’s.

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia – cancer of white blood cells, mainly affects children.
  • Lymphoma – a cancer that develops inside glands that are a part of the immune system.
  • Multiple Myeloma – a cancer that develops inside bone marrow. (4)

Injury and overuse

Musicians can be affected.
People who type a lot.
Use fingers and hands more often. (4)

Secondary Raynaud’s likely to suffer more serious problems like –


Skin Ulcers

Note – skin ulcers can cause long-term damage to the blood vessels. (3)

Secondary Raynaud’s suspected if –
Experiencing severe pain during an attack of Raynaud’s.

One side of the body is affected.
Capillaries on base of fingernail look like red pen marks. (9)


Rare chronic disease of the immune system, blood vessels and connective tissue. (18)

2.5 million people worldwide have Scleroderma.

12,000 people in UK diagnosed with this disease.

Scleroderma is caused by the immune system attacking the connective tissue under the skin and around internal organs and blood vessels.

This causes scarring and thickening of the tissue in these areas. (19)

The hardening of the skin can be one of the first noticeable symptoms of the condition, as the body produces too much collagen. (18)

Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues. (20)

Excess collagen can affect skin, joints, tendons and internal organs.
Causes scarring and stops affected parts of body from functioning.

Symptoms include –

Hardening of the skin.
Joint pain and stiffness.
Swelling of hands and feet.
Blood vessel damage leading to Raynaud’s Syndrome. (18)

3 main symptoms – 

There are two main types of Scleroderma – Localised and Systemic Sclerosis. (18)


Morphea name given to localised patches of hardened skin, smooth and shiny.
Appear on the trunk but can affect any part of the body.
Painless and generally no other problems or symptoms.

Linear scleroderma when skin affected is in a line, usually along arm or leg.
Skin appears shiny, miscoloured or scarred.
Often feels tight and uncomfortable.

In children, it has to be monitored carefully as normal growth of limbs can be affected. (18)

Systemic Sclerosis

Internal organs and skin are affected.
Heart, oesophagus, blood vessels, kidneys, lungs, blood pressure and digestive system can all be involved.

There are 2 types of Systemic Sclerosis.

Limited Systemic Sclerosis

People who have normally lived with Raynaud’s Syndrome for a long time.

Condition progresses gradually and usually affects the following:

Below Elbow
Below Knees

Lungs and Digestive system may be affected over time.

Symptoms can include thickening of skin, heartburn and problems swallowing. (18)

Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis

Whole body will be affected and in some cases serious complications involving heart, lungs and kidneys.

Common symptoms include fatigue, joint pain and stiffness. (18)

How Raynaud’s is different for people with Scleroderma

In Primary Raynaud’s phenomenon, blood vessels narrow then return to normal size.
In Scleroderma, small blood vessels in the skin gradually change in size becoming increasingly smaller and sometimes disappearing over time.

Scleroderma – blood vessels lose the ability to return to their normal size in between attacks and this reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

If skin does not receive nutrients, it can become dry and cracked.
Small ulcers can form at tips of fingers or thumbs.
Severe cases, gangrene can develop. (18)

Scleroderma can be fatal – early diagnosis important to prevent progression of condition.

With Scleroderma, problems with blood vessels can spread to other parts of the body and internal organs. This does not happen in Primary Raynaud’s.

Note – although initially problems with fingers and toes appear same, the two conditions develop very differently. (21)


Many who have Raynaud’s also get Chilblains.

1 in 10 people in UK get chilblains at some stage in their life. (10)

It is not clear why some people get chilblains when their skin gets cold.

A condition which results from defective blood circulation on exposure to cold.
Skin first itchy then red and swollen with burning sensation, tender to touch.
Infection can occur if the skin breaks down.

Appear on fingers, toes and ears.

Damage to unprotected skin in dampness and cold winds when temperature freezing. (10)


Tiny blood vessels under the skin narrow (constrict) when skin becomes cold and the blood supply to areas of the skin can become very slow.

As the skin warms up, there can be leakage of fluid from the blood vessels into the tissues, which in some way causes areas of inflammation and swelling leading to chilblains.

Signs and Symptoms Related to Chilblains

Small itchy, red areas on the skin.
Skin over a chilblain can blister.
Skin breaks down to leave small ulcer.

Secondary infection – finger skin inflammation.
Ulcerated chilblains increasingly painful due to congestion.
Dark blue appearance.
Burning sensation on skin.
Toe skin inflammation – affected area is swollen. (10)


Wearing more socks and tights can restrict the circulation and increase the chilling of the feet.
Quality of hosiery and footwear necessary, not quantity.

