WHY do we have complications in our world?

WHY are we always making life complicated?

WHY do some of us love complicating things?

WHY are our education systems so complicated?

WHY are academic studies not really easy to read?

WHY are our Government policies super complicated?

WHY do we think people who do complications are clever?

WHY is it so difficult to get our head around complications?

WHY do most of us not understand complicated stuff?

WHY is the paperwork we have to do getting so complicated?

WHY are we uncomfortable when things are super Simple?

WHY is nothing Easy and Simple in our current world?

WHY are we bogged down with so much complications?

WHY do we have so many complications on Crazy Days?

WHY do we have complications adding to our busy lifestyle?

WHY are we racing against time with complications at work?

WHY is work life feeling full of complications, more than before?

WHY are our days full of complications that give us bad Sleep?

WHY is it when we deal with one complication another one appears?

WHY is our world finding complications and then complicated Solutions to band aid them?

WHY are we not warned that life is a series of complication after complication, unless we make a choice to Live Simple?

WHY has our Internet that we have created, got so complicated?

WHY do we marvel at people in this world who do complicated stuff?

WHY do we dismiss those who are not subscribing to complications?

WHY do we get off like a buzz, when we make things so complicated for others?

WHY are some things on our computer so complicated and difficult that we need to be a geek?

WHY do we think people who are clever have mastered complications in their life?

WHY do some of us abhor the excessive rules and regulations that are full of complications?

WHY do we feel like we are going backwards when it comes to protocol and all its complications?

WHY do some of us love the complications in the red tape stuff for some reason?

WHY do we want to be in a job where everything is super complicated so we feel like we are getting somewhere?

WHY do we get stimulated reading anything that is full of complications?

WHY do we make things so complicated when we do not read what is in front of us and then start assuming and saying things that are irrelevant?

In other words, we miss the point or miss something and then our head does a download and we grapple at this and start making things up and then we end up saying things that are totally off the point and we create even more complications and reading this it feels complicated, so do we get the message?

We could just say we create complications because simple would mean a Transparency – nothing to declare, just all there. Easy.

WHY has studying suddenly got even more complicated to get that certificate?

WHY do complications make us keep living life in the Fast Lane?

WHY do complications keep coming up for us in our Money life?

WHY are complications always happening to us in Relationships?

WHY does our doctor tell us we now have complications as we did not take much notice and made changes when we first got our diagnosis?

WHY is every area of our life getting more complications by the day?

WHY have we created a false reality, which we know is all about complications?

WHY are we not in the flow zone and moving forward when we choose complications?

WHY do we need to work hard to keep things simple, because everywhere in life there is complications?

WHY do most of us think that if life were simple, then something must be missing because complications is now our normal way of living?

Dear World,

Could it be possible that our current Intelligence1 of today is designed to make life complicated?

Could it be possible that most of us subscribe to the academic Intelligence2 that dominates and divides our world today, simply because we are afraid to stand up for Truth?

Could it be possible that most of us struggle with complicated stuff in our life but could never admit it?

Could it be possible that most, if not all of us would like things to not be full of complications?

Could it be possible that we think we can only achieve success if we get through the complications in life?

Could it be possible that complications bring even more complications?

Could it be possible that we look up to people who talk complicated stuff to us?

Could it be possible that Listening to Other People can ADD to our already complicated lifestyle?

Could it be possible that our current world infrastructure is based on complications?

Could it be possible that our bureaucracy is all about complications?

Could it be possible that some people like the false power they get from being good at complications?

Could it be possible that officious staff thrive in complications and like to consistently remind us what they know?

Could it be possible that our policies and procedures have got way too complicated now for most of us?

Could it be possible that using laws from the old century are adding complications into our systems?

Could it be possible that upholding ALL old traditions from way back, are nothing more than complications for EVERYONE involved?

Could it be possible if this organisation was called Complicated Existing and not Simple Living Global, it would have more world traffic?

Could it be possible that Simple Living for some feels like they are missing out as it has NO complications in it?

Could it be possible that complications give us headaches and makes our body feel racy and we eat fast?

