Dear World

Has anyone noticed we seem to have Excuses Excuses about anything and everything?

What are our Excuses?

What is the dictionary definition telling us about this word – Excuse?


seek to lessen the blame attaching to a (fault or offence); try to justify

a reason or explanation given to justify a fault or offence (1)

Cambridge English Dictionary

a reason that you give to explain why you did something wrong

a false reason that you give to explain why you do something (2)

Oxford English Dictionary tells us –

Try or serve to justify a fault or offence; mitigate

Release from a duty or requirement

Use in polite formula to allow to leave a room or gathering

1. a defence or justification of a fault or offence

2. something said to conceal the real reason for an action

3. (an excuse for) informal a poor or inadequate example of (3)

Most of us think that the dictionary definition is the real meaning of a word.

If we simply join the dots with the bold bits above – we could say

We Defend, so we are in protection and we do not want attack

We Justify – we show or prove to be right

Fault – an error, something wrong

We Conceal – hide, prevent from being known, keep secret the Truth

We want to lessen the Blame somehow by declaring something or someone was responsible and not us

We want to give a Reason with our Explanation to support our action

We choose to give a False statement about why we did something

In other words, we want to prove to be right by our justification and hide the real reason why we did what we did.

Our world is full of Excuses and we are the contributors whether we like to hear that or not.

We are the world – each and every one of us.

Would it be wise to start by looking at our own life with a magnifying glass to see where we make Excuses?

Where along the line did we become masters of Excuse after Excuse?

WHY are our kids coming up with utter Excuses that drive us nuts?

WHY are we just putting up with other people’s plethora of Excuses?

WHY are we so good at conjuring up lots of Excuses on the spot?

WHY have we become so imaginative with our pathetic Excuses?

WHY do we get away with serious stuff because we have big Excuses?

WHY do some of us fall for the lame Excuses that people present to us?

WHY are we sick and tired of the next Excuse like an old record playing?

WHY are we thinking up the Excuses because we know we did wrong?

WHY do we believe that our silly Excuses are actually going to work?

WHY has our world got to a point where we have Excuses on tap for almost everything and accept them even though we know they are twaddle?

WHY have people escaped a jail sentence because of their Excuses?

WHY are some Excuses so laughable that you could not make it up?

WHY are we so adamant on keeping going with our stupid Excuses?

WHY do we think we do not need to be accountable, every time we come up with our nonsense that we know are just Excuses?

WHY do we think we have to make Excuses for our family and friends as we want others to not know the Truth?

WHY do we toss and turn in bed all night coming up with the best Excuse as we want a day off work?

WHY do we act so daft when it comes to making Excuses as if the other person is going to believe us?

WHY have we become so convincing with our Excuses, that we stink of the falseness we put out to others?

WHY have we not yet seen Excuses as nothing more than a Lie, which is what it is?

WHY have we managed to escape having a Commitment to Life with our Excuses?

WHY have we lived in a way where Excuses have become just so normal for us?

WHY are we not Honest enough to say we prefer Excuses as we do not want to take RESPONSIBILITY?

Hello World

Can we get Real and Get Honest about this Excuses stuff

Are our countless list of Excuses Boring us and others too

Is it time to just stop – truly Stop and take stock of how we are living this life of ours

Can we admit nothing is really working and we long for Another Way of being

Would it be worth changing our Priorities in daily life so we can end the Cycle of self harm and that includes –

Lying like it is normal
Late nights with poor Sleep quality
Crazy Days full of chaos
Stressed out creating Complications
Listening to Other People talking nonsense
Judging and Gossiping
Swearing and Shouting
Watching TV when there are jobs to do
Playing Video Games everyday
Checking Social Media non stop
Internet shopping to pass the time
Using Caffeine to buzz us up
Smoking and Vaping because it’s legal
Drinking the poison we call Alcohol

Pretending Drugs are ok like Marijuana, Spice, Amphetamines and the rest…

What would our world be like if Truth was the norm and Mistakes were simply there to learn and move on, which means no more living in Regret?

How would our world be if we all made effort to change our focus and understood that Expression is Everything?

What would happen to our world if there was no such thing as Excuses Excuses because everyone took RESPONSIBILITY for all the choices they make in every moment?

What would it feel like if each and everyone of us –

Build a Foundation
Commit to Life
Keep Life Simple
Learn to Be Gentle
Plug In and Connect

Would it be the end of –

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Eating Disorders
Giving up on Life
Heart Disease
Kidney Issues
Mental Health
The War Inside Us

What if our Excuses just delay our evolution?