No walking barefoot on cold surfaces.
Avoid extremes of temperature.
No smoking.
Regular exercise.
Healthy low-fat diet with fruit and vegetables. (10)

Hello – anyone confused?

Is this in contra to something else we have read on this blog saying wear layers?

With due respect to the advice on a national website who lead on Raynaud’s –
What if we cannot afford silver fibre socks?
What if our budget does not even think about sheepskin as an ideal lining?
What if a leather shoe is not even on our list to buy as we have no budget?

Is this enough or do we now go off and Google and find healthy low-fat diets that suit us?

Could it be possible the there are many websites out there that claim they are healthy but our body would not agree if we asked it?

What if we all have a picture of being ‘healthy’, as long as it allowed us the odd glass or two of beer or wine every night, a pick me up double coffee hit first thing and the healthy supposedly non-sugary snacks in between meals?

Who can we trust?

Can we rely on those who are committed and consistent with their delivery?

Are they the new role models of our future who live what they are presenting?
In other words, those who walk the talk and get on with it day in and day out?

Do we need to discern, take note and not just blindly follow what conveniently suits us?

Is this incongruence where things are not one unified one of our main problems?
In other words, our world is clearly not all on the same page with advice for us.

What would we say if we had our common-sense hat on?
What would we do for our kids if they were going out in the cold?
What would we suggest for anyone who is suffering with cold hands?
What is the best advice we could give for circulation problems?
What if EVERY choice we make can be a medicine for our body?

Is management our best effort, so we can continue our way of living that got us to this point?

Could we do more or at least consider asking relevant important questions that may give us a deeper insight?

Could we get to the point of saying there must be Another Way, to end what has been created?

Could we keep it SIMPLE and say that managing a painfull illness is not the answer?

Other Conditions

Cold Urticaria or Physical Urticaria

Condition where red allergic skin lesions and itching are produced by exposure to cold temperature, water and mild trauma. (3)

Swelling of hands whilst holding cold objects.

Occurs most frequently in young adults. (22)

Symptoms occur after skin exposed to sudden drop in air temperature or cold water.
Damp and windy conditions can flare up symptoms.
Episodes can persist for two hours.


Chronic circulatory disorder resulting from spasms of the small arteries of the skin.
Triggers are cold and stress – very similar to Raynaud’s.
Skin goes through colour changes from lack of oxygen to fingers or toes.
Similar to discoloration seen in Raynaud’s sufferers.

Other symptoms are severe sweating and swelling of the digits. (3)


28 million have Raynaud’s phenomenon.

5 – 10% all Americans suffer from Raynaud’s. (7)
90% of these classified as Primary Raynaud’s. (3)

1 in 10 sufferers seek treatment. (7)

For such a widespread condition, awareness is very limited. (3)

So here it is World – ALL the facts and ALL the questions we need to be asking, so we can nail this once and for ALL.

If we stop asking questions then we guarantee no change.

Change can happen now if we commit to no more Sitting on the Fence waiting.
No more Hot Talk saying we will take action and then do nothing.
No more let’s just do what we always do – TV mode and Social Media.

Time to knock out the what we know and can feel is NOT Truth.
So, we know Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, including caffeine are all mind altering drugs that are not going to allow us to connect to our body and clock what is going on.
If we know that to be the Truth, we are on our way to True Health.

Next –

Time to lock into our Foundation stuff we know works and this website is full of exactly that.

Over 100 blogs all presenting what is possible for each and every one of us EQUALLY.

Small steps like hot water when we wake up and addressing our Sleep are well worth applying and then we can ADD to that and not Overdo It.

What is clear is that as a world we do not all agree on what the definitions are when it comes to TRUE HEALTH and WELL-BEING.

What if those who can make the difference are those who actually LIVE what they present?
In other words, they have walked the road so when they talk the talk, it is coming from their body as it has been lived? They call this anecdotal evidence.

Could this be the game changer that is now needed, as nothing else seems to be working?

Could it be that Simple?


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Comments 13

  1. This really is what is called a forensic blog.

    The author has really broken things down and spelt it out so that it makes sense. Even a child would understand this.

    Of course it makes sense that if we are not taking care of our body, are not consistently eating warm foods, dressing warm and getting adequate sleep by going to bed at a time that supports our body’s natural restorative cycle, we will get sick.

    But why is this simple common sense not on our everyday radar?

    This blog is a reminder for me of how important it is for us to take deep care of our bodies and that no-thing happens by accident.

    This blog is so warm, I actually feel warm whilst reading it and there is definitely Truth in the fact that those that truly live what they are writing about have a lived authority that others can feel.

    Thank you once again Simple Living Global for opening our eyes on what is at the root cause of the illnesses we have and how we can get out of them.