Could it be possible that bringing complications into our lives means we have more stress and anxiety?

Could it be possible that living a life of complications, means we end up having complications in our body with illness and disease?

Could it be possible that we accept complications in our world because that’s the way it all works?

Could it be possible that we never challenge all these complications because we think it is too hard or no one will bother listening to us?

Could it be possible that we as humans have created this world of Complications to delay our own evolution?

Could it be possible that bringing Simplicity into life would be the END of Complications?

Could it be possible that if we made life Simple it would END our world of Complications?

Could it be possible that the END of Complications would mean –

Truth for ALL – EQUALLY?

What if we started taking Responsibility for Simple Living in our daily choices?

Would that be enough to END the game of complications once and for ALL?

For the record – Simple Living Global has no intention to subscribe to anything that has complications.

We are here to undo the world of complications and bring it Back to Basics – simple stuff so we all understand and we ALL get it.





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  1. Like Overdoing It I have also been the queen of complications. The thing with complications is that when we are in it and have lived our life like that, we are blinded to that fact that there is Another Way and we can become stubborn in remaining in the complication.

    However there is Another Way and it is one we have the opportunity to choose where life can be simple and easy.

    One example that I have noted in my life is that sometimes I can get frustrated with the way that things are and I want to change it When I go with that, everything becomes a struggle, there is no Joy in life and things become very complicated.

    However if I choose to observe what is going on and at the same time keep things lighthearted and not take things on, I notice I am no longer rattled by the situation and the heaviness dissipates, but also my relationship with others becomes harmonious. There is so much Joy when things are kept SIMPLE.

  2. I can feel the commitment here to simplicity.

    Complexity is everywhere. It surrounds us from birth.

    To cut through that takes commitment.

    Having trained as a lawyer, its like complexity gets trained in to you and you get infected by that. You have to make an active choice to cut through it.

    Many don’t, but boy is it awesome when you do cut through it. And it is entirely possible.

    It is just a choice in fact.

    1. What you are saying JS makes a lot of sense. I have not trained as a lawyer but in my work we have to know the law for that area of work and apply it.

      Over the years I have seen a change in me from the rigid, heady ‘stick to the letter of the law’ approach, to an approach that now actually en compasses and meets the client and uses the law secondary to that. It has made a large difference to the way that I work and there is much less complexity.

      In fact because of it, I have very very few legal challenges on the cases that I work on as I am really not interested in getting involved in any legal fights, which equals complications.

      My focus in on providing the best service for the client and not trying to be smart or get away with things or do anything underhand.

      Being transparent always results in the best decisions for all.

      1. Connection first, law second.

        What a way to operate, Shevon.

        I can really feel what you say about:

        *legal fights
        *trying to be smart
        *trying to get away with things

        They are absolutely loaded with complication.

  3. I was reading a document this week written by a company that listed on a stock exchange.

    It was hundreds of pages long and crazy complicated.

    Those complications were in there because of all the rules that exist in this area.

    Why have we created these crazy complicated systems? Why do we need so many rules?

    Perhaps one day we will reach peak complication and realise the whole thing needs to swing back to bog standard basic, with simplicity leading the way.

    For that, we’d each need to be living responsibility and for there to be a trust in that.

  4. Thank you Simple Living Global for confirming my life long frustration with the complexity of our world.

    Why make things complicated when it is simply all about brotherhood?

    Simply making choices around Love rather then fear.

  5. I was thinking about the impact of complication on my sons’ bed time routine.

    When we go through the simple flow of bed time, the simplicity carries them to bed. Every step is a step closer to deep rest, which comes easily when they snuggle down in bed.

    When a complication comes in, like toys dumped in the bath, pre-bed snacks or a busy-brain conversation, that restful journey is disturbed. A buzz comes in.

    That buzz carries into bed and in comes silly talking, wriggling, not wanting to lay down and other forms of delay.

    Since reading this blog, I am seeing more of this complication business – where it sneaks in and the impact it has.

  6. I am noticing how incredibly complex my smartphone is. It can do amazing things.
    But I have to stay very focused on what I want from it or it can distract me.
    It is always trying to do more for me, get me to do this and do that.

