Living in the Flow Zone

Dear World

What does it mean to Live life in the Flow Zone

What are the benefits of Living in the Flow Zone

What is all this Flow Zone stuff telling us about life

Are we ready or do we have these Questions

What about the daily Stress
What about the ‘to do lists’
What about the time thing
What about the money worries
What about the Car problems
What about the kids’ school
What about the next Holiday
What about Christmas coming
What about the next New Year
What about the Vices we have

What about all the other nonsense in our heads

For the record – Flow Zone is opposite to Danger Zone
That means to live life in the Flow Zone we are no longer making daily choices to stay in the Danger Zone

Some wise words that may support –

Babies are in the Flow Zone from day dot

They have a rhythm and we as adults support them to stay in that Flow Zone and we do what it takes, so that they are not disturbed in any way.

The key is to remind ourselves that we are taking deep care of us – as if we are a child.

Next thing is to make a note that we have a tiny baby sleeping next to us so we learn to Be Gentle in all our actions and movements.

That means no more slamming, banging and kicking business.

Living in the Flow Zone means

Sleep gets to be on our daily Priority list

Early nights everyday become our normal

We Wake Up paying attention to our body

We review the day ahead not feeling tired

We take note if we need an early night

We no longer fight our body day or night

We take time getting ready in the morning

We no longer use multiple alarm clocks

We get to feel and know what works for us

We no longer find time a big issue in life

We like the space we feel when we just Stop

We like how we can just relax and breathe

We like the fact there is no more rushing

We eat slowly and learn to do this everyday

We understand more about our food choices

We realise how some foods affect our body

We pay attention to how we feel after eating

We look at what we drink during the day

We make drinking water a regular habit

We know Alcohol is a poison in our body

We understand why Alcohol is a poison

We can feel Coffee is simply a prop for us

We know why we use Caffeine everyday

We no longer have the need for Heartburn pills

We can clearly see the harm of Junk Foods

We cook instead of the next Fast Food meal

We simply don’t have the need to overeat

We stop getting energy from sugary foods

We know there is zero benefits in Smoking

We know there is no point in late night TV


We know Lying does not mean we Get away with it

We no longer see it as a bit of fun bullying online with our anonymity

We no longer have the incessant need to post selfies and upload

We no longer see the point of checking Social Media 10 x in the hour

We no longer want to do the Vaping thing because it simply is not cool

We no longer subscribe to the latest Diet that our celebs are following

We no longer get sucked/hooked into any diets just to shape our body

We have no desire to go shopping spending money we don’t have

We no longer strive and push ourselves to get somewhere in life

We no longer need the recognition from others to tell us how amazing we are, because we feel it and just know it

We are no longer concerned with what others think or say about us

We no longer wait or rely on others to tell us how great we are doing

We get a sense of how we inspire others and there is a ripple effect


We no longer live with tension in our body as we have learned to listen and pay attention when things are not flowing in life

We no longer need to work hard, Overdo it and put our body into a tension just to get the job done

We know we just need to take super care of our body and it will serve us well and that means work and rest has a balance like never before

We are no longer Careless with our way of living as taking care of our body is part of our Foundation in life

We no longer suffer with Cold Hands and Cold Feet because we leave the house with the extra jumper, hat and gloves just incase it is needed

We are not afraid to ask Questions about WHY something has happened, so that means we deal with why we feel disturbed about anything

We are no longer Bored with life as we understand human life

We know there is a purpose to life and we feel connected to that purpose

We no longer need porn to get our intimacy as we are Plugged in and Connected to the field

That means we have the real and true connection we have been seeking

We are no longer doing the Gossip nonsense, circulating empty words that hurt others because we know there is no point

We no longer accept any form of struggle as we know our choices can change that if we Commit1 to life

We know the benefits of being Consistent with the things that truly support us in everyday life

We feel vitality because our body is no longer dragging us down with exhaustion


We feel content with life and feel equipped to deal with the day ahead

We accept and embrace life because we are living in the Flow Zone

We no longer feel like the world is out to get us and control us

We want to help others where we can in a sincere and genuine way

We know that we need to appreciate ourselves and others equally

We have a quality inside us that we deeply value and respect now

We take deep care and value and appreciate everything because we know there is a bigger picture, even though we don’t know all the details

We have joy in our life because things seem to flow in the right direction and when they don’t, we just know what we need to do and not do

We start walking like we are on track with life and what it brings us

We choose to keep refining and reviewing everything that no longer works in our life

We keep moving as that helps us to shift and expand all the time


We know what it means to GET ON WITH IT

Life is no longer difficult or a struggle

We no longer have Complications

Things in life become super Simple

We are no longer stuck in any area of life

We take life as a learning here on earth

Things keep moving in the right direction

Things just happen that supports us

No Boring days ahead

No Crazy Days ever again

We don’t spend any time in Regret

We Commit to Life2 in full

We know how to Focus

We find time to read Blogs on this website because they make sense

We stop Blaming others because we know we had a hand in why things happened

We no longer make silly stupid pathetic Excuses about this and that

We no longer have the fake and phoney stuff going on in our life

We no longer get caught up in Family dramas and other nonsense

We are more aware of not taking on other people’s stuff now
In other words, getting involved and reacting when it is not our issue


We realise speaking our Truth is safe and really needed

We no longer have a need to avoid people

We get better at observing what goes on in life

We love being Real upfront and Honest in our communication

We know there is Another Way to live and be on this earth

We know we have consequences to all the choices we make –

That means we understand there is a Responsibility that comes with every single choice and it simply ends the Blame game

Dear World

Now that we know the ins and outs of living life in the Danger Zone and the benefits of living life in the Flow Zone – going forward, what will we choose?





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  1. Living in the Flow Zone – I love the titles of the blogs and articles on this website as they are very engaging and relatable.

    My life everyday is definitely in the flow zone and if ever there is a point where things are not flowing it is very evident as things become complicated and difficult. When I look at my working day today it was very much in the flow zone, with me moving from one thing to the next with ease, effortlessly.

    However, where the flow was interrupted was in my home environment at lunch time and this is a clear sign that changes need to be made, so that this comes into alignment with the flow that is now standard in my life.
    Whilst it was a small blip, this is no longer something that I accept as I know how beautifull, effortless and supportive being in the flow zone is. So why would I choose to be in the Danger Zone?

    In answer to your question Simple Living Global, going forward I am choosing the Flow Zone.

  2. Living in the flow zone.

    Just the title alone brings a knowing in me that this is where it is at.

    And this blog brilliantly paints not just what it is like living in the flow zone, but how to get there.

    Reading the blog, I am struck by how simple it is. Not without application, but super simple.

    Thank you for this timely and inspiring reminder.

  3. Great blog Simple Living Global and one that makes you want to get out of the ‘Danger Zone’ and be in the ‘Flow Zone’ all the time.

    What I know is that, as with everything that is written on this website, it is done without perfection.

    For myself, living in the flow zone is easy for most of the time but there are moments that I choose the Danger Zone.

    The biggest problem with this is that I would have always beaten myself up for falling into the Danger Zone until very recently.

    I had a realisation recently that, unbelievably, I realised that I am not perfect and more importantly, I don’t have to be perfect.

    I now know that there are going to be times when I am not going to be in the Flow Zone and that is OK. As long as I am aware that I am not there, I can then start to make the movements to get back in there.

    This is a huge turning point for me because it means that a) I can stop giving myself a hard time and b) I can take responsibility for my choices and not blame anyone else.

    Without doubt, living in the Flow Zone is much more preferable to living in the Danger Zone.

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