  2. Wow what a great detailed blog.

    I love how all of the diseases are stated and how they are all inter-related and having us question all the things we can do to support ourselves and deeply care about our bodies.

    It’s true so many times it’s cold outside and I forget to take my gloves and feel it is too much of a burden to go back home and get them, denying myself self nurture/love. I am aware of it and don’t do it, so I can imagine the 100s-1000s of people that are not even aware.

    We are so dependent on going to the doctors and having them fix us when in reality we can do so much for ourselves to prevent diseases. Where is the responsibility for taking care of ourselves?

    Very well written blog by the author.

  3. “It is known that this disease is caused by an interruption of blood flow to the fingers, toes, nose and ears when a spasm occurs in the blood vessels of these areas. Spasms are caused by exposure to cold or emotional stress.”

    I had not considered that Raynauds could be triggered by stress.

    It is well known that the chemical balance or imbalance in our bodies has an impact on our wellbeing and our physiology.

    Reflecting on it, it also makes sense that emotions affecting our heart, such as anxiety and other forms of stress, would have an affect on our blood flow. How can we expect our blood to reach our extremities if our hearts are squashed or contracted or beating out of our natural rhythm?

    I found the Cold Hands Cold Feet blog to be really insightful and it helped me make some simple but profound changes that have supported my own cold hands cold feet.

    This blog really takes it to the next level of detail. It feels like an invitation to go there with ourselves, too.

  4. I shared this blog with someone yesterday who suffers with Raynauds.

    They have an ‘it’s fine, it’s just cold hands, not life threatening’ approach to it. It is like they have suffered on for so long that it has become nothing more than a curiosity and something mainly to ignore.

    Compared to other ailments and life issues, cold hands seems low down on the priority list.

    Except, what if that’s exactly where to begin when your body gives you this sign?

    Just choosing to focus on caring for the cold hands, cold feet. Caring deeply and consistently. Rubbing them carefully with cream. Rugging up. Wearing 2 pairs of gloves/socks. Eating warming soup. Getting the internal fires well and truly stoked.

    And see what happens. Not just to the cold hands cold feet, but to general wellbeing and how you feel about yourself too.

  5. When we have something, a syndrome or a disease,that somebody gave a name to, does that make it easy to just give up and just accept the fact we are sick and there is nothing we can do about it?

    Does it give us permission to not take responsibility for what has happened to us?

    Or use the syndrome as an excuse so we do not have to be the amazing being that we are?

    Does it give us a sense of identity?

    This website presents the possibility that our bodies have an amazing ability to heal.
    If we listen to what it is communicating and do not let our beliefs get in the way, anything is possible.

  6. Every time I read this blog I am amazed at the complications that occur as a result of us not taking care of our body.

    This is ALL completely avoidable.

    Reading and applying what is presented on this website, is a sure way for the cost of national health services to decrease. FACT.

  7. There are many tools and occupations out there that were not designed to work with our bodies. It is about getting the job done in the most efficient way.
    I have worked on many jobs where I just assumed I had to take the physical abuse of the job.

    Why did I just accept the fact that it was just part of the job?

    If I accept what is not loving nothing will change.

    It is time to speak up about all unloving things in the world and not allow them in our lives.

  8. Is it possible that our bodies know exactly what to do to heal Raynauds?

    Just support it with basic common sense things like correct sleep and real food.

  9. I did not realize the energy it takes to live in a cold climate. I just moved to a warm climate after living in snow country for 64 years.

    I just assumed that it was ok to live in a cold climate and the abuse of dealing with winter was just part of life.

    How many things in my life have I just put up with? Thinking that I am alright, I can tough through it?

    Is this why there are so many things in our world that do not make sense?

    Because we ignore the truth and and accept that this is my life and there is nothing I can do about it.

    What will it take for our world to wake up and demand another way?

  10. A friend of mine was sharing a story that is well worth reporting on this blog.

    A medical professional has been told they have Raynaud’s and they are not aware of how or why they have the condition.

    Their lifestyle could be described as superwoman – ticking all the boxes including having the perfect family life and yet the body is communicating something very different.
    In other words, if super at all things in life were the Truth, would they have Raynaud’s?

    If we get championed, rewarded and recognised in our job for excelling and on top of that have crazy fitness levels including cycling to see patients in all weathers and using that as our only form of transport– could it be possible that our body breaks down and gives us a warning?

    Our world is geared at doing well and the being well – call it well-being, which is now a word that we seem to throw around; but do we really understand the human being to the depth of what it is and what we need to learn about the human frame?

    How does someone qualified and trained in medical stuff not know about self-care and well-being for their own body?

    Where and when did the communication break down with their own body?

    What quality is then offered to patients who come in with all types of illness and disease?

    How can we call ourselves specialists or superwomen in our job if we have Raynaud’s?