    Is it doing this to make my life easier? No,I feel the purpose of this is to get me more involved in my phone so I will believe that I cannot get along without it.

    A great marketing strategy. Why does this strategy work? And it does work, we are pretty much dependent on our smart phones.

    So why do we like the complication of our phone?

    Do complications distract us from the inner simplicity that we had as a child? The simplicity that we left in order to live in this world.

    Do we need complications so we do not feel the sadness of giving up on this amazing way to be?

  7. Today I stopped myself from sending an email that would have created complications.

    It was very interesting to observe.

    Once it was all typed out I became very aware that I had a choice, I could send it as it was, or simply reply in one line. I chose to reply in one line, which just ended the matter right there, Sending the long email would have entailed lots of going forwards and backwards and as I say complications.

    What I have noted is that the one line email meant me saying yes to more work and therefore taking on more responsibility and therefore the questions arose for me – do we create complications so that we do not have to be responsible?

  8. I have lived and worked in a community that was based on agriculture. What I noticed about many of the farmers is their steadiness. I feel it came from the simplicity of their work and lives.

    In order to farm, you need to have an understanding of natures cycles. Working with nature requires that you keep things simple and work in rhythm with plants and animals.

    I grew up a city boy and but was attracted to growing food and raising animals, so I moved to the country when I was 25.

    I now live in a large city,[40 years later] and the contrast between the two lifestyles is amazing.

    The major difference is the complexity of living in a city. Even with everything you need at your fingertips.

    I am here to bring some of that simplicity that I have lived. I also understand now that it was my responsibility to move back to the city. Running away from the complexity does not eliminate it.

  9. There is a great antidote in our house to complication – our children.

    They don’t like it.

    They like simple food, simple sentences, simple rules, simple rhythms.

    Things flow and clarity abounds when we do this.

  10. I just realised how even small stuff is made complicated in our world.

    Classic example – bought some decent towels, nothing fancy and the cardboard label was double folded and then those tight plastic tags to keep it in the exact place.
    They recommend using scissors and my first thought was its way too tight to even get to cut it and it was a job that I could do without.
    Then I thought about the waste of all this and asked myself why is this needed.
    Who sits there and designs all this stuff and do they live a simple life?

    Well it looks great to the eye and all perfect precision and nice writing and washing instructions in two paragraphs – how many of us bother to read all that with our fast lives and wanting things super quick?

    Then I had to look carefully, as the end bit of the plastic things gets embedded into the towel and you have to feel and then pull it out as you can barely see the see through plastic that is used. Then it has to be dealt with – card bits in recycle and find the tiny plastic stuff and place in general waste bin.
    What a waste of time, effort and what is the purpose?

    I know this goes for other items we purchase and again I would ask why on earth do we want this new item, ready to wash, to have such complications?

    Our world seems to be designed with complications and people get paid to make stuff look good and full of complications, but how does this serve us as a race of beings on earth to actually evolve?

    Is this the type of question we all need to be asking now as let’s face it, complications are just not cutting it.

  11. Do I set myself up for complications when I have a picture of how things should be?

    When things do not go the way I like is it because I am attached to some outcome?

    I have to ask myself –
    What is it that humanity needs?
    Do I really know?
    What is true evolution?

    Let go and Let God.

  12. I have noticed in my life that the bigger a business is the more complicated it is.
    This makes sense, but what I do not understand is why larger businesses seem to be so inefficient?
    I.e. – most governments operate at a loss

  13. Complications come from thinking too much.

    I love to watch a young child playing. They just focus on what is in front of them at that moment.
    Nothing is complicated.

    When do we learn to think about things that might happen, or how we can control things that are happening?

    The truth in any situation is right in front of us all the time.
    When we start thinking about it we just bring in complications.

  14. We were talking as a family yesterday about a respect reset we are doing in our house. We want to take it to another level.

    Part way through, I realised I was wanting to plan what it all looked like – I was bringing in complication.

    We had all expressed our commitments and there was a simplicity and ease to it – we were ready for what was next.

    There was absolutely no need for a plan.