Could it be that Simple?


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(2) (n.d). Cambridge English Dictionary. Retrieved July 27, 2018 from

(3) Concise Oxford English Dictionary – Twelfth Edition. Oxford University Press. 2011





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  1. What state would the world be in if we didn’t make excuses?
    That is a huge question to contemplate.

    It feels like there is so much going on in the world that does not belong – war and devastation abound in many guises. And we mostly carry on with our lives as if it is not happening, building our walls of comfort around us.

    Are these comforts not a way to ignore the bigger picture? Excuses in themselves?

    Do we not have reason after reason after reason for why the stuff that is happening ‘out there’ is separate from our lives so we can carry on as we are – So we don’t have to make changes?

    If we took the offered magnifying glass to our lives and had a really honest look, what would we see? Would the excuses come plainly into view?

    Can any of us truly say we don’t do excuses and we are 100% settled with the choices we are making? Or is there always more we can do and be, if we simply got the excuses out of the way.

  2. Listening to conversations at work yesterday, I could hear how busy-ness is used as an excuse. A lot.

    This was fascinating – that we can create busy-ness in our lives and then use it as a convenient reason not to get on with what actually matters.

    “I just can’t/couldn’t/haven’t/yet – there is just too much to do.”

    What if we did just stop and take stock?
    What if we re-claimed our choices – every one our own?
    What if we simply upped our focus – no excuses?

  3. I am sure most, if not all of us can relate to this blog and say that we have lived by excuses.

    I know I have. I had so many excuses in life especially for why I could not do this or that, or why my life was the way it was. My excuses ranged from not being tall enough or small enough to my weight, body shape and shoe size not being correct.
    Others included having gone to the wrong school, not being the right skin colour, growing up on a housing estate instead of a house…

    The list was endless as to why I could not be the person I felt I could be.

    Now through commitment and focus and living a life that has true purpose and is not just about me, I have begun to value who I am and what I bring to life regardless of what I look like or my background.

    As a result the excuses have got less as I choose to get on with it.

    It shows me that no matter what we have experienced in life, there is no sustainable excuse to not be who we truly are.

    It may not be easy at first and we may not feel that we know how to change but there are many people on this Earth who have put down their excuses and have chosen to live who they truly are, so that they can inspire others. Many of them I have been supported by including the founder of this website.

    This website will most certainly go down in history for being an every day library for people from all walks of life.

    It shows us that there is another way and that we do not have to live by excuses.

    I know for a fact that if the founder of this website had settled for excuses, we would not have this monumental website which is a great blessing for humanity.

    Thank you once again Simple Living Global.

  4. I recently had a massive clear out of my personal email account, after a day of space unexpectedly presented itself.

    Taking the bull by the horns like this was hugely satisfying and I could feel how having all that digital stuff hanging around had been clogging up my life.

    I’m not really an excuses person, but I could feel how not taking care of my email overload had simply been a case of not applying myself – of making excuses not to.

    Yes, there are too many emails: excuse.
    Yes, life is super busy: excuse.

    If I received a letter in place of every email, would I have let them build up the same way?

    And the re-set feels amazing. The inbox is managed real-time, with a new level of responsibility.

    Now to start on that work email account…

  5. Thank you for this, Ken. I had never considered excuses as complications before, but it makes sense – that’s exactly what they are.

    The Truth is always simple and in the simplicity there is nowhere to hide.

  6. Another great blog Simple Living Global.

    Our excuses come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and flavours.

    Making excuses is easy.

    It is easy because we can then justify anything to ourselves when we make excuses.

    We make excuses all the time about anything that happens in our life but the simple fact is that we make excuses because we don’t want to take responsibility for our choices.

    Is it possible that life just doesn’t happen?

    Is it possible our ‘good luck’ or ‘bad luck’ is a direct consequence of how we choose to live our everyday lives?

    Is it possible that, whatever happens in our life, we are the creators of it?

    For example, if we were to get run over by a car, our initial reaction would be to blame the car driver because they were going too fast, not watching where they were going, on the phone, etc. etc.

    But is it possible that, the reason that led us to being run over, was not just a ‘coincidence’, being in the wrong place at the wrong time or ‘fate’, but was because there was something we needed to learn from this incident?

    Is it possible that, in taking this approach, we will be taking full responsibility for our choices?

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