    When do we ever stop and take the time to reflect on what our body is trying to tell us?

    Reading this blog, the author presents some valuable questions, but are we ready to accept – something that gives us rewards in life may be affecting our health?

    In other words, we seek the identification and recognition for what we do and this means more to us than paying attention to the signs our body is showing us.

    I wonder how many of us behave like supermen or superwomen and at what cost is it really, if our body is in any form of ill, pain or discomfort?

    It seems to be normal these days to have medical staff who really are not looking healthy and if we are blind and think they are fit – are they really?

    Is there more for us to consider, deeply ponder on and reflect?

  11. This month of February in the UK is Raynaud’s Awareness month.

    Official website says –
    We need you to continue to help increase awareness and understanding of Raynaud’s and why it is important that everyone knows the signs and symptoms.

    Reading this stupendous blog, I could not think of anything else that our world could benefit from more right now. It is offering so much above and beyond the details about Raynaud’s.

    It is all there – Facts | Stats | Truth | Wisdom
    The real bit is the awareness it offers by way of presenting questions for the reader to consider.

    As a serious sufferer and as a living science – a body that went through that –
    There is another way and we do not have to wait another 156 years to get the answers and turn the tides.

  12. Thank you Simple Living Global for this great in-depth blog about a condition that I didn’t realise existed and one that I probably would have brought upon myself, as I never used to look after myself where the cold weather was concerned.

    Often, when I used to go out and play sports, I would generally be in a pair of shorts and a flimsy top and very rarely would I have gloves on. When I went out socially, again, more often, I would not have the appropriate clothes on and certainly would not have worn a hat or gloves. This wasn’t down to consciously not caring about myself, but simply not having the awareness that the cold weather was affecting me as much as it did.

    Those days are over and, due to me looking after myself better, I am more aware of the cold and take the necessary precautions when I go out in the cold and I even wrap up in the slightly milder weather, something that I would never have done before.

    This blog highlights how easy it is to contract a serious debilitating illness and just accept it as ‘fate’ when it could be avoided by simply taking those extra, very easy steps to take care of ourselves better.

  13. I am asking out loud here – how many people actually suffer with Raynaud’s but have not been added to the statistics.

    My take is the real true figure is much much higher.

    Talking to someone who was at the till and her fingers were so pale and cold and hard when she handed me my receipt and change that I talked about the Cold Hands blog on this website. I then for some reason mentioned the word Raynaud’s and her response was that she suffers in silence and thought that she needs to wear gloves.

    The job she does is in a cold environment and clearly there is no heating. If there were then the produce would not last, so how does one do a job standing on their feet in winter for long hours and stay warm?

    Well the tips from someone who really did suffer with this cold hands and feet business is we need to get to the root of it. Warm jumpers, wearing vests, extra layers and tights plus socks ALL help us and of course the obvious never go outside without the hat, scarf and gloves but is there more…?

    YES I would say emphatically. We need to address inside the body and that means what are we doing to support our organs and the rest of our body. What are we eating and drinking and then how is our sleep. We all know the immune system gets stronger when we have a quality sleep consistently. Bit like young children, we make sure the bedtime routine is adhered to and next day we don’t have a grizzy, irritable sick child.

    Drinking warm or hot water first thing when we wake up is a Good morning hot tub bath for those organs and every part of our body where that water needs to go.

    Think about it – we are not cold blooded so WHY on earth do we need cold drinks or the ice stuff at any time? Surely common sense tells us that will keep us cold and numb from our natural state, which is warm.

    From my own lived experience, I found that drinking hot water first thing really helped to keep me steady and warm and with that feeling I was able to know what the next steps were like working on my going to bed early routine.

    The early bedtime makes total sense and there is a science to WHY this is needed and the sleep article on this website is well worth reading.

    Once the sleep was in place, the clarity was there to take more steps like wear layers and invest in decent hat and gloves. I recall buying a cashmere hat at el cheapo price and it still serves today years later.

    If budget is an issue, well worth looking at what is priority. A takeaway or frivolous bit of spending where it is actually a waste, like using posh toilet rolls because the cheap brand won’t do is a choice. If we need something to get us warm then we do need to look at what is priority. And so it goes…

    What I am saying is it is in our hands to make the changes and waiting for science to invest in coming up with the answers has not yet happened a century later, as we still have Raynaud’s on the list to find a cure.

    Think about it, something happened through our choices that led to cold hands and then eventually Raynaud’s. So could it be possible that we have the answers to undo those choices and consider another way that may just work.

    I am living proof and that to me means science. Anecdotal evidence is not yet mainstream, but it does not stop me from expressing what I know has worked for me and many I have suggested this to.

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