    Great to catch where we go into complication and the impact it has. In our house, it causes tension every time.

  15. When I was a teenager I bought a used Volkswagon Bug, and proceeded to rebuild the engine and learn how to repair basically everything on the car with simple hand tools. All this from a $20 dollar repair manual.

    I just recently bought a car that is so complicated, that basically I can not do anything but change the oil.

    I am not against using technology, but there is a point where we have to ask – are all these features really needed?
    Do all these features really improve the quality of my life?

  16. I witnessed a situation today that confirms to me that we are the creators of our own reality.

    When we withdraw from others or from life – is it any surprise when we are faced with unpleasant situations?

    It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy in that, if we are not open to others, how can we then expect the world to come lovingly towards us?

    I know that the more that I am open to life and others and not keeping myself small, there are less complications in my life and my relationships and things are much more simple.

    Could it be possible that we create complications in relationships so that we do not have to go deeper and share more of who we are?

  17. Evening Standard – 23 March 2018

    Headlines saying UK Tax system is too complex and it just punishes honest people.

    Andrew Marr says Simplicity brings a brutal clarity.

    Hong Kong is admired because it has a tax code that runs fewer than 300 pages.
    Britain is around 17,000 pages long.

    The news article says a lot more but as this website is all about Simple Living and this blog is about complications, I have no intention of deviating from that.

    WHY do we need complicated stuff that very few, if any really understand?

    What is it about our complex tax and other systems that take us off sync and instill fear in us?

    WHY are so many of us afraid to get it wrong when it comes to understanding Tax?

    Who on earth created the complications in the first place and when are we going to get Absolutely Honest that 17,000 pages as a dossier in court is never going to work?

    I feel it is super important to pay our taxes and be up front and open but when you hear of people hiring great accountants just to avoid tax, I wonder where it ends up.

    Is there a call for a greater Responsibility when we earn money and our job is to not avoid tax but embrace it and appreciate the fact that we need to pay tax because we have made money?

    What I also feel strongly about is those who do not earn vast amounts but get clobbered for taxes as that is our law.

    Our world would benefit if we looked at the whole and not one part of a person’s life.

    By that I mean, if someone is hard working, not living a wayward life, not spending on distractions and fancy stuff beyond their means, not owning much of value then this should be taken into account. If they have just enough to pay their rent and other expenses, why do we need to hammer them with tax. There should be a scale that is not the same for all.

    I know this is a personal opinion but if I were a policy maker of running the country, I most certainly would offer benefits to those who are living a life of True Responsibility.

    To me they are the model real role model citizens and we can all have that if we choose.

  18. Doing some maths practice with the kids today exposed a tendency towards complication and it reminded me of this awesome blog.

    We were doing some fun sums and I was choosing the trickiest way to calculate (and therefore explain) the answers.

    And yet, once you see the simplicity, it all just falls into place.

    This was so intersting to see and has me considering where else in life I may be making things harder than they need to be.

  19. Do we complicate things to make ourselves seem smarter than someone else?

    Do we complicate things because, in truth, we don’t really want to do something and we make out it is too complicated?

    Do we complicate things to avoid what is there to be felt and the complication allows us to bury our feelings?

    The dictionary definition of complication is:

    “something that makes a situation more difficult, or the act of doing this”

    When we talk about complications most people will immediately think about things like policies, tax laws, scientific formulas, medical procedures, etc.

    Complications can come in many forms but one thing I have now realised is that complication can be as simple as not expressing how I truly feel – about everything.

    I have been non-expressive for most of my life and the consequences of that have been very painful but what could be so much less complicated than saying what we feel.

    What we do instead is allow our past hurts and pains to get in the way, we allow our fear of upsetting the other person to not say how we truly feel, we want to be nice or we bring in any other excuse to not say how we are truly feeling, which ultimately, complicates the most simplest of all human functions – Expression.

  20. I notice these days that when something is complicated, especially if someone is saying something complicated no matter how much I listen it just does not make sense. It is like it does not resonate with me at all.

