Commitment to Life

In April 2017 we posted  Commitment to Life – Part 1.

At the end of the blog we said we would deliver Part 2 in 2018.
The blog title was  Commitment to Life in Full.

Simple Living Global is not short of content and our commitment to delivering a weekly blog is on track for the past 113 weeks.

However, what we have come to realise is there is no point giving more when Part 1 is yet to be lived.

In other words, the world and its brothers are not yet ready for even more about COMMITMENT TO LIFE.

Next – it is interesting to note that this website has over 4000 comments and yet we only have 20 comments posted on Part 1 by a handful of people.

What does this say to us if we are reading between the lines here?

Does it give us a snapshot of why very few comment about this topic – Commitment to Life?

Are we seeing the microcosm effect about this blog, which tells us we are way off with our Commitment to Life in ALL areas of our life?

In other words, we may be super committed to one aspect of life but zero commitment in another part of life.

Commitment to Life – Part 1 is not popular as it brings in that word which is weaving through this whole website – RESPONSIBILITY.

Simple Living Global has a responsibility to grow people and this means we allow space, so there is no need to push and deliver, as this force ensures no evolution.

AND on that note, we will not be presenting any more on this topic.





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  1. VERY interesting observations, Simple Living Global.

    Thank you for what is presented here and for the integrity with which you approach this site, which is a huge support for all of us.

  2. Dear Simple Living Global, thank you very much for writing this post.

    It is interesting that it has taken me a year to post a comment on Commitment to Life – Part 1, which was recently pointed out to me and so this does show where we are enmasse with commitment to life if you take one person (me) as an example.

    Your observation that there are only 20 comments is also very revealing.

    It can be easy to commit to one thing but when we are asked to apply that same level of dedication to every area of our lives this is a different matter.

    Thank you as always for your deep care and understanding of humanity at presenting only what can truly support and grow others at the time that it is needed.

    What would our world be like if all of us approached everything in this way?

  3. Is it possible that we do not want to feel the fact that we are not truly committed to life, because then we might have to do something different?

    Are we settling on our level of commitment to life because our life is pretty good and we do not want to rock the boat?

    I can not settle for my level of commitment to life when there is any violence , hunger, or separation in the world.
    There are always ways to deepen my commitment.

    For me it is about feeling what my true purpose is, get on with it, and be ready for more.

  4. This short blog has offered a big shift.

    I have found that since reading it, I have upped my focus.

    The imperative is clear – there is no time for faffing about.

  5. True commitment to life starts with connection to true purpose.
    What is it that I am here on the earth to do?

    I have done lots of amazing things in my life, and in this world that could be defined as being committed to life. But this is just picture of what I thought commitment to life was.

    What was left out of the equation was commitment to all parts of my life.
    Or connection to areas of my life that would support me to be in true service.

    As this blog presents true commitment is being committed to all parts of life, not just the ones that come easy for you.

  6. Am I committed to life if I have any pictures of what we I am supposed to do on the earth?

    I have said that I am ready to do what ever is needed of me to support Humanity, but I have been struggling accepting the fact that I need to rest and heal my body.

    1. Ken, what you say here is big.

      What if commitment to life doesn’t look like any pictures we might have in our heads when we hear the word ‘commitment’?

      What if resting when the body needs that is actually commitment to life? Because without that rest, the wisdom and the purpose can’t come through.

      It makes me ask myself why I find it easy to work and harder to rest and to reflect on the responsibility to commit to both equally.

  7. Commitment to life – what exactly does that mean?

    Is it possible that we see commitment to life as getting up in the morning, going to work so we have money to pay for the bills, food, house, heating, doing the chores at home, cooking, cleaning, going to the gym, ironing, doing the shopping, etc. etc.

    But then, is it possible that commitment to life is more than just ticking the boxes of what is needed to be completed?

    Yes, we complete all of our daily tasks, but do we give the same commitment to each one equally?

    Is it possible that commitment to life is seeing going to work or to the gym as the same as cleaning the toilet?

    I know for me, I have tons of commitment in certain areas but lacking in others so is it possible that this means my commitment to life is only as good as the lowest area of my commitment?

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