    I notice that my eyes go fuzzy and to deal with this I focus on my breathing and my feet on the ground and I find that I become very still inside. Those simple movements allow me to not react but instead see more of what is going on in front of me.

    I notice that this way I always come to the simple conclusion that whatever is said is complicated and therefore is not the Truth. Just saying that is enough for me to get embroiled in what is going on. If I react it will only end in an argument.

    I had an experience of this today whilst discussing something with someone. They reacted to what I was saying and they got up abruptly from their chair to leave the conversation. I could see that they were very angry. What happened next was incredible really. I did not move, I watch what was happening, I did not judge just stayed still. I had no care as to whether the person stayed or went, all I knew was that I was not moving and had no feeling to say anything like ‘Calm down, etc’. Then the other person just sat down and carried on talking and we came to a harmonious point, with them suggesting a simple way forward.

    What I learnt from this is that I do not always have to say something and in this instance my non verbal communication was much more powerful and effective than the verbal communication.

    What if part of the complications are the words we speak and that there is much more that we can communicate by saying nothing?

  21. Don’t we all just hate clicking the AGREE button when we want to update our phones or computers or whatever else it is that tells us “you have no choice, agree and if you don’t – we will not let you go any further”?

    Has anyone ever read or even bothered to go through what they want us to agree to?

    Is this something we could call ownership?
    They own the whole thing and we are the puppets that have to go along with it or else we don’t get to access and use our computer or mobile phone.

    Is this something we could call knowledge?
    We could say it is lots of information and their so-called facts and jargon that the majority of us would have no idea about but once again, we go ahead as what choice do we really have?

    Who on earth would take on these tech giants worth trillions and get anywhere?

    Today I was not given a choice and that phone went into ‘update’ mode and I asked to have the Terms sent on email. This then prompted me to take action by way of comment.

    It matters not if no one reads this. What I know is that it has to be said because, I for one subscribe to these invisible terms and conditions and have no idea what it actually entails.

    Well Dear World, let me tell you it is pages and pages of words where the front of my head is hurting when I read ‘if you are a covered entity’.

    What language is that and are we really expected to know what this is about?

    Is this what people go out there and study and then write about? I mean do we learn a heap of knowledge that very few, if any actually understand, then we get a job working for these conglomerates of the world and churn out words that mean nothing to most of us who are the actual users?

    What is worth noting is how we are not making the choice as it is already made for us. The moment we purchase the tech we need today in our world, be it a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, we are told what the rules are and for the record – they are complicated.

    Nothing makes sense and something is not right, but most of us would rather not speak up or even have a conversation about the crazy-ness of these so-called Legal Agreements.

    As this article is about complications – to summarise, my take is that these agreements are super complicated and not for anyone who chooses Simple Living.

  22. I know a very wise woman and I have come to realise that where things are simple, she will bring in complications. Having observed this for many years, I do wonder why people do this and it must be because they like it on some level.

    Sounds weird but a friend once said to me that a wise woman told her when she asked about WHY she was struggling, the response was “because you like it”. It jolted her and she took the steps swiftly to ensure she made the necessary changes to knock that behaviour out.

    If something is easy and flowing and the support is there, which means it is all in safe hands, why would anyone want to then create un-necessary complications?

    The moment this happens, things get ugly and difficult. The flow stops and there seems to be an agenda that is off track and things don’t add up and nothing moves at the speed it was before the complications entered. It is like we align to a different vibration that takes over and one complication leads to another and then another and before you wake up, things start to feel stressful and overwhelming.

    It makes no sense but it is clear some people enjoy living in this way. Think about it – this way of complicating things brings tension to the body and stimulates the physiology inside us, by way of stress. Whilst it is not supporting our true health and wellbeing, if we have repeatedly done this over many years, it becomes an ingrained habit and the way we operate in life and that means all areas, bringing in and introducing complications where there were none.

    What would happen to this wise woman if she stopped complicating absolutely everything everyday where simplicity was on offer instead?
    And what if she made the movements to knock out this behaviour once and for all?

    On that note, what if others feel that and this means our work life and all relationships get the benefit and the joy of another choosing to end complications and live in the simplicity that just makes sense?

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